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    New Truck plus Special Teaser Picture

    Mrs skreef is a pickup truck, country gal. When I came home almost 2 years ago with a brand new Nissan Rogue she wasn't really thrilled. For almost 2 years I listened to her whining about the car. Last weekend we took the Rogue for an oil change. Instead of an oil change we came home with a brand new Nissan Titan V8 4x4. It's a full size 4 door pickup truck with a short bed. Really big on the inside and a very comfortable ride. Mrs skreef is very pleased with this purchase. The world has a saying, "Happy wife, happy life." I have my own version of that saying, "Happy wife, time for another grill!!!" So with that thought in mind we took the new truck to Lowes and got a few more pavers. Let the new grill project begin. Will post a detailed thread as progress is made and the new grill arrives. Hopefully I'll order it this weekend.
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    Ranier Cherry stuff Brie

    Hi Guru's This is my Challenge for Just Stuff It. @ckreef, @gotzeroand others had posted a Grilled Brie in the past. So hope I did it right... I love Brie with all the choices that you can choose from to stuff. I chose Ranier Cherries. They are back In stock at Walmart. Which is a limited time. These Cherries are sweet but has this taste close to a Peach. Very good Cherries. Ingredients : I started on my compote first. Cut them small pieces. Also if you like Cherries, this gadget will do the trick for pitting them fast and easy. Then I put them in a sugar to cook down. Then toward the end I added more cherries to still have some color. Next I cut my Brie in halve with one side thinner for the top. I dug out some cheese to make room for compote(I like alot). Filled Brie with Cherry Compote Getting my pastry ready. Egg wash. More egg wash once wrap. Wrapped in Pastry. Ready for the Grill. All Done.. Grill Pic Couple of plated shots I think it could went another five minutes but in the end it tasted great. Thanks for looking SK
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    Chicken Galantine

    Hello everyone, here is my effort to challenge myself by deboning a chicken - using the technique of the master, Mister Jacques Pepin! I could watch that video over and over again and would never bore of it. I can't say that I did it in the two meenoots that he can do it in LOL ... and I must admit that I had a piece of cling-wrap over the screen of my ipad so that I could keep pausing it at each step and rewinding regularly. ha haaa!! In addition, I couldn't decide on which sauce I wanted to make, so I made two - gravy using the carcass and bones from said chicken along with other ingredients and also a Romesco sauce made from capsicums I roasted in the Kamado too. Stuffed chicken Galantine Free-range whole chicken Spanish serrano ham Spinach - wilted Garlic - a few cloves Mushrooms - sauteed (I added these once I saw how piddly amount of stuffing I had once the big bag of spinach wilted down to a very small quantity) Young Asiago cheese Salt and pepper olive oil to rub on skin prior to roasting Basically, I used the Jacques Pepin method to de-bone the chicken and only messed up one foot because me being me, I took the whole de-boning thing too far and removed that bone but it was all good. This is what it looked like sans-carcass. With the tasty stuffing. Trussed and ready to cook (not as elegant as Jacques - but not bad for a first timer, if I must say so myself ) Romesco Sauce 4 red capsicums - fire roasted 6 sun dried tomato halves 2/3 cup almonds big bunch of parsley from the garden 4 garlic cloves 6 Tablespoons olive oil 2 teaspoons pomegranate molasses (or sherry vinegar if you have it - I didn't so also added an extra teaspoon of red wine vinegar) 2 teaspoons pimenton/smoked paprika b Basically, I roasted and cleaned up the capsicums the day before, then cooked off the garlic and nuts in the olive oil until the garlic just started to very lightly colour (to take out the harshness) and then popped all the ingredients, including the oil into the food processor until still slightly chunky. Refrigerated overnight for the flavours to meld. Gravy carcass and bones from my de-boned chicken 1 kg chicken wings 4 x strips streaky bacon (I had forgotten to take it out of the fridge prior to taking this photo) 3 x ribs celery 2 x carrots 2 x onions 2 or 3 rosemary sticks a couple of bay leaves a couple of star anise some bunches of tarragon a few whole pepper corns 1.5 litre chicken stock flour and butter to make a roux - I just wing this so can't say the quantities sorry. I roasted all ingredients listed up to and including rosemary in the oven until well cooked and deep in colour / flavour. Transferred to a big pot and then deglazed the oven tray of all the delicious bits stuck to the bottom and then poured that into the pot, along with the bay leaves, tarragon and star anise. Simmered on low for a couple of hours and gave everything a good moosh (culinary technical term ) with the wooden spoon every now and then to extract maximum flavour. Strained and cooled in the fridge for a while. I then scooped off a lot of the chicken fat before adding to the roux to make a very flavoursome and delicious gravy. My friend and neighbours took their own money shots on their phones when I was plating. They've never had a deboned chicken before and were very impressed when i was "carving" what appeared to them to be a whole chicken.
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    Well, I decided that I haven’t done a good fatty in a while, and what seems more perfect for this months comp than stuffy sausage and stuffing that into bacon. I gathered my ingredients: sweet Italian sausage, thick cut bacon, mushrooms, cheddar cheese, and cooked ham. Started by sautéing the mushrooms, seasoned with some camp mix. Then I created my bacon lattes and rolled out the sausage into a square. After adding the mushrooms, cheese, and ham to the sausage, I rolled it tight and put it in the fridge. After it set for a bit, I then rolled the bacon around the outside of it. I through it on the KJ at 375° until it reached an IT of 145°. These are one of my favorite things that come off my grill. Soo good!!!
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    NuKe Delta - Fire it up!!

