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    Big News!

    Good morning everyone! I've been a little quite on the forum the past couple of months, but that doesnt mean I havent been thinking of my friends here I've been really focused on a couple of projects. Firstly, and most importantly, my health. I'm please to share that since my heart attack on November 25th, I have lost almost 30lbs (through better eating and exercise) and yesterday I was able to run 5km without stopping! Its a big deal My other project has been to help KJ roll out sales in Lowes stores. I was asked to help conduct store product training for Lowes employees across Canada. Since I quit my full time job after the attack (horrible job plus terrible manager which had a negative impact on my personal health and family life), I had nothing but time on my hands, so I agreed! I mean really, think about it, Bobby was going to pay me to talk about BBQ! LOL Well, one thing led to another and....Please meet your new Director, Sales (Canada) for Kamado Joe! After 17 years in the recruitment industry (including owning my own firm), I have an opportunity to be involved in a company and product that I am passionate about. I had the chance to meet with Bobby and the folks at Kamado Joe at their location last week and was even more impressed by the team, the facilities and dedication to make a great product even better. Its not often in life you get to do something you are really excited about, this is one of those opportunities. I'm really looking forward to introducing and expanding the Canadian market to Kamado Joe. Personally, this new chapter in my career is all about having fun and doing what I love....life is too short my friends, live it! I know there are lots of Canadians on this site and I would love to hear from you, please DM me! I will be traveling across the country a fair bit and would love to hear your ideas and get to know you. Thanks, Rak smile emotico
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    My first packer brisket, Texas Style!

    It's always stressful to cook something you have never done before. I had this packer in the freezer for quite some time and since we had a nice weekend, I defrosted it and of course, cooked it. 15LB packer, trimmed down... Texas style salt & pepper rub only. This was done in 8hrs, believe it or not at 230-250F, pulled out at 198F (probed like buh-uh) and foiled for 1.5 hours then sliced it. Burnt ends went on for another hour and change. I had really never tried good brisket before, most times it was dry and had no flavour. But holy freakin baman it was good. I'm never having brisket in a restaurant ever again. I never thought it would be THIS good. I brought samples to guys at works and they were fighting over it. The burnt ends are AWESOME. Anyways, if it wasn't for this site, I would have never known how to make this. Marc
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    My new stone outdoor kitchen

    Finally finished with my outdoor kitchen and surrounding area.
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    bosco's shredded beef ragu

    Two ingredients that have been on my mind and I had to give it a go. I have been craving beef ribs and trying them in a chianti sauce. Then the pasta challenge came up and I began thinking what to do. I planned on trying this dish with side ribs, but the butcher convinced me to use brisket point. The brisket was 3 lbs after being trimmed. I hit it with kosher salt and cracked pepper after wiping the meat down. This was a really nice looking piece of meat I then cut the meat into 4 pieces and prepared a 7qt dutch oven to sear them. I seared them on the stove, as the Komodo Kamado was heated to 350 for this cook I diced up some onion, garlic, celery and carrot for the base for this dish Once my dutch oven was nice and hot, I tossed in the brisket pieces and seared them for about 5 min. Next I removed them from the dutch oven for stage two of this cook. Then I added some more oil, onion and garlic, then the celery and carrot and mixed it all up I added some beef stock, Chianti, can tomato, tomato paste and mixed it all up and placed the brisket back into the dutch oven. Brought it out to the grill and cooked for 2 hours with lid on and two with lid off for some nice white Oak wood flavour. Traditional beef ragu calls for pappardelle After being on the BBQ for almost 6 hours, I brought the dutch oven in and shredded the beef. I cooked the pasta and then mixed it all together in one large pot and added some Italian parsley Prepared some fresh baked garlic bread to go with the dish plated the food up and gobbled it down. This was one of the richest beef profiles that I have ever had. The hint of oak wood smoke on the dish brought this to the next level. I am very pleased with the way this meal turned out
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    Here is my gyro recipe which has been tried and tested on Greek friends and passed with flying colours! Ingredients 1 lb ground lamb 1 lb ground lean beef 1/2 cup of plain bread crumbs 1 tbs onion powder 1 tbs dried oregano 2 tsp garlic powder 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tbs dried chili flakes (Optional) Directions Knead together the meat, they have to be very well blended and become one meat. If you were cooking a meatloaf, this would look extremely over worked, but that is what a gyro needs. In my mixer, I started off at 1 minute in the low setting then pushed it up to high for 5 full minutes Add the spices and knead together until it looks emulsified, this takes about 1-2 minutes on high in my mixer Scoop out onto plastic wrap and shape. Pay special attention to packing this very very tightly. Once I formed the 'log' I wrapped it up and started to pound it against the counter top to get all the air out, this will be important once its cooked so that it slices just like a traditional gyro Keep in fridge for at least 4 hours, I keep mine overnight Cook on Kamado (or oven, if you must) at 375F indirect. It takes about 50-55 minutes (I flip mine over after 30 mins). You want to pull it when it hits 165F IT Let it cool and then slice into very thin slices Also need Pita bread Tzatziki sauce (I didn't make my own, but there are lots of recipes out there) Cut tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and lettuce Hot sauce To Assemble Warm up pita Spread Tzatziki sauce over pita Add thinly sliced gyro meat Add toppings and hot sauce to taste Roll up and enjoy! This is such a quick and easy recipe that smells and tastes amazing! I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!
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    bosco's first cook on a KK

    Tonight the weather cooperated and I wanted to cook on my KKs. I have had them for a week now and have yet to cook on them. Many people asked me what my first cook would be... and I figured go with what I love the most!! I love Mexican food and figured I was due to make some carne asada. I added a few more things to the meal. I marinated flank steak with my carne asada mojo, and used John Henry's Cilantro and Lime on the chicken and shrimp. I am very impressed with the Komodo Kamado!! Nice to finally pop its cherry Anyways here you go!! I just love the look and feel of the KK After getting the 23 up to 375, I added some chicken to start. Then I added some steak, and finally the shrimp. The smells coming from the top cap was just amazing!!! Once I pulled the chicken off, I added a bit more heat. I went up to 400 with no effort at all After it was all finished, I brought everything into the house While I was cooking my 12 year old son helped make the corn tortillas. We pressed 16 of them!!! all the fixings!! 3 tacos, one shrimp, one chicken and one steak. Added my home made pico and some queso cheese!!!!!! A great cook tonight and I am very pleased with the results. I wish I could share with all of you!!
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    with a candle in it. LOL, she's crazy!!
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    Ultimate Ribeye Steak Sandwich

