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    So you brought your kamado up to a low-n-slow temp nice and slowly. It's been locked into your target temperature for the last 30 minutes. Everything is good to go. You then put an 8-10 lb chunk of 40* meat on the grate. Oh crap the temp just dropped 20*, 30*, maybe more. What the heck, my kamado was running stable. 30 minutes later it's still 20* too low. Is my fire dyeing out? Don't touch the vents!!! The vents were already set for your target temp. They are still set for your target temperature. Consider this - that large chunk of 40* meat is like a huge heat sink. It's putting off 40*'s and sucking heat out of your kamado. And this is where most new kamado owners go astray. They think something is going wrong. They start fiddling with vents. Don't touch the vents!! If your vents were set and the temperature was stable, eventually the temperature will recover. This could easily take an hour or more. Be patient let it happen. I will say it again, this could take an hour or more, be patient. Once you start chasing temperatures you'll get into an endless loop. Sit back and enjoy the Zen of the cook. If you were trying for 225* and everything settled at, say, 240* who cares you won't notice the difference. Anyway this was a post for the new owners of Kamado's. If you've already figured this out and I wasted your time - sorry - should have put this disclaimer in the beginning of the post - LOL.
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    Like minute steaks or steak-umm's but with pork instead. I've done this a few times in the past but usually only 2 flavors at a time. This time I made 8 different marinades. Nothing special but they all taste good. A full boneless pork loin. I rinsed off the outside and trimmed all the fat and silver skin off. I then sliced it in 1/8" slices. Would have been easier with a slicer but my new knife got the job done. 8 piles ready to go. Each pile has 16 slices for 4 servings except today's lunch pile (12 slices - 3 servings). I still had a little pork leftover I'll use for stir fry or something. I took each pile, spread it out on a plate then poked a bunch of holes with a fork. I then put it in a labeled food saver bag with the marinade. All bagged up. I'll put the Chipotle pepper version aside for lunch. The other 7 I rolled up and put them in the freezer. Once they are frozen I'll finish the vacuum sealing process. Nice easy weeknight meals ready to go after defrosting. The Chipotle pepper pork-umm's. With a 450* griddle only about 30 seconds per side. Building the sandwiches. Sriracha mayo, Colby Jack cheese, 4 pieces of Pork-umm's, tomatoes. I almost forgot my onions and peppers. At the last minute we decided to make redneck panini's - aka George Forman Grill - it gets the job done. Served with breaded/fried okra. Excellent lunch. @Mr Cue I thought about you while doing this cook. Would make a perfect food truck menu item. With a 4 piece sandwich the cost per serving is less than $1 for the protein. They are packed with flavor and you could offer a couple of different flavors. Relatively easy prep ahead of time especially if you had a slicer. The best part is with a hot griddle they only take about 30 seconds per side to cook. By the time you laid 4 orders out on a griddle you could go back to the beginning and start flipping them. Anyway give them a try at home sometime.
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    Well, I have my first spin on the Big Joetisseiry done. I cooked a chicken at a temp of ~350 for an hour and 45 minutes. it came out fantastic; very tender and juicy. My wife tried to pull one of the drumsticks out and the bone came clean off. The Joetissery fit perfectly, nice and tight and passed the dollar bill test all around. Sorry for the lack of pictures as it was getting late and we were all hungry. I did manage to get one while on the spinning rod:
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    2, 10 pound Wagyu briskets, 2 racks of spares, 3 grills, lots of friends = great Saturday! I've been wanting to do this comparison forever. I think the results are probably not all that surprising but it was a fun cook regardless. I realized after I filmed all this that I'm a lot more serious in this one than usual. I think it's just a byproduct of being "in the zone" trying to knock all this out before folks arrived. I'll make some fart jokes in the next one or something to even things out.
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    I felt like trying something different tonight to see what the results might be like and I believe I have stumbled upon a really healthy dish that I can make easily and use as a carry-to-work meal that I can reheat nicely in the microwave in the break room... I sliced off a nice thick piece of cabbage from the head and removed the loose leafy part from the outside... I set it in an 8" cast iron skillet.... I seasoned it with some salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and drizzled on some extra virgin olive oil... I topped it with a nice sized boneless / skinless chicken breast. I seasoned the chicken with salt, paprika, and sprinkles on some dried thyme... I put this on the Kamado Joe Classic at around 400-425°F and let it ride until the chicken registered about 160° which took about 40 minutes. This dish was fantastic. There are a lot of options here as well.. you could use a pork chop on top... I think the 40 minute time and the 400-425 temperature worked perfectly here. This slab of cabbage had an amazing sear/char on the bottom all the way across from the cast iron pan. That char brings an amazing flavor to the cabbage. I plan to do some more with this soon... This will become a video as well...
