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    So this was my first cook on my new KJ Jr. Decided do smoke a 3.5lb ribeye roast and sliced thinly for french dip sandwiches. This was a new recipe for me I wanted to try, so it was good for a change. Anyways, I'll keep this one short everyone. Here's my cook. Blair Starting off with just under a 3.5lb 2 bone ribeye roast. Seasoned with equal parts of kosher salt, pepper, granulated garlic, onion powder, ground mustard, and dried thyme. Seasoned the roast and vacuumed sealed in bag and put in the fridge for a few hrs. Her first light. So clean. Threw on a couple small chunks of oak wood for smoke also. Got the grill stable at 240 degrees. and it held steady as a rock the whole cook. 2 hrs later and my internal temp was reading 130 degrees. Ready to pull and rest. Sliced as thin as I could by hand. Wish I had a meat slicer. lol. After slicing I put on a pan of au jus on the grill to heat up and also toasted up a hoagie roll. Once it was warm, I threw in some of the sliced roast beef to soak up that au jus for about 4 or 5 min. After a few min I added the roast beef to the toasted roll and added a couple slices of provolone cheese. All plated up, and topped the sandwich with some caramelized onions. Had some french fries on the side and a cup of the au jus for dipping. Thanks for looking.
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    Today was a busy grilling day. T-Bone steaks and roasted corn had been made earlier in the day. The Big Joe was still up and running at 350 indirect on the right and the griddle on the left. A separate post will be made on that cook. This afternoon the local store was visited, and they had some huge monster Shrimp which was available. When I say huge, they looked like they had ate lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They had some Lobster tails at a bearable price, not the lowest I had seen, but not frightening. Lastly, the Scallops were of the ocean variety and looked fresh. The lobster was slit up the tail, and the meat was lifted up and away from the shell for presentation and cooking. The tails were seasoned with the "Pride of Szegd" Fish rub and butter was rubbed into the middle of the crevice. A Ceramic on Cast Iron chaffing dish (Husqvarna) had a liberal dollop of butter applied to it, along with some lime slices and the prepared Lobster. The dish was placed upon the diffused side of the Big Joe which was cruising along at 350. Apple wood trimmings were used for the smoke on all the seafood dishes. The monster shrimp were prepared much in the same way, and were double skewered to prevent curling while cooking. The skewered shrimp were also placed on the indirect side of the Big Joe. A thin slice of lime was rested upon the skewer while it was cooking to add a bit of citrus zing. Another Husqvarna ceramic on cast iron pan was coated liberally with canola oil, and it was rested empty upon the Primo which was cruising at 450 degrees. After the pan was up to temperature, a bit of butter was added to the pan and the Scallops were added to get a nice sear on the surface. After they were seared on one side, they were flipped so the second side could sear. The dampers were closed on the Primo and the temperature was allowed to drop as the Scallops finished cooking. Fresh whole Carrots were sliced about a quarter inch thick and set to the side. A small 2 quart cast iron pot had Honey, Brown Sugar, Water, Ginger, Allspice and a touch of ground clove was stirred until well mixed. The carrots were added to the pot, and it was set inside the Primo, which was running at 350 at that time. The carrots were allowed to simmer for 20 minutes and were nicely sweet and tender. The Ginger notes complimented the rich flavors of the seafood.
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    For this I tried to somewhat replicate an IHOP breakfast. They make a Big Steak Omelette and currently are making a Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast. Well I already some awesome Tip-Tip I just cooked earlier this week so I substituted some Tri-Tip for the Steak. (See Link: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/20397-tri-tip/) I also had already just baked up some awesome Cinnamon Raisin Honey Oatmeal Bread so I substituted some of this for the Brioche. (See Link: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/20352-cinnamon-raisin-oatmeal-honey-bread/) Started out by getting the potatoes going. I then got the French Toast going. Mixed up some batter and sliced the bread. Got my C.I. griddle oiled and heated up. Dunked the bread in the batter. And put these on the C.I. griddle to brown. After browning them I put them on a baking sheet and put them in the kamado for 10 minute at 350 to finish cooking the insides. I now I get the Omelette going by beating up 5 eggs with a little bit of milk and a few drops of hot sauce. Took out my 10” C.I. skillet and heated it up with some oil. Diced up some onion, tomato, green onion and some jalapeno. And sautéed them. And then added the Tr-Tip. In a separate omelette pan I had cooked up the omelette and now added the sautéed items and then some cheese on top. I folded the omelette over, sprinkled on more cheese and then covered and continued to cook for another 3 minutes. Here I’ve taken it out of the pan and placed it on the plate. I then placed on some jalapeno slices and then the some more Tri-Tip for the final product. Here are the plated photos with everything together along with some O.J. and coffee. Close up on the yummy French Toast. Here’s my Money Shot below. It was delicious!
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    The Full Backyard Bistro Experience

