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    Ben S

    Just the best beef ribs EVER!

    Maybe my title exaggerated, but the ribs tasted great. I am my own worse critic and I am very happy. I picked up beef back ribs at WholeFoods on sale for $2/lbs. several cryovac four bone sections went into my freezer. The first one came out yesterday. After thawing overnight in the fridge I coated the rack with Oakridge Black Opps rub and into the Joe Jr for about 6 hrs @ 300 F. The ribs probed tender, so I pulled them off. They were amazing. Big beefy flavor. I am constantly impressed with Oakridge rubs. And now for the pics pics you have all been waiting for... if this is the restaurant grade, I can't wait to see big block! 3 hrs in 5.5 hrs into the cook. mouthwatering!! another happy customer.
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    Cornish Game Hens. Easy, tasty, and fun to plate. These were cooked sitting on grate, indirect, 325-350 for 40 minutes or so. Used KJ Poultry seasoning and sprayed with grape seed oil before and once while cooking...would usually use EVO but thought I would try this instead. Very pleased with outcome !
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    Next big project done at the new house.

    I knew this had to be done, several sections were like foam board and being held up by trees. After countless hours spent negotiating with the neighbors, getting bids and comparing them I finally got this done. A new fence! It looks awesome and Mrs philpom is very happy with it. 6" Western Red Cedar grade #1 2Face Western Cedar 2x4 rails Heavy gauge poles 2x6 pressure treated kick board (rated ground contact - pine) All wood was pre-dipped in an oil stain prior to the fence being assemble Stainless steel nails Strong Tie hardware J & J Fencing Pros LLC - Jim and Jeremy measured for the bid and Jim and Jeremy removed the old and installed my new fence themselves in 3 days. Awesome, had to drop their company name. The fence has a lifetime warranty and might outlast me. Before: After: One neighbor offered to pay 1/2 for his section and did, 1 neighbor said he would chip in so waiting, 1 neighbor was no go.
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    So if you don't know already, Troy is a fairly popular Youtuber in the cooking/bbq world. He runs a channel called "T-roy Cooks." Last weekend I got a chance to go to Troy's house and meet him and his wife Karen in person. I'm a big fan of his so it was awesome to be invited. He introduced me to some of his local youtube buddies and we cooked some briskets. Here’s some pictures. We basically recreated that experiment that Franklin did a few years ago. Troy got 3 prime graded briskets and we he cooked one in foil, one in butcher paper paper, and one uncovered the entire time and then we all voted on the one we liked the best. They all turned out fantastic! This is James from AimEm and ClaimEm Smokers (youtube channel and bbq team)…and yes, I only have this one shirt. lol Tom from Tom’s Test Kitchen This is me with “Bessy Dressy” and her husband Joseph. Joseph and Troy met at a youtube thing and hit it off. Nice guy. her channel is HUGE for only being 2 years old. “Meating of the Minds” (See what I did there? lol) Her channel is about health and beauty but they were up for some bbq. The brisket turned out amazing! This has got to be the most famous loaded Witchita on the planet, right? Chillin’ out I like this one I gotta admit. This youtube thing sorta blows my mind. I've had some really cool opportunities to do some really fun stuff. I’m very thankful. Troy and Karen are as nice as can be…exactly like they seem in their videos. Here's a little video I made about my experience with some of the behind the scenes stuff…some of it is kinda funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhEiq7Rk8uw Youtube link edited by John Setzler -
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    First (real) steaks.

    I haven't *really*. Cooked steaks since getting into kamado cooking. I suppose this was for a variety of reasons. One I was in a very experimental mood for cooking and was so excited to cook new things with my new kamado(es). Two, I have been so impressed with my results on other cuts-particularly tri tip which leads to Three -high quality steaks are expensive. My mother in law got me a substantial gift certificate to our local butcher as a birthday present, and I have been slowly chipping away at it. I've also been reading food lab, and kenji's section on steaks had me wanting to try one on the kamado. So I picked up an couple bone in rib eyes that I had cut at 1.5". then I threw them on at 250 until the reached 110(I am aware this was probably not necessary but I was really afraid of not cooking them properly if I did just a hit and fast cook.) Then I seared until I got a nice crust. No pictures as this part is always scary. And let them rest Topped with a pat of kenji's herb butter So so so good. My husband is still raving about them!!! And just to show they were cooked properly-even though this is not the best picture
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    2017 KJBJ lots of pics on page 2)

    Got thinking about this. Two companies, two awesome owners. Bobby told you to keep your KK and he would send you a BJ. Dennis helped you sell your KK even knowing you were going to go KJ. Two owners who have full confidence in their products and aren't worried about the competition.
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    Just the best beef ribs EVER!

