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    John Setzler

    First Pizza on the Roccbox

    Cant' say I'm disappointed with a first attempt on this oven....
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    Just a little meatloaf

    Ground chicken with cream cheese, mozzarella, and corn stuffing. Wrapped in bacon cooked in a Bundt cake pan for visual appeal...tasted damn good too!!
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Here's my thoughts while he's putting his together.. It's a great deal for a gravity cooker, nowhere on earth can you get into this type for anywhere near the dollars. If it lasts 10 years it will have been the deal of the decade, if it lasts 5 years it was still a good deal. It hits all my sweet spots and while my first brisket cook is delayed a few weeks I already love how it holds temps and keeps me in my living room chair instead of slaved to a pile of wood or bag of charcoal.
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    Picked up a Prime Tomahawk Ribeye yesterday . First did a 24 hour dry salt brine. Brought my new to me Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate to 250 degrees , cooked for about an hour to 120 ( had a pan of zucchini ,sweet potatoes, onions garlic ,corn, jalapeños ,mushrooms , and tomatoes underneath ) .Brought coals up to 600 and seared to medium rare. Did a cutting board sauce under the steak to finish it off. It came out delicious . Here are some pics.
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    Need some help with knifes

    As @DerHusker mentioned in his post, I also have a set of Henckel knives purchases over 25 years ago (Henckel Pro I think...don't remember the exact type at the moment) which are heavily used and other than some slight wear on the edge from numerous sharpenings over the years, are still in amazing condition. They will outlive me for sure. I've easily spent over $1000 on them. I too have a Ken Onion and picked up extra belts for it and love it. The one thing I will say though, is that if I was starting over, my recommendation would be to me - DO NOT SPEND MORE THAN $5 ON A KNIFE! Why.....? In my case, I purchased a small RV/trailer last year and wanted 3-4 knives to throw in it. I happened to be in the thrift shop down the road and they had HUNDREDS of knives hanging there. I picked up a few at about $2 -$3 each, threw them on the Ken Onion for a bit, and they take an edge are every bit as sharp as my $200 knives. Now, will they hold an edge as long...probably not. Are they as "beautiful" as a piece of Japanese steel - NOPE! But I've been experimenting on one with daily use and came to the conclusion that unless you a "pro" level chef chopping non-stop for hours daily, the end result is not much different on the board. So take careful inventory of your end goals....if you want a "showcase" set of knives (that are functional too) and invoke knife envy, then go spend the $$ and love them for years to come, but if you really think spending $500 on knives is going to make chopping the daily, onion, garlic etc. much different...nope (IMO).
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    Cast iron smoothing

    It's not the prettiest thing, I don't use it as much as I should because of the whole two grills and a griddle thing, but it's getting there. It may not be beautiful (even though I like the bronze look on the sides) but it's getting to be pretty dang nonstick at this point. Crisco was a turning point for me. Enjoy your Sunday folks!
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    I have done pretty much the same thing. I cooked two identical size prime rib eyes, one on my summit and one on my Egg. I called the post "a Tale of Two Rib Eyes". Just my wife and I voting. We picked the steak cooked on the Egg because of the charcoal essence. Other than that factor, the two steaks looked the same, and had very similar texture and bite. Although from a cooks point of view, I enjoy cooking on the Egg more than I do the Weber. The Weber is a tool, but the Egg is always pure fun.
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Did my first Rotisserie cook at weekend. Purposely kept it very simple to focus on the cook and to also directly compare to the fan assisted oven. Cooked it at 180C/350f (dome temp) and it cooked slightly quicker than expected but it was a good learning curve.
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    Just posted my #1 most requested video to YouTube - you’ve asked how does my Big Green Egg (L) compare to my Kamado Joe Classic III? To illustrate the difference between the Eggs indirect setup and the two indirect setups on the Kamado Joe I’ve devised a test with three 18” baguettes to show the pros and cons of each configuration and find a winner. I’ve taken my time to get to this review after my most recent KJ Classic purchase so that I could really understand the differences and share what I’ve learned from cooking on them each many times. Let me know what you think, still trying to figure out the YouTube thing.
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    My initial reason to get a pellet grill was to try it out. I settled on an entry level Rec Tec. In short, pellet grilling is fine. I will always defer to my KJ when I want the absolute best cooks. Rec Tec has been really great. No need to cheer lead for them (a little) as I am confident many manufacturers are driven to be super customer friendly before and after purchase. I will say. Rec Tec has to be in the top 3 of the pellet grill world. Any contact I have had with them has been super. If it's not they want to know pronto. Their app is great, temp control is great, they send me Christmas and birthday cards, they take care of their community as well. Etc. Etc. M.
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    Sad death of Mr. Peanut

    I am very sad to report the death of Mr. Peanut,; but, he went out like a hero. His funeral will air during the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl. Not a dry eye in the land. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ripeanut-mr-peanut-dies-104-181919409.html
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    Welcome to the forum WSDave, I've been cooking on a Classic 1 for years and I'm still very happy with it. I believe that the 2 and 3 are incremental improvements on a very good design, so either one will be a good choice. 200-215F is a sweat spot on my KJ, I can dial it in and hold those temperatures with out much manual adjustments for 8 hours if I don't open the lid or futz with the vents. Maybe someone else here can answer the 60 wing question, I've never attempted that. Best of luck and thanks for joining!
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    John Setzler


