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    As a preface, I am posting this because I found these kind of reviews very helpful and interesting prior to purchasing my KK. I am fully aware, as I state later in my review, that it is possible to produce amazing food with any kamado and that I have done that myself. I am sure each and every one of you makes amazing food and this review is only intended to help out anyone who may be considering purchasing a KK. Approximately a year ago I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Komodo kamado. I feel like now that the "newness" has worn off, I can give a fair review over cooking the last year. First of all, I am not the typical kk owner. I am a special education teacher and my husband is also a teacher. That being said, making a several thousand dollar purchase doesn't come easy to anyone. I started with a chargriller Akorn, and too be honest I thought anyone who would cough up the cash for a BGE/KJ/primo was crazy, let alone the Komodo kamado. I could turn out better BBQ, better pizza, and most better grilled meats than any other restaurant in town. And I still maintain that I could do that with an Akorn, and I'm sure many people could do with any kamado brand. I am not what you would call an elitist at all. I want to say that for pizzas I am sure any brand of ceramic radiates more heat from the dome than I could produce with my Akorn. And it was still vastly superior to anything I could get at a pizzeria. Pizzeria pizza is DEAD to me now! That being said- the Komodo kamado has given me an EXTREME ease of use. I still use it on average 4 times per week and it is my preferred mode of cooking for most things. People post that you learn how to get it exactly to where you want it - and it really only takes a few tries. I thought there was no way this was possible. I can literally light the charcoal, set the vents and when I come back- it is ready for me. I have done this- gone to the store, then been ready to cook as soon as I got home. It is slightly more work than an oven and much more fun because I am managing a live fire. If I am using it for a low and slow, I can actually SLEEP at night and my alarm NEVER goes off due to temperature fluctuations. I will actually leave the house for the majority of the day, knowing that the Komodo kamado will maintain its temp. I also use barely more charcoal to heat this several hundred pound refractory cement gigantic grill than I used for my Akorn on a typical low and slow/grilling temperature cook. It does use more charcoal to heat soak for pizzas- but the results are much much better in terms of the crust texture. I was still tell my husband "have I told you how much I love my grill?" On a regular basis. The only issue I have ever had with it is with an accessory- the rotisserie spit. It is impossible to remove when heated on occasion (only twice so far). I may at some point attempt to grind the rod down a bit. This is just the accessory- the grill itself is just wonderful. I can think of no downsides to it (other than cost). My food (ESPECIALLY chicken) comes out with more moisture. I didn't think it was possible- but believe me it is. The ease of control is unbelievable. The website states that this grill is not for everyone- and I think that is true. This is definitely the grill for me. I can't really put into words how much I enjoy cooking on my KoKo kamado.
  2. 18 likes
    Well my daughter fired up her new KJ Joe JR. She made a few steaks for the family tonight. This little cooker is awesome and I'm so jealous of her new toy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is my Challenge cook Rotisserie Pot Pie I chose to make a Homemade Pot Pie for my challenge cook. First I cooked my Rotisserie chicken with rub your Chicken and Pepirika. Next I made my crust: Ingredients : I made my dough and refrigerated for bout 15 minutes. Then divided it up for a top crust and divided some up in to 4 small portions to color. Next I got my filling ready. Carrots, Corn and English peas, Potatoes, Celery and Cream of Chicken I got all my fresh ingredients in a pot to just cooked. Then I got my chicken cut up(which I used the Breast meat and veggies all in a greased buttered pan. Next I put my top crust on. To include my flowers, I chose to color portion of my dough to make them. Pedals and leaves with the slit being the stem. Ready for the grill On grill shot: The Money Shot: For the few moms on here "Happy Mothers Day"
  4. 15 likes
    This week I cooked a ton of ribs for my kid's teachers and the secretary who is leaving us. I thought it would be a great excuse to do a video if I could get them all in one grill. Turns out all 12 fit fine! I was actually surprised how well this worked. The ribs came out great. I had a little hot spot at first because I was filming and the fire got too hot because I had the lid open but other than that, everything went great. I don't particularly like using rib racks but they work in a pinch. If I had to do this again, the only thing I think I'd do different is plan on it taking about 2 hours longer than normal if for no other reason than because rotating the ribs around takes time away from the cooking. Here's a shot about 3 hours in: I used Setzler's pork rub. Here is the rub recipe: Man Cave Pork Rub: 1 cup salt 1/2 cup turbinado or table sugar 1/2 cup black pepper 1/2 cup Tang instant breakfast drink mix 1/2 cup paprika 1/4 cup onion powder 1/4 cup garlic powder 1/4 cup chili powder 2 tbsp cayenne pepper 2 tbsp cocoa powder 2 tsp ground cinnamon 2 tsp ground clove Put it all in a food processor and pulse 4 or 5 times for 4-5 seconds each time to create a uniform powder. Store it in an air tight jar away from the light for up to six months. (It won't last that long!) I've never made it before and I admit when I first smelled it, all I could smell was the clove and that made me nervous they were going to turn out tasting like potpourri or something but they didn't at all. They were great. Even my wife commented on it and that's rare simply because we've tried so many rubs in the past. Here is a link to the video if you guys are interested. (It's funny.)