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    Just received a soapstone grill insert for my birthday and gave it a try making some ribeyes. Did an overnight dry brine with SPG and left them on a wire rack in the refrigerator overnight. Fired up the KJ Classic and heated the stone to a temp of 560 with the dome at about 450. Left the dry brine on and brushed them with a little grape seed oil and a little more kosher salt. Seared first side for 5 minutes and then 4 minutes on the second side. Moved them over to indirect to finish. Pulled the steaks off the grill at 125 but got a lot more carry over temperature than I anticipated with the meat temp rising to about 145 before beginning to drop. The soapstone gave the stakes an amazing crust.
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    Burger patties, bacon, sweet onion and seasoned crispy crowns ----- Colby Jack cheese melting over the burger ----- Onion buns toasting with crispy crowns still on... ----- Toasted buns ----- Plated with a side of nacho cheese, good eating! Thanks for looking!
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    Well.... I have been talking to @Rak73 about these and decided to give it a go. I have read many differences in preparation and wasn't sure what way to go. So like everything bosco, I decided to take the common ingredients from over 20 recipes, plus a little of my own likes and made my own recipe (following general guidelines to ensure that I hit the right taste). Now ow I have never had tacos al Pastor before so I won't know what to compare it to. I picked up a 12 lb. Boston but and cut a 4.5 lb chunk off the side and froze the rest for a later date. Thin sliced the butt and added to my marinade and let it stay in the fridge for 24 hours. I was going to roti cook it, but haven't added the bracket on the KKs yet for the summer. So I decided that I would go straight grill with manual rotation. Stacked it all up and used wood skewers to hold to hold it together. It's bigger than I expected so standing it wasn't an option as it would likely tip. Anyways here we are cooking away on the 32 Big Bad at 275. I'm going to cook it all up then slice it and freeze some for another day. Smells great eat so far.....
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    OK, I cooked that YUGE brisket flat overnight last weekend and with the current need for lots of extra fridge space for food, food and beer and beer I need to get it up and out of the way. These packages are meal size, flat and ready for the perfect reheat in the sous vide bath. The shape will be super easy to store in the freezer and frankly it just looks awesome. How do you like my Japanese stainless sword? Almost looks like thick cut bacon, gives me an idea! In Iraq when you order a bacon burger it comes with "beef bacon".......
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    Hey gurus, just letting everyone know I'm still here and cooking. I know I haven't been as active as I used to but with heavy work weeks and coaching my sons coach pitch team it's been a little hectic. I have recently been messing around with instagram and I like using it to post a quick pic. If you get a chance follow me on instagram under jose jrow. Hope everyone is doing great. Here's a few pics of recent cooks, I know everyone likes pics on the guru:) Barbacoa on the KJ Sirloin Kabobs My first Paella made with chicken thighs and sausage Sous Vide egg bites Finger ribs and short ribs Tacos of course!!! Carne Asada!! Thanks for looking and keep on cooking!!!
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    I was asked earlier how things are going with my new grill. I will share with everyone. Thanks to Fumba for posting a great deal on a Big Joe near me I am the proud new owner of a Big Joe. Special thanks to John S for keeping this site up and running. If not for him i would never found that deal. So I got permission, made a call, gave my credit card digits, picked it up. It was even bigger than I imagined. Then kind of panicked. This thing must be like a 2 tons. Freddy J to the rescue and we got this thing set up a week ago. Great guy. Extra special thanks to Freddy. So I got a 2016 Kj. First night I cooked chix cordon blue. Started to fill the fire bowl. Dang that thing took a lot of charcoal. I didn't even completely fill it but it had a lot in there. That seems to me like a great sign that I will never have to worry bout running out of fuel when doing a long low n slow. ( have not done a low n slow yet. Soon.) so, I light her up. I started taking her up slow. Just to get used to it. But dang, when you swing that top vent out the temp just shoots up. I was quite impressed by that. Like, not much slower than my keg. And it's huge and ceramic. Wow. Its a pleasure lighting her up after work with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. I can't find a single thing to complain about, this beauty is a joy to work with. DNC is a great system. I will admit, when I purchased this I was not sure if it would replace my keg as an everyday cooker. I only need Big Joe real estate now and then. The keg is enough space for every night cooks. But it kind of has taken over. Great build. Great vents. great control. Producing great food. This is a great investment in happiness. btw, we have a 2017 in classic II at my store. The counterbalanced lid is awesome. Those new gaskets look nuke proof. Fire owl is a great idea. That should read bowl, not owl. Top vent looks pretty cool. Kind of think it's a solution to something that wasn't a problem. But pretty kool nonetheless. thx to everybody else who over the years has helped teach me how to cook edible food.
