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    I cooked my first dry brine spatchcock chicken. I dry bined it with just Kosher salt uncovered over night in the refrigerator. The next day sprayed it with a olive oil cooking spray. Made a dry rub ( without salt) and lightly coated it . Also made up a Alabama white BBQ sauce . Cooked the bird between 375-380 with direct heat and took it off the heat with temp of the breast at 160. I'm totally a convert, the breast was "very" moist and the hint of herbs was just right. Yesterday was a little windy so while I was taking the final temp the wind whip up the flames and I got a little extra benefit of having a little char on the expose meat on the bottom!!!! The Alabama sauce complemented the chicken. So we great meal with the last of corn on cob in our neck of the woods, smashed red potatoes and a chicken that was delicious and would defiantly have again.
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    Grilled some bacon...... Grilled some burgers..... Brioche bun..... boston lettuce.... A classic burger is the only way I do burgers!!! cooked on the 850
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    Gave them a go today for a quick, light lunch on the Konro. Served with rice. Very tasty indeed. Mrs skreef really liked them. Going to put that recipe in my personal cook book. A really great cook for the Konro. I did juice the onion a bit differently. I chopped it up into small pieces than ran the pieces through a garlic press. Easily squeezed the juice out and made short work of that task. Poured the liquid onion through a strainer to remove any bits that came through the garlic press.
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    Kamado weekend

    Finally had some free weekend time to fire up the PBK24. A few weeks back I was given some sample packs to try and to compare to my own rubs and sauce first up was Suckle Busters Texas Mesquite rub. Decided to follow the simple recipe on the back of the package and just coat and grill boneless skinless breasts. The rub has a nice smell to it and decent flavor. Now I used my own bbq sauce on them (based off of APL's base sauce) as I did not have the suckle buster sauce. The corn being grilled was for a black bean and corn lime and cilantro salad. That was damn good.
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    I have been too tons of burger joints and I have tried every odd and specialty burger.... but the one I always come back to is a classic. Im not an onion fan, so for me lettuce, tomato, pickle, cheese, mustard, ketchup, relish, mayo i could honestly eat only burgers for the rest of my life lol
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    Here you go mate:. I usually double this up. Plain yogurt is way better than milk. Go the yogurt. Chicken Kebabs (Turkish) INGREDIENTS • 2 chicken breasts ( 2 halves), or 4 to 5 boneless thighs • 1 medium onion • 2 cloves garlic • 2 tbsp. tomato paste • ½ cup plain yogurt or milk • 3 tbsp. vegetable oil • 1 tsp. ground black pepper • 1 tsp. paprika • 1 tsp. salt • oregano, sumac and paprika for garnish 

 PREPARATION Begin by washing the chicken in very cold water for several minutes. Blot the meat dry on paper towels. Cut the meat into bite-sized cubes about the size of large dice. Using the finest grater possible, grate the onion and garlic cloves. Pour the pulp and juice into a very fine wire mesh strainer and press out the juice into a separate bowl. You will use the onion and garlic juice in the marinade and discard the pulp. In a glass or ceramic bowl, combine the juice, yogurt or milk, oil, tomato paste and seasonings. Add the cubed chicken. Cover the bowl and refrigerate it for at least four hours, or overnight for the best results. When you are ready to cook the chicken, remove the pieces from the marinade and lace them on small metal or bamboo kebab skewers. The chunks of chicken can touch each other, but don’t pack them together too closely. Sprinkle the kebabs with salt then put them on the grill. Grill them evenly on all sides. You can sprinkle Turkish spiceslike oregano and paprika over the hot kebabs to add extra flavor.
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    Vision B Series

    Brand new here and want to share. Sam’s club has the Vision B Series marked down to $299. It doesn’t show that on line but in store that’s what they are marked down to as and end of season special.
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    John Setzler

