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    with a candle in it. LOL, she's crazy!!
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    Rob L

    Joe Jr. Visits Yosemite

    Took the Jr with us to Yosemite. Carne Asada worked well on the jr.
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    I trussed them together: Seasoned them with the World's Greatest Rub: Added a Herb Paste: Let the spin begin: Spun to an IT of 135*F: Rested & Carved: I could never ever imagine going back to roasting meats indirect over a heat deflector again...... "Spin It to Win It""!
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    Man oh man my family likes this...

    Which makes it a blast to cook! Just some sausage, potatoes and veggies. Light and healthy weeknight dinner
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    Joetisserie Souvla

    Souvla combines great food, good company, comfort of sitting around the campfire with the theatre of watching flair ups. Ingredients De boned lamb shoulder cut into fist sized pieces, dry brined in salt for 2-4 hours. Wash off salt and marinate overnight in red wine, lime juice, Aussie evoo, garlic & dried oregano. Cooking Arrange pieces on rotisserie basket. Cook over direct heat at 350 F for 2 hours, basting regularly with lime juice, evoo, garlic & oregano Serve With mixed salad, dressed with evoo, salt & balsamic glaze Result Delicious. The best lamb you've ever had. This will change your life!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A Simple Cheese Pie

    Had to clean the grill and needed dinner so I made a nice simple cheese pizza. Had a dough ball in the freezer from the last time I made it. Just some red sauce, fresh garlic, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese. About 500F until it was done. It had a great flavor and a crunchy crust.
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    If you look at the posts on our forum, especially those of folks just getting started in kamado cooking, I think you will find loads of praise and encouragement along with some or a few ideas and suggestions for the next cook. I for one, think change and the motivation for improvement comes from within not without. There are a host of great cooks and food photographers on this forum. Their posts are amazing, popular, and very frequently copied or duplicated. You will see their techniques repeated by a number of members both in cooking and photography. On the whole, I think our forum helps make you a better cook, not by blistering honest harsh critique, but by encouragement and example. I know that while I still have a lot to learn, I have improved measurably through the influence of this forum. Just my two cents.
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    A lot of us are just home cooks, backyard bbq'ers and not sous chefs or executive chefs. So we all post what we can do that makes us and our families happy. If we want harsh criticism, we will try out for Hell's Kitchen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As promised, I did my hibachi style cook, inspired by Wasabi, on the Big Joe with the Reversible Griddle. Big Joe came up to 550F while I prepped the onion, zucchini, carrots, chicken, steak, shrimp, and rice. I broke out the mandolin slicer to thinly slice the zucchini and cut an onion thick a with knife along with a fresh lemon. The carrots were pre-sliced from a bag. First went on the egg fried rice. To keep everything from sticking, some vegetable oil was cut with seasoned stir frying oil and a liberal amount of unsalted butter was used. The egg fried up, was cut into the day old rice, and some thawed peas & carrot mix from the freezer rounded out the rice. Once it was all cooked, some soy sauce was cut in along with a few tbsp of Tonton's Hibachi Sauce. Next the veg went down, in between sessions I'd scrape and re-oil the griddle. The chicken is some split chicken breast, a little butter, fresh lemon juice, and soy/Tonton's. Choice Ribeyes. Shrimp. Let's eat!
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    Many of you have probably seen the Yarnell, "Tender Foot Fire" on the news. It doubled in size Wednesday night and they evacuated Yarnell, Thursday it continued to grow with the winds, and they evacuated "Peeples Valley" the town and area just North of Yarnell. It is about a 45 min drive from Yarnell to where I live on the Western side of Prescott. That translates to about 50 or 60 miles, pretty much all up hill we are at 5,800 ft. They are using the big transport bomber and hitting it as hard as they can. Lots of Hot Shot team vehicles from around the country on the road and around town. Yarnell, as you may remember, is where Prescott's 19 Granite Mountain Hot Shots died a few years ago, fighting a previous fire. Granite Mountain, their name sake" is just a mile to the North of me. The winds are really tricky in Yarnell and the surrounding area, lots of hot desert and mountain slopes with thick sage brush and juniper and serious up drafts. Very craggy place, tough and dangerous. The winds can change direction really quickly causing the fire to move erratically and very fast. Please pray for the firefighters, those folks, men and women, are up against it and in real danger.
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    For those who have young ones treasure the time with them for they grow up so damn fast! My son turned 16 this past Monday, my God how time flies!
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    Akorn Jr Unboxing

