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  2. I know that others have posted about the Aura Pro-Zone and it's similarities with the KJ D&C system. I've recently added it to my accessories and find that it works great for not much $. For the record I've turned into a bit of a kamado junkie as I currently have (3) different brands/sizes of them. I have enjoyed getting different accessories for them and testing out performance etc. Anyhow, I decided to get the Aura Pro-Zone set-up for my Vision Classic B and purchased individual components rather than a kit. I already had the (2) half moons that I use on my Pit Boss K24. They used to sell for $20/pr but are now: $25/pr I purchased the Pro-Zone Base Rack ( used in Amzn WH deals): $16 I purchased (4) Pro-Zone half moon SS grates which sell for $18/pr: $36 I decided on the half-moon grates over the accessory rack and/or a full sized grate because the half moon grates can do more. So, after it's all said and done it's about $75 for a dual zone set-up for the Vision B. When looking at it my complete system it is composed of a base rack, with the complete deflector that is composed of (2) half moons, a complete lower grate composed of (2) half moons and then a complete upper grate composed of (2) half moons. BTW for those with different tastes a full sized SS grate is only: $20 Quality of all this stuff is decent and they will certainly be functional for the intended purpose. The only thing I purchased that wasn't new was the base rack and like was stated on the product page it was slightly too small for the (2) deflectors to sit down flush. With a little elbow grease I sanded the edges of the deflectors down and afterward they fit fine. Other than that everything was new and fit together perfectly. These all look like they were made for my Vision Classic B as they fit perfectly. Now the only decision I have is whether to buy the half moon CI griddle for $36...LOL I'll try and post some pics if time allows.
  3. Smoked a 2.5 lb rack of pork ribs yesterday while I worked in the yard. Rubbed with Texas Pig Rub and smoked at 250F with some cherry, they were done in just about 3 hours. I had to wrap them for a few hours until it was time to eat.
  4. Let me attempt to put it in a context I can totally relate to. I hate smoked chicken. Cooking chicken in the 250* range with chunks of wood I consider cold smoking chicken. Way too Smokey and the skin is rubbery - Yuk on both accounts. Chicken on a hot wood fire is hot smoking chicken. You get crispy skin with just a kiss of smoke. There really is a big difference. I've only done one flat iron steak so far so I'll need a few more tests to really comment on steak. I've done a few burger cooks and you can tell a very subtle smoke difference. It's there, it's better. (about to put some burgers on in the next few minutes). A world of difference between wood coals and std briquettes grilling. Strangely enough this grill is actually quicker for hot fast searing than any of my kamados (or Konro). The length of time is in the cool down. With a kamado you close the vents and walk away. This grill you have to let it burn down and cool down before putting the cover on it. That can take a few hours.
  5. I’m using plain old propane (blue tank) and it stays lit.
  6. Thicker ceramics don’t mean one is more insulated or stronger than the other. Kk is a refractory cement not ceramic based product, unless my information is outdated.
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  8. @Charcoal Addict yeah their XL is the same size as the Pit Boss 24 but outside the Komodo Kamado they claim to have the thickest ceramics. Also they offer this kamado in black which is a plus for me. Scott
  9. I think spatchcock it the way to go. Be careful with your smoking wood; don't use too much and use something mild like cherry. Pecan, hickory or mesquite to too much for chicken which absorbs smoke like crazy. Heat deflector in my opinion is optional as long as you control the temp. Maybe 275-300. No water pan needed as Kamado's do a good job of retaining moisture.
  10. When I try the MAP torch the area above the coals quickly runs out of oxygen and my torch dies and I have to restart it. Do you not experience this issue?
  11. Love Chuckie Short Ribs! Smoked a couple plates on the 4th. Super rich and a little goes a long way.
  12. That's a seriously desirable grill. Have fun with it. I've never grilled over wood coals. Will a steak have a flavor different from one charcoal grilled?
  13. Have you tried baking soda to crisp up the chicken skin? It might work as well or perhaps better. Baking powder is, for the most part, a combination of baking soda and an acid. When the soda and acid interact, they create carbon dioxide gas bubbles in your dough or batter. The acids are usually sodium aluminum sulfate and sodium aluminum phosphate. Aluminum free baking powder uses other acids to make the CO2. But I don’t see where there’s a need for CO2 since you’re not trying to make a light dough or batter. So baking powder without acid is baking soda. It might be worth a small-sample experiment.
  14. Y'all have my full attention. I just heard about the 5:2 diet. 2,500 calories five days and 600 two days. I think it would be easier for me to try this and ease into the zero calorie method when I tire of counting calories. MTF
  15. @Lowcountrygamecock I tried my dojoe for the first time saturday, but I went with the recipe that came with it. Honestly, I didn't give it enough time to ferment before lighting the dojoe and I had to end up adding more charcoal before the dough was ready. Once the dough was ready and the dome temp was coasting around 625 the pizzas only took about 7 min and our tops were perfect for all three. I'm in West Ashley, what shop are you getting your dough from?
