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  2. Yum, never met an oyster I didn't like.
  3. My wife is from Dartmouth, MA, and one of their regional specialties I seek out whenever visiting with her family is the stuffed quahog clams available in nearly every restaurant. We don't get quahogs here but today I finally got around to replicating them with our local oysters and it came out fantastic. I meant for this to be an entry in this month's challenge but I screwed up and forgot to take pictures of my process. I'll enter it nonetheless and hope for some leniency. I didn't carefully research the recipe as I should have. I simply did a search for stuffed quahogs and when I saw the trusted name of Martha Stewart show up, I decided to just follow her method. I regret that, as I should have gone with a source more local to Dartmouth, but it's hard to call something so good a failure. Since I failed to get pictures, I'll just post Martha's recipe and note where I did things a bit different. https://www.marthastewart.com/1159436/stuffed-quahogs For starters, the obvious fact that I substituted oysters for quahogs. Since fathers day was a small affair with just my parents, my wife and myself and this was just an appetizer for the clams my wife prepared for our entree, I halved the recipe. The only parts I did inside were toasting the bread in the oven and sauteing the chorizo on the stovetop. In Dartmouth, where there's a large Portuguese population making wonderful contributions to the local cuisine, they would be using linguisa rather than the chorizo but chorizo is a very adequate substitute. With everything prepped, I streamed the oysters in my Lodge Dutch oven sitting in the accessory rack on my KJ. Martha calls for just 2/3 cups of water here but I went through at least two cups before being satisfied that the oysters were cooked and to still have enough oyster juice left over to flavor the stuffing. Once that was done, I used the Dutch oven again to sautee the onions, garlic and pepper flakes. Mixing everything together for the stuffing, I realized one mistake that I'll adjust for in the future. Martha uses cubed bread, toasted dry, but the Dartmouth style I'm accustomed to uses breadcrumbs and everything blends together in a kind of homogenous cake texture rather than the Martha style Thanksgiving stuffing texture. Next time I'll toss the bread in the food processor to make crumbs and possibly increase the egg ratio to get more of a sticky cake to work with. Once everything was blended, I stuffed the shells and heated them on the kamado indirect at about 350F until it had just started to brown. I remembered to take photos only once I got them on the grill, so here are a couple shots precooked, and one finished money shot. I didn't keep enough of the shells to handle all the stuffing so some of it ended up cooking in one of the little crocks we use for French onion soup. Nothing wrong with Martha's recipe at all and this was outstanding as is, but I'll be adjusting as noted in the future.
  4. My local Lowe’s has big block for $19 a bag. I picked up 40 pound bags of B&B Oak lump today at Academy Sports for $14.96, hope it’s good, got two bags!
  5. Nice, I used to go to Ocala for work quite often when I lived in Florida, have to check this out when we go to visit mom and dad. If you want to eat some awesome wings, or so I’m told they are, check out Crunchies and Munchies in Ocala, a friend of mine who lives here and is from Ocala is friends with the owners and said they are the best he’s ever had.
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  7. Harvested the first of our cherries today and we should be getting them for another couple of weeks. Not the superior Rainier but a great variety nonetheless, a deep red whose name escapes me at the moment.
  8. I will say that A brisket is from kamado and B brisket from electric.
  9. That looks really good, I've read the recipe many times but have never tried to do it yet.
  10. That's a pretty cool setup., you'll definitely have to let us know how it is next time you get down that way.
  11. I’m saying because of the lack of smoke ring that A was on the kamado
  12. Welcome to the Guru, great looking setup and some tasty looking food you've got there.
  13. About 5 years ago one of my neighbors up the road asked me if I wanted some fig and plum trees. So he gave me 5 trees and I planted them. Funniest looking figs ever......look just like your rainier cherries. Now I have 2 of the largest rainier cherry trees that are going to put out a bumper crop this year for the first time. But they won't be on for another 4-5 weeks. Further north and west of Georgia, colder.
  14. That looks fantastic. Store but rub it homemade?
  15. Oh yes - it tastes as good as it looks...
  16. Great looking pictures and nice looking table/cart.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Enjoy the photos. I made Grilled Chicken Salmoriglio on my kamado tonight, Roasted indirect and then seared for two minutes. Then after resting Salmoriglio sauce which I thickened with Ultra Sperse was put over top of rested chicken.
  19. The spec's say those weigh over 3,000 lbs. That's really got to hold the heat well.
  20. TY @keeperovdeflame for the links. It looked like a really awesome oven. Next time we visit my sister we will be eating pizza on the way down.
  21. It’s flat delicious! Good for keto diets, no sugar, just great taste.
  22. It's Raneir Cherry season again. They are a hybrid cherry with very limited harvest. You will only be able to get them another 2 weeks or so. Get em while you can. If you've never had a Raneir cherry they are super sweet and taste more like a peach than a cherry. Mother Nature's finest candy. Do yourself a favor and get some while you can. Warning: Raneir Cherries are extremely addictive - you've been warned 6 lbs Just shy of 5 lbs. Pitted, cut in half, and ready for the first freezer stage.
  23. That looks outstanding. Can’t find banana leaves around here or I would totally be trying this.
  24. Love tthem dogs-WoofWoof-lol Scott
  25. Did a little summer cleaning. Everything packed on the porch: 19" table top KK 16" table top KK BBQ storage Sm 2 burner griddle Covered single stove burner LG Konro Yakatori grill sitting down in picnic table. Primo Oval Jr with storage drawers underneath. Standing on the porch looking out is the Wood Fired Oven.
  26. How hot were you cooking? Generally if something sticks after oiling the grid(basket) then its not ready to flip. Maybe try canola or peanut oil that has a higher flash value
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