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  2. Its unfortunate that you can't see this from my perspective. It's a money pit for me. If I take your advice, it will still be a money pit for me.
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  4. Maybe you're just tired of it, John. Maybe you're just burned out. But, an awful lot of technical things have changed in 18 years. It's up to you.
  5. Wow this looks amazing! @JLPdid you ever get around to smoking the meat and then simmering it in sauce after that? If so, how did it turn out? I bet it would add the extra layer of smokiness that you're looking for. I do wonder how something like this would be with a smoked brisket. That would be a lot of time though but I figure smoke a standard brisket then throw the dutch oven/pot onto the grill and put some of the burnt ends, pieces of the flat, and a couple of pieces of point in to the sauce and simmer all of it. I bet even leftover brisket would be amazing simmered in the sauce and used for quesabirria - "bbq brisket birria"
  6. Oddly, the forum has been quite responsive the past few days.
  7. I don't disagree with any of that. I can speculate all day but it does me no good. I have been using this hosting company for nearly 18 years. I have never had any problems that I could trace back to the host. I don't believe the traffic to this website is significant enough to be causing performance problems. There is RARELY more than 5 to 8 registered members online here at any time. The guests are mostly landing here from various google searches. That number can be as high as 120-140 at certain times of day and maybe a little higher during the summer months. I limit guests search capabilities so they can't burden the site with a lot of searches. I am also coming to a point where the software I am using will no longer be supported by the company unless I am using their hosting. They are slowly making the system's requirements harder for me to meet through my provider by requiring higher versions of MySQL than are available. They will be refusing software upgrades to me at that point. It's all part of the business cycle. They wanna press me to spend more money from about every angle. It's the nature of business. I could move into some sort of situation that you describe for sure. Is it gonna save me money? I don't know but I doubt it. With site traffic here on a downward spiral and costs to run it going up, it just doesn't make sense for me to continue running. I have enjoyed it immensely but I think the money I spend here could be spent better somewhere else in terms of promoting my own brand.
  8. John, you are being taken advantage of by a web host who has massively over-committed their hardware in order to sell more web-site hosting contracts than they can actually support. And, they do not possess a scalable, cloud-based infrastructure which can dynamically adapt to changing load patterns. The causes of your problems are external to you. And so, if they tell you that you have "a dedicated server," don't believe a word of it. I once dealt with a client who had been told that, but when I then actually attempted to have VMWare "reserve" anything, the web site would not start. Which told me that the promised "reserves" actually didn't exist on the underlying hardware. (VMWare will not lie to you ...) Basically, "they had [over-]sold it all, and then lied about it." But my client had good lawyers. They will tell you, and try to sell you, what you want to hear. I have encountered this many times before on behalf of various clients. It's not the way that it should be, but sometimes it's the way that it is. And they will never provide a "cure." Basically, "because they can't." They're running out of gas.
  9. @John Setzler thanks for taking the time and effort from your personal life to pursue kamadoguru. It's been a very fun journey here. I think I was member # 12 so I certainly got my value out of it!
  10. Some may find this useful, the "way back machine". https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://kamadoguru.com/* The initial load will take a little time.
  11. Me as well. Bought my Akorn in late April of 2012. Joined about a week or three later in May 2012. When I looked on the members map that was on the site, there were only a handful or so members in Ontario and maybe double that in Canada. Sorry to see it go. Thanks to you all for your guidance and positivity. Special thanks to John for his foresight and willingness to create this welcoming place.
  12. www.tnttt.com Teardrops and Tiny Travel Trailers. You may need to Google it. Lot's of conversation about RVing, cooking at camp and of course DIY.
  13. I don't know what to think about what's happened here. Just as quickly as the site became basically unusable for over 10 days, it has started working again. I haven't had any issues accessing or using the site in the last 36 hours.
  14. Well damn. KG has been my only source of social media. I have no tolerance for all the other "time suckers" and have chosen not to patronize any of them. I have really enjoyed this forum. The knowledge, wisdom, and experience of John and all the KG members has made me a better cook/griller/chef and perhaps a better person. Thank you.
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  16. https://amzn.to/3OOWmqF This is the one I bought but I had to bend the flanges out to make it fit on the thick mount of the Joetisserie. It's not pretty but it works and it has worked well. The joetisserie mount for the motor is a NON STANDARD mount and it's difficult to find something that works without modifications.
