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  1. adm

    Sourdough Croissants

    On the Kamado, because...why not? They do take a while though. And apologies in advance as this is quite a long and pic heavy post.... First up, make sure the sourdough starter is properly active. Then make up a thick starter sponge and leave to ferment overnight: Then incorporate that into a dough, knead well and leave that to ferment cold in the fridge for 24 hours. Make up a butter sheet - this is a pound of butter, mixed with an ounce of flour and then spread into a sheet about a quarter inch thick. This is the hardest part as it's stic
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    New York strip

    I'm a big fan of ribeyes but got such a deal on Prime NY strip roast at Costco a while back. Cut it into steaks and saved the butt for a roast. The steaks were so good, I decided to reduce the roast to steaks in the end. This is last of it and it was dang good. Steak, schrooms and baked tater. The all-American meal. Had a picture of them on the Jr, but it wouldn't upload.
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  3. philpom

    100% whole wheat bread

    This bread was sweetened with pure maple syrup. In alignment with the challenge I used wheat that is 20 years old I purchased from some y2k preppers 15 years ago. It had an 18 hour proof in the fridge and cooked in the primo for 40 minutes at 350°f. It was pulled at an internal temperature of 191°f. It was not as airy as I hoped but it tastes fantastic. Whole wheat The trusty kitchen mill Whole wheat flower Second rise was overnight plus half a day. 4 hours at room temperature If this was what I c
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  5. William

    Success! Now what?

    I've got my spatchcock chicken recipe nailed down to perfection! After about two years of slight adjustments to my dry rub, I've honed in on the perfect amount of sweetness, heat and sodium. I've also finally figured out how to repeat my results on achieving the crispness of a tortilla chip with the chicken skin. I'm thrilled yet disappointed that I no longer need to keep tweaking this recipe. I guess I move on to another flavor profile and make it my new mission?
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  6. While shopping @ Costco for St. Louis style ribs on Sunday, getting ready for my Labor Day smoke, to my shock I saw they had tomahawk ribeyes for the first time this year. Can you say tomahawk without it being cultural appropriation? Nevermind... Anyway, I was much too tired to cook it after arising early to prep and cook the ribs. Which unfortunately now means that instead of sharing this with seven people, it's now going to be a meal for one. Well, more of a dinner / breakfast double-header. Anyway, smacked it with koshering salt and heavy black pepper, bathed it in pecan smoke f
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  7. Pork tenderloin dry rubbed with SPGO, then glazed with honey mustard. cooked to 145 F IT with the ikamand...
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  8. adm

    Sourdough Bread

    Just polishing up my Kamado bread chops for this month's challenge. I did a couple of Sourdough Boules today. Recipe was the standard "Tartine" country loaf using the San Francisco sourdough starter I have been maintaining for several years now. I had a couple of tries a couple of months back, and although the bread came out good, I really wasn't very happy with it. Today is looking better..... I haven't sliced either yet, but that's only because I am stuffed with Ribeye steak and baked potato. There's always tomorrow morning for scrambled eggs on toast with
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  9. LJS

    Reverse sear steak

    Hi Kamado Peeps, Did a reverse sear over the weekend with some chimichurri sauce. Scotch fillet a good inch or two thick smokes with cheery wood for about 1.30 hours and then seared. Set my probe on rare so internal was 49°but a little too rare for the wife so next time I will sear longer of go for a medium rare. The steak was fabulous for me dressed with sauce and some roasted veggies. I have ordered some dry aging bags, so I hope there get to me soon as I am super excite to try dry aging and then reverse searing or even just a grill/searing. Any tips and/or links for dry
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  10. KJKiley

    T's Cinnamon Rolls

    I credit this recipe to one of our good friends from our time together in Seoul. Dough 2 packages active dry yeast 1 cup warm water (105-115 degrees F) 2/3 cup sugar, PLUS 1 tsp 1 cup warm milk (105-115 degrees F) 2/3 cup salted butter –melted PLUS extra to coat bowl 2 eggs slightly beaten 7 cups flour plus extra for rolling on Filling 1 ½ cup butter divided, ¾ cup melted, ¾ cup room temp 1 ¾ cup brown sugar plus 4 tbsp 3 tbsp cinnamon (the best you can find) 1 ½ cups chopped pecans (optional) 1
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  11. Grilled fish! So I picked up some fresh red snapper for the grill. Added baby lima beans and some chilled wine! Instead of cake we had S’mores! Perfect!
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  12. dylanm

    Friday night ribs!

