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    Pulled Pork

    I put a butt on last night and did it really low and slow. Turned out great.
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    Stuffed Pizza

    Pizza Challenge cooks #2 – my attempt at a “specialty” stuffed pizza. I used my “normal” pizza dough for this one. I used a 9” pan of one stuffed pizza, and a small ~6” pan for the other. The larger was a simply mozzarella cheese and basil on the inside with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese on the outside. The smaller stuffed pizza had mozzarella, basil and 18 month aged prosciutto, with pizza sauce and parmesan cheese on the outside. Very tasty pizza, as we all had 2nd helpings last night. Two pizza challenge cooks down, two more to go… "normal" dough on the far left.. rolling the base layer the larger stuffed pizza the smaller stuffed pizza, before being topped. ready to cook.
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    Sausage crust pizza

    I decided to do something different last night for a pizza by using sausage for the crust. I started off by carmalizing onions and peppers in a cast iron skillet. I then put the sausage on the cast iron skillet with a glass dish on top of it to keep it from warping while cooking. I baked the crust for 10 minutes in the Kamado. Afterwards, I put the onions and peppers, pepperoni, black olives, pizza sauce, and cheese in the crust. Went back into the Kamado for 30 minutes until it was golden brown on top. Despite the pouring rain that started during the final baking period, it turned out pretty good and certainly a little different than the usual pizza. Here are some pics of the cook:
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    I made it to Sunday night with my 4th and final pizza cook. My basic Neapolitan recipe I used was: · 700G OO Caputo flour · 150G sour dough starter ( it was a weak starter at the time I used it, 1:1 water/flour) · 438G water · 0.26g yeast. Mixed and allowed to ferment for 2 days in the frig, and then set out on the kitchen counter about 3 hours before cooking on the kamado. I gave the kamado about 45minutes to heat soak. I had the temp up to 850-900F which my hottest cook ever. I made 4 pizzas, (Margarita, prosciutto, and two onion sausage varieties) each just over 300 grams, give or take. They all cooked in about 2 minutes. Talk about great tasting pizza. Of my 4 pizza cooks this weekend, this was the favorite of the family.
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    So my posting has slowed down. BBQ is taking a backseat for a little while. Although I have a big 4th of July cook coming up. I just had a life changing event. I had a ear infection that destroyed the nerves in my right ear in 2009. Destroyed my life, balance and vertigo problems. Lost my business, wife and house. She left me with the reduced income of my new career. Also, my ability to ride bicycles and motorcycles. After many years of accepting I will never ride again, in a act of defiance, I bought a $90 Wal Mart beach cruiser bicycle. Getting some exercise and riding it to work a couple times a week. Working great, a little awkward, but good. Good enough I just bought a motorcycle on a smokin deal from a coworker. Haven't ridden it yet, insurance next payday. It is a 99 Magna 750, and feels like home. Fixing it up and making it my style is my priority now. Improving my cooking skills and equipment is now #2. I am the happiest I have been in years. I like this site and will be more active again, but am distracted for now. I am going to do something new for the 4th, I am going to smoke a whole top Sirloin, but my methods and seasonings for a clod heart will be the same. I know it will be good. Thanks for listening guys. It is a great group here.
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    Smoked Blueberry BBQ Sauce

    With the over abundant Blueberries I have at my disposal this year I decided to can a batch of my Blueberry BBQ sauce. I did tweak the recipe a little bit. We’ll see how it turns out. I started by lightly smoking 5 cups of Blueberries at 200*. Here they are after about an hour. Some of them lost their color but that's OK. The juice is in the bottom of the pan (you just can't see it) and they'll all get there color back once you start cooking it. After an hour or so I dumped them into my pot and smashed them a bit with a potato smasher. Bring to a full rolling boil. Mix up the other ingredients and add to the blueberries. Return to a full rolling boil. After the second rolling boil jar up the mixture and water process for 10 minutes. Check back tomorrow night. We’ll open a small jar and see what we got.
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    Sausage and veggie basket

