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  1. 11 points

    My new gadget cook

    After my first tacos al pastor I decided to get a buddy to fabricate me a new stand. It would be for shawrama and tacos al pastor. Today was was my first run with it. Cooked on my Kamado at 375. Shaved the edges and continued to cook each layer. Brought in and fried in Ed in a skillet to crispen up. Served with basmati rice rice and home made white sauce.
  2. 11 points

    Matambre De Cerdo

    Ok, so I was going to do Lomo Saltado for my challenge cook. Weather wasn't playing nice and I wasn't feeling super adventurous - so I ended up doing that inside this past weekend. It was pretty good, but was disappointed I didn't get my challenge cook knocked out. Been a long haul at work lately... especially the past couple of days. Checked with someone who I used to work with, but now lives in Ecuador when I was winding down for the day tonight. Asked if he had any ideas for me for something easy and fast that I could knock out this evening. Many recipes I found had multiple ingreadients and steps and I just wasn't up to it.... He shared with me an interesting link - which was good since I wasn't following him so well with what he was saying... something about impregnating something... lol. Matambre De Cerdo - Pork Flank Steak - very simply prepared with salt and lemon juice. I gathered from what he was saying that I needed to marinate (impregnate) the meat and let the lemon juice "cook" it a bit. I couldn't find pork flank steak, so I ended up butterflying a pork loin.... not the same - I know.... but I tried. So here we go.... After prepping the pork (trim, butterly and a little lemon juice treatment): Crosshatched and starting to "cook" a bit: Junior fired up out the back garage door - pretty breezy out: And we're on: Marked and flipped: Turned once more: And sliced up: Plated with a kale salad: The crispy bits were to die for. It was spectacular! A pretty good ending to a rough month.
  3. 11 points

    here goes prime rib

    Ok here is the map to perfection: Here's the cook from Flame Boss: https://myflameboss.com/cooks/150371
  4. 11 points

    I finally did it....

    Smoked meatloaf. I have been doing the BBQ thing for almost 7 years and I have yet to do a meatloaf... until today!!
  5. 10 points

    Lamb Lollipops

    Lamb Lollipops are by far my favorite cut of red meat. A bit on the pricier side and some amount of prep but Oh so worth it. We started with a rack of lamb and trimmed it down to lollipops. A splash of white balsamic vinegar and a sprinkle of Bush Lamb rub (TY @Aussie Joe). Into the fridge for a couple of hours. I saved the lamb fat/meat strips and they are on the grill today making teriyaki lamb burnt ends (post that later today.) Dried mushrooms reconstituted for an hour in Neopolitan Herb Balsamic Vinegar. A quick pan fry. I then chopped them up and mixed with some feta cheese and melted butter. Awesome spread for the lollipops. I had some homemade stuffed clams I cooked on the KK. Can't forget some carrot risotto cooking on the outdoor burner. Let's wrap this up. Seared for 1 minute each side direct at 500*+. An awesome meal and a perfect md rare.
  6. 10 points
    John Setzler

    Pork Picnic Roast with Cracklins

    I read about this technique in The Food Lab book a while back and wanted to give it a try. This is a whole pork picnic roast... about 8.5 pounds with the skin on (as most of them are.) I scored the skin and seasoned the roast with salt and pepper only. I cooked it for about 13 hours at 225°F until it was done. I removed it from the grill and loosely wrapped it in foil and set it on the side shelf while I opened the vents up and ran the grill temp up to 550°F. I put it back on for 15 minutes to crisp/puff the skin a bit... This turned out amazingly good. This was my second attempt at this. The first attempt was on the Yoder YS640. Everything went well there except for getting the skin crisp. I didn't understand what went wrong. I mentioned this cook to Craig Tabor (Big Green Craig) when I ran into him last weekend. He said that smoke causes the skin to become leather-like and chewy rather than firm and crispy. I tried this on the Kamado Joe with NO smoke wood and I also used a drip pan under the roast to catch the drippings. The cracklins were amazing. This roast is one that you can just set on a serving platter on your dinner table and use a fork to pick the meat off of it. The underlying meat is like pulled pork. The cracklins/skin are crisp and crunchy. This cook may very well actually be done better in an oven than on a grill. Next time I do it on a grill I will put it in a roasting pan on a roasting rack when it goes back in for the high heat crisping. The bottom of this one got a little darker than I like (not much) during that phase of the process. This is a really underrated cut of pork. It's also really cheap. I got this one at Publix for $1.29/lb which is their regular price... it wasn't on sale.
  7. 10 points

