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    Golf Griller

    Alligator Kbobs

    @Lydia guessed my seafood correct. Of course the weather did not fully cooperate, but with the KJ Clasic, I was still able to get this cook done. Of course I needed something else to go with it Also some seasoning and a side dish. And a beverage while grilling and for the meal. First off, I seasoned the alligator with the cajun spice and let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour. I cut the alligator and sausage into pieces and put it on the skewer. I also had some extra that I cooked just cooked. Here they are on the grill. My wife had already determined that she was not going to try the alligator, so I cooked a steak for her. And here is the finished product off the grill. The wooden handles on the skewers got a good char too. And plated up ready to eat. It definitely needed the cajun spices and the bourbon glaze. The alligator had a very mild taste without any fishy or gamey taste.
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    Hot dog chili

    Occasionally I have a craving flung on me for a good old fashioned hot dog (all the way with slaw). Store bought chili just doesn't cut it. I found this recipe that reminds me of the chili on hot dogs I grew up eating and loving. I basically followed the recipe except for substituting bacon grease for Olive Oil (why not?) and I cooked it on the Bubba Keg with some Pecan chunks for a little delicious smoke flavor. Cooking times took a little longer on the grill. But it was a fine afternoon. Ingredients 1 pound lean ground beef water 1 medium Vidalia onion or sweet onion, finely diced 2 cloves of garlic, finely diced 1 Tablespoon olive oil 2 cups ketchup 1 Tablespoon prepared yellow mustard ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon pepper 2 teaspoons chili powder 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce Instructions Place lean ground beef in a bowl and cover with water. Use a wooden spoon or your hands to break up the beef. Set aside. Over medium heat, saute diced onion and garlic in olive oil in a large saute pan or Dutch oven. Once the onion and garlic are soft, add the ground beef and water to the pan. Cook about 5 minutes, until the beef is no longer pink on the outside. Add ketchup, mustard, salt, pepper, chili powder and Worcestershire sauce Reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring frequently, until mixture has thickened and reduced and the beef is cooked through .......(Author: Atta Girl Amy)
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    Nothing fancy.

    I haven't posted a cook in a long time, always forget to take pics. I did a rack of ribs for the 2 of us tonight and they really came out good. First time I tried Oakridge BBQ Competition Beef and Pork rub. Man that is some good stuff and I highly recommend it. Couple of pics.
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    Here you go mate:. I usually double this up. Plain yogurt is way better than milk. Go the yogurt. Chicken Kebabs (Turkish) INGREDIENTS • 2 chicken breasts ( 2 halves), or 4 to 5 boneless thighs • 1 medium onion • 2 cloves garlic • 2 tbsp. tomato paste • ½ cup plain yogurt or milk • 3 tbsp. vegetable oil • 1 tsp. ground black pepper • 1 tsp. paprika • 1 tsp. salt • oregano, sumac and paprika for garnish 

 PREPARATION Begin by washing the chicken in very cold water for several minutes. Blot the meat dry on paper towels. Cut the meat into bite-sized cubes about the size of large dice. Using the finest grater possible, grate the onion and garlic cloves. Pour the pulp and juice into a very fine wire mesh strainer and press out the juice into a separate bowl. You will use the onion and garlic juice in the marinade and discard the pulp. In a glass or ceramic bowl, combine the juice, yogurt or milk, oil, tomato paste and seasonings. Add the cubed chicken. Cover the bowl and refrigerate it for at least four hours, or overnight for the best results. When you are ready to cook the chicken, remove the pieces from the marinade and lace them on small metal or bamboo kebab skewers. The chunks of chicken can touch each other, but don’t pack them together too closely. Sprinkle the kebabs with salt then put them on the grill. Grill them evenly on all sides. You can sprinkle Turkish spiceslike oregano and paprika over the hot kebabs to add extra flavor.
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    Vision B Series

    Brand new here and want to share. Sam’s club has the Vision B Series marked down to $299. It doesn’t show that on line but in store that’s what they are marked down to as and end of season special.
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    John Setzler

    Smoked Cheez-Its

    This is a trend rolling around in the Traeger community right now... Smoked Cheez-Its.. they are like CRACK. Really simple process.. spread the cheez-its out on a pan, spray them with a little cooking spray.. I like to use olive oil. Dust them lightly with ranch dressing mix and smoke them as low temp as possible for about an hour. You're welcome.
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    Tired of pork and chicken

    One of these days.......... Hey it's a staple protein in a few villages around the world. Easy to hide from the drug loards and has a good reproduction rate.
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    Mr Cue

