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  2. I've noticed with mine that even though it fits and seals fine ( no dollar bill test but no smoke seeping out either) , that it seems a little hinge bound in the back but guess there is enough weight on the dome to over come it. Then yesterday as I was fitting it on I noticed the gasket as worn down quite a bit in the back but have no idea if it's because of the Joetessrie , I'll just keep watching it. In turn makes me wonder if or when I go with the new gaskets will they be thicker then the felts ones as this might cause a problem.
  3. For almost three weeks now, I've been without a kitchen. My wife and I have been relying on a combination of our grills, the microwave, and the air fryer to make food downstairs on our bar. It's been slow going due to a set-back; a gas line for the upstairs HVAC actually ran right through the wall we were having taken out and that threw the schedule off ridiculously! But this Friday and Saturday saw FAST progress in the remodel. Soon I'll be back at the helm making good food! Here are the before photos: It really wasn't too bad style wise for a 17 year old kitchen. Unfortunately, some of the cabinets where peeling on the tops, and I had always wanted the wall between the kitchen and the living room removed. Here is how it looked as of this Sunday evening:
  4. Wow love those cooks.
  5. That's a smart move to generate sales.
  6. Probably going to copy cat this .... great job !
  7. The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat.
  8. Nice, looks great!!
  9. Looking real good! Sent from my Commodore 64
  10. I don't really know, but from the shape of the grill and bumpers I would think 30's or 40's.
  11. When did Royal Oak go from 17 lb bags to 15? I picked up five bags Sat. and noticed something was different.
  12. I would suggest trying some longer cooks when you have time to be present for the cooks. A few of those should allow you to get an idea on how the cooker acts/reacts before attempting another overnight. IMHO, this is more important than having an alarm go off all night.
  13. Good rec on the picnic roast, John. I look at both when I plan to cook pulled pork.
  14. Hello. Bought a Kamado Joe , Big Joe, at my local Costco roadshow a few weeks ago. Haven't cooked indoors sense. Would like to thank everyone once again for all the great info, and ideas found in these forms. Happy grilling!!
  15. Thanks, Al. Much appreciated.
  16. Many thanks, AJ.
  17. Thank you shuley. Obviously, the smoke profile comes from the 4 hour low and slow. The seasoned braising liquid adds a penetrating depth of richness all the way through the meat of red wine, shallot, garlic and herb. That long steam bath in heavily seasoned beef stock just helps further break down the collagen and produces a truly melt in your mouth result.
  18. Today
  19. Welcome to the Guru, lots of great people and info around here.
  20. Thank you very much, philpom. This cook just confirms my belief that whatever you can cook in an oven, you can cook better and more flavorful on a kamado.
  21. Cross posted from Man Cave Meals on Facebook... I was in Publix the other day and noticed these Pork Picnic roasts for $1.19/lb. I couldn't help but buy this one that weighs in at over 9 pounds. This roast is very similar to the Pork Shoulder / Boston Butt roast. I have cooked several of these in the past for the purpose of making pulled pork BBQ and been very pleased with the results. The flavor of the meat is almost identical to the shoulder roast and it's generally cheaper (even though the shoulder roast is also typically cheap.) The pork shoulder / boston butt roast is the roast that contains the scapula bone (shoulder blade.) I'm sure you have seen this distinctly shaped flat bone when you pull them out of these roasts. The picnic roast is the roast that contains the humerus (upper arm) bone. It's a long bone. If you haven't tried this roast, you should give it a whirl! You won't be disappointed. You can cook this the exact same way you cook a butt. I plan to fire up my new Big Joe tonight and let this one go overnight on a long low and slow journey...
  22. How did you light your fire? I light a 2-point fire so if one side goes out because of a void or bridge in the lumps, the other side will continue to burn.
  23. It matches my pool. My old Akorn still has a few miles on it yet, but this one makes me want to hurry its demise along. LOL!
  24. According to the rep, no. The did it only for the Costco roadshows as they had issues with people only taking one bag of the plastic bundled 2/20 pound bags and getting home and their significant other asking where the second bag was. So to eliminate confusion, they went to a single larger bag to make it simpler. I just picked up 7 bags this past weekend.
  25. That is a nice shade of blue.
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