  5. 14 likes
    This is a 10# Costco pack of USDA Prime beef ribs, left in "long" 8" cut. Seasoned with kosher salt and pepper, then smoked 4+ hours @ 225* over lump and four fist-sized pieces of cherry wood. Removed and rested while I made a braising liquid of shallots, fresh garlic, tomato paste, red wine, beef stock, fresh bay leaf, fresh thyme, about 10 whole peppercorns, and canned fire roasted tomatoes. The meat was then placed in a large roasting pan on a bed of carrots and celery stalks to lift the meat from the bottom of the roaster. I used a "double cartouche" first of parchment paper and then of aluminum foil before sealing the whole pan around the exterior edges. Back onto the 225* Primo for another 4 hours. Served with the strained braising liquid as jus for mashed potatoes, carrots from the roaster and butter sautéed baby Brussels sprouts. The meat was incredibly juicy and tender. I highly recommend this double method for beef ribs, and thick chuck. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. 14 likes
    Howdy Gurus! Here are a couple of recent quick cooks done here at ChezChef on my 19" KK, Beauty! First we have spiral cut chills dogs. No big deal except that I absolutely LOVE chili dogs. We have two types of dogs ... a few jalapeño sausages and a few hot links. Now to eat healthy, here is a burger and veggies, Brussels Sprout and last summer's corn. Thanks for looking. Both were quite sumptuous! Enjoy your cooks!
  7. 14 likes
    Two freeform pizzas made from dough I made, froze, forgot about, and rediscovered Tuesday morning. I did not write down the recipe for the dough, so I can't list the proportions. Cooked at 500* for about 3 minutes. After several years and many, many pizza cooks, I'm still loving the Blackstone. Also renewed thanks to ckreef for heating and cooking guidance way back when. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    This forum is your forum, this forum is my forum From the giant KK to the Primo Oval From the Vision Pro, to the Kamado Joe This forum was made for you and me And I went walking that BBQ section And saw above me that marvelous selection I saw below me that bag of charcoal This forum was made for you and me This forum is your forum, this forum is my forum From the AKORN kooker to the Big Green Egg From the Blaze Kamado, to the Grill Dome This forum was made for you and me ~M.P. 04/29/2017
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    Nice shortys with basic sides the cobbler was great should have drizzled some peach balsamic over it maybe tonight lol Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
  10. 12 likes
    I was surfing the Kamado Joe presence on Facebook last week and stumbled across a photo that made my mouth water. It was something called a Cheeseburger pie. I contacted the person who posted it and asked if he wanted to share the recipe and have it turned into a Kamado Joe cooking video. He was interested and I had him shoot me a brief introduction video clip for the recipe to use in the video. The interesting thing is that the original recipe was a Betty Crocker recipe. We jazzed it up just a little to turn it into something more fitting of the Kamado lover in all of us... This is a photo of my finished product... Great stuff!
  11. 12 likes
    This should cover me for the ENTIRE weekend...
  12. 12 likes
    Sriracha lime chicken and onions served on a bed of lime risotto with a side of grilled lime carrots. I normally cook by the seat of my pants but....... This was a multi part cook using 3 kamados and an outdoor burner. I figured I better scribble some notes so I don't forget anything. First we needed to properly lubricate the chef with a Blackcurrant Lime Vodkatini or 3. After being properly lubricated the above notes proved very helpful - LOL Sriracha lime chicken and onions. Lime risotto. Grilled lime carrots. Drum roll please ... ... ... ... I love these challenge cooks to really push me. Fairly simple recipes. The hardest part was firing up and managing 3 kamados while cooking the risotto on the outdoor burner. All round good cook. Probably the best carrots I've ever cooked. Set a new standard for carrots at the Bistro.