    World Series Smoked Chop:

    Big fat bone in chop. Came out looking delicious. It was so thick I had to use a thermapen to get it done right. Crispy and Juicy. Fixed it tapas style sliced in strips with peta and some left over green chile mac and cheese. Now if the Astros win, it will be the perfect evening.
  8. 10 points

    Sitting Chicken

    Just a simple roast chicken this afternoon. It has been a while since I have done a whole bird and I saw this little 3.5 lb bird at the market. Chopped up some root vegetables in the bottom of the Lodge 2 Qt dutch oven and then sat the chicken on top. Used a little orange smoke and roasted indirect for about 90 minutes at 400F on the primo jr. Turned out well. If I do this again, I will either use a more shallow pan to crisp more of the bird or set it on a wire rack above the root vegetables. Either was it was a tasty meal. Thanks for looking.
  9. 9 points

    Jamaican Oxtail

    I normally make this dish in the crock pot, but after watching MarkInThePit's video on it, I’m gave it a try in the Akorn. The seasoning is from SpurTree. You can get it on Amazon or try to find it locally at a GrandMarket. I was going to heat up the cast iron and put a nice sear on it, but it was late (8pm) and I got lazy. I put onions, garlic, bay leaves, and non-salted vegetable stock. This is it going in. I didn’t add chunks of wood because Royal Oak can add a light smokey flavor on its own. This is hour two. Starting to look good. I flipped them over so the other side can get some smoke action. At hour 3, I decided to cover it with foil. This is hour 4. They look just about done, but its not fall off the bone tender. By this time, all the liquid has rendered down and all that’s left is the fat. I decided to add chicken stock. Hour 5, and its just right. You can see the meat has pulled away from the bone and I can easily break the meat with my tongs. This was sooooo good. I’m definitely making it like this again, as oppose to the crackpot method. When you see Jamaican Oxtail seasoning, you would think it have a Jamaican Jerk taste…far from it. Its very savory. Give it a try!
  10. 9 points
    I finally got it together to attempt a challenge cook in the month said cook was going on. It was close... I grow a lot of hot peppers and when I got an Akorn I decided to see what would go into making my own chile powder. My first attempts smoking Jalapeños included green and then mixed peppers, and while the flavor was divine, the color left something to be desired. I decided to do a run of smoked Jalapeños with only the most mature red peppers. I tried to stay above 212 but below 225 degrees and smoked them for about 8 hours on the 15th of October. The result was fantastic, both the taste and color I was looking for. Next year I want to find a grinder that can get powder smaller than the coffee grinder I am using now. After waiting a couple weeks, it was time to get everything together to make Chorizo. I roughly followed the Serious Eats South American Chorizo recipe, replacing ancho chile powder with my own chipotle. My wonderful spouse and child put everything together. I am not that organized. Added all of the ingredients and some local pork and got ready to use the natural sausage casings I went out to get the day before. Crisis! I was certain we owned the KitchenAid attachment to stuff sausages courtesy of an in-law, but it was apparently not so. This meant my plans were going to change and fast. I ended up packing the sausage into two loose "loafs" and put them in Armatale bowls (that I love using on the grill). Around our house there is little downtime these days. While cooking I tested the range of my thermometer (shout out to ThermoPro, I had an issue with a receiver, wrote them, and today received a complete replacement thermometer set) and went out to remove a stump before gravel gets put in this week for some pads in the back yard. Tried a new method of stump removal using a recip saw and 12" pruning blade to cut the major roots before pulling and I am very happy. It was raining all day so I put an awning over the stump, getting smarter as I age... The alarm rang and I went to look at my field expedient sausage casings. I was very happy with how it looked and blown away by the delicious smell. Came inside, removed the loafs, dumped the liquified fat, and "pulled" the meat to get ready for tacos. Taco bar, also including garden tomatoes and lettuce. We also make a pound of ground beef for different flavor/less spice: Plated. Not the best photo but the taste made up for it. I am so happy that I completed a monthly challenge. I probably would not have cooked this recipe without a reason, but now that I have done it, it is absolutely going in the rotation for meals. It was very inexpensive, zero stress other than figuring out what to do besides casings, and visually appealing and delicious. The Armatale bowls will probably be my go to for sausage from now on. Super easy, and I got to get rid of a bunch of fat before eating but it still flavored the cook. This would be a perfect meal for a lot of guests because it seems like it would scale easily. I cannot wait to do this again, but for now we have tons of leftovers.
  11. 9 points
    .....nobody give me trouble 'cause they know I got it made....... Not a care in the world today. My Pirates finally won another game yesterday and I have the day off tomorrow so I can really enjoy the Falcons game tonight. A hongry family to cook for and some ZZ Top on the speakers. Indoor & outdoor cooking today. Bigtime fun. I have the pleasure of a long weekend and I asked my son if there was anything in particular he wanted me to cook at some point. He replied right away that he wanted another batch of double-decker tacos. Easily done. Especially easy as I shopped two different stores yesterday and found some killer sales on stuff. Meat Church's Fajita rub was used on the leftover grilled thighs from yesterday and on the skirt steak. Usual suspects lined up for this Tex-Mex meal. First order of bidness was to mix up a proper batch of guacamole. Son also requested some street corn.....happy to oblige. I love grilled corn. Tossed on some poblano peppers, too....in case anyone wanted some with some queso. Fired up the Weber kettle..... They ate and saved me a single ear of corn....and I had to get indignant to salvage that lone ear. Did up some lean ground with onions, chilis and jalapeños & seasoning. Steak went on last...... It was just right for these double-decker tacos. Guac, queso (not in pics) and this salsa (excellent flavor) went on table for appetizers as I rang the dinna bell. Tacos had a layer of beans & cheese between the hard & soft shells.....then another bit of cheese, ground mixture, chicken, queso and steak. They added the steak and Monterey blend cheese after the pics were taken.... I was able to snag a taco to go with my corn for a tasty halftime meal during the Falcon's game.
  12. 8 points

