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    Lamb Shanks with Chickpeas

    I was looking for a good recipe for lamb shanks and checked my copy of 1000 Italian Recipes and had four to choose from; Lamb Shanks with Chickpeas caught my eye. It's a pretty simple sear then braise in stock and tomatoes with carrots, celery and chickpeas added for the last half hour of cooking so the vegetables aren't totally mushed out. The recipe is meant to be cooked on the stove, done in the Joe at 350 worked fine with the timing in the recipe. This is the original recipe that I halved: 2 T Olive Oil 4 lamb shanks salt and pepper 1 small onion, chopped 2 cups beef broth 1 cup peeled, seeded and chopped tomatoes 1/2 t dried marjoram to thyme 4 carrots peeled and cut into 1" pieces 2 tender celery sticks cut into 1" pieces 2 cups cooked chickpeas or 2 cans drained Pat the lamb shanks dry and sear well on all sides in the oil, about 15 minutes then remove and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Tip the pan and spoon out any excess oil, add the onions and cook about 5 minutes more. Return the lamb to the pan with the broth, tomatoes and marjoram. Cover and cook an hour, turning the lamb occasionally Add the carrots, celery and chickpeas and cook about 30 minutes more until the meat is fork tender. Serve hot. I served the lamb shanks on a bed of Lundberg Wild Rice mix made with chicken stock and some added leftover roasted garlic. Fall-off-the-bone lamb with tender vegetables and the combination of rice and the chickpeas absorb the flavors from the pan sauce. I would serve this to people who are "iffy" about whether they like lamb and I think they would be happy.
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    Hi, Here is some pictures of my kamado joe pizzas. I try to learn more and more about pizzas all the time. I use high temperature 400-500c, usually almost 500c temperature. High temperatures works ok in winter (0c to -30c) also, dome temperature wont drop too much if you are fast and dont open lid without reason.
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    Had what I thought was a single lamb rack in the fridge all week. Decided I better go ahead and get the dreaded lamb cook over with, so pulled it out of the fridge today. Ends up there are 2 per package.... ugh. At least that solved the problem of deciding whether to cook it as a rack or as lollipops. Decided to go with a simple garlic herb marinade. One rack whole and one cut into lollipops. Let them marinate for several hours with the garlic and herbs. Worked on a bread project in the meantime. I’m definitely not a baker and this wasn’t super successful, but was edible. No commercial yeast at all - just my sourdough starter. Onto the grill on an upper rack at about 450. Then once I pulled that, out the lollipops on down on the lower rack. Grilled some asparagus for a side. And plated. So now I can say I’ve been there and done that... and don’t need to do it again. Think I’m happy to stick with moo, cluck and oink from here on out.
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    Lamb rack

    Hi Kamado Peeps, I tried reversed seared lamb rack. Fresh rosemary and thyme crushed with garlic and olive oil which I used as my rub, I topped this with salt and pepper. I used Cherry wood flavour which over the 1.5 hours increased the flavourer intensity just fine. Brought the internal meat temp up to around 45°C but should have been more like 50. And then grilled. Overall, I enjoyed this smoke as it was a lot quicker than the traditional. Keep smoking I tasted my first cold smoke cheese and it is awesome, so brilliant I smoked 3 other pieces – cheddar, tasty strong and matured for 3 months.
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    Reverse Sear Ribeye - Kamado Joe

    I thought I'd care a great cook experience with you all that I just had. I have a Kamado Joe Big Joe III and I reverse seared some USDA Prime Ribeye's that I picked up at CostCo today. I used the flexible cooking system and used one half of the heat deflector plates and left the other half open to flame. I seasoned the steak in the Meat Church Holy Cow seasoning and let them sweat out while I got the grill to temperature. I set big reg to 225 for smoking and it took about an hour (give or take to get the ribeye's to about 120 degrees. After that I opened up the Big Joe and let her rip to about 500-550 degrees and then seared the steaks for about three minutes aside. I also made a compound butter consisting of rosemary, Italian seasoning, fresh garlic, salt and pepper. After searing, I took tented the steaks in foil and let the compound butter melt on top. Lastly, I did some twice baked potatoes in the oven. All that said, the pictures speak volumes compared to this brief description. This is probably the best steak I've ever cooked. Just wanted to share. Thanks to everyone that's continued to help me on my journey in Kamado style cooking!
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    Proper Cottage Pie