    How do you go about making make a Big! Sandwich? You start with making a Big Sandwich Roll. Link: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/26612-sandwich-rolls/ I have a number of Big Ribeye Steaks so I thawed one out. Here are the ingredients for the rub. (Rosemary not shown) Placed it on my CI Weber searing grate for 5 minutes per side. Over to the indirect side as I waited for the IT to come up to temp. I then toasted the sandwich roll. I sliced up my Ribeye. Spread on some Chipotle Mayo, some Jalapeño Pepper Jack slices and some red onion. I made up some Blue Cheese Herb spread. (2 tbsp. butter, 1/2 tsp. Thyme, 1 clove minced garlic and 1/2 tsp. cracked black pepper, 1/2 cup Blue Cheese) I put the steak on and placed it under a hot broiler for 90 seconds to melt the cheese and reheat the meat. I then spread on the Blue Cheese mixture. Then pickle slices, tomato slices, lettuce and the lid. [ Here are the Plated shots with a Modern Times Lomaland Belgian-style ale. Cut shots. It was delicious! The Blue Cheese Herb spread is "To Die For". I could barely finish half of this beast!
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    Honey & Butter Bombed Back Ribs

    An unorthodox approach to foiling that produced deliciously rich and tender ribs. A very heavy Costco 3 Pack of back loin ribs, with a light mustard coating and rubbed with PBC Beef and Game Rub, hung 4.5 hours in the PBC. Now the unorthodox part--removed from the PBC and foiled with plenty of butter and in this case, raw, unfiltered, wildflower honey. This type of honey is darker, with a very pronounced honey flavor, but not as sweet in the traditional sense of the word. The foil packs were stacked in a preheated Igloo Cooler and rested about 45 minutes. After removal, the melted butter and honey bomb was mixed with Stubbs Original to create a final "shellac" before the ribs went back into the PBC for 15 minutes or so for the glaze to set. These might be among the best ribs I've cooked. Very tender, with just a little tug, really, really juicy, and with a bark of sweet, tangy, buttery goodness. Served with air fried shoestring potatoes for a non traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    Ok so today was a great day for grilling here at the bosco's. I wanted to do Mexican but needed a break from Carne Asada. So...... I went and got mahi-mahi and made a fresh marinade. I have to fast forward and say this was such an amazing marinade!!! Making your own stuff up leads to fear of it tasting bad lol.... BUT... Not today!!!! 2 tbsp virgin olive oil 1 tbsp Ancho Chilli powder 2 minced garlic cloves 1/4 cup of chopped cilantro juice from 1 lime salt and pepper 1 fresh jalapeño finely diced I also peeled 36 21-30 count shrimps and skewered them, and hit them with sea salt and coarse pepper!!! Next step was to make a compound butter for the shrimp. I used low fat olive oil margarin (butter and new year didn't mix). mixed in 1 diced chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, 2 cloves of minced garlic and microwaved it for 25 seconds. Once the butter was melted I squeezed the juice of 1 lime. and put this in the freezer to harden up a bit. Ok Now we are getting there!!!!! Next I wanted to make a sauce for the tacos. I thought about my garlic sauce for chicken schawarma and decided to go freestyle yet again!! I mixed a 1/4 cup of fat free mayo with 1/4 cup of greek yogurt. Then 1 diced chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, 2 cloves of minced garlic, juice of 1 lime and salt and pepper. blended the heck out of it in the vitamix. This is the BOMB!!!!!! Loaded the Kamado Joe with lump and got it up to 450 degrees. Cooked the shrimp direct with the grill in the lower position, then added the fish to the upper level on indirect. Pulled the shrimp and added some of my compound butter to my skillet and threw the shrimp in the mix. The compound butter is the bomb too. I added a bit of white wine to the cast skillet for added flavour. Shrimp is marinated in the delicious juices so I went back out to the grill and flipped the mahi over to the lower grill direct heat side for a searing! Man it smelled so good!! Pulled the mahi as it started to separate from itself, brought into the house and pulled it apart. Ok so now, I have had fish tacos with cabbage, but went with iceberg lettuce instead. Time for a plate! This meal may have been my best Mexican seafood dish yet!!! I already have a pasta idea lined up for the shrimp and butter compound!! I can't tell you enough just how great this meal was. My most favourite meal since cooking with charcoal over the past 2 years!!!! thanks for reading
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    My "Big Sandwich" challenge cook. Italian seasoned, beef tenderloin with eggs cooked in Italian, fire roasted tomatoes served on Italian bread French toast style. Ingredients Onions, peppers and garlic. Add and simmer tomatoes and 2 Tbsp paste. French toast Italian bread, CI @ 350* on Cassiopeia (19" KK) Beef tenderloin and mozzarella cheese, CI @ 450* on Prometheus (16.5" KK) Cooking the eggs in the Italian tomatoe sauce. A few final pictures. A breakfast sandwich eaten for dinner - LOL
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    Back in the land of the employed

    Some of you know that I was laid off in early May. I put out feelers and applied/interviewed at a couple places. I just signed an offer letter about an hour ago and start Monday. Left a very stressful job for one with less stress and picked up a $15k raise to boot!
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    bosco's grilled cheese turkey club

    Being the first of the month, I thought I would hammer out my sandwich cook. I decided on a stacked turkey club with grilled cheese sandwiches!!!!!! I took some turkey breasts and hit them up with Lanes BBQ Sweet heat and Signature blend. Serious combo of rubs!!! Cooked the turkey direct at 375 until an IT of 165 Next, I took some thin sliced sharp cheddar from my local deli and made some grilled cheese sandwiches using texas toast. Once they were cooked, I wiped on some mayo and stacked turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato and lettuce. then I added another grilled cheese and repeated the order Sliced it up and plated it
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    AIHOO - Orange-Honey Shrimp