    Smoked Cheez-Its

    This is a trend rolling around in the Traeger community right now... Smoked Cheez-Its.. they are like CRACK. Really simple process.. spread the cheez-its out on a pan, spray them with a little cooking spray.. I like to use olive oil. Dust them lightly with ranch dressing mix and smoke them as low temp as possible for about an hour. You're welcome.
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    Golf Griller

    Alligator Kbobs

    It was fantastic. I like the buttery taste of chardonnay aged in oak, rather than the clean crisp taste of chardonnay aged in stainless steel. The bourbon barrels added another level of complexity to the wine.
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    Try and marinade some tempeh with a chili lime flavor and grill it up. Makes great tostadas. We have a very close family friend that is vegan. I enjoy having lunch at her house because I know it will be something I have never had before, normally really good and always homemade from scratch. When she comes to our house I'll toss a slab of tempeh on the grill for her instead of the chicken or steak the rest of us enjoy. I had a great uncle that was vegetarian, at his favorite Asian restaurant he would order a beef veggie bowl without the beef because he swore it tasted better than the vegetarian veggie bowl. Go figure! Bacon makes everything taste better. See tag line below....
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    Joe Windows

    Big Joe Pizza

    Really happy with the results. They were delicious. I cooked at 750 degrees for about 2:30 min. The only issue I had was with the parchment paper. It disintegrated from the high heat.
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    New Vision Owner

    Tomorrow I pick up my Vision Diamond Cut B Series. I have never owned a Kamado style grill nor do I know anyone who does. What are some must have accessories that I will need to get?
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    KK for a case of beer in Poughkeepsie... Who knows if it's legit. If I lived closer, I'd probably at least email the person. Here is the link from Craigslist: KK in Poughkeepsie! Posted 6 hours ago!
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    Golf Griller

    Alligator Kbobs

    It was not chewy, so I'm not sure if you were eating it overcooked or not. I think that some veggies would be good with it, but because of its mild taste, you would not want to overwhelm it with other things on the skewer.
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    Smokey Sam

    Alligator Kbobs

    That is a fantastic cook!! Reminds me when I would go down to Nawlins to visit my mom and eat some gator. The BBQ boys have a You Tube video showing how they BBQ a small gator!!!
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    The thing I like about the dry brine is not to have to put a large container of liquid and chicken in the refrigerator .
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    I always wanted one in an R2D2 tile mosaic
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    If I lived anywhere near there I'd be making the call. A super easy fix.
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    Alligator Kbobs

    ooooooo,,, no I didn't notice the aging in bourbon barrels .... that would have added a tasty complexity to the wine ... very thoughtful .... i love it! .... and bourbon glaze sauce can make just about anything taste fantastic! yummmmmo!!!!!
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    Big Joe Food Taking Forever

    First, is your dome temp gauage accurate? Assuming that it is, the answer In a word–overcooking. When are you starting to test for doneness? I am no expert on pork butts by any means but, I wouldn't expect a 5lb butt to go much past 7 hours. I would start checking for doneness at least around 6 1/2 hours. Again, no sure what kind of ribs but, the only rib that I cook that would still be on the grill after 6 hours are Beef Ribs. I may cook a little hotter than you but, I'd expect baby backs to be done in 3-4 hours and spare ribs or St. Louis style around 4.5 to 5. Then again, I am checking earlier than my projected time. I can always cook longer, I cannot uncook them if I overshoot the doneness.
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    Alligator Kbobs

    Looks really delicious and I love your idea of preparing it as a kebob with the sausage.... I would definitely have tried that with a lovely glass of chardonnay! Great job @Golf Griller
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    Kamado weekend

    I liked it. The smell was great. I'm not an off the shelf rub or sauce guy as I prefer to make my own but the suckle busters is one I would use
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    Kamado Joe Smoked Meatloaf