    Fired up the KJ for an all afternoon cook. Started by sweating the veg, removing them and then browning the meat. Finally combined and let it cook for a few hours with oak wood, before assembling and finishing back on the grill. Well worth the effort. Richness and smokiness not normally associated with cottage pie! Hey Pitmaster X where are you??
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    Lamb Roast Smoked

    Hello kamado Peeps. This weekend I tried a low and slow smoked roast lamb with a small leg – just for the small family. I smoked the 1.2kg pcs for around 3.5 hours, and usually this would have been pulled way before this time to ensure a lovely nice rare finish and maintaining the moisture. With this smoke I did not use a water pan on the deflector plate but raised the lamb on the extension grill and placed a small water tray under the lamb with some carrot, garlic, onion and broccolini. I later used this for gravy. The lamb was spiced with olive oil and salt and I stuck fresh rosemary and garlic inside the meat. The lamb was soft and tasty. I took the gravy and put in into a blender as fine as I could and then simmered a little on the stove, before serving I strained the gravy leaving it smooth and silky. I am so impressed at how good the gravy tasted and some of this over the lamb was the bee’s knees just loved it. I also got a nice smoke taste as I used some pecan wood and the lab showed a good smoke ring. Next up a review on my cold smoked cheeses......2 weeks to wait Keep Smoking
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    Country Style Ribs

    Some country style pork ribs on the 19" KK. 300* for 3 hours. About 1/2 way through the cook I started basting them with Sweet Baby Ray's - Sweet Golden Mustard BBQ sauce. I really like the time change. We usually eat sort of late and the time change allows me to get on grill pictures while it's still light out.
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    Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

    I get emails from the folks at Pit Barrel Cookers and a recent one had a recipe for Vietnamese Style Chicken that looked so good I had to try it. The chicken marinates overnight and comes out with a ton of flavor. I made Vietnamese dipping sauce (Nuoc Cham) and a pomelo salad to go with it. Absolutely delightful meal. The recipe is here: https://pitbarrelcooker.com/blogs/food/vietnamese-style-chicken I cooked it at 225 until the IT got to 145 then opened the vents all the way to let the temp rise to get to 165 with crisp skin. The Joe was at 400 or so when the chicken was done.
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    The random pictures thread...

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    Primo carnitas

    Done, wow, the scratch tortillas really throw is over the top. After the first few I got the shape down. Cooking in a nonstick skillet was pretty straightforward. Onions and bell peppers served on these.
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    RVA Smoker

    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

    My delivery of TP arrived today
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    Brisket and new rain cap

    Wow, the flat turned out super, pulled at an average of 197°f. My daughter gave it 20 thumbs up! Cooked with royal oak and pecan chips.
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    Steak, Spuds and Sparagus

    Simple, but good.
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    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

