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  2. Our local costco sells these in a cryovac pack. I've picked them up once, tossed them in a sample of argentina seasoning from AGC, and did them hot and fast on my ::gas:: grill, they were pretty good, and i'll do them again one of these days on the joe
  3. I agree with @KismetKamado Do something that you don't do that often.
  4. This place is so bad for me - just ordered one of these! they look a great idea, I’d never heard of them before yesterday. Really looking forward to being able to have a fire out here without tons of smoke billowing off it.
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  6. Hi everyone. I recently got the Kamado Joe Junior and did my first cook with direct heat yesterday. Loving it so far! I want to start cooking with indirect heat and the heat deflector. I'm a bit stuck on options for a drip pan or drip tray though. Any suggestions? I've seen aluminum cake pans and cooking trays suggested. Are those the two options? How deep and wide should they roughly be? Thanks for any advice!
  7. After I have made my pizza’s I close all the vents to “switch off” the kamado. A good 3-4 hours later the Joe is still singing at 150c and I think what could I have cooked in all this wasted heat?! Something that will sit and roast for a few hours or even overnight! I assume potatoes wrapped in foil will roast away quite happily but was hoping for something more substantial for lunch the following day. Has anyone tried anything that worked?
  8. Oh man.... that looks super good! And I agree that the socarrat picture is stunning! Paella is on my list of things to attempt one of these days.
  9. That’s a mighty fine entry! I love to see people attempt something new for a challenge cook. Great job!
  10. I like the smoked meatball idea for something a little different.... but both are definitely winners. Don’t think you can go wrong either way.
  11. Echo what the others have said. I have a Classic III. I used to have a Traeger XL, which I could do a whole hog on but never did. My Classic III works for me and my life but I can totally see how and why someone would need and want the Big Joe. I cook for 4 and have never found my Classic too small for my life.
  12. Smoked meatballs (my original idea) Or tri tip? (maybe it didn't seem special enough because we do this so often)
  13. Welcome to the forum!
  14. I own both the vision pro c and the out boss k24 and can verify the vision works on the pit boss. Vision is actually a smaller vent then what comes with the pit boss and with a single layer of felt it's a perfect fit. I have to use double felt to get the original to work right
  15. Momma is never very far away. I am guessing you even look crosseyed and that little fellow, and your kids as well as the ladies in your hood will make short work of you. Stay safe, my friend, let the feeling pass. had four of those little ones hanging around my place last year. Haven't seen any yet this year.
  16. Yup, ^^^^^^^this. Size all comes down to how many folks you cook for, and also what you like to cook. If you have a family of 4 or more you could use the space. If you have a young family that will probably grow, same deal. If you like big cuts and frequently throw on a 13+ lb brisket, or cook multiple big cut's for parties and such, size will be an issue. If you get an 18" inch grill and find your self running out of room, you will continually kick yourself for not going bigger.It all depends on how many you cook for and what you like to cook. Simple decision, when you come down to it. I cook for two and an occasional gathering of 4 to 6, so the 18" standard large size works well for me.
  17. Welcome @Wmsau! If you’re used to cooking on bigger grills and you are already questioning space, I would go with the Big Joe. But many people love their classic 18” sized kamados.... We are a family of four and I had a classic size and Big Joe sitting side by side. Fired up Big Joe 95% of the time. Eventually gave away the classic sized sized kamado that was sitting next to it.
  18. We don’t actually say that here (against the law in most provinces and two of three territories). Keep that in mind for next time, eh?
  19. It left before I could sharpen the knives and find the bow... No mom or dad seen anywhere. Here's hoping the lil' fella has good genes...
  20. I like Montreal steak rub for just about any cut of beef, especially short ribs. Remember, cook to tenderness, not temp. When a toothpick slips in without resistance, it's chow time!
  21. $599 at Ace Hardware in McKinney TX. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/outdoor-living/grills-and-smokers/charcoal-grills/8400582 If the link doesn't show the correct price make sure that the McKinney location is selected as the others show it for $999.
  22. This has become my go-to rub for beef: 2 tablespoons coarse salt 2 tablespoons ground coffee 2 tablespoons garlic powder 1 tablespoon coarse ground pepper 1 tablespoon onion powder
  23. I like thick topping pizzas that take a bit to cook. To keep my crust from charring on the akorn jr, I make my pizza on a room temp pizza pan and set pan and all on a pizza stone sitting on my grate. Slows down the crust enough until the toppings are done (7 minutes at 550F )
  24. Thanks yeah I read that awhile ago but good to see again. Gives me the thought it’s possible the dough is an issue here and I should go higher hydration. Too bad I suck at math...
  25. There are 2 things to be aware of 1 when you close both vents you will kill the fire and even after the coals go out you will have residual heat in the ceramics. Hard to judge how long the coals will stay lit after closing the vents give them a stir and check for live coals. The size of the fire will sort of determine has long the coals stay lit. Have fun with your Joe. Look around for John Seltzer's book on this site lots of good info.
  26. Using my MacBookPro, with Firefox, I get the image as shown in your top screen shot. Try holding the Command Key and press the 0 (Zero) key on the top. That should get you to the default view. Pressing the Command Key and tapping the + (Plus) key will enlarge the view and it looks like your second image. Holding the Command Key and pressing the - (Minus) key causes the image to get smaller, up to a point. This works in Firefox. and maybe, probably will work with Safari. Give it a try. Just a thought.
  27. Yes that’s the setup I was going off of. Saw yours when I got the canning rack, but don’t have a second stone. Maybe a 10” stone in the bottom of the canning rack would be the key. I have doubts the Akorn deflector covers enough area. It has large gaps on the side that probably let up more heat than would another stone right under the steel.
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