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  2. Question for the bakers out there!

    When I bake bread, either indoors or out, I start at a higher temp (~475-500 deg F) with a humid environment (hot water tray or spritzing with spray bottle) for the first 5-10 minutes then drop it down to under 450 (425 works too) once the rise has occurred.
  3. Question for the bakers out there!

    When I bake bread in the Kamado or oven I tend to do it inside a preheated DO. That helps stabilize temps, but more importantly trap steam. In reality and with all do respect, I think you are over worried about details. Just do it. Just try it. Enjoy the experience
  4. Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    I definitely will be curious as to how you like it.
  5. Flexi Zesti

    My wife and i were in True Value the other day. They actually have a pretty good kitchen section, and I can't seem to get out of the store without going through it looking for somenting new and interesting. I have a few MicroPlane graters but this new MicroPlane offering caught my eye. The bottom section that holds a MicroPlane blade is made of soft silicone that is designed to bend and flex as you drag it over an orange, lemon, or lime. It produces a zest equal in quality to my other MicroPlane graters, but keeps all the zest neatly contained. I really like it, and it was less than $10.00. https://us.microplane.com/kitchen_en_us/flexi-zesti-family.html
  6. Today
  7. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    John Hancocks in Prescott is just a pretty cool place to hang out. I am old guy, but all the barbers are young (a couple of them were barbers in the military), and so A good percentage of the clientel is young as well. A number of us old guys are the shave and a haircut guys. While the young guys get fades and so on. Even one guy comes in once every couple weeks to get his head shaved. The conversation is varied and usually pretty interesting. It is pretty much like the barbershop you see in the movie, with a bunch of characters. Fun place to go, and I generaly look forward to it.
  8. Guilty Pleasure / Shave and a Haircut

    It's nice to see some fellow wetshavers on this forum. It's amazing how certain hobbies overlap.
  9. Just want to start off by saying I have been using my Akorn for a few years now and never had an issue with temperature before. I setup the normal low and slow volcano and use alcohol soaked cotton balls to get things started at 5/5. I wanted to hit 325 as I was test running a turkey for Thanksgiving following the amazing ribs ultimate smoked turkey method. So I started to close out vents around 250 to slow it down to get to 325. I hit 325 and closed down to .5/.5 and things held firm for a good half hour or so and then the temp started rising. I closed the bottom vent and then let it drop back down some to 325. Once I opened back up to .5 on the bottom again the next thing I know its shooting back up hitting over 400 and the temp just never recovered. I had to pull the bird and put it in the oven. Anyone have any ideas what I might have overlooked? Stressing about the upcoming smoke for turkey day.
  10. Timberline Ribs

    Wow! That is amazing. They look delicious. Very fine cook and I am sure your co-workers were very happy!
  11. I might have to try that. I have a pottery place near me that has a half shelves for cheap. Axner company.
  12. Timberline Ribs

    @bosco Fired up my timberline and have had a couple cooks so far. Used hickory pellets. Smoke rings were out of this world but absolutely no hickory flavor. Is that your experience with it? Hardly any smoke what so ever coming out of the unit as well. Would love your feedback when you get some time. To top it off the APP has not worked since I bought the unit. Traeger said they have an issue with it now and do not know when it will be back up..
  13. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    K, just remind me when Thanksgiving day is please? Will you adopt me? I like whiskey!! And peppers!! All jokes aside that sounds like a mighty fine feast to be had Have a good one mate
  14. Turkey trouble

    I'm only a learner, but I would reckon sitting that bird on it's throne. Yep you have to shove it up it's ... Best of luck with the cook and some pics would be great as well
  15. I’m from the hunter valley nsw. My wife has bought up buying a KJ for $1500 as opposed to spending $800 on a chargriller + additional for defeactor. what charcoal are you using mate?
  16. Hi, I've had a kamado joe big joe for about 4 weeks and I'm thinking of buying an electronic grill thermometer with meat is probe as well. The Smoke by thermoworks looks good. I was wondering whether it's worth getting something with a fan controller as well. Any thoughts on whether the extra $ is worthwhile. If so, any recommendations? Many thanks.
  17. Hi, I bought a Kamado Joe Big Joe about 4 weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to picking up lots of tips.
  18. There's a local Mexican style rotisserie place near me that is kinda like el pollo loco but way better and it's inspired me to try something similar for my Thanksgiving Day Turkey but still served with tradiitonal Thanksgiving sides (instead of tortillas and salsa I would eat with the chicken). I'm just curious if anyone has tried a similar flavor profile with their Turkey and what were the results. thanks
  19. Here is an example of how bread has turned out...
  20. Jalapeño stuffed quail wrapped in bacon

    wow looks and sounds amazing. What store did you get the quail from? I live in the same region and dont recall seeing quail at any grocery stores i go to.
  21. Practice turkey

    Looks pull apart delicious.
  22. Air Fryer or Instant Pot?

    Can't buy the IP down under, well not easily. We have a Phillips airfryer and love it. Was used Saturday night to make the chips to go with the burgers off the Akorn. 20 minutes start to finish! Having said that I have been looking at IP clones lately and think that would get slightly more use than the airfryer does. I would go the IP path first especially after the comments about the Nuwave.
  23. Prime Rib Ribeye Roast

    Looks like you nailed it. Great cook.
  24. Question for the bakers out there!

    Thank you for your response. As far as for the oven I completely agree, however, the temps will rebound quickly and return to the range desired. On this cook, unfortunately, the temps continued to drop and never rebounded - even with it being heat soaked (I let it slowly come up to temp over a two hour period and maintain desired temp for 30 minutes before placing dessert in. I do this as well for things like cakes and bread, but being relatively new to baking and experimenting with baking different desserts I am not sure how to judge doneness - I need to do more research. Thanks again for your response.
  25. Practice turkey

    Looks delicious!
  26. Well don't mind me--I have a Chargriller offset and I am fine with it but I must say that I have never been impressed by the build quality. Then too I am still smarting a bit from the recent discussion I had with Chargriller where the receptionist told me that all Chargriller products were made with 14 gauge steel and had been for the last 25 years. I don't think the Akorn has even been around for that long but mentioning that made no difference to the person I was talking to and the information I was being given. In fact, it only brought a reiteration of the 25 years story. And when i asked to speak to some one in "tech support" (a polite way of saying "someone who knew what the heck they were talking about") I was told that there was no one else. i brought this up on this forum and someone was kind enough to actually mike out the thickness of the steel on the Akorn and it was close to 22 gauge...which is quite a difference. Frankly, after that phone conversation I started desperately casting about for a used ceramic simply because I didn't trust what Chargriller had told me. It kind of soured the whole deal for me even though the Akorn is, realistically, probably the best fit for me.
  27. Super Tender Brined Salmon

    Very nice cook. I love salmon and that sir looks delicious. I may give that recipe a try. Thanks for sharing
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