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  2. I've been using it on a regular basis now. I like how convenient it is and how fast it reaches target temp. If I have to sear a steak, I'll use the half moon basket. but I'm going to test out a controller from another manufacturer that already has Wifi/Cloud built-in, will save me some time in development. @Mr.Chlorine reaching 600 is like a breeze, yea just push more pellets into the pod, I have maxed out the temp gauge on Akorn a couple of times. now you said it, i must try it with my Akorn pizza ring!
  3. Got it in and together. One of the shelfs is broken in shipment so I have contacted vision to get it replaced. Currently burning it out. I can see the ash drawer is not a 100% seal, but I got the felt to fix it. All in if they send me a new a new shelf it meets expectations.
  4. Had some left over ribs and pulled the meat off, diced and put into a pizza. Cooked this guy at 650 for 5 min. Came out awesome.
  5. Pictures look great, but vegetarian or not....after looking at the ingredient list, I'd pass and just eat a salad.
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  7. I melted my filler plate after two uses and then the whole plate wouldn’t stay in place. I may have given up too easy but I wasn’t happy with it. The awesome folks at Atlanta grill gave me a full refund. From now on it I can’t get it local and they have it, I order from them.
  8. I've been saying the same thing about temp controllers for Kamado Grills since 2 weeks after i bought one (and realised how redundant they are) Fast start up aside, there is nothing an iKamand (or similar) can do that the grill user cant do with a couple of cooks under thier belt
  9. I have never tried to use a digital controller when I am using my Joetisserie. I use the dome temp for the grill temp, I just don't think the grill temp is that critical when using the Joetisserie. I have a Meater temp probe that I use for the meat temps and it has an outside temp reading on it also that I also use for the grill vent settings.
  10. I have the Timberline 1300 and I only use the app to monitor the temp of the grill. I have a separate four probe temp monitor that I use for monitoring whatever I am cooking. I could easily do without the WiFi app for the grill and not miss it. Like John says, choose your grill based on the quality of the materials, the mechanical reliability, and reputation of the company, not the app it may have.
  11. Good Luck! Put it on the deals thread and here if you find anything, please. If you Google Akorn Jr shopping there are two sites with sixty dollar Akorn Jr's and five dollar shipping. I tried to order one with a credit card and it would not go through. I think it wanted a debit card.
  12. Don't let an app make your purchase decision on a pellet grill. I have a Timberline 850 that I cook on frequently. I rarely ever use the friggin' app. I'm tellin ya... the market has convinced everyone that you want and need wifi control and it's just not true. They are preying on your weaknesses and insecurities as a cook and its just sad. Here's what you need to know: 1. Do you know how to cook whatever piece of meat you are putting on your grill? YES - you don't need an app to help you with it NO - read up on it. You can google it. Then you don't need an app to help you with it 2. You are convinced that you need to be able to monitor your temps and change the grill settings while you are at your yoga class or your essential oils house party. When you find yourself thinking "I need to be able to monitor my temp or change while hanging out somewhere else with my BFFs" refer back to #1. 3. If you truly need to be everywhere BUT near your grill or smoker while you are cooking, choose another day to cook. However, If you refer back to #1, you can still probably get it done. Your (collectively, not just YOU) insecurities are costing you a fortune
  13. Same here, I am really hoping to score a black Friday deal next week.
  14. Love the results with spatchcocked turkey. I have done one every year for several years now. My brine is a 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup fine kosher salt, 1/2 cup wild honey, followed by enough apple cider to cover the bird. I add a bundle of Simon and Garfunkel herbs, and some orange slices. I love cooking turkey at 375, but am not big on smoked turkey. Poultry is just such a smoke sponge, it is easy to over smoke and produce a harsh tasting bird, IMO anyway. If I add any smoke at all it is from a handful of fresh rosemary sprigs thrown on the fire about 20 mins prior to pulling my bird. By the way I have also found that cooking a turkey to George Strait classics produces a better tasting bird. Turkeys must like King George . IMG_0211.mov
  15. Ok, so I tried adding felt to my vents on my LG 24 but the ceramics on the bottom vent was falling away and some of it had already crumbled off. Have any of you have this issue and if so what is the best way of handling it?
