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  2. Update: I emailed Inkbird and they said to check some settings and short the probe terminals. It should then read +/-5° of ambient temperature. It did and I have sent that information to the company. We will see. I'm very excited to use this rig! The fan I ordered fits nearly perfectly in lower damper. You just close the vent and it holds it in place. So, it might burn up, but it was $10. I will figure out how to keep it cooler if heat causes it to fail. It's just too easy. The pic depicts the issue of the high reading. It goes lower when the probe is heated on either polarity. Of course, if I was determined to use it I could set it to maintain a low temperature (freezer mode) and work off the temperature it's reading when I have it stabilized. Butt that's Bush League! MTF
  3. Definitely a Keeper indeed! Beautiful as always. And a lot of great bold flavors there - wish I had been able to sample it.
  4. I love that it's still a steak. Just amped up. The char is great, but the evenness is amazing.
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  6. Awesome meal. TY sweetie. Great entry.
  7. Great cook and great entry. It's too bad Flank Steak is hard to come by where I live.
  8. They all look delish. My problem is never the flavor, I get that pretty good. If I have issues with ribs its related to the cooking process. I use salt (not too much), pepper, onion and garlic powder and brown sugar. Before I had my Kamado, I used my oven and a few times I added a tiny bit of corn syrup to the sauce and it did some magic to crisp it up which I love. It is very difficult to clean once it drips onto something and bakes in so be careful if you ever use the corn syrup. Which one of your 4 is your favorite?
  9. That looks fantastic. Flank steak is one of my favorites, such a wonderful beefy taste. When cooked properly few steaks taste better.
  10. The cheese covered up all the stuffing, so here's what it looked like. On the kamado Da money shot Just amazingly tender and flavorful. Wife couldn't believe it started as a poor cut. I am thinking the secret is the salt level. Too little and the flavor is lacking, to much and, well you know, but if you hit it right, Wow.The olives help with the salt level so it is not all the kosher salt in the rub. But I did add a bit more than I usually do. The cheese, olives, and sun dried tomatoes are wonderful.Highly recommend you try this. Remember because you roll this you have the possibility of bacteria not only on the outer surface but internal like with ground beef. I took it to 150 and then pulled it. IMO cooked through but still moist and flavorful. Probably depends on the thickness of your steak. Definitely a Keeper.
  11. I’ve had the normal Lodge cast iron pans for about 13 years and they works great. I think I’ve only re-seasoned it once and that was because my ex used to coat it too heavy with oil and it went rancid. I used crisco to season after that. I cook all kinds of eggs in all kids of way with it every weekend. Love them!
  12. +1 on the kick ash basket
  13. Yesterday
  14. looks great. I know this is a kamado challenge, but try this . Season the flat iron. put it in a pan with a little oil and cook until it is close to the temp you like. Pour in some red wine, and crumbled up blue cheese. get that all melted up, carve the steak as pictured and pour the funky purple gravy over it. Next to filet, probably the GF's favorite, and most requested steak.
  15. The Kick Ash Basket and the KJ Soapstone...and am currently trying to get someone to talk me into the iKamand...LOL
  16. Looks fantastic, perfectly cooked. The pico throws it over the top!
  17. I've always found "new" seasoning is not as non-stick as "earned" seasoning. The more I abuse it, the better and tougher it seems to get.
  18. Mine is warped significantly more than that. This ring will still hold your firebox together. It may also eventually straighten itself back out. Trust me.. it will work. Put it back on and just toss your warranty replacement in storage when it arrives.
  19. Covered everything with sliced havarti, Only thing left to do before my cook is to tie this sucker up Now I'll sprinkle on some rub and put it on the grill with a two zone set up this afternoon. Probably light the fire around 3 my time. Check back if your interested.
  20. Been thinking I should throw together a cook for this month's steak challenge. Went to the market this morning and saw all the usual suspects, Rib Eye, T Bone, Tri Tip, Fillet, and so on. Then I saw the humble Flank Steak and thought well that might be unique among the other entries and decided to go for it. Brought it home, sliced it thin and then pounded it flat Made a marinade of red wine, olive oil, lemon juice, Kosher salt, crushed garlic, dried onion, oregono and Dijon mustard and put it in the fridge for a couple hours. Next comes the stuffing. Greek olives, sun dried tomatoes, sliced red onion, flat leaf parsley, feta and havarti cheese. Add the stuffing to the steak
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