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    I thought I would post another update on Eric because I think this is so awesome. Eric has been through a lot these past months. He finally got to the point that the could do the bone marrow transplant, from his little brother Carter and things were looking good. He then started having organ troubles and they had to start him on another medicine for this. He is responding to this medicine and the doctors are hoping the next 21 days will see him on the road to a full recovery. What I think is so awesome is this One of the #Team Eric followers made this happen. That this guy would take the time to wish Eric and Carter well is amazing to me and restores my faith in this Country.
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    It really doe ruin lamb done any other way as it just doesnt compare! Since doing my dry run with chicken after buying a rotisserie last week Ive been dying to do some lamb. I picked up a deboned lamb shoulder when the weekend finally arrived. Marinated it in salt, garlic, lemon zest, oregano and oil. Rolled it up with a little more oregano and garlic in the middle. Put it back in the frodge overnight. Today got the kj up to temp. Was aiming at 350f and over shot. Ended up settling around 380f. On went the lamb. 3 hours later with a bit of basting in between came off around 90c. I wanted to get to 94c but was running out of time with the kids. Was still tender, juicy and could pull apart. Served it up with some roastptotatoes, lighlty pickled onions with sumac and a tahini sauce. Was some rocket dressed in lemon for the greens. Was awesome.
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    After two years of discussions with my neighbours and contractor buddy, fights with city hall over permissions/easements, going back to the drawing board to start from scratch, (reluctantly) increasing my budget dramatically and crossing my fingers - the retirement construction project has begun. We live in a smallish bungalow on a nice middle class street in the older section of town. We have a freestanding garage that is approx. 75 years old and is just about ready to self destruct (collapse). A lot of the wood is now pulpy, has field mice, chipmunks and moles that have nested there at different times and the concrete floor is fractured from the frost. Our plans include a total demo of the garage and removal of the foundation. We will move the new garage further up the hill into the backyard, with a new poured foundation and about 50% more floorspace to better fit my boat, toys and a small workspace for me. We will be moving a retaining wall back about 12 feet into the hill, creating some landscape effects, adding drainage to prevent water issues and rebuilding the pavestone driveway, extending it by almost 40 feet. this should allow me to also add a smaller BBQ/Smoker shelter later. Work began on Thursday with the garage demo. WOW! Two guys dropped that sucker in about two hours. They cut the roof and walls into about six foot squares, dropped them into the bin and hauled it all away. Yesterday they took down the old wall, fencing and clothes lines. Monday the big digger comes to cut the hill back and create the hole for the foundation. Houston, we have a worksite! This project is scheduled for 12 weeks and is getting more exciting by the day. Progression photos will be posted for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy the ride, we are! 7:45 arrival! Halfway dropped. Garage in a box? The original construction was made from packing crates with the owners name and address stencilled on. We cut a panel out of the wall to install as a memento in the new garage wall. You can see the hole in the sidewall. Garage is gone! The new one will go up in the yard new where the digger is sitting, with privacy fencing, a new retainer and other stonework.
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    Brazed Lamb Shanks and Beans

    I have done this cook for years and posted it more than once, so I will skip the detailed description. Basically, fry bacon, pull it, and then sear the flour dredged lamb shanks in the bacon grease. Add 1/2 cup of chicken broth, white beans, carrots, celery, onions, 2 bay leaf, 6 all spice berries studded in the onion, and a tsp of Spanish smoked paprika. Add some dry white wine as necessary during the cook as liquid evaporates. Just putting it on the grill now at 350. Probably goes 2 1/2 hours. Perfect day for it cold and rainy with a prediction of snow tonight. No special occasion, just trying to make the best out of being house bound, as most of the restaurants, pubs, and such we like to go to are closed or take out only. A All prepped and seared just waiting for the grill to hit 350 with clear smoke. Follow along if you're interested. Oh and I forgot to mention also throw in kosher salt, cracked pepper, and about 12 garlic cloves.
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    COVID Kung Pao Chicken Cook