    Sausage and veggies basket 70 minutes cooking time
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    Detroit style pizza

    So I have been gone for half the month to London and Iceland and now am slowly acclimating back to my time zone..... Which is really difficult. I needed to make sure that I atleast got one pizza in for this month's challenge and as always I wanted to try something new. I kept hearing about Detroit style pizza, seeing write ups in my magazines, and then some posts on here, so I went to my favorite web resource for new recipes.... Serious eats. I have NEVER had a bad recipe from serious eats, and if they are from j. Kenji Lopez-alt, they are even better. Anyway I was thrilled when he had a Detroit Pizza article and recipe. https://www.seriouseats.com/2017/02/how-to-make-detroit-style-pizza.html After my first post vacation long run I decided to give this a shot. First the dough This was to rise for 2 hours so I had some time to kill. Then I made the sauce which was a cooked sauce. I have been a fan of the no cook sauce for my NY style pizza, but I usually follow a recipe pretty closely the first time I try it.  and let it reduce for about a half hour. During this time I was to stretch and let the dough rise some more. I did not have a Detroit pan, but this worked.  Then cubed up the cheeses and got the pepperoni. Now this is where I slightly deviated from the great Kenji's recipe. It called for 12 Ounces of pepperoni.... Which would be equal to the amount of cheese called for. His was thicker cut, which I couldn't get, but I still only bought half the amount (in weight) thst was called for.... 2 full packs. His recipe called to layer pepperoni, cubed cheese to the edges than another layer of pepperoni followed by sauce layered in lines. This was so much pepperoni that I didn't end up using the two full packs..... And it was still a ton. Then onto Koko Right before taking it off... Man it smelled amazing... Dislodged it from the pan to wait a few minutes before cutting into it. Then sliced and served with some blistered ########o peppers. This was positively delicious. The flavor reminded me somewhat of Chicago style.... Sweeter cooked thick sauce with lots of cheese and a thicker crust, but came together more quickly. Of course there were differences, the chewy but slightly crispy cheesy edge, the crust was a lot lighter.... But this will definitely in in the rotation. The next time I make it, I will reduce pepperoni by atleast half and make sure to rotate the pan halfway through baking to make sure all sides get and evenly crisp cheese crust. The family loved this one and it was fun to try a new style of pizza.
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    Meat Lovers Pizza Detroit Style

    I wanted to do a Detroit style pizza from this Serious Eats recipe https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2017/02/detroit-style-pizza-recipe.html It just seemed a little under powered in the meat and toppings, so I added, salame, red bell pepper, fresh tomato slices and little meatballs made from mild Italian sausage to the Pepperoni he used. I tried to season my old 9 X 13 carbon steel baking pan like I do cast iron to become non-stick, more about that later. Built the pie using his recipe for the dough using bread flour and that is a winner, it gives you a crust very unlike the New York thin crispy crust, it's very "bready" (my wife loved it). Oiled the pan with some EVOO and stretched the dough over about 40 minutes, then built the pie and spread some sauce over. The cheese used was Colby/Jack and Mozz because Wisconsin is behind on their marketing efforts in California. Put it in the Akorn for 9 minutes at 650 and it came out great...except the whole idea of re=seasoning a old baking pan didn't work out so great. Got the pizza out of the pan with some effort. some was ugly. but ugly didn't affect taste. That is some good pizza.
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    Take Out Pizza

    Pull Apart Pizza for Brunch. This is one of the easiest pizza cooks you could ever do. Mix the oil and Seasonings. Cut your pop can biscuits into quarters. Add to the oil mixture and stir to cover all pieces. Cut Pepperoni into quarters then add and mix together. Add and mix the cheese then dump into spring form pan. Bake indirect at 350* for 35-45 minutes. Pull Apart and served with homemade pizza sauce for dipping.
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    First Whole Hog