    I don't invite many guests over to the Backyard Bistro but when I do you get the full experience. Good food, good drinks, playing with the charcoal kiln and even a rattle snake - LOL We started off playing with the charcoal kiln and encountered a baby rattle snake along the way. That was some hot work. Time for a refreshing adult beverage and pizza bite appetizer (cooked in the Blackstone). Made some chocolate dipped, candied orange peels. Some sides to go with dinner. Orange-Honey Shrimp - oops wasn't paying attention, too busy with the guests and adult beverage. Pinwheels - not your traditional Turf. A few tuna steaks. A really crappy money shot. Thankfully it tasted fantastic.
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    bosco's Victoria Day BBQ

    Finished my weekend of night shifts and today is the Victoria Day stat. Beautiful day today laying out by the pool. I am sunburnt really good, but I got some yard work done and things turned out well!! All the stores are closed so I looked at what I had and figured out a meal lol!! I made home made stuffed peppers, lamb spiedini and some steaks. A few nice salads to go with dinner. Marinated the spiedini with fresh lemon and sea salt, the steak I hit with Kamado Joe Steak seasoning. The peppers, I took a chuck roast and double ground the meat. Cooked the beef, added home made tomato sauce and basmati rice. Cut the peppers in half and stuffed them once the mix was cooled. Then added 10 week aged smoked cheddar that I shredded to the tops. Peppers went on the classic at 275 no smoke and cooked for 45 min. The meat went on the big joe with spiedini cooking indirect and the steak cooking direct. What a wonderful afternoon!!!
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    Baby Back Ribs

    Had some out of town visitors over the weekend. This was my 4th time using my new Vision Pro, but my first low and (relatively) slow burn. Quite pleased with the results, although probably could have cooked them a bit longer. My wife prefers the "fall off the bone" type, but I was afraid of them drying out. Total cooking time about 5 hours.
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    Foiled Brisket

    So I decided to try something different and that is to foil a brisket toward the end of a cook. The brisket came out really tender and with great taste. I started with a 12lb meat before trimming it and end up with 8lbs of meat. I started with a clean Joe and new lump charcoal in order to cut down on as much heat source issues as possible. Untouched Cleaned out Joe @9am (8 1/2 hour into the cook) After the foil The slice The serve The log Foiled Brisket.pdf After it was all said and done, it is something I will try again. The veggies where out of this world.
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    Cajun Ty

    Sunday cook

    Well since we are at the ballpark more than home lately I finally had a day to light Big Daddy
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    No more smoke

    Hi all, Been trying to quit smoking (cigarettes) for a while now, but nothing seemed to work. I know I will eventually get cancer from it and it costs money and all the other negative effects. Then I realized that I respond much better to rewards than I do to threats... eureka moment. Now what would be a big enough reward to really make me committed? A Big Joe, of course! Given that our old kettle bbq is an old pile of rust hold together by wires and whatnot, convincing the wife was not too hard. Already picked up some material for a table and will pull the trigger on the BJ soon. See you in the forum threads...
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    Chuck Roast - Dr. Pepper

    I was trying to find that forum where you just post the money shot? I tried my first Chuckie today. I didn't really start it early enough. So I thickly coated it in a John Henry's pepper blend and cooked it around 325 to 350 for two hrs. Then put Dr Pepper in it and cooked it 2 hours longer. So parts of it were more tender than others. Fine by DH who doesn't like fall apart meat. And I found some parts that I liked. The flavor was outstanding. Excuse the paper plate! We would normally have a veggie. I also cheated on the potatoes. But this was our second big meal. I made Nuremberg brats, Brussel sprouts and roasted potatoes for lunch and didn't take a photo. I also made another cherry cobbler but no photos of that. I put away 8 cups of pitted cherries last night. Leaving the rest of the cherries for the birds. They've been nipping at them.
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    Aussie Joe


    Got some great tomahawks from the butch today gave them a sprinkle of the rub I made for my ribs got the joe up to 300 and set my prob for 138 Ready to sear Ready to be plated just had them with some veg nice and simple it cut like butter with a hot knife
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    Stuffed mushrooms!!