    SRF cowboy steak

    In my post about the SRF gold grade ribcap I explained how high quality the meat was and how happy I was with their customer service (they sent me another one when the first came thawed, even after I told them I was still able to cook it. The second ribcap came fully frozen and I am waiting for a special occasion to cook it). With my initial order I also got a prime cowboy steak that I cooked this weekend. then I slow cooked this baby (just shy of 2 and three quarters of a pound) at 225 over some pecan till I got an IT of 125 then I seared it in ghee and topped it with a compound butter (it's dark so I didn't even bother taking on grill pictures this time. yeah- this turned out super well i highly recommend SRF and may have to make it a birthday tradition. (My parents are the ones who gave me the gift card in the first place)
  13. 8 points

    Fright Night at philpom's - BOO

    Smoke from the smoke machine didn't really show up. It was a cool calm night for us, 75+ kids showed.
  14. 8 points

    Bacon Pizza on Uuni Pro

    not sure where exactly to post but here is a bacon pizza i made on the Uuni Pro
  15. 8 points

    Juanes and Mahi-mahi ceviche

    Juanes and mahi-mahi ceviche In mid October I was in Peru on an aquarium catfish collecting expedition. I figured it would also be a great opportunity to research and taste what my October challenge might be. After tasting anticuchos from street vendor in Lima, I figured that was the dish. After returning to the states and reviewing the October entries I realized I forgot that @tsh0ck already made it. Then I recalled one of our collecting days about three hours outside Puerto Maldeno, up the Madre De Dios river, up a small shallow and logged filed steam, we are collecting Corydoas knaacki in an lake. On the way back down the stream we stopped (well we grounded out… it was that shallow) in a well shaded spot for clean-up, cool off, and have lunch. Lunch was bought and packed in a cooler early in the day, most of us didn’t know what lunch would be. It was Juanes! Juanes is one of the main of the Peruvian jungle, and we were indeed in the jungles of Peru. They are eaten year-around, and widely consumed on June 24, the feast of St. John the Baptist (San Juan), for which the dish gets its name. Juanes consist of seasoned rice wrapped in a green bijao leaf (or heliconia leaf or banana leaf). Seasoning typically includes turmeric and cumin sometime oregano, giving the rice a warm flavor and a yellowish color. Most juanes also contain a small piece of chicken, a slice of egg and an olive or two. I’m not a big egg fan, or olive fan I left them out. A chicken is usually stewed in broth/water, and the broth used to make the rice. I used 2.5 chicken breasts thinly sliced and cooked on the kamado w/ cherry wood. 6 cups of rice were made, and mixed in were 1 T oregano, 1 T cumin, 1 T turmeric, and garlic and salt and pepper to taste, then 4 raw eggs and the diced chicken. Portion out ~1.5 cups of the mix into banana leaf, wrap, tie, and cook on the kamado for about 30 minutes. Traditionally they are cooked via steaming or boiling. To round out the meal, I topped the juanes with crème de aji, and I made a side dish of ceviche, and gave the mahi-mahi a very brief 1 minute smoke. I made the dish last weekend and had leftover most of this week. It’s a relative easy dish to make, and would make it again. I decided to make the rice in the pressure cooking to try something different. wow, banana leafs are big, they almost hit the floor on the other side of the counter, once I unrolled the package fully. Prepping the leaves on the stove top, it really makes a difference when you heat the leaves over the high flame, you can see the darker coloration (steaming internally I think..) and it makes the leaves much much easier to handle. ingredients for the creme de aji ceviche time... Final shot:
  16. 7 points
    Family was worn out from a long work/school week. Needed to do something easy....I hit the store on the way home and picked up some breasts & runners and stuff for sides. Used a base layer of Meat Church's Gospel rub & RecTec's Greek rub as my base....then topped off during the cook with Plowboy's Yardbird rub. Zatarain's Caribbean Rice mix.....gotta love the microwave on this side. Little trees grill so dang easy & tasty.
  17. 7 points
    I used chicken leg quarters, you could use any chicken parts or spatchcock a whole chicken. First, blend together: 1/3 cup soy sauce Juice of 2 limes 5 garlic cloves 2 teaspoons ground cumin 1 teaspoon papriak 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano 1 Tablespoon olive oil Pour this marinade over 3 chicken leg quarters in a zip-lock bag and refrigerate for 24 hours, turning occasionally for even marination. When ready to go remove the chicken from the marinade and pat dry. I set up my Akorn for a 2 level fire (I use the charcoal grate from a Weber when I do direct grilling because it fits perfectly on the smoking stone tabs), with the grate temp on the indirect side at 350. I grilled skin side up on the indirect side to an internal temp of 150 and then moved the chicken to the direct heat, skin side down to get some crispy skin. I juggled things around when things wanted to flame up and finished cooking when internal temp hit 165. I had a sweet potato I microwaved for 5 minutes then cooled and peeled and cut into 1/2" thick slices, coated with olive oil and a sprinkle of S & P then onto the direct heat with the chicken back on the indirect side to keep warm. The sauce works equally well on chicken and the sweet potato. If you don't want to bother with the sauce the chicken is good by itself with a squeeze of lime juice>
  18. 7 points
    Edward Cook


    My family got me a Kamado Joe Classic II for my birthday in September and I've been having a blast learning how to use it ... nothing's turned out bad yet! I got Chris Grove's Kamado Smoker and Grill Cookbook and read it and I've been watching you tube videos and reading this site for ideas, instructions, etc. I decided I had to try the ABT's that Chris talks about in his book this past weekend ... and I may now have an addiction! These things are awesome!
  19. 7 points
    Edward Cook

    Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs

    I also got Fred Thompson's "The Kamado Grill Cookbook" and had to try his recipe for Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs. If you you like chicken thighs (my family loves the m), this is a great cook...
  20. 7 points
    John Setzler

    Spatchcocked Turkey

    So.... this happened in the Man Cave today....
  21. 7 points

    Sirloin Steak

    1.5" thick, 18 oz sirloin steak sous vide for an hour at 129°F then seared in cast-iron. Rubbed with Meat Church Holy Cow.
  22. 7 points

    Simple Saturday eats.........