    A bit off topic but wanted to share my experience cooking a whole hog for my son's high school graduation party. Was a fun and interesting experience, a lot of work getting ready and cleaning up, cooking the pig was pretty relaxing. Cooked it for about 7 hours on a propane cooker. Hams and shoulders got up to about 170-175, was aiming for 180 but ran out of time. Some observations: Ribs and loins were done well before the hams and shoulder. This means they got overcooked waiting for the rest of the pig to finish. You can mitigate this by using a charcoal cooker and controlling where the coals are placed (put them in the four corners) Or you can add some meat like brisket flats under the ribs to increase the cook time Overall impression is cooking a whole hog is a nice spectacle for a party but cooking just the shoulders (butts) produces superior BBQ for amateurs like me
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    Smoke and Awe

    Clams Casino Pizza

    I have to confess that I don't do pizza on my kamado anymore since I'm usually just doing a personal pan size and I have a neat pizza oven inside. But I do like a challenge, so for my second attempt here I will do a tried and true version of one of my favorites, a Clams Casino Pizza. It has lots of vegetables, clams, a leetle bit of bacon, and no extra sauce so you almost feel like you're eating healthy. Plus it's pretty. However, next time I think I'll just have one layer of mozzarella because the top layer covers up all the pretty colors. Here goes: I wanted to use my Akorn Jr. which meant finding a pan that would fit higher up in the dome. I decided to use the bottom of a heavy aluminum grill pan I have, and set it on top of my handy dandy canning rack. First I had to prepare and saute the vegetables, add in the clams, and set aside while I let the Akorn heat up a bit and get the dough ready. The vegetables are red onion, red pepper, green pepper, tomato, garlic,a dash of hot sauce and parcooked chopped bacon with the clams added last. The directions call for the dough to be sprinkled with parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning, then mozzarella, then the vegetables, then a last layer of mozzarella and parmesan. Fortunately I had made enough toppings and dough for two pizzas, because when I set the first pizza on the canning rack to cook, right after I took the picture it slid off to the ground. Round 2 went much better because I put a small grate on top of the rack first, then the pizza pan. I was cooking at noon in bright sun so the pictures are light, and it's a white pizza anyway that really needed the color of the toppings to be more evident. Great lunch though.
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    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

    Pizza Challenge Cook #3 – Chicago Deep Dish pizza I likely spent far too much time researching Chicago deep dish pizzas. I settled a Chicago deep dish pizza recommended for a 9” pan. I scaled the recipe for my newly acquired 12” springform pan. Chicago Deep Dish 9” 12” King Arthur AP 175g 233g Semolina 10g 13g Water 85g 113g Corn Oil 35g 47g Olive Oil (extra light) 7g 9g Salt (tsp) 0.125 0.17 Sugar (tsp) 0.25 0.33 Yeast (tsp) 0.25 0.33 I started the dough on Friday afternoon, and cooked the pizza on Saturday night. The 12” pan worked great, although the dough was a little difficult to get up the sides of the pan (over greased perhaps). Next time I make this (yes there will be next times…) I will upscale the recipe a little bit so I have more dough for the sides to make a deeper dish pizza. The toppings were simple: mozzarella cheese, onions, and homemade hot Italian sausage (https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/39247-pork-loin-bacon-italian-sausage-hot-or-sweet/ ) homemade tomato sauce and finished with some parmesan cheese. This was one of best pizzas cooks ever according to my three ladies. Definitely worth a try for those who have not made it.
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    Take Out Pizza

