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  2. Kamado Joe Chicken Under a Brick

    Looks great. Never done the brick thing. So how does it work since several pieces are not under the brick? What do the bricks do? Temp and for how long?
  3. Akorn Mods & Fixes

    I have not had to change any settings since I added them, but every time I see an ember fall I am glad I added them. Now that the days are getting shorter and I am cooking in the dark I can see what falls into the ash pan when I am sitting near the grill and there is quite a lot of hot charcoal falling through the bottom grate for a pizza cook. It technically reduces opening size but I cannot tell and I certainly have no problems getting the grill hot when I need to. It also provides some resistance for the bottom damper which I am happy to have added!
  4. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    Also, a plastic home canning jar funnel works well for filling the bags without getting the seal area messy. They have a large opening and you can gently gather the bag (don't crinkle the bag) around funnel spout/base for (almost) a one person filling operation. Good for liquids in that regard. Also works well for dry free flowing materials to assist in getting them into the bag and not everywhere else. Just take care when removing the funnel.
  5. I mentioned in an earlier post that my family loves "Chicken Under a Brick" but my wife hates the cleanup (oil pops all over the stove top/counter, etc.). I ended up getting the 16" Bayou Classic skillet (https://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Classic-Cast-Iron-Skillet/dp/B00UUS9XWI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507569052&sr=8-1&keywords=bayou+classic+16") and it worked great. You can cook a whole spatch-cocked chicken, but last night I cooked 14 thighs (our favorite) ... they all fit in the skillet! I seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder and put a little olive oil in the skillet to keep anything from sticking ... then cooked for about 1.5 hours between 300 - 400 degrees F flipping part way through to get the skin crispy. I also threw on some post-oak and hickory chunks to get a little smoky flavor. Turned out great ... and no mess inside! I'm really enjoying this Kamado Joe!
  6. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    for sealing items like chilies that are more fragile, flash freeze them for 24 hours until solid and then vacuum seal them with the food saver. It will prevent the chilies from getting crushed.
  7. Knives

    They've always resisted our attempts to teach them in the kitchen. Only recently has my daughter and one of my sons expressed interest, and my son only in specific questions. We're still trying.
  8. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    This is perfect as I recently bought a Foodsaver and am curious on the applications. I am tired of freezer burn and have tried to get my bride to reduce shopping to only what we need for the next three days with limited success. She really likes having stuff just in case, and our freezer is always full. Lately I have been finding I'm interested in trying to save seasonal items, like hatch chiles, and that has prompted me to look at these vacuum systems and canning. Right now the vacuum systems seem more approachable for me and I like the sous vide angle. I LOVE this discussion and would like more tips and tricks if anyone else wants to contribute. I'm still learning my foodsaver but it seems I may need to invest in a freezer now....
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  10. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    An External machine like the foodsaver is never going to do sauces or liquids well. The mechanics of how the air is removed prevents it from being effective. If you need to do liquids or sauces you have to get a chamber. There really is no way around this. It's why I ended up with 2 sealers. If I had to pick one though it would be a chamber as it can do both. I find that most of what I vacuum seal has liquid in it, marinating, bologonese sauce, soups, stews, chilis, fish. I wouldn't worry so much about the liquid that comes out of a steak. I can post a pic of my dry aged steaks that I just vacuum sealed and it doesn't affect quality. Think about it this way, the majority of the time when you buy a whole primal or large cut of meat at say Costo, BJs, or even your grocery store, it is all vacuum sealed. You can always pull less pressure so the vaccum is not so tight if you want as well. Some other tips: -Cool your items before sealing. I refrigerate overnight all stews, or bolognese sauce before sealing and freezing. - Don't overstuff your bags. This is most common mistake I see when people complain of bad seals. The bag where it hits the seal bar has to be as flat as possible. If there are wrinkles or the bag is too full causing too much puffiness, then the seal bar will not seal well and you will have a leak. A perfectly sealed bag will look completely cloudy and not have any abberations in the seal itself. You will always have better results, underfilling or going to a bigger bag to get a better seal. - Keep your bag area where you seal as clean and dry as possible. It helps to roll back the bag a bit to protect the area in which you will seal to keep it clean and dry. You don't want anything preventing getting a good seal. I have a bag holder that is 3 different sized semi circles that I can wrap the bag top around and fill them by myself without having someone else hold the bag. I also have a plate that you can put the item you are sealing and then bring the bag over it. The plate holds the item off the surface for you to slide the bag over.
  11. Knives

