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    BBQ Mac and Cheese

    This is my Challenge Entry BBQ Mac and Cheese Dish Easy and Simple Dinner Ingredients Left over Pull Pork with Homemade vinegar base bbq sauce in Dish Made Homemade Mac and Cheese. Used White Cheddar and Smoked Peprika and at the end added some Red Pepper Flakes Got grill temp around 400*.using Cyber Que. Put it together, BBQ on bottom and White Cheddar Mac and Cheese on top with extra White Cheddar on top. Bake for 45 minutes All Done Money Shot Thanks for looking Skreef
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    Impromptu Steak Tacos and Corn

    Was going to cook steak tonight, probably with asparagus etc. However, at the market they had some really nice tomatoes, fresh green onions and great smelling cilantro, along with some fresh tortillas made locally. They also had some nice looking ears of corn. So a plan was born.I picked up what I needed and went home to make steak tacos, pico with sliced avocados, sour cream, and pickled jalapeños. Turned out pretty darn good, and what's most important my wife was happy. By the way it was a lovely Fall evening and this little cook fit perfectly between FB games I wanted to watch. A good time was had by all...........
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    All tests have been completed and the appropriate posts have been updated. Will post my personal conclusion within the next day or two.
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    Stuffed Pork Chops

    I started out with four bone in double cut pork chops. Slit the side of the pork chop to make a pocket. In a cast iron pan with hot olive oil I rendered down some shallots, celery and honeycrisp apples. Once all that was softened I added chicken broth and stuffing mixture to the pan. Then it was placed in the pork chop. The chops were coated with olive oil and John Henry's pecan rub. Cooked indirect on the kamado at 375°F for approximately 30 minutes. Once the internal temperature hit 140°F removed and rested for about 5 minutes. The meat came out nice and moist. The flavor was excellent on the meat as well. I only felt that the stuffing could have been a little more sweeter. Next time maybe I'll add some more apples, apple sauce or sugar to the stuffing.
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    Pancho Villa's favorite pazole

    Thawed the frozen leftover pork, acquired necessary ingredients. rehydrated the guajillo peppers, then: all Kamado, all the way! Onion, pepper, garlic, oregano simmering into a paste. Drained the hominy, added the water from the pepper rehydration, a bay leaf and let that simmer for a while. Added the pork and guajillo paste and let that simmer. Pozole !
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    The obligatory OTT chili pics!
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    Outdoor Pizza Oven

    We do like the many choices of cooking option and have always wanted to build an outdoor pizza oven. So, started from scratch and ended up like this. With the correct heat refractory bricks, insulation and mortar the heat retention is amazing. We have cooked a few meals such as fish, roasts - but great for family pizza a nights.
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Last night ribs.
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    Two choices with Flame Boss - the 400 or the 500: The 400 is headless which means no screen or controls on the device. Everything integrated into the fan housing, psu and probes plug into base. Result is more cost effective if you are happy using your mobile/PC for setting/checking temps. Monitors pit temp and one meat probe. Cost ~ $219. PSU plugs into mains: https://www.shop.flameboss.com/product/flame-boss-400-wifi-smoker-controller/ The 500 has a screen and controls so you can use either your mobile/PC or the device to check/alter temps. Monitors pit temp and three meat probes, magnet to fix to pit. Cost ~ $349 or $299 for 'Frankenstein' promo version. PSU plugs into mains: https://www.shop.flameboss.com/product/flame-boss-500-wifi-smoker-controller/ https://www.shop.flameboss.com/product/frankenstein-promo-flame-boss-500-wifi-smoker-controller-kit/ Both devices have the same (excellent) level of support and firmware updates; Wi-Fi, Local/Cloud/Direct connection options, SMS alarms, keep warm etc etc, Alexa/Google support. If you are doing straight forward cooks and hang with your smartphone then the 400 is the one to go for. You are not going to get a Fireboard or CyberQ for less than $300, considerably more with the former. Smobot is about $279. My recommendation - buy the bare bones FB400 and spend what you save on some fine meat! Regards David
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    Brandon Store

    My first cake

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    Here is my test run on Roasted Potatoe bread, hydration is 61% with Hard white artesian flour 85%, 15% whole wheat flour from hard red spring wheat and 25 % roasted yellow potatoes. I still need to practice fendu shaping, you can see in picture fendu shape not right yet. The dip in middle needs to more like a u shape. Only Pate Fermentee was not in pictures otherwise all other ingredients where. Taste is very nice with roasted potatoes as part of the bread.
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    Losing My Crispy Crust