    As both the wife and I are doing the Weight Watchers program, I looked in our fridge and pantry for something that would align with what we’re to be eating. I finally settled on Kung Pao Chicken. Chicken and Veggies plus some spice is just what the WW program ordered so that is what I went with. Now here is the kicker: We’re on a self-insolation order here in California due to COVID 19. We’re still allowed to go to the store to replenish essential supplies but obviously this cook wasn’t essential. So, I went thru what I had on hand and I came up with what I believed would an acceptable list of ingredients. Here’s a couple of pics of the Ingredients I ended up using. I ended up using the following: Marinate Ingredients: 28 oz. boneless skinless chicken breast cut in 1” cubes. (2 large breasts) 1 tbsp. Shaoxing wine. (I used Rice Wine Vinegar) 1 tbsp. light soy (I couldn’t believe I was out of soy sauce so I used Ponzu) 2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. cornstarch Sauce Ingredients: ½ cup low sodium chick stock. 5 tbsp. light soy (I used Ponzu) 2 tbsp. Chinese black vinegar (I used Balsamic) 2 tbsp. Shaoxing wine. (I used Rice Wine Vinegar) 2 tsp. dark soy. (I used Fish Sauce) 2 tsp. Hoisin sauce (I used Oyster sauce) 2 tbsp. sugar. (I left this out due to WW) 1 tbsp. Samba Chili sauce 1 tsp. Fish sauce 1 tsp. cornstarch Stir Fry Ingredients: 4 tbsp. cooking oil – divided 1 ½ tbsp. minced garlic 1 tbsp. minced ginger ½ red bell pepper diced into 1” pieces. ½ green bell pepper diced into 1” pieces. 8-10 dried chilies. (I used 1 serrano, 1 jalapeno and 1 yellow and heat level was just about perfect) 1 tbsp. Sichuan Peppercorns. (I added a pinch of red pepper flakes) 4 green onion stems (cut into 1” pieces) ½ cup roast/unsalted peanuts (I didn’t have any so these were omitted) 2 tsp. sesame oil In addition to the above I added the following: ½ large carrot diced into 1” pieces. ½ medium yellow onion ½ medium red onion 1 stalk of diced celery 1 ½ zucchinis diced into 1” pieces. Here is the Wok out on my Gas Grill side burner. I heated it up and added in 1 tbsp of Chili Oil and 1 tbsp of Sesame Oil. I put in the marinated chicken breasts and cooked it until everything started to brown. I removed the chicken and set it aside while I started cooking the veggies. 2 tbsp of Sesame Oil and added the diced carrot first since they would take the longest to cook. After approximately 2 minutes I then added the chili peppers, then the onions, the bell peppers, the sauce, and finally the zucchini. Once they had cooked for approximately 3 minutes, I added the chicken back in and cooked for another 3 minutes. After that I added the green onion in for the last 30 seconds. I had previously made up a double batch of half Jasmine Brown Rice and half Ancient Grains. I heated some of this up and placed it on a plate like SSV did. Here are a few pics of everything plates up. This was delicious and the wife thought it was “awesome!” Thanks for looking.
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    Spaghetti and Lamb Meatballs

    This wasn't what I wanted to do but due to the beer virus I wasn't willing to go to the store I needed so I pulled this ground lamb out of the freezer so I could come up with an entry of sorts. Spaghetti and Lamb Meatballs. Homemade sauce from the freezer and a side salad with homemade dressing. Lamb meatballs were cooked on the 16" Komodo Kamado using Grill Grates.
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    March 27th. Houston, we have a foundation! Now a week or so to cure before construction starts.
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    Hello All, I live in Illinois which just declared a shelter in place, so I took the opportunity to buy a KJ Classic II from the Atlanta Grill Company for 20% off, along with a joetisserie and pizza stone....I'm not messing around. It should help me pass the time when it arrives in about a week. I'm an inveterate researcher so this wasn't a capricious purchase for me. I've done the comparison shopping, watched several of Mr. Setzler's videos, etc. because this is a lot of money for me. Anyhow, any tips or sources to hasten my progress would be appreciated. (I also ordered a cover, onlyfire ash basket, and the cookbook by Chris Grove.)
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    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

    It burns OK but is poor for smoking. The PR potential for "Toilet Paper Smoked Ribs" is in the toilet.
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    March 23. After removing the top soil, digging into the hill and removing the necessary volumes of clay and gravel, the footing cribs were just installed. They will be inspected and the first concrete poured tomorrow with foundation cribbing going in next and the foundation poured onThursday... IF this Covid-19 emergency declared by both the province and the federales doesn't shut our contractor down (like it sounds like it will). Here is where we stand currently. The rear foundation wall will be approx. 9 feet tall and the front about 4 feet to get below the frost line. Speaking of which - it snowed overnight!
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    Pulled and plated Rain and cold turned to snow and ice.
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    Damn the Covid19 torpedoes!

