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  2. I'm not big on food pics... from last February. No crust under-shots, but no burning and no sag on a wine glass. Cook time by eye, 3.5-6 min., depending, turning at least twice. I could have turned a couple of these better. Have fun, Frank
  3. Stack them up and let them overlap a bit if you need to. It's not important that you have the ribs all laying flat and not touching each other. With a rib rack you can get 5 or 6 racks of pork spare ribs on an 18" grill with no problem.
  4. A very good option... every cooker has specialties where it excels. Kamados excel in flexibility. Offset smokers have great smoke rings. I can smoke meat with or without a smoke ring on a Kamado. My one comment on the rib set-up is to make sure there's room for air flow, then have at it! Frank
  5. I'm on the FOGO camp. After doing some research when I first bought my Kong, it was between FOGO and JD. The reason I opted for FOGO is there was a couple of threads when I did my Google research that talked about a faint unfavorable smell that JD gives I also use RO or any chepo lump I can get for $10 for grilling and pizza night, to get it to burn fast and hot. Hate wasting good FOGO lumps for couple of burgers and brats that cook in 15 mins or so.
  6. How about this https://www.foxnews.com/sports/north-carolina-golf-club-congratulates-god-and-lightning-bolt-for-almighty-hole-in-1
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  8. How old is yours? If you ever have to replace your firebox because of a crack you will end up with the new style firebox.
  9. I got my jar of Majordomo today! Can I ask what you used in yours to satisfy the "seasoned ground tomato" requirement and did you add chocolate majordomo to it?
  10. So many toys and gadgets to get. Not to mention, the need for space to store everything. It's a never ending battle.
  11. Check my post count, T_om.... this place is for contributors, not squatters who come here to offload their unwanted stuff or try to scam people via this site. How uncouth to just roll up in someone’s place and try selling your stuff, it’s the equivalent to annoying door to door sales.
  12. Greek gyro done on the rotisserie:
  13. This is currently my favorite way to do corn on the cob
  14. Dry brine, no need for water. Seasonings in the SV bag but NO BUTTER OR FAT! Seems counter intuitive, but butter in the bag draws out fat soluble flavors and makes it more bland. Add the butter at the end when searing.
  15. And this makes me glad I've got an older KJ.
  16. I have never seen this product before but it is certainly relevant to my interests. :D I think I might have to search it out.
  17. A tasty way to enjoy corn on the cob.
  18. I use these in my large Egg when I do Ribs or Brisket, 13" x 17" oblong racks and deflector stone by CGS. They fit in my AR. They probably make a set that fits a Pit Boss. They work great and cure the burnt end issue easily. One rack will easily hold 2 racks of ribs sitting flat. I have two grates that I suspend above the stone using my AR, so I can easily cook 4 racks and 6 if I squish them together. 13" x 17" Brisket / Ribs Stone 13" x 17" Brisket / Ribs rack
  19. Do you have time for a quick brine? While doing other preparations, for example. I've done a pickle-juice brine for fried chicken before, and since I have a bunch of jars of juice from last year's pickles crowding my garage fridge, I've been wanting to use it with grilled chicken. I have used some leftover liquid from Trader Joe's sweet & hot jalapenos on grilled chicken before, and it came out well. Pickle juice should work too, especially if you have some that are heavy on the garlic and herbs. Pound some chicken breasts to even out the thickness (or cut in half), give them a bath in some pickle juice (add some brown sugar if the juice isn't particularly sweet). 30-60 minutes should be plenty with the salt and acidity. If you have time, cook some brine with extra sugar down to a glaze for salty, sweet, acidic goodness. If you put "pickle brine grilled chicken" into google, I see some various results, so I'm not the only person with the idea, though some seem to marinate for what I think is way too long, since the acidity of the brine would start to mess with the chicken if you do it too long. if you are trying to impress someone tonight, maybe save this idea for later, just in case.
  20. All of them I adjusted. I actually did it with the hinge off on my bench. I removed the springs off the back and took the hinge assembly off the band studs (8 large cap nuts top and bottom) and fiddled around with the adjustments until it was opening and closing smoothly, all the nuts are just tight enough there is no play, but no tighter than that. I didn't loctite as mentioned, and mine haven't moved, yet. I have also read they can go the other way and loosen off to the point it gets sloppy and causes issues. It could be done without taking the assembly off but at the time I wasn't sure what was wrong and thought the hinge may have been bent. IF you loosen the band bolts to adjust the lid or attempt to remove the hinge, you must either zip tie the hinge closed, or remove the springs. I prefer removing the springs as you can open and close the lid to check adjustment. I simply used a 12" piece of 12ga copper wire looped through the top hook on the spring and then wrapped it several times around a screw driver for a t-handle and it was simple to remove and install the springs, but you will need another person to hold the lid open to take the tension off for you while you do it.
  21. Thats because jalapeños are too small. Make them with large Hatch peppers and you will have a hard time getting 10 down.
  22. Need a grilled chicken breast recipe for TONIGHT. Not looking for anything too fancy but just simple, fast, and delicious. Don't have much prep time and definitely no time for marinades or anything. Please post your quick and easy recipe or a link to post on it with details and instruction (include if you are doing direct/indirect/two zone and cook times). P.S. I'm not a newb I just don't have much time to prepare today as normal and I like hearing other's recipes and techniques
  23. Thanks, yeah - that’s the 2+2-halves single-layer layout I was originally considering, Good tip about foil - do you wrap it around the ribs or fix it to the grate to make a ‘cheap and dirty’ heat deflector? On for the entire cook or added partway through? And do you rotate or not?
  24. Could you be a bit more specific about which exact ‘hinge bolts’ you are talking about? Are they the Allen Head bolts, the smaller-hex-headed bolts near them, or bolts that can only be accessed with the hinge cover off?
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