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  2. Looks much sturdier and easier to clean that the old style. Great price, as well. I just may have to retire mine, too. Thanks for this info, Keeper.
  3. Very nice!!! Jose, did you make the mole? My mother in law makes for her tamales, and i'll have her make a little extra for me next time. thanks for the recipe Chris
  4. Hello, just purchased a Kamado Joe Classic 2 for our second home in Big Bear. Our primary home is in Laguna Hills where I have been smoking on a MAC pellet grill for the last 10 years. While I love my MAC, my Wife and I were recently at our mountain home in Big Bear over Memorial Day when they had a KCBS sponsored event with several vendors including BGE. Well, I spoke to one of their guys for awhile as I had been thinking of purchasing a better grill than the gas grill I had been using since we bought the second home about 12 years ago. And, of course, this motivated me to look into getting a Kamado style grill as we are now able to spend more time at our second home. Looked online, including this forum, and decided the Kamado Joe Classic was for me. And, since this is for a second home, I decided to not spend the extra money on the 3. Now, the next challenge was getting it to the mountain home at 7,000 feet. Fortunately, I found BBQguys who would deliver free to our residence. Got it there, unpacked and ready to go, and then we had to leave to come back home. So, I wanted it ready as we plan on being at our mountain home for about 2 weeks over 4th of July and will have company for the 4th. We leave this Friday to give me some time to practice with this new grill and using lump charcoal to be ready for the 4th ahead of our family. Plan on taking some St. Louis Ribs for my Wife and I for this week-end as our first cook. I have some very thick pork chops I will also do for the two of us and then I had planned to smoke a 13 pound prime brisket I have for the 4th. I am very experienced with brisket on my pellet smoker, but am concerned after reading some of the other intro comments that this is tough to get right on the Kamado. I have good fuel for the low and slow, I bought a bag of KJ Big Block and a bag of Fogo super premium to start us off. And, I purchased Hickory, Pecan, and Cherry wood chunks. I also did invest in the JoeTisserie, the KJ ash basket, some grill grates, and the extender rack to get us started. Probably will also cook a chicken on the JoeTisserie. Been watching several of John's videos and I hope the brisket turns out. My family is used to excellent brisket and ,of course, burnt ends from the point. Thanks for all the good info on this forum, and I look forward to participating! Doug
  5. I was using a old wire mesh taco rack that I picked up at Home Depot. I started using it way back when Jack Jumper used one in a post on smoked stuffed pork chops. Since then I have used the rack to cook vertical chops, steaks, Corn on the cob, whole baked potatoes or twice baked potatoes, racks of ribs, and probably some other cooks I can't remember. Anyway after my stuffed chop cook for this month's challenge, I decided that my old taco rack had served me well, and needed to be retired. After a search I picked up a new Cuisinart non stick taco rack on Amazon for $10 and change. This new rack is more solid and heavy. I seems like it will out last my old one by quite a bit. I use the taco rack method every time I cook pork chops, or any thing stuffed because it is not only excellent at turning out perfectly cooked, moist, and yet well marked and charred chops, but also helps when your cooking anything you want to stand on the bone end and expose the maximum area to smoke and indirect heat. One of my Go to accessories. Ps. I have actually never used it to make tacos. Go figure
  6. Since I use the Jr for about 99% of my cooks, I store extra racks in the BJ and my pellet pooper. Then all other accessories go into plastic tubs with lids.
  7. Thanks Len... Didn't get to do the steaks on the joe, but they got done on the weber. haha. Gonna head to the store and figure out something for tonight though. Chris
  8. no fountain pens for me but, once I used a quality pen for the first time, I got hooked. Currently just a small collection of about four pens– each in a bout the $150 to $250 range. The fatter the better...
  9. No not the Fritos! I'm getting very close to breaking my diet. Looks vundevaar
  10. O My Goodness!!! Thin Sliced Tyson's Chicken Breast??? @daninpd doesn't slice his own chicken breast??? Just joking, of course. Everything you do looks so fantastic, I thought I'd try and find something to bust your chops on. I'm a big sausage person but, I've never heard of Pork Longaniza (if I'm reading it correctly). What's the 411 on that?