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    I wanted to try something fun today. I had recently seen a short video on Facebook of a similar cook so I put my own spin on it and took it for a ride on the Kamado Joe Jr. this afternoon... This is a really simple concept. I used a bamboo sushi mat and laid out 5 strips of bacon. I sprinkled some bbq rub on the bacon and then spread out about a half pound of lean ground beef over about 2/3 of the bacon. I added some more bbq rub at that point... I then smeared oin some cream cheese. I added some block cheddar cheese and some slices of jalapeno peppers and then rolled it up on the bamboo mat like a sushi roll. I put it on the grill indirect at 350 for about 20 mintues and then basted it with some bbq sauce. After another 10 minutes I basted it again and let it go for another 10 minutes on the grill. When I took it off the grill I sprinkled on some sesame seeds and let it cool for about 10 minutes before slicing it up. I made a video out of this that I'll post early next week sometime... This was delicious!
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    Blade Magazine / Knife Show selected the Shun Hikari 8" Damascus Steel Chef's knife as its Kitchen Knife of the Year. Mine arrived today. This is an absolutely beautiful knife in every respect, from the "hornet's nest" Damascus pattern to the easy to pinch bolster, to the satin finish birch handle, right down to the subtle red spacer. This knife really seems to glow with an inner light. Needless to say, it arrives razor sharp from the box. Can't wait to use it. Here are a few photos. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I cooked up some tacos al pastor on the new big joetisserie. First I de-boned a picnic shoulder. Then I sliced it very thin on a deli slicer and coated all the pieces in the marinade from this recipe from Serious Eats. I then piled the meat into 2 large yogurt containers and let marinate for 24 hours. The cylinders of meat slid out of the yogurt containers easily the next day and I loaded them onto the spit with some wide rings of pineapple. Cooked for 4.5 hours at a dome temp of around 300F. Plated with corn tortillas, queso fresco, salsa verde, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime. The flavor was fantastic, bites with a bit on pineapple along with the pork were sublime. I did find the meat to be just a little drier than I was expecting, I want you guys to help me troubleshoot it so it can be even better next time I do this. I see 2 possibilities, either the meat was overcooked or cooked at too high a temp, or it was undercooked, and I needed to allow it to go to a higher temp to render out more collagen, like when cooking a butt. The deepest parts of the meat were around internal temp 175F when I pulled it off. Butts cooked to that temp are always drier b/c collagen hasn't rendered, but I don't know if this would be different as it has a higher surface area so maybe more prone to drying? What do you all think, cook longer or shorter? Pull at a higher or lower internal temp? Cook at a higher temp for less time or a lower temp for longer? Thanks for the help, and try this out! It was really good and I'd eat it again in a heartbeat just like this, but I think it can be even better.
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    Our faithful grilling buddy Grissom hanging out on the snow bank keeping an eye on dinner! ----- Grilling the sandwich with indirect heat from the Vortex on cast iron. ----- Grilled pastrami, sauerkraut and cheese sandwich served with seasoned tater tots with a side of nacho cheese. Thanks for looking!
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    It's finally time to re-visit Mac & Cheese and take it up a few notches with this smoked chipotle gouda macaroni and cheese recipe! Give it a try! Recipe: 2 cups uncooked elbow macaroni, cooked to box instructions 4 eggs 1 cup milk 1/2 cup sour cream 1-2 finely diced chipotle peppers in adobo sauce 4 tablespoons butter, cut into pieces 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, with extra for toppint 1 cup shredded gouda cheese Grated parmesan cheese for topping Preheat grill to 350° and add one to two chunks of your favorite smoking wood. Cook the macaroni to the box instructions. Combine cooked macaroni with the rest of the ingredients in a pan or mixing bowl mix thoroughly. Top with additional cheese if desired. Place in a baking dish and cook on the grill for approximately 30 minutes until browned to your satisfaction. Let cook slightly and serve hot!
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    I caught these two beauties last weekend ice fishing in a small pond. I gave them a splash of lemon juice and cooked them on Jr. with some apple wood for smoke. The two trout were 15" and weighed just over a pound each.