    Hi All! Looks like the weather in northeast PA is starting to break for the fall. No more scorching days. Was a high today of mid 70's with a very slight breeze. Beautiful day for a long low and slow. The local market had St. Louis style ribs on sale so grabbed a rack. A quick mustard lather then seasoned with BB Butt Rub and DP Spicy Dizzy Dust. Fired up the KJ to about 225F with a full barrel of KJ Big Block. This stuff is my "go-to"! I can't always find it so when I do, I usually buy 5-10 bags just to be safe, its always huge pieces. Through a couple chunks of mesquite
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  13. BigSlade

    Chicken Pot Pie

    Tonight I decided to do Chicken Pot Pie on the grill. Just my simple pot pie recipe, threw it on the grill about 360 grate temp and cooked for about 35 minutes. About my only complaint is that the bottom crust wasn't completely cooked. Next time will cook the bottom crust only on the grill for about 5 minutes before putting the filling in and adding the top crust. The grill definitely gave it a smoky hint to it which was really good.
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  14. To do your own: Cut a lemon in half and push the halves under the skin to the appropriate place before cooking
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  15. adm


    Tonight's dinner..... Despite being busy refurbishing our kitchen today, I scored a lovely 2" thick ribeye at the butcher this morning. I seasoned it and chucked it in the sous-vide cooker at 50C (122F) for a few hours, then after making bread on the Kamado I opened up the vents until it was 375C (700F) and seared the steak over direct heat for a couple of minutes each side. Came out great. Shared between three with a salad and baked potatoes it was heaven! Only one picture, but such is life.... Happy Saturday everyone!
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  16. EZ smoke


    We cook pizza at least 1x a week on our kamado and have for years. It's not rocket science but man these are good! Dome temp 500-550* and get the dang thing up in the dome with a deflector or two placed strategically.
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  17. Guess I won't be buying chuck roast at Walmart....
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  18. Some money shots:
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  19. AJS390

    Cinnamon Swirl Bread

    For this month's challenge I decided to give a recipe for cinnamon bread that I had come across online a shot. It seemed like a simple recipe, and the recipe called for cooking it in a cast iron skillet. Unfortunately, I don't currently have a cast iron skillet of an appropriate size that will fit on my KJ Classic II without cutting the handle off (and cast iron pans in stock are virtually impossible to find around here and give ship dates of October or later online). I do, however, have an enameled cast iron baking dish that I went with. It's a pretty standard dough recipe (flo
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  20. philpom

    Katz's like pastrami

    A heavy dose of black pepper, garlic, onion, marjoram, oregano and coriander. Smoked at 240°f with pecan until 175°f and steamed until 203°f. Very tender, a bit of spice and delish! Pulled at 170°f and steamed to finish at 203°f (probe tender). Very delicious, will do it again!
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  21. adm

