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    A little behind the scenes to my Instagram post. Sunday I smoked two small chuck roasts for about 4 hours at 250 Then I put them in foil in beef broth and aromatics and let them braise for another four hours. After two hours FTC these were ready to serve. I fried up the onions and served on fresh buns with American cheddar, horseradish mayo and Au jus will deffinetly be doing this again
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    Steel Head Trout in Grandma Pan

    I got me a nice piece of Steel Head Trout. I actually like it better than salmon. It's not as tall as salmon so it doesn't have the thin belly meat. Gave it a nice lemon Pesto topping. Cooked it in my 19" KK on the upper grate in my new Grandma pan. It was a gorgeous piece of fish. Below that on the main grate was some baked potatoes and homemade stuffed scallops. Slid right off the pan and onto the serving platter without a care in the world. I really like Lloyd Pans.
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    Where do I even begin.... Honestly..... I have seen these types of comments a million times, and I have said it myself just as many times. Today..... well today is different and I am once again about to post that I have made the best (chicken wings) that I have ever made. Sure sure sure we have heard it all before. But I want to share this technique with all of you because it is as close to deep fried wings that I have ever had on the grill. I live very very close to buffalo and consider myself a chicken wing aficionado. I have had about every type of chicken wing that you could imagine and have been really enjoying the lemon pepper these days. So today I decided to experiment and I came up with a wing that was the very best that I have produced to date. Here is what I did: shook the wings with AP flour to coat them. Let them sit while my Traeger heated up. 45 minute cook at 165° on super smoke 45 minutes cook at 350° 15 minute cook at 425° these came off the grill crispy like a deep fried wing. They had a crunch to them and incredibly juicy with smoke penetration on the meat. Put them in a bowl and hit them with with a half squeeze of lemon. Then a liberal coating of lemon pepper seasoning. I still cant get over how incredibly deliscious these were. You can see how golden brown they turned out. Made another batch with my home made poultry rub and they came out really good as well. The colour on them were top notch. If you are looking for a great wing idea give these a go.
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    Beef Shorties

    Ran the Big Joe at 175c (350f) water pan, spritzed ever 20 min (ish) after the bark had set. No wrap until the rest. Total cook time was 5 hours. I usually run at 150c but wanted to test it at 175c. Bloody beautiful!!
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    This started out when I purchased a 20 lb turkey and put it in the freezer many months ago. I finally decided it was time to do something with it as it was taking up valuable room and coming up on 10 months or so. As my wife asked, what possessed me to buy a 20 lb turkey? I couldn't resist the price, which came to all of $11.60. Not wanting to spatchcock it or roast it whole, I looked into other methods of preparation. A few videos had me convinced it wouldn't be all that difficult turning this into a boneless turkey. I've never attempted doing so before, so I might as well give it a shot. De-boning took about 30 or 40 minutes, but the carcass and leg and thigh bones were out. I took the wings off completely. All the parts went into the stockpot and turned into turkey broth which is in the freezer. One floppy turkey, having lost its fight with my butcher knife - Got out the trusty needlenose pliers and removed all those tendons - The intent is to get all the meat somewhat uniform in thickness, so a few slices here and there and it's ready for seasoning. Seasoning was S&P and Plowboys Yardbird, inside and out. What to stuff it with? A Sausage and Bread Stuffing with some Spinach. Looks tasty already - Now for the fun part. Rolling and tying this beast. Somehow I managed - The Goldens' gets the call today. I put the searing plate in and got the temps stable between 375 - 425. And on it goes - I remembered I had a bag of cranberries in the freezer. You can't have a Turkey dinner without Cranberry Sauce. Since I started making my own, I'll never go back to the canned stuff. Cranberries getting happy - The Turkey Roll looking quite good out on the Goldens' - Done and resting - A slice through the white meat center - Rather than having roasted sweet potatoes I decided to make Baked Sweet Potato Fries. For something different other than steamed or roasted Green Beans, the Green Beans were sauteed with garlic and bacon. Plated. Nothing like a Thanksgiving Dinner on St Patrick's Day - What more could you ask for? Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans w/ Garlic & Bacon and Sweet Potato Fries - A slice through the dark meat section of the roll - This was quite the challenge, but well worth it. Removing the bones of a whole turkey was something I'd never done before. But the results turned out excellent and it was nice simply being able to carve the turkey like you would a roast. Thanks for checking out this post and following along with today's Sunday Dinner preparation. Regards, -lunchman
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    Bacon America Great Again