    This is the initial cook I plan on submitting to the American Iron Horse Owners Organization (AIHOO) website for their new "BBQ Mod Squad" monthly column. The wording may be slightly changed before submission. I tried to capture a little more detail than I normally would for a standard Guru cook thread. Anyway here goes. Orange-Honey Shrimp served with Fresh Grilled Pineapple, Fresh Grilled Green Beans and Tropical Drink For Two. Special equipment needed: Pineapple slicer "Grill Wok" Ingredients: Fresh whole pineapple, Fresh green beans, 2 lbs XXL (13-15 count) easy peel shrimp (peeled with tails on) ........................................................................ 1/4 cup Honey 1/3 cup Orange juice 2 1/2 Tbsp Soy sauce 1 Tbsp Sriracha sauce 1 Tbsp Sesame oil 2 tsp Salt - Course sea salt or kosher 1 tsp Curry powder 1 tsp Ginger - Fresh grated 1 tsp Garlic - Fresh chopped fine. Whisk together the above ingredients then add the peeled shrimp. Marinate in the refrigerator for one hour. (If you like a more spicey dish add extra Sriracha sauce) Prepare the pineapple by cutting the top off then twist the slicer down into the pineapple. Be careful NOT to go all the way through the bottom. Extract the spiral then pin the ends with tooth picks. Save the core for later use. Set your grill for high heat (500*-600*) direct cooking. Brush your grate with canola oil. Slowly roll the pineapple spiral along the grill lightly searing the outside. Remove spiral from grill and stand on end. Carefully cut down one side (do NOT cut all the way through both sides) to make pineapple slices. Grill both sides of the slices. Preheat the "Grill Wok" for a few minutes then lightly coat with canola oil. Grill the green beans, stirring frequently, until desired tenderness. I seasoned the green beans with salt, pepper and a little butter prior to grilling. Remove the green beans then add the marinated shrimp. Lightly cook the shrimp in the "Grill Wok" stiring occasionally. Dump the shrimp directly on the grate for a quick final sear turning once. Be careful not to over cook the shrimp. Using the pineapple core as a glass prepare a tropical drink for two. Dinner is served. A nice light meal for two. Shrimp is slightly sweet with a hint of heat. A meal that is sure to please.
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    Akorn table build

    Hi Guys, So I've been following a lot of guys on here and got inspired to build a table for my Akorn, I'm not a work worker by any stretch but I have learned a lot along the way. I'm almost done with the build. July 5th will be the day I complete it. I used white pine on most of it totaling in $170 in wood alone. (All from the lumber yard) about $70 in hardware/Stain,prep etc.. It was supposed to be a simple build but as I went along I kept changing and adding as I went. Hope you guys like it. Stain I used which Im not entirely happy with is Thompson water Seal Natural Cedar tone. (The pigment was hard to lay down- steaks, darker areas) Added slots in the 2x4 so the Akron flanges can rest flush and secure Now for the Test Fit! Looking good! I really wanted to add doors but wast sure how to keep GOOD airflow while smoking low and slow So....Im cane up with screens! Added a frame the stapled the screen to the inside of the frame and then screwed in for a clean look. So far so good. Going to be adding led light inside and adding the hooks and Akorn and she'll be done!
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    Team PCBeach

    New Kamado Home

    My wife and I finally finished the job of building a new home for our Kamado Joe. For two people that have never tiled before, we thought it came out OK. Getting the Kamado in the hole took a lot of thinking as my wife is only 5' 2", but with some ratchet straps we figured it out. Before Shot - Framing Done - Electrical and Lights - Cement board - Tile - Finished product -
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    A Different Approach on a Pull-Apart Pepper Beef In rearranging the freezer, a 3.5 lb chuck roast emerged from the back recesses in dire need of being cooked. Hummmm… there have been a number of posts on pepper beef so that became my starting point idea. However, I did not want to just do one of the traditional approaches, so I decided to let the imagination spin out of control. The result is a pull-apart sandwich beef with a complex flavor palate that melds smokiness with multiple pepper flavors and a touch of heat all wrapped in a chicory coffee and Steens cane syrup overcoat. Served on warmed Cuban bread with optional Gouda cheese. Sides were salt water corn slow roasted in the husk and roasted sweet potato chunks. BTW - A dollop of mayo on the sweet potatoes really tastes good. A Different Pepper Beef Sandwich Concentrated Meat Goodness Hope There’s Enough The Meat The thawed chuck roast was lightly rubbed with olive oil and seasoned generously with black pepper and lightly with salt. Big Joe was stabilized at 275 degrees with the grill grate in the high position. The chuck was cooked in direct heat for 90 minutes turning as needed to create a crust but no burning – at least each 20 minutes or so. A large chuck of pecan wood was positioned to generate the smoke for this part of the cook. The chuck was removed at about 170 internal just because that is what it was when I checked it at 90 minutes taking a break from mowing the lawn. I placed the chuck in my large Lodge Dutch oven with lid and let it rest while I finished the yard work. Big Joe was kept humming along at 275 or so. He will be needed again. Browning & Smoking the Chuck Roast The Peppers At the same time as the chuck is being browned, a number of poblano peppers were smoked and low temperature roasted for about an hour and then placed in a dish and plastic wrap covered before removing skin and seeds. If all the skin does not come off because they do not get a high level of blistering heat don’t fret it. They are going to be cooked for several more hours anyway. For the other pepper additions, besides the roasted/smoked problano peppers which I sliced, I used one red large bell pepper, a large green bell pepper, both cut in a coarse julienne, and a large serrano pepper with about half the seeds removed and medium chopped. And while we are at it, a large onion coarse chopped. Building the Dish – and the Seasonings The beef was cut into roughly 1 inch cubes and returned to the dutch oven. The peppers were added to the pot. Also, one 14.5 oz can of whole peeled plum tomatoes with the juice. Seasonings were dried thyme, fresh chopped parsley, quite a few toes of garlic, Worcestershire sauce and several dried bay leaves. Sliced & Ready to Cube (the meat while not tender is still moist and tastes good at this point - don't eat too much snacking) Building the Dish The Liquids Here is where the dish gets interesting. First, I prepared a cup of heavily flavored beef stock using a favorite of mine – low sodium Better Than Bouillon beef base to the ratio of 1 TBs+ to the cup of water. Add to the pot. Secondly, I brewed a small strong pot of New Orleans style coffee & chicory (Community brand) using a heavy hand on the amount of coffee. I utilized 2 cups of the brewed coffee for the cooking pot. Save any remaining coffee as a later possible addition. Or have a cup with milk and some of the Steens cane syrup. Now, if you taste the resulting ingredients in the pot at this point the liquid will be bitter and just plain awful. The magic third addition was 3 Tablespoons (add a TBs at a time and check flavor) of Steens cane syrup (another Louisiana favorite). This balances the coffee bitterness with a sweeter overtone and brings out a caramelization note. Ready to Go Back on Joe Into the Final Cook With everything in the Dutch oven, place on stove and get it up to temperature and at a slow boil stirring well. You have options here – cook on stove top at slow braise, in the oven inside or return to the Kamado - which is what I did. Cook covered for another 4 (+/-) hours at 275-300 until meat is falling apart by itself when stirring the pot. Pot should be at a low braise – add a heat deflector under pan if cooking too much - keeping Joe at this temperature is needed when we roast the sides and toast the sandwiches. This length of cooking provides a mix of shredded beef and tender beef nuggets which work well on a sandwich. If needed, add some of the residual coffee mixed with some beef base and the Steens if it is getting too dry or just a small amount of water. You are looking for a meaty dish with not an excessive amount of liquid. If required, cook at the very last for a while with the lid off. The sides I chose get addressed in the final hour of the cook. . Salt Water Soaked Corn The Raw Sweet Potatoes (olive oil + salt & pepper gets added) Adding Expansion Rack For Roasting The Slow Roasted Corn is Done The Roasted Sweet Potato (Ido not have any wood smoke going when doing the sweet potatoes) At this point you can adjust final seasonings to your personal liking for salt, pepperiness, sweetness (reduce it if too much by a touch of regular white vinegar), etc . Mine needed no adjustment. Or if so inclined, you can add careful dashes (go real gentle on the amount) of cider vinegar which will surprisingly swing the overall flavor in yet another and completely different direction. Or do some of both …. I served the cider vinegar at the table for people to add as desired, . Now Serve It Up Layer the meat on a good bread optionally with melted cheese ( warmed/melted in the Kamado of course) and savor a “different approach pepper beef”. Getting Toasty & Gooey Enjoy!
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    9,999 Members Worldwide !!!

