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    Chicken Shawarma and Homemade Naan Bread I love this recipe, it's a lot of fun to make, always has a great taste and can be treated like Tacos, served with pretty much any toppings you'd like. I usually make this on the Goldens' and the Bubba Keg, but since this will serve as my entry into the October Chicken challenge, this is the first time I'm using the Weber and the Bubba Keg. The marinade ingredients - which all ends up looking like this (I do thin it out a bit with the addition of a little water) - The chicken parts preferred for Shawarma are skinless, boneless thighs. The higher fat content of thighs keeps the chicken moist during the cook. Breasts could be used, but I think the chicken might wind up a bit drier than you'd like so thighs are highly recommended. You can marinate the chicken in a ZipLok bag or as I prefer in a glass dish. I brush the marinade onto the chicken, no sense wasting a plastic bag - I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to marinate. In the meantime I prepare the dough for the Naan bread. This is a Yogurt based dough, very sticky but it grills up nicely. After a few hours of proofing it looks like this, it's risen quite a bit from when it was mixed in the bowl - And makes eight pieces - Let's get to grilling. The Weber set up for indirect with the Slow N Sear, the chicken thighs are placed on the indirect side - The Naan dough balls have risen a bit after sitting on the mat under a tea towel - The chicken is looking quite good after about a half hour, total grilling time was around 45-50 minutes - The Naan bread is grilled on the Lodge cast iron pizza pan on the Bubba Keg. I add some butter to the pizza pan to get the bread to grill nicely - Thighs after a rest and cut into smaller pieces for serving - The recipe normally calls for a Yogurt based sauce with Cumin, Lemon, Minced Garlic, Salt and Pepper. Mrs lunchman prefers a Sour Cream based sauce so that's what I use instead of Yogurt. Getting ready to make a sandwich with the fixins (tomato, cukes, olives, sauce, shredded lettuce). The local Wachusett Green Monstah beer will hopefully help the Red Sox throughout the remainder of the playoffs! A Shawarma sandwich served on the Naan bread - This last pic will serve as the entry pic in this month's challenge. Thanks for checking out tonight's dinner! Regards, -lunchman
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    Money shot: Plated with my wife risotto and an heirloom tomato salad I am thinking a kamado does a pretty fine job with steak. Everything was delicious. The steak was pretty close to perfect.
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    This cook starts with the story of the first time I had blackened redfish at Paul Prudhomme's K-Pauls in New Orleans about 30 years ago. I was amazed at the flavors and the juicy fish inside that blackened crust. About 3 years later, on a business trip to Portland, OR, my wife and I arrived just after Paul Prudhomme had spent a month cooking at a Portland restaurant at the behest of the local seafood promotion board. I saw it in the paper when we arrived and said "We have to eat there". Got to the restaurant and found the place pumped and electrified about Cajun cooking after Chef Paul's flavor injection into their food. One of their specials that night was Blackened Sturgeon which I ordered and was astounded at the treatment of a fresh local fish with blackening and those flavors. So blackened fish has been in my toolbox ever since and I have designed all of my kitchens to have a 3500 cfm extraction hood to handle the smoke. Getting a Joe made life easier because the smoke stays outside. There is a lot of smoke if you're doing this right. So the menu Sunday night was Blackened Catfish using Paul Prudhommes's recipe and his Seafood Dirty Rice which is the next recipe in "Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen". Starting the meal was Food Network's Geoffrey Zakarian converting Caesar Salad into finger-food, piling dressing, shaved Parmesan and croutons onto a whole Romaine leaf, so you can just pass them around. And his dressing includes anchovies and you don't want to leave those out even if you think you don't like anchovies. It ain't fish, it's Umami. As my wife said "That's a flavor bomb". The salad: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/geoffrey-zakarian/caesar-salad-recipe-2041542 The Blackened Spice and method: http://labellecuisine.com/Archives/fish/Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish.htm The Seafood Dirty Rice: http://labellecuisine.com/archives/seafood/Paul Prudhomme's Seafood Dirty Rice.htm
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    Simple Oven Baked Chicken

    For this cook I used my Wood Fired Oven. Simple fresh ingredients. I did not use the bag but the seasoning that comes with it tastes really good. Cooked in my hand crafted ceramic dish from Portugal. Cut up the vegetables. Added a cup of water and the bag seasoning. Covered with foil and in the WFO to give the vegetables a head start. While that was going on I spatch cocked the bird and rubbed it with oil and Crazy Chic seasoning. After 20 minutes I pulled out the vegetables, added the Pioneer gravy and the bird skin side down. Into the WFO it went uncovered. Thirty minutes later the bottom had some nice color. I turned it over skin side up then back into the WFO. Another 30 minutes and top side had some nice crispy skin. Dinner is ready. A simple Oven roasted chicken that could easily be done on just about any grill or even your kitchen oven. (I forgot how to use my kitchen oven it's been so long - LOL). This is the second time I've done this cook in the WFO. Both me and Mrs skreef like this better than KK rotisserie chicken and that's saying a lot since KK rotisserie chicken is some of the best chicken I've ever cooked.
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    Veggies and Steak and KK