    Made bacon for the second time , came out great. Bought a 10lb pork belly from Costco. Three different flavors : maple , Sriracha honey , finally Bookers Bourbon and maple . They were all delicious and had very distinct profiles. Basic 7 day dry cure , 24 hour drying to form a pellicle , and hickory smoke in the Joe at 225 degrees about 2 1/2 hours until bacon hit 150 degrees. The hand slicing was a pain , I'll be looking for a slicer soon. Once you do this , it will be hard to eat store bought bacon again.
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    40oz Dry-Aged Porterhouse

    Folks. This was good. Salted and sous vide in the Anova for 4 hours at 129F. Hot and fast sear in a bubbling butter bath, and lets marvel at that medium rare magic .
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    I was a little late getting my cook up on instagram for the national Chili day hash tag so curious what you cooked, recipes you like etc. I did a chili blanco with smoked chicken, coal roasted hot peppers and onions and fried prosciutto garnish. Love this recipe https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/chili-blanco/ My favourite Chili is this recipe given its excessive use of hot peppers that I grow, smoke to dehydrate and preserve and use throughout winter, it’s the red one in the two photos below https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/our-favorite-texas-beef-chili-51249010
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    Ginger Beer Beef Cheeks

    Hi everyone, I did a quick little video on beef cheeks yesterday. There are so many ways to cook these magical little parcels of goodness, I’m going to do a bunch of different videos on other techniques in the future. Cheers
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    Brisket - North Dakota Style

    Yesterday we had a brisket injected and seasoned but it was 10 below out with -35º to -45º windchills. Whatever, just a chilly inconvenience… drum smoker set up using other grills, table and snow bank as a wind break. ----- Just before wrapping the brisket ----- sliced ----- This brisket was popping with flavor! Thanks for looking!
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    Some recent posts with the Trompo King in another forum got me thinking about a contraption I'd purchased many years ago (2010 or so) when I first bought the Bubba Keg. One of the guys in the Big Steel Keg forum had bought one and it looked like something I'd make use of - a Chicken Swing. No, not this - (Who knew chickens had their own swings?) This - I'd stopped using it since the thumbscrew that holds this piece on the rod via friction fit was no longer threading properly so yesterday I cut threads into the end of the rod as an alternate solution and added a giant washer - The chicken usually sits on the four rods that stick out from that piece, but when making tonite's dinner I'll be using the round tray onto which I'll be stacking meat for Gyros. It's lined with foil and will collect any juices. The chicken swing never fit on the Bubba Keg since the Keg doesn't have sufficient height in its dome. It did fit on the Cypress Kamado and fortunately it fits just fine on the Goldens' since the dome is tall. Here it is without the tray. The tray doesn't come with the swing, it's just something I added to try my hand at Gyros - I made some Gyro seasoning yesterday - The meats are marinating in the fridge until they're ready to stack later today. I'll be using pork, beef and turkey. I know lamb is traditional but it's not a favorite of the Mrs. The pork getting happy - Along with this I've got dough rising for Pita Bread. Like I did with the Naan bread a few days ago, these may get grilled in cast iron on the stove rather than firing up the Bubba Keg. We'll see. Having only made this once before many years ago, this will be an interesting afternoon experiment. Yes, the meat is stacked but the stack doesn't turn like a vertical rotisserie does and the fire is beneath the meat rather than to the side. This turned out decently way back when, I expect it to turn out well again today. Fingers crossed. About 2 hours in - Ready for slicing - Ready to serve with the Pita bread, tomatoes, red peppers, avocado, olives and the Tzatziki sauces (one with yogurt, the other with sour cream) - After carving off some meat, the stack goes back out on the grill so the meat at the center can be grilled to proper doneness - Back inside after another 10 minutes or so on the grill - Some nice layering of beef, pork and turkey - The taste was excellent. The marinade I used wasn't overpowering, but gave the meat a nice flavor. The Pita breads were pillowy soft and a perfect complement to the dish. Thanks for checking out this post and today's experiment with the revamped Chicken Swing and Gyros on the Goldens' Cast Iron. Regards, -lunchman
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    A Quick Apple Pie