    This is my new NuKe Delta Argentine style grill. 26" x 21" adjustable height main grate with a side Brasero (firebox). Here is the progression of the install. It came with a cover, ash shovel, coal rake and steel griddle that sits above the side Brasero (firebox). I also bought a porcelain coated CI pan for makeing fried provolone. To fire it up I have a bin of sticks from the yard for kindling and Post Oak sorted by size. I decided to fire the main area and the Brasero. I stacked the wood similar to what I do in the Wood Fired Oven. I fired the Brasero first immediately followed by the main area. I sit the MAPP torch down and let it go for 30 - 60 seconds. After a few minutes it's well underway. Up first was the fried provolone appetizer. Thick slice of provolone, black pepper (purple crack berries) and dried oregano with a drizzle of olive oil. Pulled some coals off to the side and cooked for 6 minutes. That was mighty tasty - Yum. An expensive little pan but it worked really well and is the perfect size. I guess we'll call these smash potatoes on the steel griddle. A flat iron steak. A nice md rare served with homemade chimichuri sauce. Mrs skreef really liked the chimichuri sauce. I slightly miss managed the fire in the end but still came out great. Awesome grill but a small learning curve for sure. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
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    Duuuude. Pork butt

    Wow, I have to say I killed it. This was my first shoulder I have cooked. Bought an 11 lb pork shoulder yesterday with the plans of having nachos for lunch. $1.99 a pound. Cut it open and seasoned with meat Church’s the holy gospel rub. Put it on at 9pm at 250 degrees. Had to get up a few times to make adjustments. Had my smoke controller next to my bed and kept checking the temp way too much. Grate temp was 250 for a few hours then crept up to 265, pinched her down and went to 230 a few hours later. And at 6am was 291. Did that crap 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night/morning. Couldn’t get a stable temp as it would just slowly creep up or down. It took a few hours but still bugged me . It was fun though. Not once did I peak in the grill. Just let it ride. Opened it up at 8 and looked good. Coolest part was 190 and most was at 196-198. All probing felt good too. Took it off at 10 and wrapped it up. Took the boy to soccer and came back and shredded at 1230. My oh my. Bone came out clean and the bark was amazing. What an awesome fun cook I had. Made nachos with the meat. Thanks for reading.
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    4th of July Meal