    Wanted to do something quick and easy with little to no dishes tonight. Hot water heater is out, so the KK household has been simplifying life wherever possible this weekend. Veggies on first. Then some steaks. These had some great marbling and were rather inexpensive. Flipped. And plated on my finest China. Steaks were tender enough to cut with plastic ware. Ended up medium rare to medium instead of rare to medium rare. Dinner was a huge success with the family.... well, most of the family. And I got my first real cook knocked out on the KK in its new home out back on the deck. I spent Saturday doing the venting. From before sunrise until almost sunrise again... long day!
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    A Simple Spatched Bird

    I kept things simple tonight. I butterflied and salted the bird before work this morning and left it uncovered in the fridge. When I got home, I blotted it dry and seasoned with salt and pepper. Cooked raised indirect (275-325F during the cook) with some cherry wood until the breast hit 155F. Total cook time was just short of 2 hours. Super tasty. Thanks for looking.
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    Those that know me, know I like the flavors of the Med, so why should my Sweets for my Sweety cook be any different? My wife says she has never met a pizza she did not like, so I decided on a Med flavored sweet pie to put a twinkle in her eye. I used Ken Forkish's 24 -72 hour 70% hydration dough and stretched out a nice 12" pie. I put down a layer of whole milk Moz with some pizza spices, garlic, and a bit of crushed red pepper. On top of that I added some nice plump dried black figs sliced thin, crumbled fresh local goat cheese, shredded prosciutto, and arugula. To top it off, and to make it extra sweet, I added a heavy drizzle of Lemon and Fig Marmalade. Figs are not in season now so I used dried ones. I is important that you find dried figs that still have moisture and softness, if they feel like cardboard they will also taste that way. I found the Whole Lemon Fig Marmalade in a specialty foods shop on Main Street. Just a wonderful tasting pie, plenty sweet, but also quite savory and interesting. My wife said it is definitely a keeper. Here's a pic of the black figs and the Whole Lemon Fig Marmalade The evening was dramatic with nice storm cloud formations This is what the pie looked like on the peal On the Egg at 600 degs Da money shot, sliced and ready to enjoy
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    Cowboy Ribeye Revisited

    The cowboy ribeye last weekend was such a hit that we had to do it again. This time with a little more effort on the sides. Again, Mr KK used his pellet grill to smoke the ribeye to around 120F. Meanwhile, I put together a Zucchini and Onion gratin.... heavy on the onion. Onto the grill. Potatoes had a 24 hour brine in them due to unforeseen circumstances. Moved the potatoes to the pellet grill. Finished off the gratin before setting up for the sear. First on go the shrimp. Followed by the Ribeyes. All plated up.... an outstanding meal.
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    A 4 grill Thanksgiving

    The full menu: Turkey Honey Baked Ham Mashed potatoes Gravy Carrots Stuffing Cranberries Green bean casserole Candied yams Mac and cheese Sweet Hawaiian rolls For desert: Irish coffee Pineapple Casserole Pumpkin pie Chocolate pie. A large portion of this was cooked outside on 4 different grills. Turkey, carrots and gravy in the WFO Green bean casserole and Pineapple Caserole on the 19" KK Candied yams on the 16" KK. Mac and cheese on the Primo Oval Jr I'm stuffed and we have plenty of leftovers
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    Saucy Jerk Pork Ribs

    I felt like trying something different than the normal prep for ribs. I marinated a rack of St. Louis cut pork ribs for a couple days in a mixture of Walker's Wood Jerk Paste, Orange and Pineapple juices, and a touch of oil. The grill got away from a little bit and these smoked between 250 and 300 F today. It was 2 hours open with a mix of cherry, apple, and beech wood. Followed by 45 minutes wrapped, and about the same open to finish. I reserved the marinade added some catsup, brown sugar, maple sugar, and a bit of dark rice wine vinegar. brought to a boil until slightly thickened then basted the ribs on my final step. Overall, they turned out better than expected, tasty and tender. The one got a little hot near the edge of the deflector, but it was minor. Thanks for looking.
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    Show your BBQ area

    Here’s mine that I designed myself. Combination outdoor kitchen, dining area and fireplace. We just finished the hardscape. Still need to do the rest of the landscaping. I’ve got a nice 5 burner Blaze gasser and side power burner, one Kamado and a Blackstone griddle. My WSM and turkey fryer are out of frame. I was hoping to pick up a second Kamado, but my Costco’s never got them on the floor. I’d like to have one set up as a pizza cooker and a second as a dedicated smoker. That way I can retire the WSM.
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    A little behind the scenes to my Instagram post. Sunday I smoked two small chuck roasts for about 4 hours at 250 Then I put them in foil in beef broth and aromatics and let them braise for another four hours. After two hours FTC these were ready to serve. I fried up the onions and served on fresh buns with American cheddar, horseradish mayo and Au jus will deffinetly be doing this again
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    Reef's Game Room - pic heavy!

