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    So this was my first cook on my new KJ Jr. Decided do smoke a 3.5lb ribeye roast and sliced thinly for french dip sandwiches. This was a new recipe for me I wanted to try, so it was good for a change. Anyways, I'll keep this one short everyone. Here's my cook. Blair Starting off with just under a 3.5lb 2 bone ribeye roast. Seasoned with equal parts of kosher salt, pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, ground mustard, and dried thyme. Seasoned the roast and vacuumed sealed in bag and put in the fridge for a few hrs. Her first light. So clean. Threw on a couple small chunks of oak wood for smoke also. Got the grill stable at 240 degrees. and it held steady as a rock the whole cook. 2 hrs later and my internal temp was reading 130 degrees. Ready to pull and rest. Sliced as thin as I could by hand. Wish I had a meat slicer. lol. After slicing I put on a pan of au jus on the grill to heat up and also toasted up a hoagie roll. Once it was warm, I threw in some of the sliced roast beef to soak up that au jus for about 4 or 5 min. After a few min I added the roast beef to the toasted roll and added a couple slices of provolone cheese. All plated up, and topped the sandwich with some caramelized onions. Had some french fries on the side and a cup of the au jus for dipping. Thanks for looking.
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    Stuffed mushrooms!!

    Stuffed mushrooms with sausage and cream cheese then smoked for45 min !!
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    I had lots of pulled pork butt from an earlier cook calling to me from the freezer. I remember liking the sauce especially well because it was an experiment with blackberry preserves, red wine vinegar, plus all the regular ingredients. So, I made a hash of this excellent shredded pork, baby red and Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet baby orange peppers and scallions. I sautéed the potatoes in olive oil first, added the peppers and after removing from the skillet, added the scallions and removed to a "keep warm" bowl. Next came the pork, heated in the skillet until hot. Then, very gently, I folded in the potatoes, peppers and scallions and covered to keep hot. Two fried eggs to top it off, warm flour tortilla, and I was ready to eat. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    Wonderful cook, but what a tease; I didn't see a single dish which used the rattlesnake meat In Arizona, a rattlesnake isn't a hazard, it's is the evening meal which delivers itself.
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    Cedar Planked Salmon

    I did salmon on the Akorm tonite. Well, with a few sides!
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    Baby Back Ribs

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    The "promo" was hosted by a local retailer and staffed by the distributor. I won't go into detail but suffice it to say the salesman was saying what he thought I wanted to hear. Little did he know that I had already done a lot of research into the different manufacturers. I have pretty much decided on KJ or BGE....whichever one I can find at a decent discount first. Costco road show or Eggfest. But I will be honest, I've never been really patient in these matters (and summer grilling season is already here). So I may just have to go out and pay full fare for the KJ. Will have to find a way to convince the Chief Financial Officer. Thanks for all the feedback.
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    Asian themed dinner

    The Mrs requested chicken tonight. The other week we had bought some Korean Kalbi sauce so I figured I'd try something different than the usual bbq rubs. I mixed some of the Kalbi sauce, which is relatively sweet, with some Siracha and marinated the chicken in that overnight. This afternoon I took them out and dried them off and put them in the fridge to air dry. Before putting them on the grill I dusted with a bit of flour and corn starch hoping to get the skin to crisp up I put the chicken on. Towards the end I tried basting with more if the sauce a few times while at the same time trying to increase the temp to crisp the skin. Unfortunately as I feared the sauce didn't do well in the heat. It looks worse than it was, it didn't have that burnt taste just carmelized (it was a dark brown colour anyway to begin with). And the skin didn't really crisp up but at least the meat was good. To finish the Asian theme I decided to steam up a few sticky rice wraps we had in the fridge since it's Dragon Boat Festival time of year again. For those who may be unfamiliar with them inside the leaf wrapping is seasoned sticky rice with various other things. These had pork, mushroom, and peanuts. And the final product It was better than it looks What's the secret to getting crispy (not necessarily deep fryer crispy but not really rubbery) skin AND using sauce on Kamado chicken? I guess just sauce only once right at the end? Dan
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    Dude, those aren't shrimp... I think I saw one of those fighting Godzilla in a B movie! They look delicious tho!
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    bosco's first go at dry age meat