    Due to the winter storm, work closed at noon today. I really didn't have all that much to do after work and decided to bake a pie on the kamado. This was an apple pie with an oatmeal crumble topping. It baked at 375F for just under an hour. Thanks for looking.
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    corned beef brisket (not pastrami)

    Did as I said. The temp crept up to 275 and 290 a few times, but I was able to get it back down. In the end, it was perfect. The fat on it was like candy. It was great. Thanks to those who offered support.
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    John Setzler

    Man Cave Meals Rubs

    Yes... this is my own blatant self promotion, but it's something I have been looking forward to for quite a while now! This is something I have been wanting to do for a LONG time and it has finally been done. The three rub recipes I use here in the Man Cave for my own cooking are finally going to hit the streets in a partnership with Atlanta Grill Company the first week of March! Pre-orders: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/collections/man-cave-meals The Man Cave AP Mojo: This all-purpose seasoning is based on a common blend of salt, pepper, and garlic that explores an extra level of umami by an addition of a small blend of MSG, worcestershire powder, mustard powder and traces of cayenne pepper. I use this blend as a general purpose seasoning for just about anything. I also like to use it as a base for my Man Cave Pork Mojo on ribs and butts. The Man Cave Beef Mojo: The Man Cave Beef Mojo expands on the Man Cave AP Mojo with the addition of some bold flavors of coffee, cumin, rosemary, and thyme with a dash of brown sugar to help create that awesome bark on a brisket or beef ribs. This blend works well on any kind of beef. I also tossed in an extra pinch of cayenne pepper here. The cayenne here and in the AP blend is what I like to call a 'wakeup' addition. You can't really taste the cayenne for it's heat. It's just creating a wakeup call The Man Cave Pork Mojo: The Man Cave Pork Mojo is also derived from the Man Cave AP Mojo. This rub takes a much different direction with an addition of brown sugar, paprika, cinnamon and ground clove to bring some sweet earthiness to your pork projects. I love using this blend on top of a small coating of the AP Mojo on ribs, butts, and about any other pork cook you might imagine. #ManCaveMeals #ManCaveMojo
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    BB Ribs with Butcher Paper