    I gave it another shot yesterday and I made two changes... Reduced my hydration to 77% and I cooled in a warm oven. I still lost a bit of my crispy crust but overall, the bread was outstanding.
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    Polar Bear

    The Farm Sauce

    Who is offering to mow your lawn and wash your car for $10?
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    Moink ball bolognese

    Btw good luck on the diet Glen. Remember, unfortunately scotch has calories.
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    My buddy cuts grass and a client of his had this in their garage for years. I think I made a very solid purchase for $300(hope so?) I’ve read a bit on here, and I’m assuming this is a late 90’s model(Richard Johnson-right?) There’s no loose tiles, the part on top spins freely, and only one little chip on one tile right by the back hinge. the shocks/springs squeal a bit, but I haven’t started messing with it. it’s about 50” tall no place for gas starter in back(I’ve seen a square on a similar one) the tile is in greaaaat shape. That seems to be the biggest issues Ive read about Thanks for all ya’ll do. This page has been a great resource before I bought it.
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    The last time I visited the Heritage Farms General Store, I picked up this Steamship Ham on sale for 50% off. This is a 16 pound uncured ham that is a perfect trim for cooking and slicing when it's done. I am going to cure this one myself and I about let the time slip up on me. I like to use equilibrium cure techniques and it takes a bit longer to do it that way. This ham will take about 30 days to cure this way. Equilibrium curing takes longer because it uses a 'correct' amount of curing salt rather than using an excessive amount for a shorter time which depends on a bit of a rest for it to equalize. Equilibrium curing in a nutshell looks like this: You need to know the weight of the ham in pounds plus the weight of the water you will use for your cure. I need 3 gallons of water to submerge this ham in my curing bucket so that comes to a total of 40 pounds. You need 1 gram of pink curing salt for each pound of meat and pound of water. You need 6 grams of salt for each gram of curing salt. You need at least 3 grams of sugar for each gram of curing salt. My cure would look like this: 40 grams pink curing salt 240 grams kosher salt 120 grams sugar (i chose to use 240 grams of molasses instead - the sugar is optional and per taste) 3 gallons of water How long it needs to cure can be calculated here: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/salting-brining-curing-and-injecting/science-curing-meats-safely I gave this calculator my weight and other information and it came up with 28 days curing time. I made my cure today and I'm chilling it in my brining fridge. I'll drop the ham in there in a few days and let it go until I cook it on Thanksgiving
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    I may like this unit a lot. I hope to find an unbiased review.
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    On The Porch Hooping and Hollering.

    It hasn't rained at Reef's Bistro in literally 9 or 10 weeks. So dry lately I've been a little scared to fire up the Nuke Delta grill. But the rain was coming. Had a KK coming up to temp and me and Mrs skreef were in the house playing a little pool. Then the rain came We were so excited about the rain we ran out onto the front porch yelling and screaming in joy!!! If I have to explain further you wouldn't understand - but GA farmers understand.
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    Chicken Parm Pizza

    nice looking pizza. That last one looks very good.
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    DIY- Concrete Countertop In 1 hour

    That was a pretty cool video to watch. The breakdown makes the process appear to be simple enough that folks with even the simplest of handyman skills could make something customized for themselves. Gets me really thinking... and so the slippery slope gets even steeper.
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    have you been peaking in my iMovie library lol
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    TBone Tex

    Primo Jr. Kickash Basket interest?

    Quick update, Kick Ash is working on the prototype and the first production run should be available late 1st Quarter 2020.
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    Smokin-It Electric Smokers

    Anyone here own a Smokin-It (or similar) commercial electric smoker? Thinking about picking up one for a cafe that I work with to make pulled pork and the occasional brisket for specials. I'd like to know what are the key differences in cooking methodology compared to a kamado (I currently use an Akorn). I feel that the Akorn has been such an easy process to make good bbq because a water pan and wrapping were never needed. 1. Is timing a lot different for cooks? I've been averaging about 1 to 1.25 hours per pound using my Akorn at around 250-275F. 2. Do I need a water pan? 3. Do I need to wrap at all?
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    Wings Grilled with new rack

    thanks.. they tasted better than they looked! I got the rack from Bestsouthbbq.com (I invented it an just started selling them by the way).. Thanks for asking about it..
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    Here's a bit of useless information to anyone who wants to read it. Heat deflectors do not need to perform any function other than place a barrier between your meat and the fire. All you are doing with a heat deflector is changing the heating mode from radiant direct heat to convective indirect heat. What they are made out of really makes no difference at all. I have used pizza stones, pizza pans, aluminum foil pans, cookie sheets, and quite a few other things. They have all worked just fine with no noticeable difference in results.
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    I've used Kamado Joe Big Block, currently working through a bag of Cowboy (it's a bit smokey to start, but has cooked well so far), Royal Oak seems to be pretty good. Ckreef did a lump comparison of a few brands as well. I don't know what you have available. You're probably right about Weber briquettes, just make sure there isn't any funny business about quick light, match light, or easy light and you're probably okay with briquettes. Just mind what I said about ash. Never use lighter fluid, get a map torch, an electric starter, starter cubes (what I use) with a chimney.
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    Sunday Rib Cook

