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  3. Intro and a cool story

    WOW...thats awesome! Post pics of the restoration as you get her pork shoulder ready!
  4. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    +1 no hate, you're spot on. Same reason I pitched it after getting a Kamado is one of the benefits for smoking cheese.
  5. Free Table Contest Update

    Your tables look amazing thank you for doing the drawing!
  6. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    I don't hate you and I agree. You could do this in a cardboard box if set up properly. I don't have a gas grill any longer. I know the next time a diffuser over the smoke tray will do the trick.
  7. Kamado Smoked Cheese

    I know everyone will hate me, but I think that a gas grill is a better tool for this. They are more open by design which lets the heat out. A kamado will keep the heat in much more effectively, which is not what you want with cheese.
  8. Mushroom Stuffed Mushrooms

    Nice Entry @KismetKamado. Sounds delicious.
  9. Intro and a cool story

    Greetings from Nor Cal I started learning about ceramic bowl cookers about 36 hours ago so yes I am the newb of newbs on this. I have been helping a friend whose house was totally destroyed in the recent Northern California fires . I have been working at the site many times and just discovered this gem yesterday. It was buried under one of the few semi-standing stucco walls. I was amazed that it still looked in great shape. There was one tile knocked off the lid where 2000 pounds of tile roof and stucco fell on it. I called the owner and he says "you can have it". Got a truck with a lift and some muscle and it has made it to my front driveway. It has a 22" grate and a very nice dolly. It did get very hot and about 50 of the tiles fall off with a simple touch. The propane starter is destroyed but the side tables and lid lift work perfect. The dolly wheel bearings melted which really makes moving it a chore. I think this will be the first thing I fix. I know what I will be obsessed with until I get a pork shoulder in there. Shawn Hope I attached the photo correctly. I have many more but I'm tired and my back hurts for some reason
  10. Golden's Cast Iron Cookers

    here's a link https://www.goldenscastiron.com/features
  11. Tonight’s Reverse Sear Ribeye

    It should go without saying - but just in case there was any doubt - I would be all in with that plan!
  12. Tonight’s Reverse Sear Ribeye

    Oh man I would love that. Nobody around here seems to have the grill fever like I do. I’m trying to track down a good display kJ for my dad so I can get him hooked.
  13. Rotisserie for akorn

    First post here. I have an Akorn and considering the Jotisserie. SmoovD, I appreciate you posting the pics, I'm about ready pull the trigger now. Please share more photos!
  14. We definitely need to set up a summer Montana/Wyoming Smoke Out!
  15. Yeah, had yellow taters and not standard russet, so didn’t get the crispy skin. But that bacon grease, salt and pepper flavored it just right. Add butter and cheddar and I was an extremely happy camper. My standard great cook is when the leftovers still warm in the microwave great next day for lunch. And the few beans and bit of steak left went perfect next to some bow tie pasta today.
  16. Sourdough with craisins & walnuts

    I am very close to finalizing my recipe. I was intrigued by a loaf I bought from I bakery that makes very good sourdough loafs and other types of loaf. I had bought and tasted a loaf that had craisins and walnuts, taste was good so I went about to replicate or get one with even better flavour. I think I have succeeded for most part based in feedback from tasters. Here are some pictures of the process and final product. I need to do better job on flouring box. Some of dough stuck,you can see where on picture of final loaf. Flavour and texture were excellent, had tang from craisins and crunch from walnuts and bite of sourdough. Crumbs looked good and had right consistency. I am hoping finialize recipe later this month.
  17. Mushroom Stuffed Mushrooms

    Thanks pesto! I’ve got to try and keep up with you!
  18. Mushroom Stuffed Mushrooms

    Thanks for the kind words, K’man! I think it would go great with a Caesar salad - that’s a wonderful idea! Might try that if I give them a whirl again.
  19. Mushroom Stuffed Mushrooms

    Great compliment - thank you! I think you’re right - could easily be an appetizer as well.
  20. Mushroom Stuffed Mushrooms

    It was a pretty good combination - it came together really well. A bit more labor intensive than I would usually go for, but good. Thank you - the puff pastry didn’t puff as much as I expected, and I have an idea as to why, but I am actually glad that it did what it did. I was worried about having something out of control on top. And I hadn’t really used dried mushrooms much before, but it really worked well to add an extra something. Think I will use your trick and keep them around more often.
  21. Mushroom Stuffed Mushrooms

    Thanks all!
  22. I know is is an old thread, but I'm interested in this cooker. I own a Blaze and am interested in a second Kamado (yeah, I know). I know my Blaze holds temperature very well, so I assume this Kamado would out perform it considering Aluminum is a much better conductor than cast iron(https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-metals-d_858.html). I like that it's built in the USA (especially in the south). I love just about anything built out of cast iron, and was wondering if Goldens has more information than whats online. I am curious, whats the thickness of the outer shell and the firebox? Also, I may be mistaken, but I think I've seen two different types of top vents?
  23. Tonight’s Reverse Sear Ribeye

    Looks great from here!
  24. Great looking cook, I did a batch of beans a weekend back to accompany the pulled pork we pulled out of the freezer. Simple is good, no great!
  25. Golden's Cast Iron Cookers

    Hey guys, I know this is a really old thread, but I was curious if anyone has one of these Kamados? I would assume this kamado cooks well being all cast iron. I own a Blaze aluminum Kamado and have no real issues holding temperature for long cooks like brisket, pork butts etc. I was thinking about owning a second cooker and was interested in this one. I wish Goldens had more info out there and perhaps a cut-away picture of the kamado. Any and all info is appreciated
  26. My first Akorn cook!

    thanks that's helpful...but at what temp should I start closing the vents?
  27. Actually there is one thing better: doctored up beans combined with a steaming baked potato. When I bought my first house the week we made our house payment sometimes meant mashed potato sandwiches for supper. A real treat on the payday away from house payment day was weenies and baked beans with cheddar and a baked potato. Long time ago and those beans look like what I wanted then and still do now (and there is a baked potato).
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