    Stuffed mushrooms with sausage and cream cheese then smoked for45 min !!
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    Even though I've never cooked trout on the kamado before, a friend offered to catch me some when I mentioned the challenge and I was thinking about whole trout. Pretty simple, and really delicious. Just mixed chopped herbs (thyme, rosemary, chives and parsley, with a garlic clove) and lemon slices inside, with salt and pepper and a shaker of flour with olive oil on the outside. The veggies were marinated in greek vinaigrette before grilling, and then sprinkled with feta.
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    HI : Just pulled the trigger on Kamado Joe Classic, this site was a HUGE help in my decision making process, so I thought I would sign in and try to contribute as I can. I'm at Hamilton Mill Golf Club in Dacula, GA, just north of Atlanta. I purchased at a local KJ dealer, Georgia Leisure, and got Classic + cover, charcoal, starters stand, gripper, delivery and set up for $950 ( including tax). He cut me a deal because the Costco Road show is here this Friday- next week. Truck just pulled up. I am excited....
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    Simple first cook

    Just wanted to do something simple so decided to low and slow some 2 racks of ribs
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    All Jackjumper101's Fault

    After seeing Jackjumper's post on the sausage burgers with peppers and onions, I couldn't get it out of my head. However, when cooking for my family, it seems like they make a game out of ensuring that their orders are not the same. So, I ended up with a bunch of requests. Order 1: Sweet sausage, pepper jack cheese Order 2: Sweet sausage, peppers, onions, fresh mozz Order 3 (mine) - Double decker hot sausage, peppers, onions, pepper jack cheese I also threw in some for leftovers to take to lunch for work. All orders on Big Joe waiting for the cheese to melt. Sorry for the sideways pic. My double decker Final meal for me
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    So you may have seen my prime rib dip sandwich post, and after I finished that I got my new classic fired up and decided to do a beer can chicken for the first time using the KJ chicken stand. I didn't eat this tonight, this cook is for this coming week. I usually eat chicken 3 to 4 times during the week. So I did this whole chicken to get me thru the week. Up until now I've only done spatchcock chicken a few times, so this was a first. I do apologize as I didn't get quite as many pictures for this cook as my normal. It was late and I was busy cleaning up from my earlier cook. Well anyways, here's my photos for this cook Enjoy. To start off, I got 4 cloves of garlic, a bunch of thyme, Mirror Pond Pale Ale (local brewer), and the KJ ceramic chicken stand. Seasoned the bird with Mad Hunky all purpose rub. First time using this also, even though I've had it in the cupboard for several months. I also injected the chicken with melted butter, some bbq rub, garlic, and onion powder. My temp was kinda all over the place tonight, but this is about 1 1/2 hrs in. Did a little baste with that injection I made. I finally pulled the chicken once the internal temp was reading 165-170 in the breasts. Now it's just resting on the counter and I'll carve it up after it cools down. Too bad I had just eaten a couple hrs earlier because this chicken smelled and looked so good.
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    50/50 Hot and Mild Italian sausage removed from the casings and formed into 7 oz. burgers. Cooked on hot GrillGrates. Sweet baby red, orange and yellow peppers sautéed with Vidalia onion until lightly caramelized. Topped with melted Hot Pepper Jack and served on a fresh Italian roll. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    The random pictures thread...