    Instead of sauce, I dusted with a finishing rub from KosmosQ....Honey something..... Lawdy it was tasty.
  23. 7 points
    Thanks, guys. I used to be a car slut. There was a period of time where I'd buy 'em and flip them every 2-3 years. Insane behavior. The last such deal was a Z71 Tahoe with every imaginable option onboard. It was a great vehicle in many ways....but was just a tank. I didn't need all that as a daily driver to work, hunt, golf, etc. 3 of the 4 captain's chairs were empty most of the time it was running. It wasn't good at all on fuel economy. I made out two lists of WANTS and NEEDS. I satisfied most of the NEEDS and many of the WANTS with the truck I have been driving the last 10+ years (that replaced that Tahoe). Yesterday, Taco Tuesday, I maintained the NEEDS and also gained ground on the WANTS. I'm hoping for another long term relationship with this truck.. I stayed with 4x4 and this time added an automatic transmission. My shot-out left knee can swing in/out of the doorbell much easier than in my last truck. Legroom & knee position is much to my liking. Fuel efficiency should be a bit better. Other dimensions are similar and worked for me the past ten years....with no foreseeable changes coming. Was a great way to wrap up Taco Tuesday. Glad to be done with it the car shopping. I hate it. Good thing it only comes around every decade. Toyota lot: My driveway three hours later: Teenage T-Rex said I should have bought the longer box.....
  24. 7 points
    So for my birthday, way back in July, my parents got me a gift certificate to SRF. They knew I was excited about to but couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money to find out (hubby let them in on this). I wanted to try the petite gold rib cap, but they were sold out. I had to wait for it to come in stock again. It took months. I ordered it the day they had it again along with a prime cowboy steak. I scheduled the delivery for about a week later and was so excited. On Friday I got an email that the delivery was delayed. I thought no big deal. Then I got another email that it had been delayed to the following day but that there was dry ice in the package so it would likely be ok. My hopes were pretty low, and it actually took until after noon on Saturday for it to arrive. All of the dry ice was gone. My cowboy steak was still mostly frozen but the rib cap was thawed but cold right next to the steak. (I'm pretty sure since it is a thinner cut). I let customer service know that it arrive and that I was pretty sure it would be safe to eat, then set about preparing it that night since I knew refreezing would compromise the quality of the meat. I was so scared I would mess this up. I seared on the sear grate with a cast iron griddle and ghee. Seasoned simply with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a touchy of cayenne. oh man this was the best steak of my life. My husband said it put the French Laundry to shame since I used a small amount of wood smoke. So so so good. Then, two days later, I get an email from SRF that since they guarantee that the meat will be frozen or partially frozen, that they will refund my money or send me another one! This is even through I told them that the meat was cold enough that I thought it would be safe! Excellent customer service and now I'm so excited that I get to cook another one!
  25. 7 points
    From my last few post you have seen I’ve been struggling with temperatures on my pit boss. But I’m staring to figure this thing out. My last slow cook was some country style ribs I found on sale. I did them the exact way I do spare ribs and they turn out awesome. Tonight I did a reverse sear on a couple of cowboy ribeyes. They were about 3lbs each. Slow cooked at 250 for almost 2 hours then removed my shield and opened her up as hot as she would go. They were amazing. I think I’m ready to tackle an all day cook such as brisket or some pork butts. I told y’all I wouldn’t give up. Cheers!
  26. 6 points
    My wife and I have a standing date night reservation every Sunday at a little tapas place in town called El Gato Azul. (they always have great live Jazz on Sunday night) Tonight they had a tapas special. Two huge divers scalops, (if they used shrimp weight numbers these scalops would easily be 2's or a 3) sauted in brown butter and pecans with an apple, cranberry chutney, with a dusting of fried leaks. A very interesting herb blend was in the sauce, but i was unable to get the spices from our server. I will use my back channel and find out what herbs they used. This was an absolutely amazing dish. Never tasted anything quite like it and I have had alot of diffrent scalop preps. Never would have put this flavor profile together myself, but it certainly worked. Really going to have to try to come up with this at home. Real show stopper to be sure.
  27. 6 points
    Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Temp were in the 50’s I’m sure and no significant wind to speak of - at least not in the earlier part of the day. Work has been really busy and I’ve been limiting my extra-curricular activities. Doing inventory this weekend across a couple locations, but couldn’t help myself on Sunday. It was too nice to pass up. Shot from the hip and ran to grab some ribs since I was getting a late start and couldn’t commit to a pork shoulder or brisket. Anyway, here’s a few pics. Fighting some crazy temp swings on my new used Big Joe that are driving me nuts... going to have to wait until spring to do the gasket at this point. Plated pics are absolutely horrid. It was really late and I just wanted to go to bed... regretting that I didn’t try harder on those... I don’t even really like ribs very much, but my husband said they were one of my best attempts to date.
  28. 6 points

