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    Grad Party Cook

    Did 8 pork butts over the weekend for a graduation party along with grilled Ceasar salad. Started Friday afternoon and finished Sunday morning. I was pleased with how it all turned out, even had some people ask me who the catering company was.
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    Surf and Turf

    I decided to go with a surf and turf dinner. Here is everything don on the KJ. Everything turned out awesome, except the baked potato was delayed a bit. Rockin my KJ Classic II
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    This morning my breakfast was an experimental pizza in my quest. And yes, this post is not cooking in the kamado, but it would work just as well. I usually only make one personal sized pizza anyway, so my pizza today is very typical. After reading some of the posts and a video on this forum, I put my cast iron pan in the oven to preheat with the oven, and prepared the crust and toppings ready to finish prep on the hot pan. When the oven and pan were at temp (450) I removed the cast iron pan and assembled my pizza on it, which started the crust cooking as well. Put back in oven to cook for 10 minutes, and I'm hooked on this process! The crust was crisp and tender, and I had it piled a bit with mixed onions, olives, peppercini, mushrooms, and Italian sausage. I'm happy, and I can stop obsessing with every day pizza...or not.
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    A friend invited us to go trout fishing today. Rumor has it there is fish to be caught here. I'll be the judge of that. Rumor confirmed. Cleaned and seasoned. Ready for the grill. Grilled to flakey deliciousness. A little squeeze of lemon and dinner is served. Thanks for taking a peek.
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    Komodo kamado Forever ruined us

    Like you've all mentioned, we RARELY go to restaurants any more...usually just a setup for disappointment now (unless it's Asian foods and a few other specific dishes - there are some flavors I just can't nail at home.) We can buy better quality product, better wines to match etc, and still spend less and make a superior dish. But that said, I think you guys are all selling yourself short, no? Do you really just think it's just your kamados improving things so much? I think not... While I LOVE cooking on my keg (and it certainly makes some things much easier and cooks a better quality end product for the most part), I find that it's just my overall skills that have improved immensely over the last 4-5 years...and I don't know why, but getting a kamado seemed to almost be the tipping point for both BBQ and many other things cooking related. What came first - the whole chicken/egg thing. If you're anything like us, we used to do the restaurant thing a lot (younger, busier etc). Getting a kamado was just part of a larger story - we (probably simultaneously) purchased better pots/pans to get better sears and improve things INSIDE the house too. We purchased better food prep items, we even started purchasing better quality ingredients. Even started watching more cooking shows and emulating good chef techniques, making our own bread/pizza dough, growing some fresh herbs to use...the list goes on and on. You cannot help but become a better cook and push your skills further just by watching all the amazing cooks you see here on the Guru (and many other forums). As an example, we made an impromptu visit to our kids place last night and ended up staying over dinner hour. They had nothing planned at all. Probably would have made a sandwich or Mac/Cheese or something (they are NOT good cooks). They have three kids and NO free time. My son works two jobs. I dug through their freezer and found a couple frozen NY steaks and some frozen pasta (mushroom ravioli). They had some blue cheese and some asparagus in the fridge and some sweet potatoes in the cupboard. I grabbed everything and rush-thawed the steak in some warm water (yeah...I know...it hasn't killed me yet!). Threw some spices/salt/pepper on the steak and some wood chips in some tin foil, and threw the half-thawed steak in the BBQ at 225 degrees to smoke/cook for an hour or so while getting everything else ready....let the steaks hit around mid-rare internally (had to guess - no thermometer at their house). Nuked the sweet potatoes for about 10 minutes in the microwave (until soft) and then sliced them 1/4" thick and fried them in oil until crispy brown with seasoning. Sauteed the asparagus in olive oil and threw on some "Kraft" (sorry) Parmesan cheese. Boiled the frozen pasta. Cranked up the BBQ to 600 and seared the steak for about 1 min per side (came out perfect medium rare with nice dark crust). Sliced up the steaks to plate, mixed the blue cheese with some butter and cream to make a quick sauce, threw some ravioli's on the steak slices, and served it all up. I could NOT have done this a few years back...and now cooking like this is second nature. I had three stunned people (wife + kids) asking where the hell this all came from. From nothing....to NY steak with raviolli in blue cheese sauce with asparagus and crispy sweet potato fries in less than an hour. Fed 4 people a better than restaurant dinner for less than $30... No kamado involved (last night). But have to give credit to kamado cooking because it's kinda where it all began.... I suspect you all have a similar story....
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    Miyabi Artisan SG2 Knife Set

