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    Kamado Directions

    Awesome Burnt Ends
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    Kamado Directions

    Hey Everyone- I have not cooked anything on my Big Joe for a few months because its a thousand degrees on my patio (South Florida) but I had a craving for brisket so today I am using my Joe. Since its been awhile I rewatched several of John's videos and so far except for the stall, its been a perfect cook for me and I would not even say a stall is a bad thing its just a normal part of cooking a brisket. I was not going to wrap but decided to wrap when it stalled and it decided to continue to stall but now the temp is moving up. I will just say that no matter what my question is I can always find the answer on this site. Allison
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    Thats exactly what I ended up having done! Sorry about the late reply to this thread guys, thought this had gone cold but turned out I simply didn’t have the right notification settings... Was staining and sealing it for the last ten days and finally get to debut it tonight. Did my first cook out on the brand new Kamado Joe and table for the whole neighbourhood tonight!
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    Hey everyone! I'm looking for advice as I plow through the restore of my lightly used Komado Company K7. It's new home is in Murrieta, California so it will get 30 degree weather in the winter and up to 115 degree weather for a month or so in the summer. This is much more extreme than its previous home in LA. Recommendations for protection? Current State: Completely disassembled for transport. Minor cracks found on the (2)firebox, (1)back of the lower, and (1) back of the upper. All are hairline cracks. Zero tiles missing or loose! The top spider is not rusted, and the top cap spins freely, missing zero tiles and undamaged. The grill grate is bent and will be trashed. The bottom draft door surround is intact with zero cracks and minimal rust. Bad gaskets all around and need replacement with the usual nomex. Bands are in good shape, but the springs show signs of rust and a crappy weld to make them long enough. The black lid handle is broken as well, needing replacement. Should I go ahead and worry about patching hairline cracks now or later once they get worse? Has anyone put after market fire bowls with higher walls for added protection? Clean the grout and regrout it? Seal the grout? Should I unbolt the ugly cart and build a permanent resting place to raise this sucker another 12 inches? I only ask because I'm a 6'4 giant. Really want this thing higher. I will be using this beast for indirect cooking ONLY up to max of 400 degrees so I'll need to find a system for it. 18 inch across down on the bottom. 21.5 inch for the grill insert with 2 tier. I've found a couple options already on Amazon
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    I was looking for a way to use my Akorn for larger cooks than my Akorn Jr., but not that much larger. I really did not want to light the entire fir box for a smaller cook. I don’t have a charcoal fence, and piling the charcoal on one side just didn’t do it for me. I wanted something just on the center, circular grate. That way I could grill vegetables, shrimp, buns, etc. indirectly around the center. Kind of like the old hibatchi my parents had as a kid. Here is what I came up with (or most likely someone before me but I never saw it). It is that time of the year when WallyWorld is placing all their BBQ gear on clearance. Depending on the store, or really the store manager, and how fast they want to make room for all the Christmas stuff, you can find some real bargains. I picked up this charcoal chimney for $3. Thinking I could always use a spare. I had the chimney next to my Akorn readying for the next grill off, when I looked at the center grate and the chimney. In a ‘Homer Simpson’ voice I heard “mmmm circles”. I wondered, could I be so lucky? It fit PERFECTLY! I removed the plastic handle, placed it in the Akorn, filled with lump charcoal, and fired it up (from the top). What I got was a direct fire sear for my steaks and chops with a lower heat grill surface for everything else around the center. Add the swivel rack above the grill, and I have even more versatility. I just finished my third trial run last night to make sure this was no fluke. The result is a center hi-temp grilling surface with a huge indirect grilling surface for just about anything you want. The reverse sear on the steaks worked perfect. The benefit for me was not having to adjust anything to get the temperature zones I want. Also, the amount of charcoal used was insanely small. It burns from the top, down. Best part; I have a built-in ash basket. Just shake and refill. My only mistake. Not getting pictures with food on the grill. Sorry. You’ll just have to trust me on this one.
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    Thanks, all credits for Casper over at Cypress Grill Tables for helping me out! Was able to find a granite counter top maker who had some leftover scraps which I had custom cut as well.
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    After nearly a two hour stall at 165 I wrapped it tight in thick foil. about two hours later hit was hitting 195 and tender when I prodded it with a hand held thermometer. Took it off at let it rest for about 30 minutes (I was running out of time). Long story short it came out near perfect and even the toughest BBQ critics in attendance had great things to say. I may a Carolina vinegar "sauce" that wasn't;t really used as the flavor from the rub and smoke were on point. Great smoke flavor, still very moist and super tender. Thanks all for the help! First image was just before I wrapped it, second after the rest, and finally after a rough pull
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    We decided to make crab cakes and cheddar bay biscuits for dinner tonight and I didn't feel like using the gassers so I tried something I've never done before which is skillet cooking over a charcoal fire. I started by cleaning out the KJ Classic charcoal basket and filling it with the BB already in the egg, then placing the basket in the middle of the grate and lighting in 3 spots. After letting the fire get up and running I preheated the skillet then added some olive oil and the crab cakes a minute later. The cook went well although i did sendup raising the cooking grid as things were getting a little too hot. I served them up with the biscuits that I baked in the KJ.
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    So, how did you proceed, and how did it turn out?
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    Cajun shrimp over campfire

    Meal looks totally scrumpdilliocious.
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    Cajun shrimp over campfire

    That’s a nice plate and table for which you eat campfire food.
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    Paul in AZ

    Pork belly -skin on or off?

    I have not had great luck with pork belly skin. The meat is fine but the skin comes out as tough as shoe leather. I cook at +/- 250. Is there a better way? For the next one I am thinking of taking the skin off before cooking. Will that work OK or should I cook it skin-on and pitch the skin after it is cooked? TIA
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    Braised Shortribs

    Nice that's a good looking meal.
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    Gas station wood is safer than gas station sushi
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    Hello, I just acquired a primo from a friend who was downsizing. I am replacing and upgrading components and really wanted an oven style/fiberglass or woven metal type gasket vs. nomex. This just seems like a cleaner option for the grill surface. I read a story about someone using this type of gasket (thicker than the standard gasket) so they only needed to gasket the lid - not the cooking surface (limited grease and organic matter on a grate level gasket). Anyone do this? BTW - new to the group
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    Tandoori shrimp

    These tandoori shrimp came out great, but they do pack some heat. Use less cayenne if you're spice adverse.
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    Kamado Tom

    1st bake on a Kamado

    Thought I'd take a shot at baking something on the KJ after firing it up to reheat pastrami leftovers for lunch today, so I whipped up some cornbread batter and cranked the KJ up to 400F and in she went. I use my Field #8 for baking all the time but it's the first time over the coals, it turned out great and after letting it cool the loaf fell right out.
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    This item definitely does NOT have a clean label! A lot of unnatural ingredients... MSG, dextrose, colors, etc.
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