    My sister, brother and I (& spouses) try to have Sunday dinner every other week minimum. Even though the digging had started in my yard and my sister's main floor reno had started, we decided to go ahead before the world comes to an end. So, we pulled our last free range chicken out of the freezer, dunked it in the Buttermilk/Garlic/Paprika brine for 24 hours and tossed it into the Akorn with some oak and hickory chunks on Sunday. It was so big we had it split down the middle and cooked it in two pieces. i started at around 200, slowly working it slowly up to a grill temp of 350 and then dropping it back off to about 300 two and a half hours later. The meat was a perfect 165 degrees when we pulled it. Everybody ate their share and we had enough left over to do soup today. I figure that the chicken soup will come in handy when the TP runs out or something like that... Thought you'd all like to see the final result.
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    Takes on Steaks

    Mrs. CentralTexBBQ and I celebrated our 34th anniversary last month. And we just left the beautiful city of El Paso spending a week as a family. My son flew down also to be with my daughter. For our anniversary, we went out to Ruth's Chris since Mrs CTB will not eat anything I cook (only a slight exaggeration). She is convinced she is right and the world is wrong about my cooking skills. We topped off our ELP trip by going out to the Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch. Two totally different experiences. First, Ruth's Chris. I ordered the $63 Cowboy Ribeye medium (22oz, bone in) and it was delivered after some time on their iconic 500° plates at a perfect well done. Actually, just a hair away from well done. Though the Mrs, doesn't like for me to send things back, my jaw was already fatigued from chewing the small piece I carved out so, I reluctantly sent it back. When she was three quarters through her meal, and she eats very slowly, they brought out the next offering- cooked so insufficiently that it couldn't even qualify as rare. For a "steak' place, I seriously began wondering whether they owned a thermometer or other means to test doneness. Chalk it up to a bad day I guess but, I pressed through. Instead of sending back, I cut it as thin as the knife would allow and the signature 500° plate actually came in handy at getting the strips steak of unremarkable steak to rare / medium rare. Overall the steaks were incredibly under-seasoned and, I assume, due of being cooked in a broiler, lacking character. After writing to detail my experience, they did send out a $100 gift card to try them again. May go for fish next time... OVERALL GRADE D- Cattleman's Steakhouse. Ordered the $45 Cowboy Porterhouse (2lb., unfortunately, their ribeyes are boneless). Don't need to detail it much. Perhaps the best steak I have eaten that i didn't prepare. Marvelously seasoned, perfectly cooked over Mesquite and the quality of the meat, top notch. Ribeye is definitely my favorite cut but this steak ate like a ribeye and that's not even counting the tenderloin portion which I forgot to start on. It made for a nice breakfast with cheese eggs and a cinnamon roll the next morning. OVERALL GRADE A+ I won't address the sides or service in general- probably both excellent though different in their own rights. Highly recommend Cattleman's if you're ever in the area.
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    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

    I've been trying to sell a scroll saw for sometime now and no one wants one of the top end ones I guess. They'd rather buy one from Harbor Freight maybe. Anyway, I put an ad in the local digital rag offering 2 rolls of TP for $300 with a free scroll saw. Got lots of emoji's but so far no takers.
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    Corn bread -Yeasted

    Corn Bread test run successful. Texture, crumb and taste good. This is last recipe from the Breads Made with Yeasted Pre-Ferments section of Jeffrey Hamelman Book “ Bread, A Baker’s Book of Techniques and Recipes 2nd edition. Next week I will be starting the Levain Breads ( Sourdough based). There is 25 recipes in the Levain Section of the book. I am learning lots from this book.
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    Felt like some butt

    Came out really nice.
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    Attempting a couple Chuck Roasts today

