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    Greetings fellow Gurus, Well, I have been thinking for a while of what I should make for this month's "smoking a fatty" challenge and to be honest the first thing I had to do was figure out what a fatty was. After doing some research I started thinking about what type of fatty I was going to smoke for this challenge. I decided that I would make a breakfast fatty and yesterday and today I finally had time to prepare this meal. This is the first time I have ever smoked a fatty (obviously, as I did not know what one was) so go easy on me! I fired up the Big Joe and got temp settled in at 300* so that I could sauté the veggies that I would be using for the fatty. While the Big Joe was coming up to temp I cut and sliced some red peppers and an onion. I also grabbed a can of mushrooms that we had in the cabinet. After chopping the veggies I took them out to the grill and put them on the cast iron griddle and sautéed the veggies for about 35 minutes. While the veggies were sautéing I went to get the star of the show rolled out - mild ground sausage purchased from Stripling's General Store (You Never "Sausage" a Place). Great place in my opinion for purchasing ground sausage. I flattened out the ground sausage and formed it into somewhat of a rectangle. Tried using a roller pin but that was an exercise in futility so I decided to just use my hands to form it to the desired shape and thickness. I thought about using a Ziploc bag but decided using the wax paper the sausage was wrapped in would be just as easy. Next I added a few slices of deli black forest ham. Then I added the fresh sautéed peppers, onions, and mushrooms along with some pickled jalepeños. I then topped it off with some shredded hot habenero cheese. I then rolled up the sausage to form the fatty. Not quite as difficult as I thought it would be (thank goodness). Once I got it rolled up, I shaped it a little more to make sure it was completely closed. I then made a bacon weave and wrapped up the fatty. Next it was out to Big Joe to smoke the fatty at approximately 250* until it reached an internal temperature of 165*. After reaching an internal temperature of 165* I pulled it off the grill and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I let it cool for a while and then put into the refrigerator as I would be finishing the fatty the next morning so the wife and I could have some for breakfast before she went off to work. This morning I arose early (approximately 4:30) to fire up the Big Joe. While the Big Joe was coming to my desired temperature of 430* I prepared some homemade biscuit dough like my mama taught me (only 3 ingredients - buttermilk, butter crisco, and self-rising flour). After getting the dough to the consistency I like for my biscuits I cracked four eggs and beat them in a bowl. Once the Big Joe was up to temperature I took the eggs and some shredded cheddar cheese and poured them into the cast iron skillet I recently purchased and seasoned. When the eggs were finished I brought them inside. I then rolled out the biscuit dough. After rolling out the biscuit dough I put the fatty on the dough and placed the egg on top of the fatty. I then attempted to roll the biscuit dough around the fatty. This did not go quite as easy as I had hoped and kind of ruined the good presentation that I was going for. However, I was able to get it covered with the biscuit dough, somewhat anyway. Lol. I then took it out to the grill. For some reason I did not even think about using my pizza stone (maybe because it was just too early!) and I just placed it right on the cast iron griddle. However, I thought it turned out well. Overall, I thought it turned out fairly well. It tasted great and I was pleased with how all the ingredients contributed nicely to the overall flavor. Thanks for taking a look. Chuck
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    Ben S

    Ben's No-Knead Loaf #4

    I am skipping #3, it was too dry. I am working on a whole wheat no-knead loaf. I am sure this loaf will taste good, but the oven spring and crumb texture are not right... Mix the following. 50 g starter (100 % hydration) 400 g water Mix Add 475 g whole wheat flour 10 g salt. Mix this all together. Transfer to an oiled container for the bulk rise. This dough took about 18 hrs to double. Shape and proof on a 68 F counter for about 3 hours. Slash and bake. Wow this tastes great! I am eating the first bites while I write this. I am left with a couple questions. 1) would the appearance be better coming out of a proofing basket? 2) would the texture improve from : A)a couple stretch and folds B)higher hydration C)compare AP to WW flour side by side
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    I baked a large potato till fork tender, then smashed it in the cast iron pan, seasoned with S&P, dotted with bits of butter, then covered with grated cheese and chopped onion. Then I put it in the Akorn till hot and browned and then dressed it up with sour cream and bacon bits. This is my favorite potato dish.
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    Many of you know I've kept my first kamado, a Vision Pro S and use it regularly. I recently bought a Joetisserie for use on the Vision and have been learning its characteristics. I've spun a couple of chickens, a turkey breast, even a small beef tenderloin, just to get the hang of it. This is my first "experimental" spin, a 5# pork loin brined in Cajun spices, rubbed with Paul Prudhomme Blackening Spices, and glazed with a mix of red pepper jelly/cider vinegar. The recipe is loosely based on one published by Adam Perry Lang, but has been modified over the course of many cooks. The Brine is apple cider, water, dark brown sugar, salt, garlic and a sachet of Zatarains Crab Boil spices brought to a boil and cooled. The pork loin is refrigerated in the brine about 8 hours, removed, patted dry, and generously rubbed with Chef Prudhomme's Blackening spices. Then onto the spit and spun at 275* to an IT of 130*, removed and glazed with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and Tabasco Hot Red Pepper Jelly. Then returned for about 10 minutes to set and to reach IT of 140*. The meat was removed to a cutting board dressed with EVOO, salt, a squeeze of lemon juice and chopped chives. My wife is not a big fan of pork loin, but she absolutely raved about this prep and cooking method. She wants the same roast next weekend. Thanks for Looking and Happy Cooking.
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    I smoked the 2.75 # Tri tip to ~225 and then rested in foil. Here it is resting-- I cranked up the heat to sear the meat and brown the hot crashers-- Ready to eat now
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    Nothing but the money!

