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  2. I have fed 150 people from a 3' x 5' Santa Maria style grill at my local saddle club. I would not sign up to feed more than 10 to 12 cooking on my Joe Classic. And John is right about trying to overcrowd yardbirds on your spinner.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Good luck feeding 25+ guests anything with a Classic sized KJ. Do you have a vacuum food sealer? If you do I would recommend trying to cook things in advance and then vacuum seal them. I would also recommend doing Boston Butts for such a large party. If you can seal the pork you can just put the bags in some hot, but not boiling water and heat them to serving temps. They will come out just fine and you will have enough food to feed everyone.
  4. Well I got impatient and ordered the KJ Classic from Amazon, figured at $699 its still a good deal. thanks
  5. I did some tests with my Fireboard probes and a hole gauge. The probe cable small end diameter is 5/16-inch. A small end and a probe cable require a 3/8-inch hole. A small end and two probe cables require a 7/16-inch hole. It’s likely that I’ll often have two food probes and a pit probe in use, so I concluded that I’ll need a 7/16-inch hole. That’s too large for the front corners. I’ll drill a new 7/16-inch hole in the top, slightly to the rear of the control knob. I welcome your thoughts.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't do two rounds of rotisserie chicken.... I'd do pork butts if you want to go easy and have consistent results. I am not familiar with how much grate space the classic has, but some rib roasts are also a great crowd pleaser
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  8. I have used various interpritations of DerHuskers recipe listed above. its freaking awesome. one thing I always stick to is an i.t of above 210. I think I found 212 to be the sweet spot.
  9. Cool guys! Good info and I love creme brulee!
  10. To be clear, are you talking about the felt gasket that sits on the lip of the bowl and on the lip of the dome? Or the gasket material that encircles the dome and bowl on the sides to cushion the bands? What grill do you have?
  11. I need a bite. just one bite. m mmm.
  12. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new KJC3. I don't have any advise on how to feed 25+ people a main course from an 18" grill. Have you considered making an appetizer to just give them a taste of smoke? Let us know what you decide and how it comes out. Best of luck and enjoy the time with the family!
  13. Subjecting products to 2.5X maximum operating temperature in order to reveal failure modes no customer will ever see is specious regardless the result. It's not something the OP needs to worry about. Frank
  14. Great looking pie! Where's the ice cream???
  15. Welcome to the forum and another vote for the Costco chickens. We were faced with a similar situation this past summer and even though I have enough cook space to do 5 or 6 chickens, we decided to go the Costco route. It's also cheaper in the long run. Maybe think about using your new KJ for cooking some appetizers such as wings, ABT's, etc.
  16. Was thinking about cooking 3 skewered through the sides next to each other and then resting the chicken in a very low temp oven. Then I can get the last three on. Anyone else attempted that? i have done 3 cooks already and have previous experience on a side smoker
  17. You might be able to get 4 chickens in the classic in an upright position like beer can chicken but I'd make sure you have the process down before you attempt that cook with a large crowd waiting in the wings. That still leaves you 2 chickens short.
  18. +1 on Costco's chickens. They are pretty good and are larger and cheaper than the usual supermarket rotisserie birds. If you want to show them the kamado why not cook a pork belly to make into pork belly burnt ends as appetizers/snacks? These are popular. That and a couple of different sauces plus a box of toothpicks and you will be showing them something they won't likely cook at home.
  19. 2 chickens is really crowded on a classic rotisserie.
  20. How close is your nearest Costco? I hear the rotisserie chicken there is pretty good.
  21. Hi all, recently purchased a KAMADO Classic 3 with a JT. Got the whole of the wife’s family (25) coming for a pre Christmas party and have decided to try and cook 6 rotisserie chickens. thinking 2 cooks of 3 chickens each time. Any thoughts? tips? prayers?
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