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    I sent my new portable smoker/grill to the folks at Amazingribs.com for a review and they were impressed. The Kamado-Go held 225 degrees steady for 16 hours with one load of charcoal. Full review here https://amazingribs.com/grill-smoker-combination-grill-smoker-tailgater/bbqube-kamado-go-275 I learned everything from Meathead and his Amazingribs.com. So this award is a nod to one of their students who just won't settle for what's out there.
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    Yeah, I was a little disappointed at first but then remembered that she's still really a pup- just turned a year old. I helped my daughter drive 23 hours to get here. And, I'm really going to miss them both when they leave in two weeks...
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    Smoked meatballs.

    Totally almost forgot to post my challenge cook even though I well documented 2 cooks just in case lol..... I made it. Alright, so I have been using my koko kamado quite a bit during Quarantine but this has to be one of my favorites. I only do it a few times per year, and every time I wonder why I don't do it more often. First, I've been making sourdough just like everyone and their mother. Then I got to making some delicious meatballs. I like them with a fair amount of sausage in them. Then I throw them on koko to get a bit of smoke on them. Meanwhile, I get a delicious sauce going. San marzano of course. After its cooked a bit, I use an immersion blender to have the smooth consistency I prefer for a meatball sub. After that has come together, I combine them so the meatballs can finish cooking in the sauce. I thought .. Why not make a pineapple upside down cake?... Did not use koko here. Annnnyway, after the meatballs were done assembly was a cinch and man are these good. I highly recommend trying this. The hint of smoke is a game changer.
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    I have Australian Cattle Dogs and that would have been a whole different conversation. They love to chase and when things turn around they love being chased. And then they turn it around again...
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    Well, it seems the little fella is ok after all and his momma or big sis is alive and kicking as well. That is until she met an inquisitive El Paso boxer not used to seeing such animals. after an initial growl, seems she really just wanted to play. The deer in the other hand was all business and chased her around the yard a couple of times before I had to intervene to get the deer to back off.
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