    Made a paste of the jerk seasoning last night for the chops so they were ready when I got home from work today. Put them on a hot grill, hit with sauce near the end and served with a few petite red potatoes and roasted squash. A nice easy meal on a filthy grill.
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    Favorite Store-bought Pasta Sauce

    My wife is Italian and was taught to make sauce by her grandma. It's a fantastic sauce made from scratch. That said we are very busy people and don't often have time for the whole process so we have tried many store brands. My favorites are probably Barilla, Francesco rinaldi, Kirkland marinara. What I've found over the years is many of the store bought sauces can be pretty decent as a base. I often add a few herbs and a bit of sugar and spices to add some flavor and cut down on the acid if the sauce is kind of harsh. You would be amazed how much better a plain jar of store bought sauce is if you just add some fresh herbs. Just seasoning and browning the meat in the same pot the sauce will cook in goes a long way to making it taste that much better.
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    Howdy, Pards! Been wanting to grill a Cauliflower Steak for awhile now. So, why not tonight? Yyyyyeees, Sir, time to get my grill on. In poking around the world wide web, I found a Cauliflower Steak recipe that uses Pesto. Weeeell, I sure ain't wanting to use that jarred stuff that is made in New York City though. 'Ol Marshall Lucky can sure fix up some home made mean mean green Pesto. Let's begin with the ingredients for the Pesto. I used 3 cups organic Basil, 1 cup organic Baby Spinach, 1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese, a few garlic cloves, toasted pine nuts, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Put all of the dry ingredients in a food processor and pulsed til the consistency of a fine chop. Scraped the sides of the bowl, turned the processor on, and then drizzled EVOO into the bowl until it blended into a wet paste of herbal goodness. Added fresh squeezed lemon juice to add a zingy zip, salt to taste, and a final whirl of the processor. Lemon is not a traditional ingredient for Pesto; but what the hay, I think lemon and basil really pair well. Give it a try if ya ain't done it. Cleaned my Cauliflower by taking off the lower leaves and trimmed down the stalk to remove the hard tough end of the stalk. However, it's important to leave enough of the stalk as this is what keeps the florets together so you can carve out them beautiful steaks. Cut the Cauliflower head in half and then sliced off 1.5 inches of each half to get a thick steak. Watch out! I'm a veggie butcher, now. I was able to get a smaller 1 inch steak off one of the halves to give me 3 steaks. I brushed both sides of each steak with the fresh home made mean mean green Pesto while the grill came up to my target temp of 400 degrees F. For this cook, I used indirect heat by placing my diffuser stone in the fire bowl. To round my supper off, I added some yellow squash brushed with EVOO and black pepper, and a couple of pineapple rings. Yyyyyees, Sir! 'Ol Marshall Lucky is a happy boy tonight.
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    The Bread Machine

    Just picked up a new in box early 90's model "The Bread Machine" by Welbilt from a co-worker for $10. Trying a loaf of whole wheat in it now...
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    LG Egg, Table-$450

    Yep, spoke with the guy earlier today... super nice guy! According to the seller, there are ZERO cracks anywhere in the ceramic. Only reason he is selling... he ordered a Caliber Thermashell. I asked him if he's a member here... told me he frequents this forum, but is not an active member. Told him we'd love to have our 1st Caliber owner join in on the conversations and show off his new kamado. Told me he'd give us a whirl after receiving his new kamado.
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    Low and slow flare up

    Basically yes. That extra air stoked the coals. Open the lid, pull the ribs out, close the lid. Foil the ribs then put them back in. Have the lid open for as short of time as possible. After foiling you should have just left it alone. 300* wouldn't have hurt the ribs and if your vents were set right it probably would have slowly drifted back down on it's own.
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    Big Dawg

    Nothing but the money!