  17. @John Setzler, a week or so ago, you mentioned that you replaced the motor on the Joetisserie with a heavier duty motor. Do you have a recommendation for that upgrade? Thanks
  18. I echo the thoughts of Jack. above. I also am a member who joined in 2012. I recall looking for information about charcoal cooking and finding this site in researching an Akorn Kamado. I learned so much from John and all of the members here. It is sad to see this place close down. You never think you would feel such strong emotions for the pending loss of a forum, but then you realize that it was more than that it truly was a community filled with some great people. Not sure how I am going to replace (if possible) this little corner of the internet and Facebook is just not the same experience. Thank you John for the content, the laughs and the knowledge we have shared over the last 10 years. Also thank you for the effort and expenditures that you have put forth to keep this forum open. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.
  19. I wish I could find one in Maryland!!!
  20. Same here. I hadn’t tried in a couple of weeks because I couldn’t get on. Yesterday, I was able to get on, but not log in. All is working fine today. There are some subtle differences that I’m noticing, like quoting your post above. When I chose to quote, a small pop up window came up, which is new, at least for me. The site has been quirky for several months, where the side panel of current posts resides. It sometimes would display and other times not. Sometimes, I could turn my iPad from landscape to vertical and then it would appear and remain when going back to landscape mode, but usually it just wouldn’t display. Gremlins.
  21. Yes, but it is going to go away, he is shutting the site down end of December!
  22. This morning, I'm able to access the site on a mobile device for the first time in a while. No obvious / severe slowdowns, either. Must be magic
  23. The site is working pretty well today, so I'll use this as an opportunity to say Goodbye to all of the members, Moderators and, of course, to John. I was one of the "2012 originals", and Kamado Guru has been my only social media connection for the 10 years of its existence. It's hard to say just how much it has meant to me, and just how much I will miss KG. I have learned so much from so many of you, have gotten a chance to prepare and eat some truly delicious food, to share my knowledge with you, and to be part of a community of which I was genuinely proud to be a member. So, a huge Thank You to all, and an even bigger Thank You to you, John. From a tiny Akorn, we grew a mighty oak. Down the Road, Jack
  24. This started at the end of August, so we are only three months in so far. KJ has always been good about support, if slow at times because of back orders. This past experience has been different in that there has been zero communication regarding parts that get shipped. Things just show up without warning, and I never get an "invoice" that they claim will be emailed when things do ship. My issue(s) now are the lack of muscle to move around the old and new ceramic parts, and the fact that winter is going to be kicking in full power any day now. Working on the grill in the snow is not a fun prospect, but garage space is at a premium during the winter so storing the new parts becomes a problem.
  25. Maybe you could set it up and John just be a contributor if he doesn't want to do it anymore, which it sounds like.
  26. I am selling a complete ThermoWorks Signals, Billows combo. This includes the 12V battery pack so you don't need AC power, a needle probe for ribs and the like, silicone probe spools, and the ThermoWorks carrying case. All are in great condition. I only used them a few times. Purchased Spring 2022. I think the price for all is US$485 I'd like US$ 250.00 shipped USPS in the US. If you'd like faster shipping or live outside the US, I'll find what the charge would be and let you know. I'm only willing to sell the entire setup.
  27. I don't know how much traffic this web site actually gets every day, but a site like this one ought to be: "fast and inexpensive." PythonAnywhere leverages AWS EC2 behind the scenes so it always has computer power to spare. When a site is referenced, a server container "spins up" to service it and remains alive for several minutes after the traffic ceases. But, you don't per se "pay for the traffic." You pay according to tiers of promised capacity, and the host will never "run out of capacity" as this host obviously and regularly does ... while also obviously charging too much. I would replace the site with something initially that looks a lot like https://www.ggaonline.org/forum ... just a forum, but I don't have to "write the software." I just grab a few pieces of "stock" material and stitch them together, just as I did with ggaonline. (The organization had been paying almost $150 a month just for a rather bad forum. I charge them two "club geo-coins" per year.) And, unless the site is very busy, it would cost $12 a month. Much bigger levels, $100 a month. You don't need "donations" to support that kind of cost, although you welcome them. And, when you ask these hard-working guys for "support," you get an answer within minutes. They're hungry for your business, and they earn it. This is not the first time that I have helped a beleaguered web-site owner who was being crapped on by his indifferent and unresponsive former host. By making his difficulties "go away for good," along with his former host.
  28. Thanks Jark I am on that site and will check out the grilling section. Hope to talk to you there. And I agree with you, I will miss this site and all the people that I met here!
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