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    I was really excited to see the recent return of the challenges. So I decided I better go all out on this one. So here we go.... I wanted to utilize the kamado in as much of the cooking as possible. I decided I would start off with making some homemade tortillas - something I had never attempted before. I did know that I really prefer the tortillas you cook yourself to the pre-cooked ones, so I thought I may as well give it a whirl. And I learned a valuable lesson - I'm not good at making tortillas. I watched a couple of you-tube videos and figured I was good to go. Merged a few recipes figuring I would take the best of the techniques and ingredients I had seen and make the best tortillas the world had ever seen. So, after a long workout mixing and needing the dough I ended up with these little gems which I then let rest for awhile. Then I proceeded to the shaping of the tortilla stage. I laid out one of the dough balls on a piece of parchment paper. I topped it with another piece of parchment and then figured I would utilize one of the challenge components to assist with the initial press before rolling them out - if I started just rolling the ball I thought I was more likely to end up with something oblong shaped. The show horse makes her appearance below - I left the dirty work on the grill to the quarter-horse budget enameled CI - too worried that I would do something stupid and chip this nice little pot that I use frequently and lives on my stovetop. After the initial press I did a fair amount of rolling them out, but was unable to get them as thin as I should have. I finally got better at this towards the end, but more on that later. It was pretty late at this point, so out to the grill I went with several of my tortillas to cook some off - as I often do with the store-bought uncooked ones. And ended up with a few of these. I finished the rest off inside, as it was too late to be attempting to mess around with rolling them out and manning the grill with no good work area since we haven't put up the summer patio yet. The last one I made was the only one I considered to turn out good. The rest were a little too thick and dense. So, on to day 2 of the cook. I got two pork tenderloins that my husband was kind enough to cube up for me. I let that marinade with some avocado oil and Weber Bold Chipotle seasoning for several hours while I started to get things lined out for the rest of the cook. Forgot to photograph that stage - still have to really focus to remember to take pictures all along the way. My trip to the store the day before yielded the most pathetic tomatillos I have ever seen, and the peppers weren't that great either. I got the Vision ready to lightly smoke the pork with a couple of small chunks of orange wood and put it on - I went 275 because I didn't want it to take on too much smoke. Meanwhile, Akorn Jr. was prepped to fire roast my veggies for the stew. Took the meat off and chopped up my veggies. Blended all the tomatillos and half the peppers with some chicken stock and added to an enameled cast iron 6 qt pot. Threw everything into the pot with more chicken stock, some green Herdez salsa since the tomatillos were super tiny and wasn't able to get many of them, then some seasonings - Cumin, Mexican Oregano, Chile Powder and a lot of minced garlic - also added some quartered small Yukon Gold potatoes. Now that I had this on the grill, was ready to do something to sweep my epic tortilla fail under the proverbial rug. They were not pleasant to eat (far too dense), except for the very last one which seemed to have the right feel once cooked and I reserved that one for the money shot. So I decided to make an apple tortilla pie to cook on Akorn Jr. since it was idle now the the veggies were done. Did this in my Lodge skillet (aka very shallow dutch oven - lol ckreef) that has the handle lopped off of it. Buttered the tortillas and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar then layered in some apples, more cinnamon sugar and brown sugar - did that several times. Fashioning apple slices into a flower is about the best I could muster up on this and was pretty proud of myself for thinking to do that much. No plated pic as I absolutely killed it when I cut it and attempted to get it out of the "pot". Back to the stew - after a few hours it was ready to come off. Topped with a little shredded cheese and a radish flower - also courtesy of my husband. And the one and only decent tortilla on the side. Had a great time with this cook. Happened a day later than intended, and the latter part was done in the rain, but all's well that ends well and this turned out fantastic!
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    To recap this discussion incase anyone missed it the first time. There use to be a rule against negative customer s experiences. That was enacted because John doesn't want this to be a customer service complaint forum. It's a kamado cooking forum regardless of brand. That rule was a nightmare to administer. John has since asked us moderators to no longer lock customer service complaint posts. If you really want to post a customer service complaint so be it. If you do so it's best just to state the facts of the situation. The users reading your post will come to their own conclusions and opinions. If in the stating of facts you name a person so be that. But keep in mind personal insults and attacks are not tolerated and that rule still stands. As for the perceived bias in favor of one company (yea I'll name it - KJ). That's just because KJ is the second highest represented kamado on this forum. The perceived bias is just owners who like and are proud to own a KJ. I've been a member of this forum for a few years now. In that time John has tried hard to distance himself from these situations but he is the forum owner so it can be difficult at times for him to stay out of it. Okay I've ranted on long enough. This is a kamado cooking forum, go cook something and post some pictures afterwards. I'm working on pizza dough this morning and need to go shape my dough ball......
