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  2. A secondary thermometer that measures temp where the meat is will be one of the best investments you make, and will make you more successful. I have seen temp differences between 10-65F between the dome and grate, and this can vary throughout a long cook. Buy one! You won't be disappointed.
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  4. I prefer to swing it full open. In that way I don't have a loose piece to keep track of.
  5. I agree, steam it first then use a stick blender to get it smooth, add a little cream as needed. Good stuff!
  6. My spot “ain’t all that,” but I can absolutely guarantee that nobody here is happier with their spot than I am with mine. After 3 years of rolling this thing (and 15 years of rolling various other grills & smokers) in & out of the garage at my previous house, as soon as we looked at this house I said to my wife, “The space at the foot of back stairs in MINE!”
  7. CTB ... you proved prophetic. I made the trek to Costco. They Had the Big Joe for a pretty nice deal (not the III) but after getting some of the “add-ons” like sloroller and cover... the price is a couple hundred more for the III from AGC (with the sturdier cart). So I am going to try AGC. But I did walk out with 3 bags of 30 lb big block at 21.99 each... ... and 3 TVs for an Airbnb we are setting up will update once Big Joe III is nested, tested and rested on the back deck.
  8. I put the deflector all the way down if i'm smoking stack them on top of each other down low for indirect cooking, and on that star circle thing up high for fantastic pizza. But to each his own way, peruse this web site for more info lots of knowledge here.
  9. My firebox broke in to 3 pieces a few years ago. I used a masonry drill bit and drilled a series of holes up and down each crack and "stitched" it back together with stainless steel wire. Used large pliers so I could pull it very tight. Still cooking away on it and my new firebox is in the garage just waiting for it's turn. Curious to see how your fix holds. I would use the repaired one and keep the new one in reserve.
  10. Just salt and pepper; true Texas style. With that being said, I bought whole peppercorn and ground it to the size I wanted so it added that extra oomph. Highly recommend!
  11. Dang it! Correct link is https://atlantagrillcompany.com/ Still showing $185 for the Joetisserie
  12. There are two different ways of controlling that I typically see: 1. Light your starter, leave the dome open for around 10min and start control. 2. Light your starter, leave the dome open for around 10min and adjust your vents to get to the desired temperature. Once you have stabilized temperature, engage the fan and let the control do its thing. Both methods will eventually settled you to the desired temperature. 1/8 of an inch is a good start for the top vent. I suggest the first time to start with sufficient coal (a lot), and well ahead of time. In this way you will understand how your cooker/controller combo behaves. I do have the Fireboard + Pit Viper set myself, and use it in a Big Joe. Go back to the first page on this thread for more details on it. Cheers
  13. The locking lid is not available for the 1st gen. KJ. I absolutely love my upgrade to the mesh gasket. Wouldn't want to live with it now. Main reason: in the past anything cleaning the felt after spills resulted in some damage to the felt– with the mesh, it's wipe and go...
  14. There are plenty of other reasons to purchase a Costco membership. You walk in there with no particular purchase in mind and walk out with all kinds of ... 'stuff'... you never knew you needed...
  15. Thanks guys!!! Was actually thinking of adding kale to the cabbage initally. Might try that next time.
  16. Well folks a low-n-slow burn at 250* for 18 hours and 44 minutes using RO (regular) in the Primo Oval Jr. Graph and leftover picture in post #4. Can't wait to try out the harder lumps later this summer.
  17. I agree it doesn't need to swing out and i was against that during the design process but it happened anyway.
  18. thermometers can drive you nuts (short trip for me sometimes) I've been smoking and grilling for about 35 years, and found a few things out . 1: Location,Location, Location. on my classic 2 the thermometer is not at grate level so it will most likely read different than the grate temp. usually every so often i'll put a thermometer on the grate and compare the two. If it's 20 degrees off then next time you cook use it as a reference next time i cook. if i'm doing a long smoke i use a grill thermometer 2: in direct sunlight heating the dome thermometer it can affect the reading of it. 3: the bimetal thermometer will never be as accurate as a thermistor probe. i don't want to admit how i found this out but when you buy a probe check the rating on the probe and the temp rating ON THE CORD some do melt at a lower temp that the probe rating. And above all else enjoy your grill
  19. Your link is just linking back to this thread fyi. Curious about that deal though.
  20. I also started pulling the center piece when the pivot point got gunked up and froze shut. Johns video on high heat cleaning fixed that but i still lift the center piece out, and it will get hot fast with it off. Don't understand why it pivots unless it's for the users that are used to the old stye.
  21. If you're having trouble with the brisket, you could always separate the flat and point. I was trying to read through all you posts as far as technique goes. Seems like you're changing things for the better (e.g. probing for doneness vs. relying on temperatures).
  22. About the new mesh gasket vs the standard I have on my First Gen KJ. And the locking lid of the 2nd gen. Can that be upgraded? Is it worth the trouble? Thanks in advance. Ben in N.C.
  23. I like to get pork ribs that are around 2 lbs. I like the way they cook/smoke. I do baby back ribs. I remove the membrane and do not turn mine. Bone side down the whole cook 225 to 250. I stay away from big racks of baby backs. I will buy the whole side of the rib from time to time, butt that is a whole different cook. I use a dry rub. Spray bottle ASV/AJ. Finish with a glaze of BBQ something I make. Usually sweet and sticky. I bend the rib and pull the whole rib through the sauce. No moping, no brushing. Back on after grill gets to 300 till glaze is set.
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