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    That’s actually Triple Dogs as in: 1 Saurerkraut Dog w/ Deli Mustard, 1 Chicago Style Dog and 1 Chili Cheese Dog. (One of my favorite springtime / summertime cooks) I was busy washing the truck and working around the house all day so wanted something fast. We broke out the Kirkland all beef franks and the different kinds of fixings. Put a load of briquettes in the chimney and got them flaming hot. Poured them into my Jumbo Joe and cooked up some dogs. Here they are plated up with a Stone Brewing IPA, some potato salad and some water melon. Yum! Thanks for looking.
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    My Easter Rib Eye Beef Roast This was our Easter main family meal. I bought a 14 lb cryo-vac whole boneless rib eye at Costco. Cut off a 6.5 lb roast for the Easter cook. I had been wanting to try a roast like this from the whole rib eye for quite a while. This roast was cooked indirect at 360 degrees for roughly 1 hr 45 minutes hours (starting with the temps about 400 and immediately adjusting the vents to let it drop) with no smoking wood as did not want a roast with a smoke profile. Brought it to 130 internal and removed it for a loosely tented foil rest. Hit the mark on the right doneness levels to satisfy the span of preferences of the family. The flavor coating on the meat was fine minced garlic, kosher salt, coarse black pepper, dried thyme, dried rosemary and olive oil. Tender, juicy and flavorful. A winner for a roast! I was debating on slicing the rest of the whole piece for steaks but it will now be frozen as a future roast cook. Accompaniments were roasted garlic mashed potatoes – yes I roasted the garlic on Joe. The asparagus were also roasted at 325 for about 15+ minutes after the meat was removed. My daughter did all the non-kamado cooked sides such as the potatoes and the rolls (from scratch, too!). That is a Germany vintage Grand Noir blue cheese based sauce (with mayo, black pepper, garlic, tarragon, parsley, cayenne, red wine vinegar, and half-and-half) she developed for the asparagus. Delicious meat, delicious sides, all-in-all a great family meal to celebrate the Easter season. Here are a few additional pictures through the process. All Seasoned Up Rested and Ready to Carve Folks Are Lining Up Our family thanks the Lord this Easter for granting us salvation and our daily bounty.
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    For a couple of years now keeperovdeflame has been recommending a Greek restaurant in S.F. called Kokkari. A couple weeks ago my wife and I joined another couple for dinner at Kokkari. Great night of food, drink, and friends. One thing that immediately catches your eye is the large wood oven with the meat spinning on two long rotisserie spits. I ordered one of the specials which was rotisserie Pork Shoulder. I was telling Keeper that I wanted to find the rub they used so I could duplicate this dish at home. Keeper kindly shared the Kokkari Dressing which they use on pretty much everything they do on the spits. Keeper got it from the Kokkari cook book. Thank You Keeper. You are a gentleman and a scholar. Instead of a Pork Shoulder I used it on tonight's chicken. Kokkari Dressing 6 Tbs EVOO 2 Tbs Fresh Lemon Juice 4 tsp minced capers 2 tsp minced shallot 1 tsp minced garlic 1 tsp minced flat leaf parsley 1/2 tsp chopped fresh oregano 1/4 tsp dried wild Greek Oregano, crumbled Sea salt and fresh ground pepper On the spit it goes. Thanks for taking a peek.
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    First cook off the griddle since seasoning it and the mandatory bacon cook, so of course Philly Cheesesteaks it was... incredibly delicious! ----- ----- ----- ----- Thanks for looking!
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    I have a pellet cooker and absolutely love it! I have a busy family, and the convenience of the pellet cooker allows me to EASILY do cooks I would not normally be able to do because of time constraints. The smoke profile is light and clean, which I have really come to like. I did some ribs a couple of weeks ago that the family said were the best I have ever done. All I did was rub with dry rub, put them in the smoker and spritz once/hour with ACV/apple juice for 7 hours. I cooked them super low n slow at around 215°. They were sauced about 1 hour prior to being done. They were outstanding. Even our super picky 2 year old was diggin' em!! [emoji4]
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    That was definitely one of the best meals on the Joe. Pulled everything off the Big Joe, fired up the flat top griddle, then put down some Parmesan cheese and some corn tortillas on top of the cheese. The cheese gives a really nice crust to the shells and adds great flavor. Used a taco shell rack to form the hot tortillas Then loaded everything up. Used some pineapple salsa and some guacamole salsa. Will definitely be doing this one again. Only thing I need to make sure to do next time is to tighten up the forks side to side as the meat cooks, it shrunk up and loosened on the spit, lost a couple chunks dropping on the coals. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I am the fan boy that you are referring to apparently. I commented to you there and I will do it here as well. KJ is not your issue, the retailer (Cabela's) and the shipping company are obviously the issue. Bobby stepped up and offered you something for the inconvenience. To me that was pretty stand up and he let you order factory direct. So that utopia brand that you were bashing on a KJ branded Facebook page, would get people upset. It looked to me and I truly believe that you are out for perks and had motive. If I am wrong so be it. You went on to discuss that you wanted to let Bobby know..... well messaging him directly would have been the right thing to do. He offered the olive branch... you accepted then slapped him with it. The damage was clearly from the shipping, however, you are buying a mass produced grill and some things can happen when you make so many. As for me, I am no fan boy. You called me out for not even owning a kamado joe. I have owned 6 of them over the past 5 years and now I have 2 Komodo Kamado's. I have been a part of this cooking forum and other forums for several years and I see people like you come and go. Im not sticking up for any brand here, I just found it extremely ignorant and disrespectful that you called out a company that tried to help you out. You told me that I was angry and to move along... friend if you want any respect in this small kamado family, cut your BS. Go pay full retail and deal with the retailer direct. The KJ grilling page is not affiliated to KJ in anyway. Yes Bobby comments there and tries to help where he can, but that is because he is passionate about the brand and wants to experience the customers level. You exploited that and now disrespected him. I have no time for you and what you are all about. Don't come here and rant and rave like you did on the Facebook page.
