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  2. acr

    Outdoor temp thresholds

    I cook year round in Minnesota. Plenty of sub 0F cooks with no issues (other than cold feed when I forget to put shoes on) If you start thinking about the math it is pretty clear that it is not going to be an issue for most cooks. From the grills perspective all that matters is the difference between the cooking temperature and the outside temperature. Even on your record breaking -60F, that is only 150F colder than a nice summer day in the Atlanta, so just add 150F to the temperature and ask yourself if that sounds like it would be a challenge to the grill in a more normal climate. So so cooking at 225 on your coldest day would be the same as cooking at 375 in Atlanta. Totally no problem at all And cooking at 400 on your coldest day would be the same as cooking at 550 in Atlanta. Easily achievable Cooking at 550 on your coldest day would be the same as cooking at 700 in Atlanta. Eats up a boat-load of charcoal but not terribly difficult 700F on the coldest day of the year would be a real challenge (would be like cooking at 950) But how big of a problem will it be to wait a few days for the super-high heat pizza cook?
  3. Bgosnell151

    Father's day pork belly and tators

    Did you cook the potatoes under the pork belly to catch the drippings?
  4. KismetKamado


    I really like my grill grate setup in my gasser with a standard set (several panels) of grillgrates on one side and a grill grate griddle on the other. That said, I have some for the kamado and rarely use them. Also, be careful on pellet grills because of heat retention and sensor issues....ymmv.... caused problems for us....
  5. Hey gang, I recently received my iKamand, and it works great. I’m not able to find anyone selling extra probes for the unit for slot 2 and 3. Has anyone had any luck? Also, while I’m on the topic of iKamand, has anyone had success getting a DC to USB setup to work, so a cord doesn’t have to be drug across the patio? The idea would be to use it with a usb battery back or something similar. I left some pics to get your mouths watering while I wait for a response.
  6. KismetKamado

    New joiner - looking for a Kamado grill

    Welcome! i gotta say I love the advice the guys and the gals of the guru are laying down... lots of solid people here with educated opinions. Go for what you’re leaning to. It’s goimg to work out no matter which way you go.
  7. Boomer

    The random pictures thread...

    Meanwhile at Boeing while they gear up for U.S. Space Command.
  8. fbov


    FWIW, I just measured my KJ, and it's a 6" ID...
  9. Bgosnell151

    Enjoyed my work this morning/afternoon

    he may be the opposite of tough!!!
  10. Today
  11. Dude... A Primo oval XL (from Rodaks Cadillac repair shop - Ft. Worth TX) loaded with Rock Wood (MO, USA) topped with peach wood ( Kingsford branded ). It was gooooood!
  12. ckreef

    Two ingredient pizza dough x 2!!

    Great looking 2 ingredient pizzas.
  13. ckreef

    Take Out Pizza

    Jr Smoking Stone elevated on a canning rack.
  14. ckreef

    Take Out Pizza

    With the Jr it's fun cooking on vacation. We're just outside of Gatlinburg TN.
  15. Freddyj

    Blackstone cooking

    @prowe glad you like it and use it. This is a dumb question but if you ever want to swap the classic soapstone that I don't really use for the Blackstone that you don't really use, I'll find a way to make up the deficit in the future. Ps, if you ever want to borrow my restaraunt Depot card so that you can buy an actual full packer brisket, beef ribs, etc, (or just look around) then shoot me a text message
  16. KismetKamado

    Enjoyed my work this morning/afternoon

    What a great morning! Oddly enough, Bruce Wayne doesn't look quite as "tough" as I expected... but he sure is cute!
  17. Raylam22

    Brinkmann Trailmaster Ceramic Egg?

    @JdRycher I am in need of the top vent for the snap on Kamado. Can you still get the part from your snap on dealer?
  18. KismetKamado

    Tonight's Cooks

    And tonight will mark my 3rd cook without stirring my lump, dumping the ash pan, or otherwise cleaning my Jr.... I've gone completely rogue. Super easy burgers tonight. Almost forgot to take a pic before pulling them - and did pull one of the plain ones before I remembered...
  19. Are you using a deflector or catch pan of some type? Aside from any charcoal issues, skin-on thighs can drop so much fat on a fire that they'll taste like they were cooked over a tire fire.
  20. KismetKamado

    Tonight's Cooks

    LOL! Let's not forget the Vision Classic B that seems to still be on my patio even though my husband said he sold it.... or the Mini BGE.... Probably something else in there I'm forgetting too... I usually forget at least one.
  21. KismetKamado

    1st cook on a CharBroil Kamander

    Great cook! Awesome to see the Kamander in action! Thanks for posting.
  22. KismetKamado

    Two ingredient pizza dough x 2!!

    I am in love with this cook! I had done this early in my kamado voyage and had forgotten all about it. Nice job! And great entry... I hope!
  23. Rob_grill_apprentice

    Sourdough pizza and wings

    Thank you. I will give it a try.
  24. So me and one of my good friends (one of my dogs, Bruce Wayne) and I had a lot of work to catch up on, so we decided to make the best of it. Spent the morning doing reviews and firing up the grill while enjoying some coffee and a cigar. I had to think about what I was going to throw on the grill, as I was just doing a clean out on it. I landed on doing wings... and boy am I glad I did. They turned out fantastic... here is my morning and lunch!!!
  25. Bgosnell151

    Brats Done Right!

    it was really good... thoroughly enjoyed it. I used bacon flavored mustard in mine, it was fantastic.
  26. benniesdad

    Dalstrong Knives - Shogun Series

    I just got a 12 inch sliced from their Shogun series for Father’s Day. Already tested it on a brisket and I’m plenty impressed. Haven’t had it long enough to comment on blade retention. Was weighing my options between a Wusthof or a Victorinox slicer. Most of my knives are Shuns and I really like the Japanese blade bevel angles. Dahlstrong makes both European and Japanese style knives in their various series. Their price was in the middle between workhorse knives like Victorinox and Wusthof. Interesting marketing approach. So far I like it a lot. Anxious to hear John’s future reviews.
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