    Father's day on vacation. What's not to love about King Kong? A seafood dinner with a Blueberry Desert Pizza. The Blueberry Desert Pizza featured Reef's world famous cracker crust and fresh picked Blueberries from home. Before dinner I par baked the cracker crust. I made two of these. You par bake on one side only until the bottom browns. Don't forget to pop the bubbles as it cooks. With that done I moved onto dinner starting with sizzle corn. Homemade stuffed Scallops I made just before leaving on vacation. Mahi Mahi filets and small lobster tails. Not exactly how I like to cook fish and lobster but it worked. Not a bad vacation dinner at the cabin. After dinner it was time to finish up the Blueberry Desert Pizzas. I made two different versions. One had egg in the cheese mixture, one did not. We all agreed the one without the egg tasted better. Will definitely make this desert pizza again.
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    Busy morning

    I started off the day by baking two loaves of bread in a Dutch oven on the Kamado Joe at 450 degrees. They are a simple no knead bread that generally tastes great if not better than what I can buy around my house. Then I took my new KitchenAid grinder attachment for a spin by making some homemade Texas style sausages. I will be smoking them tomorrow after 24 hours of “aging” in the fridge. The sausage is 75% beef chuck and 25% pork belly, so it should have plenty of fat and flavor. I cooked up a sample and it started off a little sweet and garlic and finished spicy. Will post some pics of the smoke tomorrow.
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    Sourdough pizza and wings

    My two boys made special request, they wanted pizza and hot wings. I made 5 lbs Asian style sriracha hot wings, and 5 lbs sweet& Smokey bbq sauce wings and two 14” medium sourdough crust pizza.
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    Bachelorette Weekend

    And dinner went on... the travelers were at the mall apparently and happy as clams. I had to add a little lump prior to this.. felt I was looking pretty light in the firebox after it running during my mowing session. Veggies on... Flipped... Stragglers cooking... Steak on... and then marked and flipped... Everyone off... And plated on a side plate.... perfect portion and cook for me on a bachelorette night. No Ice Cream for dessert...
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    Asian Ribs

    Decided to do something different with ribs a lil Asian twist. Instead of BBQ sauce, basted with Oyster sauce 30 minutes out and garnished with sesame seeds and green onion. Simple garlic powder as rub, kamado at 250/ 260 til they past the bend test. Than portobello stuffed with cheese garlic and chives and a smoked potato with bacon cheese and chives.
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    Tonight's Cooks

    Eye twitch in full force here.... I cooked... on my Akorn Jr.... without thoroughly cleaning and prepping it after last night's cook. I didn't stir the lump, or dump the tray, or top it off, or anything.... Anyway, after patting myself on the back for being so brazen as to join the ranks of @ckreef and @CentralTexBBQ.... I got on with my cooks tonight. First of all, I got some thin sliced round steak at the store Friday night and prepped and marinated it. It irritated me because it was WAY overpriced for round but labeled as BOGO and thinly sliced in a very large package.... After toiling over my meat decision a good 5 minutes, I went with it even though I was irritated. My husband did some weekend veggie prep to make weeknights easier, so I grabbed some of his sliced peppers and onions to add to the cook tonight. Akorn Jr. fired up just fine - even thought I felt like I neglected it terribly... Peppers and onions on.... And then the beef... Plated on the fine china.... Now on to cooking some chicken breast for my work lunches.... experimenting with some Dizzy Pig rubs I have... Hopefully will be some good work eats. Mr. KK and the older daughter devoured the beef with peppers and onions... We shall see how the chicken turned out this week.... As always, enjoyed an opportunity to break out the kamado, light a fire, and cook!
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    Golf Griller