    My Akorn Jr arrived today. I wanted to unbox it and check for any defects. I snapped a few pictures along the way. Remember I said just a few. The two boxes The top box was the smoking stone. There was an inner box and custom cut foam. Very good packaging. Opening the main box we have the first layer. 3 legs and a handle. Next is the dome. We then have the ash pan and screw set. The ash pan was sitting in custom formed Styrofoam. Under that is a box of parts (leg holders, handles, top vent etc...), that is sitting in the firebox inside the base. The box of parts. Pull that out is some more Styrofoam with the main grate underneath. Well that's all I have. Sorry I should have take picture of the main parts. I did this just to check for defects which there were none. I then put it all back into the box and in the closet. It'll stay there until vacation or maybe later this weekend if I just can't control myself - LOL Reef's Bistro
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    How about reversing this? If anyone wants advice on plating or improving the look of their food, they can ask for constructive tips? As long as we respect eachother and deliver messages in a positive manner, those of us looking to improve our skills can get feedback in a positive manner?
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    Ben S

    What if it doesn't look good?

    I think we all support and encourage each other. I will admit my food has been labeled as "ugly but good" more often than not. If you don't like it, feel free not to comment.
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    (1) This is a Forum, NOT a web-site. (2) I look at a lot of plated food photos on this Forum, and I can honestly say I can't recall any that were "genuinely bad". Some are better than others, but not many, if any have been really bad! (3) I don't feel that the presentation is that big of a deal. I'm more interested in the actual cook rather than an artsy farsty looking plate. (4) Anyhoo, just my observation..
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    Stuffed Thighs

    Skinless, boneless, thighs, stuffed with provolone cheese and Canadian bacon. Served on a bed of bow ties with Spaghetti sauce and some grated Asagio cheese. . Thigh pounded flat with provolone and Canadian bacon. . Roll them up, tie them off. Coat in oil and Italian seasonings. . On Prometheus (16.5" KK) with Grill Grates at 400*. . Served on a bed of bow ties with Spaghetti sauce and some grated Asagio cheese. . Although the prep took a few minutes the cook itself was fairly quick and easy. Yummy. Reef's Bistro
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    Hey All, New from California

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking around here the past few weeks and thought I outta say hi! I just bit the bullet and bought a Pit Boss Kamado from Costco this past week. Still haven't managed to cook anything on it, but I've been playing around with adjusting the temperatures while I wait for my spider and ceramic stones to arrive from ceramicgrillstore. Prior to this I'd only used an older Brinkmann cylinder (a slightly nicer model than the ECB) which I'd gotten off craigslist for cheap. Reading a lot of the guides and tips around here is what led me to finally getting one so thanks for all the advice!
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    If a dish or cook isn't my cup of tea I read it and move on, I don't compliment every dish or cook. To me personally it's fun and enjoyable to compliment someone on a cook they took the time to share with the group if I honestly like the concept and/or the execution and/or the plating of the cook. I haven't seen a "laughably foul" cook on here. I have seen some posts where a dish was obviously cooked with love and pride and in that case who the hell am I to come on here and post a negative comment on someone's cook. IMHO it's better to not say anything at all if I don't like a dish because I know I'd be angry if I took the time to document my cook and share it with other Kamado aficionados and enthusiasts only to log on later and see someone criticise some small factor of my cook. I'd probably be less likely to share my cooks and I bet others would too and then I'd probably quit coming to this wonderful site and then I'd be less of a cook if I or others thought like you did. I'm also a firm believer that we all get better when some of the real superstars post great cooks on here and newbies and less imaginative cookers like myself see great cooks and become inspired to try it ourselves. I truly hope your idea doesn't become the norm here, this site wouldn't be the same and that would be a shame.
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    Maiden Voyage

    Finally got to try out the new Pit Boss last night! Some burgers and 3 steaks. Turned out well considering I don't have the gasket and searing grill in place yet. But, got a lot to learn. Finding quality meat around here is problematic!
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    Pizza Pizza

