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  2. As always the food looks awesome. Seems like you found a gem of a campground. I love pull throughs and no doubt they have spared multiple marital squabbles after a long day of driving. Seen too many of those in my travels as a couple is trying to back in after arriving late. If you and the Mrs like the waterborne activities after the Covid stuff is in the rear view mirror and you have some time and are willing to travel checkout the Ichetucknee River near Ft White Fl. You tube this river and there are campgrounds in the vicinity.
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  4. Today I just picked up a Bag of 30 pounds of Royal Oak for $17 from Walmart. It looked like they had just received it.
  5. daninpd

    Pork Belly

    I like your small scoring and your temps, good looking cook. I'm going to do that. Thanks!
  6. LJS

    Pork Belly

    Hello Kamado Peeps, I made the best pork belly ever with smoke flavour as well as 100% perfect crackling. Take your pork belly and do a lot more scoring on the skin and if you have one of those goodies with lots of spikes then spike the skin. Then ladle boiling water over the skin about 10-15 time to make sure the skin has boiled up a little. Pat dry and then place skin side down on a bed of salt, leave in fridge for 12-24 hours. After that just wipe the salt off the skin and add your favorite rub on the meat side. Cook indirect heat at 200-220°C until internal Temp is at 75°C perfection. Keep smoking
  7. Get ready to can. You will be having fantastic pizza next January.
  8. Home Depot seems to always have R O lump $12.99 a bag.
  9. Where's all the lump charcoal at Walmart? I've been using Royal oak for 3 years and never had a problem. Hasn't been on shelves since before June. Dam covid...
  10. Welcome from a LSU product. Don't let that turn you off, this is a great forum and place for ideas. Both to find and share..
  11. As long was weather cooperates I should have decent harvest of San Marzano Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes towards end of August to middle of September. On mistake I made was I should have watched more closely when it was a lot smaller to prune regularly. I am pruning regularly but for indeterminate it is now very bushy because I didn’t prune regularly when it was much smaller, I should have checked everyday.
  12. Just bought the spider and the cast iron griddle makes a great deflector for smoking. The woo ring would be a bit more versatile but it is a tad more expensive. They both are stainless steel so they will last quite a while.
  13. Pretty much the same here, I had a cheap offset charcoal smoker that I picked up from Walmart for $100. It was OK for what I had spent on it, but I was never too excited with it as it required frequent babysitting and delivered only mediocre results. I was has more than happy with the performance and have been having a great time with my kamado. So far I consider it one of the best things I've ever bought based on the results and the amount of fun I'm having using it.
  14. Welcome aboard from north of the border. My one time in MS stays in my dreams constantly. Spent a few days fishing at Waverly Waters, a short haul from your place. I hope to get back there some day!
  15. Is it not possible to get a replacement from Pit Boss? If not, consider the fact that Pit Boss is one of the newer Kamado companies who use Auplex ceramic components. Vision, Louisiana,Browning, etc are just some of the companies using Auplex components. So again if you can't get a fire box from Pit Boss, I would think your best bet would be to check with those companies who use Auplex components to find a replacement. Also important is the fact the kettle and dome tapper is also a factor. For example the kettle and dome tapper of a KJ is different to that of a Vision or a Pit Boss. Actually when you compare classic sized kamados the Vision and the Large BGE are almost identical. I would go to a dealer that sells multiple kamado brands and take my tape measure.
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  17. Greeting from Mississippi. Long time Grill Master / home cook, first time Kamando owner. I have used the same grill for literally the last 20 years (Tigrett Steel grill from Tupelo, MS) and a Pit Barrel for the last couple of years. When old faithful finally rusted out, I move to the Kamado Joe classic a out a month ago. I cook a lot of wild game and the usual pork/chicken/beef. I post a lot of meals on my Instagram if anyone is interested (IG: chaddacus).
  18. If memory serves me, (and sometimes it's a crap shoot) the Pit Boss is 24" outside diameter, the BJ is 24" inside diameter. Get a hold of Dansens I believe and let them know. Perhaps someone that is a little better up to date with Pit Boss might chime in. Also if you got it at Costco, you might try that venue also. Good luck and welcome aboard.
  19. Went for a quick weekend outing at Ohoopee River Campground, Lyons, GA. About 1 1/2 hours from the house. A new private campground (2 years old). Huge sites averaging 100' long x 40'-50' wide. All of them are pull throughs. They rent kayaks and drop you off up river for a 3 hour drift down the river back to the campground. We stopped along the way for a nice picnic lunch in the shade. Just there for 2 nights. Bistro Cut beef medallions, parmesan noodles, and cream corn. Leg quarters, potatoes, beans, and ciabatta bread with a sun dried tomato dipping sauce made with 18 year aged balsamic vinegar. We had a great time and will go back soon to do the river float again before the water gets cold.
  20. How? I did them in a 2-barrel stick-burner for years before discovering Kamados. I found clay was easier, and I can finally do a good flat. Frank
  21. The difference is Classic II vs Classic I; both are Big Joes if they're 24s. I have Classic I. Everything inside is compatible between the two, or upgradable under warranty if it fails (firebox ring). There's also a Classic III that's different inside. Classic II comes with an upgraded gas spring hinge-gasket-latch system that avoids the issue with spring fatigue in the original Big Joe hinge. It's nice; the lid lifts itself, but you have to latch it and be nice to the thick gasket. You also get an upgraded top vent with a hat so rain can't get in? I didn't see the point of this change.... Stay well, Frank
  22. Hi Can anyone please help me, I have a Kamado Grill with 140mm External Diameter vent hood once the standard cast Daisey wheel has been removed, I'm looking to replace with smokeware ss vented chimney cap , could anyone advise me on the correct one to purchase.
  23. I really like the rub I used. Got a nice smoke ring too.
  24. Glad your lamb came out great A word of warning the pizza you make may spoil you for store bought pizza. This is from the pizza post
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