    I plan on eventually getting the 5" utility knife along with the slicer. I was pressing my luck a little getting what I got. On a side note, I made some Pico with the paring and santoku knives last night. Wow what a difference they make. It didn't speed up things to much as I was trying to alter my usual cutting method. I also did the standard tomato sharpness tests which took up some time. I dropped a couple against the blade and the tomato barely slows down on it's way into 2 halves. I then tried cutting slices off of one of the halves. This didn't go perfectly at first but after a few tries I altered my technique and was able to cut slices off a free sitting tomato. Using these knives is like using giant scalpels. I'm retraining myself in cutting technique so as not to hurt these knives but more importantly, not to slice off any of my finger parts.
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    Our own @Mewantkj is making some exquisite hand-made Asian knife handles! I was stoked to add this Nakiri to my collection.. I can't wait to get a couple more knives with his handles on them
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    Portuguese style piri piri chicken

    We had some friends this weekend so decided to break out the joe for the first time in anger (only managed a few test runs and some standard British style BBQ to date) to try some piri piri spatchcock chicken. Dry brined the chickens with salt, sugar, fresh bay thyme and lemon zest for 24hrs. rubbed with peri peri chicken rub (in my case a Nando's one) and cooked for 45 mins. My aim aim was to cook at 200 - 250C, which I hit at first but struggled to maintain. Had the bottom vent about 2" and top vent just cracked it would happily sit @ 170 but could get it up. Here are the results very tasty!
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    Kick ash basket

