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    So I pulled the trigger on the Kamado Joe Classic 1. For me, the firebox is a non issue really. Life time warranty so if it breaks it will be replaced. Gasket for me is also a non issue as it’s easy to replace when it wears out years down the road. The air hinge is a nice luxury. The Kontrol top is only $60 if I decide to replace it. So the money I am saving will be worth it to me. Thank you for your responses. I appreciate your time, insight and help.
  3. 1. - If you put in anything cool/cold into a preheated grill you will get a temp drop as the new item heat soaks. Try not to adjust anything if your grill was stable prior, it will rebound fine. I know its tempting I started out the same fiddling with adjustments when I saw that temp drop. This includes a large chunk of cold meat, deflector, etc. Also, maybe I'm just overly cautious, but I avoid putting cool ceramics into a hot grill. I always try and bring them up to temp with the kamado, just in the off chance it causes cracking, also you have that additional thermal mass in there to help with stabilizing when you put in the cold meat. When I was first running an electric smoker I put in some ceramic floor tiles and a sand filled to water pan to assist with heat soak and stabilizing temps, same idea but to a greater degree with your ceramic kamado once its soaked. 2. - Every grill is different, everyone runs theirs different, and can be different depending on how much lump is lit, how much lump is in bowl, and external cooking conditions. Mine personally for 250* the bottom vent is open like the thickness of two stacked matchsticks, maybe one if it has a direct wind. I usually pizza cook with bottom vent about 1/3 - 1/2 open. Enjoy and keep it up!
  4. I love every bit of how you did that! Looks fantastic. Outstanding entry!
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  6. That's probably it, I know that if i'm making pizza, i'm having friends over and we're churning them out. I've always found it easier to make one big batch of dough than a small batch, one big thing of sauce, etc etc etc. Also, cold pizza is good
  7. I live 20 minutes from Perdido Key Beach.
  8. Ahhhhh, there is a little arrow I needed to hit.
  9. Welcome to the forum, nice looking cook! Best of luck with the brisket.
  10. looks good, Did you get your pot from lidl? what size is it? I managed to get one from lidl but it was an oval one:)
  11. I spent another hour on it last night, loosening the hinge cap nuts off the band did nothing for extra adjustment. I have found when I reinstalled the springs it caused a slight uneven gap at front from the spring pressure. What I ended up doing was overcompensating the rear gap by loosened the bottom band and laying a 1/4" piece of wood trim across the back of the kettle and closed the lid so it propped up the back but was sitting tight on front, causing the band to be low on the front and high on the back of the kettle, then tightened up the bolt. Then loosened the top band with the wood still in there and that band wanted to be high on front and low on back of the lid, so tightened there. It closes much more level now after putting the springs back on, I am much happier with the gap all the way around.
  12. I’m probably just going to embarrass myself, but, is there still an intro section? I can’t find it anymore.
  13. One thing I did notice whilst using the deflectors is the obvious area where the drippings fell and it depends on the rotation of the rotisserie. In this case the bird rotated in a clockwise direction (looking from the motor on the left) and you can clearly see the drippings fell to the rear. So if you bank the coals and want to avoid flareups/fat smoke check the direction of rotation. Switching the motor on and off changes it. In my cook, had I not used deflectors, I should have banked the coals to the front and put a drip pan to the rear. The other option is to only use one deflector either over the coals or as a support for a drip pan. Learn something new every day!
  14. I agree with you on the water equals weight concept. Moisture left in lump is wood that was not fully carbonized which will smoke a good bit more coming to temp as it burns off that moisture. Those lumps will have less volume due to the water but..... With lump charcoal mostly what I've found is weight v. Volume is mainly the density of the original wood used to make the lump. The more dense the original wood the harder the lump, which in the end gives you less volume for a given weight. The general rule of smaller bag for the same weight equals denser lump applies almost all the time although I'm sure there are some exceptions. BTW - nice looking pizza!
  15. welcome to the forum. Check out the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself!!
  16. Manufactured parts are sometimes faulty. The original poster said he tested 4 thermos in boiling water. If all four were close/verified, then the dome temp should of been the same as the Flame Boss if it was clipped to the dome thermo. He just needs to the remove the dome thermo and calibrate it and verify it in boiling water like he did the others. I think his Flame Boss did what it was supposed to do and the meat cook time doesn’t seem unreasonable. Many things can be done such as wrapping or bumping up the temp from 230° to speed things along.
  17. You clearly have a handle on your system. I'm just throwing spaghetti on wall to see if something sticks. Temp swings suck and they keep you up at night on overnight cooks. I'm sure you will figure it out. BTW my daughter who is a senior at LSU drives past you on her way to her boyfriends family condo at Perdido Key beach.
  18. Hi FP - I'm thinking of getting the Akorn Jr, but I saw on their amazon listing the damper adjustment chart goes up to 450 -- i want to sear above 450, and elsewhere it says 700. practically speaking, how hot does the akorn jr get? what are it's plusses and minuses compared to the kj jr - both regarding heat and all other aspects? Thanks!! -Neal
  19. watch out, Toast is comin' for y'all!!
  20. Running off of dome temp. is fine once you know your grill and understand the temp. deltas between the grate and dome for the type of setup you are using. I almost miss-timed a pulled pork cook for a party because I didn't know that that same setup on my KJ Classic resulted in a 25 degree delta between dome and grate temp. inside the area of the drip pan where the food was cooking and 50 degrees on my BGE XL. For a beginner IMO dome temp. is much easier to go by because they have yet to learn that where you place the grate probe matters and can give misleading readings. Another thing I hear a lot is how someones dome thermometer is way off, I've yet to check one of mine and have it actually be off. The thermometer is usually accurately reading the temp. of where in the grill it sits.
  21. I usually just cook off the gunk and hit the grate with a wire brush but I clean the top vent with Traeger All Natural cleaner and that stuff is awesome!! I can't understand how those ingredients can work so well.
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