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    I finally got my 2017 model Kamado Joe grills delivered to the Man Cave this afternoon The new Kontrol Tower top vent design is pretty nice overall. I have been cooking with one of these since August. I have been quite pleased with this new design. It has a couple quirks but they are not show stoppers and the benefits outweigh these quirks in my opinion. The new design solves two 'problems' with the old design. 1 - The slider control doesn't move when you open the dome lid. 2 - rain doesn't get into the grill when bad weather strikes. The Kontrol Tower does still have the option to slide the top off as shown in the photo above, but it's a redundant feature in my opinion. The middle photo above shows that you can simply lift the top off to get full airflow rather than slide the top vent to the side. The top vent slider shown in the third photo here is a source of minor problems for me. That wide surface that you see where the two pieces come together needs to be cleaned after each cook, especially if it's a low and slow cook. Greasy residue collects there and it will cause the slider to stick in place. Both surfaces that touch here need to be cleaned if you wish to use the slider. I don't use it, so I haven't been cleaning mine regularly. If it does stick shut it loosens up when you heat the grill. This design is made powdercoated cast aluminum. This design is very functional and I have been happy with it. The Air Lift hinge system is also one of the new updates to the Classic and Big Joe. You can now raise and lower the dome lid with one finger. Literally. It's an effortless process. The bands have also been beefed up quite a bit. They are significantly thicker and heavier than the previous designs. The wire mesh fiberglass gasket design is another major improvement in the new systems. This gasket is significantly more durable than the previous felt design. That is saying a LOT actually because the previous felt design was extremely durable. These gaskets should still be treated with care. They ARE more durable than the previous design but they are not indestructible. If you spill something on these gaskets you should clean it off to keep the gaskets from sticking together. The new AMP (Advanced Multi-Piece) firebox should all but eliminate stress fractures from heating and cooling on these grills. There is plenty of flex room between each piece of the firebox for expansion and contraction. These pieces are all held together by a stainless steel ring. This new design eliminates the separate fire ring that sits on top of the fire box. The Classic has a 5-piece firebox and the Big Joe has a 6-piece. I didn't shoot a separate photo, but there is a ring below this that the charcoal grate sits on and the ash removal tray is situated below that. The Big Joe comes with a newly designed cast iron firebox divider. This firebox divider fastens securely to the charcoal grate with two large wing nuts. When they are attached you can lift the divider and the charcoal grate out of the grill very easily. The implementation of the air lift hinge and the new thicker gasket system creates the need for a latch to keep the dome lid securely in place while cooking and transporting the grill. This latch is adjustable if needed and instructions for making adjustments are in the manual. The Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System has not changed. These grill still come standard with this system. I am looking forward to getting these grills dirty this week
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    Really a Porterhouse, but the "Tea For Two" reference to the old song was too good to pass up. My wife likes the tenderloin, I prefer the strip, so a 1.75" Porterhouse is perfect for a one steak cook that works for both of us. Seasoned only with sea salt and freshly ground pepper, then cooked flip/flip on the 500* KJ Jr. Served simply with an old fashioned steakhouse salad of iceberg lettuce and homemade blue cheese dressing and, in keeping with the old fashioned steak house theme, a baked potato with sour cream and chive. Old Fashioned YUM!! Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    What!? I saw pork belly at Sam's the other day, it was already cut in to 1/2" slices but I picked up a pack because it just looked good. I hope they will also offer whole soon. I cut each piece in half and seasoned it only with sea salt. On the grill @ 400 degrees with some apple wood chunks. While the Primo preheated I whipped up a sauce from: Mustard Raw honey Fresh ground black pepper Apple cider vinegar Garlic powder Chili powder Just enough honey to take the edge off but not enough to make it sweet. Man oh man that salty, zesty, crispy pork belly was fantastic, I enjoyed some for breakfast this morning also! I was going to cure some of it but now I'm thinking a pork belly stir fry is in my future along with some more grilled versions. Thanks for looking.
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    Sorry guys, unexpected/sudden situation in the family..... Master Burgers! I make the patties in advance using a 1/3 pound burger press. I use lemon pepper as a release agent for the press. I freeze the patties individually and then put them 6 at a time in a food saver bag for use later. Super easy and they can go on the grill frozen later! What is a Master Burger? Anything you want but it has to be a Masterpiece - ooey gooey and juicy with a perfectly toasted Artisan bun, that's it!
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    I saw that on Facebook... man nice job Freddy!! I got home from work and had some time so I assembled the grill. Took me about an hour to complete. I have to say this thing is very well built and extremely heavy duty. I think that it will compete with the bigger pellet brands as a superior product. I believe that this grill has brought Traeger back into a competitive market! Everything is heavy duty from the lid, to gasket, to the heavy duty stainless steel grates, this grill nails it! Cant wait to fire it up for the burn in.
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    This is the fun part of cooking - making it up as you go. I had a basic idea for what I wanted but no real recipe. I spent about 30 minutes putting different ingredients on the counter until I liked what I saw, then I just started cooking and snapping pictures. Somewhere along the way I fired up the KK's. This turned out to be one of the better creations I've made in a long time. Since I was just throwing things together not measuring anything I don't have much of a story to tell so I'll just post the pictures. This will be one of my all time favorite money shots - LOL
  21. 11 likes
    Comments like this are prime examples of why it's a pain in the rear to run a forum like this. Which paying sponsors are you referring to? I'd like to know where my support money should be coming from. I foot the bill here out of my own pocket and with the help of those who have chosen to become site supporters.
