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  2. we used to sell these to circuit city.... https://www.forearmforklift.com/categories
  3. fbov

    Lifting BigJoe2

    Look at how a refrigerator mover or piano mover uses a strap to lift. We used an automotive tow strap, crossed under the bottom of the Kamado, and hooked behind the table brackets so they didn't shift. It let us use our upper arms to lift, and hands free to steady things. You'll want a third person to move the cart, as it's not easy to carry. Best of luck, Frank
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  6. I don’t care about what you saw online. You saw my post “ online”. Refer to my previous post for actual facts.
  7. Modds

    Lifting BigJoe2

    Take off the side tables and lift it by the table brackets. Use towels around the brackets or wear leather gloves. Works great!
  8. That looks like a really enjoyable meal that was very tasty.
  9. Oh my that looks delicious in so many ways.
  10. I just down loaded and went through the manual. I hope these things come at least partially assembled. The assembly procedure is pretty intense. Doesn't scare me but I'm guessing some people would be overwhelmed. Only a 1 year warranty for $500 :( And it doesn't cover paint burning off.
  11. Next time try going 2 hours and then foil for an hour. Once you foil close the vents a little and slowly bring the temp down to between 225 and 250. Hopefully within the hour the ribs are foiled. Take out of foil and brush with sauce. Then run nekid for 30 minutes and check to see how close they are to being done. Brush again and it may only need another 10 or 15 minutes or it may need another 30 minutes. Cook by feel not by time. When they are at the texture you like, pull em. I don't like a dark rib so that's why I like to bump the temp down for the last 45 minutes to an hour of the cook. I favor a sweet and spicy sauce and sugars will burn easily. BTW everything looks great and I'll take a fall off the bone rib any day of the week.
  12. That's awesome. Working on one myself...much more rustic looking though. Can you show drawer and charcoal pullout details. I'm to that point on mine and about to finalize layout/design.
  13. Was it the same setup and the only thing that changed was the lump brand?
  14. A picture of the way you had it setup for pizza would help. My guess is airflow was restricted in some way.
  15. Their company rep got back to me and she assures me that the bin is air tight and only the fuel in the fire box area will burn. She seemed to indicate that the fan can help it cool down as well. Guess come late Nov, I'll be down to the Wally to snag one.
  16. It's so tough though...that's half price of the KJ III!!
  17. Nothing wrong with this slab 'o Beef! You're keeping us hungry.
  18. Hey, welcome aboard from another Akorn Nut down the road in Cambridge. I am 7 years into my Akorn. Just buy good quality charcoal and never look back. I get a few bags of Fogo Super Premium a year from Dickson BBQ on Bloor West and Royal York. Always remember to not stress, and your “mistakes” will be better than most grillers successes. And you can always invite me to visit for dinner.
  19. You never know. Charcoal is my preferred one to blame it on.
  20. Pssst. Meet me at the MalWart and we'll set up a rent to own program, say $5.00 a week @ 25%? She'll never know what hit her. Ooops, forgot Mrs ckreef reads these posts also. Nevermind.
  21. Why not take everything out of the insides like you are planning, and then just leave it in the cart for the move? When I purchased my KJC it was the floor display. We moved it in the back of his pickup truck with everything in place and it sitting on the stand. No problems, just made sure that we had a lot of help to get it into and out of the pickup.
  22. I did not buy the KJ pizza stone. I got one from Pizzacraft. A 16.5” round. From what I recall the one thing to look for is the material it is made from because I think cordierite was a better material to protect against cracking from heat.
  23. I saw a walkthrough of the Classic III on YouTube and the person there stated that the "Big Box" stores (in this case, Lowes) only get the original Classic which is what I saw and what I saw online. Makes sense as the price was $750 and I am sure is aimed directly at Home Depot and their $699 Louisiana Grills Kamado. I am just glad to see Lowe's carry the KJ Big Block. That is what I always used in my Primo. I tried several, including Primo's own but kept coming back to the KJ. Also saw a thread on another BBQ site that benchmarked a bunch of coal and KJ beat all the others in cook time. I think it was 37 hours. I like the Big Block so much that it had something to do with me going to the KJ instead of a Primo Kamado at $779.
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