    My wife is afraid of my Japanese knives and good cookware/CI. She like the good knives we received as wedding gifts and tells me when they need to be sharpened. She has learned not to cut on any surface a harder than the blade and how to use non stick pans properly. My 5 yr old has a decent punch grip for a plastic knife. The 18 month old always wants to play with the Joe’s. TRAIN THEM WELL!
  12. Thanks for the great info. I will be doing some more research on sealers. I really like the idea of wasting less food when it goes in the freezer. Also the versatility is something that I had not thought of.
  13. Akorn Mods & Fixes

    It's a very good mod for safety, but I think it creates a small air flow restriction instead of a means to regulate. My old Bubba Keg has an adjustable screen damper. I can use it for air flow regulation when I'm restricting the air flow to get to my target temp. It's something I really miss on my Akorn - for both reasons - safety and regulation of air flow.
  14. I would love to, but we are out of the house during kitchen renovations. I won't have anywhere to cook for weeks.
  15. I'm in Monmouth County and was wondering the same. Have you tried Restaurant Depot?
  16. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    Great explanation, suggestions and tips, thank you ben and everyone else that commented! my machine is an external food saver style machine and it’s nothing special but it gets the job done. The issue I get hung up on is when doing moist, or saucy foods. The liquid coming straight out of the bag is one obvious issue.. the other is when do you opt to stop suctioning so as not to pull the moisture out of something like say a raw steak, or cooked steak for that matter. I’ve prefrozen stuff I plan to seal but I don’t know if that’s best. Occasionally I’ve forgotten about food I’ve left unsealed in the freezer and come back to find crystals of ice already on the food, which seems to defeat the point of sealing. Ive also tried putting a dry paper towel at the top of a bag to act as a barrier to prevent a saucy item from coming out of the bag they the sealer. I am looking for more tips along those lines so as how to get the best results when using your vacuum sealer.
  17. Tenderizing

    The hand tenderizers are Jaccard.
  18. Akorn Mods & Fixes

    Does it help regulate the air flow?
  19. Tenderizing

    Agree with pushing surface contamination into the meat, could cause an issue if not cooked to proper temps just like ground meats. But I also am still around so I'm OK with it. As for the grocery store with their injected meats, it is really all about getting the weight up over the matter of tenderizing. When profits are only fraction of pennies the food supply chain look for anyway to increase profits; water, salt etc are cheap compared to protein. Think I read somewhere that a "brined" thanksgiving turkey can be 10-15% heavier after brining. So I also look for non brined protein and if I want to I'll do it myself. "As you can see, both the bird soaked in brine and the bird soaked in water gained a significant amount of weight prior to roasting,"
  20. Franklin Barbecue - After the fire pics....

    Thats crazy....
  21. I don't like overcooked meat but I would reheat them and eat or freeze them before I tossed them out. There is always chili after all...you could reheat the meat while it cooked in a pot of it..
  22. Franklin Barbecue - After the fire pics....

    I'll drive over there and see if I can get some pictures of the repair/rebuilding project.
  23. Tenderizing

    If it was mechanically tenderized they used a machine that poked a bunch of pin holes all throughout it. It does help breakdown the tissue in tougher cuts of meat. I cook a lot of flat iron steaks which is similar to a tri-tip and Flank steak. I mechanically tenderize it with a fork then marinate it for a few hours. Helps get some of the marinade into the meat similar to injecting larger cuts. There are hand tenderizers you can buy to do this just can't recall their name. I also do this with some cuts of pork and chicken. There is somewhat of a debate about doing this. Mainly about pushing bacteria back into the meat then only cooking to md and not properly killing the bacteria you pushed into the center of the meat. I usually wash and pat dry the meat good before doing this to minimize any possible bacteria on the surface. I've been doing this for years and I'm still here to talk about it - LOL. I don't care if the cut was mechanically tenderized. What I avoid buying is anything that was injected with a salt solution. If I wante injected meat I'll do the injecting myself. Most grocery stores sell cuts that are injected so it's "Always tender" - pooey.
  24. Knives

    Ah, but I bet you don't have your grown children using them however they please. I caught my son cutting something up on a dinner plate last week. We have several users in our kitchen, five at last count, and we're all on different schedules. My other son was using my steel utensils in the non-stick, and a scrubby to clean them. Yes, our pans are trashed. They won't use the cast iron (enameled) as it's "too much hassle", and they aren't allowed to touch my regular cast iron. Which reminds me, I need some more dinner plates. Mysteriously, we don't have as many as we used to. I just bought some cereal bowls, we were down to three. But they aren't doing drugs, they work hard, and nobody's pregnant, so I'm counting my blessings.
  25. I know. But after seeing the crust on those burgers in the video... DAMN!!!!!
  26. Roasted Turkey

    Awesome looking bird!! What happened to break the ring for the Joetisserie?
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