    Artisan Belly Bacon

    Artisan Belly Bacon using a 'Sweet Cure' For this bacon, I wanted to push up the sugar percentage in the equilibrium immersion cure more toward what some might refer to as a ‘Sweet Cure’ bacon at 6% sugars in the curing brine. Just to give us a taste comparison to belly bacon using lower sugar concentrations in prior bacon batches. I also slightly increased my typical salt percentage up to 2.5%. The bacon flavor after the final fridge rest has become quite uniform and well balanced throughout the meat. Quite good to eat freshly sliced (since it is fully "cooked") , but outstanding when carefully fried off at low to medium heat due to the higher sugar. It cooks and crisps nicely with the outer edges developing a nice caramelization. It has a much sweeter finish on the palate when eating a slice. Quite rich. Quite filling. Great for breakfast, outstanding on BLTs. This started out at just under 10 lbs. I utilized an equilibrium immersion cure approach at the higher sugar level. Cure #1, salt, brown/white sugar, and some fine ground black pepper in the brine. Smoked in my converted electric kitchen oven smoker using a graduated time/temperature profile starting at 130 and not exceeding 170 degrees heat. After immersion , a solid day in the fridge uncovered to dry. Dusted lightly with fine ground black pepper before hitting the smoker. A total cook time of 11.5 hours with 10.5 hours on the hickory smoke using pellets in my smoking maze. Internal meat temps were between 147 and 150. Yield after smoking was about 80% by weight from the initial meat weigh-in. A 3 day fridge rest wrapped in peach butcher paper equalized the bacon and it firmed up nicely. Chilled for a bit in the freezer and sliced on the Berkel 827A at a thickness of 1/8 inch. Finally the bacon was chamber vacuum sealed in a mix of 1/2 and 1 pound packages. Ready for future good eats. The family says this recipe is a keeper.
  29. 6 points
    For those of you on Facebook, Bobby Brennan has updated the masses on a couple of announced and new products for 2018 https://www.facebook.com/groups/500015733460665/permalink/1263986370396927/ For those not on Facebook, here are the broad strokes: iKamand WONT be shipping before Christmas this year. No word on when it will be shipping Kamado Joe Classic Cart is due around Feb 2018 Kamado Joe are developing/re-releasing a new Kamado- The Kamado Joe Pro Joe. Bigger than the Big Joe with a premium finish and price tag (around $3500us). Looks like its aimed at commercial applications rather than home grillers. New Kontrol Tower fitted to the Pro Joe will be made from 304SS and available for sale separately at some stage (no pricing yet)
  30. 6 points
    2 7lb shoulders, rubbed with Meat Church Gospel and smoked at 225F for about 5 hours until internal temp was 150F. Dropped into the water bath for 24 hours at 155F. After the 24 hours was up, dropped into a sink full of ice to rapidly chill, and then smoked HOT at around 450F for 45 minutes to get an insane bark. By far the best shoulders I've ever done.
  31. 6 points

    UUNI Pro Burn-In and First Pizza

    Super-Easy to setup. Seems to "burn" as advertised. Coasted at 700 degrees on charcoal for my initial burn-in, then did some pizza (2 day cold ferment using the dough recipe on the Uuni site). At home next to the Keg! Burning In....stones will likely never be this clean every again! First pizza. Ended up being -15 degrees C out when I cooked so the stones probably could have used a longer heat soak (underneath did not have nice spotting), but happy for a first go! Really have to stay on top of things...this was around a 90 second pizza.
  32. 6 points

    DIY Brick Pizza Oven

    This is a kewl time lapse video showing a guy building a brick pizza oven. Unfortunately this is not me, I wish this was my pizza oven.
  33. 6 points
    John Setzler

    Pork Picnic Roast with Cracklins

    This is the best and most fun $1.29/lb I have ever spent...
  34. 6 points

    Sliders-the whole story

    From start to finish we explore the innocent pulled pork slider. We'll see it's birth and demise! I cooked this the other day on the Pecos but when it was done I sealed it tight in a bowl whole and let it cool. A few days later I put it in the sous vide at 200f for about 4 hours and then pulled it. That worked well! Finished these with a drizzle of Crystal Louisiana Sauce. Made the coleslaw with lemon juice instead of vinegar. Yum!
  35. 6 points
    It has been a busy week and unfortunately today was no exception. When I finished with work, I wanted to break out the grill and relax a bit. Unfortunately, it has been pouring all day, so I dragged the Jr around to the garage and stayed as dry as I could. I spatchcocked a 4lb chicken and seasoned it with Meat Church Holy Cow. I know it is made for beef, but I have been enjoying it on chicken as well. I cooked raised indirect at first with some orange wood smoke at roughly 400F. Towards the end, I moved it to raised direct to give it a little more color and crisp it up. Roasted some Yukon Gold potatoes and butternut squash. Overall, it was a nice simple and tasty meal. Thanks for looking.
  36. 6 points

    Pork tenderloin

    Caught a good sale at Costco so brought a few home - one pack in the freezer, other on the Akorn. Used just paprika, salt and pepper along with some turbanado sugar. Tried a new binder - and I’m a fan. Maple syrup, for the win! hit with sauce in the home stretch. Smoked some beans along with and the night did up some fries that wound up more like hash. We named them frash. Left them maybe five degrees too long but still fantastic.
  37. 6 points


