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    New table complete!

    Started this years ago (kinda). The table is 100% cedar, 95% 4X4 construction and finished with Ready Seal redwood. I'll probably get the primo planted next weekend. The tabletop is 7 feet long, lots of room. Kamado on!
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    Country Style Ribs

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    Had some leftover pulled pork and some bbq chicken. Decided to make some pizza with it, and threw in some pepperoni and mushroom. Love the leoparding from the Kamado.
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    I purchased the Thermopro tp-19 after watching this review. Really good choise, it's fast, waterproof and auto rotating display is a bonus too. Thanks John for your effort, it makes a big difference when someone has done the research, it takes the trial and error out of shopping for the right tools.
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    Country Style Ribs

    Haven’t had them in awhile so I picked some up yesterday at Sam’s Club. Rubbed with Bootsie’s Whiskey Lemon Fusion Funk and on the Joe for an hour. Chopped up onions, bell peppers, added some thinned bbq sauce and foiled. Back on for another couple of hours. Wrapped some sweet taters in foil and threw them on too.
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    I switched from a stickburner to a Kamado because I reached the point where I was no longer willing to tend fire every hour for 8/12 hours in order to smoke a brisket. The Kamado, once I installed a PartyQ blower system, was set and forget, BUT no amount of wood chunks or smoke adding devices got me where I wanted to be flavor wise. The Masterbuilt gravity however takes me right back to stickburner bark and flavor and I don't have to monitor the fire constantly, so for me it's a done deal.
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    You can't use something else and maybe mix in your Royal Oak?
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    Hey There from Knoxville, TN!

    There are so many different techniques to cooking ribs, I usually wrap them up for the last hour or so in foil and add some sort of sauce or liquid. That helps keeps the moisture in and finishes them off nice. As far as internal temp, I don't normally check that as much as how much resistance I get when I stick the probe in. I keep cooking until the probe slides in easily. Temps are usually up towards 195 or higher. The best way though is to keep trying and keep notes. As for the Titans, hopefully this is just the beginning for them. It was fun seeing them come back from a poor start and seeing Tannehill take advantage of a fresh start.
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    Coffee Maker Cleaning/Descaling

    Basically for the price (it says use half a bottle?!?) it's hard to say...what does it cost? At the local wine making store, I get a KILO of citric acid powder for less that $15...I can probably make about 50 gallons of descaling solution with it...it literally lasts years. I use 2-3 tablespoons per litre (quart) of water....
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    Beef ribs

    My favorite. Super simple and very yummy!
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    I have had similar experiences with old charcoal if I don't seal it well enough. Not the worst problem though, just more burgers and pizzas on Akorn!
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    Beef ribs

    The final product.
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    After Work Supper cooks

    I work 12 hours a day (5 am - 5 pm). I cook on a grill a lot after work. Regardless of what I'm cooking the very first thing you need to do, as soon as you get home is immediately fire up the Kamado. As long as you start with a full fire box of lump the Kamado can run at your desired temperature until your meal prep is ready. The worst thing is waiting on a weeknight for the Kamado to come to temperature. Every time I end up with a really late meal is when I don't immediately fire up the grill.
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    Scott Roberts

    Best Fireplace ever!?

    This video is from 11 yrs ago but I would love a fireplace like this one. Scott
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