    Green Chili Pizza

    This is my first challenge cook.I told the wife about the challenge and she thought pizza would be a good try. We gave it a lot of thought and then she came home from a trip to Costco with this. The plan came into focus. How about a green chili pizza. I happened to be at Kroger and they had some Johnsonville Green Chili sausages. There was the meat for the topping. Here are the other toppings for the pizza I went to a pizza restaurant (Dewey's), which is a chain, but we like their crust and they will sell you a ball of the dough. I removed that case from two sausages and put them in a pan to brown. I was following @John Setzler YouTube video on Pizza 101. Since I had purchased a pizza dough I followed that part of the video. I started a fire in my KJ Classic and was shooting for a temp of between 525 and 550, since Dewey's cooks their pizzas at 525*. The tempo got up to about 600* and I got it to settle down to 500*. The fun began when I went in to form the crust. The dough had risen while I had it at home and when I punched it down I tried to kneed it into a ball. When I tried to form it into a crust it would not spread out without pulling back together. I tried letting it rest and stretching it some more, but that did not work. This is the closest I could get to a base. So, I decided to go ahead and top it. I used the roasted green chili as the base, added the browned sausage, and the cheese and the onions. I decided to not use the refried beans because of the problems with the crust. Here is the pizza ready to go on the grill When I put the pizza on the grill the temp dropped to about 400*. I tried to chase temps back to my original temp, but no luck. Here is the finished product. Both my wife and I enjoyed the pizza, even though it didn't look pretty.
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    My four year old daughter and I cooked dinner tonight. A specialty crust set of pizzas that are sure to please! Ingredients include: English Muffins, pizza sauce, baby spinach, two kinds of cheese, previously kamadoed chicken breast, and salami slices. Here's a photo of little hands hard at work on the build! She had a blast.Here is what they looked like when finished. I built the ones on the left...Here they are on the Vision! Placed the stone on the top rack and heated the grill to 500°fAnd finally here is the end result!We had a ton of fun and I got a big two thumbs way up and a huge smile from my assistant chef. She did awesome! The "crust" was crispy and the cheese and toppings really went well together. It came out great and I can't wait to cook with her again soon!
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    Take Out Pizza

    We arrived at vacation destination yesterday. Pretty decent cabin. Nicely decorated, clean and comfortable. Time for dinner. Sweet potatoes started in the microwave then finished on Jr. Steaks and green beans. I'm the only one up this early. I think we're going to have pizza for breakfast. It is the breakfast of champions
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    Carne Crosta Ribeye

    Got a pound of the Oakridge Carne Crosta seasoning in the mail today so on the way home I stopped by Sam's a picked up a pack of prime ribeyes. I dry brined this for almost an hour and then took it out of the fridge and put the Crosta on while the grill was warming up. Turned out fantastic, by far the best steak seasoning I have ever purchased.
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    Here comes the bride!

    So my daughter is getting married tomorrow. A smaller wedding (98 guests) taking place at his family farm. The groom and his brother own a distillery business on the farm and the wedding will be held outside between the home and the business. The meal will be catered and the boys wil have the wood fired oven going for late night pizzas. Think they can do four or five at a shot. At the last minute she has asked me to provide a 60-70ish pulled pork sliders. So I snuck out of work early today, managed to find five nice pork shoulder “partial bone-in roasts” totalling about 10kg (22 lbs), raced home, rubbed them up, injected with apple juice and loaded up the Akorn. Going to finish them tonight, pulled and pack the meat and get into bed. Tomorrow I need to pick up the slider buns that I ordered, slice the tomatoes and onions, prepare some sauce and away we go! Meat will be rehated in the pizza oven prior to serving. i had done three 8 pound butts before and they were actually a better fit than these five smaller roasts. More photos to follow. Wish me luck!
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    "Pourable" NY Pizza

    Ok, so I tried to make a New York style pizza, and get “fancy” at the same time. I was aiming for a nice and thin pizza dough and saw a neat online video for a pourable pizza dough, perfect I thought… the pizza batter as it was, was nice and thin. Kind of like pancake batter. Hydration was over 100%, and surprisingly there was still a fair amount of gluten development, pouring was not workable, using a piping bag worked ok. The dough was initially “baked” in a cast iron skillet on the stove, and finished on the kamado. While the pizza crust was thicker than I hoped I still marched on, I used simple toppings of a homemade pizza sauce, mozz balls, and a little basil. All in all, it turned out ok. The crust was not as expected yet both my girls said the pizza tasted good, and they would eat it again. One pizza challenge down, 3 more to go…
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