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  2. This is my first brisket and willing to experiment. Obviously there’s advantages and disadvantages to the various methods - wrap with foil, wrap with peach butcher paper or no wrap. I’m open to smoking to 195F before removing to wrap in foil/butcher paper before wrapping in a towel to place in a cooler to rest. My brisket is in its second stall. Internal temperature is 177F up 2F in about 45 minutes. Still a long way to go.
  3. sorry, got tied up in repairing a crashed pc. since you are monitoring temps, you'll see it rise to 160ºish to 170ºish range and stay there. I stopped using butcher paper early on, choosing just to cook without wrapping. When I did use it, it was an arbitrary choice for me usually after 7 or so hours of smoke.
  4. byee

    Top vent loose

    I’m tagging along for their expertise. I’m still patiently waiting for the replacement gasket material for my Kamado Joe kontrol tower.
  5. What are the signs I should be looking for to indicate the brisket has stalled? How long into the stall process should I remove the brisket to wrap in peach butcher paper? Thank you!
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    Thanks TKOBBQ! Looks like not very much traffic comes through this subcategory.
  7. overthinking it- major reason why I don't pay any attention to temps while cooking. I would say that size matters when considering how quickly a piece of meat should be expected to cook. So, the other part of my answer without knowing the size of the trimmed brisket is: i dunno... More seriously chillax and enjoy the cook.
  8. I got mine today. I have a feeling I am going to end up with both bigger ones if this cooks half as nice as it looks and feels. We also got an unexpected gift delivery from Snake River Farms today with some things that I never would have bought myself. It is a happy day for cooking at this house!
  9. Thanks for the question @Wellspring - Jason, I'd much prefer the tool chest. But, I guess I could get my mind around a good quality dolly. My question would be whether it would replace the nest, etc.
  10. Yeah, this steak was as tough as any well done sirloin you'd ever eat. Had the leftovers the next morning for breakfast. It was even worse, though it couldn't have been much past medium even when reheated. I don;t understand it really, the steak was well marbled
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  12. @El_Norteno60 any chance you still have that video? It's no longer valid in this thread.
  13. @wildwr OK, I've got my brisket in the smoker since 1:00p PST at 225F. I have my Fireboard 2 Drive with the fan setup KJC3. I've made minor adjustments to the vents during my journey to keep the fan from coming on or as little as possible for the low and slow at 225F. At 2:30p PST time - The flat is at 69F while the point is at 118F. Do I need to be concerned about the point being 50F higher than the flat? I did put foil underneath the point to help slow down the temperature. Not sure its its needed........perhaps I'm over thinking the process.
  14. Hmm....I am kinda thinking it's the opposite....it appeals to KJ lovers that want something "like" a Weber Kettle, but have the KJ brand loyalty etc. Considering Weber just came out with their "Kamado" E6/S6 rebranding, both brands are likely working on pulling some customers over to their sides. i.e. this is KJ's version of a *better* kettle.
  15. The Kamado Joe Kettle Joe will be hitting the ground here in March. There are some additional photos of this grill here: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/kamado-joe-1/products/kamado-joe-kettle-joe I will be making video content on this grill as soon as I get one. I am quite excited about the possibilities this grill will offer...
  16. I have a big joe 3 and a joe jr. and i kinda wanna get one
  17. I finally got my gasket material this week! I had given up on it The question now is do I remove the old one and install this? Seems like if I just add a layer to the existing it will then be too thick. The new roll is quite long. I guess if I remove the old it will be trial and error to get a good fit of the new material? Any insight would be appreciated. I know I can figure it out, not rocket science here but if someone else has done it please share your expertise Thanks
  18. Hey folks, I picked up a stainless steel ash pan made to fit my large BGE by the KickAshBasket people. Really cool little piece of gear that when used with the KAB even makes clean up easier than the basket did by itself. Here are a couple of pics. I can't remember how much it cost, but consider it worth what ever I paid for it. I quit using the stock fire grate when I went to using KAB's years ago. The KAB fits flat right on top of the ash pan. Works great. Ash Pan Installed in my Egg I checked on the price $34.99
  19. FYI Boston butts .99 lb
  20. Thanks for posting an image of our cabinet in use. I am going to share this with our owners or you can send images to jason@wellspringllc.us. Awesome Cook!
  21. Absolutely true dat, seen some folks on U Tube and other forums bragging about 950 degree Neapolitan pizza cooks, and temps even above that for what they call "Burn Outs" to clean out carbon deposits and gunk. Never been a fan of that myself, and 650 for pizza is my limit. Just too much potential for damage to ceramic components at supper high temps. I remember a post from the guy that builds Komodo Kamado's (super high end over built and engineered bomb proof grills). He was talking about how high the temp was in your fire box when your dome thermometer reads above 700. I can't actually reme
  22. Greetings, Wellspring here. I want to express appreciation to all for the feedback of our cabinets. Would it be better if you knew the MSRP, or have a list of Online dealers who we partnered with? I've passed this to our owners. Would you rather a two wheel 10" dolly or a 4 wheel like the tool chest above? Thanks, Jason - info@wellspringllc.us
  23. It really looks like something designed to appeal to Weber lovers that want to more easily do low and slow. Had this been out for a while when I bought my Joe Classic, it would have been appealing since it has the 22” that my former Webber Kettle had.
  24. just got an email from AGC to preorder the kettle Joe - $500. the email also mentions a discount on the Joe jr - $350.
  25. Yes. Unless it has worn off, it's printed on the round disc on the top of the Slo-Roller. 500 degrees Farenheit, which is 260 degrees Celsius.
  26. Isn't that always a bummer when you get such an amazing looking cut (and I LOVE the color on your cook!) and then it is tough? There is a butcher here who I avoid for that reason...all the meat in his place looks amazing and well marbled (and he *claims* it is all AAA - Canadian rating just below Prime) but we are always unhappy with the cooked product. We're right in the middle of beef country and still can be hit/miss.
  27. Does the Slo-Roller have a maximum temperature?
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