    A Lazy persons motto
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    So I went back again. lol

    You know, I recently learned a new word... "Compersion". It's the opposite of jealousy. Jealousy is being angry or mad at someone else's happiness. Compersion is being happy for someone else's happiness... ...I'm not quite sure which one I'm feeling right now! Ahh, screw it... I'm happy for you to be a member of a club that I swear I will, one day, join!
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    Dragon Kamado

    Well, I am now a proud owner of a Dragon Kamado. Whether or not it's a re-branded Akorn, it looks pretty similar, and my first cook in it turned out pretty well. Lasts night's dinner was: - Italian sausage - Chicken thighs - brined for an hour beforehand - Stuffed peppers - Sweet potato I can see the Kamado is going to take some learning, even coming from a Weber kettle, but it looks great, and I really enjoyed working with it. Cheers from Down Under
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    Inspired by Paymaster

    With some inspiration from Paymaster I picked up a beautiful Salmon fillet from the butcher. I planned on grilling on a cedar plank but changed my mind and went with my KJ cast iron inserts instead. Which brings me to a side story. I picked up these little plastic scrapers from Lodge. I got them for cast iron pans used for camping but it turns out they work great on the KJ insert. Here's a little demo. I needed to do some clean up from the last cook before using it for the Salmon. Ready for action. Now on to the Salmon. I saw this recipe on Epicurious awhile back and decided to give it a shot. I didn't follow the recipe to the letter but close enough. First the basting sauce: mix in pot and bring and let simmer until fully mixed. Let cool to room temp for later. 1 cup pure maple sugar 2 tbs grated ginger 4 tbs lemon juice 3 tbs soy sauce 1.5 tsp minced garlic Season the fish with fresh ground pepper Coated asparagus with lemon, garlic, s&p, and evoo. Placed the salmon on top of a bunch of green onions on the griddle side and the asparagus on the grill side. Brushed the fish with the basting sauce while turning the veggies. Pulled veggies and moved salmon to the grill side then back to the griddle. Continued basting fish until it was ready pull. An unexpected note. The run off from the basting liquid filled in around the onions and skin creating a burnt barrier between the fish and the griddle. The fish came off easily from the skin without falling apart. The remaining skin, onions, and burnt sauce peeled right off the griddle with no residual mess. Here's a money shot. We finished the plate with the asparagus and rice pilaf. The salmon was cooked as well as my limited skill would allow. Moist, flakey, and delicious. The sauce gave it a really nice flavor without masking the freshness of the fish. I would like to tell you my plan for the leftovers but alas there were none. Thanks for taking a peek.
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    Team PCBeach

    First burgers

    Followed up last nights first brisket with our first burgers on the Kamado Joe. Feta and Olive burgers with a cast iron stir fry. I like a crust and my wife doesn't so I did some on the cast iron and some off. I have been over cooking burgers all my life, but recently got them perfect on the weber gas. I found a tip that when the burger starts to "sweat", flip it cook two minutes less on this side and it will be perfect medium. Well I tried this tonight and got well done burgers. Dome temp was 400 and I cooked for 6 minutes one side and 3 the other. Taste was good, but there was no pink left in these burgers. I am thinking 1) my grill was too hot. 400 dome is probably 450+ at the grate. 2) because the Kamado hold moisture so well, the sweat technique might not work. The Kamado learning continues...
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    I had lots of pulled pork butt from an earlier cook calling to me from the freezer. I remember liking the sauce especially well because it was an experiment with blackberry preserves, red wine vinegar, plus all the regular ingredients. So, I made a hash of this excellent shredded pork, baby red and Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet baby orange peppers and scallions. I sautéed the potatoes in olive oil first, added the peppers and after removing from the skillet, added the scallions and removed to a "keep warm" bowl. Next came the pork, heated in the skillet until hot. Then, very gently, I folded in the potatoes, peppers and scallions and covered to keep hot. Two fried eggs to top it off, warm flour tortilla, and I was ready to eat. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    Got it earlier in the week and fired it up on Sat to season the grates and see how everything worked. Today was first cooking day. Did quick burgers and dogs for lunch, and chicken quarters for dinner. I learned how fast the temp can go up. I fired it back up to cook dinner and left it wide open to get it going for a few minutes to get ready for the chicken. I got sidetracked with my kids and when I got back to it, it was screaming at 650 degrees. It takes a while to drop it down, that's for sure. I wanted it around 300, but when I got it to 450, I put a foil pan with some water in it as a drip pan, but more so as a heat deflector. It did the trick and protected the chicken and seemed to help bring the temp down. Chicken ended up perfect. Next weekend, I'll give it a run as a smoker with a brisket flat or something, but it was a good day trying it out.
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    Loving my new Akorn.