    I like the way these ribs came out, they were as moist as the last ones I did and even had a really nice crispness in some parts. For a side dish I cut up some potatoes (russets) and drizzled some EVOO and sprinkled with the same rub I made for the ribs and added a teeny bit of cayenne. I love cayenne on potatoes. They were super awesome, what a great meal! I am not sure I saw any benefit to using the butcher paper but it was a good experiment.
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    While cooking dinner on my trusty Webber gasser, on a beautiful evening after a busy day, I started thinking about this post. I selected the Weber to cook the evenings dinner, mostly out of convenience as I was tired and hungry and wanted a good but quick dinner for my wife and I. As I prepped dinner and began cooking on the Weber, I started thinking about how I was approaching the cook on the trusty gasser, actually came from how I have learned to cook on my Egg over the years. Temps, methods / techniques, confidence, all pretty much have come from cooking on the Egg and reading posts on KG. How I cook now, is quite a bit different from how I cooked on my first gas grill 40 years ago. The food that comes off my webber these days tastes pretty much like what I cook on the Egg, and while I very much prefer cooking on the Egg, the Weber definitely has it place. If you approach it's use correctly you can turn out just as amazing a dish as you can on your kamado. I started out with some asparagus and heirloom carrots dressed with olive oil garlic, herbs, sea salt and pepper in a little cast iron pan with holes in the bottom I found on the BBQ sale table at True Value. When I started out BBQing I never used pans or any kind of accessory, I also really didn't stagger my cooks based on what I was cooking and everything just went on the grate at the same time. The next component in the evenings dinner was a couple of salmon fillets cut to about 4oz each. They got a quick sear over direct flame until they were nicely marked. When I started out cooking on a grill, pretty much everything came out over cooked and a bit dry. In the case of salmon, the FDA recommends that it should be taken to 140 deg IT. However, an older guy named Andy taught me as he cooked some scallops that 120 deg is perfect for fish and other seafood, so thats what I do now. I made some honey mustard sauce I stole and copied from a restaurant in town. The salmons IT was at about 90 to 100 when I flipped it over, and brushed it with the mustard and honey mixture. I use Guldens spicy brown mustard and mesquite honey. No measuring just mix the two components adding more of one and than the other until you like how it tastes. Any kind of glaze with natural sugars can burn easily so keep an eye on it and don't flip it face down. With heat it will form up harden up a bit to form a tacky crust. I used to just pile stuff on a plate, thinking you taste with your mouth so whats the difference in how it looks. However, after participating in a bunch of challenges on the forum, I have come to understand that a lot of what you taste starts with what you see. I made a little tomato and avocado salad with some slivered red onion, olive oil, balsamic, and multicolored tomatoes to go with the asparagus and heirloom carrots. Arrange it all on the plate like I was setting up for a photo. Dinner is served. In closing thoughts: My experience of cooking on a kamado, needing to understand using fire and air to create hot, warm, and less warm spots on the grill and how food reacts when cooking and all the little pieces of cooking knowledge I have picked up on KG, has made me a much different kind of backyard cook than I used to be. Once you learn how to cook over fire, I think you can turn out a great meal no matter what your cooking on. So don't be to quick to kick that gasser to the curb, it has it's place.
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    Steak Shakshuka on the Primo Oval Jr