    I know that it’s not the first of its kind this month, but I definitely took a different spin on it. I started by picking of a full beef heart. The butcher was kind enough to cut it in thirds and vac seal them all. I put it in the freezer for a few hours so I could slice it thin. I ran my recipe past a friend that has some history in cooking from the area and he let me know that he liked it spicier than my recipe would be, so I changed it up a bit. I used some habenero sauce, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and cumin for the marinade. I put the sliced heart in the marinade for 3 hours. I fired up the KJ nice and hot. I sliced some potatoes and season up with salt and pepper and put them on indirect at 450. I then added the skewers of meat. It turned out unbelievable. I will do this again. Especially since I have 2/3rds left!!!
  38. 6 points
    Aussie Joe

    Road kill

    Was cold and wet down here thought I needed a roast dinner used some of my favorite chicken rub and mixed up some veggies to go with it near the end I added some parmesan
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    The Cypress just found a great new home with a great family. Prdrad...I wish the best for you, your family, and the Cypress. Please show off some of your cooks. We would all love to see them. @Prdrad please stop by the intro forum and introduce yourself. Lots of folks would love to make your acquaintance.
  40. 6 points

    XL BGE for $100... (in Ottawa, ON)

    Well @bluayeddvl, it's all your fault that I now have a winter project I stopped by Capital after work, took a closer look at the XL egg, and bought that sucker on the spot. The soot wiped right off exposing the nice "egg" green underneath. The hinge and bands looked fine to me. Heck, I've wasted a 100 bucks on worse projects, so worth a shot. Thanks for the link. If you're ever out Kemptville way, give me a shout and I'll show you my progress, or lack of.
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    Surprise Brunch Road Trip

    Decided to grab my son from college and take him and Mrs skreef on a surprise Brunch Road Trip. Drove up to Atlanta for Chinese Dim Sum. Back in my early 20's me and my friends use to do Dim Sum a couple of times a month. Mrs skreef and Hawke never had Dim Sum before so I thought it would be an interesting adventure for them. Went to the Oriental Pearl restaurant. The Dim Sum was good. Mrs skreef and Hawke got to try a bunch of different dishes. A good time was had by all and we left stuffed. If you've never eaten a true Dim Sum brunch search one out. It's a fun way to explore the different side of Chinese food.
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    Smoked Mac & cheese w/brisket

    I really had no good ideas for dinner and during a run to the grocery store for some beer I even perused the meat aisle but nothing jumped out at me. Back home I thought well let's do something a little bit different for us so I pulled out some leftover brisket from the freezer and began to formulate dinner plans. It turned out really really good. Here is the recipe. -4 cups large elbow macaroni -5 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese -2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese -2 cups finely chopped smoked brisket -2/3 stick of butter -1 1/2 cups of milk -3 eggs -2 teaspoons garlic Sriracha powder Cook the noodles al dente drain and melt the butter into the pasta. Mix in the milk eggs 4 cups of sharp cheddar and two cups of mozzarella along with the Sriracha powder to the noodles. I found it best to mix the eggs, milk and garlic Sriracha first and then add to the noodles. Pour into a foil pan that's been pre greased and put the remaining cheddar cheese on top along with some Parmesan. Bake in a 375-degree kamado for 30 to 35 minutes or until cheese on top starts to become golden brown. Allowed to cool and set up for about 20 minutes and then cut into slices and serve! Use just a little wood for that extra touch.
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    My wife and I went to see this movie, which is a telling of the story of our 19 Prescott Granite Mountain Hot Shots who perished fighting a large, out of control monsoon storm driven, wild fire near the small town of Yarnell about 45 min away from where we live. Very emotional experience for both of us and the entire audiance at an early release showing here in Prescott. we both cried through much of the movie, like most if not all the people in the theater. The movie in my opinion is unvarnished, honest, well done, and accurate in how it depicts the incredible effort, courage, and heroisim involved in fighting a wild fire in the Western states. I live not much more than a mile from Granite Mountain where these same young men fought to contain the Granite Mountain fire that could have easily burned my house and entire neighborhood to ashes. In the process of cutting a line to contain the fire our Hot Shots worked to save propably the largest and oldest aligator juniper tree in the SouthWest. The site now has a placque and monument in their honor, and the tree is hung with wind chimes and photos and remembrances are left at it's base similar to the Viet Nam Wall in DC. The Granite Mountain fire was just a number of weeks before the fire in Yarnell. I cant drive by the mountain, the area still scared from the fire, or Yarnell without thinking about the sacrifice of these wonderful young men. Several of them went to our church and my wife and I taught some of their kids in Sunday School. While depicting a very sad story, I found this to be a very good movie, and recommend it. The cast is excellent with Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, and Talor Kitsch. Here is a pic of Granite Mountain from the hill above my house and the memorial outside the Ranch House resturant in Yarnell The resturant is shown in the movie because it was designated as the last point of refuge for fire crews if the fire went past it's designated trigger points. Which it unfortunately did, when the wind direction instantly changed and increased to 50 mph. The speed of the fire at this point was calculated at a mile in 4 minutes which is about 100 yards in fifteen seconds. Certainly much faster than any gear laden fire fighter could possible sprint, especially in very rough, rocky, hilly terrain.
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    Food porn!

