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    2" Rib Steak

    With all the beef sales for Christmas, I picked up a roast ($4.77/lb) and asked the butcher to cut it into roughly 2" inch steaks. I have two vacuum packed in the freezer. This one was just under 2 lbs. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and cooked direct about 450F. The flames weren't that high during the cook. They flared up when i opened the lid for a pic. It turned out really well. I served it with roasted red potatoes and steamed broccoli. Thanks for looking.
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    Christmas Eve Beef Wellington

    This is the second year we have done beef wellington for Christmas Eve dinner. Not going to lie, this dish takes a lot of prep work. This year I decided to do everything but the puff pastry the night before. Prepped the mushroom duxelles and sauted it until completely dry. Shingled prosciutto and spread a thin layer of the mushroom duxelles over it. Quickly seared the center cut of a prime beef tenderloin and brushed it with dijon mustard. Used Oak Ridge BBQ’s Carne Crusta Steakhouse & Santa Maria rubs. Then wrapped it in the prosciutto/duxelles layer and put it in the fridge overnight. On Christmas Eve I wrapped it in a puff pastry and topped it with another layer of latticed pastry. Cooked on the Kamado Joe at +/- 400 degrees. Pulled the beef wellington when the internal temperature reached 127 degrees. Served it with salad, baked potatoes and a red wine reduction. I forgot got to get a picture while it was on the grill, and the money shot didn’t have the best lighting, but it was a perfect medium rare in the center. The wife and in-laws loved it and that’s what Christmas is all about!
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    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    Took the little guy camping with us and it didn’t disappoint!! Beef back ribs, wings, cheeks and veggies!
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    Prime Grade Rotisserie PR

    For Christmas I did a Rotisserie PR using @keeperovdeflame's method. 250* with no sear. Turned out fantastic and still had a nice crust even without a sear. I started with a small bone in USDA Prime Grade rib roast that had the bones partially cut off and tied back on. It's always a bit scarey cooking a really expensive cut of meat especially when trying a new method but I trust keepers advice so I carried on with the plan. I tied it with a couple more strings mainly to get it a more uniform shape. I used A1 Thick and Zesty steak sauce as a binder then rubbed it down. Here it is loaded into the rotisserie basket. You can see the Meater + probe sticking out of the roast. Happily spinning away in the 19" KK at 250*. This was the lowest temp I've ever run the rotisserie. You can see my semi indirect sizzle diffuser down below the roast. The Meater + worked really well. This was the exact application that drove me to fund the kickstarter. Once it goes for a while the time remaining algorithm was spot on. This allowed for really easy timing of when to put the side dishes on. Did a few side dishes on the Primo Oval Jr and 16" KK. Yup everyone needs more than one kamado. Not the best money shot but it came out perfect and tasted fantastic. This will be my goto method for PR going forward. Thank you keeper for excellent advice.
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    Golf Griller

    Christmas Prime Rib

    I got a 3 pound USDA Prime boneless prime rib at Costco. I seasoned it well with McCormick's Montreal Steak seasoning. I used about 1/3 of the 3 oz bottle of seasoning. I used Worcestershire sauce as a binder. I set the grill up to cook at 225* until an IT of 119*. I used pecan wood for the smoke. It was taken off and allowed to rest until the IT reached 128* Here is the finished product after I carved of a couple of slices for the wife and myself. We're going to have some of it tonight with a salad.
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    PR Technique

    I picked this tip up years ago and my family loves it. I cook a Christmas PR every year like this. 250 indirect over a stone wrapped in foil. and do not sear it prior to or at the end of the cook, I pull it when a center middle probe reads 125 deg. I use a rub made of minced garlic, coarse sea salt, cracked pepper, Spanish smoked paprika and crushed Juniper berry. I slather the PR with plain French's yellow mustard prior to a liberal sprinkling of my rub. The mustard holds the rub in place and helps form a nice thick savory crust. (Once the PR is cooked I can not detect a mustard flavor, just savory beef). Turns out great and most importantly my family loves it, actually to the point where they won't let me cook anything else on Christmas. I buy a whole Prime Rib and cut it into a 4 or 5 bone roast. Cutting the rest into thick steaks to use during the new year. I like both boneless and bone in and get what ever I can find available each year. If I manage to get lucky and find a bone in, I cut them off when trimming the roast and then tie them back on prior to the cook. I place the bone up so the fat and connective tissue when it renders drips over the PR. After the cook, just snip the strings and slice away. Best of both worlds. This is my minced garlic, coarse sea salt, cracked pepper, Spanish smoked paprika, Juniper berry rub Once the roast is slathered with yellow muster I sprinkle on the rub This is what it looks like just before I pull it . By the way the aluminum foil ball holds a whole head of garlic slathered in olive oil, herbs and spices to use as an edible garnish. You can see in this pic that the mustard turns out a pretty nice crust. Happy Cooking, friends.
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    Holiday Beef Tenderloin

