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  2. The filament for each part is just pennies. Maybe a buck for the entire spool but probably not even that much. A couple of bucks for the stand because you have to have 8ea. 7/16" #2 screws. 3D printing filament is inexpensive. The rolls I buy average a little less than 20 bucks for 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of filament. Then the spools take about 50 grams of plastic so you can figure the exact cost that way. 3D printers themselves come is a WIDE range of prices. Tom
  3. I think you are OK. MY stone developed a small crack after I started cooking on it but it has never broken and that stone has hundreds of cooks on it now.
  4. I have the Joetisserie and use it occasionally, but not as often as I thought I would. I wouldn’t call it essential. My personal preference would be a soapstone or cast iron plate for searing. While I don’t have either (yet), I think that they would get more use than the Joetisserie, at least for me. I thought I’d get a fan and controller at some point, but I’ve found that temp control on the KJ is so easy, I no longer see the need for one.
  5. The stone might have natural seams in it. And, any thin piece of stone or ceramic, as it is heated and cooled and especially if subjected to very high temperatures, might eventually crack. But you can just set the cracked pieces beside each other and keep on using it.
  6. Well I have a chance for a good deal on the Joetisserie, through a point system at work I can get it and other things for free. So I may just use them and get it, unless something else pops up lol.
  7. I without a doubt agree with LargeRedJoe, it does seem counterintuitive. Over night cooks, I have always had the top vent barely open with plenty of lump left over. Now, I cant wait to do an overnight with the vent opened up. I'm really curious now.
  8. I just saw this for the first time. Mine also had a flaw, that eventually cracked. The steaks, fish, hamburgers and veggies came out perfectly. Yours should be the same. No worries and just cook with it. By now you probably have and I bet you are glad you did. Update, will ya?
  9. I played with my Fireboard equipment today including the fan for the first time today. Worked great. I have had a Pit Bull for many, many years and it just died, to use it I had to choke it way down . Love Pit Bull, performed in the heat, rain, extremely cold temps (Texas, anything below 60) flawlessly. But I opted to stay with one brand. Gotta say it looks really cool in an Alien kinda way. Not sure about the reliably yet.
  10. My experience is with the KJ soapstone and I have used cast iron on my BGE. Preference would be soapstone. Good luck with your decision and keep us informed.
  11. I have absolutely no idea how this works, but this is ridiculously cool. So I gotta ask, how much did all of this cost? I see a business opportunity here.
  12. Last week
  13. Coming from a newb at this, but for what it's worth, the two accessories I ordered at the same time as the grill were the KJ ash basket and the Joetisserie. Very happy with the ash basket, and tried out the Joetisserie for the first time today - chicken was great! Worth the cost? Pretty pricey for what it is, but it does work well. Mine will probably be used a few times a month at least, just based on my current food habits. I did not get a basket for the spinner, but a fish basket might be in the future, which would increase the usage. So as usual, YMMV.
  14. Been testing out a bunch of simple recipes on the new KJ Classic I since it arrived last week, today was the first run using the Joetisserie. Got a small chicken on sale at the local grocery, nothing fancy. Watched a few of @John Setzler videos for ideas, but wanted to keep it pretty similar to the oven roast we'd normally do, for comparison. Salt, black pepper, garlic salt, let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours. One block of oak sitting next to the half-basket of coals. Kept dome closed for first hour at 330F, (155 internal) then opened up the dome for the remainder. Tented the finished bird while I grilled a zucchini that somehow escaped the squash vine borers (somewhat), with the grills on the firebox. Very juicy, flavorful bird, the smoke flavor was barely noticeable in the veggies. And the review from Mrs. Boater was that the grill was worth it. So, good. Next one might have a bit more smoke wood for the bird, but not much else. Next year, will have more herbs suitable for birds in the garden, so those will be added eventually. Charcoal was some B & B hardwood mix on sale a few weeks ago at Lowes. There was a fresh pallet, so I could grab some from the top of the pile. Nearing the bottom of bag 1, just a few broken chips so far, all usable. Thanks to all the info from this forum, and especially @John Setzler for helping me get this far along so quickly.
