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  2. csstechguy

    Hello from Ontario Canada. I just took delivery of a new Louisiana LG K-22 Kamado Grill. Looking forward to the first seasoning burn-in. Long time gas griller but looking forward to the challenges associated with charcoal and ceramic gourmet... I am going to need all the help I can get.
  3. Snow Storm Texmex Pulled Pork

    Looks awesome! Jr appeared to be up for the task.
  4. Blustery turkey breast

    Turkey has always been my go to cook. Never put pork rub on it though lol. Great cook
  5. Any amount of snow is reason enough to fire up the smoker!
  6. New grill for my kJC

    I've debated ordering a custom SS grill before I owned a Kamado. Looks great
  7. Rib on the Bone - Reverse Sear

    Dang! No invite? I always run into the dilemma of liking the pink vs. a little more render on the fat, which I like even more. The pink always wins out
  8. Which pizza stone do you use?

    I actually have a Fibrament baking stone in my oven that has been in there for the last 5-6 years. It's fantastic! We made lots and lots of pizzas on it as well as bread and stuffed breads, calzones and more. Thanks for all the input on the stone for the kamado! I'm leaning towards the old stone oven pizza stone.
  9. Snow Storm Texmex Pulled Pork

    Yup, the obligatory cook. I missed the days of putting sugar (brown) in my rubs. But, I'm smoking 85- 90% beef now and I don't prefer sweet on my beef. Nice, nice bark on that cook and love the addition of salsa.
  10. I may be a sarcastic dink but that looks like one great meal. Enjoy!
  11. That Tex mex looks MINT! Question tho? What snowstorm? Ya mean those 4 inch flurries?
  12. New grill for my kJC

    Straight into it mate!
  13. Well it was a snow storm, so I had to fire up the joe! I rubbed a pork butt with a mix of salt, pepper, sugar and blues hog rub. Smoked it for 4 hrs. Then transferred it to a DO with beer and salsa and cook for another 4 hrs. This has to be the best darn Mexican pulled pork. Served over rice and Mac and cheese.
  14. First steak on my new grill. Seasoned the steak with garlic ghee, S&P and paprika. Covered in the fridge for 4 hours. smoked indirect at 250f until it reached an IT of 120f Then seared with the intensity of 100 Australian summers for 2 minutes a side. It got a well deserved rest before the carnage. It tastes so good it should be illegal. Thanks for looking!
  15. Today
  16. Joe JR efficient for my goals?

    The Canadian availability issue is a toughie. So what is actually available to a Canadian if they want a Kamado? I have seen posts at times from various Canadians on this KG forum. Maybe we need some ideas from them. One might be specific about budget, and other preferences. Cheers. M.
  17. Whole Milk Mozz

    Just don't buy the "part skim". I just want to know - Is there a processing/scientific reason we can have shredded whole milk mozzarella?
  18. The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is a kamado

    Congratulations, that is totally awesome. Can't wait to see some pictures.
  19. The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is a kamado

    I would have been all over that, too! SCORE!!!!!!!!! Congratulations. You should feel like you stole it at that price.
  20. The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is a kamado

    I am counting on it. I will check my local hardware store as well just to see if maybe this is a thing. I can understand the prob selling them at 15 hundo. 900, that seems like quite a reasonable price. Glad you scored big buddy, keep us in the loop. Oh, and I have said this before, will say it again, though not trying to ruffle feathers, but I think it could be considered quite appropriate to have a section of KG for this kooker. Imho...it’s a kamado.
  21. Yesterday
  22. The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is a kamado

    They had them at $1499 marked down to $899. The sales associate said that they didn't sell many at regular price so they are clearing them out. I should have it tomorrow so there will be some pics to follow.
  23. I had this problem at first, then I used less coals problem magically went away
  24. Hello from Missouri

    Welcome to the Guru there are a lot of great people and information around here.
  25. Whole Milk Mozz

    i normally buy whole milk mozz also. If i'm making pizza i look for any that say "low moisture" also.
  26. The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is a kamado

    Dang, that is a great price. The hardware store down the street sells em for 1600, or something like that, don’t quote me, but more than 9 hundo by quite a bit. That beauty is quite solid too. I think the cooking grate can be moved to different levels if I recall correct. Now, you teased us, but what we want for real is PIX! Lots of pix.
  27. WTB: Cast iron KJ chimney

    Send me a PM with your address....
  28. Cold weather cooking

    I'll add my welcome to the others, and sounds like you have the answers you need to start that kamado cooking! It always works that way, and hence the forum success. Keep us posted.
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