    The best thing you can do is COMMIT to learning a technique or process and PRACTICE it. This is were we all tend to stall when learning to cook. Saute is an ART and it takes a lot of practice. Making sauces is yet another art that takes a lot of practice. Those two skills will change your cooking world if you learn them well.
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    Ditto. Run it half open when coming up to temp, but at 1 once at temp using a temp controller.
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    "Sweet Heat" Pizza

    It was! Going to give another shot at one tonight. Going more simple with pepperoni and banana peppers, our personal favorite combo.
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    I'm thinking that the liquid solution in the vacuum pack is just the moisture from the meat rather than some kind of brine and that the "air dried" butts are just removed from the same packaging possibly trimmed up a bit, maybe tied, and set out in the case for display purposes and convenience. My butcher removes the bone on a few 6lb cuts, trims and ties for display and although I would prefer to have the bone in and can request it that way, I like having a butt ready to go that I don't need to fuss with so I usually buy those. They are, however, plastic wrapped unlike what you describe. I'm guessing your butcher just doesn't see a needed for rewrapping but that it isn't an aging technique.
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    If you let it burn a little longer, the sides heat up and warm your lower legs too. Absolutely love ours.
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    Smokestack Mac

    Long cook question

    70 lbs is a lot of pork! How is it divided? Ballpark guess- 2 batches of 30-40 lbs? 3-5 butts per batch? The most I have done on my KJ II was around 20 lbs (2x10 lb butts). I think the oven idea is great. I've tag-teamed some meals that way. But if that won't work, I agree that cooking, cooling, and reheating one batch is the safe way to do it. Malcom Reed on Youtube rests his pulled pork in a good cooler (Yeti I believe) for 2 hours and it's still too hot to handle without mitts. I don't know how quickly that temp drops off though. Just to be clear, the plan is that batch #1 would be coming off sometime around 10pm and wouldn't be served until 4pm the next day? So batch #2 would go 10pm to 4pm-ish? Call it 15-20 hours per batch? A couple tricks come to mind that might shorten the cooktime enough to get it done in one long and early day. Can we cut the butts in half down the middle of the fat cap so that we're cooking 2 5 pounders instead of a single 10? That should knock almost 50% off that cooktime. Smoke at 275-290 instead of 225 for 3-4 hours or to 150-160 internal and foil wrap the rest of the time. The smaller roasts/more surface area should make up for the shorter smoke time. Sometimes I crank the temp to 310-315 once the foil goes on. I know I've thrown a 5 pounder on at lunch and had it fork-tender and ready to pull by dinner 5-6 hours later this way. Maybe we can find another solution here. How many people are we trying to feed? Pork butts lose about 40% of weight by the time they're done. Figure 8 oz per person and 70 lbs raw will feed over 80 people. Making pulled pork sandwiches and that portion can drop to more like 6 oz. That's more like 110 people. Would these calculations allow us to lower the amount of meat needed? I just realized I was late to this party prep conversation... oh well...
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    As already mentioned, dont buy a set unless it has one of everything you know you're gonna need Almost every set i've purchased comes with at least one pot that just sits in the cupboard and never gets used. Buying individual pots as you need them sometimes works out a little more expensive, but at least you have the freedom to buy exactly what you want and need when you need them As for non stick vs stainless: The fact you've already mentioned, the fact you have a non stick set that is wearing out and making you want to "buy somthing good" should tell you all you need to know about Non Stick anything I'd go with a mixture of the best stainless steel posts you can afford and either stainless or cast iron pans in the sizes you use the most
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    John Setzler

    First Pizza on the Roccbox

    I have this Roccbox for the purpose of creating some promo video content and reviews for Atlanta Grill Company. I am putting it through its paces.
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    Long cook question

    Buy better lump. With the right lump you should be able to get 30+ hours at 225*-250*. Plenty of time for two rounds of butts. Yes better lump does make a difference
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    John Setzler

    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    It's definitely ok to use it. It just causes the 'problems' that make all these guys want to modify the charcoal grate on the grill.
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    The random pictures thread...

    Throw some of Frank's Red Hot Sauce on that and it'll taste good.
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    The random pictures thread...

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    John Setzler

    Fred Hammond

    @HammondBBQ At what stage of the installation/connection process is this failing? What step are you on when something doesn't work properly?
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    Hello, My New Brothers and Sisters!

