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    Snapper and scallops on the Jr

    Fired up the Jr today for an absolute seafood feast for lunch. I’ve added a link to little video. Then, I left it going for the rest of the afternoon (added a few extra chunks of lump) and cooked up some dinner. Sausages, hasselbacks and Moreton Bay Bugs....it’s a hard life!
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    Pre-Brisket Cook

    Okay so, this isn't quite a Kamado cook. It's in preparation of a Kamado cook because: It's going to be below freezing when I start the brisket Friday 1am. Who buys soup anymore? Ingredients- shallots, butternut squash, carrots, onion, Roma tomatos, garlic (all fairly fine to medium diced), rosemary, sprouts of Brussel and various spices and peppers Sweated the shallots and the vegetables in a little butter and avacado oil; added 1/4 liquid to establish a broth. Will refrigerate and finish tomorrow afternoon
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    Alabama White Sauce

    I read about Alabama white sauce a while back and it's been on my bucket list. Recently a jar of Duke's mayo triggered my memory with a white sauce recipe on the back. Smoked a couple of chickens for dinner, one chicken was left plain (for the kids, just in case) but the other was smothered several times with white sauce during the last 20 minutes or so. Turned out really good, all the kids liked it even my picky eaters dug in and we demolished a whole chicken for dinner (although they preferred my homemade Chik-Fil-A sauce over the white sauce for condiment). I also smoked with cherry wood for the first time, really liked the flavor the cherry wood gave the chicken. https://www.dukesmayo.com/recipe/lollys-alabama-white-bbq-sauce/
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    It’s me again, Margaret. Probably the best of my $3 efforts so far, we had ourselves a maple brined New York pork loin chop as the star, along with grilled & seasoned potato wedges and sourdough. Made the brine with what was in the cupboards and fridge, really. 3 cups of water, then added a half cup or so of chicken broth, some peppercorns, all spice, a fair amount of crushed garlic, bay leaf, couple TBS of salt, and then 2 TBS of maple syrup. Heated that to a boil and cooled, then used on a trio of those boneless chops – which I snatched for just $4.32 after a $2 off quick-sale coupon. Let those swim for about 6 hours. I could have gone a few more probably. Smoked with apple at 225-250. Didn’t want a sear on them being so thin, so worked on getting that purty coloring instead. Helped with look and taste in the end that down the homestretch decided to just brush on some maple syrup as a bit of a glaze. Potatoes are super cheap. Got a 5 lb bag for $1.98. Pulled out a half dozen and wedged them up. I could have made seasoning for em and made it all cheaper, but had a seasoning sauce in the panty that I wanted to try out. It was basically balsamic vinegar and roasted onion with some garlic. Tasted rosemary and black pepper in there. It bumped every plate by 79 cents, actually. So creating your own and the meal is stupidly cheap then. Roasted those covered in the oven at 400, then uncovered and moved to the smoker. Brought them in to finish under the broiler for 2 minutes or so. And then needed to fill out the plate, and didn’t want to make rolls or anything last night. So in keeping with going the easy route on the potato seasoning, I hit the bakery. You get that in the evening and you can get quick-sale coupons there, too. So nice sourdough loaf was $2.28 after a dollar off. All told, we spent $8.63, making it $2.88 per plate. The breakdown: 3 New York pork loin boneless chops, with $2 off quick sale, $4.32 Seasoning sauce for potatoes – 2.38 5 lb bag potatoes – 1.98; 16 of them in the bag, 12.3 cents apiece. Used six, 74 cents Sourdough bread, with $1 off quick sale, $2.38. Used half of loaf, for $1.19 Total: $8.63 Per plate: $2.88
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    Red River Smoke

    Stainless steel grate

    I know there has been some debate on cooking on a cast iron gate vs stainless steel, but I've come to dislike the cast iron. I'm sort of a lazy griller in that when I'm done grilling I just want to shut it down and come back a couple hours later to throw the cover on and I do a lot of pizza so I'm constantly burning the seasoning off. So I ordered this stainless grate off of Amazon and for $42, it's a really good investment for me. Much sturdier than I expected, very well made fits like OEM. I'll still use the CI for some things, but this stainless will be my everyday grate. https://www.amazon.com/Stainless-Inches-Cooking-Kamado-Ceramic/dp/B075T3BL29/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref=yo_pop_d_pd
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    Pre-Brisket Cook

    Yes, soaking in vegetable stock at the moment. I am going to add some water to it before too long and I want the flavors to intensify. Seasonings: basil, oregano, marjoram, black pepper, chipotle pepper, a little red pepper, sea salt and a hint of both sage and ginger, and of course the rosemary. I'm aiming for a hint of heat at the back end.
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    John Setzler

    Sourdough 101

    Here's my second loaf from my Sourdough 101 class. This loaf is similar to the first one but it's a 72% hydration instead of a 66% hydration. I also employed an autolyse during the first part of the bulk ferment. This loaf was also supposed to have an overnight cold proof, which I did not do due to time constraints this week. It is delicious!
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    Shave Question?

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the Russian Gillette blades as long as you like the shave. You could always buy some Marvicide at your local Sally's...that will disinfect the blades. Pretty much have pared my blades down to Feather's, Bic's, and Personna (Lab and Hospital offerings). For SE, I only use coated GEMs. Enjoy.
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    During your next cook when the KJ is warmed up re-tighten the bands.
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    How sharp is your filet knife?

    I find a good filet knife does not have to be really expensive although I do own one that is and others that aren't. Coming up against bone will take a really fine edge off pretty quick. The trick is to be able to sharpen your knife equally as fast. The edge on the knife in the video is great for skinning a filet.
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    If you send me a picture of the Jeep topless, I'll get you the adults only version. And send me a pic of the Jeep with the Bikini Top on to get the PG13 rendition.... LOL
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    So, as I understand it that is the G rated version of the calendar, what is the ordering process to get the adults only version of Ms. January and the 2018 kamado swimsuit calendar?
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    Btw...for the grief I get bout not knowing my anniversary date...I showed the wife this thread and she didn’t know why the garage (in the new house) was not visible and why the 2red (Joes)appeared green. Lol!
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    Nice video. Good looking cook
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    Sorry Kissmet, I don’t think those 300 buck grills are real KKs. Hold out some hope for that ruby year, the 18 th. BTW that’s a nice calendar ya got...Ms. January is quite sexy!
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    And today goes down on my calendar as the day I DID NOT get a KK for $300....
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    Cooking in 6 degrees

    I did a low-n-slow 9.5lb pork shoulder cook last Thursday. It was -22c and windy out ( That's -7.5 in Freedom Units ). The KJ handled everything like a champ, but there was a noticeable difference in fuel consumption at those temps. I only got ~20 hours of cook time at 230F, which would have worked out fine, but I started the grill early to let it heat soak and then we had to head out for a bit, so the grill remained idle with nothing cooking for about 6-7 hours until we got home at 11pm.
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    @7MKsuper: @JDEaston: @Likes Big Butts: And a random one of the 1 piece firebox
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