    That's the one, smoke until internal temp is 160 or so then wrap in foil and finish in the oven..' It really did turn out a superior butt.
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    Sunday Rib Cook

    Very Tasty looking
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    Looks wonderful. Lovings these bread cooks Rob!
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    Cast iron smoothing

    For as easy as it is, I could see someone selling them at farmer's markets and things like that. It's coming along with the seasoning. Got one spot that was just a smidge too thick on one of the first ones, but I think it's just a cosmetic flaw.
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    Ardbeg Guy

    Brisket - Where to buy?

    Thanks Frank! Yes it does say Cargill. I am thinking I would like to try it. I've never done a brisket before. So I thought at least I could try and refine my technique before buying a pricier cut of meat. I may even do so this week.
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    (Leftover) Pulled Pork Curry Bowl

    Awesome looking and extremely unique dish! never would have thought to do that, but it sounds great. I hear you on the running out of time issue - found myself in the same boat.
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    Honey Bastard Pizza

    Kdlb93, since you didn't sign an NDA and can't be held for leaking classified information, please stop by the introduction section of our forum and let folks know who you are. Kewl recipe, by the way.
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    Bad Byron's Butt Rub vs The BBQ Rub

    Nnank76 - I think if you dig through this site the recipe that you mention has been proffered here several times over the years. Possibly without that exact title however. Personally, I have used, modified and enjoyed it myself. Good choice.
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    Big Joe 3 maxed out for a funeral

    My thought and prayers go out to you, your wife and Elizabeth. I know she will always be with you. Always.
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    I was thinking that as well, only I am pretty confident the temp was reading correctly. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the temp over 575. I was still able to do the pizzas but had to keep them on much longer than my usual 90-120 seconds.
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    K7 Accessories ?

    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking Kamado and it appears to be in excellent shape. If Galaxy can't or wont help, give this outfit a try. I purchased a small basket for my K1 and it works great. You'll need to take a few measurements and maybe give them a call but I'm sure they can help you. https://www.kickashbasket.com/
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these. I just happen to have a $500 Home Depot gift card that I got last Christmas.
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    Those potato stacks looks marvelous.
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    Perfect Pan Pizza

    Well it was....OK. I think my yeast was too old since the crust ended up too dense and it never properly rose. Live and learn. Still darned tasty though. IMG_2206.MOV
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    it'd be hard to keep it under 300 in a kamado with real wood fire, I haven't tested yet but i think it'll shoot over 500 degrees easily. It also needs a feeder coming from outside. With the adapter for the Akorn I can replace the pellet stove with a rocket stove and feed wood from the side. I can add a secondary intake from the existing lower vent into the upright chamber. It's gonna work well with my pizza ring or rotisserie setup.
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    I would think that with this method, you could make the mold so that a kamado grill would fit in the top.
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    John Setzler

    Guide for New Members

    Greetings and welcome to Kamado Guru! Kamado Guru is a forum where all kamado owners are welcome. The brand of kamado you own is just as welcome here as any other. We have a few guidelines here that we expect all members to follow. 1. Be nice. Don't be rude to anyone for any reason. Profanity is strictly prohibited. 2. Brand bashing is strictly prohibited. The 'my kamado is better than yours' debates are simply not allowed here. 3. Customer service or quality complaints are not allowed here if it's your first post in the community. This forum is not a platform from which you may launch your personal complaint against any kamado manufacturer as a new user to the forum. If you have come here for this purpose, please move along. This happens frequently enough here that I am making this rule because of it. If you haven't been here for at least 2 months and made a few other posts in this forum to establish yourself as a forum participant, this type of post is not allowed. Kamado Guru will not be your personal stump for this type of activity. Kamado manufacturers are not monitoring this forum. They are not going to see your complaint. 4. Kamado Guru is a user-supported system. If you like this forum and enjoy using it, please click on one of the "Support KAMADOGURU.COM" links and shoot me a few dollars via PayPal to help with the costs of keeping it running. 5. If you are a NEW kamado owner, you may find THIS to be very useful: Thanks! John Setzler Kamado Guru Administrator
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    John Setzler

    The Cinder

    Perfectly cooked but bone-in chops were not the right first test for this.. I need to do a boneless steak to really see what it can do...
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    The random pictures thread...