    Sous Vide and seared pork chop with strawberries, rosemary garlic potato wedges, bread and beer. Yummmm!
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    New table for Jr

    Decided to hold off on a table for the Big Joe till after we moved, but after having my Akorn table for so long I knew I needed something. Picked up this prep table from Costco for $150 and cut a hole in the top, worked perfect. Will make a few tweaks including a fold out work area on one side and some hangers for accessories on the other side.
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    Chicken Roll

    Ingredients: -Chicken Breasts -Ham -Peppers -Beacon -Cheese Grill at 150C - 300F aprox. 1 hour, indirecct heat in the upper position. Buen Provecho!!!..... :-)
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    LG Egg, Table-$450

    http://sacramento.craigslist.org/hsh/5491225871.html Looks like a good deal, I'd be all over it if I didn't already have 2 cookers.
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    The Bread Machine

    Just a simple loaf of whole grain wheat bread in my 1980's Japanese made Welbilt-The Bread Machine with real butter and the last of my Tupelo Honey
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    The Rib-O-Lator is an awesome appliance! It's not just for ribs, but for a lot of different meats, seafoods, veggies and fruits. It constantly keeps the foods rotating over the direct heat source. Foods on each tray continually baste the foods on the trays below. In my opinion one of the best features of the appliance is it gives you the ability to cook several varieties of foods, and a lot of foods, with one cook. It is adjustable so it can expand for a larger cooking area when the BigJOEtisserie comes out. That is going to make for some kick-@ss cooking!
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    First dry age done!

    Looks beyond fabulous. Well played. Looking forward to further results.
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    John Setzler

    What to do at 80° on March 15?

    My Vulcan is only 900... I feel inadequate
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    Nice fatty. Unique idea with the Biscuit and all. Great entry.
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    Great color, I bet it was good!!
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    LG Egg, Table-$450

    That's a damn good deal right there, good thing I don't live closer. Wife would kill me. haha
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    Ben S

    Joetisserie Cajun Pork Loin on Vision Pro S

    Wow. Looks delicious!
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    Lump Charcoal Question

    Depending on her sense of humor, you could always tell her that you can still use most of the accessories when you upgrade to the KK 32 big bad .
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    That loaf looks pretty good to me. It doesn't have the height of a loaf from a smaller basket but it still looks fantastic. I don't know if the 'oven spring' factor changes a lot in the flavor or texture of the bread or not. It shoudn't have any impact on flavor... maybe some on texture but what you have there looks great. I have a bulk rise going on right now for the sesame seed loaf that is comign up next. The pre-ferment for the cinnamon raisin is also ready and I need to mix up that loaf as well so it can be in the fridge for a few days.
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    Many thanks, DerHusker. This is one of my favorite prep/recipes for pork loin. It adapted very well to the rotisserie.
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    Ben's No-Knead Loaf #4

    Looks pretty good to me
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    It's no wonder that the movie Wizard of Oz keeps popping into my head while reading this thread?
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    I have a 5 burner SS gasser that probably weighs ~275 lbs and a Primo XL (250 lbs) in a table I built and with all the accessories and table, I'm guessing it's close to 350 lbs. We live in a high wind area outside of Denver near the foothills and can get 70-80 mph sustained winds. The gasser is connected to the house with a flexible NG line and when I first got it, it was blown over and pushed away from the house to the extent of the NG line. Now I have I-bolts in the siding and thick rubber bungee cords running between the grill and the I-bolts. The Primo table I built has locking casters and through a 1/2 dozen wind storms including 2 that were 50-60 mph storms, has not moved at all. But now you've got me thinking and I may add some I-bolts to the table as well - better safe than sorry, right?
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    Now I feel lazy, I used the excuse this morning that I only got 5hrs a sleep, and my next group of studs arrives thursday, and I'll be pt everyday. I need to get back on the 25-30mi a week horse
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    Wow. That's a grand slam of flavors. Gorgeous cook. I'd take a big plate of that for breakfast right now. My wife would go bonkers for a dish like that. Great pic's and detailed description, as always. You could seriously make a book.
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    Ben's No-Knead Loaf #4

    Your bread looks great just the way it came out. Thanks.
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    Tres Bon, Chez Jacques!!! Pepper jely is da bomb on pork!!!
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    Ridiculously good looking food.
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    Reef's Herb Garden

    I use two of these and they work great. I have no fence around my garden and the deer will tear it up. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CD3UWPA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00
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    First dry age done!

    Very nice marbling on those steaks.
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    Great looking steaks - yummy.
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    Looks like its just over $1/pound without shipping. Just a bit high but if its high quality .....
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    Gravy on the Akorn?

