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  2. Look for Cotronics https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?url=http%3A%2F%2Fprimogrillforum.com%2Fforums%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D439&share_tid=439&share_fid=16282&share_type=t ATTN: Cotronics gasket order- update
  3. Welcome to the Guru there a lot of great people and information around here. Sorry to hear about your recent disability and wish you the best of luck with it. I would be interested in trying some of the wood.
  4. Nice video, might have to give this a try in the future.
  5. Not for me..first off any kiln dried wood is not going to deliver as good a flavor profile as properly aged wood, which can take several years to get to 15/20% moisture level, depending on the wood. Second, is that wood type identified? There are some types of wood that are not good for smoking meat, such as pine.
  6. Okay thanks, just asking because the container says to add both ground seasoned tomato and chicken broth.. Also it advises that if you like it sweeter to add some of their branded chocolate.
  7. I've drilled into a ceramic kamado before. While it can be nerve racking at first, just go slow and steady with the proper equipment. It'll be over and done before you know it.
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  9. I use more of a Baltimore style crabcake recipe except rather than dry mustard I use dijon, claw instead of lump (I like the deeper crab flavor), Old Bay seasoning in the mix and dust the outside of the crabcake with Old Bay blackened seasoning.
  10. Thanks! Sag is something I saw in a Neapolitan pizza video. I turn the pie a little every time I peak under the lid. I peak very quickly, to retain heat, so I can't turn much. I don't look at the bottom; takes too long. About the only thing I haven't mentioned is that I like to lubricate the peak with corn meal. Maybe the coarse texture spaces the crust off the stone a little? There's always a dusting of burnt corn meal left the next day... Have fun, Frank
  11. Your forum, your rules. As a long time member, I’ve always respected your rules even when I didn’t agree with them. Enough said.
  12. Thanks TKO, Yep, that sucker was good. I had it for dinner for three days. haha Chris
  13. Those are some fine-looking pizzas. What is 'sag on a wineglass'? Undercooked crust? And what is the advantage of turning more than once? I've been turning ~90-degrees once about halfway through the cook and peaking at the bottom to decide how much longer to cook. I'll be trying another pizza cook this weekend, this time at ~800F for the first time and also using my new CVS AR for the first time. Any suggestions / advice for how to get my pizzas to come out looking as good as yours appreciated!
  14. That is a neat trick. I thought about getting an oval grid for my AR but figure I can always cut down my 18" grid to an 18" x 15" oval (which CGS doesn't offer, at least not yet) if I ever decide the ability to slide the interior grid out is an important feature for me. As far as the oblong heat deflector, the 13" x 17" is the largest oblong stone CGS offers, and that is not long enough to mask the full length of my firebowl with 18" ID. It costs $43 + shipping and I can drive to California Pizza Stones (Creative Ceramics and Glass) to get an 18" x 18" square deflector (shelf) and cut it into an oval shape for about that price http://www.creativeceramicsandglass.com/ccFiles/firingSupplies/ccgShelves.php Or for $10 more I can get a 20" x 20" and mask the entire firebowl (or as much as I want). But for now, playing around with the placesetter and two deflector stones I have (15" and 14") should allow me to play around with simulating an oblong deflector like you have and learning a great deal about how well that configuration works...
  15. I passed on the demo. Not really much incentive to wait for it. I just bought one new in the box. Tom
  16. He wont' void his warranty. KJ sent him the dome thermometer with that intent in mind.
  17. Hi . I LOVE MY ACORN komodo grill. This is the first time cooking a brisket got a split trimmed 5 and a half lb brisket. I tucked the thin end of the brisket into the split of the thicker part. My grill running about 350 with smoker stone and apple wood big chunks and smaller pecan chunks in wood smoker box. I seasoned the brisket overnight . .MY LITTLE EGG SHAPED komodo Acorn will not go below 300 to 350. I'm stalking it. Lol. If I tucked in the thin portion will that matter. Waiting on it to get Bark and plan on putting it in drip pan with onions garlic and I used Gwertzemeiner wine a sweet German wine with apricot and. Peach after taste. I used this with Ribs before and came out good. Waiting on 190 degrees. I'm just wonder If I should unstuck thinner piece before finishing it off in foil line aluminum pan with onions. Will it make a difference in time. I'm a fussy cook. And always hard on myself wondering what I could have done different. Inquireing minds wanna know.
  18. I could check with kJ to make sure you will not void your warranty by drilling the hole, then go for it. You are already on the list for a new dome.
  19. Been reading about and looking at videos of flattop cooking and my two choices are the 22 inch Walmart special Blackstone griddle with stand and top or this griddle that gives me more function here is an short one minute video. INPUT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah this is 14 inch and 194.00 compared to 22 Blackstone with stand and top at Walmart for 147.00. And only the griddle comes with this the other two attachments are extra. Scott
  20. Yesterday
  21. Chasdev, I am glad a checked the activity feed. I had notifications turned off. I did not add any "seasoned ground tomato". I just diluted with water for the desired consistency and did add a bit of chocolate. That was it. Enjoy!
  22. Stuff like this sold at most US Gas stations here on the upper east coast! Scott
  23. Awesome. Did you get the Demo or one in the box? I missed the Road Show in my area and thought I was going to wait, but was able to order from Costco.
  24. Here's what I do but I do it to reduce smoke on the screen porch, not to prevent smoke staining..... As you can see, it got too close to the fire once..but not with a kamado, it was a Weber Smokey Joe.
  25. There is no such rule. We see just as many first time posters coming here to complain about customer service issues. Just keep scrolling if it bugs you.
  26. Wait, I'm supposed to be impressed by a POST COUNT? Really? Bwahahaah! Read the topic header. It says "Classifieds", you know, as in "Sales". The OP came here to sell a Kamado. If he's asking too much, he won't sell it. If he is offering a good deal, then a member here will get a good deal. Let me know when John imposes a "post count" minimum before posting here... or anywhere else. Tom
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