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  2. Thank you. There should be no liquid in the pan. In picture 4 you can see all the liquid that had escaped.
  3. That looks amazing! I couldn’t tell you had any glitch. I am not familiar with the technique but will look it up.
  4. My first time trying to do Chinese Beggar’s Chicken. The bread cover was made with 1 kg of salt so that it would get hard when baked. You can see that I had a small hole that developed in bottom where lots of liquid escaped during last 2 hours of baking. Had it not leaked the chicken would have had brownish colour instead of whiteish colour. I have to roll it a little thicker
  5. Can this kamado be lumped in with the Akorn?
  6. To those not familiar, it's very similar to pastrami, though the seasonings are a bit different. There are a number of pastrami threads that come up. The process would be similar.
  7. It was a bulk cook weekend, freezer is packed. Have a new idea/project that will be revealed soon. Ever bought one of those pre-marinaded bags of meat? So many variety available of the "30 minute marinade", beef, chicken, fish, pork and more!
  8. Oh man - that’s what I’m talking about! Awesome looking pulled pork and great idea to knock out some chicken breasts while you were at it.
  9. So a few weeks in, several cooks. Works a lot better than I expected for $270ish. But I am a bit unhappy at the amount of leakage. I can see how to beef up the gasket between the top and bottom. But when it rains (and sadly, in the Greater Denver area, rain during or just after a cook is pretty common), even when the cook is completed ... top and "bottom" vents completely closed .... I'm finding water in the bottom and just inside the "bottom" vent. Due to the lack of air tightness, it's taking many hours for the temp to fall ...so just tossing the cover over it seems dicey (who wants melted material all over? That would be worse than the bloody marketing sticker ....). Anyone worked out a way to beef up the vent seals?
  10. And it's almost down the hatch. It's delicious. Pulled at 202 I. T. Also tossed some chicken breast on for next weeks dinners, 2 cilantro lime and sesame garlic. Pulled them at 155 I.T. (will be reheated later). Served with fresh chopped Tabasco peppers and sweet relish. Yum!
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. Currently at 27:00. Time to go to bed. Hopefully the alarm will wake me otherwise I'll figure it out in the morning.
  13. Thanks for that! Great instructions for a newbie... Here's a question for ya, I assume it would be ok if I installed a new gasket on the older base and it wouldn't have a problem "pairing" with the brand new stock gasket that should be on the new lid?? I would assume they don't NEED to match but maybe that's a bad assumption?
  14. I had to ask them to do that - I have a family of five but asked them to trim it for seven people. I requested a smaller size as the only brisket in Costco was 85 bucks and the size of a football field.. here are some pics of Florence Meats - my new favourite butcher :-))
  15. As requested, a picture from our second DoJoe cook. We’re using parchment paper instead of a floured peel with great success with thin crust pizzas! I also tried waiting for the DoJoe to cool a bit then removing it and extinguishing the fire. I won’t be doing that again; it was still too hot to handle safely after a couple of hours, and the charcoal saved was insignificant.
  16. Spent yesterday building a table for a new kamado. Build went pretty smooth, took a couple hours and a good buddy to get it finished. I put the KJ on the ledge for now so I can use the table until the new one arrives.
  17. Taking some inspiration from this one. Grabbed a pork shoulder myself yesterday with a work cook in mind. Been too long since I did one, and yours looks fantastic. Hope mine looks half this good.
  18. Welcome to Blaze ownership!
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