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    Like a Tomahawk steak only miniature with lamb. Started with a rack of lamb that I generously trimmed and butchered. Marinated for awhile then a hot, fast sear on the Akorn Jr. Peach/sriracha shrimp cooked on the 19" KK. Grilled carrots on the 16" KK. Dinner was served. Definitely the best lamb chops I've cooked to date. Taste was fantastic and truly melt in your mouth tender. We had a little calzone dough leftover from lunch so Mr skreef made apple pie calzones. Served with ice cream and caramel syrup.
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    For those who have been around awhile you might remember my Sunday night pizza thread. That went on for a good long time and was a somewhat epic thread. This thread maybe not so much but I still have some pizza type issues I want to work through. Will let this thread ride until I work out my issues or my family cries "Uncle", which ever comes first - LOL. For the new comers this is how it's going to work - once a week - sometime on the weekend I'll do a pizza type cook and post the results in this thread. Some things will be major tests others will be small tweaks you may not even notice. Either way I'll try to post something every week so check back often. To start this off I want to get marinara sauce and calzones perfected. I've done plenty of calzone cooks over the years but only a few I feel were totally successful. Seems like a relatively easy goal but I'm sort of a pizza snob so perfection (in my mind) doesn't come easy. Marinara sauce started last night by roasting a shallot and garlic. This morning I made a jar of homemade marinara sauce. For the dough I did a 3 day preferment. This morning I started working on the dough. This evening I finished off the dough and built some calzones. Served with a side of baked feta/marinara dipping sauce. I know this looks good, it tasted good and there was some reasonably successful parts but I really consider this on a whole as a Fail..... The marinara sauce was decent but not ready for prime time yet. The highlight of the dinner was the baked feta cheese dish. Warm homemade marinara sauce in a small baking dish, sprinkled generously with feta cheese. Pop that in the broiler for a minute or two. Delicious. Got that from a local Italian restaurant pizza place. The 3 day preferment worked so next week I'll go for a 6-7 day preferment. Started next weeks preferment right after dinner this evening. Will talk more about this in a future post. It just wasn't the right dough to use. I'll try and research that out this week and will try another calzone cook next weekend. Hope you enjoyed my adventure - check back next week.
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    The breadsticks turned out great. 1st rise complete weighting out 2 ounce portions. 20 dough balls Shaping the breadsticks final proofing Kamado baking.. Done.
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    Today my son graduated with honors from high school (4 years 90+ average). Very proud of that considering he missed so many days they would never give him a school certificate to get his driver's license - LOL - Anyway he wanted crab legs for dinner. It was off and on showers today so I threw up an easy up and steamed 5 lbs of crab legs outside.
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    Yesterday we took our hot dog cart out and participated in a long running charity event that raises money to give about 500+ local children Christmas gifts. This charity, Christmas On The Mountain, does two events a year to accomplish its goal. Yesterday they co-hosted a Jeep show with a local off-road club and also did their motorcycle ride. We set up at the jeep show and did a Slot-dog combo, chili-cheese nacho combo, or funnel cake for $5 each and all proceeds went to the cause. The event lasted about 5 hours and we fed most of the crowd, another food truck showed up but he was late and serving cold sammies, people walked away from them and decided we had what they wanted. We raised a few hundred bucks and made some new friends, all in all, a great day!
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    Well for Mother's Day my little girl wanted to make mom her favorite!!!! A brisket Dad!!!! We need to make a brisket! So if to the GFS we went so that she could pick out what she wanted. It turns out she felt the the 15lb one was the best of the bunch. So home we went to get things trimmed up and seasoned. She wasn't comfortable with the knife work, but was clear on her instructions to me. So we seasoned it up and tossed it in the fridge until it was time to cook. I told her we'd need to get up around 3am to get the kj fired up and ready to roll. I didn't expect her to actually wake up, but when I went downstairs at a little before 3 she came running, yelling about how I promised to get her up. Apparently she set her alarm to make sure we didn't forget. Well we went outside and lite the joe with 2 wax cubes and let it slowly come up to temp. While we waited she reapplied the rub and told me what else I needed to do( I now have 2 bosses at home). After about 45min the KJ classic was stable at 250ish and on went the brisket. My little girl went back up to bed, and I sat down at the kitchen table thinking about how fortunate I am to have a wife and daughter who love me, and take an interest in my hobby. It seemed like I was only down there a few min. When I heard my wife's alarm going off to get up and ready for work(about 90min after Norah went back to bed). Well the brisket cooked all day and when my wife came home it was ready to go. I've picked a few of my favorite pictures to post along with this. Man she nailed this cook, I'm so proud of her, for wanting to do something special for her momma. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This was a seriously fun cook. I don't normally do reverse sear cooking but when you have a cut this big it IS the appropriate way to do it. I stumbled across these at my local Sam's Club individually packaged for $7.98/lb. Can't beat that... This one was just under 3lbs and just at 3 inches thick...
