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  3. @John Setzler has said that it will rust, so it's probably just cheap mild steel, which cant be anodised. If it is, then someone want a kicking as mild steel has no place in contact with food. It needs to be stainless. No coatings needed. A bit more expensive though.
  4. My Big Joe ll arrived this week with the metal shelves, which was a pleasant surprise. I guess given the difficulty with global shipping over the last year it's probably a lot easier and cheaper to harmonise stock. I didn't get a firebox divider though
  5. I recently took delivery of a Classic II from Atlanta Grill Company, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it came with metal shelves, instead of the plastic ones that it normally comes with. I thought that was an exclusive feature of the Classic III, as it was one of their advertising points. Anyone know if this is standard now, or was it just a fortunate fluke?
  6. My pellet grill give a light smoke profile, if I want stronger profile I use a smoke tube.
  7. @keeperovdeflame Bang on with that response. Whilst I don’t own a pellet, my buddy has been eating off my Akorn for years. During this pandemic he thought he wanted to do the “smoking thing” and bought a pellet grill. He proudly dropped me off a chunk of a brisket the other day. It was so smoky it was like eating a loaf of white bread or in other words, not smoky at all. I was so thankful when he said he thought it wasn’t smoky enough…
  8. Keep an eye open for a small ziplock bag that will allow you to store the batteries tightly (as the newfies say) side by each, parallel. This will prevent the batteries crossing each other and prevent shorting and further drainage. Some used medication (pill) bottles will work as well.
  9. Maybe you can relate to this. We had a 150 hp Hammer mill that blew out a bearing. It was in a dark basement. Rodents, rotten grain, bugs, humid, stinky, etc. Me and another guy had seen the alignment was off and we were trying to get it up and running as the feed mill could not make feed without this hammer mill grinding the corn. After about 3 hours of jacking and wedging and hoisting and sliding and stepping outside for fresh air soaked in ground corn and sweat, the owner hollered down through the grain chute from the upper floor. He said, " I don't give a damn about what you have to
  10. I been using a Flame boss 400, and it works great!!
  11. Don’t believe it should be an issue. There is a recent posting on here where someone used a jr sized kamado with a piece of flexible dryer vent pipe feeding from it (hot box) into the bottom of another full sized kamado to do salmon. The heat was diffused out through the walls of the pipe and the smoke went up through the larger kamado. Seemed to work well.
  12. How long did you let it rest? A roast like that will reabsorb a lot of the red stuff if left lightly tented for 45 minutes before carving.
  13. Or the roast was not allowed to rest and have the carry-over cooking to raise the temperature.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Wow, that's a lot of grease if those got filled. Good luck with the cleaning.
  16. I'm talking about the holes in the center of the 6 curved sections of the firebox
  17. Not for nothing, but many years ago I made a post on a headphone forum regarding a new headphone which was having issues with wood cups. The wood cups were made in a humid part of the world and shipped around the world. Obviously the grade of wood available in that country & the change in humidity cause a lot of Q&A issues. My suggestion was to go the a polymer cup to move his business forward instead of wasting all his resources responding to cracked wood cups. 3 months later the product line went to all polymer cups & his business is now selling headphones anywhere fr
  18. Are you talking about the holes in the bottom plate or the sides of the fire box? If you are talking about the holes in the bottom plate I would just take the plate out & get a charcoal basket. The basket will function better in the long run & allow you to to get the air flow for a burn out. Put the steel plate in to burn the grease off that also.
  19. I do the same and if the stuff is really baked on I used the KJ charcoal ash tool to lightly scrape the grates, the deflectors & the soap stone. Works fine as far as I am concerned.
  20. If you pulled it at 135 it should have cooked up to at least 140-145 in residual cooking after you removed it. If it was bloody and rare either your thermometer is inaccurate or you weren't measuring the temp from the center of the roast.
  21. No.. i think you will be fine... you CAN do a burnout if you want to but be very careful going over 500 degrees with it. Flashbacks are real problems when you have that heavy white smoke from grease burning off. Maybe if the thing is that cruddy inside it might be best to go ahead and burn out what you can... just keep the temp from going too high... no more than 600 and I would not put the heat deflectors in for that... or maybe jsut one at a time and have it at TOP grate level on a cooking grate....
  22. Moving out of the recipes section to general discussion....
  23. SmoovD

    old joe

    Yup, Classic I in the better color option IMHO. Yes, I am biased.
  24. Thanks. I did disassemble it after the first burn to clean it out a bit. I gently scraped off of some it and freed up the holes on the firebox, but I was hopeful a high heat burn would take care of the rest (it didn't lol). So it's safe to use a wire brush on the inside of the grill and on the firebox? Is there anything I should worry about damaging with a wire brush (other than the soapstone, I know that part at least).
  25. Hello, I’ve bought myself a new kamado. But i want to make smoke cold salmon with my smoke generator. Does someone know if its bad for your kamado if you do this when the kamado is never used. I know you don’t need to heat up the charcoal but just to be sure. Grtz
  26. Welcome, glad to have you with us you new KJ will work just like the BGE did for fire building and heat control. Only difference will be in becoming familiar with Joe's bells and whistles, like the slo roller etc. Enjoy your new grill and the forum conversation.
  27. Yeah, no kidding!
  28. Tried a 2lbs sirloin tip roast & mesquite, maintained 250F no problem, I pulled the roast at internal temp 135F. Very rare, too bloody for my wife. How to improve?
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