  16. Last Thanksgiving I brined and spatchcocked a turkey. Cutting the back bone out was probably the most difficult part of the process. I received a gift from Williams and Sonoma of a wet brine mix (Garlic and Rosemary). Turkey turned out great. I do use a trick my father-in-law used for all his birds. I strip of bacon on each leg and a piece of two on each breast.
  17. I used my Smobot yesterday for temp control because while using the Big Joetisserie. Its the first time I have used the two together, and was a bit perplexed as to where to connect the thermometer clip? I ended up pinning it with the lid floating about the fire at the back of the grill, and found it read roughly 90 degrees hotter than the dome thermometer. I had a though of putting a washer with a large diameter hole on the spit and clipping to the washer, but I was already cooking when that idea came to me. Any one else have a better way to use a temp controller with the Big Joetisserie?
  18. You can always get a rivnut kit and put bigger rivnuts in. Harbor Freight sells them I believe as well as Amazon and I'm sure most hardware stores. I had 3 pull out of a leg and almost caused the whole thing to crash to the ground. I was able to hammer one back in and put a nut and bolt in the other 2 drilled through the inner and outer shell. Didn't go through the hassle of a spacer, but I also only snugged the bolt on with some lock washers. I bought stainless fasteners from Ace Hardware so hopefully they won't rust. If you're handy with a welder and minor fabrication there are a myriad of ways to fix it.
  19. Permanent Seat License I believe.
  20. I live in Florida probably one of the most humid damp climates in the US and I have never had mold on the inside of my grills. Outside yes, cover yes, but never the inside, even my old gasser never had that problem. After I finish cooking I just close down my vents to snuff the fire and leave it closed until the next time I cook. Admittedly I grill at least once a week.
  21. Guidance! Blessed guidance! Now all I need is the balls to jump off on this. No excuses now. Thanks!
  22. I am seriously interested in a pellet smoker. RecTec is one of the finalists along with Yoder. What concerns me are all the negative comments regarding the RecTec APP (https://appgrooves.com/app/rec-tec-grills-by-rec-tec-industries-llc/negative). The negatives say the APP is poorly written and many listed features do not work. These negative comments are all based on Oct and Nov 2019 customer experiences.
  23. After each cook are you burning off the crud with some high heat before storing? Mold doesn't grow on clean metal, so if you have a build up of grease and gunk on the grates/cooker, need to burn that off with a long hot burn (400+ for 30 minutes or longer, depending on how much buildup you have) then scrape charred remains off the grates. After each cook I open the vents and let the cooker get nice and hot for 10 - 15 minutes, then after it cools, scrape of the grates before putting the cover on. You want those grates nice and clean before letting it sit.
  24. They do make gas inserts for Kamado grills. Vision Grills has one that fits in their grills. I would shoot them a message and see what temps are achievable with their 25k btu burner. That should give you a jumping off point. I like the idea of a gas insert and I don't think the risk is so much that you would have to worry about it. Things to consider/watch for would be air flow in the unit. You want to make sure your flame is always lit or else your in the bomb making business. Vision grills may have some sort of safety valve built in which cuts the gas when the flame is blown out. Rigging a safety valve isn't impossible, but it adds some complexity. Those are the kind of things I would watch out for because you can buy another kamado but humpty dumptying yourself with a ceramic bomb is allot harder to overcome. Another thing you might want to look at is the pizzaporta. It in essence turns the kamado into a pizza oven. The KJ dojoe does the same thing but I like the door on the pizzaporta. Another way to get higher temps is to increase burn rate by using forced air. You could buy a controller to do that or get an small adjustable speed fan to your firebox.
  25. I did some testing with whole chickens this weekend and figured out what I'm going to do with the turkey. I did 2 brined (bird bath brine) chickens one rubbed Honey Bacon BBQ and the other with Cattleman's Ranchero and one not brined but injected with creole butter and rubbed with Honey Bacon BBQ and the brined chickens were a lot more moist and flavorful. I will be using Meat Church Bird Bath brine and Meat Church Honey Bacon BBQ rub, it was the winner 3 among the people that sampled it. Side note: The Meat Church Bird Bath brine is basically a salty Honey Hog if you're interested in trying it.
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