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    How rare do you like it? This flat iron was seasoned with Tajin, sea salt, black pepper and cumino and left on the counter for an hour while I built my 650 degree fire. Flipped it a few times and done. This was so tinder it was like eating cotton candy and I love the flavor of a good rare steak! We made tacos with it for Cinco De Mayo dinner.
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    Cold smoked a couple rib eye's in hickory for about an hour. ----- Grilled indirect alongside loaded up bacon/cheese twice baked potatoes and jalapeño ranch shrimp. ----- Seared the steaks over the Vortex while everything else was finishing. ----- Rested the steaks with a few tabs of garlic butter before plating up... ----- A tad over cooked to our preference but still an excellent meal! Thanks for looking!
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    Pork chops on the Kamado and Beans on the Davy Crockett. Used the Foodsaver to marinate the chops in soy sauce, balsamic, and honey. Doctored up some canned beans and put on the pellet smoker. Made sure to stay hydrated. Seasoned the chops with some Bad Byron's and grilled on the Kamado. Added some Apple Slaw and served on dinnerware fitting this culinary classic. Thanks for taking a peek.
  34. 9 likes
    It arrived yesterday, the Shun Hikari 7" Damascus Santoku. You may remember that I posted the arrival of my Shun Hikari 8" Damascus Chef's knife a few weeks ago in 2016 Kitchen Knife of the Year. The 7" Santoku is made of the same materials, by the same process, and is every bit as beautiful and razor sharp as the 8" Chef's knife. It got baptized tonight slicing a grilled Flat Iron for tacos. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Most failed pizza cooks are for the same reason when it comes to kamados and blackstone ovens. There is a relationship between cooking temperatures and your dough recipes that must be understood. Rule #1 - stay away from store-bought pizza dough. Those doughs are designed for cooking in your kitchen oven at lower temperatures. They have sugars and oils that will scorch easily at the temperatures you are going to see on your Kamado and the Blackstone oven. Rule #2 - Great pizza takes some patience to make. Make your dough from scratch and the only ingredients that should go in it until you have your process down pat are flour, water, salt, and yeast. Rule #3 - Higher cooking temperature (700+) = lower hydration dough - Lower cooking temperatures (500-600) = higher hydration doughs (see recipes below) You need to understand baker's percentages for this process. Most pizza doughs are between 60 and 70 percent hydration. This means that for every kilogram of flour in the recipe, there will be 600 to 700 grams of water, depending on your recipe. If you are cooking on a blackstone oven at 800 degrees or higher, you should have a dough that is about 60% hydration. These pizzas are going to cook very quickly. They should not have an overabundance of toppings in order to have the toppings AND the crust properly cooked. If you are cooking on a Kamado at 500-600 degrees, you should have a dough that is about 70% hydration. The higher hydration allows you to cook longer without scorching the crust. You can also cook on the Blackstone at these temperatures using 70% hydration doughs as well. Now I will probably get chastised for saying this but it needs to be said.... The Kamado ain't the greatest tool in the shed for baking pizzas. The kamado can work very well for pizza, but there are some issues that make it difficult to tame sometimes. The problem in the kamado environment is that the pizza stone can get too hot for the temperature in the dome. If stone is 700+ degrees and the temp in the dome is 500 or less, it can create some issues with burning crusts before the toppings are done. The kamado loses a LOT of dome heat when you open the lid to put the pizza on. By nature, the ceramic kamado grills recover that lost heat quickly but in the case of a super hot pizza cook they may not recover it quickly enough. We are looking at pizza cook times here that are just a few minutes long. Third party products like the Pizza Porta can help with this. There are other add-ons that allow you to have a pizza stone under and over the pizza that help as well. At any rate, if you plan to master pizza on the kamado, my recommendation is to do it at lower temps where the stone and the dome temps are in the 550 degree range and use 70% hydration ( or possibly higher in some cases) dough recipes. Setting up the kamado for proper pizza cooking is important also. You need your heat deflector at the top level... it can be sitting on your cooking grate. The pizza stone should be on top of the heat deflector with a gap between them that can be created with anything fire proof that will give you at least a half inch gap between the heat deflector and the pizza stone. This process will help you keep the pizza stone from overheating. The fire in your firebox is raging hot if your dome temperature is 500+ degrees. This gap helps keep the temp of the pizza stone under control. Learning to get the pizza on the stone quickly and without fully opening the dome lid is also a beneficial trick to learn. SUPER TIP: When learning to make great pizza at home, start out cooking them in your home oven rather than a kamado or other pizza oven. This will give you the opportunity to learn the pizza making process with one less variable in the loop. Your home oven may not be your favorite choice of tools for cooking a pizza, but I can tell you that it will cook at a consistent and easily reproduced temperature setting. When you master a particular pizza recipe in your home oven give it a try in the kamado! As I have recommended to many before... go buy this book: The Elements of Pizza This book teaches you a LOT about the art of making great pizza. I also recently picked up this book: The Pizza Bible The philosophies in these two books are a little different but the are both beneficial books if you wanna make great pizza at home. Some dough recipes to get you started: 60% and 70% Hydration Simple Pizza Dough (with multiple techniques for flavor enhancement) : This is enough dough for three 11-12" pizzas... 