    This has been 3 years in the making. Progress was slow for the first two years but this past summer we decided to push for the completion. Everything you see was done by me and Mrs skreef. No contractors were involved. Small walk-in wet bar, expanded pantry, reclaimed wood on the walls, stained rustic molding, new doors, shelves, everything. The room features a Olhausen pine log pool table, Dart board and shuffle board. The walls are decorated with games and such. Most of them antiques but not everything. We still need to do some finishing touches but that will happen as time allows. The pool table. Pool accessories and darts. Some interesting antique board games. Blacksmith type hand puzzles and Macy's mobile. Games above the shuffle board. Walk-in wet bar. Small fishing section and small barrels. Window to the wet bar. Early 70's Japanese pachinko machine and Chinese cheakers. And last but not least a magic wall. We hope you enjoyed the pictures. The game room was a fantastic improvement for the house. We enjoy it nightly.
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    Huge ribeye well done - ha

    I cut this from a whole roast earlier this year. So big I just did one for the entire family. It was seasoned with salt and pepper before being frozen. It was dropped in the water bath frozen. It remained for 3 hours. I fired up the Primo, put one grate in the lower position and let it rip on high. Dropped the cooked steak on the grate for about 1 minute per side flipping 4 times total. It was a crispy sear and extremely tender steak. A very well done cook in my mind.
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    Cowboy Ribeye

    Mr. KK smoked it on his pellet grill. I seared it on Akorn Jr. Not much else to say... other than I love Akorn Jr.
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    Chicken Kale stew - open pit

    Chicken Kale stew - open pit It has been a cold and rainy last few weeks. In fact, over a foot of rain this month and we even touched the 30's. Stew! The first day without rain in 2 weeks was yesterday so we decided it was a good day for a fire in the pit. That's when I started putting dinner plans together. 5 cups chopped kale 4 cups of chicken stock 1.5 lbs of chicken breast 1 cup of sliced carrots 2 cups of sliced celery 2 cups cubed potatoes 1/4 cup olive oil 1 hot chili chopped coarsely 4 TB flour 1/2 TB garlic powder 1 TS dried thyme 1 bay leaf 1/2 TS black pepper 1/4 TS salt I hung the Dutch oven over the hot pit and added the oil, carrots and celery stirring until soft. Then added salt, pepper and garlic powder stirring for another 30 seconds. In went the flour for a quick stir and then everything else. With the lid on this simmered for a good hour stirring occasionally. Money! Here is a look as it progressed. The kids roasted hotdogs while the stew cooked. We served this with a little grated Parmesan. It was really good and hit the spot on a cool evening.
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    Vortex Wings

    Oddly enough, it wasn’t very windy today. I decided to do some vortex wings on the Weber Jumbo Joe. Prepped the wings. Most with Franks dry rub and a couple with zaatar that I just picked up today. We went to an end of season sale at the local Primo dealer (25% off everything) today. Picked up 100 pounds of pellets and a few rubs and some beer. They had a lot going on today. storage unit auction, auction auction, outdoor living sale and all you could drink mimosas or bloody mary’s for 10 bucks... Anyway... the zaatar was one of the rubs I grabbed today at the sale. Mr KK partook of the Bloody Mary deal.... I just had one beer - someone had to be the responsible adult. This was a black raspberry sour and was super tasty. Outdoor living store with grills and accessories and hot tubs and a liquor store and a bar. I think that would be my dream job to work there.... Ok.... I probably could have come home with a Primo Jr for 25% off since Mr KK was feeling no pain after numerous bloody mary’s (He wanted to get his moneys worth.... lol). But.... I was a good kid and was just happy to get him stocked up on pellets on the cheap. On to the cook.... Got some char broil center cut lump going in the chimney. I love this little guy.... Looking good.... not quite as crisp as I wanted. My lump didn’t last as long as I thought it would. My plate with 3 zaatar and tzatziki. Mr KK’s with buffalo and blue cheese.
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    Tacos al pastor

    I love Tacos al pastor but have never made them myself. They are a popular street food here in SoCal and Mexico and I finally decided to try my hand at making some. Forgive me as this is a long one. I started out by thawing a Pork Butt I had in the freezer that I had purchased on sale for $.99 a lb. (7.93 lbs.) I unwrapped it and found there was still some ice crystals on it. (which is what I was hoping for to make cutting it easier) I cut it in half and deboned the other half. I proceeded to cut it all up into approximately 3/8” slices. I placed this into a large container, covered it and placed it into the fridge. I now gathered up the ingredients for the al pastor marinade. Here’s the recipe I used. (It’s a combination of several recipes I watched on YouTube) Not shown in the picture are the pineapple juice and the vinegar. 8 lb bone-in pork shoulder (deboned) 4 tablespoons achiote paste (I used 1 – 3.5 oz. brick) 2 guajillo peppers (seeded and re-hydrated) 2 ancho peppers (seeded and re-hydrated) 3 Chipotle peppers + all the adobo sauce from 1 - 7 oz. can 5 garlic cloves ¼ small white or yellow onion 1 oz. Piloncillo (substitute brown sugar if you can find it) 1 tbsp. dried oregano (preferably Mexican) 1 tbsp. cumin 1 tbsp. salt 1 tbsp. pepper 1 tsp. cinnamon (preferably Mexican) 1 tsp, cloves ½ cup pineapple juice ½ cup white vinegar ¼ cup OO ¼ cup of the water from re-hydrating the peppers ¼ cup orange juice ¼ cup lime juice 1 pineapple, skinned and sliced into 1-inch (2 cm) rounds (for the spit/trompo) (Note: I only had some small guajillo chiles so I used 6 of them) Everybody went into the pool for a spin. I poured some marinade into the bottom of a very large bowl and then some pork slices. I repeated this process until all the pork was in the bowl and pour the rest of the marinade over the top. I then stirred it until everything had a nice coating. Now how will I cook this? Tacos al pastor is a dish developed in central Mexico that is based on shawarma spit grilled meat brought by Lebanese immigrants. It is traditionally cooked on a vertical spit known as a trompo. I don’t have such an exotic grill, so I had to improvise. I had found this indoor grill plate at a local thrift store for $2.17 and used it to create a vertical spit. I now peeled and sliced up the pineapple And started my vertical trompo stack adding a slice of pineapple and red onion after every 6 or 7 layers of meat. I place the stack in the center of my weber redhead with coals all around it. I then setup my craving station. Here it is after approximately 30 minutes. After approximately 75 minutes I removed the trompo and craved off the outer charred layer. (The char is an important part of the taste profile) I then placed the trompo back in the redhead to char the outside again. So pretty! I then repeated the process another 3 times. After I had trimmed off the outside 3 times I set up my taco cart errrr bar and started to assemble my street taco plate. Oh Yum! Here it is served up with a Modelo Especial. This was a little on the spicy side but oh so delicious! Thanks for looking.
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    Show your BBQ area