    Ben, I will stopping by in Ten minutes. Bringing the wife too.
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    Pit Boss vs Akorn?

    I am coming up on a year with mine. The old Fire bowl was partially slit and prone to cracking g the rest of the way (but still 100% functional) but the new ones are fully split and should not have the same cracking issues. Everything else seems very solid and durable. Keep it covered and it will not rust out like a steel grill where the metal is exposed to extreme heat. The size is very comparable to the Akorn. Just under 21" for the lower grid and 20" for the second grid. Ignore the 24" BS. The size is odd from a BGE/KJ perspective, but not that odd. CGS has a spider and stones for it (many stone deflector options from various vendors). There is a Kick Ash basket that fits. There are raised grates that fit etc. and any accessories that don't require the exact diameter will work on it including all the major controllers and things of that nature. Is the 2017 Big Joe a better grill? Yes. Do I wish I spent 3x the price so I could have the improvements? Not a chance. The PB will cook as well as any other ceramic Kamado. Functionally it's dual layer is not as slick as divide and conquer and it doesn't have a single finger stop anywhere hinge, but those are luxuries. If spending $500-$1000 more is no big deal for you, look at the KJ, Primo, or BGE lines. If you only want to (or can) spend so much on a grill, I think the PB is a great buy at its price point. Same factory as Vision and Grilla and others so look around for deals on those as well.
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    My Akorn bar

    Looks good you did a nice job on it.
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    TKOBBQ: Thanks for your compliment. It was, and the tournament was a blast! We're already looking for an excuse to have another barbecue, the guys liked it so much. It is definitely a great way to bring people together as well as to bring a little American culinary tradition to some folks who might never experience it unless they came to the States.
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    Akorn 2 Year Review

    I've had my Akorn for almost two years now, and thought I'd give quick review as to how it's holding up. First some details. I picked up this Akorn for $250 at Walmart in Spring of '15. (It still had a clearance price tag on it from the previous fall/winter.) In the last two years I have lit the grill 186 times. haven't done any low and slow yet, but I have tried lots of different cooks at varying temps. If I had to describe an average cook, it would be at about 400F for around 1 hour. When I keeping close track of charcoal consumption I was averaging 20-23 burns per bag of Royal Oak lump. That is efficient! I live in Massachusetts and keep my Akorn stored on a covered porch. I don't have a cover for the Akorn, but it rarely gets wet where it is located. I store it with all vents closed and keep whatever charcoal is left from the last burn sitting in the fire bowl. The ash bin only gets emptied out after each complete bag of lump is burned. Worthwhile Additions: Here are four accessories that extend what I am able to cook on the Akorn. Paella Pan - This 15" paella pan fits inside the Akorn and allows the lid to close completely. Making paella from scratch is about a 90 minute project, but it's a lot of fun to hang out with friends while cooking it! Cast Iron Pans - I have various sizes that get used regularly. Pies, pot pies, and cobblers all come out great in the pan shown above, while I use slightly smaller ones to grill up peppers and onions while chicken or steak is cooking. Cast Iron Griddle - This Lodge is reversible and can easily accommodate four smash burgers at a time. The accessory rack can also be installed while the griddle is in place so buns can be toasted. Cast Iron Wok - This Mr. BBQ Cast Iron Wok is great for putting a serious sear on vegies! On the bottom rack it's easy to hit temps of 650-700F, which causes vegetables to sear rather than steaming. The result is food that tastes like it comes from a Chinese restaurant. Durability: It seems like every review of the Akorn questions its durability. Here are some pics showing what mine looks like after two years and almost 200 burns: Yup, that's an ash pan with shining enamel after two years of solid use! The original finish is completely intact. The fire bowl has most of its original enamel intact. There is a little rippling toward the bottom where the fire burns hottest, and light rust is visible where the standoffs are welded to the bowl. This is the interior of the Akorn with the fire bowl removed and ash pan installed. That lighter colored ring is where Akorns tend to rust out. If water gets in that small lip will keep it sitting there. The only actual signs of corrosion are found on the bottom tray. (Rain and snow sometimes does accumulate there.) In terms of durability, this Akorn is going strong! The only part that I may replace in the next year is the charcoal grate which has warped due to heat. (It hasn't changed much since I noticed the warping last year.) Other than that, the Akorn is holding up great!
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    My KJ adventures