    I do these all the time, and theyre my favorite thing to make (aside from the 2x a year joetisseried turkey) I go super simple, buy the fattiest ones I can find, put on the rub of the day (usually meat church holy cow, or AGC himalayan sherpa) put them on indirect with about two or three pieces of oak or hickory (each piece no bigger than a deck of cards), indirect set at anywhere between 225 and 275 (it doesnt matter) and let them ride for 6ish hours, that takes them to 190-195 internal, which is perfect for slicing. If you were to go to 200-205 you could probably pull them for pulled beef, but I don't do this. I do not inject, i do not wrap, i do not braise (I do always put an empty alumium pan underneath on my Xrack to catch the drippings, for two reasons, one, cleanliness, two, smoked. rendered. beef. fat). This cook is simple, effective, and generates lots of leftovers.
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    Lamb on the Joetisserie

    I didn't intend on this being part of the March challenge as I haven't yet participated, but here it goes. I have had the Joetisserie for a few months now and am always looking for a reason to use it. Since it's the time of year lamb is grilled, braised, smoked, etc. I've seen several post and decided to give it a try on the spit. Picked up a 4 lb leg of lamb as Costco and followed a marinade recipe online: https://www.food.com/recipe/greek-lamb-rotisserie-grill-methods-229788 Ingredients for the marinade are: 3 to 4 tablespoon lemons, juice and zest of 1⁄4 cup olive oil 6 garlic cloves, minced 1 teaspoon thyme 1 teaspoon oregano 1 teaspoon rosemary 1 bay leaf salt and pepper I marinaded overnight and then set it up on the Joe for around 2 hours until the internal temp was 135. Since it was thicker in the middle the internal temps weren't consistent but it worked well because I like mine more on the rare side and the wife likes hers a little more done. All in all I was very happy with the experience and will be adding lamb to my rotation.
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    Hello from South London

    Welcome to the family. I can't give you any advice on large Kamados, I'm happy with my KJ Classic. The last few times I cooked for larger groups at some horse things, I had so many "I'm vegetarian", "I'm vegan", ""Is there gluten in that?", "Has that been exposed to peanuts?" that I have given up on cooking for more than 6. And I vet those 6 before they get to the house as to whether I will cook or not. Good luck in your search!
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    John Setzler

    24 Hour Brisket

    Want a perfectly cooked brisket? Wanna know exactly when it's gonna be done? Take any size brisket you want... set your grill up for 190°F. Cook it in the smoke for 12 hours. Wrap it and put it back on for 12 more. Rest it for an hour or two and then serve.
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    March 25. Footing poured and set. Today the foundation wall forms are going up! Covid-19 be damned! LOL. Man added for scale. I was surprised at the size of this hole. Could probably add a basement and not tell my wife. Give me somewhere to hide out from her!
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    Neighbour just asked if this is a Covid bunker...
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    Any tips I should know. Going to attempt reverse sear tomahawk steak for my first cook.
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    Hello All!

    I've been ghosting around this forum for years now, ever since I got my Akorn back in 2017 - John Setzler is a hero to me! I'm cooking on a Vision Classic B Series and just love the conversations and insights provided here. I'll try to be less of a ghost in the future
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    mike echo

    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

    So I had a buddy text me a funny, something like "OK, you all bought up the TP and such, But I bought all the plungers...". M.
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    John Setzler

