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  3. I'll give this a go... thanks. Don't suppose you have a KJ recipe for Turkish Flatbread (Bazlama)?
  4. Yellow Cap Easy Off is fine. Just rinse well. I have used a magic eraser on mine, but worry slightly about the abrasive factor and long term impact. I feel like my earlier cooks cleaned up easier than my latter ones, and thought abrading of the finish might be part of that (pure speculation on my part). I have used my Le Creuset on my grills numerous times, but bought some budget pieces to use moving forward.
  5. KismetKamado


    Welcome @DQW! Your best bet is to reach out to KJ customer service. That is a significant crack in your dome. Be persistent if needed.
  6. That's exactly the way I do it in my keg, and it works very well... Nice, clean smoke. If I place it higher up, I get white, harsh flavour. The fire always burns down in my keg too. I place 3 chunks evenly around the bottom, cover with charcoal, and smoke away....
  7. Congrats Tarnation. I do love a great deal. Now, all you need is some cool accessories!
  8. DQW


    I received my KJ classic 3 last week with a small crack in the dome. It has gotten worse with each of my two cooks. Will they replace this? Are they really fragile and crack a lot. One of the plates for my firebox was badly chipped too
  9. I really like your method with the drippings going into the chili. What brand is your Dutch Oven? I have smoked the outside of my 40 year old yellow le Creuset to a dark brown and just sprayed it (cool) with oven cleaner and it cleaned up fine. I don't know what the experts and manufacturer say, but that worked for me. It was based on the fact that the inside of my range oven is enamel coated and that's what I use annually (well every 3 years).
  10. Decided to make some over the top chili. It came out great, however the smoke did a number to our dutch oven. My wife is not too happy. All the videos kept showing the cooks using an enameled cast iron dutch oven and their's looked nothing like how mine turned out. Lesson learned, I need to get a cheap one from Lidl or something similar. Anyways, besides scrubbing for hours, any tips to get the stains off without harming the enamel? Much appreciated!
  11. I joined this forum recently in search of parts for my GASJOE grill. We had pulled out an old camping charcoal grill to use while looking for said parts and rediscovered the unique flavor from cooking with real charcoal. That and reading this forum has motivated me to add a Kamodo cooker to our options. The gas is built-in so it will be replaced. Also, the wife likes the ease and quickness of gas. But we also like the idea of adding a portable kamodo, it's just the two of us usually. We have started looking at Mini Max Eggs, Joe Jr and Akorn Jr but we like the idea of being able to do more than just flip burgers, chicken or steaks. So, my question is how much smoking, baking or low and slow cooking can one realistically do on the Akorn Jr in particular? Meaning how big of a roast, butt, chicken etc. can one cook on the Akorn Jr cooker? And does the Akorn Jr perform as well as the other ceramic cookers in terms of heat retention etc.? Thanks for sharing your experience and help.
  12. So I just was watching a Harry Soo Video on brisket and as he loaded up his Kamado style cooker to smoke a brisket he emphasized the smoke wood go on the bottom of the charcoal instead of the top like most videos I’ve seen? Thoughts/opinions on this? Looking for different points of view all the time!