    When we expanded the patio a few years ago we built a BBQ area with storage, lots of counter space, and room for the kamado and gasser.
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    2" Rib Steak

    With all the beef sales for Christmas, I picked up a roast ($4.77/lb) and asked the butcher to cut it into roughly 2" inch steaks. I have two vacuum packed in the freezer. This one was just under 2 lbs. I seasoned it with salt and pepper and cooked direct about 450F. The flames weren't that high during the cook. They flared up when i opened the lid for a pic. It turned out really well. I served it with roasted red potatoes and steamed broccoli. Thanks for looking.
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    John Setzler

    Char Siu Pork

    Never made this before today.... results were extremely good! I had to visit two separate asian markets to get everything I wanted to use n this... lol... I seared it after the marinade and basted it with another glaze over indirect heat while the temp came up to 140f internally...
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    Grilled Chicken Pesto

    Hey there fellow Kamado Gurus. Time to post another challenge entry at the last possible day….For my October Don’t be Chicken challenge cook, I took advantage of my remaining basil before the 1st freeze to make pesto. I harvest all my remaining basil, made pesto (also froze form basil in oil) and proceeded to make a grilled chicken pesto dish. Seasoned the chicken with Italian seasonings, before grilling Not the most fancy of dishes, but very tasty.
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    Stuffed Lobster Tail and Filet

    Alright.... end of month is always bad work wise and this month was the worst. Didn’t get done with work until late and dinner was late late and my post is late late late. Did a loose interpretation of @ckreef‘s stuffed scallops recipe. Sautéed onion, red pepper, shallot and garlic in butter and olive oil. Then added white wine, lemon juice and capers. Let that go a few minutes and put on my empty lobster shell to get some color. Added in small raw scallops, shrimp and the chunked up lobster from the tail. Then went in some cream to reduce a bit before adding some shredded Asiago and Parmesan. At this point put on my asparagus bundles wrapped in prosciutto. Added breadcrumbs to the stuffing mix and then stuffed in to the lobster tail to finish baking. Finished off filets to rare-ish. And plated up. My plate without the surf. Just about perfect for me. Couldn't have pulled this this off without Mr. KK’s help. He prepped the lobster tail and got the chunk of tenderloin cleaned up and cut into steaks and got the bread ready.... I’m exhausted. Ready for the weekend already and it’s not even Monday yet. Would have done lots different if I had more time - but it turned out ok given the hurry up effort put into it.
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    Tye Dye Brownie Cheesecake

    Hello Everyone Well here we go with another Challenge. A baking challenge is my thing. So it took me like 6 hrs but here it is. Tye Dye Brownie Cheesecake I am using our 19" KK I use Coco Char extruded lump. Which I love to use cause it has no smoke profile which is great for baking. Ingredients for the Blondie brownie Mix and put in a greased Spring Form pan Ingredients for the Tye Dye Cheesecake (fun part) . I got 4 jars and divided my Cream cheese and colored them. Purple, Pink, Yellow and Green. I wanted to make this light Spring/Summer colors. After getting them ready, I refrigerated them and then put them in piping bags. Took turns piping each color to give a tye dye affect. While Sandstorm looks on. On the grill If you have seen my other baking goodies, you would have seen me use my cotton strips that protect the side to keep it from burning or over cooking. A great Product. I use them ever time I bake cakes. Soak them in water before it goes on grill. All done, now finishing touches. Side view Money Shot I have made many Cheesecakes on the grill but I think this one was the most fun for me and it was exciting to see what it would look like once cut. I was very surprised how good it looks. Hope you get the chance to make you one. Another cake you could include your kids to help. Thanks for looking Skreef
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    New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp

    When you visit New Orleans and see "Barbecue Shrimp" on the menu, don't expect something coming from a guy with a Weber in back of the restaurant. BBQ shrimp there is cooked hot and fast, heavy (really heavy) on the black pepper and butter. Ideally it's cooked with really large head-on shrimp, in my case I had to use frozen "Super Colossal" E Z Peel. I used Ralph Brennan's recipe: https://louisiana.kitchenandculture.com/recipes/ralph-brennans-barbecue-shrimp except where he calls for water I used white wine. Cooked in my Stok charcoal grill in cast iron. Did some Mexican Street Corn on the Joe. Slathered two ears with mayo and crema, sprinkled on some chile powder and lime zest and grilled on the Joe cranking along at 450. When I took the corn off I sprinkled it heavily with Cotija cheese and squeezes of lime juice. Had some toasted french bread to sop up the sauce from the BBQ Shrimp. I believe that's called scarpetta in Italian.
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    Sunday cooked a late brunch on the outdoor griddle. French toast stuffed with sweet cheese and Lingonberries, bacon, and hash browns. After brunch we drove my son back to college. On the way home I got thinking. We didn’t have anything planned for dinner and if we were willing to eat a little late I could squeeze a Chicago Deep Dish in for dinner. I should have all the ingredients at home and it will give me a chance to try out my new Lloyd Chicago Deep Dish Pan. When we got home first thing I did was mix up the dough since it would need a 2 hour rise. I then went outside and fired up my 19" Komodo Kamado to get that up to 400*. Back inside to lightly brown some Italian sausage and make a homemade pizza sauce using San Marzano tomatoes. After an hour the KK was crusin steady at 400* so I put my Komodo Kamado baking stone in. It's a big fat baking stone and I knew that would take about an hour to come up to temperature. At the 2 hour mark the dough was looking right so I went outside to check the temperature. 408* at the dome and the baking stone at 391*. Close enough, time to build the pie. Also note while the inside is basically 400* the outside a mild *112. I went for a traditional Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Stretched the dough up the sides, Mozzarella cheese and the Italian sausage. I normally use sliced mozzarella but I didn't have any so I went with what I had. Shredded mozzarella will have to do. Lastly I added the sauce and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese. About 40 minutes later it's looking right. I brought it inside and let it rest for a few minutes. It slide right out of the pan without any effort. I really like Lloyd Pans. Bottom of the crust browned perfectly. Ooey, goey, yummy on the inside - LOL A spur of the moment decision turned out spot on. Total time, 3 hours from start to finish. Dinner was at 8 pm.
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    This started out when I purchased a 20 lb turkey and put it in the freezer many months ago. I finally decided it was time to do something with it as it was taking up valuable room and coming up on 10 months or so. As my wife asked, what possessed me to buy a 20 lb turkey? I couldn't resist the price, which came to all of $11.60. Not wanting to spatchcock it or roast it whole, I looked into other methods of preparation. A few videos had me convinced it wouldn't be all that difficult turning this into a boneless turkey. I've never attempted doing so before, so I might as well give it a shot. De-boning took about 30 or 40 minutes, but the carcass and leg and thigh bones were out. I took the wings off completely. All the parts went into the stockpot and turned into turkey broth which is in the freezer. One floppy turkey, having lost its fight with my butcher knife - Got out the trusty needlenose pliers and removed all those tendons - The intent is to get all the meat somewhat uniform in thickness, so a few slices here and there and it's ready for seasoning. Seasoning was S&P and Plowboys Yardbird, inside and out. What to stuff it with? A Sausage and Bread Stuffing with some Spinach. Looks tasty already - Now for the fun part. Rolling and tying this beast. Somehow I managed - The Goldens' gets the call today. I put the searing plate in and got the temps stable between 375 - 425. And on it goes - I remembered I had a bag of cranberries in the freezer. You can't have a Turkey dinner without Cranberry Sauce. Since I started making my own, I'll never go back to the canned stuff. Cranberries getting happy - The Turkey Roll looking quite good out on the Goldens' - Done and resting - A slice through the white meat center - Rather than having roasted sweet potatoes I decided to make Baked Sweet Potato Fries. For something different other than steamed or roasted Green Beans, the Green Beans were sauteed with garlic and bacon. Plated. Nothing like a Thanksgiving Dinner on St Patrick's Day - What more could you ask for? Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans w/ Garlic & Bacon and Sweet Potato Fries - A slice through the dark meat section of the roll - This was quite the challenge, but well worth it. Removing the bones of a whole turkey was something I'd never done before. But the results turned out excellent and it was nice simply being able to carve the turkey like you would a roast. Thanks for checking out this post and following along with today's Sunday Dinner preparation. Regards, -lunchman
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    Made a Saturday lunch for my sweetie and my farrier and his sweetie. Started with whole roasted garlic with a goat cheese cream with chili flakes on homemade croutons, then fillet of beef Stroganoff (from a old James Beard recipe) served with toast points and sauteed mushrooms. The topper for this was a Raspberry Ricotta Cake I made Friday night and baked on the Joe. Served that with some fresh raspberries, some fresh raspberries dipped in melted white chocolate and some Haagen-Dasz White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream. It was my Valentine's Day card to them and all of you. The set up for baking on the Joe was deflector plates in the middle position, pizza stone on the grill and copper tees on the pizza stone to support the cake pan. I used the recipe from Bon Appetit and it worked like a charm. Had the Joe cranking along at 375 when I put the cake on: tested it at 50 minutes and it was still goopy, let the temp climb a bit and at 60 minutes the tester came out clean. I used frozen raspberries in the batter so they wouldn't break up. It was a big hit.
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    Cast Iron Tarte Tatin

