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  2. I would look at an Akorn Jr. over the Lodge. As far as fire bans go, from what I have read, when the put out a ban it covers all types of grills, gas and charcoal but it may be different in your area.
  3. I have some good news on Eric. The doctors say he has recovered from all the organ issues and his blood counts are doing great, the bone marrow transplant has taken well and he is starting to rebuild his system. They have allowed him to come home, hopefully for good. He is very happy to be home and even though we can't go see him, he is still under quarantine from anyone outside the house due to his immune system being so compromised, it's still great news that he is home and doing so much better.
  4. Happy you got it sorted! Now we need to encourage ThermoWorks to upgrade their app. Perhaps adding a timer functionality and improvements to the interface.
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  6. Hello all, I have a Kamado Joe Big joe. I have had it for about a year. I use it a few times a week. I enjoy smoking pork shoulders, ribs, and chicken. I. It my teeth with charcoal on a Webber kettle. Looking to learn tips and tricks from everyone.
  7. Latest update: All is good in the world now. I used the tape that came with the billows to cover that notch and tried with the kamado exhaust vent barely open at all - bingo! It now holds temperatures perfectly. Yesterday I did a test while we went for our daily exercise. It happily held 200 for an hour, I upped it to 250 which it attained in about five minutes and held beautifully. Cranked it to 375 and the same again. Really impressed. Today I’m doing some ribs and pork belly burnt ends. I lit the joe around 8:30 and have been smoking the meat since about 10. Open lid detection seems to work perfectly with little or no overshoot. It’s held 225-235 for the whole time. this is the tiny crack I have the top vent open: maybe 1/4” at the narrow tapered end of the vent (I’ve got an aftermarket rain proof hood for my 1st gen joe). by changing two variables at the same time (not very good scientific method!) I’m not sure if both were necessary but it works so for now I’ll leave it as is.
  8. Good morning everyone! Im planning a big barbecue celebration for when the pandemic is over. I’m just having trouble coming up with a pun based name for the event. Can anyone help me with a good title?
  9. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Put the grate in the upper position with the heat deflector sitting on top. Had 1.5 inch sockets between the deflector and the pizza stone. Crust was actually pretty crispy. Went conservative so I wouldn’t burn the pizza on the first cook
  10. A bit of rain won’t hurt it at all. Mine is often uncovered and I’ve had no issues.
  11. As per the title...just wondering....if you have one of these, would you recommend or suggest otherwise? Looking for some sort of portable grill for camping this year and this is getting close to my short list. Still deciding propane vs. solid. Hard to go back to gas after cooking with lump, but convenience, and possible fire bans vs flavor top of list too...
  12. I'm not one to hold back on the constructive criticism as I expect no less from anyone else.... ...so, looks all right, but thinking your bottom temp was pretty good, but not the top-down? Can you post a pic of what your setup looks like? Without a pic, just a guess, but I'm thinking you need to up your overall temp a little, RAISE the cooking surface higher, while also maybe protecting / keeping a close eye on the bottom...it can be a tricky balance to find. i.e. bottom looks great, but top looks under-cooked a bit...but really hard to say from the pics and without a taste. No browning/charring on top of crust which is what I would want.
  13. Okay, so now I just need to figure out the hydration percentage...
  14. Tried cooking them that way in the past, liked this much better.
  15. Typically you would use 29% of ripe firm (50% hydration levin) to weight of flour in final dough of recipe or If using 125% hydration ripe levin you would use 40% by weight in final dough of recipe but water would be reduced to have final hydration of dough you desire. This is what I do for the levin recipes I have been making, not sure yet on sourdough ryes yet because I won’t be on sourdough ryes for few more months.
  16. Looks better than mine... Mine are ugly... But taste great... Butch
  17. Looks good. But as you say, it doesn’t quite have the tritip look. If it tastes good, who cares. I do mine like a steak. Blazing hot.. 90 secs, turn 90*..... 90 sec.... Flip... 90 sec.... Turn 90*... Close down all vents.... Cook until desired doneness. Make sure you open both vents, before you open the lid, or you’ll get a big flashback. Be careful... Oh...Only garlic powder, salt and pepper. Butch
  18. Yep, that looks like a tri-tip cooked indirect at @325. Next time try the excellent advice given above.
  19. Excellent advice! Good Luck! Have fun!
  20. Chicken should be a great first cook. A lot of folks marinade overnight in buttermilk. I haven't tried it yet but I shall during this ordeal.
  21. Owens BBQ offers many seasonings and supplies for sausage, jerky, meat sticks & brats… and of course BBQ seasonings/rubs, sauces/glazes, injections, brines & cooking supplies/accessories from a wide variety of manufacturers in the BBQ industry! www.OwensBBQ.com - 2 Gringos Chupacabra - Arnold's Misfit Acres - B Xtreme BBQ - BEER:30 - Beer’s Blackdog BBQ - Bexten’s Best - Big K'z Glaze - Big Smoak BBQ - Big Swede BBQ - Blues Hog - Boars Night Out - Brine Some Turkey - Burnt Finger BBQ - Butcher BBQ - Chili Dawg's - Cimarron Doc’s Bar-B-Q & Chili Co. - CJ’s All Terrain - Clark Crew BBQ - Crawford Barbecue - Daigle's - Demon Pig - Devil Daves - Double Barrel BBQ - Duck Fat - Elk Creek Bar-B-Q Co. - Fat Bottom Girl BBQ - Fergolicious BBQ - Fire Dancer BBQ - Go Big or Go BBQ - Heavy Smoke BBQ - Heath Riles BBQ - Hillside Smoke ‘N Que - Historic BBQ - Johnny Joseph Steak Rub - JonesyQ BBQ - Jumbo - Killer Hogs Barbecue - Kosmo’s Q - LC BBQ - Loot N' Booty BBQ - Lotta Bull BBQ - Malcolm’s How to BBQ Right! - Meat Church BBQ - Meat Revival - MOJO RUB - Montana Outlaw BBQ - Owens BBQ - Pancho & Lefty Steaks - Pellet Envy EAT Barbecue - Plowboys BBQ - Pork Pachanga/After Party - Queshine/Brantley Creek BBQ & Company - Richie Z’s - Slap’s BBQ - Slawsa - Smoke This BBQ - SmokinGhost BBQ - Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ - Smoky Okie's - SuckleBusters - Sweet Rub O’ Mine - Swine Life - T’s Tangles - Texas Oil Dust - Texas Pepper Jelly - Texas Swine Shine - Thunderbird Ranch - Triple 9 Swine - University of Que - Vortex - in/direct heat - World Championship SCA – Steak Cookoff Association - Wright Barbecue Company * Owens BBQ - Vortex Product Group - www.facebook.com/groups/VortexBBQ Wishing everyone the best of health while were all separated from friends and family. Tanya & Marty
  22. Well, I am feeling pretty cooped up here with this self isolation thing going on. Three days ago, I decided to see if I can figure out a passable Sourdough loaf on the Akorn. Well, today is my second feeding of my “Covidian Sourdough Starter” and low and behold the bubbling has begun! Just since this morning the volume has increased a bit and fingers crossed in two days I will be able to toss a loaf onto the stone. I have been looking for a good, simple recipe that clearly indicates how much of the starter to use, but so far am still a little confused. If you have any tips or recipes - my ears are open! Let me know!
  23. This is the random picture thread located in the cooler. There are many pictures in this thread that could be considered offensive and/or political in nature by some. My advice is if you can't handle humor that borderlines offensive stay out of this thread. Not trying to be ugly about it but this thread is not for everyone.
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