    Rainy Day Cuban Sammich

    Weather was less than ideal for kamado cooking and I'm about out of lump so I decided to do this cook inside. Yesterday I stopped by the new Publix store and scored a loaf of fresh Cuban bread with the intent to make a Cuban sammich. Today I picked up a 1/3 of a boneless pork loin and rubbed it with my secret Cubano rub then braised it in some Goya Mojo Criollo for 90 minutes. I thought I might have over cooked it but the pork came out perfect. I sliced it into 1/4" thick slices and layered it on the Cuban bread with some Black Forest ham, Swiss, delicatessen style pickle slices, mustard, and olive oil mayo. A quick press in a hot cast iron skillet put the finishing touch on it, doesn't get much better than this!
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    Wife & I had discussed going out for dinner over the weekend. The evening arrived and the hurricane that was pounding my family in Eastern North Carolina was pushing rain and wind our way. She agreed seafood was in order, but no longer wanted to go out for it. Heck....I'd rather stay at home and cook anyway. So.........a quick trip to a great local spot that always has anything I'd ever want to cook.....got to use 4WD for part of the rainy trip Some folks like heat.....some don't.......here are there options at my table. Only one option on what I bread my seafood with...since I was riding a bike. It's already seasoned and super simple to use.....and always perfect. This goodness went into the hush puppies. I love some hot sauce or cocktail sauce on shrimp........and tartar sauce on fried oysters. My plate......everyone else wanted salads or tacos. They can have 'em. My eats are straight up. No crowded restaurant to deal with......good music and cold suds and my dogs hanging around wanting to see what was coming their way. Family loved it.
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    Scott Roberts

    Alligator Kbobs

    Having been stationed in Ft. Polk La had gator a few times very good meat and all white meat, yours looked great and thinking outside the box on this cook!! Scott
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    Alligator Kbobs

    That looks really good. I'd have been glad to eat your wife's portion.
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    Please don't apologize! Those look amazing, and i would want to post them every time as well!
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    Nothing fancy.

    Great looking ribs. I was never a picture person until Kamado Guru. Now, well, lets not talk about it - LOL
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    Tired of pork and chicken

    So I guess Guinea Pig is next for him.
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    Tired of pork and chicken

    Salmon is one of the favorites in this household. Shrimp and lobster are delicious as well. I also highly recommend tri tip, as they are super common and popular (and cheap!) around where I live. Pretty much every home BBQ you go to, odds are, you'll be eating tri tip. I'm also a huge fan of kamado pizza. Smoked Mac n cheese....... Lots of possibilities.
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    New Vision Owner

    IMO the first thing to get is a heat deflector so you can cook indirect. Vision sells their lava stone for $50. There are other options that will work fine, but I was happy to drop the $50 to get the stone and the rack that holds it.
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    Nothing but WFO money!

    A quick, light lunch. Well quick is a relative thing when dealing with the WFO - LOL
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    Yeah, the spot is just behind town on a walking path by the river, you can walk for quite a ways in both directions. I saw a kid fly fishing and catching and releasing a couple of pretty but small brown trout just around the corner from here. We were at "Cut of the Rock" brewery where I had a nice hoppy IPA while watching the kid fish from the brewery deck. Beautiful place to be sure. The next day we drove down to Buena Vista which was also spectacular. This beautiful picture was taken from a bridge over the river. You can see a woman throwing a stick in to the river for her black lab to retrieve. We watched them for about 1/2 an hour, the dog never got tired of running, diving, and swimming to fetch the stick. Really nice memory. You can just see the black lab out in the river in this one.
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    You can do pizza, even wok cooking making stirfrys. There is fish, lamb, beef you can grill. Even other seafood like shrimp. All kamados are very versatile, you can anything from smoking to searing and everything in between.
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    Vision firebox repair

    So awhile back I dumped my Vision grill over backwards and broke the firebox. About 3 weeks ago I did a repair using Refractory Cement. Sanded down the 4 broken areas and the firebox and glued them back together. They suggested waiting at least 24 hours for it to dry before curing it and I waited 48 hours. Did a small burn at about 90 degrees for about 3 hours (easy to do when it's 95 out) and then stepped it up to 150- 2 hours, 250 2-hours, 350-until it burned out overnight. The next day it had small bubbles within the cement which is moisture working it's way to the surface which why you should let it dry 24 plus hours. But maybe summer in Florida on 90 +heat and 85+ humidity it did not dry out. We have done several cooks some at high heat and it seems to be strong, no cracks or movement. It could always be redone if it did break. The free replacement came from Vision yesterday, guess I will install that and keep the other as backup?? Or keep the new as backup? So I do think they are repairable.
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    Happy Grillmore

    Akorn upgrade sale

    I got my Large Akorn at Wal Mart at the end of July for $100. I found one in another store using the app about 1.5 hours away in the middle of nowhere that had them marked down for that price. I was ready to make the drive, but stopped in my local Wal Mart and the kid was there marking them down to $238 when I walked in. I asked if they would price match the other store's price, so the kid marking them down grabs the manager and she comes over and marks it down to $100 no questions asked after I showed them the price in the app. The best part was there's about 10 people in line already and she goes and takes over the register, rings me up like I'm VIP, and I go on my merry way. Best customer service experience I've ever had at Wal Mart in my life. This was in Central PA.
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    I don’t have any issue with meat (well meat that doesn't swim or live in water), but I find myself eating vegetarian rather often just because I like it.... However, I tend to not eat vegetable things pretending to be meat things.... except for black bean burger patties which I really am quite fond of....
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