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  2. Cutting/Carving board recommendations

    Here’s a review from America’s Test Kitchen and their recommendations. I like a plastic board. Easy enough on the knives and I can run it through the dishwasher or bleach the beejeepers out of it. And when it finally needs to go in the trash I don’t have any heartbreak about the cost.
  3. What are the recommended cutting and carving boards for Shun knives. What brand is best? I was looking at Boos maple edge cut, but hesitant based on the Amazon reviews. It seems that a common complaint is that they have been prone to cracking Thanks
  4. Today
  5. Awesome looking roast
  6. Probably a dumb question, but...

    At 1:48 in this video, John shows lifting technique however, he doesn't show it being put into the base either. I'll try and find the other video that I saw.
  7. Probably a dumb question, but...

    For my Big Joes, (and I think the documentation recommended this and at least one youtube video), One of us lifted from the hinge and the other placing one hand in the ash vent and another under the firebowl. When our hands got close to the stand, we simply removed the one hand from the ash vent and replaced it under the bowl. After clearing the ring, we would reinsert our hands into the ash vent so that the hand could be removed from the bottom of the bowl- finishing with both hands in the ash vent. Easy peasy. Full disclosure, I did almost lose a figure also until we thought this through. LOL
  8. How sharp is your filet knife?

    Well, to answer the question- no, I also need a filet knife. But, I remember seeing a few youtube videos a while back that demonstrating the same thing. If I recall correctly, they didn't use a filet knives in the videos. I've tried it with my Shun with limited success during a knife sharpening demo for my men's group last month. That bend in the blade makes a huge difference.
  9. well done all the way. the shot near then end tho, where you're drizzling the sauce on the cut ribs after you added a touch of ginger beer.... total money shot for sure. and i know it's been typed in the forums somewhere before, that custom grate is wicked.
  10. New to SV. need some help

    It does take some playing around with time and temperature to find something that works for you. We've never had anything turn out 'bad', but we have ended up with some doneness or textures that we didn't like as much. It's amazing how much difference you can find in a few degrees. We've found that we like steaks at 133° for an hour with a sear with a grate as low down as it goes - about a minute per side with a few flips throughout. It's on the high side of medium-rare and gives us the texture that my wife prefers. If her daughters are home, they like it around 130 or so. So I just do them all at 130 and give a longer sear on my wife's steak. I can't help with the crispy fat - I trim off all the fat once it hits my plate; I just can't eat it. Did you flip the steak on to the fat side while searing? That might help a bit.
  11. Great video - loved the "that much ketchup" bit The glaze sounded really interesting. I recently started making my own ginger beer and it surprisingly simple. I follow the Serious Eats recipe, but have tweaked a bit to suit my tastes - a bit less sugar, a bit more lime juice. I've tried both bread and champagne yeast and couldn't tell the difference. If you drank they side-by-side, you might be able to tell.
  12. Probably a dumb question, but...

    When I assembled my KJC, I removed the lid and used the ash door as a hand-hold from the inside. Up and over into the stand. Easy-peasy.
  13. Baby backs on the pooper.

    mmmmmmmmmm, pigcicles!!!
  14. New to SV. need some help

    as someone else that is relatively new to sous vide, i have found myself reading as much as I can here and around the interwebs and playing just a little with temps and times to better meet the tastes of Mrs and Boy the Younger. And i wholly concur with @In2Fish has shared. you'll be quite pleased with your results. if i may add a personal note; given the luxury of time, i've been doing my 1.5"+ rib steaks, with seasoning and aromatics added to the bag, at 130 for up to 4hrs. it's certainly not necessary to go that long, but i've found that the fat renders so incredibly easily during the short time on the grill and i'm truly appreciating how the sv complements everything you wish to then finish over the charcoal, or in cast iron...or both. i wouldn't go anywhere near that length of time with fish or chicken, but for beef, i don't hesitate.
  15. Kamado Wok'ing Weekend!

    as @K'man said, wok break-in looks proper and your first cook in it equally so. great thing about those woks, each cook contributes to the next. you'll have tremendous wok hei in no time at all if you keep cooking like that.
  16. COSTCO (Foodsaver 5480) On Sale

    it's a great unit. that's the model i recently purchased from a costco up here. only good things to say about it.
  17. Looks like a real traditional summer bbq.
  18. Kamado Cabbage

    That would be great for St. Patrick's Day with a smoked Corn beef. Very nice.
  19. Yes. There are so many ways to cook cabbage other than boiling it. I recently laid a spatchcocked chicken over a cabbage steak as you described and cooked the chicken at 375˚F in a D/O. John Setzler gave me the idea from a boneless skinless chicken breast he did in a cast iron pan. I oiled and seasoned the cabbage and did my usual rub on the chicken. It was great. Gotta try the vinegar marinade.
  20. Greetings from London, UK

    Welcome, Frank, glad to have you and your new Joe Classic with us. Recently I have been into cooking recipies from Chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who has a couple of resturants, most notably one called Nopi, and also a few deli's in London. You new kamado is a wonderful cooker and will allow you to cook all the BBQ classics, as well as any thing you can cook in a kitchen oven along with fancy recipies from high end chefs. Enjoy your new grill.
  21. How sharp is your filet knife?

    Mine is not that sharp!
  22. Kamado Cabbage

    Great looking cabbage. Grilled cabbage is the only cooked cabbage I really like. I usually cut the two sides off making a flat disk out of the middle. I then baste and flip using an oil and vinegar marinade. I flip and baste it about every 10-15 minutes. I've done it open grate and on CI. You are right, the possibilities are endless.
  23. Chicken Bacon Bleu Chopped Salad

    Thank you, @K'man! The cast iron pieces ended up working very well both aesthetically and functionally.
  24. Awesome video!! I always like your vids so dont be bashful, they're always fantastic!! Great cook and video!
  25. Well I finally found a purpose for the removable centre on the Akorn grate. Yes I know you can use it to refuel or add smoke wood but I've never needed to do that. This post comes as a result of an earlier post made by Cmartin527 referencing this cook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sk_hr12rNyc&t=4s The seasonings shown were all I used. I did not use any smoke this time but intend to for my next cook. The possibilities are endless. Butter instead of oil, vinegar, BBQ sauce, your favourite rub, bacon bits, bacon drippings whatever. I would say garlic is a must! I cooked this cabbage for 2 hours at 300˚F. I made a small tray from foil to prevent leakage. After the cabbage cooled I chopped it into slaw. In my case I did not add any further dressing however again the choices can be whatever you want. The slaw was some of the best cabbage I've ever had.
  26. Faux Burnt Ends

    Great idea. Never thought about trying to make them any other way than using brisket point.
  27. Chicken Bacon Bleu Chopped Salad

    Gorgeous looking salad. I'd say it would be the best salad I would have ever eaten too. Great photography KK, love the cast serving dishes and the biscuit in pan shot.
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