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  2. Dry aged Steak and Potatoes

    Very nice! Steak looks perfect! I would say you can consider yours redeemed.
  3. Muy bien tacos

    We were back to tacos as usual for our Friday night habit, but I have to say yours look like something we'd like to try. Blue corn, huh? Next time I'm feeling adventurous, I'll try blue corn tacos. Thanks for the post.
  4. Pizza night

    It's such a great way to feed a family, and yours look perfect!
  5. Always a treat to see chicken done well, and yours is a treat! It's getting time for me to do a whole chicken again, so I'll have to try your method.
  6. I am truly impressed, but tired, after reading your post!! (Reminds me of letters my mother used to write about her week.) Good thing you have a sous chef available; I need one of those. Seriously, it all looks like a feast for the senses. Love the shells, they're beautiful.
  7. This bad boy arrived today...best way to unload?

    NOOOOO!!! Please don't lift it like this!!! Try this instead... At about the two minute mark. Remember three are better than two and the trick is to have hands remove the hands from the ash tray as it is going into the cart and back again once it clears the top of the nest. That's why three sets of hands is better- also with the weight, of course. Also, check out this thread...
  8. Is the secret that it's not a secret? Or is part of it written in your special disappearing type and we need a special decoder ring to decipher it. You know it's not nice to mess with my mind like this.... And I think you should let your daughter do your challenge work more often. Obviously she has the chops for it, and is probably more pleasant and less likely to trash talk... In all seriousness..... WOW! Love all the work you put into this challenge entry and for taking us along for the ride with some of your other posts. Don't think you could have done it any better!
  9. Akorn to PB K22 step up?

    She's really missing out...
  10. Today
  11. Thx CK, I will pass on the good word. Thx Bgosnell151.
  12. The random pictures thread...

    Regular summer day in Australia.....
  13. The random pictures thread...

    Only in Seattle would you see Batman goin down I-5 on a motorcycle.
  14. yup, that looks fantastic. great work sir.
  15. Akorn to PB K22 step up?

    Pizza was good! Pre-cooked from a local shop. It's a half because the wife wants hers in kitchen oven.
  16. If you search on here, there is a thread on this for a suitable repair. It's a few years back. I think I may have even posted a solution. One method involves drilling all the way through to the inside and using nuts and bolts with a spacer that goes around the bolt that spans the distance between the inner and outer wall of the bottom along with a backing plate on the inside. . I didn't save the thread so can't reference it for you other than to say there is one. Good luck.
  17. Delayed serving

    Am curious what you actually decided? We pull it, then warm in slow cooker with just a small amount of water and extra sauce stirred in. We like that, but I am intrigued by the bag/warm water method. Never tried that.
  18. @BobE - Yes....my wife was craving BBQ chicken and found a recipe somewhere where the original poster had slashed up the chicken to let the marinade get in deeper. To be honest, I was a little concerned, but it was fantastic!! Didn't dry out at all, and much more BBQ flavor in every bite. I started it skin side down just long enough to get some color, then flipped it bone side down for the majority of the cook to finish it off...with repeated brushing on of the marinade. Some of the skin shriveled up, but worked well, and I would do it this way again. It was very good! The acid from the rice vinegar was a great compliment to the BBQ sauce and as mentioned...great color!
  19. Looks fantastic! I actually did sauced chicken for the very first time about 3 weeks ago. Not sure where I've been all this time, I often do chicken every week. For some reason BBQ sauce and chicken just didn't strike me. I was very pleasantly surprised!
  20. Beginner Tips for the Pit Boss K24 from Costco.

    Rock solid advice on all accounts m-fine! Lessons I learned on Weber grills and smokers, now being applied to my PB.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Yummy taco varieties. Tell your daughter she did a great job with the plating. A fantastic money shot.
  23. Homemade Bacon; Cured, Smoked, and Grilled

    I really need to try this!
  24. This bad boy arrived today...best way to unload?