    I started my story in the "Joined the ranks" thread, but figured I'll start another thread to document my way & continuos learning of KJ and BBQ. By now I've done several cooks on the Big Joe, most of then very succesfull and some, due to my errors, less so. Today I decided to flip some burgers. So I had decent beef/pork grind mix & made my patties as usual. I don't like to add anything. Just quick shaping & coat with salt and pepper. Rest of the flavor comes from the grill. Decided to try a little different though and chucked in my coated (teflon?) Weber CI. Put in a decent ammount of coal and let the Big Joe scream. Went inside to prep the patties and forgot to check on Joe.. when I got back to it, it was scream hot at 900F. And something smelled a litt funny.. burp the Joe and then I saw CI ruined. I had scorched the surface coating! And this while outside temp is around 15F. I tell you, with decent lump this thing gets hot! Anyway, since CI is now toast, I grilled the burgers on the grate. Needless to say the grate was hot enough for the burgers not to stick Best part, the burgers still turned out fantastic. And I learned another lesson, when driving up temps to searing level.. don't walk away from the grill for too long. On the bright side, I just got a reason to get the KJ half moon CI grate. Maybe get pizza stone and the SS grate as well, while I'm at it.
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    Greetings from Tel Aviv, Israel

    Hi guys, 2 weeks ago I got my very first Kamado grill after few years of smoking with an Iron vertical smoker. Boy, thats such a huge difference... I'm truly amazed by its ability to keep steady heat. last saturday I did my first overnight low&slow - beef ribs. Lit the fire at midnight, went to sleep at 1am, and woke up at 7am to wrap the meat in foil, then back to sleep until 10am. This whole time the dome temp was steady on 250. Amazing! I bought my kamado straight from a manufaturer in China, so it doesnt have a brand, but if you look closely you will see that it looks very much alike few brands that are being sold in the US. Its size is 24'. Looking forward to being part of this great community. Oren. WhatsApp_Video_2017-02-10_at_23_02_08.mp4
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    Best Steaks I'ver EVER Cooked!!!

    On Valentine's day I cooked the best filets I've ever cooked in my life. I got them at Sprouts on sale for around $13 a pound. These steaks are consistently of a high quality and blow away the Publix and Kroger stuff. They were so good that I actually emailed the Sprouts COO to tell him how damn happy I was with them! I tied them with butcher's string and then seasoned them with garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, and Hungarian paprika before letting them sit for an hour. They were on the grill until they were 128 degrees internal with a Thermapop.
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    Rehandleing a kitchen knife.

    I would say keep it here, seems like a number of folks are interested and IMO to move it would be confusing.
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    Creole Shrimp and Cheese Grits

    I love Asiago. Oh, who am I kidding, I love almost every cheese I've tried. And shrimp, love em. I guess to make this short, I love food.
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    Just the best beef ribs EVER!

    Very nice. But keep the light on. We will be dropping by next time I smell beef ribs cooking south east.
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    Ben S

    Just the best beef ribs EVER!

    If there were any left. I ate three bones. One of the wife's employees ate the last one. To quote him"I thought my dad made the best ribs. These gave me goosebumps." Then he continues "I went to college in the south, I have had my share of BBQ. These are the best ribs ever. "
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    Just the best beef ribs EVER!

    Nice job! Don't think the little one wanted the veggies Garvin
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    Just the best beef ribs EVER!

    Nice! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Akorn Jr.

    Smokin J, Happy Birthday and congratulations on the Jr. Consider this, Jr. vs. ceramic of same size...less than 1/3rd the cost, approx. 1/3rd the weight. No loss in efficiency in fact maybe even more versatile in terms of faster temperature changes. Your biggest enemy is rust or burn out but only if you are careless. Even if you bought a new Jr. every 5 years that would mean the heavier and more fragile ceramic has to last 15 years if it doesn't crack to equal the value of your birthday present. Just saying
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    Just came today!

    Sorry, I just saw this! It did pick up some but more importantly it became really juicy and tender (from the pineapple juice I imagine).
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    Speaking of Pepper Stout Beef

    I do not believe Chuckie's Nightmare will ever end!
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    2017 KJBJ lots of pics on page 2)

    Bobby is a pretty awesome guy. His word is as good as gold. Hard to find that quality character trait in many people these days. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Speaking of Pepper Stout Beef

    The return of Chuckie Number ....?
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    First (real) steaks.

    Pretty close to perfect for a first attempt!
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    First (real) steaks.

    The lighting on the pieces to the right of the picture makes it appear more well done than it was. It was almost all in the medium rare,to the outside edges being a little closer to medium. Pretty even cook for a first attempt! Thank you for your kind words
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    Ben S

    Can Anybody Identify this Knife?