    I almost feel like I am cheating my grass fed/finished whole beef buys, but when we need large quantity of the same beef cut these days we have been having fantastic luck with Costco's Prime grade primals. These were the six steaks that made the most sense for our family dinner cut down from a prime tenderloin (there is another dinner's worth and some bits that were set aside). Based on what I see in other tenderloin beef, I am continually blown away by the fat distribution in these. Texture is amazing, taste is amazing, just all around wonderful cuts of beef. Salt and pepper and sous vide at 132 degrees for a couple of hours and then quickly seared on a HOT Akorn with ghee (see Western lump sparks, fire got kind of wild). Easy, trouble free, easy-to-time dinner that we all love. Happy New Year everyone!
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    John Setzler

    Pan Seared Filets

    I had a chateaubriand in my freezer that was exactly 5" long so i cut it in half to get two nice thick filets... I seasoned them with a salt/pepper/garlic blend and wrapped them back up and put them in the fridge while I got the grill ready. When the grill got hot I put my pan on and let it warm up. Then I melted some ghee in the pan... I seared these steaks for a few minutes on each side until I was happy with what the crust looked like. I moved them to indirect heat to finish.... I went slightly past medium rare on these but they were awesome!
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    On the kamado. Smells amazing. Probably pull it at 3 hours. All that's left to do is pick out a nice red and watch my lovely wife make her famous garlic bread. Nice Quiet New Year, for us. Happy New Year to all of you and your. May God grant you Grace and Peace during the coming year. By the way, it's still snowing and has been most of the day.
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    Jerk Duck

    He was a mean old jerk, so I KJed him. I thought to myself that most duck recipes include citrus, so why not add some jerk seasoning to it. Turned out awesome!
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    So it's family Christmas at my brothers this year which means interstate for two families. I asked my brother what we could bring to help contribute and i was told nothing. It's all sorted. But i just couldn't turn up empty handed. I think I'm taking the perfect thing.... home made bacon! Picked up a pork belly, wet brined for 4 days in a solution of salt pepper, molasses, sugar and water. Hot smoked on the KJ for approx 2hrs (150f internal temp). Should feed the whole family breakfast for the time we're there :-)
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    Backsplash and Knife Bar

    We replaced an over-the-stove microwave with a dedicated vent hood as a trial. We ended up loving the hood, and then thought about what to do with the now-exposed drywall. We were unable to get a match for the backsplash tile, and we have a LOT of backsplash, so ripping it all out was not really an option. We thought about dropping the vent hood/getting a lower vent hood (rejected because we really liked the more open space above the stove), using non-matching tile, stainless steel over the drywall, stainless steel from the hood to the stove removing a little tile, etc. We could not settle on any of these options so I decided to try and match the other thing in the area besides the tile and steel, which was the cherry wood of our cabinets. I went and got a beautiful wide cherry board, and spent a lot of time working it down to ever smaller dimensions as I was unhappy with glueups and could not make a flat and stable surface at the dimensions needed with the grain going the right direction. After a great deal of trial and error, I gave up and went to the specialty plywood supplier and got a beautiful sheet of cherry veneer ¾” plywood and got to work. Surprisingly easy to match the cabinet stain (at least for now, who knows how it will darken with time). Routed out a lip to overlay the board on the tile, got everything correctly dimensioned, and did a test fit. Next, I started working on a contrasting maple knife bar. Found a great piece of figured maple and a pile of neodymium magnets and got routing based on how I assumed this would work from posts from BenS on here and other Internet searches. Rounded corners, did a deep dado cut for magnets, filled in gap behind magnets with stable filler plywood, and figured out how to get everything mounted up without any visible hardware (while still being stable enough horizontally and vertically to hold knives). Cherry veneer is stained and sealed, plywood should be temperature stable, and the maple is simply treated with mineral oil, like a cutting board. Got to cover up the unsightly bare drywall and add a little bit of storage space in the process. Thanks to this forum for the advice about knife bars, knives, and general cooking passion!
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    It is great that John decided to keep the forum running but its also important to realize that things come with a cost. Please click the contribute button at the top of screen to support the forum to ensure we can keep the forum running. We all love the forum and find value in it, anything will help!
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    Lobster tail, prawns and grilled mango