    Had my first cook on my new Kamado Joe last night. It turned out amazing and I can't wait for the next one! Dinner: Spatchcock chicken w/ potatoes and onions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIvIYMsGR7s&t=55s) Dessert: Drunken Peaches w/ vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar Eggos (anyone else a Stranger Things fan??) Here are some pics! Patio setup: After: Plated: Peaches grilling: Great way to end a meal: Appreciate everyone's advice and this forum + YouTube really helped make my first cook a lot easier than I had originally anticipated. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
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    Lunch with my Farrier and his wife lined up with this month's challenge, so I pulled out a old favorite recipe and cooked it on the Joe. The recipe is Emeril Lagasse's Chicken Pockets Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Chorizo and Pine Nuts on a Bed of Southern Black Eye Peas https://www.emerils.com/123669/chicken-pockets-stuffed-goat-cheese-chorizo-and-pine-nuts-bed-southern-style-black-eye-peas This is a recipe I have made often, usually at New Years (for the black-eye peas/good luck superstition), but it is perfect for something stuffed and is delicious. You can make the chorizo and goat cheese stuffing a day ahead, leaving half of the pine nuts out so they don't all lose their crunch and add the rest just before folding the chicken breast over the stuffing. I'm including a picture of the lunch appetizer, Crawfish Egg Rolls (not cooked on the Joe, but also a Emeril recipe and really good...and stuffed). I set up the Joe with deflector plates in the lower position and my pizza stone on the X-thing (whatever you call it) in the upper position. Gave everything a half-hour to get up to temp at 400 and then put the chicken pockets on with parchment paper. They cooked nicely in the recipe's called for 18 minutes. Well worth the effort.
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    I always love Lamb chop meals but this one came together very last minute as we ended up getting home earlier than planned so we quickly defrosted a Costco chop we had in the freezer. Seasoned it with my homemade rub and lit the grill. Reverse sear is how I cooked these, so first indirect at 275 before resting while I opened up the vents and seared them for about 30 seconds per side. Sliced them up and drizzled reduced balsamic vinegar over them as they were served. Came out money
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    Going back on for the sear. The cut. And dessert, Salted caramel cookie.
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    Queen of Steaks

    Sorry for the messing plating, but here they are with the chimichurri sauce
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    Chicken Sharwarma 3.0!

    Chicken is my wife’s favorite and I like to cook things she’ll like, most of the time , so I cooked up some Chichen Shawarma. Started out by skinning and de-boning some chicken thighs that I had thawed out. I cut each in half and set them aside in the fridge. I now got out the ingredients for a yogurt based Sharwarma marinade. Everybody in the pool and gave it a good spin with the whisk. I then put the chicken thighs in and stirred it up to get complete coverage on all surfaces. I then covered the bowl with plastic wrap and placed them in the fridge to rest overnight. Now I made up a batch of Tzatziki. Link to recipes: The next day I broke out my vertical spit. And loaded it up with the Shawarma and topped it with a nice thick slice of red onion After I had preheated my kamado up to 325 for 1/2 hour I put the Shawarma in. I checked on it after about 25 minutes and knew it could go much longer. After about 1 hour I started getting everything ready. I cut up my veggies and got the Tzatziki out. I also set up my craving station. Once the Shawarma developed some char on it, I removed it and sliced off the outer layer and then placed it back in the kamado. I warmed up some flat bread and spooned on some Tzatziki and then made up some Shawarma Sammi’s. Here they are served street food style with a Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin and some mandarin orange slices. SO GOOD! Thanks for looking.
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    Sent the long weekend off in style with a Double Meat Double Cheese Burger. Fired up Jr. for the patties. Flipped and removed them when they were done so I could add the cheese. Toasted the buns. One more time of the grill to melt the cheese. Plated this up with some watermelon, potato salad and a Stone Brewing Xocoveza. (Yum!) After a few bites of this monster. So good! Thanks for looking.
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    Nothing but the money!

    Honey sriracha chicken on the Akorn Jr.
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    Nothing but the money!

    Father's Day rib eye and sweet corn.
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    For the long weekend we started out being invited over to our neighbor’s house for hamburgers. I was tasked with grilling up some corn. Once these started getting some golden-brown char marks, I put them in a large rectangular pan and covered them with foil. We took this over with two each, 3 portion plates of fixings. One plate had a stick of butter, salt and black pepper for traditional American style corn of the cob. The other plate had some mayo, Tajin seasoning and come Cotija Cheese for Mexican style street corn. Didn’t feel like I should be taking pictures at their house so that’s all I can share from the 4th. Today I grilled up some hamburger patties on my Akorn Jr. for some cheese burgers. After they were done I removed them and toasted the buns while I added the cheese to the burgers. One more stop on the grill to melt the cheese. Here is mine plated up with some potato salad, some watermelon and a Stone Brewing Vanilla Bean Porter. There nothing quite like enjoying a good cheeseburger on the 4th of July weekend. Thanks for looking.
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    Pellet Grill Pan Pizzas

    Been messin with some Detroit & Grandmas on the Pellet Grill & Wood Oven you can make great ones in any grill (indirect) home Oven or other
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    Nothing but the money!

    Ribs the other night that rival anything I can purchase at any price. And sushi that, well, at least tastes good. We would get mercury poisoning long before we made enough sushi rolls to learn how to make them look good. At least we are having fun...
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    Nothing but the money!