    As we approach 10,000 members worldwide, I'd like to pause for a moment and say Thank You to all of the Members who have contributed their expertise and knowledge and enthusiasm, Thank You to John for creating this wonderful environment of shared passion for cooking and these wonderful cookers we use, and Thank You to my fellow Moderators for all of your efforts and commitment. Together we have created a brand-neutral Forum where civility, respect, and sharing of good cooks, good ingredients and techniques have enriched all of us and our families. I congratulate all of us, and most especially John. WELL DONE ALL!!! And to John, " From a tiny Akorn, a mighty oak has grown", my friend. THANK YOU.
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    Tomahawk from Costco

    I picked this USDA prime tomahawk at Costco, its just over 2 pounds. Got home and fired up the Primo. I seasond it with coarse S&P, cayenne, and a few herbs. I did a reverse sear with a couple chunks of hickory and seared for a couple of minutes per side then rested for ten minutes. Take a look. This was soft as butter when I sliced it and boy was it good!
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    So as some of you may remember, I got my dad a joe jr. For Christmas. He is set to retire and has decided to take up the bosco BBQ addiction as a hobby. He has not yet used his jr. because he hates the cold lol!! Anyways, my dad is my best friend and honestly the handiest man I have ever known. He is so smart and just makes me so proud to know him. He called me the other night and told me that he created a table for his jr. My dad does not use the Internet and has never seen any designs for tables. He is also very resourceful and found an old stainless restaurant cart in the trash and figured that he could make something out of it. He also had an old elevator stainless door in his garage. So with zero guidance or direction he said he needed something that he could wheel in and out of the garage and that wouldn't risk the Kamado from falling. So he came up with this..... He had no idea that a sunk in Kamado was a thing and in his mind he created the thing lol!!! Seriously how cool is this. He even thought to add a paver under the jr. He is making a nicer piece with stainless now instead of the wood on the bottom but it works well!!! Brought him over some peach wood, and got him a rib rack, chicken stand some cast, wood chips, thermapop and all kinds of other stuff to get him going. I went and purchased Kamado joe gasket and put it on the hole to avoid scratching the ceramic. It finished the edge off nice for him. Anyways just bragging about knowing such an amazing guy!!! Thought I would share. Sunday he learns how to smoke ribs!!!
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    No kidding......these green gems have tons of flavor and can be dipped in anything you'd want to dip in. Of course you'd need something to go with them...... Perfect time to use the firebox divider too. This stuff was killer on the "green fries" !!!!
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    Burger heaven..

    I picked up the cast iron half moon griddle for my big joe, I really wanted to step up my burger game. Montreal steak spice, Dijon mustard, bbq sauce and chopped onions season up the meat. I extra smoked the bacon for half an hr or so with hickory at a low temp, there is a deflector also under the cast iron. I removed the deflector, cranked the heat up and tossed the bacon into the pot, adding the burgs on the griddle. Onions are grilling and he burgs finish up the last minute or so on the grill. Quick toast of the buns and we are good to go with a few slices of jalapeno havarti cheese, of course my son wanted process cheese on his...sacrilege. Sad thing though I forgot the money shot !!, I was half way into the burger and in the zone before I remembered. Freakin good burgers........rave reviews from my family.
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    A trip to the BBQ store!

