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  3. the flimsy ask tray is an extremely poor design. When I want to clean out the ash, I roll it out to my back yard and blow it out with my leaf blower. Works extremely well but you definitely want to do this on a windy day... and make sure the grill is down wind of you.
  4. An easy trick is to watch the smoke from your fire. When your fire is first lit it will put out a thicker smoke that is white in color. As your fire establishes itself the thickness of your smoke will reduce and the color of your smoke will turn to thin blueish grey. You can put food on when you get the thin blue grey smoke. I am really never in a hurry to cook, since I became retired, so I just light one starter in the center of a full load, set the vents and shut the lid. sit back listen to the birds chirp, and some nice music to grill by and enjoy an IPA. My fire is usually ready in 45 min to an hour depending on what temp I target.
  5. TKO My Mom and her wooden spoon could knock out super man then beat the stuffing out of Godzilla
  6. hmc sounds like your not waiting long enough before cooking, After you reach the desired temp wait 10 to 20 mins for the ceramics to heat up. There should be no white smoke or forest fire smell from the grill ( grand daughters description of the smell). charcoal takes different times to light on different days. I've ben using charcoal for about 60 years ( never had a gas grill) and going to my Kamado Jo was a bit of a learning experience, for one thing we're cooking in a closed environment with the lid down, any bad smoke hangs around for a while inside. Don't get discourage it will come with a little practice. Keep a log book on your cooks for a while, it helped me in the beginning
  7. Personal observation only, but there's a big difference to me between the flavor compounds released from beef fat and vegetable oils. I'm with you on the vegetable oil side - easy to have that flavor the food in a bad way. But a bit of hot beef fat, I don't have an issue with. I'm sure there is a culinary and an organic chemistry explanation for that, but I'm not digging into that. Interesting summary table - some of those are a lot lower than I thought.
  8. I don't know if this is relevant or not, but I use a chimney fire-starter, which these days I ignite using a propane torch. I then let the fire reach "a pretty-good Vesuvius" before pouring it in. That is to say, I'm seeing red-coals at the top of the tube, with sparks flying out. Then, I pour the coals in (occasionally on top of other charcoal), then set the firepot-reading half of my external food thermometer in place. Once that shows a good 300ºF or so, I'm ready to cook. (I've already found that the thermometer built into the lid is inaccurate, so I don't rely on it.) Of course, intuition suggests to me that this process will burn-off any adverse flavors before I might encounter them ... the entire stack of charcoal, when I pour it in, is red-hot. My cook is thereafter entirely controlled by the in-the-meat thermometer probe. And then, once I've closed all the vents at the end of the cook, next day I invariably have charcoal left over.
  9. We have a defrost tray similar to Beermachine's although not as thick. They work well and you can accelerate the process by regularly rinsing the tray in hot water. Only problem we have found is the tray becomes saturated with the cold temp hence the need to warm it up again. Also it works best when the food is completely touching the surface which is difficult with some frozen meats (deformed chicken breast, chicken legs, mishapen balls of ground meat). Trays of frozen food and steaks work well though as can be seen in the various vendors photos and video's. Basically it is a black 3mm ribbed sheet of aluminium sitting on four rubber feet. It works by conduction (into the metal) and convection (into the surrounding air).
  10. A belated update from me, my Kamado money had to go into something else at Christmas unfortunately. I agonised over this choice for months and was able to get the classic divide and conquer today for 1170 aud. The best price I could find on an open box "original" (no D and C) at our big home improvement store was 900. This odd defeatured model has disappeared from websites locally so will probably be in clearance sales soon, but I refuse to wait any longer haha The $270 aud difference includes delivery, the D and C and the one or two other minor differences. the KJ d and c costs more in Aus, so I decided it was worth it given I have no trailer or Ute. Delivery in 2 weeks can't wait! Belated thanks to @GeodyneI only saw your useful post today looking for this thread.
  11. Thanks John as it prompted me to search on 'smoke point' and I found this useful chart: So it looks like care is needed in choosing what oil to use for searing both in terms of smoke point and taste. Exceeding the smoke point causes bad things to happen with a range of unforgiving compounds being released. Interesting that beef tallow (we call it beef dripping' in the UK) is 400F so any steak fat cooked above that is going to spoil I guess. My go to is Ghee as I cook a lot of Indian food so always have a tin on hand in the fridge. I also use Mustard oil although it comes with warnings of 'For External Us Only' in this country but used extensively in India for both cooking and hair/body treatments. In future will stick to no higher than 500F for the Soapstone and iron Griddle.
  12. Yeah, there mostly out in Chino Valley which is lower than Prescott and has a higher temp. yeah their venom is really a problem. We knew an older lady the died, from a bite above her ankle.
  13. 2:1 for on wings at the local grocery emporium last week. They darn near jumped into the trolly on their own as I walked by at that price, right!!!! 48 hr dry rub brine. 325 over open fire in Big Red with a handful of apple chips in the ash tray. Coat well with orange chipotle bbq. Bump the temp up a bit to set the sauce. Add crispy cheese fries and house bread and butter pickles. Cheers all.
  14. I regularly see Green Mojaves on my walks around the nearby paths and washes, and always keep a lot of distance. They are considered the most venomous of all rattlesnakes because of their unique hemotoxin-neurotoxin venom. They seem to like hot, dry climates like we have here in Tucson.
  15. Last week
  16. In reading up on various controllers, the main difference seems to be the adapter to fit the air intake. If the two grills have similar configuration, it might work just as it is. If not, you might need a different adapter. On the bbqguys.com website (discontinued item, but still have the description) has the following: This kit fits Medium, Large and XL Big Green Eggs, all Kamado Joes, Large and Oval XL Primos So your chances are good.
  17. Yeah, those guys are water moccasins, I get Timber rattlers and copperheads as well. I have lots of water on my property year round with all the springs and such.
  18. Yeah, Sedona City officials are usually fierce defenders of their land and what is and can be built. They even made the local Mc Donalds loose it's trade mark red and white colors with the Golden Arches. In Sedona the McDonalds building is sand color with turquoise colored arches and the red Target bulls eye is turquoise as well. However, they did approve that massive tasteless house that is painted pink with gold filigree and bushes cut like animals and objects located just below the "Church of the Rocks" . So go figure. When you talk with the locals they are always disapproving, they also always mention the green crisco theory.
  19. Oh yeah, we have those guys as well, at least 14 different species in AZ, mostly what the locals call timber rattlers and green mohave's in our area. Luckily in the 14 years we have been here I have never seen one on the property. Strange, because I see them all the time on trails and such. Just fine with me if they stay out there.
  20. Nicely done! As someone who has also put together videos like that, I appreciate the effort. It takes a long time to get things just right. Having said that, a year or so ago I played around with some software from GoPro that randomly selected clips and stills and set the montage to music. It was surprisingly good and didn’t require any effort on my part.
  21. I wish I could do that!! A you tube video that is... Last time I uploaded a 2 1/2 minute video to you tube it took 58 hours!
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