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    A gun owner for 30 years, I don't hunt I just target shoot weekly. I shoot 22lr, 9mm, 10mm and 45 Colt. A early Spring morning at the outdoor range, a light fog on the ground, grass as wet as walking in water. A thermos of good coffee listening to the birds sing.... I love shooting my custom made by me 22lr rifle at 100 yard 3" target and hitting it 7 out of 10 times most of the time. It's based on the Ruger 10/22, but it doesn't have a single Ruger part other than the mag. For handguns I love Glocks! I even took classes to be a Glock armorer. I have way to many of them. I really love shooting the 10mm. I just installed a new red dot (Burris FastFire 3) for my G20 SF, really helps old eyes hit the target better. Strictly for shooting at targets, I would never carry a 10mm for PD. I make most of my own ammo (9mm and 10mm) with a Dillon 550b. The best ammo maker in the world! Taught my 3 kids gun safety from a young age, took them shooting with me all the time till the girls were so bored. Now teaching my 11 grandkids gun safety. Wife and I always believed knowledge was safety. My kids from a young age could safety check a gun handed to them. With 300 million guns in the USA everyone needs to learn gun safety at a early age. You can always find a local NRA basic gun safety class in your area if interested. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Well it was a monumental day at the TKOBBQ HQ. Just returned with this Craigslist deal, all I can say is sometimes all the stars align like yesterday/tonight and you meet truly down to earth honest people that stand by their word. And my Kickash baskets came in for the Primo XL. But the CFO (SWIMBO) has now put me on 6 months restriction.
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    One of my daily annoyances in life is was digging through the pantry trying to find the one spice bottle you need to cook something - partially because I am the only one in our house that puts things back where I got them.So....made myself a spice rack so I can avoid going into the pantry, as well as adding some decoration at the same time. Picked up the glass top bins from a local supplier, and found magnetic tape on Amazon. Just grabbed an old picture frame, covered the mat with the magnetic tape, and done. Bonus: made the wife happy some new kitchen decoration. Hanging on the wall in the kitchen right beside the fridge. Bonus...at a glance can see when something is getting low. I keep larger bulk bottles for some of the more common spices I go through more quickly. Each bin perfectly holds a standard grocery store sized spice bottle. Some little things in life are pretty satisfying.... Also, until today, never realized how much I love the natural colors of spices.
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    I'm trying some concepts I've seen online and heard about from friends for our food trailer tonight. We are mostly equipped to fry things, having two 40 pound gas fryers and a 24" gas flat top onboard, so that's the kind of food I've focused on. Here's a few conventional things turned non-conventional with a mashup of finger food favorites! Buffalo chicken stix; these are a mix of shredded chicken, cream cheese, shredded cheese, and buffalo sauce that is covered in Panko crumbs and fried crisp. cheese steak egg roll with homemade chipotle sauce. steak fajita egg roll with chipotle sauce buffalo chicken stuffed onion ring; same buffalo chicken mix as what was used in the stix, stuffed in a compound-onion ring, Panko breaded, and fried crisp. These are some things that could possibly be served on our food trailer. There's a lot of prep work involved here but they fry quickly, taste great, and to me have a certain wow factor. What do you all think?