    So I met up with Rak from the KG site today at a local/not so local BBQ shop. It was my first time going there and I was very impressed with the amount of product. Rak met up with me and learned quickly that Bosco can be a terrible influence on others. Here is Rak as I was trying to convince him that he needed a big joe!!! Anyways, I picked up a few things too. I finally got my hands on 4 bottles of KJ peach rub!!! and some dizzy pig pineapple??? Oh and I bought a KJ joe jr. in black. Rak helped me pick out a few things for my dads Christmas present too!!! thanks rak One for me and one for my dad!!! His favourite colour is red! Rak said that the KJ honey bbq is the bomb so I got that for my dad, some peach, a red thermapop and some KJ oak wood I had a great time, although next time we will need to leave more time to socialize!! I love this site, and I have met a lot of really good people. It will be fun meeting up more often for some beers!!!
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    My Version of Kamado Fried Chicken (An Approach with Seasoning the Chicken Directly) Several of the comments made by the original poster on many of the recent Kamado fried chicken cooks was the inability to get the desired seasoning level on the final cooked chicken, particularly through just seasoning the flour. This was a skin-on chicken thigh cook utilizing a technique I anticipated would kick up the final seasoning profile. And it did. Because the flour coating is thin even if double flouring, I chose to go a different route. I applied the main seasonings directly to the chicken with just a supplemental seasoning in the flour. On the chicken itself went Montreal chicken seasoning, cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. In the flour went black pepper and bit of salt plus some garlic powder. I could have also added the other seasonings to the flour but I wanted to evaluate just the main seasoning being on the chicken in this experiment. Floured the chicken and let it rest, then floured again. No oil on the chicken just the natural moisture. The second flouring could probably have been eliminated. A bit of oil spay on the chicken before seasoning might be useful to try next time. Placed in Big(Red)Joe on indirect at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes turning as needed and rearranging as required for uniform cooking of the various pieces as a function of temperature distribution over the deflector and heated air flow around the deflector. I also added some mesquite wood. Ran the internal of the chicken to about 180. After removing and setting, the moisture in a few of the chicken pieces started to soften the coating, so in hindsight maybe 5 more minutes on the grill might have been useful. Or just a single flouring and/or an oil coating might have caused more of a moisture seal and more frying effect on the interior of the coating in the shorter period of cooking time. The result was reasonably crispy chicken with a great flavor both in the coating and in the skin and on the chicken. The chicken itself was quite juicy – one reason of course being they were thighs. My main reason for posting was to share the result of this (successful) seasoning experiment. You might consider this seasoning approach or some variation thereof on your next Kamado fried chicken cook. BTW--- the light mesquite smoke flavor from one small chunk was good on the chicken. I was wondering how well the coating would absorb the smoke – either too much or too little – it came out fine. I would appreciate any additional thoughts on creating the "ultimate" Kamado fried (oven baked) chicken. We have seen a number of different approaches in the various posts all with good results but each seeming needing some tweaking to get to an ultimate fried chicken pinnacle. But in the meantime - it's all good! Kamado Fried Chicken Seasoning the Chicken Floured After Baking Crispy & Still Juicy (And Tasty Too!)
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    And for my 3,000th Post I give you

    Pulled Pork. With the price of pork now days I pulled a Pork Picnic out of the freezer I got on sale a few months back. Try to find them for $.89 lb. now days. (Note: This is a continuation of the “What is DerHusker Cooking? Hmmm!” thread) I was running out of Pork Rub so I had to make up a new batch. My wife dubbed it JK’s Pork Rub but really this is John’s recipe. So now everything is ready to start. First I need to remove the skin. (I love this knife) Ready to be rubbed down. And onto the kamado with some Peach wood at 275. We have company so at this time I left and we went out to breakfast. Once we got back I waited for the bark was set and it hit an IT of 160. I then placed it in an aluminum pan with some apple juice and some root beer and covered. I also bumped up the kamado temp to 310. Now we left and went for a drive down at the beach. When I got back the IT was 210 and I pulled it off the kamado. Now open up the vents and let the temp. come up. I was shooting for 425 but it crept up to 450. On goes some corn bread. I let the pork rest for an hour and here it is ready to pull. It almost fell apart it was so tender. Corn Bread is done. (A little over done actually) And here we are at the table ready to start eating. Oh Yeah!
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    Challenge Entry - Fish Tacos

    For starters, I know, fish tacos... How many times can it be done? I'm sure there will be many more original entries, but given the time of year, it's tacos! I used the rack and head to make stock, but forgot to take the pictures of that process... nothing goes to waste! Meet Your protein. Don't mind the ridiculous face I'm making, it was the first cow of the season. The boga (scale) was just shy of 40 lbs. Was a bit excited! Here is all that went into it. There is a small can of chipotles in adobo behind the pineapple. Grilled Pineapple Salsa: tomato, onion, jalapeno, pineapple, cilantro, lime, garlic, cumin... I simply blackened what was needed, and will end up freezing the rest. Chipotle Mayo: Some chilis in adobo in the processor with some mayo, real easy. Avocado Lime Crema: Avocado, lime, some cilantro, and sour cream. And the "money shot". Garnished with lime and a grileld pineapple ring. Enjoy!
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    Recent cooking......

    Howdy all. Been grilling and cooking a bit lately. Not always eating what I cook.....trying to shrink the old beer gut......but it's fun making it and watching the family dig in. Steak marinade..... Leftover pulled pork is awesome on top of cheese loaded baked potatoes, too. Wife's lunch today...... Fun stuff. Gonna fire up Big Red this afternoon, too.
  28. 20 points

    Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich

    This is my Entry for the Sandwich Challenge. Ingredients : for Sweet Hawaiian Rolls Dough is made: Dough made into Rolls: Rolls are done: Pineapple Terrayki Sauce ingredients : Reducing the sauce down : Grilled Pineapple slices Chicken( season with dizzy pig) Chicken on Grill: My Money Shot: Here's my interpretation of a Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich..with lettuce and Red onion and Grill pineapple. Drizzle with Terrayki Sauce on a homemade Hawaiian Rolls. This was so good.Will make this again. Thanks for looking.
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    Sliced potatoes side

    Here is a good side that I made earlier on the Kamado Joe Jr. It went nice with some scrambled eggs. I used a 6 1/2 inch skillet rubbed with oil Layered potatoes in a spiral A little minced garlic on each slice 1 slice of chopped bacon Kosher salt Fresh cracked black Onion powder Smoked paprika Rosemary Thyme Graduated garlic On the jr at 425 indirect for 45 minutes then I drizzled some butter for the last 5 minutes. Top it off with cheese green onions and sour cream. I didn't have sour cream or green onions I used parsley instead I got this recipe from Jeffrey the Culinary Fanatic on FB. Thanks
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    Baby Back Maniac

    First KK cook

    My KK got here Thursday, but today was the first chance I got to use it. But it was worth the wait, as you can see. lol. (apologies in advance to ckreef. )
  31. 20 points

    Reef's Deep Dish

    It's been a long time since I cooked a standard pizza on the kamado. Once I got the Blackstone Pizza Oven there was no point. This month the Komodo Kamado forum is having a pizza contest so I'll roll through a few different pizzas in August. A traditional Chicago Deep Dish (built upside down) with a Backyard Bistro flair (extra toppings on top). I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
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    Smoked Turkey