    Shakshuka is basically eggs poached in a tomato sauce. I doubt you could ever find 2 identical recipes on the web. Shakshuka is more a general concept not a specific recipe. If you want to try it just find a recipe that sounds right for your tastes and go with it. I found one to try then added some steak to it because steak and eggs just work together. I previously did a high heat, fast sear on a few large chunks of NY strip steak. Got the outside seared a little bit but kept the inside rare since it will get some more cooking time in the end. The basic ingredients. I wanted to roast the garlic and tomatoes. I fired the Oval Jr up and let it get heat soaked at 500*. Here they are prepped for roasting. 40 minutes later I pulled the tomatoes. I kept the garlic on for an additional 15 minutes. I should have pulled it when I pulled the tomatoes. @shuley this next section is for you and a few other Guru's who had that Ah Ha! Light bulb goes off in your head moment - you know the thread I'm talking about. So the Oval Jr has a raging fire and is sitting at 500*. What I now need is a small fire at 350*. Most people's brain tells then to close the vents down to a sliver and open the dome to let some heat out but that procedure doesn't really work to good. By closing both vents to a sliver it will get you a smaller fire but you are keeping all the heat trapped in the kamado. By opening the dome you are letting heat out but you're also letting oxygen in which keeps feeding the fire. Let me suggest an alternative. Bottom vent at just a sliver. What you would need for a 350* fire or a bit less. Keep the dome shut the entire time but fully open the top vent. The open top vent allows the heat to escape and the sliver of the bottom vent will shut the coals down but keeping enough oxygen for your new target temperature. Now just be patient. Go inside like I did and prep the rest of the meal. One hour later I went from a raging 500* fire to a small 360* fire. Close enough time to move on. I started by softening some onions for a while with a bit of olive oil. I added the spices and the pastes and cooked that for a few minutes. Added the peppers and softened them for a while. I then added the chopped up roasted tomatoes and garlic along with a few other raw tomatoes. I cooked that down for a while until I had a md thick sauce. I then added the steak. I used a spoon to make some wells in the sauce and added the eggs. I covered it and back on. After a few minutes I added some blue cheese. A couple more minutes and this is what you get. Looks like a mess but it sure taste good. You do want to pull it a minute or two early. By the time you get it inside and serve it those eggs will keep cooking a bit more. It's a sort of long cook but a fun and tasty one none the less. Give it a try one day.
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    I decided to make a summer meal favourite to shake the winter blues with 4 weeks of cold miserable weather. Grilled Mango Chicken and Farro. This was actually a very labour intense meal with a lot of prep work being done in the morning. I used my Vitamix blender to make a mango sauce and marinade for the chicken. Mango Sauce (Blended) - 1/2 cup of Chicken Broth - 1//2 of Orange Juice - 3 cloves of Garlic - 3 tablespoons of fresh grated ginger - 1 Knorr Gelitan Bullion Cup (don’t use cubes) - Cup of Fresh Mango Cook in a Pot later - Add 3 1/2 teaspoon of Cornstarch in cold water add to thicken sauce as you cook it over the stove. Marinade Blended - 1 Cup of Pineapple - 1 Cup of Chicken Broth - 1/4 cup of Burbon of your choice - 3 teaspoons of brown sugar - 1/2 cup of Mango - A sprinkle of Dizzy Pig Pineapple Rub Ser Chicken in Fridge for 8 hours or more in Marinade The Instant Pot was used for the Farro. The Chicken was spun at 400 F on the Big Joetisserie. The Vegetables, Purple onions, diced mango and red peppers were done in Lodge double handle pan and the Zucchini was grilled next door to the pan. The light reflecting off the snow banks makes the Zuchinni glow like it’s radio active. Relax it’s just a bizzare lighting effect cause by my led lighting and reflections from a high pile of snow behind the grill as pictured below. The result is oddly glowing nuclear Zucchini when photographed. I plated everything up in layers like a professional chef topping it off with a dash of fresh cilantro. This was a marathon. The combination of an Instant Pot, a Kamado Joe and a Vitamix did make things a little easier. I can imagine it would’ve taken another hour without the Vitamix and Instant Pot in the mix.
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    More photos
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    John Setzler

    Competition Chili

    I have decided to enter a chili coo-off in a couple weeks so I'm doing a trial run of my recipe today. Here's the recipe I came up with to try... I have since tweaked this recipe just a bit by changing the chipotle powder to 2 T and I'll be adding an additional T of ground cumin in part 3. The cumin is freshly ground from cumin seed in a mortar and pestle. That aromatic value can't be bought in ground cumin...
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    This beast was delivered last Monday and I've had only one dry day until today. It's been killing me!! First smoke of many to come. Started with ribs and then decided to throw some pork loin a little later.
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    John Setzler

    Competition Chili

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    John Setzler

    Good for your heart

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    John Setzler

    Vintage Cast Iron

    So.. I managed to breathe new life into a 50+ year old pan. I am happy with the results so I will start looking for another iron pan restoration project soon...
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    Pork ribs w/spiced rum glaze

    Mrs philpom asked me yesterday if I'd like to cook ribs tomorrow and of course I said, "yes". I found a couple of rib racks in the beer fridge ready to go. I used Crystal Louisiana hot sauce as a binder. Hit them well with some house pork rub and some extra black pepper. This cook was done on the Primo with sanora lump, apple wood and ran at about 235 average for the duration. Spritzed with apple cider vinegar every 30 to 50 minutes. At the end I brushed on a spiced rum glaze and gave them about 20 minutes for it to set. Good stuff. Finger licking good!
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    Two pizzas tonight

