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  3. Not only that but you can actually ruin the probe if they are exposed to heat above their operating temperature and that would not be covered under warranty.
  4. I find my Maverick probes become unreliable when exposed to heat above their operating temperature. I never use them for pizza, past a "starting to get hot" alarm. Frank
  5. Tried many ways; best results using a big pile of charcoal and lighting it at the top (Volcano method). Fastest results use a chimney starter, to get a bunch of fuel completely burning, then dump it at the peak of the volcano. I get sweet smoke before I'm up to temperature. That's important because the smoke from a young fire is not sweet; it's one of the few cases where I ruined the meat. USe your nose.... And, yes, method 2 is the only one with snowball's chance. Overheating is hard to recover. HAve fun, Frank
  6. Really cool weekend. I love the youth hunt sal and I always take friends kids or family. We took my best friends youngest, Sat night was amazing, Tony (bf) calls oldest son shot one. 5 minutes later sal spots a, buck, 2nd then third buck, All nice, sal coached him. Bang deer runs thirty yards piles. Heart shot Great night, today we went to his house, to skin process, Sal and Tony went to work. I'm allergic to deer so I am bartender and knife sharpener .Capped night off with venison loin and inners on kamado cooked to 125 and rested. Really cool weekend. Picture is leftovers for tommorow for sammiches
  7. Thanks for tips Johnny I will do on my next go. Will the fat help the cook be more juicer and tender? I have only done 3 briskets so fairly new to smoking. Cheers
  8. just4fn


    I don't get golfers. They all love to golf. They can't wait to set a tee time, can't wait to tee off. Then the race begins. They then can't wait to get off the course. At the end of the round, it's all about how fast they shot 18. If you love the game would't you want to be on the course as long as you can? It's a race to get off and make the next tee time. I think the score card should have a time element involved also.
  9. Very cool both Scott Roberts and freddyjbbq. ... I have bbq up this way for many..many years. .. but the extreme temperatures was always a problem for yearly maintenance on my previous grills.. from having to replace burners due to less than ideal natural gas/propane sulfur content and impurities issues, and just general maintenance of looks of the grills when attempting higher heat cooks or even lower heat cooks .And yes I always covered my grills.. Metal condition was always a constant issue resulting in more sales I'm sure not just for myself..but others up here..on these types of grills.. I'm looking forward to doing as I can when I can cooks on a ceramic Kamado
  10. Thanks much for the info & tips! I do have an Akorn, yes, but this post was in relation to my new Vision. I'll get my profile updated
  11. They were great..Used a recipie I saw from John on utube for beef back ribs.. a few changes..used a beef broth for marinade.. and topped with a bbq sauce for last 30 minutes of cook..but still darn good! Just learning with Kamado..purchased in May... but feel it's a killer way for my cooks year long up this far north in Canada.
  12. How were they? Had I seen your question sooner I might have suggested smoking a couple of hours and then sous vide at your finish temp for as long as possible. They would need searing of course. I did some pork ribs like this when my Akorn pissed me off. They were great.
  13. Thanks for reply Inarngr... Nice to meet you
  14. Got up early this morning to put on some ribs in time for football. Apple wood, honey hog hot rub, and sriracha garlic sauce at four hours. These days, I am running ribs for four hours uncovered, brushing on one coat of sauce, and starting the bend test at 4.5 hours. So easy and absolutely loving the results.
  15. Welcome and good luck!
  16. Thanks for reply TKOBBQ..Nice to meet you... Look forward to learning lots and I have lots to learn!! lol
  17. Just a newbie here.. But I'll be interested on reheat of ribs.. I Just cooked my today.. and It seems they were a success.. Have some left over so re heat is of interest.
  18. Nice addition I think you'll find it a useful tool in your arsenal.
  19. Welcome to the Guru @Kamado Smoke there are lots of great people and information around here.
  20. Here is my first attempt of smoking meat. and first one is Picanha.. smoking on 100 Celsius, until internal temperature reached 48 degrees c, then searing it on 300 degrees c. Amazing results.
  21. Inslee will take it before that dip#### gets around to it.
  22. btw, just changed my setup and now a huge learning curve. You are right, it seems that each Kamado has its own high temp technique. I couldn't get this new one past 625F dome temp and the Pizza was not as usual. The crust browned a list faster than the cheese, despite performing the corn meal burn trick. Oh well.. back to the drawing board.
  23. looks good re: the fat, I make sure that I leave more. Most pit masters recommend at least a quarter inch. I take some of what I cut off and put back on anywhere there is some necked spots from the original store trim. I score the fat with a crisscross.
  24. Hello Kamado Peeps So, I tried yet another brisket, this time I selected a good quality meat (Angus) and I only took the flat part. Overall, I was very happy, a little heavy handed with the pepper in my rub, that’s whats happens when you measure by eye, although the next day eaten with other treats it is pretty darn good. Pleased with the smoke ring and the bark, I used pecan and cherry wood. Also I think I need more work on my trimming the fat. I think I should have left her on for longer because the edges, being the thinner parts were more tender than the thicker parts. But again the next day the tenderness was well within an acceptable range, this may also be due to me only leaving her to rest for about 40min. I get so hungry during these cooks and cant wait to taste. · Cook time 6.5 hours 40min in foil with beef broth. · Dry rub 40/40 salt and pepper and 20 celery seed. · I did use mustard as a based coat. I inserted my thermometer after about 3 hours and at first the reading was too high and then this got me thinking that the probe was pushed threw hot external and that’s why the misleading reading. And took ages to drop. What is suggested in terms of inserting the thermometer, from start and / or through foil? Comments suggestions appreciated. Keep smoking…
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