    I wasn't kidding when I said I was looking forward to a Great British Bake-off / Kamado crossover. I've wanted to do a tarte tatin for a while, but it is an intimidating dish. Turns out I should have done this long ago. The natural sweetness of the apples combines with the buttery pastry and kamado smoke to create an excellent dessert. The Mrs. was very pleased. It all started with a from scratch puff pastry. A real one, not a rough puff. The dough is fairly simple, but the magic comes from the sandwiched layers of butter. I did two regular turns, then a book turn, then a final turn. Each process needed an hour in the fridge to cool. Now for the filling. A simple caramel was made from 235 g of sugar and half a cup of water. You're looking for a lighter brown color. Once done, pour directly into the skillet (pre-greased with 1 tbsp butter). Important note: no matter how good the caramel looks, do not try to get a swipe with your finger. You will get a bad blister immediately. The caramel will, however, taste delicious. The apples were honey crisp. I believe I used five (probably should have used at least one more). Used a quick corer, then cut the wedges in half. Arrange the bottom layer on top of the caramel in a nice pattern, since this is basically an upside down cake. Then pile the rest of the apples in. Roll out the dough to cover the entire skillet. Cut off the excess, but leave enough that you can tuck the edges down between the apples and the side. While the tart was cooking, I used the excess dough to make some quick cinnamon turnovers. Now assembled, put on the grill at 400-425°. Bake for about 40 minutes and check for doneness. I went for 45 overall. Allow the tart to cool, then the moment of truth: turning it out. Any extra juices should be poured back over the apples. While the grill was still hot, I cooked up some bacon wrapped sweet and sour shrimp. A slice of tarte tatin and a glass of port was a great end to this celebratory meal.
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    Baked Apples a la mode

    Here is my Sweets For Your Sweetie entry. A very simple recipe but tastes fantastic and very sweet. The basic ingredients. Made an apple juice, brown sugar, and cinnamon sauce. Not to thick. Set aside to cool. Next I made a crumble topping. Cut up the apples. Divide the sauce between the bowls. Add the crumble topping. I made three slightly different versions. Bake indirect at 350* until the crumble topping browns up. Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Very sweet for my sweetie.
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    Wood-fired Beef Enchiladas

    This is a recipe taken from my very first (and favorite) cook book. we omitted the cumin and cooked it on our Timberline 850 to add a bit of Smokey flavor & it turned out amazing! even my daughter (who eats/tries nothing) enjoyed a few forks! Dont mind the uneven sour-cream lines, my daughter got a little crazy lol
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    Big Biscuit

    Grill Fried Hot Wings

    Made some grill fried hot wings on the Kamado Joe classic. Seasoned the wings with some kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. Sprayed them with some vegetable oil, tossed them in some Lefty's Spicey Fish & Chicken Mix. I highly recommend it if you can find it. I happened upon it at Shoprite and all I can say is I love it. After I applied one coat I rested the wings on a cookie cooling rack over a half sheet. An hour later when the dry mix got all gooey I applied a second coat to get it extra crispy. While that was resting I lit the KJ, inserted the deflector plates in the high position and brought the temp up to 425°. Once up to temp I let it ride for for 15 minutes just to make sure the grill was thoroughly warmed through. Put the wings on and flipped them every 10 minutes for even cooking for 45 minutes and voila!!! Crispy hot wings.
  33. 13 points

    2 Easy Pizzas

    The dough is from the Portland Pie Company out of Maine. The top one has a garlic crust and the bottom has a basil crust. Awesome pizza on a kamado is so easy. There may have been some home-brew involved in this cook, but since the site won't let me upload that, the world will never know.
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  35. 13 points
    On a recent trip through Colorado, I came upon this cooking spot while walking along the Arkansas River in Estes Park Colorado. Not a fancy outdoor kitchen, just a couple of old and well used Weber Kettles, a weathered wooden picnic table, and an ice chest, but man, Location, Location, Location! Love to sip an IPA and grill a steak in this beautiful spot. Post a pic of a beautiful spot, your's or one you found!
  36. 13 points

    SRF Wagyu Gold Brisket

    My amazing wife gifted me a SRF 13.8 Wagyu gold brisket. Here's what came in the package. She only "paid" for the brisket. We received two 8 oz top sirloin steaks and a pack of wagyu hot dogs. Not pictured was a cooler bag that was also included! Here is the label from the brisket. Here that beauty is fresh out of the package and rinsed and paper towel dried. Fired up the grill with the new Fogo! Indirect with drip pan, at 250. Fat side down. Smoked over 6 chunks of apple and 2 chunks mesquite. Almost all trimmed up. Ready for rubbing. Rubbed with an inexpensive coffee rub that I absolutely love. I felt like I was cheaping out on this part.... But it needed to be cooked and we thought we were going to have people around for the big fight on HBO. So no time to run up the highway to nearest store that sold something a bit better. Cooked until internal temp alarmed at 170 at something like 2:38 am. The following picture was before I went to bed or about halfway there. Double wrapped in hd aluminum foil at 170 and put back on the grill. Until a temp of 198 was reached. And boy was it "probe tender"! Here is the before bed pic. Sit down, relax, have a cigar, take in the wonderful aromas! Pulled it off at 198, wrapped in a blanket and put into the Pelican cooled for 3 hours and was surprised when I awoke to find this beauty all done and ready for eating. You can't really tell due to my awful camera, but it has about a 1/4 inch pink smoke ring and was super juicy. This meat melts in your mouth. Everyone who's tried says it is the best brisket they have ever had and I agree. The guys at my work don't just hand out compliments ever, so I believe them. Overall this is wonderful and needs nothing. You can slice this brisket with a plastic fork and it melts on your tongue. It is a bit pricey, but well worth it and not something we can do every week(too bad). My wife says that this has ruined beef for her. Here is a pic of the bend. I highly recommend this at least once or split it with some good friends. SRF was great, they contacted my wife soon after she ordered to make sure she understood what she was getting and the shipping details. Truly amazing all around! I love my wife; she treats me awesome!
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    Show your BBQ area