    I agree. KAB is overpriced. That said, it's great,, various vendors are clearly not gonna include it in the initial purchase. For the love of all that holy, a heat deflector is not included in most initial purchases. Why would a 3 red party coal basket? ok, I love the KAB. Have one for the keg. Will get one for Big Joe soon. It's overpriced...it is....if you don't appreciate the added value. If you cook kamado quite often, shake some ash, light er up. Added o2 = quicker start up. Don't care what detractors say. This improves light up time...a bit. It's worth it if you kook kamado often. If not, don't bother.
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    Akorn Gurus - my intention for this post is NOT to start a fight that looks like something you'd see at the monkey pit at the zoo. Rather, I mean to point out some very real differences between the ceramics and the metal kamados. I owned an Akorn briefly a few years back. I was challenged by some good folks who own Akorns to buy one and cook on it. This all came out of the fact that I had less than complimentary about the shoddy workmanship of the Akorn and the amount of retrofitting that had to be done to make the unit serviceable. So, I got an Akorn. Out of the box it was a disaster. So was the second. Finally, the third Akorn turned out to be quite serviceable. I probably cooked on that unit for a month or so before I donated it to a Scout Troop near the house. They still have the unit and while it's showing it's age, it still does a good job, or so I'm told. The reason I got rid of the Akorn is because it really did not fit my style of cooking. I do a lot of low-n-slow cooks. The Akorn is, at least in my experience, more suited for higher temp cooks. Eventually you can get to do a really good job on low-n-slow cooks, but there is a,learning curve. And I didn't want to put in the time to learn. There is a fundamental difference between ceramics and metal kamados ... thermal mass. That's it. Period. And it's that thermal mass that this thread is really dealing with. I've said above to just leave your vents alone. And I mean it. Done go chasing temps. Don't pay any real attention to temp transients, especially with the metal kamados. Temp transients in metal kamados recover much, much quicker than those found in ceramics. The smile reason metal kamados recover much quicker is thermal mass. There isn't any thermal mass to speak of with an Akorn, or Keg. That's decidedly not the case with a ceramic kamado. Ceramic stores heat and dampens down transients. Ceramic doesn't spill heat all that easily. Metal kamados on the other hand, while quite well insulated, can indeed spill heat much easier than does ceramic. I always heat soak my KKs prior to every low-n-slow cook. I also heat soak all my internals, i.e. heat deflectors, baking stones, etc. when I get ready to put on the cook, my vents are set, everything is at temp, I arrange everything, jeat deflectors, etc. as it should be, i put the cook on the grate and button up the KK. That's it until the cook is done or I need to stage the cook. When staging, i open things up, put it on, and button things up again. There are very small temp transients that dissapated over time. With the Akorn, there was nothing to really heat soak. So all you have to do is sent your vents to what you know will yield the temp you want, put things on, and button your Akorn up nice and tight. Yes, there will be temp transients, but leave your vents alone! Things will get back to normal soon enough. That the metals are efficient at spilling heat is evident through this Akorn sections. Akorn cooks chase temps and can't understand what is going on. High teps, low teps, adjusting vent, and the cycle goes on and one. It's until the Akorn cook gets enough experience under their belt that they know to just leave their vents alone that the problem is solved. But nobody discusses the underlying problem, thermal mass. Thermal mass can work for you or against you, especially if you understand the dynamics of heat heat transfer. The Akorn has no real thermal mass. Yes, it is well insulated, but there is no thermal mass. They will cool quickly and get back to your set point temp. Just keep your hands off the vents and sit back, pop the top, and put on some tunes of your choice. Sorry this is so long, but I had to say this for all Akorn cooks. Your Akorn will do exactly what you want it to if you just leave well enough alone. Enjoy your cooks and pop a top for me.
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    "We suggest you cooking on grill 5-6 times before attempting to smoke to get creosote build up and flavor in the grill. Once you have done so, then you can try smoking at low temperatures. Ok, I hope they meant "season" where they said "flavor." There is something to this. Every grill I've ever owned except 1 ran hot the first 10 cooks until the vents got flavored...I mean "seasoned." lol. We also suggest, when smoking, not to use as much fuel as you do with other grills. The ceramic absorbs heat a lot better and maintains it very well so you can start with low fuel and add charcoal accordingly." Wrong answer! If that's their official response, I'd take it back. They don't know what they are doing. I admit it's surprising because they have always seemed like a company that knows what's up. I have heard about air leaks with the professional series before. I thought they got it all taken care of.
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    @doodie110 - Home Depot has all kinds of trucks at their disposal. Let them pick up the bad Vision. Let Vision and Home Depot work tis deal out. Let both know that you're not going to jump thru hoops just to get what you should have gotten the first time. If Home Depot and/or Vision don't want to step up and step up in a hurry, call the State Attorney General Office Division of Comsumer Affairs. You can also call the local TV stations and talk to their consumer affairs reporter. Either way, you win. Don't do unnecessary work. You first call should be to Home Depot, not Vision. Home Depot is Vision's agent. Home Depot took your money, not Vision. Think of it this way. You buy a car. There are some defects. Do you call the manufacturer or do you call the dealership? Good luck!
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    Kick ash basket

    I agree, but a $2k grill should come with something like that for the lazy man. Bahaha but I will not harp on it.
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    Cabela's new pellet pooper?

