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  2. Vacuum Sealers

    This is one I've had my eye on for awhile. http://www.shop.vacuumsealersunlimited.com/VacMaster-Pro-350-876350.htm
  3. Broken Pit Boss Kamado

    Personally I would load it back up to Costco. If you're not interested in that then that could easily be fixed with JB Weld. Carefully remove the pieces like a puzzle keeping track how it goes back together. Glue the pieces back together using JB Weld and let it cure for a full 24 hours before firing it up. In the end you'll never know it happened.
  4. That's an interesting Idea especially for the slower winter months.
  5. I somewhat agree with you except personally I use the challenges to push me into cooking something I wouldn't normally cook. By participating and reading all the challenge entries over the last few years I've learned and tried a lot of new techniques/cooks.
  6. Great looking results on a mighty capable little grill.
  7. Broken Pit Boss Kamado

    So bummed right now. My wife got me the 24" Pit Boss Kamado at Costco for Father's Day. I had only used it twice... once to do some pork belly and once to do a rack of ribs. Both times the temps were around 225-275. Over the weekend I did an overnight smoke of 2 pork butts and then did 2 racks of ribs yesterday. Both time around 225-250 again. Well yesterday I noticed a LOT of smoke coming out from around the top vent... much more than the first 2 times I used it. I had some replacement hi-temp felt (purchased right after getting the cooker but then after using it didn't think it needed it) so I decided to try that. Took off the top vent and what I found is the attached picture. Not sure what to do now. Really not enjoying the thought of trying to load this thing up and take it back to Costco. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  8. No worries......It's unlikely that I'll ever again buy lighter fluid.
  9. Vacuum Sealers

    A Scholar and a Gentleman you are, Sir! Thank-you.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Blue Flames from the buttocks of hell

    I'll concede that in the cold light of day, with my Monday Morning Quarterback hat on, throwing a pizza onto this inferno possibly wasn't the best culinary choice I've ever made... In my defence, I was hungry; and I also read that charcoal is good for you... Before I put the 2nd pizza on, I employed a devious hidden Kamado technique - I closed the bottom vent and mysteriously, the blue flames went away and the 2nd pizza was only a tad burned

    Thank chicken looks very good.
  13. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics

    I cook multiple times a week on my Weber GoAnywhere...
  14. Burgers and brat on the smokey joe. Must say it tasted mighty fine.

    @philpom That is some of the best loking chicken i have seen in a while on a grill
  16. Keep the Challenges Running?

    I suggest keeping it going but make the challenges OPEN topic challenges where there is no theme. One per month... opens the doormfor anyone who cooked anything to participate. It might foster greater participation in themed challenges during the peak season by getting new people in the loops...
  17. I'm going to have to think about this one. I love the challenges and I THINK I'd participate throughout the year- but maybe part of what makes the exciting is the fact that they don't run all year?

    I use the same method (raised indirect at 400F), but start with the skin side down for about 20 minutes then flip them and let them finish. Pull 165-175F. Good results but not as pretty as philpoms
  19. I put this question to you, the members. Should we keep the challenges rolling through the winter (even though participation will slack off) or should we wind it up with one or two more challenges and start them back up next spring? Even if you don't participate in the challenges we still want to hear your opinion.
  20. Cheese Burger - Copycat..

    Great Burger.. I "Almost" did this... But I changed my mine cause I love Chicken. Great cook @In2Fish
  21. Vacuum Sealers

    Only $3 each. http://www.foodsaver.com/accessories-and-parts/replacement-parts/foodsaver-replacement-parts-for-v3200-series/v3200series-parts.html#start=17
  22. Vacuum Sealers

    I have a favorite Foodsaver, the V2865 and yes, the new seals made it vacuum out and hold a vacuum 10 times better. And the new seals are quite cheap. I usually find my Foodsavers off Craigslist and the like, but the last spare I bought was from a pawn shop.
  23. Distiller from Australia

    Thank you for your kind welcome... I am really enjoying the forum and have already learn't so much...again thanks... Distiller
  24. New member from Upstate SC

    Welcome aboard!
  25. Primo XL Table Finally Finished

    Nice professional look, great job!
  26. Distiller from Australia

    Happy to have you with us. Great clip of your whiskey. As you will find out, your new Big Joe is quite a versatile cooker. Think of it as a charcoal fired covection oven, because in truth that's what it is. You can Q, Smoke, Bake pizza, pies, breads, etc, turn out classic recipes and in short cook pretty much anything in your Joe that you can cook in a kitchen oven. Have fun, I am sure your patrons will enjoy your new Joe as much as you do.
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