    Quick and easy one the other night. Tail and prawns split and basted with garlic butter, S&P and herbs. Grilled direct till cooked. Grilled some mango cheeks and also served with a mango salad. Pretty darn good!!
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    Plated. Absolutely delicious. Just a beautiful day and evening on into night. We are snowed in no plows on the street, and who cares. Love you folks.
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    Tri-tip Tacos

    Grilled up a tri-tip for steak tacos while watching the bowl games today. Seasoned with Oakridge BBQ’s Competition Beef and Pork rub. Seared both sides and then cooked indirectly until it was med-rare in the thickest part of the steak. Homemade guacamole and pickled onions as toppings. My team (University of Kentucky) doesn’t play Penn State until New Year’s Day, but I’m still rooting for the other SEC teams playing today!
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    My wife is out to a movie and shopping with her sister today, so I am on my own for breakfast. I wanted to use some of my left over Christmas PR. I sliced up some cherry, grape, and chocolate tomatoes for a start; adding some olive oil, minced garlic, dried onion, kosher salt, and cracked pepper. Added a couple beaten eggs and thinly sliced PR (really like to use the pieces with end cut bark) for a quick PR and sautéed tomato scramble Nice little breakfast. try it if your looking for ways to use your left over PR.
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    Keeper's Christmas PR

    Along with the sides my lovely wife made, I did some mushrooms, grilling onions, and bacon to use as a garnish. A very good time was had by all! Grace and Peace to you all.
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    Keeper's Christmas PR

    It came out great, and best of all, the family loved it and the day was truly fun.
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    Rib roast

    I got an nice little 3 1/2 lb rib roast at Lowe’s for a good price so I decided to give one a try on my Kamado Joe. I used a Dijon herb wet rub and gave it a little smoke with some post oak. I like to cook mine to 120 degrees. I normally go at a higher heat, but I stayed around 250-275 on this one. It turned out good, but I think I’ll stick to baking it at a higher heat with a little less smoke. Don’t get me wrong. It was delicious, but I like a more traditional flavor.
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    Discada on the Rectec Matador

    So I just had to add this Matador to my arsenal and right away after the initial seasoning I jumped right in and cooked a discada. A discada is a variety of meats cooked with peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beer, and other ingredients and seasonings. They are always a hit at parties and gatherings and make for good tacos. You can make tacos and serve or just gather around and grab a tortilla and help yourself straight from the Matador. Here’s a few pic of a couple of discadas and a 2 meat chili that I made with left over pulled pork. Thanks for looking!!!
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    “Grilled” Reuben

    I got a new toy for Christmas - a Cuisinart Griddler. Given that winter finally set in here, and the fact that I have been sick, it’s been fun to play with. I usually don’t let weather get the best of me for outdoor cooking, but this cold I can’t seem to kick has me whooped. In any case.... Decided to use my new Griddler tonight to make a panini pressed Reuben sandwich. I did a light mayo smear on the outside of the marble rye bread and sprinkled that with grated Parmesan, Asiago and Romano blend cheese. Then for the inside there was a smear of Ken’s Russian Dressing followed by Swiss cheese, thin sliced deli corned beef and then sauerkraut. Then another layer of corned beef, cheese and Russian dressing. Pretty tasty eats once all grilled up like that. The Griddler is a fun toy to have in the winter.
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    Had a bit of trouble uploading all the photos but finally got the last few up.
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    Steak Tips and Grilled Lettuce

    Did a quick dinner on the KJ tonight. I marinated the steak tips for about 6 hours, then threw them on the grill as it got to 425. I added the lettuce shortly after for our salads. Everything turned out really yummy.
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