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    On behalf of Kamado Guru and the Moderator team, I would like to welcome @ckreef to the moderator team here at Kamado Guru!
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    Wish I could take credit for these, but this one of the Assistant Scout Masters creations, he made these on a campout a few months ago and I was not there. Fortunately I did not miss the last campout. He uses two grilled cheese sandwiches for the buns and 2 1/4lb smash burger patties along with some bacon. So that is 4 slices of bread, 4 slices of cheese, bacon and a few other condiments. Simply awesome.
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    Rob L

    Kamado Joe Jr wood cart build

    After stooping all day on July 4, I decided to build a wood cart for the Jr out of construction lumber. The materials included 4x4's, 2x4's, 6ft cedar fence slats, corner joists, L-brackets and some casters. The build isn't finished but is well underway. My goal was to build a wood cart that would house the Jr & metal stand so I can grab and go. I'll be finishing the removable table top soon.
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    Welcome CKREEF to the Moderator Team

    He was but only for the Challenge forum. He is now a mod for the entire site so thread carefully!
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    Aussie Joe

    Nothing but the money!

    Ribeyes Outback Kamado Bar and Grill[emoji621]
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    Dawn is here!!!!

    Well the wife and I have added another cooker to our location. Here she is, we named her "Dawn" very nice been running her since yesterday Sent from my iPhone 6 using Tapatalk
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    My recent cooks!

    Hey Guru's. It didnt happen if there are no pics right? Even though I havent posted in a while, here are some pics from a few recent cooks Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
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    the dane

    Ok first pizzas were great

    One thing is, i was told too leave the stone on the Akorn, but how do i move the pizza to the stone? I ended up using 2 stones cold on a hot grill! Was a good night sat outside drank beers and port and wine and watched Armagedon on the tv with the wife Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    New Kamado user

    Been using weber smokey mountains and kettles for years and quite happy with them. I stumbled upon a KJ road show at costco and came home with a classic joe. Have a brief experience with a full size acorn,. Returned it but have another in a box.
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    prime rib for tonight!

    Just finished this cook. Posting a couple of pics while it rests. Cooked at 300, letting the HeaterMeter do all the work Giving it some reverse sear lovin!
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    2016-2017 NFL Pick'em Pool!

    what the heck, I just signed up to give it a shot.
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    FireDisc Grill Review and Demo

    When I tried these, I did boneless breasts at 149 for an hour which is our preferred temp/time. I wonder if the texture of 145 chicken would work well with a fry. I'd think, if you like the 145 texture, give that a shot.
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    John, should I test ckreef just to make sure he got it in him? Lol..
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    Poke Chops

    So are they called "poke chops" for a reason? They sure look good!
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    Welcome CKREEF to the Moderator Team

    Couldn't happen to a better poster, congrats!
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    Sous Vide Pork Loin

    Sous Vide Pork Loin The new Anova was going to get its chance at a meat meal. In rummaging in the freezer I found a 2.75 lb boneless pork loin which was then conventionally thawed. Lucky for me the vacuum seal package I did for the pork when it went in the freezer was too long. Which was nice as all I did was trim off the seal to season the pork and then vacuum/reseal the same bag. Time for a simple low maintenance cook while we were busy around the house. The loin was rubbed with butter, spritzed with Lea & Perrins and liberally dusted with Montreal Chicken seasoning. Marinated in the fridge for a couple of hours after vacuuming and sealing. Processed at 140 degrees cold from the fridge for 3 hours. This gave a “medium” cook result. 2.5 hours got the meat to 135 degrees so it got 30 more minutes to get closer to 140. One can definitely see that food items that are thick take extra time. The loin was 3 inches thick, 4 inches wide, and 7+ inches long. The loin was dried off after removal and browned in a hot pan on the stove. It was so juicy, tender, and flavorful through-out that we did not bother with a pan sauce from the liquid in the pouch – but the juice was delicious and was saved as a basis for a sauce for the leftovers. It is a different look and feel to the meat with a very uniformly cooked cross section. Kinda looked like ham when cooked to medium temperature, which on the first bite or two tends to fool the eye/taste relationship and expectations. No, it's not a canned ham. LoL It did make for a good and tasty “hands-off” meal. Searing on the Kamado with a hand full of wood pellets tossed on the fire for a burst of smoke would have made it even better.
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    Thick Teriyaki Sesame Chop.....

    Looks mighty tasty
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    My recent cooks!

    I just bought a packaged tandoori spice rub, then mix it with veg oil, cilantro, yogurt and a shot of white rum. Tandoori spice rub has about 50 spices in it so its just simpler to buy and modify to taste.
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    Welcome CKREEF to the Moderator Team

    Ditto - are going to make Skreef address in a manner fitting of your new position?
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    Welcome CKREEF to the Moderator Team

    Welcome aboard Charles!!! Your a heck of a cook and you've always been a awesome member of the Guru. Welcome aboard buddy! Join in on the fun and take this months What's your ''Beef!'' challenge.
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    Stile 88

    Welcome CKREEF to the Moderator Team

    Wtg ck and congrats on your promo .keep up the excellent job you are doing in the forum
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    TY for the warm welcome. More than happy to help out anyway I can.
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    Hey, Ck, glad to have you with us, of course you know having a beautiful wife, helped in the selection process. Look forward to working with you buddy, congratulations.
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    Beef ribs using a smoking pot!

