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    I can call it done now that I got the Primo in there. I had to build a bigger shop so I turned this one into an outdoor/indoor kitchen for winter.
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    Can't believe this Primo!

    Coming from an Akorn, I can't believe how easy this XL is to control. It's like getting out of a Pinto (for anyone that remembers those) and climbing in a Rolls-Royce.
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    Rotisserie chicken

    Today I brushed some chickens with melted duck fat, the coated places 1 tsp of Joes poultry seasoning and rubbed on breast under skin, then coated skin with mixture of baking power with joe poultry seasoning and then put 1 tsp of poultry seasoning inside the cavity. I used some sugar maple wood for the smoke. Very happy with result. 2nd Last photo was just before removing spit from Joetisserie. Final picture all 3 chickens carved. Now off to my wife's sisters place,
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    Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

    I finally got to do a Lamb Shoulder today and I think this is something I will be doing on a regular basis. it turned out perfect!! I used a basic rub of freshly chopped mint, parsley, salt and pepper and chucked it with garlic and rosemary. after 2 hours I put some warm water in my pan with a heap of fresh herbs and wrapped it in foil and cooked it for another 3.5 hours. Thanks for your input Alimac23!
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    New Vision Classic B owner

    My Akron has given me many a good cooks. I started out with it thinking I wanted to re-start a hobby I had years ago. Turns out I really enjoyed it, had many successful cooks and I learned a lot from this forum, thank you all! I really wanted a ceramic grill when I bought the Akron, but just couldn't justify the money starting out. A ceramic was always in my thoughts tho, I just wanted to make sure I was really into this again. I did my homework on what my next grill would be. I thought long and hard about a Joe.....if I were younger yes that would be the one. Craftsmanship, price and warranty can't be beat! It would well outlive me, but I went with the Vision Classic B and not the pro. I would never use the electric start and would have the air leaks that would be needed to be sealed up. I think the ash clean up would be easier, but I'll deal with this one as needed. My sister and strong nephew helped me get this home from wal mart. I got the grill and Vision lava stone for $686 including tax. The grill comes with a cover. My nephew had to leave, so I put the stand together. I had to put a washer on one of the wheel studs to get all 4 wheels to touch ground without rocking. Have a friend coming over tomorrow to help set grill in the stand. Looking forward to many a good cooks to come! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Overnight Pulled Pork

    I have a bunch of guys coming over tomorrow to check out my fishroom, and I just started 16 pounds of pork shoulder to serve tomorrow. I can't wait.
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    Easiest part of my day.

    Little rib action while hanging with the kids and other adult responsibilities.
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    Surf and turf supper tonight

    we had a surf and turf supper tonight. Ribeyes, Lobster tails and potatoes covered with olive oil and sea salt. All done on the Akorn. First time to ever cook lobster, and it won't be the last!
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    Overnight Pulled Pork

    I belong to a few local Washington DC tropical fish clubs/societies. One of which is a local chapter of the American Killiefish Association (www.aka.org). Today, I hosted the Chesapeake Area Killiefish Club; we had 18 attendees at the meeting from VA, MD, PA, NJ, and NC. Each month a local club member (me for February) hosts a monthly meeting/gathering at their home for fellow hobbyists to talk “shop” about all things killiefish related. Yes…. we really are a bunch of fish geeks. Most tropical fish hobbyists don’t have one tank, they usually have many. In my case, I’m currently running about 28 tanks or so water and fish, with room to bring online another 10 or 12 tanks if I need to. So the room in which these fish are kept is just simply known as a fishroom. Fellow hobbyists in Europe have external insulated shed or similar small structures for which they call fishhouses, got to love that. I’m glad I cooked 16 pounds of pork, since we consumed 10+ pounds for lunch. And my wife and kids love extra BBQ pulled pork Here are few pictures to give you an idea of my craziness… technically one room, plus a small utility room, so technically I have two fishroom.
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    Dem Bones!

    First cook in awhile, my Super Bowl cook...cherry and apple wood. Love the color! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rocking Santoku plus extras

    Adding to my collections. Miyabi 7" rocking santoku. Small Hinoki board. Strip LED's for the soon to be lighted knife bar. These Miyabi knives come in really nice foam formed boxes.
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    New Hinge in Action on the Big Joe

    Came across this video while perusing the interwebs and thought y'all might like to see. Not sure if the design has changed much since this video was published, but definitely looks like a nice new feature. I've only had my Big Joe for a few days and have no issues with the weight of the lid, but I can certainly see the appeal. https://www.youtube.com/embed/mNucqbs_CEk
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    John Setzler

    First Shot at Sushi

    I spent a little time this morning practicing rolling sushi with some luck. I think I can do this... even better with a little more practice. I have some fun ideas I want to try...
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    The wife is away

    So, first the bad. I totally overshot my target temp of 120 prior to searing and it ended up around 140 [emoji47]. I was debating about even searing it but decided what the hell. Now the good. Even though it was closer to well done it still came out delicious. Like damn. Next time I will see if they have a thicker cut. This one was more towards 3/4 of an inch. The sear from the grill grate was fantastic! The only downfall is if I wanted to do more than one steak I would have to sear them one at a time. Maybe it's time to get the half moon KJ CI griddle for my classic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The random pictures thread...

    Husker loves it here.
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    Ben S

    Rehandleing a kitchen knife.

    Ok. I popped off the rivets and am trying to figure out how much steel to remove. This is new. I will tape the blade to protect me from it and it from me. Then using cheap bits on my drill press I went right through the rivets. Next I am trying to mark up how much of the full tang to cut out and how I will do it. This knife is stainless steel.
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    Overnight Pulled Pork

    I don't know I would call that an aquarium room Sent from my SM-G360T1 using Tapatalk
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    New Vision Classic B owner

    You will enjoy for Vision Classic B. I have had mine for 5 years now.
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    Likes Big Butts

    Can this be for real?

    Thing I can't figure out is why anyone would pay $650 for one of these. I mean, no offense to anyone who did but there are certainly cheaper options out there. Hope I get one even though I don't need it, I can set it up semi permanent like on my table for a sear grill while cooking on my Akorn and use the Jr for "other" and "travel" purposes.
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    8 hours in. Pit temp is equal to the flame boss 200.
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    Overnight Pulled Pork

    Nope, that's a good guess, nothing to do with ice fishing and in DC that's more like hypothermia swimming w/ our temps
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    Have done a couple cooks so far. Did the Spatchcock Chicken. Just did a simple rub, cooked over direct heat and turned out awesome! But the real winner so far has been a Peach Rosemary Pork Tenderloin that I watched a video John Setzler had on the Brine, Rub and Glaze. Holy cow was one of the best things ever! Highly recommend you all trying it. Only thing I would have done different is get a bit more "char" in that phase of the cook. I was afraid of it being burnt or tasting burnt....but it was not at all, the char was delicious!
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    Aussie Joe

    The random pictures thread...

    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Aussie Joe

    The random pictures thread...

    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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