    I could make a handle, sharpen, and polish the blade.
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    I've actually been to Seattle once, so I can tell the difference. Lovely place, especially in the summer :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey's great. He has a KJBJ but his most frequent cookers on his channel are his Yoder stick burner and Weber Smoky mountain.
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    Speaking of Pepper Stout Beef

    Mixed some PSB with some frijoles for burrito filling last night. Good stuff!
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    Sounds like a fun time but a lot of work.
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    Thanks' for sharing and I also enjoy T-roy cooks channel and those briskets and ribs all looked good to me! Justin your channel will be as big or bigger sooner than later for sure!!! Garvin-(Scott Roberts)youtube
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    Update: I also got a gasket for the bottom half and on the ash pan. I had it there before just wanted to replace it as it was showing its age (almost 2 years). I fired up the grill to run a smoke test and when I closed it off it was fairly tight except... the top damper. It still snuffed the fire pretty quick so I don't think it will be a problem. Reseasoned the grill and now have it fired up to bake it in. Hopefully it'll maintain a temp and I'll have more good news.
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    My Akorn bar

    Thanks, and thanks for linking the pictures
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    Greetings from Tel Aviv, Israel

    Welcome to Kamado Guru.
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    Welcome from Washington. Not the Washington with all the politicians. We're on the other coast.
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    Burgers: Grill Grates or Cast Iron?

    I have found that my grill grates don't retain enough heat to get a good sear on both sides of a steak, and if I try to raise the temp I will start getting grease fires on the surface. I don't have a cast iron griddle but have used a skillet and preferred the results. I'm very interested in the soapstone as it can get hotter than cast iron and doesn't require constant reseasoning. Only problem is the $$$$
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    Probe Storage recommendations?

    I use these earbud cases to coil up the cables: https://smile.amazon.com/eBoot-Earphone-Carrying-Storage-Cellphone/dp/B01M589DED/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1487747400&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=earbud+case&psc=1
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    Body Fat

    Interesting article in today's WSJ about the different types of body fat. https://www.wsj.com/articles/stop-freaking-out-about-body-fat-1487353210?tesla=y
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome to the Guru! The Akorn section of this forum has plenty of tips for you to digest, as stated above get a diffuser for low and slow cooks and indirect also. Char-Griller stone or Weber charcoal grate with a good pizza stone will work for you. Good luck and post plenty of pictures, Garvin
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome aboard!!
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    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome, I'm near Nashville neighbor, i started with the Kamado Cookbook by Fred Thompson. It explains how to cook on the kamado, direct, indirect, etc. I would suggest looking at getting a ceramic deflector plate for indirect cooking for slow cooks (most of mine are) and a curved electric fire starter. The next most useful thing I invested in was a thermoworks remote thermometer for thick meat cooks, brisket, boston butt, etc. Have fun, I can't seem to ruin anything on this smoker, unlike my barrel smoker that would flare up w/o my knowing and burn the meat.
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    ** Update ** Got the Big Joe and Joe Jr Sunday as planned. Was crazy because we were loading in back of a truck in what was like a snow blizzard! Anyway, I was not going to mess with it much Sunday till my 17 year old son got home and said we got to fire one of these up I want a burger! So we go the Joe Jr. out, filled with lump and fired it up. I used just (1) starter block and really didn't know what I was doing. I see what you all mean by you need experiment and trial and error. Even how to surround the starter with the lump to get a good fire going. Anyway, my son suggested we get a hair dryer and blow air on the bottom vent to "kick start" the process. Well we got it up to 600 degrees and did not take long with sparks flying out the top in the pitch dark against a back drop of snow...was pretty cool! We had some crappy frozen burgers that I put on frozen. Just used the grates it came with as don't have any other ones yet. Burger came out awesome. Could not believe that was the same frozen burger used to throw on my gas. I could tell a difference even with that! Now I am just looking for a day that I can fill the Big Joe up with some lump and try the Spatchcock Chicken....that will be my first "official cook"! This Kamado cooking is crazy because I feel like I have been grilling my entire life on gas, yet have no idea what to do with this. It is almost like I am starting over. But looking forward how to do it and enjoy the process! Thanks for the suggestions on dual probe...I will choose one sooner or later, but first going to get to know my grill as I already have a cheap probe type I can stick in meat to get me started for now. Thanks all!
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    Can Anybody Identify this Knife?

    Looks similar to one of mine but the script is different for sure. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    13 hours on the Akorn. Let it rest 1/2 hour and dug in... 3 kids and the wife loved it. Had some homemade mac-n-cheese with it along with some dipping sauces I made. Consensus was that the meat flavor stood on it's own and didn't need any extra sauce. Next time I'll try to remember and take some pics along the way and I'll start it the night before.
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    Can't control temps on Akorn

    Let us know what kind of results you get with your DigiQ DX2 and your Akorn. I've loved the PartyQ with my Akorn--temps usually hover between 219-238 when set at 225.
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