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  2. Anyone just experiment for fun?

    I would definitely think that it creates more bark if nothing else. Bark is good.
  3. New Kamado cooker

    I have achieved this level of doneness a time or two.
  4. Brisket with a short cut

    Looks fantastic, love to see the fat cap left on.
  5. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    The Spider comes from Ceramic Grill Store and will hold deflector stones, a wok, or a searing grate. I think it was $25-$30. The grate I used is the lower charcoal grate from a Weber 22” kettle that is about 17” across and just fits in the Spider. The Weber grates are available from Amazon or most big box stores for $10-$12.
  6. Sourdough Starter

    This really isn't rocket science and being off by a few grams here or there, who cares? The starter won't care. To make it easier on myself I found a small cup that holds 50 grams of water. I found a little bit bigger cup that holds 50 grams of flour. Those are my measuring cups for my starter so I don't have to deal with the scale every time I feed. And if I'm off by a few grams, who cares? The starter won't care. Recurring theme going on in this post
  7. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    ahh nice! ill have to check about getting a grate thats closer make searing a lot easier and quicker
  8. Today
  9. RSVP Cook: Beef Plate Ribs & St. Louis'

    I must have been fairly sleepy on Saturday. Don't know how I missed these posts: my weekends are always super taxing. Thanks- that is hilarious That's the thing, I haven't yet done my own homemade sauce yet. I'm not really anti sauce; then again, I feel it's kind of an insult when I see people put it on my brisket or beef ribs especially. I also used plenty of A-1 until I started eating/cooking higher quality steaks.
  10. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    Not too far at all. With the ceramic kamado, it cooks differently. The top grate still gets all the heat and most of the IR when cooking direct, especially lid closed, but it reduces impact of hot spots and flare ups and is a lot easier to work on as far as tool access. For indirect cooks, it is further from the deflector and more even. The only time I want to be closer is for a quick sear. For the fastest possible sear, I want to be as close to the coals as possible, so I use the CGS spider and a $10 Weber charcoal grate that is lowered into the bowl. Typical reverse sear is cooked on the top grate, then I remove both grates as one piece, remove deflector if used, let the fire build to a raging inferno for 10 min, and then sear low down on the spider. When I build a modified system it will allow most cooking at or above the felt line as that is where I have found things cook best.
  11. All aboard!!!!

    Cheers guys it's great to be onboard The 9lb butt is puffing away on a few blocks of apple wood at a very satisfying 275f. I wrestled with it to start with but a quick google told me to stop dicking about with both vents and concentrate on one. Seems to have settled now. I'll post some updates as we progress.
  12. Sourdough Starter

    LOL on the pun.... and thanks for the words of encouragement. I sure hope you're right. I've read about so many failed attempts I have really put off even trying this.... might look more into those tricks if it looks like I'm not doing so well after a couple of days.
  13. RSVP Cook: Beef Plate Ribs & St. Louis'

    Strategerie.... I like it....
  14. RSVP Cook: Beef Plate Ribs & St. Louis'

    Thanks! The women of the family are now fuming. There may or may not be a hit on me.
  15. RSVP Cook: Beef Plate Ribs & St. Louis'

    Ummm, we're carnivores... For conscience sake, I did serve a vinergar based salad, really a garnish of watermelon, onions, cucumber & roma tomato. But, that was basically just to cut the fat and relieve the taste buds so that you could go in for more meat!!! Funny that you should mention that. I didn't get a pic of it because my brother in law showeed about 45 minutes late but, he brought the third veggie- mac and cheese. For clarity sake, the ratio of cheese to actual mac is ridiculous.
  16. Awesome KJ Customer Service

    Good to see the positive comments on KJ’s customer service. It’s too easy to complain when things go wrong but seemingly equally hard to comment when things go right. Thanks for sharing. I’m comforted to know that KJ will take care of any problems with my KJCI, should they arise.
  17. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    you dont find the top grate a bit too far for direct heat cooks? I guess for low and slow the top grate would be more beneficial, I havent actually needed to use the top grate until I made those kabobs
  18. RSVP Cook: Beef Plate Ribs & St. Louis'

    Mmm Mmm Good. What more can I say.
  19. Sourdough Starter

    You’re off to a good start (poor pun definitely intended). There are a million tricks to getting a starter going: add pineapple or apple juice; throw in some unwashed grapes; add some grains; add rye flour; etc. i think patience, perseverance, and clean water (let it sit a day or so if chlorinated) are the keys. You should have a viable and consistent starter in a few days.
  20. 'round these parts Mac & Cheese counts as a veggie...
  21. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    The grate system is not well designed, but I find the top grate is at a better height for the vast majority of what I cook. The lower grate mostly just holds the top one up and occasionally handles (with unnecessary difficulty) the overflow on large cooks. I am am working on a few different solutions, but I have too many other projects right now so it will be a while.
  22. Kamado Joe @ Costco

    Yea, wife has to work also.... Pickup and the end is not an issue, its trying to be the first to try to get one of the demos (Classic).
  23. Stone holder

    I was trying to figure out some way to do this myself, but I got lucky and was able to snag a discarded cabinet from work. Not only does it hold my racks and stone in close proximity to where I use my kamado, but it holds all of the other BBQ junk I've amassed as well!
  24. 1st kamado got the PBk24

    im addicted to cooking on this thing lol... If i plan out my meals enough I can make some decent "quick" cooks on it. I just need to make sure Im home at a half decent time... run to it get it fueled up (not a full one as I try and light a big area for quicker warm ups )I light a fire on the hot side let it sit wide open for about 5 mins... I then shut it down to what I figure where the temp will land... mind you I tend to under shoot it which is fine and better then over. by the time the rest of supper is prepped to go on the grill its at temp and ready to roll... With the amount of coal i got in there with bottom vent closed I can also do hot cooks with the lid open for most of it (if I wanted) once I get a too hot flare up I just shut it for 2 mins and its good to go again Im about ready to mod the upper rack to a half rack though... Kind of annoying how it covers the lower grill fully doesnt make it easy to access and kind of just in the way... I also cant close the lid with the rack flipped up as in the picture unless i PERFECTLY have it centered.
  25. Beer brewing / keg / bar

    nice keezer build! so those are your home brews? what do you usually make? generic IPA's or do you tend to experiment on dif flavors all the time
  26. I dont have experience with the others. but I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy another pit boss kamado mind you I havent owned it long term yet. (I know mine needed some additional gasket to seal it up better) From what ive read all in all ideally youl want the side tables and deflector ect.. so count that in your expenses no matter what route you go... or atleast its what I came up with... Ive also read a couple stories about the primo while searching. Definitely read about more positive claims for the KJ, BGE ect.
  27. when i got my used bge i had a large size i got all the accessories ect for 650 700 new price for large is 850 but that is with just the stand and egg with accessories around 1100 if i could go back in time i might be inclined to get a new Joe cause it comes with everything... good luck choosing but whatever you chose i am sure you will love cooking on any of them
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