  13. I roasted coffee beans I obtained in Peru using my Joetisserie and a peanut roasting basket, it turned out great.
  14. I joined this forum last year not long after getting my Char Griller Akorn used. I love that little steel beauty, but I've had ceramic fever and been seeing them all over the place the past year. Costco was about to have me parting with $600 for the Louisiana Grills 24" Kamado (just another rebranded Auplex like Vision), but my dad who works for a hardware store told me the owner wanted to sell off the stores XL Egg since they didn't really use it. I got what I think is a great deal on this beauty, paid less for this than you would for a stripped out XL with no accessories and definitely less than a Costco roadshow Big Joe. Came with the table, ConvEggtor, ash tool, and grate gripper. They couldn't locate the ceramic cap when we brought it home, but I'm sure it'll turn up. It's under an awning anyway and I'll be getting a cover to further protect it. To be fair to the Akorn it is a fantastic cooker! Just since the apocalypse started, I've done at least one decent cook a week on it. I've done ribs at least 3 times, pork butt, brisket, a turkey, soda can chickens, wings, steaks, and various veggies for sides. I absolutely do not regret the Akorn purchase. If you're unsure if kamado bbqing is right for you the Akorn is a fantastic place to start, it's relatively cheap and a good design. I've been eyeballing the extra space the Big Joe and the XL Egg offer and ultimately couldn't resist. Just judging by my short not even 1 year of ownership I doubt my Egg will cook any better than the Akorn. This was purely a decision based on the total cooking surface and potential cooking surface with mods. I've done 3 racks of ribs on my Akorn before, but it gets tight and those were baby backs no easy way to get that many spare rib racks on there. 2 upright soda can (beer can) chickens really pushes the limit with my probes contacting the dome. TLDR; just wanted to brag on my Eggscellent deal and write a love letter to my Akorn. I'm hoping this will be the last grill I ever have to buy, not saying I won't want to buy more, but this should be with me a long long time. I wish I could keep the Akorn, but I have 3 grills now and between the 22" Weber Kettle and the Akorn, I can probably get more for the used Akorn. If you're in the market for a well used Akorn, but still in fine cooking shape and you're in the Jacksonville, FL area, hit me up.
  15. People do it but they change out to a faster motor. The popular brand name to buy is Tritogenia. I've been on the fence about trying it out.
  16. @Bensbites over on the Hastybake FB page there is a gent cooking on his new Breeo. I think I would much rather dine with you.
  17. Welcome to Kamado Guru. Why does everyone call it a hobby? I call it dinner
  18. Yesterday
  19. Thanks for the tips. Yes, I was going to use trunks that have been torn up. There are piles of them everywhere around here. I wonder what the vineyards do with them.
  20. Hi everybody, Have only recently gotten into smoking at the beginning of lockdown as a new hobby and shortly thereafter was looking to buy the Costco LG 24 but it was sold out everywhere. Luckily I won a monolith jr in the meantime, giving me a chance to hone my kamado cooking before I get a much bigger one. The forums here are invaluable and I look forward to hopefully contributing.
  21. Yes I've been smoking with vine cuttings for a while, very nice smoke flavour, not too overpowering. Goes well with a lot of meats, especially pork tenderloin, and chicken. Nice with beef too. Don't use the thin 'cane' type cuttings from the vine as those burn very hot and fast, ideally if you can get trunk and branch and cut into chunks that's best. And obviously only use ones from vines that have been torn up, a vine may look 'dead' during winter but is just dormant!
  22. Yes too little kindling and too big of logs in the beginning will cause a bunch of smoke. Once going good it'll burn just about anything. I fill it up, fire it up and walk away for 15 or 20 minutes. After that it's usually going good and very little smoke from then on. Try and keep your logs under the rim if possible. I did have a fire wood place cut and split me logs 14"-16" long, that seems like the sweet size.
  23. Since getting my kamado 2 years ago I'd always doubted the effectiveness of trying to do a 2 zone cook in such a small area with good insulation, compared to a Weber kettle for example. However,I've just bitten the bullet and received a d&c system today, so I'll give it a try. I've set up left and right because that's how I used to do it on my Weber, but my kamado definitely burns hotter at the back. Maybe I'll try top and bottom later.
  24. Did you ever get the screws for your retrofit hinge? We are in the same situation. They sent me the hinge but the bottom screws are a tad too short to work. I emailed customer support over the weekend and am awaiting a response. Also if you got the bolts did the lid fit properly with the new hinge or did you have a gap in the back as I have read others have dealt with? I have been trying to get a properly working grill since the end of February and it is a bit upsetting that a set of bolts is holding me back at this point.
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