    Well it took 3 bags to figure it out. Next order will need to be the larger bags as I put a 14.79 LB. boneless AAA ribeye in the umai bag. it fit but I had a heck of a time with the seal. I see what so many say about the seal, the bag does not want to stay sealed on you. Three times is a charm I guess. This cut cost me 190.00 OUCH!!! but I think it will yield some seriously good eats! I just hope that the bag holds together. I have full coverage and the bag was triple sealed. I won't move it now for two weeks, then I will flip it. see you on June 11th!! 28 days and counting!!
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    Just wanted to say thanks to this community. None of you know me...yet. But I've spent quite a bit of time reading your posts and getting ready to finally get into upping my outdoor gourmet game. Thanks again for taking some of the mystery out of smoking/grilling and lowering my barrier to getting into this hobby.
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    Carbon Del Sur

    This has never happened to me. I cooked two butts on my 19", started about 10 last night. I had 225° dialed into the guru, and everything has been rockin right along. I had to pull one at 2:00 pm, the other is takin it's time. At 3:00, with 15°, and an hour and a half left, I bump the temp to 275°. This only takes about ten minutes. Since I'm cutting this close, I'm watching my iPad like a hawk. The fan starts to run full time, the temp starts to drop. I open the top vent, temp still drops. Open the top more, temp drops. I think I've run out of coal. How is this possible? A full load in a kk only going 15 ish hours? Impossible!!! So, I probe the butt, close enough, it's resting in foil. Check the basket, and the fire simply went out. Probably has another 12hrs worth. This is a new bag of charcoal, I've used it before, but it may be my last time. My wife asked, did you use that tube looking stuff you always use? No. Why do you alway find something that works, and then change it?? I dunno.
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    Prime Rib Dip Sandwich on KJ Jr.

    Looks amazing. I want for my supper now.
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    So I went back again. lol

    Congrats on the new addition to the family
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    Simple first cook

    very nice !!!
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    Big Biscuit

    Simple first cook

    Great looking cook.
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    Using leftovers is very frugal there's no blowing any budgets. Very nice cook and thanks for sharing Jack.
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    Simple first cook

    I could eat that simple food all week long.
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    What's this in my Maple Leaf Lump?

    Couldn't tell you what it is exactly, but they call them "Moon rocks" and they make appearances here and there, not just in Maple Leaf, but all sorts of brands. There is an interesting AMA on reddit regarding charcoal production. Here is a quote from the link below: "As for the 'moon rocks' I think I can explain that one, it might be the sap from the timber mixed with wood ethanol that can set and stick to the charcoal. It happens to us and we take it out when we see it but I can't see it causing any problems if you don't." http://www.reddit.com/r/BBQ/comments/18qvl9/iama_charcoal_producer_ask_me_anything/
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    OK who is posing as CC at where did you put him?
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    Yep! I like this CI cooker! 9-1/4lb turkey... was touching the lid of the Akorn but as it cooked it went down, obviously. They say it's seasoned already, to just wash and oil before use which I did. When done, a few spots had turkey stuck on it but nothing drastic. I will season it myself a few more times then nothing will stick to it. Half way in the cook... The skin was AWESOME! The turkey was very moist. Used beer inside. Decided to use a no brine plain turkey, only used olive oil on the skin then the rub. I recommend this roaster as you can add veggies to it. You can use this to make a huge bacon bowl, your imagination is the limit.
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    Hello Kamado World

    You will love you classic joe!!! Welcome
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    Simple first cook

    Looking good!
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    Reef's Dough Recipes

    This is the moment that many Guru's have anticipated, Thanks CK I will be trying these.
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    Mr Cue


