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  2. Hey introducing myself I took the plunge and purchased a Big Joe III and super happy. Looking forward to learning from you all. I see Smoking Dad BBQ is on here and i have been watching many of the vids
  3. @pmillen this is a picture thread not a political rant thread. If you want to post an opposing political humorous picture so be it. What we are not going to do is have a political debate thread. I am now going to go back and delete any of the rant type posts. If I miss any from the past point me to it and I'll delete those too. Sorry if this upsets anyone.
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  5. Anyone know what grate is in the bottom pic? Seems like the perfect easily cleanable grate.
  6. 6-8 hour soak with an all purpose rub, evO2, rice vinegar, and a bit of sweet chili sauce. Slow cook on rim around 300 to set initial base. Sauce. Back on grill over direct heat up to about 350. Sauce a second time and back over direct heat.
  7. @John Setzler Did you just drill some more holes in your grate clip or is there a specific clip I can purchase with extra holes. Thanks in advance and for producing all the content!
  8. I work in an industry that supplies a product to make those kind of receipts. Even when I go to a gas pump and pay with my debit card I get a receipt. I promptly throw it in the trash but I figure it just might help my industry survive in a world that is going more paperless by the day. Get your receipt, register your product, save my job.....
  9. All the Wood on the wall, molding, doors, wet bar (not pictured) was done by me and Mrs skreef (no contractors involved). We play in there 3 or 4 nights a week to unwind before dinner. One of our better home projects.
  10. Nice, looks like a great place to kick back or play some games.
  11. My man cave took some tools and a fair amount of skill........ Just sayin
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  13. Just so everyone knows. This is the random picture thread. I'm good with random, funny, political pictures regardless of which side of the fence. What we're not going to have is a political debate. No more debate type posts or I start deleting. Enough said.........
  14. I can't help you with Italian sausages, but as I live in the UK I cook a lot of British "Bangers" from the butcher which are good sized very meaty pork sausages. (We don't actually really call them bangers here, we just call them sausages, but it seems they are called bangers in the US....") I have always done them indirect at about 400f or so for around 20 - 25 minutes or so with no smoke, turning once. They come out great without fail and never split the skins - which is a sign of failure in cooking a sausage to me! If you do them this way, then all the ju
  15. Thanks for clearing up the delivery issue. Makes sense If all else fails you have a warranty. File a warranty claim on your base issue.
  16. You gotta call them. Then followup with an email listing everything yall talked about. That would be your paper trail.
  17. I agree with the idea about calling them on the phone; I haven't at this point. However, my credit union recommended I don't do that, and rely on email to keep a paper trail, should I end up filing a disupte. I followed bbqguys.com's delivery instructions to the letter, which basically said to sign for the delivery if it looked like no boxes were missing. It read to me like inspection of the details inside was between myself and them, and not the trucking company after that. @Buttburner Good eye spotting the delivery truck. I did take the plastic wrap off the pallet jus
  18. The other thing I have to say about this is I would not have accepted delivery if it came to be in that condition with the box smashed like that. If I was not home when it arrived I would have called the trucking company when I got home and demanded they take it back. Unless you opened it all up while they were there and thought it looked ok at that point. From looking at the pic real close it looks like you opened up the top box, I see what looks like the delivery truck there in the street I know thats water under the bridge at this point...
  19. The Bass Pro Shops flyer that I just got today has it on sale for $130
  20. I treat them like a brat; simmer in beer or water first, then grill to get some caramelization on the skin.
  21. I used this sauce on some thin-crust pizzas this week and it worked really well during the cook, tasted great, and, most importantly, was well-received by Mrs. LRJ! The uncooked sauce does really well on thin pizza which is on the stone for only a few minutes.
  22. I agree with Buttburner. Call them and work it out - get someone in authority on the phone. Tell them you need their plan, in writing, because time is short because they billed you on 7/18. I'd let them know, nicely (they're probably nice people), that they have to get back to you right away. Otherwise you won't have any choice but to reverse the charges to protect your interests. Lollygagging around will not be tolerated. If they tell you they're waiting for KJ to get back to them, I'd remind them that your deal was with them, and not KJ, and they BBQGuys, need to commit righ
  23. I'm so sorry. You are in a pickle. So far have had replaced under warranty: Thermometer Handle Both Shelves Mesh Gasket Do-Joe Cast Iron Griddle Kamado Joe is doing things right by me. It's just a shame that it seems yours got damaged a lot in shipping. On the bright side for the rest of us, I now know to do my best to buy in person. You could ask BBQGUYS.com who their preferred carrier is as you need to ship it back. They might tell you????
  24. Interesting responses, I’ve smoked them in the past at around 250 and I found it’s one of those meats that really absorbs the flavor of the smoke and he was toy benefits from it. I was doing a kind of reality check to compare how others were doing it and if I’m really doing it the recommended way, surprised to see all the direct cooking.
  25. Another vote for direct. I cook them just like a hotdog, moving them around fairly frequently for even color and to prevent burning. I've never checked a sausage for an internal temp, but I like them to be just starting to split so there's very little danger of me under-cooking one.
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