    This is my 6th cook on it and I am loving it. Boneless country styles with veggies and bread
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    It won't make the meat any more moist. Adding water pans to a kamado is not the best idea.
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    Nothing but the money!

    9lb turkey brushed with olive oil and Piri Piri rub only (no brine or butter). Smoked with Pecan. (Note the vertical CI pan!) Yes 9:15am as ribs were going on after I bring down the temp.
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    Brisket time......

    Cooked up a 14# packer for dinner tonight. I rub with some Dizzy Dust. Total cook about 17 hours at 220f. Taste was very good BUT bark was a little too dark. Any suggestions on what I did wrong. Brisket going on the XL The brisket is finally cooked notice how dark the bark is Some sliced brisket anyone... Now the money shot brisket some pasta, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.
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    Wonderful cook, but what a tease; I didn't see a single dish which used the rattlesnake meat In Arizona, a rattlesnake isn't a hazard, it's is the evening meal which delivers itself.
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    It was a beautiful day in Western NC today... we went for a hike at Lake James State Park on the Mill's Creek Trail Loop... 3.6 miles... Great time!
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    Akorn in Australia

    Just a(nother) Pulled Pork Sunday. Rubbed with magic dust, 225f, 8 hours, Apple, Cherry and mesquite wood chips. IT was 200f, foiled and into and esky for 1 hour.
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    My first Kamado Joe

    Ribeyes, wings and sausages were on deck this weekend. Oh and a few sticks. Next weekend something low and slow.
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    Thanks guys! They were delicious!
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    Oly Smokes

    So I went back again. lol

    Well on Friday morning I made the 248 mile round trip drive back down to Portland, Oregon to the Kamado Joe Costco roadshow. I went to week before on the first day and was looking to get the Jr but they didn't have any at the time. Was told they would have some a few days later. But I decided to get the classic joe since it was a good deal. Well now.... Jr decided to come home with me this time. And since I made the long drive the first day and they didn't have any jr for me, the kj salesman was really nice and cool and when I came back this week he threw in a free bag of lump and two boxes of fire starters. He's also gonna have kamado Joe mail me some rubs or spices and the kj electric lighter. How awesome is that for customer service. TRIFECTA BABY. OH YEAH. I'M EXCITED. It's too bad the classic and jr don't have the stainless bands and top vent to match big joe. Oh well. I will be doing my first cook on jr tonight. I'll have pictures up late tonight or real early tomorrow morning for all you east coast guys. Thanks for looking everybody Blair
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    So I've been trying to avoid the "epic" cooks... Sure, I'd love to cook a 12# brisket, but I have nobody around to *eat* a 12# brisket! So, why not some simple wings? Rubbed with sunflower oil and dusted with Stubb's chicken seasoning. On the Big Joe at ~400 indirect for about 40 minutes, then closed the vent down quite a bit and moved them to the direct side for 5 min. Gave the kids their portions without sauce, then tossed the rest in Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Sauce. Served with watermelon and some Costco macaroni salad... I'll be doing this again! (Possibly for lunch tomorrow ) Prepped. On the grill. Chef needs libations! Why not some award-winning Columbus Blonde Done. Done and sauced. Plated. Another satisfied customer!
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    Aussie Joe


    Had a friend over yesterday to watch the A. F. L football asked him what he wanted for dinner he said ribs excitingly knowing I was going to cook them on the joe lol so ribs it's was got 3 racks from the butcher and trimmed them up found this rub recipe in one of my books tasted awesome 2 tsp whole black pepper corns 2 tsp yellow mustard seeds 1 tsp cumin seeds 3 Tbsp paprika (I used smoked paprika) 2 Tbsp brown sugar 2 tsp kosher salt (I used coarse sea salt) 1 tsp celery seeds 1 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper Toast pepper corns, mustard seeds and cumin seeds over medium heat let cool then throw everything in blender until crushed and blended Put it on my ribs on they go it was cold wet and windy here but with a bit of wheeling around the joe sat perfectly for 3 hours at 250 Ready to sauce thought I would try this sauce I seen down the shop tasted great foiled and put them back on for another hour and 15 min they look ready to me and plated with my all time favorite side salad crispy bacon and egg
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    Carbon Del Sur