    Jalapeno cheese bread smoked bacon cheeseburger patty melt.
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    Nothing but the money!

    Spaghetti sauce from scratch. 6 hour cook.
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    Pork belly cook

    This is one of my all time favorites, I might reclassify it as comfort food. I didn't have any fruit wood handy so I used mesquite and that played well. The red, white and blue potatoes came from our garden. Perfect for July. I started with a heavy dose of Himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper. The belly was put on the top rack once the primo hit 350 and the smoke thinned out. I basted 4 times during the cook and again after I pulled it. Pulled at an IT of 199. Gave the potatoes a course chop and layed them on a bed of chopped yellow onion with salt and pepper plus some fresh rosemary. I roasted them under the belly to catch all of the goodness. I serve the pork in a bowl over a bunch of those potatoes. A food coma meal!
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    5lbs of bacon burnt ends. Brisket burnt ends. And a sliced brisket flat. Got a nice smoke ring on the flat. Was good. Also made a ton of homemade french fries (i used alton brown’s tomorrow fries recipe its awesome) and we had burgers and hotdogs. Great Independence Day meal
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    Juggling three grills was grate fun . The biggest issue was determining order of what goes on first and what goes where. I almost took a trip to WalMart to buy a Blackstone 22" griddle (for the sausage, peppers and onions) but dismissed that silly idea. I honestly don't need a fourth grill and can't justify its purchase for future use. There, I got that idea outta my head. Whew! So I improvised with the Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan on the Goldens' for the peppers and onions which worked out perfectly. I got those started first since they can be kept warm in the oven. I halved the split chicken breasts, seasoned in Plowboys Yardbird and was able to get most of them on the Bubba Keg with the overflow on the Goldens' - I had taken some of the finished chicken off the Keg but it was being used for the overflow of the sausage which was over on the Weber, which was started indirect, away from the SnS. More real estate on the Weber once the sausage was able to be moved over the coals - Once the sausage and chicken were done, hot dogs were grilled indirect on the Weber. Amazingly, I've found that hot dogs (and sausage) grilled indirect on the Weber turn out perfectly. No charring, no burnt black spots, no flare ups. My youngest nieces and nephews simply will not eat dogs that are blackened, so these turn out great and require very little attention on my part. It was about this time where working three grills at once plus the heat of the day and the heat of three grills forced me to pay more attention to what I was doing so pictures were taking a back seat. But during this time I had zucchini and eggplant on the Keg and the Goldens' - That's it for pictures. No plated shots, no family gathering shots. Sometimes grilling and then eating take precedence! I still had burgers to grill on the Goldens' and rolls to toast on the Keg which were keeping me busy as the table was being set and the family was starting to dig in. Along with all this was corn, baked beans, tortellini salad, various sides, etc. All in all a good day as far as grilling and keeping my head on straight. And all was appreciated by our guests. I hope all our US members had a great Fourth! -Dom
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    Golf Griller

    Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

    As I mentioned on @keeperovdeflame's entry, my original thought was stuffed pork chops. However, my wife saw a good deal on pork tenderloins at Costco, so my plans changed. I like sausage stuffing and make it whenever I get a chance, so the menu was set. Here are the ingredients: I did use spicy Italian sausage for the dressing. Only one for the sausage links and half of the onion. The tenderloins were too small to butterfly one and roll it up, like I had seen on several YouTube videos, so I cut a slit in both of the tenderloins to put the stuffing in. I stuffed them, put the thin end of one at the same end as the thick end of the other one and tied them together. I then rubbed them with McCormick's Grill Mates' apple wood rub. Then it was time to start the grill. I was going for 250-300 indirect. The grill stabilized at 225, and got up to 250 by the time the tenderloin was done. Pulled from the grill with an internal temperature of 240 - 245, depending on where it was measured. I rested it for 10 minutes before slicing. I was having this wine while I was cooking and with the meal. And the money shot: My wife and the neighbors thought it came out very good.
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    Simple Shrimp Taco

    Quick lunch. John Setzler's Orange Honey Glazed Shrimp. If you have never used this recipe, I recommend you try it. It always get raves when we make it. Rolled into a taco, with fresh lettuce and onion from our garden, drizzled with my wife's homemade boom boom sauce. Scrumptious!
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    Show your BBQ area

    I figured I should update the view from my porch. Here is the original picture I posted. Here is my updated view
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    A Not So Lil Sumthin Sumthin

    Neighbor helps cut down tree. Steak is proper reward. Ribeye is the proper steak. Big thanks requires big steak. Cowboy steak qualifies. Unfortunately, hunger demanded I forget pics after slicing and eat instead. Last pic is the carcass.
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    Nothing but the money!