    Tried a new dough recipe tonight. It's a keeper. Pie turned out great.
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    I understand chilibean what you saying.. But i don't think anyone wants to discouraged a guru for there cooks.. If you want ask a person for a true advice. Im sure there's a guru would honestly give you tips on how to make a nice plated shot. I've seen many on here get better and better with there pics. My suggestion to you is look at pics and get idea how you want your cook to look like. Also the web for food images can greatly help you decide on a perfect pic. I will be glad to help you, as i know ckreef will to. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    Generally encouragement is a better tool than breaking down ones presentation. Most people post their food without thought of presentation. I look past the presentation and try to see the food for what it is rather than what it looks like. The challenge series is a bit more about presentation (in my mind anyway). People are voting on a picture and some never read the cook threads. I try and make my pictures as pleasing to the eye as possible. I have pm'ed members with ideas on how they could make there pictures more appealing. These are members who I've know (on the forum) for a while and who I thought would take my ideas as constructive criticism not bashing. I also thought a pm was more appropriate. We have had a food photography thread or two in the past. Reef's Bistro
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    Serious Fire, just down the road

    Thanks for the update, keeper! Prayers are already being said for all involved.
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    Pork Barrel BBQ Seasoning and Rub

    I got the chance to season up a rack of ribs today, and followed s similar route as you mentioned. I sprinkled them with a light dusting of Kinders BBQ rub, which has some cane sugar, and then sprinkled with the Pork Barrel Rub. Sorry, no pic of the finished product, but they were very tasty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Decided To Make A Change

    About 14 months ago, I woke up and realized that I had gone from just over 200 (~90kg) to nearly 280 (~128kg) and that I was tired of being fat. For the first month, it was all diet and then I slowly added exercise in to my routine. I spent many hours on the bicycle and some time last summer, I changed from tired of being fat to tired of being out of shape. Just before last memorial day, I picked up a lightly used road bike and put about 2000 miles on it in the last year. Once it started getting dark earlier, I joined a gym and have been lifting 4x a week since October. During this period, I have lost and kept nearly 50 pounds off, gained a good bit of strength, and been told by my family doctor that I am in the best shape he has seen me in for at least the last decade. There is no real point to this thread, besides being happy that I am well on my way to my goal and my doctor made my day. Anyway, here is a pic of my progress so far. And a few pics from the bike which I need to update. http://wastedspace.org/the-first-1500/ Thanks.
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    Table Build!

    Have wanted to build a table for a while, and finally cashed in some Lowes gift cards I had saved up! Used all cedar. Still planning on staining with a semi-gloss clear coat for protection. Took about 5 hours. Dimensions are 72", 32" deep, and 40" tall. I'm 6'5", so I wanted it a bit taller than most tables. The casters brought it to the perfect height. We used the Akorn brackets that came with the cart model to mount. Simply covered them up w/ front and back table boards after anchoring it. I used 15 12'x4"x1"s, and cut them to length however needed. The numbers worked in my favor. 3 foot tall (plus casters), 6 foot long, etc. Everything was a pretty easy cut. Total for 15 boards, a box of 350 stainless steel screws, and 4 casters was right at $280. Priced about $100 more than I was expecting, but I think we used great quality stuff so hopefully it pays off. Onto the pics! For some reason photos will not upload, but here is the album link! Sorry...http://imgur.com/a/kOMs4
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    Kamado Joe Smasher

    I havent done a smash burger in a while so since my boy Ozzie requested it why not. We had burgers with John Henry's Mojave garlic pepper butter based rub, this is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Along with the burgers we had some hot dogs. The burgers just had some mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. Here's a few pics. https://vimeo.com/170253015 https://vimeo.com/170253067 Money shot!! I used the Primo griddle I didn't feel like opening the KJ griddle yet. Thanks.
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    Just got these and have used them once. Their information sheet says they are suitable for all types of hot item handling; Oven, BBQ, Welding, Fireplace, Campfire. They are soft pliable but have more cushion and bulk than pit mitts. They are made of a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend Inner liner, with a 100% Kevlar / Aramid outer shell and 100% pure Silicone grip strips. Their info says they are EN407 Certified, Extreme Heat and Fire Resistance of 932 degrees fahrenheit. Their info says they are made of the same materials as Fire Fighters gloves. Their information also says they are level 3 cut resistant fiber with Silicone non slipe grips. Their info says to pull them off by pinching the fingertips to insure the multi layers extend all the way to the tip for a good fit. In use, I found them very heat resistant. I was able to pick up a hot CI pan off a 450 degree grill grate after it had cooked for well over an hour. Easily carried it to the kitchen and felt no urgency to set it down. The gloves go on a bit tight at first and then loosen up. They are, IMO, very flexible, and provide equal or greater heat resistance to both pit mitts and heavy leather welders gloves. They cost close to $40 on amazon. At this point after one cook, I really like them and find them worth the money. They give me confidence that I can pick pretty much anything out of my grill and move it around. Their video shows a guy picking up a burning log from a fire pitt. I will continue to add to this review as I continue to use them.
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    Baby Back Maniac


