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  2. Thank you very much! Thanks a lot, appreciate it!
  3. Sorry, but I only have that measurement in inches and cubits
  4. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new Kamado Joe! Controlling the temperature will get easier with time. The Kamado is a big hunk of ceramic, when it gets hot it takes a lot of time to bring it back down so start shutting the vents down early, like 30F away from your target temperature. There are some good videos out there that show the technique. Best of luck and enjoy the new grill!
  5. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the KJ Classic III. Pictures of the first cook always appreciated!
  6. When I saw that sauce I knew you were from NY. My favorite sauce is from NY too and I live in GA. (a friend from NY keeps me stocked up). It's like a cross between a vinegar based sauce and a tomato based sauce.
  7. I assume thats a mustard based Carolina BBQ sauce. I'd never tried (knowingly) mustard based sauce until a couple of years ago. Man, its really good! I'll get either the Harris Teeter brand or Sweet Baby Rays, love it on chicken. I'm not loyal to any particular sauce though. Often the SBR hickory and brown sugar, or HT branded sauce, but I could come home with anything.
  8. Today
  9. I like our local ACE hardware, they have a nice selection of grills and accessories. They didn't have the 575 available as early as HD did (I bought mine Feb 24th) or I would have bought from them. So far I feel like the 575 has what I really needed at a price I wanted to pay. There is a Timberline 850 on Craigslist near me that has a great price, was really tempted by it but decided the warranty on the new grill was a better option for me.
  10. It’s the (good) bacteria that gives sourdough the tang (and keeps the other nasty critters at bay). Water, flour, and some time (few days to a week) is all you need for a robust starter.
  11. Our local Ace Hardware has the 575 for $799.99 also. They have the 885 for $1,399.99 and they provide free assembly & delivery too. They are also a BGE dealer.
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FTW! This is a staring point for most of my homemade BBQ sauces.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Maybe I like my ribs a little on the softer side. The last few times I cooked ribs (on my old Akorn) I used 3-2-1(ish) method. Most were how I thought ribs should be. The very last time on the Akorn the bark never set and the ribs were mush. Thought I'd try unfoiled with the BJ. Ribs just felt a little dry and rubbery. I'll keep at it to find my sweet spot and maybe back off the basting a little.
  14. Welcome, glad to have you and your new Joe with us. With 3 kamados in the family your pretty much assured to get something tasty of your grill or someone in the fam when the Holidays roll around. On temp control, there's an old saying that the most uttered phrase amoung golfers is " Ok, I got it now" the same can be said for temp control. The more you fiddle with it and try hard to control it, the more it seems to be allusive and bouncing all over the place. I am of the school that teaches, when learning folks should fiddle less and just watch what happens more. Just set the vents where you think they should go and then sit back and watch what happens when you don't mess with the vents. . A couple of dozen cooks doing this and you will have a very good perception of how your grill reacts and temp control will just sorta happen on it's own. Pretty soon you will start to notice your grill will start to settle more and more just where you thought it would. My thought is don't sweat the learning curve, just focus on enjoying kamado cooking, if your having fun and enjoying your grill, temp control will suddenly appear out of the blue smoke. Happy Cooking.
  15. I don’t like it sweet, that’s my favorite. $2.69
  16. Welcome aboard! Enjoy the new grill and the debate with relatives about green vs red, hopefully with a beer in hand.
  17. Welcome to the forum. Keep working on temperature control and you will get it mastered. You will also learn that 280 will not spoil anything that you are trying to cook at 250.
  18. I bought mine off ceramicgrillstore.com
  19. It may be because I forgot to stir up my starter before dipping out a cup, or it may just be weak. In any event, I'm going to give it a day or so to continue to develop and then I'll try again (remembering this time to give it a good stir first). If that doesn't work, I've got a line on some starter that has been in continuous existence since 1847. One way or the other, I'll get it done.
  20. I'll throw another vote for Sweet Baby Ray's. Seems to be a good BBQ that works for most people. My go to when I'm looking for a sweet option for a lot of people.
  21. Welcome to the Guru @IzzySmokin, there are a lot of great people and information around here. Looking forward to seeing your III and your impressions of it
  22. Looks like you had a tasty bird.
  23. Nice looking butts, PP is definitely a favorite around here.
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