    I've made gravy from drippings from turkey breast and whole chickens and had no issues at all. I have a KJ Classic and used the deflectors on the x-rack level, on top of that, I put on some copper elbows, then put a pan on top of those. The spacers help keep the pan from absorbing all the heat directly from the deflectors. In the pan, I put some chopped up onions, celery, and carrots, dropped in the then poured in water. I also trim up some of the skin, fat and wing tips, and throw those in the pan. You may have to keep an eye on the water level so that it doesn't get too low, but the broth turns out very good. Strain it out, skim the fat, and you're good to go.
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    Lump Charcoal Question

    I built a special house of Marble for mine and store it in the center room. ( don't we all wish... )
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    Spring has sprung

    After five days of good rain for us (unlike the folks farther east who got way too much) spring is here. I found wildflowers popping up in our backyard. A Texas bluebonnet in front and an Indian paintbrush.
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    The jig is up! Here we are with the reverse. Keep in mind that these are monsters, you see 1/2 of a Primo XL full. Using hickory wood tonight. The sear! I pulled these for the sear at about 105F internal temp. Don't pass out Prime in the front here! Dry aged Prime on the right, choice on the left. Money shots. Dry aged Prime ribeye reverse seared. Choice ribeye reverse seared. And these are my final words. They both had a great tender texture, both tasted amazing, both would do the trick but what I think is obvious from the pictures is that the dry aged Prime had better color and fat distribution, the choice had big hunks of fat that the Prime did not have. I'll add that I paid much more for the dry aged prime so it has to win right? The choice steak tasted amazing and would do the trick any day but I'll pick the dry aged Prime today.
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    Used the smoker with a diffuser finally

    Had purchased a pizza stone one sale a while back to use as a diffuser how ever it only overlapped the supports by one or two mm. I'd been looking in all the various stores that sell BBQ stuff for a Webber grate but short of ordering one in there's nothing in stock. Ordering one in in brings the combined cost up near the cost of an Akorn diffuser. So I bought some steal rods and cut them down to about 15" and laid them down in a triangle on the diffuser supports. Foiled pizza stone Half a Pork sirloin half. It held around 250f and then shot up around 350/375 cooking a little faster than expected, ended up closing the vents and wrapping it in foil and putting it on the top rack while waiting for the rest of our food to cook, coconut rice, steamed green beans and snow peas. Because of the hast I didn't get a pic of the finished product.
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    Aussie Joe

    Nothing but the money!

    Just some scotch fillet for dinner reversed seared
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    Josey Baker Loaf #2 Today I baked loaf #2. I made enough for two loaves this round as one loaf went so fast. This recipe involved a whole wheat pre-ferment and then the next day I added white bread flour to the mix. You will see how it mixed in the dough. It created almost a swirl or tiger print in the dough. This recipe was incredible. After doing loaf #1 I found this loaf to be softer and lighter, more like traditional bread this time. I didn't think loaf one was terribly dense, however, after eating this loaf I believe I am on the right track. The crust was awesome, the inside was perfect!! What I did different this time as well was let it cool for 2 hours before cutting into it. I think this was a big factor in the soft bread!! Man, if I stopped at this point I would be incredibly satisfied with this bread forever.... however, onto loaf #3 I go!!
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    Blackstone pizza oven ????

    On clearance for $100!!!! At that price i would have bought it for a back up and left it in the box. I thought $260 was good.
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    Costco's New Kamado... Pit Boss

    I bought a Vision from Costco about five years ago and truly no regrets. I would, however, hesitate to buy a product like a Kamado, and even certain other items from there, and here's why. I am at a stage of my life where the kids are growing up, the oldest will be on his own, and my purchases from there have drastically declined over the years. Every year when that $55 membership fee comes up, I ask myself if it's really worth it. Then, I think about the kitchen faucets, lighting and door fixtures, and the Kamado that were all purchased there, and realize I need to keep it active, as these are all items that have a good chance of breaking (I've already replaced the faucet in the last three years). So in a sense I am spending $55 a year for an extended service warranty. No necessarily a bad thing, and I do still drive to Costco for items on occasion. You just need to ask yourself if you are really going to need a Costco membership 7-10 years down the road, because that is when you more than likely will need their outstanding return policy.
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    Nothing but the money!

    Some quick grilled chicken with homemade jerk rub and some rainbow roasted vegetables
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    Sous Vide Temperature Charts

    I reference a few different SV temperature charts. Please add any that you have. ChefSteps All meats Egg Calculator Sous Vide Supreme Purdy Serious Eats Beef Chicken breasts Chicken Thighs Sausages Pork Ribs Hamburgers Turkey Douglas Baldwin (lots of scrolling with this one) There are plenty more out there. One issue is that there's very little agreement between the sources. I use them as a reference - pick 2 or 3, compare their settings, and shoot for an average to start. From there, I may tweak the temperature a bit for the next cook. I need to start keeping my own notes so that I can track what we like best.
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    New Orleans Style "Barbequed" Shrimp

    Thank you,thank you, thank you. I followed this recipe pretty much exactly and it was fantastic....just couldn't find shrimp with the head still on. It was fantastic. The next day I made some cheesy grits for an easy shrimp and grits for lunch. We were loving this!!!
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