    This is my built-in Akorn and Weber Baby Q1200 Let's see yours please.
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    This is my third bake on the Joe. The first was a Raspberry Ricotta Cake (a success), the second was Monday, a very windy and gusty day (a total failure), the third was Tuesday and was a success (almost no wind). The pecan pie recipe I use is based on one I have messed with from Emeril Legasse's "New New Orleans Cooking". The crust I use is from a James Beard recipe for Pate Brisee and makes a very short crust. I normally make this recipe using heavy cream in place of the called for melted butter- this gives a nice butterscotch taste to the filling. Normally I add 1/2 cup Heath Bar Bits mixed in with the pecan pieces, those melt into the filling and make a great pecan pie. My wife bought some Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe's and my first thought on tasting one was "Use that in place of the Heath Bar Bits". So I did. I put in 6 of the cups, cut in half, and the only thing I would change is to cut the peanut butter cups into 1/4's or even finer so they will mix into the custard a little better. Served it with whipped cream and some vanilla gelato. The takeaway lesson from this cook was don't try to bake on the Joe on a day with high, gusty winds. You'll be chasing your temps and probably won't be happy with the result. This one, in calm conditions, came out perfect. I used the deflector plates, copper Tees and my pizza stone to increase circulation around the glass deep dish pie pan. I can post the pie recipe (or the crust recipe) if anyone needs a good "Go-To" pecan pie or crust recipe.
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    John Setzler

    Show your BBQ area

    Here's some of my area with some of my grills pulled in for a photo I needed a couple weeks ago...
  40. 12 points

    Perfect Cure for a Crappy Day

    Today was just one of those days... Went to the store looking for what I wanted to cook up this weekend and Ribeyes were on sale. Thankfully the butchers were still around so I asked for some thick ### steaks to help bring a smile to my face. I think the butcher was just as happy to prepare the steaks for me as I was watching her cut them up and wrap them. I may have been drooling a bit and giggling like a 12 year old girl, but that's neither here or there. Went with a reverse sear for these babies, setting up the coals on the Big Joe to one side and cooking the steaks indirect to an IT of 130. After I pulled them off, I opened the top hue and let the temps get up to 600 so I could get a nice sear. Sorry for not adding the "money shot" once we cut into those bad boys I was too busy eating to take any pictures.
  41. 12 points

    Show your BBQ area

    Here's mine I've got a Pitt Boss 24 and my kamado I made from an old keg And at the other end of my deck I have a chiminea for the colder evenings that will double as a Blackstone/planche and boil a kettle for a cup of tea.
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    Steel Head Trout in Grandma Pan