    Windows in lids, huh? Yet another useless "innovation" that's going to add $50 to price. That innovation will get covered in soot and atomized grease in short order and become absolutely useless. Think I'm kidding/wrong? Open the lid of your kamado and look at the walls. Pretty black, huh?
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    Don't touch the vents at all. Just leave them where they are. If those vent positions gave you a temp of 250°, they will give you a temp of 250° again. What needs to be said here is that it takes a certain amount of O2 to produce enough heat to register as a specific temp. It's just that simple. When you open your lid, the fire gets an influx of O2 and the fire increases in size. That means more heat is produced. That means an increase in temp. Shut your lid and keep your dadgummed hands off the vents. Shut your lid and walk away. The increased fire will consume all the available (excess) O2 and the fire will subside to a level that will only sustain a 250° temp. Shutting the bottom vent does essentially nothing. Look at how big an area your bottom vent is versus how big an area you have for O2 to enter and feed the fire when you open the lid. If you have your bottom vent open and inch, you might have an area of 1" x 2" or 2 sq in. Compare that with the area when you open the lid. If the kamado has an 18" diameter (9" radius) you have over 254 sq in of surface are through which O2 can enter and affect the fire. That ratio is over 120:1. Do you see why shutting the bottom vent is a fool's gambit? Forget closing the bottom vent. It does as much as spitting on a bonfire. The lesson here is leave your vent alone once temps have been achieved. Leave your vents alone! Temps will stabilize at your pre-opening temps in short order. Just keep your hands off your vents. Get it? Got it? Good! Don't let the perfect damn the very good. Enjoy your cooks.
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    Gearing up for another cook!

    It was, and will be. Got a bunch vac sealed and in the deep freeze!
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    First Joetisserie cook.

    Doing my first cook on the Joetisserie, a fresh turkey. The only issue so far having to tighten it up a coupe of time during the cook. Will post up some finished pics later.
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    Akorn table build

    Hi Guys, So I've been following a lot of guys on here and got inspired to build a table for my Akorn, I'm not a work worker by any stretch but I have learned a lot along the way. I'm almost done with the build. July 5th will be the day I complete it. I used white pine on most of it totaling in $170 in wood alone. (All from the lumber yard) about $70 in hardware/Stain,prep etc.. It was supposed to be a simple build but as I went along I kept changing and adding as I went. Hope you guys like it. Stain I used which Im not entirely happy with is Thompson water Seal Natural Cedar tone. (The pigment was hard to lay down- steaks, darker areas) Added slots in the 2x4 so the Akron flanges can rest flush and secure Now for the Test Fit! Looking good! I really wanted to add doors but wast sure how to keep GOOD airflow while smoking low and slow So....Im cane up with screens! Added a frame the stapled the screen to the inside of the frame and then screwed in for a clean look. So far so good. Going to be adding led light inside and adding the hooks and Akorn and she'll be done!
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    1st time bacon and very happy

    Hi there, I have been a long time lurker on this forum but sadly my contributions have been lacking. Just want to start with a BIG thanks to the posters here, you have helped me create some great dinners. Recently I tried my first bacon and despite it being slightly too sweet for my taste it was a great success. I will definitely be repeating with different brine's and mixes. As a bonus the bacon that I made was better and cheaper than store bought as well! Some photos that I made on the way are attached. Over the coming months I hope to post more bacon success. Cheers Graham from New Zealand
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    Chicken Thighs no deflector

    did these today over direct lump. usually I would use a deflector, but it was fine. skinless chicken thighs with a tropical island seasoning rub. I used some peppers but they were not hot, I actually had to add extra dried red chili and cayenne to the baste.
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    Greetings from new Kamado owner

    I just purchased a new Vision Professional S Kamado and am excited to see what is all can do! Looking forward to see what I have been missing out on for the past 15 years by cooking on the bargain grills! Andrew
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    Kick ash basket

    Kick Ash Basket makes a firebox divider for their basket. Best of both worlds. Lol
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    Cabela's new pellet pooper?

    I wish I had more to say, but all I have is "yup".
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    Kick ash basket

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    Kick ash basket

    Yes sir, 100 gallon sps tank 90 gallon sps tank and a frag tank full of sps. Lol. Where do you live?
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    Kick ash basket

    @ckreef I get that but what are you paying $79 for? Engineering? I mean seriously, it's like reefing or kayaking let's jack the price up just because we can... if someone can pay $2k for a charcoal grill then they will pay $79 for something that should cost $25. A bit ridiculous on the price point IMHO. Btw are you in the reefing hobby? Just wondering because of your screen name.
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    Kick ash basket

    just think, 20 years from now you'll be able to rant "ive been cooking ceramics for 20 years" give your absolute opinion and the people reading will do what they were going to do anyway. j/j around here fellers
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    Surf and Turf