    2nd pizza , was more traditional homemade red sauce , fresh mozzarella , Italian sausage , pepperoni , and capocolla ham , topped with shaved parmesan . 500 degrees 12 minutes as well .
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    Chicken Shawarma

    For a throwdown in one of the other forums: Chicken Shawarma and Naan Bread Yes, I've previously posted a Chicken Shawarma and Naan Bread cook in this forum, but sometimes a dish is just worth another posting. This is one of those dishes that I love making. It's fun to prepare, easy to grill and as always, is outstanding. This morning I removed the bones from eight chicken thighs. The recipe calls for skinless, boneless thighs but I left the skin on for this cook. I prepared the marinade and brushed it on the chicken pieces - Then into the fridge for the day. In the meantime I prepared the dough for the Naan bread, this time making two batches - You can never have too much Naan bread. They rose quite nicely through the day. Rather than trying to manage two grills like I usually do, Mrs lunchman was in charge of grilling the Naan in two cast iron skillets on the stove. The pressure was on. Actually, I think I got the easier of the two jobs, though I did help with the Naan while she was cutting and rolling the pieces and having fun with flour. The chicken thighs placed on the Goldens' - And after about 30-40 minutes, they're ready to come off - Some are cut into thin strips - All the fixin's - (Shredded lettuce, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, guac and the sour cream/cumin/lemon juice mix (usually made with yogurt, but we like sour cream) A Naan bread all set to eat with the chicken and filling - Money shot - That's it. Thanks for checking in on tonite's dinner! Regards, -lunchman
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    Thank you ... enclosed is my cooking spot
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    Boneless Beef Short Ribs

    Here’s some short ribs that we did on the Traeger Ranger on Sunday. Ranger packs a great hit of smoke flavor!
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    Wifire Pork!!

    Threw a couple of butts on the Timbo 850 today testing out some pitboss competition blend pellets today. Trying to use up a bottle of meat church honey bacon that I had. out & about all day, nice!
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    Traeger Chicago Deep Dish

    I felt like making some dough so I figured why not do a deep dish. Knocked the dough down twice then plavced in the fridge for 24 hours. My wife isnt a fan of the traditional method with fresh sausage, so we mix things up a bit. San Marzano tomato’s lightly diced and I added a small amount of Italian seasoning. Sautéed the mushroom and let the peppers and olives dry a bit to avoid water in the pie. Stacked mozerella, pepperoni, topping and then my sauce. Baked on the traeger @450° for approx 40 min. Added my pizza stone to the T while it was heating up to help with baking the crust on the bottom.
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    Lamb Ribs

    Hi everyone, here is a video I did on the weekend. Not sure how readily available lamb ribs are in America, but if you can get your hands on them, I strongly recommend giving them a try! Cheers
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    Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings

    I wanted to make some onion rings on the Joe but haven't gotten brave enough to fry stuff on that thing. So, bacon wrapped onion rings left to simmer/fry at 350 on individual tin foil islands before being turned out on the grill and brushed several times with barbecue sauce. Had a potato baking on the grill with the onions, split that and dressed it with butter, blue cheese and a sprinkle of cotija cheese. Had that for lunch while I watched the LSU-Tennessee game I taped from this morning. Great lunch and LSU won. Perfect.
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    New Big Joe