    Pecan smoked bacon.
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    Lamb Frisco Smash Burgers

    This cook was designed for my Egg, but I am working on changing my gaskets and wanted to give them a little more time before I fired up the Egg. So even though I cooked this on the webber I will post it here. I have been experimenting with these. Prepared diced fresh mushrooms from a company called Montery Mushrooms.They are designed to be added to ground meat. This particular blend has fresh chopped garlic, herbs, and Italian spices. I added fresh chopped green onions. I put the mushrooms and onions In a bowl and added fresh ground lamb. I miked it all up and made smash burgers Came out amazing. By the way for those who have not heard of a Frisco Burger, it is a burger using sourdough bread for the bun. If you haven't tried this already, I am thinking you will like the mushroom blends with ground meat of all kinds. Great flavor and earthy goodness. My Egg will be up and cooking soon.
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    Hanger Steak my new best friend

    My wife challenged me the other day to do cook a few different types of steaks than the typical bbq assortment we have. Challenge accepted. So a did a bit of online searching and found a momofuku recipe for hanger steak. Picked up some from my favorite butcher. Marinated in apple juice, soy sauce, garlic and onion for 24 hours. Fired up the KJ with some left over charcoal. My plan was to get it to searing temp but the miss just couldn't wait so I ended putting the steaks on a little early. Turned every 2 minutes and took them off when the internal temp was around 60c. Served with a spring onion and ginger sauce, some pureed kim chi, rice and some lettuce leaves. Flavours were great. Next time I'll get the fire going a bit earlier so to get to temp on time. Before the kids get to the witching hour.....
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    Nothing but the money!

    Finally enjoying Big Joe on the lower patio - my summer hang out. First time using my cast iron griddle / grate for the Big Joe. Hope it cleans up well. Some sauteed mushrooms and asparagus and prime grade sirloin steaks. No plated shots. I didn’t do bad at hitting medium rare (slightly over for the husband and teenager). Not my best, but definitely not my worst.
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    Easy And Delicious Dinner

    Quick and easy, yet delicious, dinner tonight. Started off with some potatoes in my favorite modified (handle hacked off) skillet. Put on an enameled cast iron griddle pan to heat up as well. A bit later with some strip steaks and green beans on. And finished by throwing the beans in with the potatoes and warming up some garlic knots in the griddle pan. No plated shots. We devoured this since we didn’t eat all day. Been working too much and not cooking enough... Was nice to break that trend tonight.
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    Blackstone cooking

    Added a little something to go with my 17”.
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    Well, tonight I pulled the trigger on the Blackstone 22" two burner portable rig. I got the box set at Walmart that has the stand, lid, and bulk tank hose. While it's getting a bit harder to find them around here, two of the local stores still had them in stock. The price and portability won me in this case, as I do intend to travel this unit a bit. Tomorrow I'll order up some extra tools, and I think I remember one of the thrift stores near me having a stack of those small rectangular stainless steel steam table pans (like you see on salad bars and such). I'll try to snag a couple of them to use for sauces on the corners of the cooking deck. It's going to be smoking hot this weekend, but I'll try to get out, season the cooker, and try a few items on it.
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    Jalapeño pork ribs and a Kofta curry

    First time doing Jalapeño ribs and I’m HOOKED!!! Basted with maple syrup. these were awesome! Lamb Kofta was seared over an open flame and then smoked in the curry sauce for a couple of hours. Ribs were perfect bite off the bone!! juicy and tender! cheers everyone!
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    Chicken came out great; crisp skin, moist flesh, both dark and white meat moist and juicy. Pulled it at 165 in the breast. The orange slices under the skin on the breast worked great. The breast meat had a really nice orange / Ouzo flavor which was very Greek and very pleasing. If someone in the future asks me to cook Greek chicken, this will probably be the way I do it. It was so nicely done that the bone pulled out of the thigh when I tried to pick it up by the legs. I pieced it together for the pic. I will definitely repeat the orange slices under the skin as well as the Ouzo / Orange flavor combination. In addition, the potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, orange wedges, and fresh figs tasted great in the orange, chicken broth, and Ouzo juice. . Very nice meal to be sure. Chicken salad and chicken sandwiches in the future.
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    Rib Eyes with Béarnaise Sauce