    Go easy on me but what do y'all think? Messing around a little.
  45. 5 points

    A Restaurant Ruined My Life

    Over on the BBQ Brethren forum there is an epic thread following the story of a forum member that decided to open a BBQ joint a few years ago. The fellow was pretty open about all the effort and problems involved in getting started. His restaurant (The Prized Pig) was a success for a few years and he was looking at opening a second location but it all took a toll on his personal life and he closed down suddenly early this year. A recent update from just a few days ago was in a newspaper article mentioning that while he is not opening up another restaurant himself he will be the pitmaster for a joint opening in a few months. I've followed the thread for a few years and was surprised by how emotionally invested I became in his journey and am very glad to hear that he is getting back into the game in some capacity and hope that he has worked some of the other stresses in his life. The thread was an interesting read and anyone thinking they might want to open a restaurant should give it a read. http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=161123&highlight=open+restaurant The new joint - Fat Cap Smoked Meats - https://www.southbendtribune.com/marshallking/new-bbq-joint-fat-cap-to-open-in-roseland/article_5fe108bf-28b0-5949-ac0a-41a6ed6f754d.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share
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    Chicken & Dumplins

    This is a pretty dead-on copycat of the Cracker Barrel chicken & dumplins. Love this stuff.
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    Fresh pork belly

    Just wacked up a bit for myself.... Served over white rice.
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    I was in my favorite Mexican market looking for inspiration for the South of the Border challenge and came across some Manzano peppers did a little research and found they are about 4 times as hot as a jalapeno with a fruity, citrus flavor, in the picture note the thick walls and unusual black seeds. Sold. There's the start of my sauce. Did the sauce first, put into a blender: 1 Manzano pepper seeded and coarsely chopped juice of 1 lime 1 cup cilantro leaves 2 T Mayonnaise 3/4 cup sour cream (preferably Central American style) 1 clove garlic 1/2 t salt Blend to a smooth texture and then drizzle in 1/3 cup olive oil.
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    Thanks to @pesto3 for posting his JoeTisserie ribs, I thought I'd give it a try. Haven't taken them off the grill just yet, so no money shot and taste report until later. I had two racks (wife wanted some left over for dinner during the week) and had to use the tines on the spit rod to try and secure them. Used some kitchen twine to secure them. At 250F for 2.5 hours, they looked and smelled great: Decided to fire up the junior and smoke some mac and cheese. While all that was going on I made up a fresh batch of kim chi to ferment over the next few days.
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    Brick Pig

    Long Overdue Pork Butt

    Last week my wife, who's not the biggest pulled pork fan in the known world, pointed out to me that I had not smoked a butt all summer long. I've used the KJBJ several times a week for lots of different things, so I hadn't really noticed the fact until she brought it up. So anyway, having taken this week off for my birthday (), and having nothing planned for Tuesday, I prepped a picnic Monday night and threw it on Tuesday morning. Hot dang, I think it's the best butt yet! Here's the pics: Rinsed and patted dry: Covered in my standard homemade rub: Then I forgot to take a pic when it went into the KJBJ. Then I forgot again when I wrapped it at 160° IT. But I remembered when it hit an IT of 190°: When I took it off, it was probing like butter, and I had IT readings of 198°-204° all across the meat. After 90 minutes or so in a cooler, ready to pull: I couldn't get a picture that put across how moist and juicy this baby is. This is the best I could do: This was the first time I've smoked a butt at higher temps (~320° throughout the cook), as people have discussed here. Absolutely could not be happier with the results. I may never smoke one at 200° again!
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