    Thanks Mr Cue it's a nice drop was on special for here anyway $41.95 lol most of that is government tax I bet it would have been a blast going to the distillery I dare say it would be popular The Dickel Distillery is surprisingly small for the volume they produce and that comparison is even more evident when you go up the road a piece to Jack Daniel's. Dickel is very modern inside, they use newer equipment and don't bottle on site like JD does. We have a great time at the JD Invitational BBQ every year and it's always worth the trip. Last time we went to GD, I scored a 5th of their Single Barrel for roughly the price you paid for your bottle, only in USD. Not sure on the exchange rat at the moment but I'd dare say it's a little high on the other side of the pond. Good on you for enjoying it though, I always have some on hand as well as some Jim Beam. I like bourbon a little better than Tennessee whiskey. And Scotch, love me a nice glass of that!
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    Mr Cue

    Sunday cook

    Picture perfect cook! Are those Mossy Oak plates?
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    Jack - nothing better than good ole diner food like hash! That breakfast cook is out of bounds wonderful! Kudos and DITTOS all over!
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    Husker - that is one wonderful cook. Absolutely beautiful! I'm not thinking there are any leftovers, right? Dadgum the luck anyway. Those money shots are Way Way Over The Top!
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    Very delicious cook.
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    Trout that small would cook very quickly, so by stuffing them it slowed down the cooking process and also allowed for more flavor from the herbs and lemon, as well as the pecan chips smoke. I will definitely do this again.
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    Prime Rib Dip Sandwich on KJ Jr.

    Dang Oly... You too??? Ya'll are killing me with these fantastic cooks
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    Team PCBeach

    The Full Backyard Bistro Experience

    Do you take reservations?
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    Really killer cook and done on the Jr. You outdid yourself again.
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    Pork Loin turned out incredibly juicy and the stuffing was great. The only thing I would change is I might substitute mozzarella cheese for the creme cheese and make it a little less rich.
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    nice looking cook Jerri
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    KJ Warm Spice (first try)

    Sure looks good to me.
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    Heavenly Hash Jack!! I could eat breakfast three times a day, seven days a week... And it doesn't get ANY better than this. Killer hash with killer meat as the star, with that liquid gold oozing out over the top. Glad to see the pita there... or some toast... You need that to wipe up every last smudge on the plate. I've got a brisket flat planned for next weekend... Will have to try this with some leftovers for the family.
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    KJ Warm Spice (first try)

    Final pic???
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    Pizza w/ Peppers, Onion and Pepperoni

    Thanks, Big Dawg. I'm still learning the Blackstone. There is definitely a learning curve to be able to produce consistent results. I usually bring the bottom stone up to about 550 on medium heat if I don't want leoparding. Other times, I'll bring the bottom stone slowly to about 400 and then turn the heat up to medium high for about 5 minutes, then turn the fire to low for the 5 minutes or so it takes me to assemble the pizza. This way the top stone is pretty hot and cooks the top at about the same rate as the bottom. It really has been a trial and error process for me. ckreef has got a lot more experience than I do. He's probably a better resource.
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    Team PCBeach

    Counter top material

    We are going with slate looking tile. Like you, we found granite to just be too expensive since we have already spent way too much on this project. We finished our framing this week. It will now move outside to do some electrical runs for lights and then we will tile. Here is a shot of our frame. Our Kamado will go in the corner.
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    Another Ute!!!! Finally getting a few of us in here.
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    An ode to Bosco...

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    Reef's Dough Recipes

    Thanks for your patience. I have the first three dough recipes all loaded up. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family does. Not ready to post the Neo-Neapolitian dough just yet. I will one day soon and will let you know when I do.
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    What is your favorite brisket rub?

    I think sometimes we forget the basic goodness of just Salt and Pepper! I look for rubs all the time and then I stop and say, "Tonight, salt and pepper only". (both in grinders)
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    Being shown at the national hardware show.
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    ckreef's Sunday Night Pizza Thread

    TY sweetie, I do appreciate that but you know - - I think most of my food is just one step above dog food and not sure this was even a full step above.Well I guess thats why we are still at puppy love stage[emoji7] You guys are making me blush! Congrats to you both!
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