  15. I just want to share how I fixed the firebox of my Kamado Joe (original). Recently I pulled my Joe apart for cleaning and discovered that the firebox had cracked all the way around and was in two halves. To fix it, I coated both surfaces with plain PVA woodworking glue. Then I made a paste of the PVA glue and raw cement. (I used raw cement as this is what I had left over from a bricklaying job) This paste was applied to both surfaces before mating the surfaces. Make sure the surfaces are pushed together tightly. I cleaned up the excess squeeze out and let it cure. Then, when cured and well stuck, I put the firebox back and fired up the Joe, cooking a nice roast chicken and veggies. The PVA burns away leaving the cement behind. I guess you could use this method with pottery clay as well, or even bentonite? Anyway, have a go at it. It's quick and you'll be cooking again the same day.
  16. My favorite time of year, crisp morning air, turning leaves, college football, and an excuse to cook comfort food. One of my favorite autumn cooks is a simple spatchcock chicken over a pan of veggies. Today it is windy and cold and it has been in the 30's at night and early morning. The leaves on my maple tree are a bright red and I feel like cooking. Love the Autumn colors Cleaned the Egg the morning Picked up a growler of Fest Bier at a local brewery built on the site of an old trailer park, called the lazy G. Going to cook about 4, drink a beer, enjoy the change of season, and smell the wonderful aroma coming out of my Egg I will post a few pics of my cook.
  17. yeah sorry, no experience with the ikamand. Joetisserie is on my list of things I need to buy. I guess it all depends what you like to cook but I think it would definitely be worth it, especially if you can get a good deal for it.
  18. "Rivet nuts" rank right on up there with "pop rivets" as practical solutions to vexing problems. (And they both work in a very similar fashion.)
  19. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering if they would be worth getting with the points I have or not. I have seen the Meater probes and like those from what I have seen and read. Just looking for thoughts on the rotisserie as well if it would be worth the investment.
  20. I switched over to Meater+ probes. i like that there are no wires and they can be used with a rotisserie. I also have the fireboard 2 but it gets annoying untangling the wires for all the probes. the fan on the fireboard works really well, but its kind of overkill.
  21. I was looking for some input on 2 KJ accessories. Just curious on thoughts if KJ IKomand and the JoeTissorie, would they both be worth the investment and are they something that I should get. It wouldn't really be a financial investment because through a program at work I have a way to get the for free. Even though I could get them for no real cost I just want to make sure it would be worth getting or should I just use the points to get gift cards or something lol. Any thoughts and input would be appreciated.
  22. It is one of the simplest and most tasty cooks out there, I agree.
  23. Still at healthy keto. Still reading/observing all kinds of stuff relative to healthy keto. Changes abound. So my latest finds. Healthy Keto can be used for weight loss, better eating habits, or both. I figure we all need to be engaged and cognizant of what stuff we have historically eaten has evolved into being way different for our health. Not helping. Insulin resistance has made it to the infomercials. Diabetics and Keto acolytes knew of this long ago. Better recipes are emerging that are low carb. This concerns using almond flour and sweeteners that work well in a recipe vs. classic sweeteners. I have figured out pecan pralines and carrot cake that are low carb and taste decent. Autophagy via no snacking between meals drives me. I don’t use the word Keto much as it seems to cause some stereotypical and incorrect notions, both by laypeople and medical people. Cheers
  24. Jack, thank you for your compliment. I agree completely about swordfish and grilling. This was really moist and tender, could not have been better. When I was a kid, we would go visit my grandmother in Connecticut and Dad would always get get clams, scallops, and swordfish, so I was spoiled from an early age. Grandma would fry it, and more recently I have learned to grill it. I hope you are able to find some in Arizona my friend.
  25. Grilled swordfish is one of the all-time best grilled fishes. @dh14ster, yours looks great.
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