    There was a slight shift in the North American tectonic plate, causing a slight void of oxygen on the north west side of my patio, where the 19" is sitting.
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    I got home late last evening, tired, hungry, and in no frame of mind to prepare something requiring too much effort. I had some sautéed peppers and onions leftover from the Sausage Burger cook, and made a Pepperoni, Pepper and Onion Pizza on the Blackstone. It was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    Simple first cook

    Spectacular lookings rib. Glad to see you were able to get the Joe right side up. They can be heavy and awkward to move. :-)
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    Hello Kamado World

    Chilly you have no idea of the insanity you have embarked on. Congrats and welcome to the asylum.
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    Direct to Indirect

    Simple - Okay, here's the plan. Make certain that you have some very well insulated gloves. I like welder's gauntlets. They are generally Nomex lined and offer good protection. Brown the meat on your main grate. That will require a high heat fire. Then shut down the vents to starve the fire and to get temps down to something that will be more amenable to a low-n-slow cook. I'd put the heat deflector on the main grate and cook the meat on the extender grate above the main. Also put in a drip pan to keep things nice and tidy. If you're doing a braise, then use the pan on the extended grate above the main with the heat deflector. Bringing down temps is never an easy task in a kamado. You're going to have to pay particular attention to the fire; you don't want it to die completely. That will mean taking everything out of the kamado and getting your fire started again. That can get you burned and nobody wants that. If your KJ has the D & C system, then consider browning on one side with the heat deflector on the other. Again, vent/temperature control is going to be critical.
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    John Setzler

    Progress Report & Fitbit Update

    Under 200! I haven't weighed under 200lbs since 1999/2000... since the last time I was in decent shape. Shortly after that is when things fell apart for me in more ways than one and I lost control... Never again.
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    Prime Rib Dip Sandwich on KJ Jr.

    Fantastic looking sandwich. Sure beats the French dip sandwich I had at Arby's yesterday. Although not sure I could get myself to slice that beautiful cook into sandwich meat.
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    Dang Ck...my budget is shot again.. As is my waistline!!!?
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    Asian themed dinner

    The Mrs requested chicken tonight. The other week we had bought some Korean Kalbi sauce so I figured I'd try something different than the usual bbq rubs. I mixed some of the Kalbi sauce, which is relatively sweet, with some Siracha and marinated the chicken in that overnight. This afternoon I took them out and dried them off and put them in the fridge to air dry. Before putting them on the grill I dusted with a bit of flour and corn starch hoping to get the skin to crisp up I put the chicken on. Towards the end I tried basting with more if the sauce a few times while at the same time trying to increase the temp to crisp the skin. Unfortunately as I feared the sauce didn't do well in the heat. It looks worse than it was, it didn't have that burnt taste just carmelized (it was a dark brown colour anyway to begin with). And the skin didn't really crisp up but at least the meat was good. To finish the Asian theme I decided to steam up a few sticky rice wraps we had in the fridge since it's Dragon Boat Festival time of year again. For those who may be unfamiliar with them inside the leaf wrapping is seasoned sticky rice with various other things. These had pork, mushroom, and peanuts. And the final product It was better than it looks What's the secret to getting crispy (not necessarily deep fryer crispy but not really rubbery) skin AND using sauce on Kamado chicken? I guess just sauce only once right at the end? Dan
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    Dude, those aren't shrimp... I think I saw one of those fighting Godzilla in a B movie! They look delicious tho!
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    ceramic from Mexico, USA or China is still ceramic. Ceramic has many pros and cons but it comes down to what you really want. I think now of days, you need to buy what one looks best to you because in my opinion, KJ, BGE or Primo are all great quality and offer similar results. See what one jumps out at you and get that one.
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    Cedar Planked Salmon

    Paymaster nice cook man!! The money shot is sick but could use a little support... so I touched it up a bit for you!! Hope that is ok
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