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    Cooked a couple pies

    Been feeling the urge to make Pizza pretty strong over the last few weeks. While browsing BBQ goodies on line, I saw this little fire accelerator. Made by a company called FiAir. Just a simple little battery powered fan that blows a gentle but quite consistent air current. I lit two fire cubes in a full load of lump, let them take, and then closed the lid. I pointed the FiAir fan at the fully open bottom vent with the top vent fully open as well. This little gizmo actually worked and raised my temp to 550 in about 20 min. Not as efficient or quick as the old hair dryers I have used before, but also did not blow as much ash up on to my stone as the stronger wattage hair dryer does. I will keep playing with it. It cost 20 something on Amazon. Mushroom, Goat Cheese, and Prosciutto. Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Tomatoe Paste, and Oregano. You will never catch me cooking a Pie without at least one IPA, heres today featured brew. This is "Fall Of Troy" from Belching Beaver out of Ocean Side Cali. Truly delicious stuff. First time I tried it, but I was confident because I have never had a beer from Belching Beaver I did not truly enjoy. Fall of Troy was reportedly a mistake during brewing, however the finished beer was so popular in the tasting room that it gained entry into to the Belching Beaver Hall of Shame.
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    Maaa, Meatloaf

    Topped off with some homemade BGQue Sauce and back on for 15 minutes. Lunches are done for the week.
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    Brahman Hump on the Jr

    Tried my first Brahman hump last night. Spun it on my Jr for 3.5 hours @ 300f. Unbelievable flavour!! Veggies from the classic.
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    First cook on my new Big Joe.

    I got the chance to try out my new Kamado Big Joe this weekend. It's last year's model with the air lift hinge the new one is just way too expensive and looks a bit funny to my eyes. So I thought I'd try something easy and did a Spatchcock chicken, no brine, but i patted dry the skin and left it uncovered in the fridge for a few hours. Normally i make my own rubs but was short of time so seasoned with Big Poppa's Desert Gold . I used a chunk of Apple wood. I think temps were about 350-375 and I cooked it direct, i did flip it to get a bit more crisp on the skin. Think it was on for about 1 1/4 hours and I threw in some jerk chicken legs for the last 40 minutes. It was probably the juiciest, most moist chicken I've ever cooked. And the Desert Gold was delicious, not overpowering and very savoury. I didn't even get a chance to dish it up before the kids had pretty much devoured it all! The jerk chicken was fantastic as well. Having done plenty of smoking and grilling on my Weber kettles and a fair bit on a UDS I found the Kamado Joe pretty simple to adapt to. For the first cook I probably didn't load enough charcoal in and i think that made the temp less stable. On my second cook I pretty much filled the basket and started a small fire in the centre and let it go with the lid ajar for 10 minutes or so as it was really windy, then i added a chunk of chestnut and a chunk orange, fitted the diffusers and the x-rack and it got to my target temp of 325 really smoothly. I then added a drip tray filled with sliced potatoes, garlic and lamb stock and a splash of white wine. I let it cook for 30 minutes then basted every 15 minutes with a glaze and a herb brush. It was an Adam Perry Lang recipe. It came out great although I do find some of Adam Perry Lang's recipes and indeed a lot of US recipes too sweet for my tastes. I think the honey in the glaze overpowered the lamb and I think next time I'll stick to my old favourites of anchovies, garlic and rosemary stuffed into little cuts in the lamb and olive oil and S+P. It had a great smoke ring though. The Big Joe cooked everything beautifully though. I was amazed how stable the temps were once i'd got it settled in. It fluctuated between 323 and 327f with me needing to do absolutely nothing. Coming from a kettle I felt a little bit unneccessary! I was also very impressed with the dome thermometer, i'd placed my maverick at the grate and the dome temp was pretty much the same. I agonised for months over which size to get but am very glad i went with the Big Joe. I like to cook lots of side dishes at the same time and the huge grill space will be so useful. I used to end up have two kettles running much of the time. I am so chuffed with the Big Joe and can't wait to get more experience with it. I'm going to do some grilling next and will get around to pulled pork and ribs soon. Cheers Dave
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    Traeger Lollipop Chicken

    First time making these.... way more prep prep than I cared for, however, I was very pleased with the end result. Smoked them for 45 min at 165° super smoke then cranked them to 350° for 45 min and finished them at 425° sauced. I will make them again... soon!
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    O C