  16. My Doc told me he like to see me at 190. I was at 240. 57 yrs old. I looked at him and told him the last time I weighed 190 was in 8th grade. ( JUN 2018) So like @Polar Bear, I do a modified Keto plan, indulge (cheat) here and there, have some low carb alcoholic drinks here and there, again. I embrace a thoughtful fat, carb. and protein intake. I intermittent fast. I actually cut my exercise program way back-to a maintenance mode. I like to think about fixing my sugar intake dependency, insulin resistant, abused internal organs every day. Overcome the myths that have been ingrained in my brain over the years.. So far, so good. I weigh myself about once a month and gauge my losses by belt loops- down 2 and 33 lbs. New pants and shorts. Reunion with some old clothes. I am into stuffed burgers and stuffed pork loin on the KJ to name a couple of foods. They both fit my plan. I read/watch videos/ try foods/ supplements a lot, and try out stuff that are proclaimed ways to help for better overall way of managing my body. M.
  17. Do the fractured cells change the texture? I don't think I would care for mushy pickles.
  18. CKReef, I remember when you took delivery of this beauty. What was the brand name of it again? Do you have a picture of the entire unit set up? It looks like you are getting good use out of it. Thanks, dh14ster
  19. During a wrap/rest there isn't enough energy for a 15-20lb brisket to carryover cook from 205 to holding past the boiling point long enough for evaporation to make any noticeable effect. If you get the meat to 212 for an extended period of time during the cook then it's possible. There is the chance of losing texture (meat becoming crumbly or pull apart instead of sliceable) during a wrap/rest. If that concerns you let the brisket carryover non-wrapped until it peaks, then wrap when it starts to drop, or if you're really being anal between 140-180. Again, the key is not to trust a finite temp for doneness. Probe for tenderness. People are eating a lot of undercooked briskets if they think 205 is the magic number. I think ceramic owners want to set and forget more often than not and let a temp probe tell you when things are ready. With brisket it doesn't work that way.
  20. Sorry that my post wasn't clear...They made a fine decision until the Photobucket users employed ad blockers to stop viewing the advertisements that paid for users' "free" photo storage. The advertisers canceled their ads when they tumbled to the fact that they were paying Photobucket to place ads that no one saw. With the revenue stream gone, Photobucket only had two choices—charge or go out of business. They made two other excellent decisions. They (1) notified everyone via email that they were going to start charging in two months and (2) put a mechanism in place for users to retrieve their photographs via a bulk download. So, everyone didn't suffer. The only people who suffered were those who didn't act on the email and/or who didn't retrieve their photographs. I'll ask again, if you were the Photobucket decision maker, what would you have done differently? You wrote, "I just know that pictures posted in the past has a photobucket water mark across the face." Photobucket opted to extend the free retrieval period after a deluge of vitriolic public comments. During that time they also began allowing non-paid stored photographs to be posted via the typical image-posting processes, but they inserted a Photobucket ad as a watermark. In that way they could recoup a pert of the associated costs by claiming that the watermark was a type of advertising. I looked at their web site a couple of days ago and the free posting of watermarked images doesn't seem possible now. I think that Photobucket made the best of a bad situation. People who think that someone else should bear the costs of their photograph storage won't agree.
  21. Welcome to the forum. I thought I had a good suggestion for you till I realized that you are in the UK. Shipping from the US would probably be a bit pricey. Wish I could help.
  22. They definitely refined their design with some pressure from KJ. The new X2 design is light years ahead of the older Infinity models. I’m a little shocked Grill Dome has yet to offer a 24 inch model.
  23. Thanks. No that’s the only thing that wasn’t in the egg. I’ve done it before and it’s been great. With the ribs, chicken and Mac and cheese going my lovely wife took on the bread and salad
  24. If that was your first brisket and you thought it was ok. And your guests thought it was good. Id count it as a win. Your next will be better and the one after that will be even better. Glad the burnt ends came out great.
  25. Just my two cents since I did my first brisket as well this weekend and it seem you ran into similar mistakes, I just made them differently. The cooler and holding it pulling it from the grill at 205, will over cook it because you will hold the temp and increase your carry over temp increases. The carryover can last a bit depending on the temps you are cooking with and can add a few degrees overall. From what I understand of carry overs it tries to get the full meat to the certain temp. Eq. The outer part of the brisket could be say 230 while the middle of the flat will be at 205. That section of the meat will try to close the gap between the temps. Increase the 205 temp but also decreasing the 230 temp. If the carry over hits 212 now you are at boiling water temp and you hold that temp in a cooler, the water left in the meat will continue to evaporate into steam and slowly continue to cook in the cooler. I read and will be trying on my next cook is allowing the rest to occur first. Pull it at 205, let it carry over and start resting, then at 140 throw it back on a grill that hopefully is cooling off after a couple of hours of rest or the cooler because then the cooler will kept it at a moister less aggressive temp.
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