    This cook was a test. I wanted to see which one my wife likes better. On the left, S&P only. On the right, S&P plus garlic. I also tried a tip I got from John on his KJ channel about using a little cayenne pepper (...which he got from one of APL's books.) This picture makes me laugh...it looks like the cover of a Weber cookbook or something. :-) I didn't know if my wife would like it because she's not a huge heat fan, but it turns out it wasn't hot and she LOVED it...much better than the S&P by itself. SaveSave
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    Oly Smokes

    Just a little bit pork.

    So here they are all 5 butts after I trimmed most of the fat caps off and rubbed down with Oakridge BBQ "sweet dominator rib rub". So in total this should be between 40-45 pounds of pork. Should be enough now.
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    Hello from Colorado

    Hello from sunny Denver, Colorado! I just got my first Kamado grill yesterday, an Akorn, and I'm already obsessed with it. Have not had a chance to do anything but hot dogs on it so far, but looking forward to doing a pork butt and some ribs ASAP, not to mention some pizza. I have a little experience with side box smokers, but have always found that they are a huge pain to manage. So far, the Akorn seems like a different beast entirely. Anyway, looking forward to learning from everyone here and posting some of my creations as I figure out what I'm doing.
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    I like a KJ loaded

    Dont you just like the way a loaded grill looks:) This was last nights dinner it was simple and fun. Please feel free to post your loaded down grill pics!
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    Like mentioned above we encourage and learn from each other that's what makes this one heck of a BBQ forum. I can easily say that I have posted some pretty bad plated shots but honestly I look forward to what everyone else has to say about techniques and flavor so my next cook could that much better. Dang l like this forum!!!!
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    Smoking lamb chops?

    Daniel, I get most of my meat at Cost Co and the lamb chops they have available are usually pretty thick. As such, they lend them selves to a rare cook. They are really good when rare but IMO loose their tenderness when cooked medium. Ausie Joe gave me some tips and I started using racks of lamb cut into individual riblet chops prior to cooking. At my house, they have become the lamb go to. Because they are thin, and have a little more fat, they cook very quick and come out perfect. Kind of like a chicken thigh as compared to a breast. One of my wife's favorite dishes and she requests it often. Here is a pic to show you the cut and the finished product. I trim off a little fat and use a boning knife to slip in-between the ribs. Really easy prep, actually Once cut I slather the riblets with olive oil and a liberal amount of rub. I have tried several of my own home made rubs, but to tell you the honest truth, McCormick Roasted Garlic Herb blend is the family favorite. A match made in heaven. I usually grill up some green onions, tomatoes, peppers, and the like to make a nice platter. A rack of lamb at Cost Co is usually about 17 to 20 bucks depending on the weight. Any time we feel like chops, this is what we cook.
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    What a great day! It was long and tiring but great none the less. Here's just a couple of pics from the day.
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    What if it doesn't look good?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And that's all I have to say about that.
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    Akorn Junior is coming back!

    This was Char-Griller's reply: "Good afternoon. Unfortunately the website states there is a 2-3 day processing time frame. When FED EX picks it up then it is another 2-3 business days time frame." Sucks they couldn't be more accomodating. If I had ANY idea that 2-day shipping would take 7 days and miss the weekend I wouldn't have coughed up an extra $20 to have it "expedited..." I order a LOT online, and when someone pays double or more for priority 2-day shipping it 9/10 times ships out that day if not the very next day.
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    JoeTisserie Compatible Basket?

    Thanks Andy. Between you and Jack I don't know how I have any money leftover to buy the food I'm trying to cook.
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    Akorn Junior is coming back!