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    I tried the recipe from ckreef for Sicilian pizza dough. While I think the results were pretty good and it was fun with all the toppings I think I prefer a "Chicago inspired" deep dish type pizza when I have craving for pizza of this type. Still super fun to try!! Toppings included: mushroom, bell pepper, onion, hot Italian sausage, pepperoni, pepperoncini, jalapeño (on half for the grown ups) and anchovies on a quarter for my husband.
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    Much thanks to a great guy. FreddyJ helped me out setting up my new Big Joe. Don't know how I could have done it without him.
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    So.... Mrs philpom is turning 40 this week and for this she needs a nice party, especially after putting up with me for the past 22 years! I thought an though and decided a Taco bar would be perfect. Invite 25 people - CHECK Create menu - ALMOST Buy and prepare everything - UGH Here is what I'm thinking, I am certainly looking for ideas but I think this is pretty close to a good list. If you have a "must have" side or dish I need please chime in. Going to have a booze filled pinata for and margaritas to complete the theme. Food item beef chicken pork mexican beans mexican rice flour tortillas corn tortillas crunchy taco shells shredded lettuce chopped tomatoes slice black olives pico de gallo queso bean dip shredded cheddar shredded monteray jack fresh jalapenos picked jalapenos avocado hot salsa mild salsa sour cream chopped onion tortilla chips Still working on the quantities but I think I'll get that figured out. I'm thinking 9 pounds of beef, 6 pounds each of chicken and pork. Going to be fun and I can't wait to show her a great time!
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    I purchased a Kamado Joe Classic II last Thursday. Today I did my first cook in it. I wanted to do a hot cook, rather than a low and slow one first, as I figured hot would be easier on me as I learn the controls. I split a chicken in half, used some of my favorite rub (Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub). I put the chicken on at about 400 degrees, flipped it after 30 minutes and then sauced it after 20. Flipped it back around and sauced that for 10 and I was done. The grill held the heat so steady, I was very impressed. The chicken was so tender and moist. It was unbelievable. I really liked how the pecan wood chunks I used in there only gave it the slightest hint of smoke flavor, my kettle grill tends to overpower food with smoke flavor for some reason. Delicious BBQ chicken!!
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    So I got to wondering about freezing and thawing steaks. I was wondering what freezing would do to the final texture of steak. Ckreef remarked something about how he doubted a person would be able to tell the difference even if they were side by side. So I decided I needed to know. This would have great application for me as I only like to grocery shop once a week but usually cook fish first out of my groceries- or if I found a good sale I could stock up if I found the texture to still be good enough. So I picked up two similar rib eyes. I seasoned both heavily and vacuum sealed them both i wanted to make sure they were a similar as possible in their preparationone went in the freezer one went in the meat drawer in the fridge. I waited more than 36 hours, and the frozen meat was definitely rock hard. Then I moved it to the meat drawer to slowly defrost (I had one bag labeled so that's what the weird black mark was)then a could days later I pulled them out and they were ready for a reverse sear flipped every ten minutes or so since that is what Kenji recommends and every one of his recipes I have tried is AMAZING . Now it is time to sear! Action shot! this is where the difference started to emerge. as you can see, the steak closer to the camera started to kind of break into pieces. This is the one that was frozen. resting for ten minutes. And slicingabove not frozen. Below previously frozen and side by sidevirtually indistinguishable. My husband though the lighting made them appear more done than they were so here is from the dining room mid dinner In terms of texture and/or flavor, neither of us could maker a preference, meaning I will definitely be freezing steaks on sale. The only disadvantage is that the steaks don't keep their shape quite as well which doesn't really matter. This happened again when I later bought two more steaks which were sealed and frozen before cooking. Overall, a fun and useful experiment
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    Six pounds of beautiful local Prime Rib - dry aged 80 days. This is going on the Egg on high indirect at 225 until 120 internal then finished with a 700 degree sear!! Thinking just a little bit of cherry wood for flavour. Can't wait!! I'll add to the post as I go..... This looks so good I may even fire up the second Egg so I don't have to wait between the smoke and the sear!! Then again, if I use that logic I'm going to eat the d*mn thing raw....
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    I am getting better at flipping larger pieces of fish in one piece! And tri tip last night...... plus a guy from work asked me to smoke a piece of corned beef for him. And I'm a pretty nice lady so I did. I almost forgot a picture of any slices, but then remembered after dinner. This was what was left
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    Moving my mother-in-law, cleaning the garage out today and took some boxes home to go through. Many items from 1920's and 30's but these struck me as very cool to a broad audience. Wonder what else we'll discover, we have hardly scratched the surface.
