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  2. At this point I'm 3 or 4 chicken cooks, 2 flat iron steaks and probably 3 hamburger cooks. I think your wife was on the right track. Everything cooked on this grill just has a nice campfire smoked taste. It's just different (and better). I'm finally starting to get a good grip on coal/fire management so things come out better and the cook goes along easier/smoother. Also sitting around drinking a bear watching the fire heat up is an added bonus. This style grill is definitely not for everyone. If you live in the right place, like playing with fire, and have the patience to learn new techniques then you would enjoy an Argentina style grill. The people on the internet using this type of grill with charcoal is missing out on a large part of the experience. You could do charcoal grilling in a webber.
  3. This has been fun as hell to keep up on. Thanks for the time and effort. Newbie to the kamado game. There is a brand called The Grove Charcoal Company from Cedar Grove, WI about 20 minutes from my house. Not sure how wide their market is, but I've read good and not so good reviews on it. Anyone else ever try it or use it?
  4. Cuisinart should change the name to multi purpose rack. I’ve never been tempted to grill a hard taco shell for any reason.
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  6. Gents, Wanted to see if anyone has tried to spin 2 birds at the same time on the Classic using the Joetisserie. I think it will work but wanted to check in with the brain trust to see if cook evenness is an issue along with space on the rod. Thanks in advance!
  7. I actually did 3 cooks for this month's grilling Challenge. The first one was a Flat Iron steak cooked on the Nuke Delta grill. It tasted really good but the pictures sucked so I held that one back. The second challenge cook was a peach glazed pork tenderloin cooked on my 19" Komodo Kamado. One of our family favorites. Once again it tasted great but the pictures sucked. Since there was still plenty of time left in the month I held that one back also. Finally this Sunday I tried a new recipe. Rosemary Peach Chicken. Cooked on the Nuke Delta grill. I managed the grill properly, it tasted fantastic, and the pictures came out decent. I figured go with it so I posted that as my entry. The nice thing about multiple challenge attempts is we got to eat some good meals along the way.
  8. Rosemary, Peaches, and Chicken thighs with a white wine pan sauce, mozzarella and bacon. Cooked on the Nuke Delta grill. Fire up the Nuke Delta. Wood to the side for extra coals later in the cook. Slide the Grill Grates over and sear some peaches and thighs. Once the peaches and thighs have a good sear put them down in the warming area. Slide the Grill Grates out of the way and add the standard grate. Cook down some bacon. Remove the bacon and set aside. Add the thighs and deglaze the pan with white wine. Add some chicken stock, the peaches and some mozzarella. Close the lid on the Nuke Delta and finish cooking/thickening the sauce. What a fantastic meal. Bright, fresh flavors. This cook will go into our summer rotation. The Nuke Delta grill definitely has a learning curve but I'm a quick study.
  9. My iPhone auto correct does crazy things with this forum editor for some reason, but yeah, that’s bad, thanks. Thanks I know how to use google with a generic search term, the whole purpose of being here is to talk to other enthusiasts and get their first hand experience at using Kamado and the recipes they personally tried or know to be the best from other enthusiasts. I could understand if you said google it if I asked for a technical spec, cmon this is a forum to discuss things.
  10. I hope you went over to the Biltong Bar while you were there. Theirs is often said to be better than the Biltong in South Africa. How much per pound was that brisket? Florence is sort of pricey aren't they? Awesome job on the cook!!!
  11. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=montreal+smoked+meat+recipe Kamado Big Joe not Kannada, just sayin'
  12. Looks good. I had to look up the technique, then look back here at you post to see if you had used mud to encase the chicken. Good choice on a dough encasement instead. Sort of like a Beef Wellington, I'd guess. Nice job, always interesting to see different cooking techniques from other cultures adapted to the grill.
  13. Thank you. There should be no liquid in the pan. In picture 4 you can see all the liquid that had escaped.
  14. That looks amazing! I couldn’t tell you had any glitch. I am not familiar with the technique but will look it up.
  15. My first time trying to do Chinese Beggar’s Chicken. The bread cover was made with 1 kg of salt so that it would get hard when baked. You can see that I had a small hole that developed in bottom where lots of liquid escaped during last 2 hours of baking. Had it not leaked the chicken would have had brownish colour instead of whiteish colour. I have to roll it a little thicker
  16. Can this kamado be lumped in with the Akorn?
  17. To those not familiar, it's very similar to pastrami, though the seasonings are a bit different. There are a number of pastrami threads that come up. The process would be similar.
  18. It was a bulk cook weekend, freezer is packed. Have a new idea/project that will be revealed soon. Ever bought one of those pre-marinaded bags of meat? So many variety available of the "30 minute marinade", beef, chicken, fish, pork and more!
  19. Oh man - that’s what I’m talking about! Awesome looking pulled pork and great idea to knock out some chicken breasts while you were at it.
  20. So a few weeks in, several cooks. Works a lot better than I expected for $270ish. But I am a bit unhappy at the amount of leakage. I can see how to beef up the gasket between the top and bottom. But when it rains (and sadly, in the Greater Denver area, rain during or just after a cook is pretty common), even when the cook is completed ... top and "bottom" vents completely closed .... I'm finding water in the bottom and just inside the "bottom" vent. Due to the lack of air tightness, it's taking many hours for the temp to fall ...so just tossing the cover over it seems dicey (who wants melted material all over? That would be worse than the bloody marketing sticker ....). Anyone worked out a way to beef up the vent seals?
  21. And it's almost down the hatch. It's delicious. Pulled at 202 I. T. Also tossed some chicken breast on for next weeks dinners, 2 cilantro lime and sesame garlic. Pulled them at 155 I.T. (will be reheated later). Served with fresh chopped Tabasco peppers and sweet relish. Yum!
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