    Wife and I are going on the keto diet, so are looking for ways to increase the fat content of our meals. The French mother sauces and their finishing sauces, with some modifications, work well to get fats and proteins in proper balance. Pretty tasty to boot.
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    2 zone 2 level plus sous vide

    A pretty easy cook with little effort for a Sunday night. Blue and red potatoes from our garden coated with olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning were put on the high/cool side to roast at around 350 while we prepared the corn and chops. Pork chops had been previously frozen with pork rub and dropped straight into the water bath from the freezer at 143f. Once the potatoes were close I grilled the corn on the low/direct side and pulled it all. On went the chops after bringing the temp up to 500f. Literally 2 minutes later we had dinner. Served on fine China of course! Chops cooking Potatoes ready to go on Chops out of the water bath delish!
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    Tried pizza on the Kamado BJ

    Hello. This 4th of July had people over (they couldn't stop talking about the Kamado Joe), and we did some stakes, burgers (which they came awesome) but with the celebration going on forgot to take pictures. Also tried to make a lobster and another pepperoni pizza with home made sauce. Did a 480g of flour with 73% hydration and found out the dough was a little wet to work with, it came out good but hard to work with. Everyone did like the taste and the crust. However I was not too crazy about the crust. Had a little lobster and pepperoni leftovers and decided to try the pizza again yesterday, this time I used 70% hydration and it was much better to work with. The first pizza (lobster one) I left for cooking for 8 minutes and although it was incredible tasty and good, the crust was still not crispy enough for my taster, the pepperoni I decided to leave for 10 minutes and the crust came out perfectly, very happy with the results. Here are some pictures. LOBSTER PIZZA PEPPERONI PIZZA
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    New Addition

    Traeger Ironwood 650. Doing the burnin. Rocks right along.
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    July 4 frakenGrill

    Part 2
  43. 6 points

    New Addition

    Final results. .
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    Couple of butts with Eastern Carolina vinegar sauce (not sure where I developed that taste being a state or 2 away but there it is) and a side of Kentucky. Lessons learned: Don't wait until afternoon of 7/3 to buy butts for 7/4 If you think you may be low on charcoal buy more while at Wal-mart even though they have zero butts in the counter and the checkout line in the garden center is backed up with people buying carts load of groceries.
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    Well, I failed. It reached 200° at 9:53 instead of 10:00. Jk, looks great and ready for it’s nap until 2.
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    Queen of Steaks

    My wife hit up our favorite butcher shop on the way home and picked up a picanha for me. I have watched several Guga Foods videos to appreciate the Queen of all Steaks, but have yet to cook one up. I followed Guga's advice and sliced the picanha up into steaks for a reverse sear on my Big Joe. I started the steaks off on the indirect side of the grill with a deflector plate under them at around 350 F. Once I got them to around 130 internal I pulled them off, let the fire crank up and got a nice sear. I served them with a chimichurri sauce and some corn on the cob. Amaaaazing!! I think this may be my new favorite cut of steak.
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    Nothing but the money!

    I haven't been doing much with the kamado, but did smoke a couple of pork picnics yesterday. Before trimming they were both about 8lbs each. Seasoned with John Henry's Texas Pig Rub over night, then smoked at 250F for just under 12 hours until probe tender. I used wild black cherry and beech wood (both from my yard) for the smoke. Wrapped in foil and let rest in a towel lined cooler for about 2 hours. Only snuck a taste last night but was pretty darned good. Enjoy your day.
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    The grill arrived at about 2 pm. I got it uncrated and basically put together and in place. Then work called and off to a special project I had to go. So much for my 1/2 day off work. Anyway I snapped a couple sneak preview pictures. Will do a proper thread later this weekend.  Lined with firebricks. The grate moves up and down with a lever/wheel arrangement. You can see the handle for the lever in the bottom left corner. Has a side brasero (firebox) and a warming/storage area (middle handle). Just the right size for me and Mrs skreef and the limited guests we might have. Full length cover.
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    Nothing but the money!

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    Lamb Shanks

    DFDE7CBB-FEA8-4D03-830E-56A8157515C5.MOV It’s winter over here in Australia so it’s comfort food time! Lamb shanks with mash. 1F8D851E-2809-407A-8D5D-32DF2FD3D3FE.MOV turned the leftovers into pizza for the footy last night. This was amazing! Thanks for looking
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