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  2. Back to the question of testing, I would be curious how well dough bought from a really good pizzeria does. I have close by that does wood fired pizza with really good dough. And my wife hates the mess when I make my own Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Buy once, Cry once. There are so many regrets that I have had in the past from not just spending extra. You will be second guessing yourself for a long time if you go with the classic.
  4. I love my Big Joe.. the big green egg is nice but does not come with as much stuff as the big Joe. Kamado Joe customer service is excellent!
  5. Love that glaze. Potato looks great as well. How did you cook that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Lamb shanks yum they look great Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
  7. Looks terrific. Care to share your glaze recipie sounds delish Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
  8. Today
  9. Second what pesto3 said.
  10. Hey Tom, I'm a noob too. Just got my KJ and am still at the very beginning of my learning curve. The other night I got home from work and pulled the steaks out of the Sous Vide, and I thought to myself "Can I be bothered with the charcoal, or should I just fire up the gas BBQ and hit the steaks with the Blowtorch like i've been doing for a few years"? I sacked up (metaphorically speaking) and lit up KJ. Within 35 mins of lighting the starters, the steaks were on the plate being eaten. Given the gasser takes about 15 mins to get to temp, the extra time was no probs. Hope you go ahead and get the Kamado addition!!! FEED THE BEAST!!!!
  11. Hi All! Newest member and first time poster. I just picked up my Pit Boss 22" from Costco last week, (thanks to my wife OK'n the purchase for Father's day LOL) and cured it as I been reading on the forum. Started at 300, and went up every hour or so by 100 degrees up to 550. Had my first cook on it and smoked some boudin. Just something small so I can play with the heat controls. So far, I love it! As most of you, I was really surprised with the quality. I have a feeling it'll take at least 3-4 more cooks to get it down, but so far its a great tool to have along side my WSM. I had a couple of questions that I wasn't able to find in the forums (maybe I don't know how to navigate or I didn't try hard enough). I came from using the WSM and having a large bowl of liquid to help maintain a moist environment... I read that the Kamado is designed to retain a lot of moisture and doesn't require it... Now I still plan to use a pan to catch drippings... but should I use it as I would the WSM? (I read somewhere someone used a paella pan on top of their deflector, which I think is genius. Any one else try it? Link?) My thermometer isn't as bad as I've seen some people's. It's actually pretty accurate until 300. After that its like... maybe 20-30 degrees off. I still plan to upgrade it, but not anytime soon. especially since I have some meters I used with the WSM. I TRIED to build a Heatermeter for my WSM, but I ended up frying the board... I bought a new board and it got stuck on the back burner for a year... Is it worth it to finish it and use it with the Pit Boss? Modifications! So far I ordered some more gaskets to fill the gaps in the top and bottom vents... Eventually I want to upgrade the hardware in the nest... Some people have upgraded/swapped their top vent... What modifications have you guys done and are thoroughly satisfied with the results? Ash: is the best way to handle the ash with a shop vac? manually scoop? Was looking to see if you guys had any ideas that would help keep cleaning up the ash easy. Deflector plate: is it a good idea to use that as a pizza stone?
  12. The classics are great. But, if you're only going to buy 1 Kamado then go the Big Joe if you can afford it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Family of 4 with the occasional entertaining. About once a month. Kids are 2 and 4 so I expect more entertaining as they get older. I want the BJ but for $300 more I'm not sure it's worth it. I have the gasser if needed. We like to do veggies with our Keats on the grill. And they sometimes take up space. I can get an extender rack which would be OK 90% of the time. I cab make a case for either one. The wife is ok with the classic but doesn't want to spend the extra $. She probably doesn't want to spend it on the classic either I bet but knows I really want a kamado. So what do you all think? BJ or classic? I saw the BGE large and XL and the XL looks big but probably a good size... 1st world problems... Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Put her together and have 4 butts and a bologna roll in with it sitting at 250 F. Thanks for all the help. I can't upload photos (says files are too large).
