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  3. Cheers! Not to mention the proximity to GA may reduce freight times (possibly...)
  4. The roadshow is swinging through town this week...is the savings worth making the trek out there for a Big Joe 3 (I would have to purchase a membership). After a ton of research ...and years of offset stick scorching, the KJ is my “house-warming” gift to myself ... (though great bbq is a gift for the whole neighborhood ). The Atl grilling co price, linked by @LargeRedJoe seems pretty solid.
  5. Yes that’s what i ended up doing makes more sense butt hen that begs the question why does it swing out at all
  6. Ok another failure at 225. Most of it was overcooked and falling apart as I cut it. Except the section of flat opposite the point, that was like shoe leather. I was probing it quite a bit and starting to wonder what “done” feels like. On the top half near the point, it felt tender for quite a long time, but the opposite end was still tough and springy. So, I thought I would let it go longer until the bottom half felt easier to probe. After 2 hours or so it still wasn’t feeling good but I knew the top half was done long ago and it was probably getting ruined (a theory which proved correct). I did rest it wrapped in paper and a towel in a cooler for a couple hours, pulled it out of there with temp still at 158. An interesting observation that I made was about a 50 degree (!) temp difference at the grate in opposite corners towards the last half of the cook. As I said above, they were pretty consistent once the grill was up to temp initially, but this apparently changed over time as the charcoal burned and shifted to the back. The front right side of the grill, where the end result was shoe leather, was 50 degrees cooler than the back left part of the grill (where the point was). It seemed like the natural hot spot was the back left, but this shifted to back right when the fan was going...which makes sense because that is where the bottom vent aims. How does everybody usually arrange their brisket? Mine was fat cap down, point on, point side towards the back left. I think I am going to do some more tests with 4+ different probes and see what the temperature differences are in different configurations, and see if I can get things distributed a little more evenly. If KJs are just inherently really uneven at low temps, it would be good to know how to best place the meat to even things out. Although I would have guessed having the flat side on the colder side would be ideal, apparently that didn’t help me much. In any case, it seems like reference temperatures that people are talking about when they cook are absolutely useless because it depends entirely which corner on the grill they probe. One person’s 225 can be another person’s 275 or 175 depending which corner you are in! The only thing that is a reliable reference to compare apples to apples is the dome temp. I’m gonna use up some of my cowboy lump (since that tastes like ####) and do some dry run experiments, but I’m curious what others think. I wonder if KJ made the same discovery and this prompted the change to the deeper shape in the KJ Classic III and the slo-roller thing. I do have the KJ ash basket, so maybe I can use the divider that it comes with to light one fire in front and one in back. I usually run without it to make more room for lump. Still though, I’ve seen plenty of youtube vids and forum posts of people cranking out awesome briskets on a KJ classic 2, so it’s definitely possible. I just have to figure out what variable I’ve got wrong here. My cooks are way longer than expected, so that’s probably a clue that I am sampling temp somewhere much cooler.
  7. PS.. dont do it that way. Just lift the center piece out of the kontrol tower when you want full airflow
  8. Yes.. you will likely need some additional gasket material to get the kontrol tower to fit snugly.
  9. Guessing it probably wouldn’t be the same boneless and skinless huh....
  10. Me three. Looks perfect to me. Now I want pizza.
  11. Great way to maximize what's in your refrig. Nice-looking cook by the way.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Great looking pizza. Plain sausage is a favorite of Mrs skreef.
  14. Such an awesome price. Even the 699 I paid is an awesome price. I feel guilty not buying a primo because its US made but I just couldnt get the coin.
  15. Oh that looks amazing.... great pizza
  16. I started the redo of the low-n-slow RO (regular) test. This time I used a full Firebox of lump. Post #4 has the new link to see the test in real time. Will post the final graph and picture sometime tomorrow.
  17. Looks delicious. Everything's better with pepperoni, ham, red peppers, and cheese.
  18. The family wanted Pizza on the kamado for dinner. So for this pie I went to my local Brick Oven Pizza restaurant and purchased the dough from them. Came home and brought the Big Joe up to 600°. I actually picked up a soapstone to sear steaks on it but I figured since I had it I would give Pizza a try. I just loved how it came out. Better than my pizza Stone in my opinion. The crust was nice and crisp and the dough was cooked evenly in perfectly.
  19. Soak it in a tub of water and some PBW (pub wash) it’ll be good as new.
  20. I will indeed - side question John as you know your stuff - I have a brand new gasket fitted to the chimney and original daisy wheel setup was very tight. If I open this fully up so swing the partial venting out the weight of it tilts the hole vent as it’s not tight enough on the chimney - is that normal? I’d need to double gasket or something if so..
  21. I would return the gasket. Honestly that first gasket looks perfectly fine. At the very least, I would not throw it away.
  22. Thanks. Somehow the flavor is all the way to the bone. Leftovers even better.
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