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    Haven't posted a cook here in awhile. Since there was some discussion of OctoForks yesterday, this seems like a good time to rectify that. I'm expecting around 30 guests for my Make Memorial Day Great Again! party, and chicken shawarma is going to be on the menu. Decided I needed a test cook since I'll be changing things up a bit. For one, I'll be spinning it with OctoForks to help me max the capacity. Here's a pic of how I'm suspending the skewers between the forks, using the slot and holding in place with the bolts. I'm using two pounds of chicken thighs for this test cook, with one pound on each skewer. I could easily get over two pounds on each skewer and I have two more forks, so can readily spin eight pounds of shawarma on four skewers. The chicken marinated overnight in olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, kosher salt and World Spices Shawarma Blend. Noticed this blend has all the same ingredients I normally use and a few other goodies, plus World Spices stuff is ultra fresh. The bag was dated the day I ordered it. Gotta have fresh pita. Silly not to. Would have griddled these on my other KK, but nasty weather today. I cheated with a cast iron griddle on the stove. After 1-1/2 hours of spinning, looking good. Off the skewers and chopped. Plated. Topped with cucumber, tomato, red onion, feta, and Donair sauce. Delicious! These will truly Make Memorial Day Great Again!
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    Look what the UPS truck brought me today. Only problem is I can't put it together for another week. Just had surgery and can't lift anything over 15 lbs for another 10 days. Oh it's going to be a long wait....
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    Here is my first attempt on the Big Joe. I am very happy with the results. Great smoke and the juiciest ribs I think I ever made. I am very happy with my decision to start cooking with a Kamado. The quality of the Kamado Joe is also beyond what I was expecting. I can see a lot of years of grilling ahead of me.
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    Inspired by the lamb with "Kokkari Dressing" recipe posted by @keeperovdeflame in a recent thread for Easter legs of lamb, I tried a modified version of this today. I modified the "Kokkari Dressing" a little by using a mixture of herbs - fresh Rosemary and Thyme, plus dried Oregano (I didn't have any fresh to hand). Other than that used the same ingredients. I made a loose paste in a pestle and then smothered it all over the lamb. Left it for a couple of hours (should have started yesterday !) then cooked indirect, at around 300-320 F over a drip pan which had chopped onions, leeks, carrots, celery and a litre of lamb stock in it, to around 140F IT (slightly higher than I would usually do it in an oven). Basted it a couple of times during cooking with some reserved dressing. The results were superb ! Supremely tender juicy/moist lamb, according to one of my sons the best leg of lamb I've cooked. The flavour of the dressing really came through. Here is what it looked like just before taking it off the grill: What remained in the drip tray was basically fat drippings, and the veg. Made a superb gravy from the fat strained from the tray, flour, red wine and some more lamb stock. Had real depth of flavour ! Served it with Gratin Dauphinois (cooked in the oven), green beans and carrots. I also did a few baked potatoes for the non-gratin loving members in my household (wrapped in foil as they were in there for 2 hours as I was cooking at a low temp). Big thanks to keeperovdeflame for posting the recipe for the Kokkari Dressing !
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    Using the BigJotisserie to spin up some pork shoulder for Tacos al Pastor. Got a bit left to go but looking and smelling awesome.
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    It was a beautiful day and better day for doing some grilling. I put some sirloin pork chops to marinate in apple juice and a peach/mango/jalapeno pepper glaze earlier today, made some homemade mac & Cheese and baked beans(canned but goosed them up a bit)with bacon and sweet jalapeno relish. The mac and cheese was made first using opened packages of assorted pasta that was in the pantry. Drives me crazy to have so many bags with only a little bit of pasta in them. The beans were put in the Keg early to heat up and get some smoke. I added some Kiolbassa smoked sausages and the pork chops to the Keg and let it do it's thing. Add a cold beer and the nice breeze and the smoke and smells taking over the neighborhood and it was a beautiful late afternoon. Everything done! Time to eat!!!!!! And yes, it was all delicious! Especially that sausage. That's some awesome Texas sausage!!!!!
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    Its been a while since I posted a cook so I thought I'd share my cook from last night. Its the first pork belly I have made and I'd say it was a success! I followed the technique below but changed the marinade to include rice vinegar, brown sugar and some Chinese five spice. ENJOY!! Rak
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    Last week I tackled a bird, some pizza, and a few other items on my new KJ. Today, I grabbed some 2" thick Strips and Ribeyes. I figured with steaks this big, slow reverse sear made most sense. I went ahead and got my grill set up, and decided that pecan wood would be a solid choice for smoke. I typically only season steak with salt and pepper, but used one of @John Setzlerhomemade meat rubs for this. I also took a peek at his video posted here for reverse seared ribeye... Big thanks for both of those, huge help. I did change it up a little bit, bit the video was great. Fired up the KJ and poured a Three Floyds beer and waited for the kamado to get to 250 or so. Went ahead and seasoned up the steaks and they were ready to go! 35 mins or so later, IT was about 120 across the board... pulled the steaks off and wrapped them in foil Time to put on the searing grates... almost there Two minutes on each side and I pulled them! Cutting them up... ready to eat!! Cheers:) AMAZING! Everyone here went nuts for this... first attempt at reverse seared steaks... 100% Successful!