  15. Nice saw. I picked up a Porter Cable table saw a month or so ago and intend to buy a dado stack so I can finally build a table worthy of Big Joe!
  16. Looks delicious
  17. @m-fine i will address a few points since I was one of the first on here to try 900 F pizzas in my joe years ago. 1) you absolutely get flashback. Even with the vents open to max you are still cooking in a fuel rich, oxygen starved environment. If you could get all your lump lit in a non oxygen environment you would be cooking well above 2000F. 2) just because your first crack relieved thermal stress, and I believe it did, don't think you will not have more cracks. 3) I have seen bands heat up and loosen to the point the the dome wobbles. Additionally I have seen hinge springs stop working at high temps. It doesn't take much heat transfer to change a springs elasticity. I actually suspect that is one of the reasons domes fall on end users.
  18. That is a trick question. The firebowl is (comes as) a single piece with a large stress relief slit that goes most of the way down one side. It doesn't take too long or high temps before many/most/all? will develop a crack from the end of the slit to the bottom making it effectively a two piece firebowl. Mine cracked very early on at around 300 while preheating for chicken or something like that. It lifts in and out as a single piece since the crack is still tight, but it would separate easily if I tried. Once the stress was relieved and it has the ability to expand, there has been no additional cracking or any signs of stress. I pull it out to clean the ashes so I get a good look at it often. I have not done that many sustained 900 degree cooks, but I get it raging hot for reverse searing for things I grill and for finishing stuff I sous vide, so the firebowl has had a lot of cycles to over 900 in the past year plus. Will it last another 20 years with that treatment? I have no idea.
  19. @m-fine That is definitely a different design... I think the pins on the KJ/BGE that hold the bands in place compensate for that fairly well. The bands do have to expand a lot before they will come loose enough for them to fall off. That auplex design looks like it would probably not have that issue. How well do the fireboxes on the auplex grills hold up at 900 degrees? On another note.... If you want to make great neapolitan pizzas at 500-550 degrees, you should check out the technique and recipes in the Elements of Pizza book by Ken Forkish. He describes about all the major pizza varieties and how to cook them in your indoor oven. He also highly praises the baking steel as a cooking surface.
  20. Great looking meal. Your glaze sounds right up my alley.
  21. I was using 1/2 a Weber cube lit with a propane torch. No volcano. No cotton balls. Just filled the box with lump, put a generous amount of oak chunks for smoke, shoved 1/2 Weber cube in the center under at least one lump, lit it and buttoned it up. Fire always starts in the center and stays in the center. 100%. Was way easier than I imagined as I thought lighting these grills would be a hassle. My last cook last weekend, I said the heck with the cube and just pushed my propane torch in the center of the lump for 30 seconds or less. Success. No Weber cube to burn off! All vents wide open until 100 deg or so, then I started shutting down the vents. I'm finding "1" at the bottom and a hair more than the moon at the top gets me 250ish throughout the cook. After that, I make minute adjustments at the top if I see the temps rise or fall.
  22. Splatchcock Chicken for a first cook, ribs for a second, pork butt for third. The waiting on a 10+ hour butt cook is just too hard for your first cook.
  23. The lid hinge and gasket were the options that sold me on the KJ Classic II Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. Well they came and I made them a smoothie and they were throwing cash at me before I finished making it. I told them them they were free to play with it but once it left it was final sale. They took it anyways and off they went. I hope that they get some good use out of it. My new vitamix was 499.99 on sale at Costco for 399.99 (Canadian). Then I got 150 for the old one bringing it down to 250.... the best part of this entire thing is that I paid 150 for it used 4 years ago and got exactly what I paid back!!! the new one is pretty awesome and I love the built in pulse function. I'm going to sell my mini kitchenaid food processor now as I don't need it.
  25. As a fan of pork hocks i cook them 3 times per week...still searching for the perfect cook. 3 hrs at 260F and 1 hr in foil. Still searching for the banana leaf instead aluminium foil.
  26. Glad to hear you took the plunge. Now, you know what that means, right? Pix to come...of course.
  27. It will be sold as an accessory.
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