    New Traeger Pro D2 575

    I bought a new Traeger Pro D2 575. Much happier with it so far than I was with the Davy Crockett. Not without its own issues, but so far the pros outweigh any cons. I added a bottom shelf and a cutting board on the hopper and some magnetic hooks. May end up buying a front shelf if I can't come up with a DIY one (I think the stock shelf is overpriced). But I also have the rolling microwave cart I was using for the Davy Crockett available now. Good sturdy construction, easy assembly. Wifi connection is superb. Love having the hopper cleanout feature. Plenty of room! I was cooking two meals Sunday, some chicken breasts and mushrooms for a lasagne for that night, and some chicken thighs for making chili Tuesday night. Lasagne on at 350 degrees. But the grill reads too high. When it says 350, its more like 300. But, at least it is consistently inaccurate, so I just set 50 degrees higher. It holds a very stable temp. It turned out pretty good Had the garlic bread on the grill too. I think I'll be much happier with the size of this grill.
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    Prime Grade Brisket Point

    Seasoned with Folgers & Traegers Prime Rib Rub.... stay tuned!
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    Pulled Pork

    So I had Smokey working overtime today. I started with Dan’s famous bacon wrapped onion rings. While doing that, I through a nice size butt on that I rubbed last night.
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    Pulled Pork

    Forgot to pot the pic
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    Lamb back strap

    All though these are a very quick cook, I did a sear on my half moon cast iron grill and then finished off indirect tonight. One with a tree bark rub and the other with salt n pepper and then topped with seeded mustard and Harrisa.
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    Looks great. I didn't realize it was chili day yesterday which if funny because I made my first chili in the Kamado yesterday. Did a turkey chili simply because I've been eating a ton of red meat lately. Wanted to try out the cast iron dutch oven. worked out incredible. Made up this recipe. (mostly common stuff except for maybe the adobo seasoning and dried ancho chiles) Dutch oven over the fire. Bit of oil than throw in chopped onion, garlic, ginger and red peppers. Let that cook a bit. Throw in ground turkey some salt pepper paprika, granulated garlic, and adobo spice. Let that could a bit. Add Kidney beans, fire roasted tomatoes, can of tomato bisque, fire roasted red pepper. Can of beer. Chop up some ancho chili's. Throw in some cherry wood. Used mesquite lump charcoal Since I did the whole deal directly over the flame I stirred it quite often. I did close the cover and shut the vents down almost entirely after eveything was browned and all ingredients in. After it had enough smoke and had rendered off the amount of liquid I wanted I took it out and set it aside. Closed the vents entirely and put it back on when the temp got down to around 240 or so. Let it cook longer stirring occassionally. Topped it with sour cream, chopped spring onion, avacado and cheese. Was definitely a winner.
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    Two pizzas tonight

    First pizza tonight was a little different but absolutely delicious . Homemade 24 hour dough , homemade garlic parmesan cream sauce,chicken, spinach, shiitake mushrooms , Fresno peppers , drizzle of chili honey , sprinkled with white balsamic vinegar , pistachio nuts , and topped with Burrata cheese ( mozzarella with cream and curds in the middle ). 550 degrees 12 minutes the Burrata melted and oozed over everything.
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    Vero Beach, FL.......
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    Scott Roberts

    Second cook on the Kamander

    Couple hours in been maintaining 235 to 250 temps!
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    Paying it forward...

    So the wife is out of town, I'm on parole so to speak, and picked up a couple of steaks for me and the boy. I should say 'young-man'... I was itching to eat but he had downed a burger earlier and wasn't ready... When he finally crawled out of his room ( ya'll can relate right? ) I saw him fumbling with trying to get the grill ready. I assisted and made suggestions... After years of trying to teach the lad I had the perfect opportunity - and now the boy has emerged into a grill-master with perfectly 'x'ed steak marks. I suppose I can go ahead and die-off now that he knows how to operate the grill. This summer my nephew is visiting for 10 days. I know damn good and well his momma has ruined the boy, however I plan on returning a man... it's all we can do right?
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