    98 bucks. That's a fair thing to do.
  25. 1) As long as the charcoal is not touching the deflector, you are good. One big mistake new owners make is not putting in enough charcoal. Another is lighting too much of it. For a long low cook, fill it up and light a little of it and you will be able to controll the temperature. For a hot cook, fill it up and get more of it lit, but keep in mind you will need hours to cool back down. 2) The temp was probably not 500 where the steaks were, and yes using the deflector for a hot fast grill is a mistake. You could use is in a reverse sear steak cook though. Start the steaks with a very low temp say 200 or so and let them absorb smoke from wood chunks for a while. Take them off and remove the deflector. Let the grill get raging hot, and then quickly sear the steaks. Not everyone likes a smokey steak, but it is something you can try. 3) Brisket is something that troubles people not familiar with it, but it isn't all that complicated. Brisket needs to be cooked at whatever temp (above about 140) until it is tender. There is no specific time per pound, internal temp or any other secret formula that will work every time, but you don't need one. You determine when it is tender by poking and proding it. When done, it will have the consistency of a blob of meat jello and a probe will go into the meat like warm butter with very little resistance. If under done it will seem dried out which most people associate with overdone so they cook it even less the next time. If in doubt cook longer not shorter. Overdone brisket falls apart, but that is not the end of the world. Shred it and add sauce and make some killer sandwhiches. Underdone brisket is tough and dry and not all that good. A full brisket (flat and point) will get done better if cooked a little warmer. 250-300 generally works better than 200-225 and gets done a lot quicker. Wrapping with paper or foil makes it cook faster and makes it slightly juicier, but destroys the bark. Paper less so than foil on both counts and for many is the "happy medium" but once you understand brisket you can make a good one naked or wrapped. The recipee quoted above was written by someone who doesn't really understand what they are doing. "Monitoring the internal temperature of the meat is important now" NO! That is pure bunk! You need to know the internal temp of a steak you want to be medium rare or poultry you want to be safe. When cooking a tough piece of meat until tender you need to know when it is tender not what temp it is. "Once the alarm sounds at 200⁰ the brisket is ready to come off the pit." Maybe. Depending on the piece of meat, the pit and the cooking temp among other variables, it could be ready to come off at 195 or it could be under cooked at 205. Relying on a digital temp reading to tell you how tender the meat is it not a reliable or sensible method. Just poke the darn thing. Once you know what a done brisket feels like it is obvious, and 100% reliable.
  26. Saucy! Did you cut slashes in the meat to let the marinate soak in?
  27. Pizza night

    Nice looking pies, crust looks great!
  28. This month was a fun kamado challenge cook; I enjoyed and spent a couple weekends in advance making experimenting with different proteins , homemade sauces, and even flour & corn tortillas. My 3 tacos: · Spicy Shrimp tacos on flour & corn tortilla: o Marinade/spice mix: 1 ½ T olive oil, 1 minced garlic clove, ½ t cumin ½ t chili powder, ½ t onion powder, and ¼ t salt o Shrimped cooked on the kamado, o Topped with pico de gallo, green sauce, and white cotija cheese · Tacos al pastor on corn tortilla, o Pork marinade: ¼ cup olive oil, 2 ounces homemade achiote paste, 1 T adobe sauce, 4 Chipotle peppers, 1 minced garlic clove, and ½ t salt. (marinade for 2 hours) o Pork cooked on the kamado, finished inside with pineapple and onions. o Topped with a little white cotija cheese and green sauce. · Chicken Fajita taco on flour & corn tortilla. o Fajita marinade: 1/3 c soy, ¼ c lime juice, ¼ c canola oil, ¼ cup sugar, 1 T paprika, 2 t cumin 1 T chili powder, and 3 minced garlic cloves o Chicken cooked on the kamado, onions and red peppers started on the kamado finish on the stop (didn’t’ want too much smoke) o Topped with cotija and cheddar cheese, and pickled onion. Various topping and sauces/salsa include: Homemade pickled onions Pico de gallo (fresh diced tomato, onion, jalapeno, & lime juice) for the shrimp dish Green Sauce - 1 cup sour cream, 1 bunch of cilantro, and 2 T lime juice. ( @KismetKamado no peeking at the secret green sauce...) Homemade guacamole on the side. All tortillas were homemade. One batch was all corn, the other 2/3 flour and 1/3 corn The variety of flavors for this cook was just incredible. The fajita marinade is one of my new favorites, I recommend reserving some of the marinade to add to the onion and red pepper the end. We also had fun platting, as my daughter helped out this month for the final taco photo shoot layout and arrangement, I geeked-out with an untold number of photos… Achiote paste Pork prep for the tacos al pastor Pre slided the chicken thinly. Spicy Shrimp marinading Green sauce in making tortilla prep cooking time... Ignore the Irish Bangers that was just prep for the next nights dinner. finishing the taco prep inside. Fresh guacamole, yum... Final shot..
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