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  2. 15% off acehardware.com

    No dice (Flame Boss) on Ace.com But.....The local Ace Store turned out to be acceptable. They were obviously in an agreement with BGE. So I was almost overwhelmed by BGE stuff. That said, I am so glad I got a KJ. The BGE stuff seemed "dated" if you will-no offense to Eggheads, just saying. Happened to talk to the store expert on grilling and such. I am experimenting with strictly manage my own temps-to getting PID help. He sold me a Flame Boss 100 for 30% off. 200s gone. 300s on the way. Got my RF signal smoke to keep me informed as well. Told me he would get me KJ charcoal anytime. Good for him saying that in front of all the BGE displays. I must say the Weber Kettle stuff was looking great-was using one from the 80s to 2013. They need a Kamado line. M.
  3. Awesome! I find the Blackstone and a kamado to be the perfect combo. I have been mocking up something similar but not as nice looking for an otherwise wasted 45-degree spot on our deck, but I am not sure I want the Blackstone on the deck at all as any grease messes up the trex and I have had at least one errant drip every time I cook bacon.
  4. Crocodile Dundee said that's not a griddle, this is a griddle
  5. Today
  6. Table/Stand Ideas for Kamado Joe Junior

    I got little kids (and a dog that loves to try to steal food)....the higher the better lol .... I'll check out the height this weekend. Here it is in my yard next to the Big Joe (which I am happy is higher than my kettle)
  7. First Beer Can Chicken

    Looks like a good start and the bird should have a good flavor. I'd just butterfly it and cook it without the unnecessary beer can up it's butt.
  8. Yeah, the invites got lost in the shuffle- the main shuffle was switching hats from pit-master to fry cook back and forth. One thing that really helped was from "The Best Recipe" to blanch the fries for about 8 minutes at 325 and putting them in a plain old paper grocery bag to drain and rest for up to 2 hours. Got the heat climbing to 370 while I sliced the Shawarma, run back inside, funnel the fries from the bag into the oil, 2 minutes later they're done.
  9. Table/Stand Ideas for Kamado Joe Junior

    Nice looking table. Might be a little bit high when the Jr is put on it, unless you're 6' 6"
  10. ugh soooooooooooo jelly! Looks like a great combo!
  11. spare ribs, salt

    They both have four legs and taste good, besides, I'm a chemist not a biologist!
  12. Classic Joe Table Complete

    Nice job it looks really good.
  13. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    The last scratch and dent sale was in December 2015 and the one before that was December 2014. None last year that I know of. If one pops up an announcement will almost certainly appear in this forum.
  14. Table with Blackstone Griddle

    That's a nice combo right there.
  15. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    Nice. Let me know if you ever hear of another sale. I'll gladly make the hour drive to save some money. It's funny, they let me buy my feet directly, but I inquired about a few other things, and I'd have to go through a dealer. Not a big deal though.
  16. I'm giving my first beer can chicken a try after work tonight. As a matter of fact, this will be my first real cook on the Akron Jr. I'm using this recipe from Angry Orchard: http://www.angryorchard.com/food-and-cocktails/food/entrees/crisp-apple-cider-can-chicken Ironically, I couldn't find any Angry Orchard in a can, so I ended up using Smith & Forge instead. The bird has been bathing in the brine all night. I've attached the pics of the prep and will follow up with pics of the finished product later tonight or tomorrow.
  17. That hits all the right spots on the taste-o-meter, I bet they were scrumptious. You did a great job, I'd be all over that sorry the Mailman lost my invitation.
  18. Table with Blackstone Griddle

    You need some all-terrain tires for that beast. Nice looking table.
  19. Looks really nice, I like it.
  20. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    I have been to the KJ HQ several times, but only when they held scratch and dent sales. Haven't seen one in more than a year so Bobby may have decided to stop holding the sale. I never tried to buy something directly other than at those sales. That said, I was happy to save them some shipping cost (and me some time) by picking up a new firebowl a couple of years ago. If you have a desire to buy an item, give them a call and see what they say. I expect KJ prefers users to buy after-market items through dealers but you never know. BTW, you might consider joining the JOEnation group on Facebook. It's for Atlanta-based Joe owners and events.
  21. Cabbage and a Couple of Dixies

    Nice looking meal.
  22. Classic Joe Table Complete

    I appreciate it. Yours is nice as well. There's a guy locally off craigslist that builds some for around $200-$300. I just had a specific design and size in mind. Kreg joinery is a god send for these types of projects.
  23. Classic Joe Table Complete

    That's a good-looking table. I like the idea of stashing a small gas grill underneath. The fellow who built my table (commercially) also uses the Kreg method; it's rock-solid and looks great.
  24. New fiberglass wire mesh gasket

    No prob. You're pretty close to Duluth. Have you ever been to Kamado Joe HQ? Wondered if you could go straight there and buy things... I'm in Cherokee County, so not too far away.
  25. They were cooked really crisp and the dunk in garlic butter was quick to coat. A few that had a bit too much drizzle lost some crunch but most were OK. And they didn't sit on the plate very long.... All-in-all it was a fun cook and a good lunch.
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