    I got me a nice piece of Steel Head Trout. I actually like it better than salmon. It's not as tall as salmon so it doesn't have the thin belly meat. Gave it a nice lemon Pesto topping. Cooked it in my 19" KK on the upper grate in my new Grandma pan. It was a gorgeous piece of fish. Below that on the main grate was some baked potatoes and homemade stuffed scallops. Slid right off the pan and onto the serving platter without a care in the world. I really like Lloyd Pans.
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    Where do I even begin.... Honestly..... I have seen these types of comments a million times, and I have said it myself just as many times. Today..... well today is different and I am once again about to post that I have made the best (chicken wings) that I have ever made. Sure sure sure we have heard it all before. But I want to share this technique with all of you because it is as close to deep fried wings that I have ever had on the grill. I live very very close to buffalo and consider myself a chicken wing aficionado. I have had about every type of chicken wing that you could imagine and have been really enjoying the lemon pepper these days. So today I decided to experiment and I came up with a wing that was the very best that I have produced to date. Here is what I did: shook the wings with AP flour to coat them. Let them sit while my Traeger heated up. 45 minute cook at 165° on super smoke 45 minutes cook at 350° 15 minute cook at 425° these came off the grill crispy like a deep fried wing. They had a crunch to them and incredibly juicy with smoke penetration on the meat. Put them in a bowl and hit them with with a half squeeze of lemon. Then a liberal coating of lemon pepper seasoning. I still cant get over how incredibly deliscious these were. You can see how golden brown they turned out. Made another batch with my home made poultry rub and they came out really good as well. The colour on them were top notch. If you are looking for a great wing idea give these a go.
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    I've never made cheesecake on the grill, so there's a first time for everything. With a dessert throwdown and a recent Chef John video for Burnt Basque Cheesecake where he states "you can't screw this up", what better time than now to give this a try out on the Goldens' Cast Iron. I didn't use his exact recipe, used one from Bon Appetit. His recipe was tailored for a smaller cake pan, I wanted to make this in a normal Springform pan. First up - acquire a Springform pan to be used on the grill. Home Goods - mission accomplised, as I don't want to use the one we use in the oven. Most of the ingredients ready to go - All mixed and very smooth thanks to the KitchenAid - And into the Springform pan lined with parchment, ready to go out on the Goldens' - And out on the Goldens' we go - Keeping grate temp around 400 - Bake time is supposed to be about 60 minutes. The top is intended to become golden brown. Mine never browned on the top despite an additional 20 minutes of bake time. So call it a Not-so-Burnt Basque Cheesecake After about an hour or so on the grill - And some 20 minutes later when it still wasn't browned I decided I wasn't taking any more chances so it was time to remove it from the grill. It was still a bit jiggly in the center, which is recommended - I let it cool, removed the Springform pan sides and cut back the parchment. Then into the refrigerator to cool and firm up some more. This is not the prettiest of cheesecakes as it's supposed to fall considerably, which it did. As you can see the sides browned up nicely. It looks terrible but other pictures of Basque Cheesecake on the web look similar with the exception that their tops are browned and mine isn't - Naked Cheesecake shot - And some dolled up shots - This one will serve as the throwdown entry picture - That's it. Dom's take on Burnt Basque Cheesecake on the Goldens' Cast Iron. Having never made this particular recipe before I wasn't sure what to expect (other than a burnt top which never happened.) Oh yeah, how did it taste? Excellent! Creamy texture and the browned crust was a nice twist on regular NY Style Cheesecake. Thanks for checking out this post. Regards, -lunchman
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    Edward Cook

    Back to College Steak Dinner

    Not to overload y'all but I'm a few weeks late posting these ... finally got the pictures where I could upload them. My precious daughter (one of two precious daughters!) was home from college for Christmas. As she was about to head back to Houston (Rice U) after the holidays, it obviously became necessary to cook her some rib-eye (her favorite). Below is the photo essay .... Costco is awesome! Low with some Mesquite for a reverse sear ... Checking ... Pulled to rest while I fire up the Joe! Yep ... Back on for some sear! Pulled to rest ... Resting ... And a wedge salad ... And some Brussels sprouts ... And some flat bread ... And some baked spuds ... And some good vino ... and let's eat! The happy student! Juicy!
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    Surf'n Turf with a Tater

    Ribeye steaks with Texas Swine Shine Beef, shrimp with Elk Creek Cajun Stinger and twice baked potatoes on a Weber 26.75” kettle and a medium Vortex wide side up. ----- ----- Excellent meal, but neither of us could eat more than half a plate…makes for excellent leftovers! ----- Cooked to our preference… Thanks for looking!
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    Yesterday I was walking through Walmart (Yea I know - LOL) and they had one of those cooking stations setup. I almost never try the food at those stations but there was two old ladies urging me to try some sausage. We hadn't eaten lunch yet and I'll admit I was a bit hungry at the time so I walked away chewing on a piece of sausage they had cooked. Turned out it was pretty good sausage. We were already planning on having shrimp and grits for dinner so why not add some sausage. I cooked the sausage and shrimp in a wok basket on the 16" KK. Meanwhile Mrs skreef cooked the grits and made a spicy tomato cream sauce. Grits with melted Asiago cheese in a pool of the tomato cream sauce with grilled sausage and shrimp. A quick and easy meal that tasted delicious.
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    I looked for a recipe I could cook hot and fast using my charcoal chimney as a cooker. This recipe looked perfect https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/middle-eastern-chicken-kebabs.html Threaded chicken and onions on my skewers and marinated overnight in the fridge. I was a little ambitious about how many skewers would fit on my chimney so I had to do a lot of tending, turning and moving things around. Doing this recipe on the Joe would have been a lot easier, but I already shot that bullet for the Chicken challenge. Made some Basmati rice with a big pinch of saffron threads then added some toasted pine nuts and some raisins I soaked for a couple of hours in Meyers Rum and used that for a bed to serve the chicken kebabs and onions on. Very good dinner.
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    Hi all, I finally participated in my first ever BBQ contest recently after over 25 years of outdoor cooking. Although it wasn't an officially sanctioned event, it was good practice for the future in case I decide to entered a real one. Was a great time. I totally see why people do this sort of thing.
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    Golf Griller

    Alligator Kbobs

    @Lydia guessed my seafood correct. Of course the weather did not fully cooperate, but with the KJ Clasic, I was still able to get this cook done. Of course I needed something else to go with it Also some seasoning and a side dish. And a beverage while grilling and for the meal. First off, I seasoned the alligator with the cajun spice and let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour. I cut the alligator and sausage into pieces and put it on the skewer. I also had some extra that I cooked just cooked. Here they are on the grill. My wife had already determined that she was not going to try the alligator, so I cooked a steak for her. And here is the finished product off the grill. The wooden handles on the skewers got a good char too. And plated up ready to eat. It definitely needed the cajun spices and the bourbon glaze. The alligator had a very mild taste without any fishy or gamey taste.
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