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  2. i’m puzzled why they keep painting these accessories. I know stainless would add an average of 30% higher costs; it would be worth it not to have to hassle with maintenance issues over time.
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  4. In honor of the History Channel's NFC football game today, I thought I would do an old styled Kamado Brisket. It was delicious.
  5. Aldi and Lidl have rack of lamb featured regularly. I saw JS’s video, and I had one from Lidl in the fridge. So I riffed on his PK cook, only it was on a $19.99 kettle grill from Lidl. Kingsford briquettes. I trimmed the fat and silver skin a little closer. Tossed and turned over hot coals, then indirect to 135.
  6. I just ordered my first Fireboard yesterday. I went with the Fireboard 2 Drive, not because of cost, but because of probe capacity. If I only had one grill I'd have probably gone with the pro, but with 2 Big Joes, the extra probe ports will come in handy, I think.
  7. Mine is getting pretty greasy as well. I'm curious to hear solutions. If someone asks whether or not the Slo-Roller is worth the purchase if it's not included in the grill, I say no, and just use the heat deflectors. I don't find a huge difference between the two, and the heat deflectors are much easier to keep clean.
  8. I'm fine, it was a pretty good jolt with a decent aftershock about 2 minutes later. Knocked some of my wife's sweaters off the top shelf of "her side" of the closet. I emphasize the sides because what started out as "her side" and "my side" seems to have become "her side" and "our side". All of my stuff came through OK, though. Thanks for checking!
  9. With all the paint flaking off the towers and on to peoples food, I would hope the paint is food safe... If it wasn't, the known issue and risk would have triggered a product recall
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  11. Impressed with the CPL. 7 hour slow cooked half lamb shoulder indirect over a half deflector at 125C - pulled nice and easy. Slight smokiness - more than previous briquettes and lump I’ve used but not overwhelming. As my wife is hugely anti-smoke flavour, this was a success. Would recommend.
  12. thanks! Mostly use the metal Weber grills or even simplier like below. Despite simplicity some great stuff come off it Kamado are getting popular, the neighbour in the top right corner of the photo has a KJoe, and one more on the other side. We just moved to this place a few month ago and due to the pandemic didn't talk to many neigbours unfortunately
  13. Not sure, the previous owner told me it is a kind of food friendly stone, the wooden ones got damaged quite quickly according to him
  14. Hi all, Longtime reader but first time poster. Big fan of the forum and of John's videos in general. I had a question related to grease flare ups causing thick white smoke during my brisket cook yesterday. I've read a lot of the forums saying you don't really need to clean the sloroller and I generally just flip the top plate over for my next cook and it stays relatively clean. The problem seems to be the bottom ring, as it is now caked with grease and producing a thick white smoke. I don't use a drip pan and so any drippings that land on the ring or the central plate seem t
  15. Where did you get that griddle? I could really use that!
  16. Just placed my order.. I’m super forgetful and want to be able to leave the ambient probe in my ‘Keg’ even when I crank open the vents.. Outside temperature was 0 DegC when I was cooking pizzas tonight so I wasn’t hanging round the grill! - Will be worse next week when we get down to -20 DegC!! I had my IGrill probe inbetween the pizza plate and diffuser so I could track the temperature inside whilst topping the pizzas.. Temperature hit 510 (F) before I knew it which would have been getting close to the maximum of the standard probes. From my experience in the manu
  17. Hey @daninpd, I just read that a 4.2 earthquake hit near Prunedale. You OK?
  18. The pictures really don't do the car justice. Its color changes to almost light chestnut in direct sunlight. There weren't many days that someone didn't stop me or pull alongside (even on highways), to compliment the car or ask if it was a convertible, a cadillac or any number of other makes. One guy came running behind me as I was entering entering Costco to ask what model Bentley it was. He was so dejected when I informed him it was a 300C Hemi. The biggest part I guess is the fact that my uncle wanted the car to remain in the family. He had higher offers to sell it elsewhere. Th
  19. Wow. Mine was a old friend, but it was, still...just a truck.
  20. So this is my completely/mostly unscientific run at this topic. My goal was to eliminate as many variables as possible. The plan: - Ideally time the cooks so both the reverse sear (RS) steak and forward sear (FS) steak finished at about the same time - RS steak off the KJ at 125 for sear - FS steak of the KJ at 135 to rest I started with a couple of SRF 8 oz filets; rubbed both with Primal Palate Steak Seasoning and let rest overnight. I set the KJ to 225 and added a few chunks of hickory. While the temp came up and stabiliz
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  22. I’ve had a bag of BigK restaurant that was horrendous, Smokey from start to,finish even at 400c! In fairness they sent me a replacement but not a good first impression. Two bags of globaltic that were brilliant. Plus a really good bag of fruit wood offcuts from a farm off eBay that don’t seem to exist anymore. And some Alder from Amazon was v good.
  23. I am gonna order one as soon as Atlanta Grill Company gets them. They said hopefully next week.
  24. I’ve just bought a 12kg bag of CPL restaurant grade charcoal - first cook with it tomorrow so will let you know how it is. Have sifted through it and seems a decent mix of big lumps and medium lumps.
  25. Yeah thanks. I've been considering that but, they haven't given me their valuation yet. And, it's more a matter of the fact that they are not going to give me anywhere near what the car is worth. They totally ignore the customizations: cloth top, rarity of that color, grill, accents, etc. that were done and I still owe ~5K on it.
  26. The K-probes are much more robust. The FireBoard would be on my "buy" list if I did not already have a HeaterMeter (which uses a k-probe for the internal temperature). Tom
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