    Nice cook. And I like the pics. Kudos to ya.
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    Surf and Turf

    Good thing you didn't tell me what you were planning. I'd have jumped the fence and made a break for it. Great work Brad! That is an amazing meal.
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    Kick ash basket

    It may not be necessary, but it sure is a great product. I just received mine last Friday and have done 4 cooks with it. Aside from the convenience of how quickly you can dispose of ash, I feel like I have a lot more airflow which is a great thing on nights where you just want to get cooking right away. Love the KAB! Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
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    Hi from Paris, Ontario

    Welcome, to both you and your new Primo Xl. Fine grill choice. The unique kettle shape gives you a ton of space and versatility, and really IMO sets the Primo oval apart from the the other big three kamados. Looking forward to your cook posts.
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    Second rack causing instability???

    Ceramic Chef is right about just leaving the vents alone. If you get a spike or even a drop in temperature (it's possible if you open and close quickly) the kamado will self stabilize back to your previous temperature range in due time. Also if you do get a spike in temps which can happen on windy days be patient and leave the vents alone unless it keeps climbing over a long period of time. I mentioned earlier that temps of 300 won't effect the quality of meat your kamado produces, these things are moist cookers even at above normal low and slow temps, so even if you hit that 275 mark don't panic, just leave the vents alone and ride it out. Once you learn your vent settings cooking on your Akorn will be a breeze and it seems as though you already have a pretty good idea of what puts you in the 225-230 range so go ahead of make a mental note of where you had your vents originally positioned for this cook.
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    First cook on Pitboss

    Congratulations on your new grill! In the Pit Boss section of this site are complete instructions for sealing your grill. Be sure to do the inlet too, as it is the main offender for O2 ingress, causing your slow (Or, in my case, not at all) shutdown. This was the only thing I had to change on my grill and it's been cooking happily ever since.
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    Great analogy as I had not thought of it that way! I will be calling them first thing once I get in the car this evening.
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    Akorn Jr owners: The wait is over

    The akorn jr. Smoking stone is Rock Solid And well worth the $34 Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
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    Gearing up for another cook!

    Got my Kick Ash Basket yesterday and soon the smell of beef sausage will fill the air! I'm taking the Tip Top Temp device off for this cook and am going back to the factory top vent, don't want to test the ash basket with the TTP, at least at first. I would recommend anybody within driving distance of Elgin's Southside Market or who has an HEB that carries this sausage to run, do not walk, over and snag some. It is fine beyond words..
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    Brand new to Kamado cooking

    Seattle area guy here just bought my first Kamado the other day at Costco. Did quite a bit of research and went with a Kamado Joe classic. Have done three cooks on it so far and delighted with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoke and Awe

    Komodo kamado Forever ruined us

    Like we said "back in the day", you know you're a kamado guru when eating out isn't nearly as good anymore!
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    Smoke and Awe

    Chicken Sandwiches After Church

    I'd say playing with fire is a good thing!
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    cook in barrel

    Well done Freddy!!!!
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    First cook on Pitboss

    Nice looking ribs.
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    Traeger Timberline 1300

    Thanks Bosco for making me buy another gadget. Dogs look great. Loving all the info you have been providing about the pellet grill. I've had mine for 10 years now. Soon may be time for an upgrade.
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    First cook on Pitboss

    Here's what I used, it was a perfect fit the cap slid on with some drag with a single layer wrapped around the spout. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TLB75MA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Not sure why the page shows three different coils of tape, I ordered one and got one.
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    Komodo kamado Forever ruined us

    Though a different kamado, I face the same "problem" as Erik6bd. Due to my profession I also end up eating out fairly often.. the sad part is that most of the time you come out dissapointed. It used to be the way that the average every day restaurants were ruined, since I take customers to higher end places.. but now my kamado has ruined the high end places as well [emoji23] So steaks are pretty much always letdowns.. and we don't have any smokehouse style restaurants in the country -> ribs & all other low&slow ruined by kamado. Burgers.. let's not get started.. birds, not saying.. Pretty much only thing left is fish. But then it's a struggle to find anything else than salmon. And tuna.. ruined! [emoji23] Kamados are fantastic "machines". Enjoy your KK and keep the lump lit! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Chicken Sandwiches After Church