  11. What kind of charcoal are you using? I switched from royal oak lump to rockwood lump and noticed the rockwood has almost no smoke on start up. Remember when I first got married and lived in an apartment i had complaints about my little habachi grill, plus they thought I was nuts grilling steaks at 0 degrees and a foot of snow.
  12. Today
  13. When I got my classic 2 from Loews the cover was in the box. Hope your steaks came out good. Hope you enjoy your Joe as much as i do.
  14. SA How did your 2nd rib try go? I did a rack of st Louis style ribs Sunday. 230 degrees from noon to 5 pm didn't wrap. Tender used tooth pick to test for doness. Very moist. Hope you had better luck this time. It's a learning process. It will come after a while and every rack is different.
  15. I've got a deck box that I have totes for charcoal and room for my extra racks, stones, wood chunks, etc dedicated just for the grill accessories. Keeps everything dry and any critters that might be interested are kept out.
  16. We loved our "Mr Stumpy" (akorn junior) purchased last year, not that it had much use but found it ideal for the purpose of a small family. Until 1st use this year, when during initial start up the ash tray exterior coating caught fire with flaming moulten residue falling to the the floor. Initially I thought (when the flames appeared) something combustable inside was the cause ie perhaps the insulation between the inner/outer skin had liquefied, leaked and caught fire? I had lit it in the normal way and when the initial smoke had subsided and charcoal was burning well, I closed the lid, adjusted the top vent to just under half open and the lower vent to just under 2 (same as on all previous occasions) and sat next to it with my wife, (chatting) whilst waiting for the unit to settle. After about 25 minutes I noticed some small flame around the lower vent opening which quickly began to creep along the lower edge of the vent unit before what appeared to be burning moulten liquid started running down the lower ash unit, dropping on the floor. I shut the lower and upper vents and doused the external fire with water and left the unit to cool. On examination the next day it was obvious that it was the external coating that had caught fire, virtually all the ash unit coating had burnt away and a small area (on the lower section) just above the lower vent had also been fire damaged. Mr Stumpy no longer looks his best, which is very sad but otherwise he appears to have survived and is still functional, just looks (as I said) very sad. It begs the question? why would you manufacture such an item with a "combustable coating" and what safety tests were carried out prior to production! Len Harvey (uk)
  17. Brandon, I was thinking the exact same thing. I think I'll have some kind of plastic cart I can wheel around, because it will be outside. The wife already says I have alot of cooking/bbq stuff in the kitchen!! HAHA. Chris
  18. I purchased my grill on sunday at the costco roadshow. I asked the rep about the firebox alignment issues. He said start with the one in back, and to use the clean out tool in the holes. I did this, and got it together in a few minutes. It looks like it's not set correctly, because the tiles aren't spaced correctly. But, it seems that the top ring is what's important, and not the gaps between tiles. Chris Classic Joe 2 Rec Tec 680 Weber Kettle
  19. Just finished a bag of Mali's Gourmet Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal! In my Kamado Joe Jr I was getting low and slow runs of 12 hrs with the KAB! 20lbs for 19.99! Next up is a bag of B&B Oak lump. Scott
  20. Thanks Earl. I got it home sunday night, and gonna cook something tonight
  21. Looks amazing. I'm trying to source true 103 Rib Primal right now through Sysco (Buckhead Beef), US Foods and Halpern's. Hopefully they carry them. As of yet Florida has no food code regulations on dry aging and I've gotten permission to do it myself. I did get a few "103" from US FOODS for $7.99 a lb however the fat cap had been removed so I am sure they will not turn out as nice as yours did. Hopefully one of these purveyor does carry a true 103.
  22. Nice review. Mine essentially looked like new at one and two years old outside and covered year round when I passed them onto friends. My Akorn Jr lives indoors unless we travel and it looks like new. They are fantastic grills. Since the switch to ceramics, I remain shocked how much more charcoal they use, even though it is still not much in the scheme of things.
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