    With Thanksgiving coming up I thought I’d post how I did our last Thanksgiving Turkey. I started dinner prepping on Wednesday morning by making up the brine. Here it is cooking. Basically this is Alton Brown’s Brine with a few tweaks. Ingredients: 1 gal. Vegetable stock. 1 cup salt ½ cup brown sugar 1 tbsp. Peppercorns 1 ½ tsp. allspice 1 ½ tsp. ginger 8 cloves 2 Bay leaves Combine and then bring to a boil stirring occasionally. Then remove and cool to room temp and then chill in fridge. After it chilled I poured into a food safe 4 gal bucket. I then placed it into an ice chest surrounded by ice. I placed my cleaned turkey (without innards) into the brine solution. I then took 1 gal. of heavily iced water and pour on top. And place the lid on it and let it rest overnight. Now I load the kamado with charcoal & some Pecan chunks and setup it up indirect cooking. Thursday Morning starts out with making up some seasoned butter rub. Ingredients: 1 ¼ sticks of butter 2 tbsp. Montreal Chicken seasoning ½ tsp. Sage powder ½ tsp. Rosemary flakes And some aromatic items to place inside the bird. Ingredients: 1 Apple sliced into 1/8th’s ½ sliced onion 1 Cinnamon stick 1 tsp. Sage powder 4 sprigs of fresh Rosemary Take the turkey out of the brine and place it on a prep tray. Create some pockets under the skin for the seasoned butter. Slide the seasoned butter in under the skin. Now in go the aromatics. Slather what’s left of the seasoned butter rub all over the bird. And finally inject some butter into the breasts. (1 stick) Light up the kamado and let it heat up to 250 and then put the turkey on. (This lets the bird absorb some smoke) Now ramp up the temp to 500 for 30 minutes. (To crisp up the skin) And this is what she looks like. Now ramp down the temp to 325 to 350 to finish off the cook. (Mine took an additional 2 hours for the breast temp to reach 160) Here’s my “Money Shot” Aside from looking great this bird was the best tasting turkey we’ve ever had. Everything was so moist with a nice smoke flavor to go along with the Sage / Rosemary / Montreal Seasoned butter. Everyone at the table said they were sorry they were too full to eat more. I will defiantly be doing more turkeys this way.
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    I did this on the Kamado Joe Classic and used a recipe from cooks illustrated. The dough was laminated to give it a fluffy yet crispy texture. Rolled, cut almost in half as I needed a larger one for a 10 inch cast iron pan and a 8 inch cast pan. The sauce was made with grated onion and oregano, browned with butter then a can of crushed red tomatoes, reduced, then fresh basil and a little salt and pepper added once cooked. greased the 8 inch cast pan put the dough in and rolled the edges off with a rolling pin Put in diced pepperoni and cheese on the bottom with sauce on top and onto the Kamado Joe Classic it went Topped off with a little fresh parmesan cheese and let it go for about five more minutes The crust on this thing was just insane, flaky and crispy.. This thing disappeared in a hurry. It was fantastic! Thanks for looking!
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    bosco's pork tenderloin Char Siu

    Today, I found a good deal on some pork tenderloins and decided that I may as well try for a dish for this months challenge. I went down to the local Chinese Supermarket for the first time and I was blown away. I was hoping to find Char Siu marinade that I found on amazon from Hawaii. It was 18.00 a pack shipped to my house, or at the local Chinese Supermarket 1.80 a pack. I grabbed 5 packages and some other goodies and headed home. I have always wanted to try and make this, as Char Siu pork is one of my favourites when I eat Chinese Food. Mixed the marinade and off into the bag it went. This has a beat powder and it is a powerful dye, my hands may be pink I let this marinade for 6 hours in the fridge. It did a number to the pork. I decided to try my lodge smoking pot today for the first time, and I must say that I was most impressed with the blue smoke and aroma that was generated from this pot. I will use this more often now I removed the tenderloins from the marinade and hit them with a liberal coating of Lanes BBQ Q-NAMI rub. This stuff is the real deal. It has great flavour. Onto the pit at 350 direct they went The Char Siu marinade created almost a shell coating. Very awesome colour when cooked Anyways, I cooked them until an IT of 145 and pulled them and let them rest. They were dripping with moisture thanks to the Komodo Kamado! I thin sliced one and wrapped the other one for tomorrow I picked up my favourite fried rice and sweet and sour sauce to complete the dish tonight. I have to say, the flavour on this tenderloin was amazing. It was sweet, and the Lanes added a little hit of spice. I can't wait to make this again.
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    Taco Ring

    This is my Challenge cook I decided on a chuck for hamburger meat for the Taco Ring. I found one that was in a cryopac. A really nice piece of meat. I grounded it all up The second round of grounded it up I cook the ground beef and added Fiesta corn, taco seasoning w/half cup water simmer till sauce thick. Set aside to cool. I layed out my cresent dough into a sun shape. Took my hamburger filling and put in on the center side of the dough. Use Cheddar cheese on top of meat mixture. I folded the dough over meat and tuck small extra dough under it self. I cook the Taco Ring at 400* Money Shot This was one I always wanted to do. Ckreef loved it,. He had 5ths and I only could do 1 1/2. It was really good. I think I perfer this method better than actual Taco. Wish I had sour cream but forgot it. This will go in our weekly cooks for sure. Mrs. Reef's Bistro
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    Patriotic Pie

    Fired the Akorn up early this morning and had two rubbed Butts on by 7:30. Quick peak 2 hours in: The dome thermometer stayed between 250 & 275 throughout the cook with very little fiddling. About 2:30 I started checking the IT and they were probing tender by 3:30. Wrapped them in foil and into the cooler for a couple of hours. They turned out just right. The spread: BBQ, fried green tomatoes, sweet corn, and some red, white, and blue fruit sticks my daughter put together. Best part of the meal though was this pie my daughter put together for us. Strawberries and blueberries. It was a very patriotic pie. Thanks for looking.
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    12# before trimming injected yesterday with a mixture of beef broth, black coffee, onion & garlic powders. rubbed with oak ridge black ops and dunkin donuts hazelnut coffee at 2 am whilst the grill was warming up. onto the grill at 3am, off the grill at 3pm.
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    Smash burger perfection