    A sandwich of divine inspiration.
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    Cool Vintage Cars

    The Dart arrived yesterday and this photo about brought me to tears. It will be the photo that I always remember
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    I enjoy your vids BBN and I enjoyed this one as well. It's a fun question. I think my answer would be based on the old Stephen Stills song - "Love the One(s) You're With". But it sure would be nice to try all the other toys out there
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    Akorn $249 at Lowe's

    299.99 here too! Just be very careful of those Akorns. They are an awesome grill. But with all of its awesomeness....they are dangerous. Mine led me to stop buying cheap ### briquette charcoal, my grandson won't touch anything grilled unless it was grilled on lump. Which ticks his mom and dad off when they cook on their gas grills LOL. And then...all of the sudden.... BAMB a Primo XL showed up in my drive way. I have no idea how that happened... But I blame the Akorn for starting it all. BTW, the Akorn is now downgraded to overflow/backup cooking and camping. I have no intention of letting that thing go!
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    KoKo Kamado Review-1 year in

    As a preface, I am posting this because I found these kind of reviews very helpful and interesting prior to purchasing my KK. I am fully aware, as I state later in my review, that it is possible to produce amazing food with any kamado and that I have done that myself. I am sure each and every one of you makes amazing food and this review is only intended to help out anyone who may be considering purchasing a KK. Approximately a year ago I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Komodo kamado. I feel like now that the "newness" has worn off, I can give a fair review over cooking the last year. First of all, I am not the typical kk owner. I am a special education teacher and my husband is also a teacher. That being said, making a several thousand dollar purchase doesn't come easy to anyone. I started with a chargriller Akorn, and too be honest I thought anyone who would cough up the cash for a BGE/KJ/primo was crazy, let alone the Komodo kamado. I could turn out better BBQ, better pizza, and most better grilled meats than any other restaurant in town. And I still maintain that I could do that with an Akorn, and I'm sure many people could do with any kamado brand. I am not what you would call an elitist at all. I want to say that for pizzas I am sure any brand of ceramic radiates more heat from the dome than I could produce with my Akorn. And it was still vastly superior to anything I could get at a pizzeria. Pizzeria pizza is DEAD to me now! That being said- the Komodo kamado has given me an EXTREME ease of use. I still use it on average 4 times per week and it is my preferred mode of cooking for most things. People post that you learn how to get it exactly to where you want it - and it really only takes a few tries. I thought there was no way this was possible. I can literally light the charcoal, set the vents and when I come back- it is ready for me. I have done this- gone to the store, then been ready to cook as soon as I got home. It is slightly more work than an oven and much more fun because I am managing a live fire. If I am using it for a low and slow, I can actually SLEEP at night and my alarm NEVER goes off due to temperature fluctuations. I will actually leave the house for the majority of the day, knowing that the Komodo kamado will maintain its temp. I also use barely more charcoal to heat this several hundred pound refractory cement gigantic grill than I used for my Akorn on a typical low and slow/grilling temperature cook. It does use more charcoal to heat soak for pizzas- but the results are much much better in terms of the crust texture. I was still tell my husband "have I told you how much I love my grill?" On a regular basis. The only issue I have ever had with it is with an accessory- the rotisserie spit. It is impossible to remove when heated on occasion (only twice so far). I may at some point attempt to grind the rod down a bit. This is just the accessory- the grill itself is just wonderful. I can think of no downsides to it (other than cost). My food (ESPECIALLY chicken) comes out with more moisture. I didn't think it was possible- but believe me it is. The ease of control is unbelievable. The website states that this grill is not for everyone- and I think that is true. This is definitely the grill for me. I can't really put into words how much I enjoy cooking on my KoKo kamado.
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    KoKo Kamado Review-1 year in

    You have no idea how close I am to ordering a KK and you have to post this.......
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