    I like it a lot for long cooks. Sweeter tasting smoke in my opinion.
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    FireDisc Grill Review and Demo

    Excellent review, John. I'm looking forward to your fried chicken review. The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned fried chicken was the ChefSteps recipe for sous vide prepared/oil fried finish fried chicken. I tried it here and we both loved it. Maybe a good way to incorporate your sous vide cooker and the Fire Disc in yet another great video. Another excellent video for the library. Thanks, John.
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    First Breakfast Cook - Biscuits (part 2)

    Great way to start the day
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    Thick Teriyaki Sesame Chop.....

    Great food as always Andy!
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    Well done...and well communicated...Thanks for sharing...I have a Weber Kettle and Weber Smokey Mountain meeting the same fate...
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    Aussie Joe

    Chicken thigh potato bake

    I was going to cook some thighs and Dee wanted to do a potato bake so I thought why not do them together the bake made up I got Ora up to 350f and crisped up some bacon I sprinkled some of this on the thighs with some rub and gave them a quick browning on goes the bake for half an hourthen I put the thighs on topscattered the bacon and some more rub looking readyand platedtasted good even have leftovers Outback Kamado Bar and Grill[emoji621]
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    Aussie Joe

    Thick Teriyaki Sesame Chop.....

    Seriously have to get hold of some peach rub Outback Kamado Bar and Grill[emoji621]
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    I like the idea of the brat gravy, I always use venison sausage but since I used my last pack this week I might just have to use this as a replacement!
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    FireDisc Grill Review and Demo

    Great review. Love the speed that machine is able to get dinner on the table. Will have to check them out and maybe add to the cooking arsenal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Aussie Joe

    Can't get enough!

    They turned out great Outback Kamado Bar and Grill[emoji621]
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    Thick Teriyaki Sesame Chop.....

    Looks scrumptious!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flank on the Q

    Looks delicious! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Thick Teriyaki Sesame Chop.....

    That was a great looking chop!
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    Dawn is here!!!!

    Looks like you guys are super happy and that's what is important!
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    My recent cooks!

    Was that tandoori chicken I see?
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    My recent cooks!

    Great looking cooks. You have been a busy boy. That picture of the pulled pork would make a great jigsaw puzzle. Thanks for sharing.
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    My recent cooks!

    you've been busy w/ your kamado, nice pics of your cooks.
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    Dawn is here!!!!

    Nice smoker. I finished reading Aaron Franklins book a few months ago, got to admit it made me want to fire up my offset, but I took a couple of aspirin and shook it off. There is something relaxing when keeping an offset going all day. If you haven't read his book I highly recommend it, this is coming from a guy that is not a big book reader. Awesome read.
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    Baby Back Maniac

    Dawn is here!!!!

    Gonna be honest...that's the manliest thing I've heard today. (*grunts like Tim the Toolman)
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    Top Damper Adjustment

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    Sauce on gasket

    Can't really tell exactly what kind of wound you have in your gasket. i have cut a small section out of my gasket and then glued in a patch. It actually worked very well. If your grill, however, continues to hold temp and shut down when you close the vents. I would just cook on it. Stuff happens when you cook. The only way to keep your grill constantly clean and perfect is to refrain from cooking on it. Poor choice in my book. Happy cooking.
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    Mr Cue

    Dawn is here!!!!

    Yes, want to see more cooks! Congrats.
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    JoeTisserie bad smoke

    Got around to doing more chicken on the JT. I first tried to use the woo2 to hold a drip pan on a smokey joe grate, but there wasn't enough clearance (the chicken legs would have flopped into the water in the pan). I then banked the coals to the front and back. It seems the coals roll down into the center on their own, but there was always a hot fire in the center. Threw one apple wood chunk in the hot part and put 2 costco chickens on the JT. Did it at cooler temps (dome 325) and it took about 1:45. The apple smoke smelled good, and when it started dripping it never made smoke worse than a gas grill. Chicken tasted like applewood, and the juices (which had the worst of the bad smoke) had a little grease smoke taste similar to gas grill. Chickens were juiciest I've done. Next time I'll probably use the weber charcoal holder thingies to keep the center of the bottom of grill clear but overall much much better. I think biggest part was lower temp and hot fire in center (instead of cold charcoal getting soaked in grease then later making really bad smoke).
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    Grill Grates question

    Great Aussie saying mate!
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    New Vision Pro S Owner

    One of my favorites is asparagus. Just olive oil and balsamic coat in a dish for a few minutes, cracked sea salt and lay them on the grate until cooked. I can eat them like candy. Got out for 10 miles slow run in the hurricane this morning. Just blowy, nothing severe. But beat the next bands of rain that lasted all day .
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    Chicken thigh potato bake

    Looks fantastic, nice creativity.
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    Don't over think it dude, just start cooking.
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