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  2. Chuck roast getting ready. Joe up to 335. Seasoned and marinated with soy sauce, Worchestershire, pink Himalayan coarse salt and crushed garlic for a couple of hours. an hour in the smoke then in a Dutch oven with 2 cups of stock with a pack of brown gravy mix stirred in, taters, carrots, mushrooms, onions and the rest of the marinade for a couple of hours.
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  4. Thanks, I was just going for 350, fast pork shoulder!
  5. I think it’s more complicated than brand. Other variables include size of the chunks, (varies bag to bag), air flow, cleanliness of the Kamado, charcoal basket, charcoal plate, did you stack you lump or dump the bag?
  6. Just for curiosity have anyone measured the slo-roller metal vrs the dome temp during a slow cook?
  7. Well, I can verify that different lump charcoal heats very differently. It is amazing to me the difference in the maximum temp that different brands produce. I'm not gonna mention brands but when I am using the Do-Joe the last brand I used never got above 600 with everything wide open. The last time I used a different brand of charcoal and I had to close the bottom vent 1/2 to stop the temp from going over 700. There may be other issues that contribute to this difference. I am gonna try a different brand next just to see. Gonna use a Quebracho.
  8. I will try and comfort you. They are a little slow but you must fill the form out and make sure you send pictures of the KJ. They have replaced everything I have submitted for warranty. They replaced things I wouldn't have. LOL I believe most all of my problems were due to a high heat.
  9. Nice looking meal I've been known to put asiago cheese in my burgers.
  10. I had a few bags of Royal Oak lately that was all big chunks, burned nice. To be fair i also had some Royal oak that was ALL 50 cent sized and smaller pieces. sure wish they would use clear bags.
  11. I always have a beer when using my grill. It's not just the Kamado Joe that requires a good burp!
  12. Like many purchases, for IR thermometers you can, at least somewhat, equate price and quality. A quality IR thermometer will have emissivity adjustment and a way to ensure that users are not including an unintended area in the temperature measurement. CDN makes what I think is the perfect unit. Target area outlined by 8 laser dots Emissivity adjustment Stainless steel probe for checking internal temperature http://cdnmeasurement.com/product/intp662-proaccurate-infrared-gun-thermocouple-thermometer/
  13. Can’t find RO near me right now. Grabbed some Wicked Good and have been very impressed so far. My expectations were low but I needed something. Fast light, high heat, low ash, and long burn. I think I’ll stock up for the winter!
  14. Ok, thanks. That is exactly the form I filled out to get my first and only response asking for pics and documentation. BTW, I really couldn’t go without my Joe. Their website said the large deflector plates were out of stock, luckily Amazon had some. I have been too busy cooking all manner of things to post!
  15. So I asked KJ and they said there was no Teflon on sloroller. I agree with the if it isn’t warped badly don’t worry about the finish, it is for the showroom floor. No finish won’t alter your cook. The finish comes off on all of them eventually, mines coming off after a handful of low temp cooks.
  16. The ThermoPro is a great choice at less than $30.
  17. The Fireboard Probes are the best I have seen on any controller I have... they are at least equal or better than the probes from the Thermoworks system.
  18. And be prepared to wait a while to get a response from that also. They are super slow at handling customer service claims.
  19. The only way you are gonna get a response from Kamado Joe's customer service is to fill out the form here: https://www.kamadojoe.com/pages/contact
  20. Burping is part of my method of opening the grill, regardless of temperature, if I don't have both heat deflectors in.
  21. I don't know, Miller Rite is pretty fancy to some! LOL Agreed, but now where do you go? That leaves all manner of choices. And potential to ruin or unknowingly perfect a dish with some obscure choice of brew to cook with. I suppose in most cases what you had on hand would most likely impart a favorable flavor. Say that three times fast!
  22. Going to do a sirloin tip roast for dinner tonight. Going low and slo but may want a sear at the end. Due to temp limits on slo roller, do you remove the sloroller to get up to temp and sear?
  23. Hi All, Back in late August one of my deflector plates cracked on my Big Joe during a warm up for a pulled pork cook. I called the warranty number and was instructed to email support instead. I emailed them and asked if my plates fell under the warranty (Big Joe less than a year old) and I got a reply after a day or so to send pics and even sent a video. I haven't head a word since. I emailed them again a few of days ago, resent the previous email with the case number, and no reply. Is anyone else having problems contacting Kamado Joe warranty? Here is the p
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