    Finally got the smash burgers how I like them after several rounds of experimentation. I got everything done before the patties went on as I am just now realizing how fast that process goes. First mix up the secret burger sauce. Fry up some onions and bacon and a splash of apple cider vinegar in the onions to make them really tasty. Grilled the sides (prosciutto wrapped asparagus-my 6 year old loves these and ate two bundles himself I am so glad I saw these a ckreef`s post and thin sliced yellow squash with bbq rub) After those are done, on go the approximately 2 and a half ounce balls of hamburger seasoned with salt and pepper and smashed only ONE time (this was key for me) Flipped, melted cheese and all the toppings I prepared plus lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun( yes I know I would be better homemade, but these are dang good. If you have a sprouts near you I would check them out they are seriously good and even better toasted a little) Then I'm sitting down to dinner. So good. Don't think I've had a better burger anywhere......ever. I think I finally figured out a formula that works for my tastes.
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    I'm going to be honest with you guys and just say this video was a TON of work. I switched gears a little on this one due to a complaint I received. I was told my videos are not "useful enough." At first I was indignant (because it's not like I'm getting paid to do this) but then I decided he probably wanted more information about the Summit itself. Therefore, I went out of my way to include "useful" info in this one. And there is a TON of it in this one. I've included Info about the Summit, info about the brisket, even info about some of the video gear I use. In my personal opinion, this video gets more interesting as it goes along and it picks up a lot after the first 5 or 6 minutes. I really hope you all enjoy it. Your "useful" friend, Justin P.S. The brisket was amazing!
  40. 19 points

    Meat and potatoes anyone?

    I keep seeing these wonderful challenge cooks, and people are so creative on here so I knew month after month I would not be more creative..... But I have been wanting to try smoking a beef clod, and I knew not many people had done it so I decided to take a shot at it along with good ole hasselbeck potatoes. I picked this bad boy up on a Wednesday and the butcher trimmed it super well for me. After trimming it was just over 15 pounds. At t minus 24 hours I seasoned it all over generously with pappy`s and injected it with beef stock and Worcestershire.....that part was super fun. Then I let that sit overnight in the fridge. It took me forever to get the temp right even with the TTT.... I feel like when I ran it through the dishwasher I screwed it up lol. Anyways, for it steady at 250 and on it went. I should add that I had 5-6 chunks of pecan in the charcoal. When I woke up it looked like this....alright maybe a little After I woke up it looked like that. I forgot about taking pictures and remembered about lunch time. Finally it was ready to pull. I also wanted to try making “smoked salsa” so I smoked some tomatoes, onion and jalapenos. I ended up using all but one jalapeno, a clove of raw garlic, fresh cilantro and a generous amount of salt. I'll tell you what, this salsa was phenomenal. Everyone was raving about it. Then on went the hasselbeck potatoes with some garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, sage,lemon zest,and more pappy`s...I also finished them with some freshly grated parmesan cheese. After the meat was done resting, I got ready to pull some of it and slice the rest of it. And then finally make a pretty good sandwich out of it all. Overall, I'm glad I did it. Strangely the flavor of beef clod is much more intense than brisket and it is much leaner. I think I prefer brisket but am really glad I tried doing this!
  41. 19 points

    Good Bye Student Loans

    After 21 years of paying for my education, I am finally done paying off my student loans. Woot.
  42. 19 points

    Four Hens Out For Spin

    Did some game hens on the Jotisserie today. I think I could have squeezed in one more.
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    A 2" USDA Choice Ribeye, seasoned lightly with Montreal Steak Seasoning, then vacuum sealed. Cooked sous vide 8 hours @ 130* using an ANOVA precision controller. Seared @ 1100* using my new Cook Air wood fired, fan driven grill. The meat was butter-tender, and the char was as close as I can get to what I got using a commercial Salamander broiler. I got the ANOVA for $100 on the Amazon promo a couple of months ago. I paid $149 for the Cook Air. So, for about $250, I've got what promises to be a pretty sweet sous vide set up. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    March Challenge: BBQ Meatball Sammich

    I decided to cook up some BBQ meatball sammys for the March challenge, there are some awesome looking cooks so far, I hope I can stack up. This meal is 100% home made and everything was cooked on the Primo. The sauce, a more traditional style tomato based sauce. 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil or unrefined coconut oil 1 cup minced fresh onion 1/2 teaspoon unrefined sea salt 11/2 teaspoons of crushed garlic 1 teaspoon ground cumin (preferably ground fresh) 1 teaspoon dried crumbed basil 1 teaspoon dried, crumbled oregano, optional 1 (6-ounce) tomato paste 1 1/4 chicken broth or diluted or full-strength chicken stock 2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon honey, optional Heat oil in a 1-quart saucepan over medium heat. Add onions and garlic then stir until tender, about 5 minutes. Add remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth. Bring to low boil, cover, reduce heat, and simmer with lid ajar to reduce splattering, I simmer the sauce for a few hours usually or cook in a slow cooker. For this cook I smoked the sauce on the grill at 250-300 for a few hours. I used peach wood for smoking, the flavor the peach wood added was amazing! Pour into wide-mouth glass jar, allow to cool. Cover and refrigerate. Use within 2 weeks or freeze. For the meatballs, just a basic recipe. 2 lbs ground beef 1 medium onion minced 1/2 green pepper minced 1 egg 1 cup Panko bread crumbs 1 tablespoon oregano salt and pepper to taste Mix everything together and form into balls. Once the meat balls were ready, I moved the sauce to the bottom rack to collect some of the drippings. Cooked the meatballs until the IT reached 160. Once the meatballs were done, I mixed them together with the BBQ sauce to simmer together for a while. While the meatballs and sauce were simmering I went to work on the Hoagie rolls. I don't remember the Hoagie roll recipe (let me know if I need to post it). While the Hoagie rolls were baking I made some breaded onion rings I used the grilled fried chicken recipe for the breading and sprayed them down with olive oil to crisp them up a little. They had good flavor, but I will deep fry them next time vs baking. Sorry no pics of the onion rings, it was getting late and we were getting hungry. Money shot! - I have to say with the peach wood and the dripping in the sauce, this was hands down the best BBQ I've every made.
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    Proud Papa!

    Yesterday my son grilled his first steaks on the Primo. He seared the steaks at 600 for about 5 mins a side, great flavor!
  46. 19 points

    Juicy Lucy Meatballs!