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    Sous Vide vs. reverse sear

    I have an obnoxiously long answer to this question based on recent learning. I’ve culled most of this text from a “lessons learned” email I sent to a friend, so apologies if some of the context isn’t quite right/clear. The tl/dr version is that the reverse sear method helped me to see some mistakes I was making when doing sous vide. Read on for the details. I have been cooking sous vide for the better part of 4 years now; we got a kamado grill less than a year ago. We consistently enjoyed sous vide steaks and raved at how well they turned out. Upon trying the reverse sear, I almost immediately was convinced that sous vide was inferior. Over time while cooking with reverse sear, I learned that we were making some sous vide mistakes. In theory, when the reverse sear steaks come off the grill at low temp they have been cooked in a similar manner as a sous vide steak (low and slow, from the inside out, cooked from end to end to the same doneness). But, we noticed right away that the pre-finished reverse sear steaks didn’t look like the pre finished sous vide steaks. The difference was that the reverse sear steaks were *dry* on the exterior. We had always observed that sous vide steaks come out of the bag wet, b/c what little juice they had lost in the cook had gone nowhere. The steak juice had stayed right there in the bag surrounding the steak. So out of the bag, the steaks were wet. I learned/read that a key variable to making a great sear is to ensure you have a dry exterior. The realization was this: when the sous vide steaks came out of the bag wet and we tossed them on the cast iron, the energy of the cast iron was mostly expended by evaporating the extra moisture from the exterior of the steak. Therefore, the steak didn’t crust up like we wanted it to. Less crust=less flavor. The light bulb with the reverse sear method was when i noticed that the steaks came off of the grill pre-sear nice and dry, and then when i seared them they crusted right up. The other lessons were less impactful but still meaningful. I think we were using the cast iron wrong. We have long been inculcated with the 1st cardinal rule of a cast iron*, which is never use the cast iron skillet past medium b/c it will burn the snot out of whatever you’re cooking. *but not always In the past I would sous vide the steak and then heat the cast iron to almost medium. I’d put butter in the skillet as it warmed up so that it melted and was ready for the steak. But, that didn’t let the cast iron get hot enough for a proper sear—and even worse, I was starting the sear before the pan warmed up to medium b/c the butter would start to burn. After observing all that we decided to tweak our sous vide technique a little bit. First, we made sure to dry off the exterior of the steaks thoroughouly with paper towels after pulling them out of the bag. Next, I got the cast iron on the stove and turned that mother up to 11 like I was Michael J Fox at the beginning of the first Back to the Future. AFTER the pan was smoking hot, I put butter in it. And that butter VIOLENTLY sizzled. And then I put a DRY steak in there. And 45 seconds later, I had a buttery delicious crust. To review my prior mistakes: cast iron not hot enough for sear, butter added too soon which forced an even lower cast iron temp, soggy wet steaks...all three mistakes robbed the searing process. Before, I’d have a beautifully cooked steak that had no crust b/c the finishing process wasn’t well executed, which meant the texture of the steak was perfect but it lacked a flavor. This is what initially blew my mind with the kamado reverse sear: still beautifully cooked, plus amazing flavor. I say all that to answer your question: Initially, yes, I tried reverse sear and swore off sous vide forever. However, I’ve been able to use the experience from reverse sear cooking to inform my sous vide cooking, and now I feel like I have got both methods pretty well dialed in. Today, I would say that I’m not “done” with sous vide. Instead, I recognize that both methods bring a different strength in flavor profile. For my taste, reverse sear is better if the dinner menu calls for good smoky, charcoal flavor and I have the time to spend on the grill to achieve that. Sous vide is better if the dinner menu calls for any of the options that sous vide lends itself to: aromatics (rosemary in the sous vide bag? butter? check), a pan sauce (that steak juice in the sous vide bag is money when it comes time to make a quick sauce), or time/ease of cooking.
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    John Setzler

    Traeger Timberline Bad Reviews

    It's in the menu on the grill controller somewhere.. I haven't actually tried to calibrate mine yet but I saw it on there. I will sort that out today or tomorrow and report back...
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    I give mine a tighten twist-or-two about twice a year, what with all that up and down and up and down of the lid coupled with a little heat you gotta figure a screw-loose somewhere. Hell I got a few screws loose myself.... just ask my wife.
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