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  2. Wow that’s a lot of Salmon. I may have to try it on a smaller scale.
  3. Plated @shuley, sorry. It is a modified dry brine from Youtube. I think John has a very similar recipe in a video that he did. I do not mix the ingredients. I laid down a bit of brown sugar, then salt and black pepper each piece of fish to my liking. Placing additional layers of brown sugar between each piece. So, I’m probably using maybe three times the amount of black pepper recommended. After rinsing, lightly salt again and sprinkle with coarse black pepper in addition to the piri piri that I use on the spicey version.
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  5. Glad to see Atlanta BBQ mentioned at $200 with free shipping. OTOH this might be a good lower cost alternative. Yes I tend to be tight with a $
  6. Yes, it does fit. You will see that the adapter has adjustable height to snuggly fit on your bottom vent
  7. On my area (Pacific NW) I can find exactly five woods that come in chunks because everybody sells the same line of Weber bags. Mesquite, hickory, pecan, apple, cherry. We're known for alder smoked salmon but I can't seem to find any alder locally unless I want to get a truckload off Craigslist. I no longer use mesquite because it gets to my stomach and, honestly, pecan and apple (both of which I use a lot and usually together) don't taste like anything to me except an enjoyable, mild smokiness with no distinct flavor I can otherwise point to. I wish I could because they're very popular but my tastebuds don't pick it up. So that leaves me with essentially three smoke options for chunks. Pellet options seem broader locally. That's how I got my alder. I realize I can order anything under the sun online but I like stopping into the local shop even if it has to be Lowes.
  8. Wow. Looks awesome. And is all that liquid in the potatoes drippings?
  9. Nice! I love how you took a huge chunk of rib cap. You have good taste, my friend.
  10. That is awesome. How can you share the contents of your brine? I've only ever done a dry brine on salmon, and that created a lox like consistency, which was good, but you definitely can't eat it like a nice grilled salmon.
  11. If you want to measure the temperature that the meat is sitting at, put a toothpick in the meat and clip the probe to the toothpick.
  12. I've always wondered how long my KJ can go but my food finishes cooking before I can find out I've gone at least 16 hours, maybe as much as 18, and always have leftover lump. I'd bet I could get around 20-24 at 225 if ever needed.
  13. DEW

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    Welcome. There are a lot of great resources on YouTube. The Kamado Joe YouTube channel is an outstanding resource.
  14. This is why I suggested TV Fool. You really have to do it for yourself. I live in a "basin." Even my strongest signals are "2Edge" path, so all my signals are diffracted by two hill crests. That's not good. You really want line-of-sight (LOS). My daughter is LOS at 3x my distance to the transmitters, and has 10dB better signal strength. I just purchased a Mohu ReLeaf antenna from Amazon. Using two different tuners in one room, only 1 of 5 stations locked at about 50%. I get all 5 using a different TV at the other end of the house. 22 channels from a $35 passive (no power supply) antenna. Reviews seem accurate, with the ever present antenna caveat: Location matters. Better to aim out a window than out a screen porch. Have fun, Frank
  15. Looking forward to some your cooks. Please post pictures.
  16. Just a heads up, cheaper at AtlantaGrillCompany: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/joetisserie®classic
  17. Sounds like it was a winner. Congrats!
  18. Temperatures vary under the dome, so co-locating probes is the only way one would expect equal readings at all times. I suggest placing probes and testing the grill to see how things vary. Play a little. Here are some general rules.... - Probes near food will read low until the food gets hot. - A probe over the water pan will read lower than one over a heat deflector. - Any probe that gets direct radiation from the fire will read higher. Personally, I like to watch the exit vent temperature, as a good predictor of heat lower down, and any changes about to occur. HAve fun, Frank
  19. Sometimes I look at fish at the store and think I should really get that and try to like it... And then I think better of it and carry on.... Didn’t realize you were trying to work your lower level with the upper in place. Guess going shorter isn’t really an option of that is the case. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.
  20. A fun Easter Sunday of cooking, some done inside, some done outside on the Goldens'. First, although definitely not bbq but it was an excellent and most photogenic lunch. I'm a huge Chef John fan and one of his recent videos was for a Spring Vegetable Tart. Looked great and easy to make. I was grilling later in the afternoon for Easter Dinner, so why not try something inside for a great looking lunch. As BBQ Pit Boys would say, the Vegomatics would love this. Puffed Pastry filled with an herbal Ricotta mixture as a base, baked in the oven. Shell is done first, then filled with the cheese mixture and baked again. I used Ricotta, other alternatives would be goat cheese, farmer's cheese, etc. Under all these nice looking greens are sauted Baby Bok Choy, Sugar Snap Peas, mushrooms, garlic, red peppers. The greens were piled on top. And like his video, it sure did look pretty - Plated with dressing - OK, enough of the veggie stuff. On to Easter dinner and an entry into a challenge on another forum - A 2 bone Rib Eye roast, aka Prime Rib, all by its lonesome on the cutting board, waiting for a rub to be applied. I used Worcestershire, black pepper and OakRidge BBQ Competition Beef & Pork rub. Out onto the Goldens', indirect with searing plate, grill temp was around 325-350. I pulled it off the grill when the meat temp reached about 127. On the cutting board, nothing but Rib Eye steaks, cooked just the way Mrs lunchman and I like 'em - to perfection. Have to get at least one plated shot into the mix - Thanks for checking out today's Easter Dinner! Regards, -lunchman
  21. Also, it’s pretty tight working under there right now because that extension grate needs to be in place before you place the fish or whatever other protein you’re cooking on the first grate. I did see a grate on a swivel a while ago on the Internet. I’ll probably check that out
  22. First, how do I delete the random pics that keep inserting themselves at the end of my post? Your limited palate IS a source of great consternation for me kk. I personally think that you’re looking at this all wrong. You need to think of tuna not as fish – but as the chicken of the sea, which of course makes salmon the ribeye.
  23. @BigKev hasn't been around for a few years but we did make this potato salad for Easter lunch today and it was very tasty, will do it again but maybe some minor tweaks, more onion, maybe some olive or pickle and perhaps more bacon. We really like a chunky interesting potato salad.
  24. You could but why not just buy a KJ Joetisserie? I have one for a Classic that fits am Akorn quite well. So we'll that it gets used more in the Akorn than in the Classic.
  25. Yea I had one a few months ago and thought the same thing.
  26. I do have a very crappy sliced shot. Md rare but not perfect edge to edge. Wasn't bad for first attempt in the WFO. Definitely a little trickier than in a kamado.
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