500 grams Flour (all purpose flour or 00 italian style flour) = 100% 350 grams water @ 90-95 degrees = 70% (300 grams if making 60% dough) 13 grams fine sea salt = 2.6% Instant dried yeast (see below for quantities based on your technique) QUICK DOUGH: In a large mixing bowl, dissolve 2 teaspoons of yeast in the warm water. Add the flour and salt and mix by hand until the flour is completely incorporated and no dry flour remains. Cover the bowl and let rest for 20 minutes. Remove the dough to a floured surface and divide into three equal parts. Shape each part into a dough ball with a tight skin across the top. Place the dough balls on plates and cover with plastic wrap. Let rise at room temperature for 2-3 hours or until at least doubled in size. After the dough has risen, shape the dough balls into a pizza crust and top with whatever you like, remembering that less is more on a pizza like this Cook this on a preheated pizza stone in your grill or oven at 500-550 degrees until done. ONE TO TWO DAY DOUGH: Change the yeast quantity to 1.5 grams (3/4 of 1/2 teaspoon) This process works the EXACT same was as above with a minor change. When you form your dough balls and put them on plates with plastic wrap covering them, place them in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours. After you remove them from the fridge, let them sit out at room temperature for four hours before shaping into pizza crusts. This slower cold ferment process will improve the flavor of your pizza crust. If you don't use all of your dough balls, you can vacuum seal them and put them in the freezer after the ferment process. When you are ready to use them remove from the freezer and let them come to room temperature on the counter for 5-6 hours before forming your pizza crust.
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    Tonight's dinner was a great taste of summer. I picked up some rosemary garlic sausage, and fresh tomatoes from the farmers market. I picked a bunch of fresh herbs from the garden to make a olive oil, garlic herb bread dip. Grilled sausages on the Akorn. Fresh herbs Garlic and salt for the dip, which became a garlic paste. Herb dip about to be mixed. with a dash of red pepper for a little heat. Fresh baked bread. A simple looking dinner
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    Started about 8:00 am. Was only planning on one maybe two cooks. Things just blossomed out of control. Twelve hours later I've done 4 separate cooks, that spanned 3 different kamados plus a bunch of inside cooking captured on 2 different cameras. On top of that I got some "chores" done including cutting the grass. I have well over 200 pictures to sort through. Will try and get it sorted out tomorrow. Marinade sauce recipe. Calzones for lunch. Lamb-a-hawks. Apple pie calzones. And let's not forget a new baked feta cook. Okay that was 5 but I'll probably post it as 4. Check back tomorrow.......... Or maybe Tuesday - LOL
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    Also arrived yesterday a Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman's Grill. I wanted a hibachi/yakatori style grill for fast, really high heat cooks for the two of us, and this little baby really fits the bill. Baptized tonight cooking a Flat Iron steak over a mature bed of cherry wood coals/embers from large smoking chunks. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Cant wait to get this out of the box and give it a go. I am told that I am the first one here in Canada to own one! Nothing like having friends in all the right places!
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    This thread is NOT about how much you will pay for a table. If you are not interested in this table that is for sale, please just scroll on by and leave it alone. Don't be disrespectful.
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    I found this recipe on a UK forum (link to recipe at bottom - TRY IT) and it got rave reviews so decided I'd give it a go. It was pretty simple to do and just marinaded the chicken thighs overnight and made the flatbread dough at lunchtime yesterday. It was pouring with rain and the doner went on the grill at approx 390F. I turned a few times indirect until it hit about 162 internal then I moved directly over the coals to crisp up the edges. I added minced garlic butter and coriander (cilantro) and the whole family devoured it including my 3 and 4 year olds! As we were going to sleep last night, my wife said 'Sam, that's probably one of the best things you've cooked of all time'. I think I've brought her round to the Kamado way of life https://dreamingoftgl.com/2016/04/10/chicken-doner/
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    Our kitchen is now under construction, my wife was out to dinner with one of her friends... I was about to go hungry! A frozen DiGiorno pizza and the kamado grill saved me!
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    All Trumps High Gluten Flour 24 hour bulk rise form dough balls & 24 hour 2nd fermentation (these went 48) awesome flavor and crunch
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    Cooked this 4lb meatloaf on the Jr. in 2 hours using my new Charcoal Companion accessory tray. It would have easily handled a 5 pounder. The little Kamado does a great job on these kinds of cooks.