    Sourdough Focaccia

    So, another “not a challenge entry” post.... This time I was trying a sourdough focaccia. It came out OK, but not great. Basically, the two main problems were that the starter was a bit too far past it’s peak which meant it took too long to ferment and didn’t rise as much as I would like, and also the bottom was a little bit over cooked. Not burnt, but crispier than it should be. It still tasted excellent and I am enjoying some now with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And a large glass of red wine.
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  22. Went back to Mountain View Campground in Hiawassee, GA for a long weekend. We were able to secure site #14 which we feel is the best site in the campground. This is our view from under the awning. While there we did a bit of geocaching and hiking. Along a trail in Unicoi State Park we came upon a travel rock. We grabbed it up and will send it on it's way in the near future. One of the geocaches took us to a city park in Young Harris where we came upon a little library. I've heard of these but never seen one in the wild. Take a book, leave a book. Awesome idea.
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  23. I have a great idea!
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  24. So often you wonder if you are raising your kids right...and some moments you feel good as you get something like this request. For his 16th birthday (which is today...but friends came over last night)...my son requested a meal of ribs and wings for him and his friends (with a mini session of hot ones with the wings). So...set up the canopy over the Kamado as we had scattered storms much of yesterday and got to cooking. Did my traditional rub which I am always making a few tweaks to (but usually ground pepper, chili powder, smoked paprika, cumin, garlic powder and kosher salt
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  25. My first attempt at ribs went sooo wrong, which is probably a good thing as it led me to this forum. I didn't have a diffuser so my ribs were burnt to a crisp after 2 hours at 250. After lots and lots of ready I was ready for a second take at ribs. I rubbed these on Thursday night with the intention of cooking them on Friday, but life had other plans. Fast forward to Sunday and I pull them out of the freezer and let them thaw. Got my grill up to about 250 and threw them on. Fought with the temperature because 1) it was a bit windy and 2) I was trying to hang out with the neighbor and my
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  28. Thanks for the warning, but I would have probably noticed. I love waffles.
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  29. adm

    Iberico Secreto Pork

    So, I've been thinking about buying some of the "Iberico Secreto" pork for a while and ended up ordering some last week. This is basically the "wagyu" equivalent for pork. It's from the "Pata Negra" black hoofed pigs from the Iberian peninsula. They are left to forage in the hills and forests and mainly live on a diet of acorns, mushrooms herbs etc... The "Secreto" cut - or butcher's secret is essentially the pig equivalent of skirt steak. From the Pata Negra pigs, it's massively marbled with fat, which should make for really tasty eating: Anyway, the p
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  30. ckreef

    Garlic Mozzarella Bread

    This popped up in my news feed and it looked like a good idea. Garlic Mozzarella Bread served with spaghetti sauce on the side for dipping. I had an ingredient picture but not sure what happened. Anyway here are the dough ingredients ready for mixing. Working the dough. Put the ball on a pan and cover for the rise. Once doubled (about 2 hours) push it down a bit into a circle. Using a razor blade made some slices. Brush with a softened butter than had garlic and scallions in it.
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  31. Ron5850

    Oh yes Pizza

    For the dough I started with my go to dough. Ken Forkish bar pizza dough which I made 2 days ago. Assembled the pie and tried to get the dough is thin as possible. Now ready for the launch. super thin. and cheesey as well.
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  32. This was a challenging cook. I actually had to do some additional prep and make it look like I knew what I was doing. Here are the ingredients: I prepped the ingredients while two of the Italian sausages were being cooked on the grill. When the sausages were finished cooking on the grill, I cut them into bite size pieces to add to the soup. I then took the one sausage that I took the casing off and browned it in the dutch oven on the grill. It did not produce as much grease as I was wanting, so I added some olive
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  33. I wanted to do a riff on Emeril's Chicken Pockets and my favorite red bean and rice recipes to come up with what I wanted to call a relleno and my wife put her foot down and called it a stuffed pepper. Whatever. This is Emeril's recipe: https://www.emerils.com/123669/chicken-pockets-stuffed-goat-cheese-chorizo-and-pine-nuts-bed-southern-style-black-eye-peas that I have done here before. The day before this cook I made my favorite red bean recipe (for red beans and rice) leaving out the meat components. About 30 minutes before the beans were done I put a 8 oz package of pork chorizo
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  34. KismetKamado

    Bean Green Curry

    Been on a bit of a curry kick lately, so decided to go that route with my challenge cook. Used a dried bean soup assortment for my beans. Then some fresh veggies. A few seasonings, chopped garlic, ginger, green onion, scallions and lemongrass. And a few other items as well. Had to plan ahead a bit more than usual. Figured I would smoke my dried beans before I soaked them overnight. Put them on for an hour or two with some cherry, peach and maple. No idea if this added any value at all, but didn’t think it wo
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  35. Moroccan marinated pork tenderloin kebabs with oak wood fired vegetables. Finished off with some Moroccan spiced Basmati garlic rice.
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