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  2. I emailed them also. They told me that they only have 2 models and they are 5.5 inch and 5.875 inch. Say they dont know anything about the LA Grill model. I dont know what the measurement is on the top vent but just looking at it I can imagine that our top vent is larger than that.
  3. Thanks. Oh, not to mention the "juice" left in the jar either in liquid form, cooled off a bit after removal from the bath, or chilled to a jelly is delicious... and of course the liquid is a great health food ! One of my favorite bonuses of the straight sided or tapered mason jar method. One challenge with the jars is packing it tight to avoid air pockets in the finished product. I see from your result you mastered that. You need to make some pressed meat cold cuts next. Especially a "cured" beef loaf using chuck roast. Or a "cured" & "boiled" ham loaf using pork butt. I can post my starting point recipes if you are interested.
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  5. I have a different take on sauce, many might balk at it but I'll post. Works well for us, I usually make thin or cracker crust pizza and as @ckreef said, for thin crust pizza less is more. Pizza can be delicate from a flavor POV. Just like a good tamale I want to taste those flavors and not mask it with a heavy sauce but instead compliment it. Two 15 OZ cans of plain tomato sauce One 1/2 TB of dried Oregano One 1/2 TB of dried Basil Two ts of garlic powder Blend well and leave in the fridge overnight or longer. Get fancy and simmer it for 30 minutes first. It's simple and tastes good.
  6. philpom

    Cotto salami

    The mason jar idea is genius
  7. Welcome to Kamado Guru Simon, there is lots of great information here and someone is always ready to help.
  8. hey howzit braddah! Smoked meat goes well with Orion lol. and to the original post, get a temp controller and forget about it!
  9. Welcome to the forum, lots of new coming your way in June! Hope you enjoy all of it.
  10. Rockwood lump is on sale @ Ace for $19.99/20 lb bag. I bought a bag to test out in January for $24.99 and that seems to be the going rate. I enjoyed it in January and I'll probably pick up a few bags this time around. Doesn't seem nearly as popular as KJ and Fogo, but for the price this seems like a pretty good buy.
  11. Hey all, Lots of good information in this thread. Another item that has helped me is the BBQ Dragon battery operated fan, it will get your temps rising quickly. Used directly for getting the fire growing or in the bottom vent to increase the draft. The combo of a propane torch and the Dragon has reduced my heat up times significantly. If doing a hot cook, I will also remove the ash pan for increased airflow until I need to start closing vents to keep the temp from climbing further.
  12. Picked up a Louisville grill aka pit boss from Costco on the weekend..never cooked on one b4 so can’t wait to start and going be checking out here for tips and tricks
  13. If it's some kind of pan or deep dish I like it saucy. Saucy will ruin a super thin pizza. I don't cook many regular thin crust pizzas.
  14. When I order store bought pizza, I like extra sauce. I’m probably in the minority here, but for some reason I like saucy pizza
  15. I like butterflying the butt out in one long piece (pinwheel type cut) and then cutting the pieces to size.
  16. Great looking cook! My current setup has a ThermaQ Blue monitor for my dome temperature and the CyberQ grate probe will be directly opposite from where I start the fire. I do have a ThermaQ long (8") meat probe that I could probably dangle down from the top vent. Will explore that idea before I do my butt cook this weekend. My original thought was stick that in the meat along with the CyberQ meat probe. Hmmmm, options.....
  17. Proper Neapolitan pizza (by definition) has to be cooked in a 900F oven in 60-90 seconds. But that’s a bit by the by... The sort of pizza that cooks well at 450 would be ruined in a 900 oven, just as much as a proper Neapolitan one won’t come out right in a domestic oven.
  18. Our panel of esteemed experts gives this cook a very enthusiastic 5 stars.
  19. your thread makes me wanna start burning through different type of lumps in my Akorn to make it smell differently...that "too familiar" smell needs some refreshment. It seems that every time I cook a brisket it'll smell like beef for daaaayz.
  20. @BPYLE88 I emailed them a few months ago, and they said they have no intention on making one for the Pit Boss/LA Grills K24. We need to hammer them with more emails asking for one. I dislike the coarseness of the K24 top vent.
  21. I just measured mine. Inside diameter 5 3/4". I came up with an interesting solution for the Primo Oval Jr, check out the link. Might work for other situations.
  22. Yeah, this was my first try and I didn't cut the pork large enough. I was only able to get 2 lbs if the 4 lbs of scraps I had on this spit.
  23. Hopefully you registered your grill when you got it and Vision has digital records of that. Another way to get evidence of purchase is to contact your credit card company for a copy of the transaction given you used a credit card.
  24. Do they say what the inside diameter is?
  25. TY Daz. I have a ways to go before that thread is complete but I'll get there slowly but surely. Can't wait until I get to the South American lumps at the end of the low-n-slow. A couple of them did really good with the 500* test and hopefully will be equally impressive with their low-n-slow performance.
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