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    A really easy cook. Ghee in the bottom of the pan. Thick potato slices sprinkled with fresh ground Tasmanian Pepper Salt. Served with fresh herb green beans and the last of the dry aged ribeyes.
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    So true Sent from my SM-P600 using Tapatalk
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    As a lot of you know, I'm now in the mobile food business, it's a part time deal that my business partner and I would like to grow into our full time source of income. Most of our patronage is from family, co-workers, and friends; we've yet to really capture a decent portion of the general public's attention. So I ask the question above: Do you or would you eat from a food truck? What are some things that attract and drive you away from the experience? What is important to you in your on the go dining experience and what would you like to see on a menu? We are currently doing a simple menu; diner style burgers, chili-dogs, Italian sausages, and loaded nachos/fries. The sausages and dogs are out as they are notorious under performers, it's hard for them to compete against our burgers and BBQ. Some other ideas I've been playing with are a fish/chicken strip basket with slaw and fries, a fried pork chop with country gravy & mashed potatoes, and cheesesteak sandwiches to name a few. We have two 40lb gas deep fryers and a 24" gas flattop as well as a large fridge and freezer to work with. What would appeal to you and make you pass up a Burger King or similar chain? This is the nacho and the burger, the burger is $8 and comes with fries and a water. The nacho is $7 and comes with a water. Our burger is 1/2 lb and the total weight of the loaded nacho is 10 oz, lots of value IMO.
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    Still breaking in the Classic, tonight was a simple Flank Steak KJ at 500 deg 20 minutes from light 1.6lb steak marinated 10 hours in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, thyme Resting after 9 min, flipping every 90 seconds. sliced and ready to plate served with simple baked beans and brushetta with olive spread. Great example of quick grilling with a Kamado. Dinner on the table 45 minutes from walking in the door.
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    Picked up this tasty little 3lb bird at the market today. Butterflied it and seasoned with just salt, pepper, and garlic. Cooked raised indirect at 425F until done.. Served with roasted potatoes and a side salad. Thanks for looking.
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    been bursting to tell someone who will appreciate the incredible happy place i found myself in today. so mrs lets me goto bbq world alone this morning (isn't that a great start to a story?! yeah it sure is). i had wanted to go for the sole purpose of 'pricing' the thermoworks smoke. found them in-store and was struck a bit dumb by the sticker price up here. ouch. but knowing the reputation of thermoworks and also the + reviews on here, i thought ok, deep breath and do it, it'll be worth it. our thermopops are great so certainly i can expect at least the same from this...but better. so i picked one off of the shelf and thought to myself, wow, this is a great start to a saturday. now what can i grill tonight and show myself (and mrs) how terrific it is that we own this high tech grill gadget? so on my walk to cash i spotted out the corner of my eye, the 3-panel grill grate that would fit my vision s. well, since my free hand wasn't in my pocket, i somehow managed to pick it up without even losing stride. paid, another deep breath, and slow walk to the car. feeling ever so slightly numb from the spend, but it didn't take long to pass and the happy happy was there. barely had the door closed and i see a notification pop up on my phone..delivery confirmation. can it be? already? hot damn, it was. i only had one parcel out there, and it was a purchase from cgs that was slated for delivery to the ups store on may 1. super cool, i wouldn't have to wait until next weekend to get down there afterall. oh wait...will mrs let me drive down to ogdensburg to pickup this parcel? well, i better be good and check in. i was upfront about it and said it would be approx a 2.5 return trip depending on border traffic and me putzing around the lowes or the walmart as well .... she let me go. and i quote, "you are free to do as you wish, dear". even wished me safe drive and have fun. i admit i had to look again to make certain i did in fact send my txt msg to mrs. yep, it's her number alright. so best to leave it at that. i've got the digital approval/proof no matter who may have typed it, i'm good to go. ok, so an hour later i'm across the bridge, thru the border and bound for the ups store. quick stop into lowes, and also the walmart to get some items i have a helluva time finding up here, then into ups and get my parcel. fast fwd, i'm home and cutting the tape on this fairly sizable box...low and behold, it is in fact everything i had ordered, right there, in real life and in 3D. woo ring, 2 x 15" half stones, stainless drip pan and the almighty kick ash basket. holy hanna is that thing ever solid. it and the woo ring are most definitely two of the best made products i've ever held in my hands. the kab though...wow. just wow. so of course we did a cook tonight... a dead simple meatloaf and a pan of halved onions and some green beans. nothing fancy, but sure was tasty and just plain comforting. and once again, our sons (boy elder and boy the younger) plowed through their dinners. . have to say, the basket and the woo ring (i used the vision deflector stone on it tonight) are brilliant. i am so thrilled that we have been fortunate enough to be able to pick up a kamado recently. i have renewed enthusiasm for grilling. looking forward to the next cook already. thanks for allowing me to share my story about my wickedly exciting day. so many new goodies. unbelievable.
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