    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

    Here are some tips I'll share from my personal training in healthcare: 1. Keep your hands clean. Your hands are the primary route of infection for YOU and others. You touch infected things and then touch your mouth, nose, and eyes and get infected. 2. Keep any cuts/scrapes/abrasions on your skin covered. This is another common way you get infected. Tips on adequate ways to keep your hands clean: 1. Wash hands with soap and water when they are VISIBLY soiled. 20-30 seconds of scrubbing with soap and warm water is adequate. 2. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer between washes. If you are washing your hands in a public facility, there are some additional steps you should take. Most hand washing stations are filthy and do not use no-touch water, soap and towel dispensers. If you are using a wash station that requires you touch faucets and dispensers, follow these steps: Get two towels from the dispenser and put one in each pocket, letting them hang out. Turn on the water. Wet your hands. Use soap dispenser to get soap on your hands. Scrub for 20-30 seconds. Rinse without touching the hardware. Use the towel in your pocket to use the towel dispenser to get some clean towels to dry your hands. Use the last towel from drying your hands to turn off the water. Use the remaining towel in your pocket to open the door to exit the restroom. You should treat everything in a public restroom as if it's infected. Diseases that hang out on surfaces are able to survive because of the wet/moist environment. They may or may not survive outside the body for any length of time but we know that some of can and some of them are perfectly capable of infecting you this way. The object here is to NOT touch anything dirty with your clean hands. The towel in the pocket tricks keep you from having to worry about touching a contaminated surface after you have scrubbed your hands clean. If you carry one of the small bottles of hand sanitizer in your pocket (which is a very wise choice in any event) then you can bypass the towel routine and just use a dash of hand sanitizer after you exit the restroom. Just don't touch yourself or anything else until you exit the restroom and do the hand sanitizer. This may sound complicated but it isn't. When you work around sick people all the time this routine becomes second nature. I like to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in my pocket. When I go shopping, I like to use some as soon as I leave the store or as soon as I get in my car. I also like to use some as soon as I get back in the house. You can't really use it too frequently. These techniques will not only help protect you from COVID-19.. they will help protect you from most diseases. Just some food for thought....
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    Rotisserie chicken

    I cooked a rotisserie chicken on Friday and went well. I kept the grill at 400 degrees and kept brushing the chicken with a sauce every ~5 minutes. One of the things I would like to improve is to actually have a more garlic and onion flavor in the chicken. Probably I’ll let it marinate 1 day in advance next time. IMG_4078.MOV
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    Brisket and new rain cap

    That's a nice looking cook there, Rube Goldberg. Glad you were able to keep things dry.
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    T Yelta

    Brisket and new rain cap

    It is indeed a great time to cook brisket. There was no hamburger at my local Wal-Mart but plenty of brisket. Most people wouldn't know what to do with one. Advantage K-Gurus
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    Brisket and new rain cap

    4 hours in, so far it looks good. Dome temp is down to about 220°f now. Hopefully the flat will be ready in another 4 hours.
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    Crazy Run on Toilet Paper

    In CA we led (as in all things crazy) the stampede. Bare shelves of all kinds of paper products in all of the stores I frequent. Read a good article about a guy who cleaned out the shelves of hand sanitizer for 100 miles around only to have Amazon and EBay cut off his account for profiteering. Good for them.
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    Tip Top Temp on Akorn

    My name is Bruce Erickson and I invented the TIpTopTemp. Thank you Kamadoguru members for the conversation on the issue that Ogopogo raised. He(?) and I have sent a few emails on this and honestly I do not have a supported answer. My latest guess relates to the large mass argument that was suggested above. To test this I suggest starting the cook as normal with all the pre-functions that come with it. Once the meat is on and the grill is coming to back to temp, then mounting the TTT and setting the damper. I do not see why the cook would detect this any different than manually moving the vents. It is a challenge not to overthink the simple mechanism. If you have any suggestions or changes that would better the TTT I would love to review them. Thank you and I am hoping for your feedback. INFO@TIPTOPTEMP.COM
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    Takes on Steaks

    To bad about Ruth. People work hard for their money, if retired they worked hard for it. Ruth living off her reputation and not delivering the kind of experience you expect and pay for is how you eventually go out of business. Glad you found Cattleman’s, and told us about it. Went to their website, looks good. I cooked a t-bone last night on the Kamado. Salt,pepper,garlic powder. I didn’t take pics of the cook, but half stone deflector down in the fire bowl, grate above it at felt line, and grate at the open side of the fire bowl. Steak positioned on the high grate over the deflector, loin facing the open side. Cooked to 100+. removed the steak, raised the Kamado temp to 600, and put it back on the low grate and seared, tenderloin facing away from the fire towards the edge of the grate. This method gives the loin a chance to get done without sacrificing the tenderloin [overcooked}.
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