    Just received my jr. Ordered it this past Monday evening.
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    Pork Belly

    Having the inlaws over on Saturday for a BBQ and plan on doing burgers and dogs, and possibly a brisket. I was at the local Asian market yesterday and they had some pork belly that looked phenomenal! I saw the buns they use for pork buns and the gears started working. I picked up a pack of them for a test run. The wife made some bang bang shrimp and I improvised. Needless to say, the buns are really good. Now my question is, does anyone have any experience with pork belly? I plan to hit it with some smoke at about 275 for maybe an hour, then wrap in foil for another hour to finish it. I'm thinking about doing this the night before and resting in the fridge over night then slicing and braising to get a nice caramelization. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Here's a picture of the buns from last night...
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    I actually like this version better. The slime was really only an issue with one of the bodies, so I think it’s a reflection of how well I rinsed out the body before grilling. I’m definitely doing this again, so we’ll see.
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    Akorn Junior is coming back!

    Not sure if it's the same lady, Denise, but she just emailed me the tracking number. I politely explained the situation in a response back to her, guess I'll see where it leads. I don't feel like asking for a reimbursement for the difference from ground to 2-day shipping is out of line given the circumstances. Either that or a free cover, roughly the same cost. Kinda ticked they don't have the Smokin' Stone or the JR cover listed, I would have ordered them. Now I will have to place a separate order and pay another shipping charge for them.
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    Started off with a 25 oz porterhouse. Seasoned it with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. Smoked it. Seared it. Ate it. It was delicious.
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    Akorn Junior is coming back!

    Just got off the phone with chargriller customer service. My Akorn Jr is scheduled to deliver today - Yay. I told her there was a bunch of us that never received a Shipping confirmation. She said they did have a problem with that but thought it was fixed. She is going to contact the IT guys and let them know there is still a problem. She did mention they had boxed up and shipped a bunch of them this week. Just call the customer service number on your payment confirmation and they'll let you know when it is due to arrive. When it arrives make sure you register it on their website just in case a warranty claims need to be made. She also mentioned they only have 2,000 units and they are flying off the shelves. They weren't expecting that. Reef's Bistro
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    I think what makes this so attractive is the amount of real estate for cooking, this is primarily a griller, not a smoker, so there are a number of things a Kamado can do that this can't, but if someone said they needed a dozen tri tips along with some grilled veggies done up for the company picnic, heck, I'd take this griller over just about anything else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk It does have a fair amount of real estate, but even when he was cooking for approximately 20 people the other weekend it filled up real fast. They had to light their other grill to compensate. The dimensions on this one might be different but I was surprised at the difference in how many people you can feed cooking traditional “grilled” foods. I'm so used to bbq now when I'm going to feed a crowd and you can feed that many people easy with a big brisket and a big pork butt as your mains which I could cook in my akorn no problem. (i can't even imagine how much bbq I could cram into my kk if I wanted to!) when it was all said and done my bil only had one piece of chicken left (and I dont think people were eating insane amounts like sometimes they do). That being said, I can't imagine a grill having better space than this one. He pretty much cooked his food all over pecan wood (yay!) With no charcoal so it had a fairly strong taste. I did have to wince when he doused it all in lighter fluid as I was certain I would taste it hit surprisingly I couldn't taste any chemically flavor.
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    Save that photo. It's precious.
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    Facebook is changing the world

    Facebook is responsible for the further demise of our society! Don't know about where everyone here is from, but you can't go a block without passing a dozen people with their faces in their phones! I know I am being somewhat of a hypocrite for saying that, but it's true.
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    A. Jr, goes on Honeymoon

    Of course I had to take Jr on my Honeymoon since for the first 4 nights we are staying in a cabin. The small honeymoon cabin with Jr and the horse under an easy up. Night 1 (last night) we had shrimp stuffed with crab bomb. I started with 5 count shrimp. Yup 5 shrimp weighing one pound. When we saw these at the store my son thought they were small lobster tails - LOL Here they are stuffed with just a little less than one pound of crab bomb. Cooked on A. Jr, direct at 375* for 18 mins. Served with lemon, garlic, butter green beans also cooked on Jr. In the rush to get a good plated picture I forgot to take a grill picture. This was by far the best stuffed shrimp I have ever had. The shrimp was cooked perfect and the crab bomb was well, the bomb. Stay tuned for three more nights of cooks on A. Jr. Only the best for my sweetie.
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