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  2. Sounds like you have an air leak in the top vent. Regardless of brand of kamado if you shut down the top vent nothing should be leaking out of there.
  3. Hi- So does this device make it more like convection cooking? Is it meant to be used for every smoke or just certain foods? Allison
  4. Woo ring from the ceramic grill store and 16” pizza stone from Broil King via Amazon used as a diverter. I also found a 16” aluminum cake pan at Hobby Lobby to protect my stone from drips. Also I’d get this wood grill scraper : https://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Scrape-Woody-Paddle-Grill-Scraper/597461006 from Walmart and ditch any you’ve got that use steel wires.
  5. I’m obsessed. Can’t stop. What are your recommended accessories or additions?
  6. And we're all done. Turned out to be a great brisket the pork loin also turned out primo. And the pork Looking forward to this for the near future!
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  8. The rib spritz I used tonight had imitation butter, white wine vinegar, and apple juice. How long do you think it would stay good for?? Refrigerated or not refrigerated?
  9. Thank you so much! My wife told me tonight, “honey, your ribs have only gotten better each and every time I’ve made them, and that still holds true. These are your best yet!”
  10. I've never done anything like this before. Is that liquid just beer along with the brats, peppers and onions?
  11. Great write up and the end product looks fantastic! I've never smoked ribs that quickly, I'll definitely give it a shot next time. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Those looked fantastic! Congrats on the cook and I've done the umbrella improv a time or two as well.
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  14. Looks fantastic! I've been cooking more Asian dishes lately, now I have something else to try.
  15. Looking great on the Primo.
  16. Alright guys, I got my wish today and got to smoke me some ribs. I came home home last night and pulled the membrane off and added kosher salt, and then I wrapped it all up in plastic wrap for the day. Then I made the run.... this is morning I opened up the ribs and added the rub. it it started raining so the mrs had this idea. I noticed quite a difference in my grill temp and my thermometer so so after a hour i began spritzing my ribs every 15 mins for two hours. At the three hour hour mark I pulled them off, added them to a aluminum pan and added 1 cup of apple juice. another hour on the smoker covered; taken out and added the homemade bbq sauce..... and back into the smoker for 30; brought it in to rest for 10 minutes. just look ..... mmmmmmmm, nothing happened here officer :-). What evidence??? Thank you for lookin.
  17. Started phase two of today's adventure. This is a hunk of pork loin cured for almost 2 weeks, added white pepper to the cure. We'll use this for breakfast, sammies, snacks and the like.
  18. Just checked this out at my fiends house. Now to find out if the smoke n sear will fit an older KJ Big Joe stand alone
  19. Yeah mate this had, soy, star anise, 5 spice, fresh garlic, gin and other stuff I can’t remember right now (had no fresh ginger unfortunately) flavour was close but not right as yet.
  20. Coming from an Akorn, when I would shut the top vent little to no smoke would leak out unless it was very hot. With my new Classic B Series, when I close the top vent all the way smoke continues to roll out of it. I've tried tightening the screw inside but it still happens even if the vent is to tight to adjust. Is this normal with this grill and I am not use to it, or is something up with my top vent?
  21. So just revisiting this thread a year later. I would not have bought the Ruixin Pro. Many of it's screws no longer tighten. They just reach a point just shy of snug and then spin endlessly. The suction cup also is totally worthless at this point. Sharpening is no a little like chasing a roller coaster as the unit shifts underneath you while attempting to sharpen. I guess I could salvage it by attempting to secure it to a board. or table but at this point, I think I'm just going to move on to stones...
  22. That looks pretty tasty already.
  23. I've done a few pork butts for 10-12 hours and could have have easily gone another 5-6. I was pretty surprised at how much charcoal was left. FYI, I've been using Kamado Big Block.
  24. Son came home for Easter and helped me unpack it and set it up. Gonna be another week or so before I can use it.
  25. have you tried here? https://www.bjscountrymarket.com/product-category/ceramic-grill-store/
  26. I use Royal Oak. Did 3-2-1 ribs last week and still had quite a bit of charcoal left after 6 hours.
  27. Most folks want brisket cooked to about 205. Probe tender is the goal, but generally speaking that happens north of 200 degrees. At 175 you will never have probe tender meat. Listen to Phil and CK. I think your temp range should be more like 225 to 275. 175 just won’t do.
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