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    Here are some pictures, specs, quick facts, and videos on the Blaze Kamado: The Blaze Kamado is the industry's first kamado grill made out of solid cast aluminum, up to 1 1/4" thick. It offers incredible durability and heat control. The non-porous grill body allows you to use any type of charcoal or wood, as well as any material for lighting the charcoal without worry of damaging or absorbing into the grill body. As is said in one of the videos linked toward the bottom, this is a grill that your children and grandchildren will be able to cook on. Blaze backs that claim up with a lifetime warranty on all parts, inside and out. The grill: Outside the grill The blaze kamado does not use a gasket to seal the lid like many other kamados. Instead, it has a tongue and groove design on the base and the lid. This keeps a nice, tight seal and eliminates the need to replace gaskets over time. The exhaust cap is cast molded on the lid, which also eliminates long term risk of falling off or breaking The lid hinge is made from 304 grade stainless steel and features lift assist. Lift handle: Bottom vent: Temperature gauge: Inside the grill: The hex shaped grates are made of 304 stainless steel and are covered by the lifetime warranty. The top grate is 20 inches and includes hinges on each side to help with charcoal or smoking wood management. They weight just under 14.5 pounds. The middle grate is 18 inches and can be used for heat deflector plates or water pans, or cooking closer to the fire. It weighs just under 12 pounds. The bottom grate is for charcoal and weights 9.75 pounds Below the charcoal grate is the removable ash pan, which allows for easy cleanup between cooks I think that covers the basics of the grill. Here are a couple of videos with more information: Introduction: Frequently asked questions. This includes answers to common questions I've seen on this forum related to heat retention and potential for melting at high temperatures: There are a couple more informational videos about the Blaze on youtube, including a commonly mentioned video about it's durability. I'm not linking them because I don't really think the scenarios they set up are all that realistic. But in case you wanted to know, the Blaze holds up well to being shot at. I think the main takeaway is that the Blaze can be transported more safely than a ceramic kamado, which makes it perfect for camping, RV-ing, etc. There are also a few great videos specifically about cooking on the Blaze Kamado. Here are a couple. There are more on Youtube. Just search for Blaze Kamado. In addition to the specific Blaze cooking videos that you can find, I'll mention that I have been able to watch instructional videos that are based on other kamados and use their methods for cooking on my Blaze. This is to say that the lighting, cooking, and heat management techniques have proven to me to be exactly the same on the Blaze as they are on the more commonly seen kamados on the market. I bought a Blaze kamado in December of 2016 and have been cooking on it multiple times every week. I have no experience with kamado cooking outside of the Blaze, but I will say that everything i have read about the versatility, heat control, and overall experience of kamado cooking applies to the Blaze. I'm unashamedly biased here, but I think Blaze Grills has developed a real winner here. It's definitely worth your consideration if you are browsing these forums looking for kamado options.
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    Hey folks, I've been away from the forum far too long but decided to get on the Vision Grill yesterday. Went with a smoked turkey breast that was brined for 24 hours then seasoned with a coffee based rub. Smoked between 300-350 for 2 hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I decided to give my smoked mac & cheese recipe an overhaul this week. This is rev 1 of the new recipe and it's almost perfect on everything but salt. I didn't get quite enough salt in it so I need to try it again... I love test cooks.. .lol
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    Last night instead of baking simple focaccia, I used the focaccia bread dough to make a few small pizzas. They turned out great. Two were white pizzas – fresh mozzarella, basil, onion and buckboard bacon. The other was BBQ chicken ithw onion using the BJT chicken from Saturday night.
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    Howdy KGers! As some of you know I've been away from home and hearth until just a couple of weeks ago for 7-8 months or so. I came back to en empty larder. I"ve since cured that. but the only thing I had to throw on Beauty!, my 19" KK, were a few Schwabs Hot Links. Schwabs is a local company that makes a really good product. I can heartily recommend them. So, with our further delay, here is the first KK cook in a very long time!
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    Chuck roast with carrot, celery, onion, and mushroom over a homemade gnocchi.
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