    HOWDY GURUS!!! I've seen a lot of meatball cooks lately, so I decided to give mine a little twist that may prove interesting. As many of you know, I LOVE hamburgers, especially the Juicy Lucy. For those of you how may not know, a Juicy Lucy is a hamburger with cheese cooked into the middle. They originated in Minneapolis years ago at one of two places. I find them to be a real treat. I don't have a recipe to give you. At this point in life after cooking for 40+ years, I just put in a touch of this. a dab of that, and a bit of the rest. I apologize in advance for being so lax. So I started with about 2.5 lbs. 90/10 hamburger and about 1 lb. of breakfast sausage with a couple of beaten eggs, some garlic powder, plain Panko, S&P, some creme fraiche, and Italian spice mix that I mix up on occasion. The cheese I'll be using is cubed mild cheddar which SWMBOI likes. Here is a look at the ingredients well mixed : In the upper right hand corner of the picture you can see my little trick for making uniform meatballs ... a nice sized ice cream scoop! Here it is in action: Now we add the cheese. Just press it right in the middle of the raw meatball mixture while it is in the scoop. Meatball mixture will raise up around the edges. That's okay as you'll just close that around the cheese: Squeeze the edges up around the cheese and eject the meatball indoor your other hand and roll it gently to make certain everything is nice and closed up and you have a nice round meatball. It should look something like this: Here is a nice picture of a dozen meatball in a special utensil with holes drilled in the bottom of each cup that allows the grease to drain while cooking. I got this idea from JackJumper101 and this pan is available on Amazon. Stupid me I only ordered 1 and I should have gotten two! We're trying to eat healthier you know! Here's a shot of the meatball going into the Belly of TheBeast! I put a drip pan under the special meatball pan that allows grease to drain. A clean Beast is a happy Beast! And here is a shot of the finished product being inspected by Pete The Salt Pig and his minions. Here is a shot of the Juicy Lucy Meatballs on the plate prior to being topped with a simply homemade Sugo. Here is the finished plate. A coleslaw and Cherub Tomato salad, LeSuer Peas, and a couple of Juicy lucy Meatballs topped with Sugo. Pete looks on approvingly. And finally here is a cutaway view of the Juicy Luck Meatball showing the melted cheese. Next time I think I'll use 4 cubes of cheese per Juicy Lucy Meatball! I cooked these Juicy Lucy Meatballs for about 50 minutes at 325F. You can cook to an IT of about 165F or until you see a little bit of cheese seep out. This recipe made 21 Juicy Lucy Meatballs as you can see in this picture of the finish cook in the Belly of TheBeast. Don't forget to spray your meatball tin with Pam or some other nonstick cooking spray. I forgot to spray the tin on the left holding the 9 meatballs one stuck inside. I had to pry it out. It came out in pieces and of course, I HAD to eat it! Thanks for looking at yet another meatball cook, albeit with a little twist. I've got a fair number of meatballs left over. My BBQ Mooch Brother failed to show up with his bag of chips ... the wind was out of the North and he lives North of me! Y'all have a great week!
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    Christmas Wellington on the Primo XL

    I cook a Beef Wellington for Christmas most years. The original recipe was Gordon Ramsey's, but I've altered it so much over time, it's really become my own. Back in 2012, I adapted it to the kamado. It's time consuming and a little expensive, but if you want a fancy presentation of butter tender USDA Prime filet mignon layered with intensely seasoned mushroom duxelles, wrapped in crispy, buttery puff pastry, give it a try. The star is the Wellington. This year I did sides of kamado roasted potatoes au gratin and Brussels sprouts roasted in brown butter. The sauce was a simple reduction of beef stock, beef demi glacé and dry sherry. The mushrooms, shallots, thyme, garlic and finely chopped cilantro stems. Remember, with cilantro, the greatest flavor is in the stems; with parsley, the greatest flavor is in the leaves. Sauté the mushrooms with lots of butter and the seasonings and then strain. I generally use a kitchen towel tied into a bundle, suspended from the arm of my kitchen faucet. You can use a strainer, but the towel retains just the right level of moisture and looks really Medieval!! The USDA Prime filet, stripped of silver skin and cut into dinner for two portions. Seasoned only with Spice Labs Vintage Merlot Sea Salt and seared. The cooled duxelles spread on thawed puff pastry then very carefully wrapped around the filet to form a cocoon. Into a roasting pan with an elevated rack, then into a 400* kamado. The potatoes were previously prepared and precooked to golden brown on a 475* kamado. Cook the Wellington to an IT of 125* and until the crust is golden brown. Remove and rest. Slice into 1" portions, top with a little sauce and serve. Thanks for looking and Happy Cooking.
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    Here is my entry for the That's Italian Challenge I started off by smoking some four for my pasta. I built a small smoker with a can and a soldering iron and loaded it with some hickory. and put the flour in a pan and smoked it for about an hour. I used the flour to mix up some simple pasta dough, rolled it, and cut into fettuccine. Bundled those up to dry for a few hours. The pasta had a very light smokey smell to it. Next, on to the pork loin. First I butterflied it, then brined it with salt and brown sugar for a few hours. Once out of the brine, I rinsed it and dried it off. Then loaded the inside with a bunch of Italian flavors. Working from the meat up, there was: black pepper, rosemary, sage, thyme, minced garlic, salami, capicola, ham, provolone, and spinach. Rolled it up, tied it, then loaded into the KK rotisserie with more hickory. Halfway done Back to the pasta - I made a mushroom cream sauce from: porcini mushrooms, white wine, cream, and some of the mushroom liquor from soaking. Threw in some thyme and rosemary to line up with the pork flavors. Simmered it until it thickened a bit, then rolled the cook pasta in. Meanwhile, the pork was ready Both plated up The pork was fantastic! Next time, I'll cut back on the salt and/or the time in the brine. The pasta was very good, but wasn't as smokey as I thought it might be - next time, I'll give the flour more smoke and maybe add in some beef stock. Thanks for looking!
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    I'm in love with dry aged steaks!

    Man oh Man, what a treat dry aged steaks are! I cooked some veggies then cranked the heat up for my steak. I can't even put into words how good this steak was.
  50. 18 points

    Short Rib Burnt Ends

    I had some short ribs left over from yesterday so I turned them into burnt ends. I removed the meat from the bones and cubed the meat. I put the cubes into a pan with some more rub and bbq sauce. The meats all mixed up and ready for the Jr. After a couple hours cooking indirect at 250f this is the results. I plated the burnt ends with risotto and french fries.
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