    Thanks, Scott!
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Problem there is I'm the only one eating them these days as the wife is tired of bbq. I just did four racks of baby backs which will take me a few weeks to eat (not wanting to over indulge), next will be a smaller cheap brisket just to see how it will go, followed by an expensive brisket as long as the cheap one went well. I did half a dozen briskets last year very low and very slow in my pellet spitter so this year I'm going to dabble with hot and fast.
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    I'll post up when it crumbles into scrap.
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    Here's a video I just put together for Atlanta Grill Company on caring for your Kamado Joe Grill...
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    New year's Eve

    Didn't eat til 11:30. Had a tritip from L&J, hassleback yukons stuffed with cheese and onions and a salad garnished with a mix of berries
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    New Year’s Day lunch used to mean black-eyed peas and Mama’s cabbage rolls. I’m doing cabbage a little differently though. core out a head of cabbage, rub with butter, season and add a link and a half of chopped sausage. In a pan with some water to prevent burning for some pecan and hickory smoke for an hour then pull it apart, add a can of beef broth, the rest of the sausage and cover for a couple of more hours.
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    Happy New Year!

    looks good, have a good one! (and dont forget to send some leftovers heh heh). Im on party food tonight and the monolith covered up:(. My wife is in work today and I have the little one (1 year old) all day so I cant cook anything on it......although burgers could be very tempting since they can be done later on...;)
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    New take on a Old style grill

    I'm all for this. I have my Konro so it would be a bit redundant. My only thoughts is go for the 824. 18" is a bit small. 24" doesn't seem much bigger but it will make a big difference. You're already spending a chunk of money, a little more money won't put you in the poor house. https://www.kotaigrill.com/listing/564056593/the-824-twin-top-hibachi-grill-w-carbon
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    Sausage and Soup

    Tasty appetizer! The soup looks delicious. Never thought about pairing the two. My wife was introduced to sausage balls several years ago and since our family members are chili heads, she modified the recipe to use sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese and Jimmy Dean Hot sausage. It spices things up a bit. Never did them on a Kamado but will have to try that next time. Nice entry.
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    Prime Rib Adventure

    This is the second time I've used this word to describe you cook: Dude
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    First akorn cook (sort of)

    Nice, looks fantastic. You should try reverse sear. There's nothing quite like a steak cooked entirely over coal and some smoke wood.
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    Morning All - I am newer here “mostly lurk don’t post”. I bought my Vision KAMADO about 6 months ago. I have been tasked with coordinating the day after Christmas dinner. It was turkey yesterday and I decided on a 10lb pork shoulder for today. I trimmed the majority of the fat cap off last night and rubbed with Oakridge BBQ Secret Weapon. I just threw it on fat side down at about 250 degrees and will wrap once I form a bark and the butt stalls. More pics to come. Chris
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    Turkey's On!

    There turned out to be a lot more meat on them than I remember from last time. We ate just over one full breast, with the remainder of the second breast goin home with my daughter. The third will be sliced for sandwiches this week. Win-win-win!
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    Scott Roberts

    Christmas Cobb Grill Cook!

    Just Mom and I this Christmas and we both wanted pork loin.
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    Tomorrow is the big day

    That pressure was off but still had the today thing, just the wife, kids, their wife's and the grandchildren. Over now! We'er in wind down mode here. I hope all goes well for you and yours, Merry Christmas!
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    We still haven't looked in our stockings yet. A little birdie whispered in my ear that there's a few lottery scratchy tickets in there. A big enough win and the outdoor kitchen would grow even bigger.
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    Prayers sound good
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    Light up your Kamado?

    A nice bright led head lamp is the best thing there is. Always has the light were you need it.
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    Cast iron smoothing

    For as easy as it is, I could see someone selling them at farmer's markets and things like that. It's coming along with the seasoning. Got one spot that was just a smidge too thick on one of the first ones, but I think it's just a cosmetic flaw.
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    Polar Bear

    The Kamado Joe SLoROLLER

    I'm not sold on this I think its just innovation for innovations sake There is more to Smoke Flavor and Penetration than just deflector design, so while i'm sure this will work just fine, I dont see the need to upgrade from the standard halfmoon set up
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    Reef's Game Room - pic heavy!

    This has been 3 years in the making. Progress was slow for the first two years but this past summer we decided to push for the completion. Everything you see was done by me and Mrs skreef. No contractors were involved. Small walk-in wet bar, expanded pantry, reclaimed wood on the walls, stained rustic molding, new doors, shelves, everything. The room features a Olhausen pine log pool table, Dart board and shuffle board. The walls are decorated with games and such. Most of them antiques but not everything. We still need to do some finishing touches but that will happen as time allows. The pool table. Pool accessories and darts. Some interesting antique board games. Blacksmith type hand puzzles and Macy's mobile. Games above the shuffle board. Walk-in wet bar. Small fishing section and small barrels. Window to the wet bar. Early 70's Japanese pachinko machine and Chinese cheakers. And last but not least a magic wall. We hope you enjoyed the pictures. The game room was a fantastic improvement for the house. We enjoy it nightly.
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    Blackstone cooking

    Thanks outside hunting cooking is our passion. I'm 36 and I see so many people my age that do not cook. These are simple 30 minute meals. Excited this fall we are running a hunting lodge and guiding in Oklahoma, we get 200 dollar allowance for food each hunter and whatever is left we profit. 8 guys 1600$, figuring with fresh venison and duck which I've cooked all my life we can profit 1000 every four days on food. I'll be taking 3 blackstones along with Blackstone pizza oven, both akorns and Butterball electric fryer.
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