    I got John Setzler’s smoked meatloaf recipe off of YouTube and decided to give it a try. I followed the recipe very close, but I used two different BBQ sauces. I put John Boy & Billy’s grilling sauce (local NC product) in the meat and used Sweet Baby Rays to top it off. I also used McCormick’s Grill Mates Sweet & Smokey BBQ rub and hickory chunks for smoke instead of applewood. Anyway, it turned out great and I already ate about half of it, so if you want a good smoked meatloaf recipe then this one should suit you. My wife threw some purple potatoes in the air fryer with olive oil and French Onion soup mix sprinkled over them. They were a nice compliment (so was the beer).
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    That sounds even easier than what I did. Will do that next time. This is actually my first time using onion juice. Will definitely use that technique again.
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    Hot dog chili

    Sounds like you had a good meal.
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    Keto Diet

    For those of you with recorded weight loss, gongrats and way to go! Here are some lunch ideas, basically my typical lunch. Snack bag of carrots Serving of almonds and pecans Bag of raw broccoli and/or cauliflower Beef jerky or spam or sardines or pulled pork/beef Snack bag of sugar snap peas Snack bag of cucumbers 2 cheese sticks 1 or 2 hard boiled eggs I mix and match each day and swap it out for example some tomatoes instead of carrots or radishes instead of snap peas. Maybe a salad one day or a little homemade stir fry. Then I just pretty much snack all day so no hunger. This ends up being a pretty low carb meal with plenty of fat, some of it the really healthy variety. My metabolic panel is great, lowered my total cholesterol by over 60 points to <190 over the past 2 years and my HDL last tested at 89.
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    Nothing fancy.

    Bgosnell252, I have found that I much prefer BB's to regular ribs. For me they just have more meat and I like the fact they don't have the small bones that run through the top of the regular ribs, much easier to eat. I hope you like the ones you are trying. Some people prefer regular ribs and some like the BB's better, I am just a BB guy. I have been doing my ribs without sauce lately but my wife prefers them sauced, so the shot on the grill was pre sauce and the shot cut up was after I put some sauce on the before I brought them off. For those interested, these were done at 225° for 5 hrs, I never opened the lid until the 5hr mark and they passed the bend test, then sauced for about 20 minutes. I was very happy the way these came out, perfect bite through but not falling off the bone.
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    Support shelf fire on wooden grill cart

    I would guess that just the paver would work well, my Primo is on ceramic feet and then setting directly on a wood shelf. No issues at all. At our cabin I built the hearth for the wood burning stove by placing a sheet of 5/8 hardie backer on the floor, spaced out pavers on that to allow air flow, another 5/8 hardie backer board and finally a full layer of pavers. I sleep worry free at night. Hardie backer is fire rated, I clamped a piece to some wood and put a torch flame on it for over an hour, it did not harm the wood under it. This is my personal experience, do what make you feel comfortable. Maybe you go overboard but that is ok. Lowes sells a heat matt to place under grills on wooden decks.
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    Yeah, do it! I won't tell.
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    Awesome! Glad you liked the recipe. I worked out a better way to juice the onion as well. I put the onion and garlic in a small food processor and spin it to a pulp. Then I place the pulp in a small strainer over a bowl. It's surprising how much juice comes out.
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    Golf Griller

    Alligator Kbobs

    I thought that I might have to order it online. I got lucky and Jungle Jim's had some. The taste was like chicken, but the meat was a little more firm than chicken. I saw some other parts of the alligator, including a whole alligator, that sound interesting. I think that I saw gator wings (the legs), along with dark meat from other parts of the alligator.
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    Wish I was able to smell those kabobs as well. Excellent jobs. And thanks for the recipe.
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    Alligator Kbobs

    Wow! Awesome entry! Super nice job. Looks great. I never would have thought of Alligator. I think I would be way more likely to eat that than regular fish or seafood - especially with the cajun twist. Pretty sure I'll have to order it online, but I might try it sometime.
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    Alligator Kbobs

    Nice cook!!! I’d have helped you eat that, for sure.
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    Scott Roberts

    Alligator Kbobs

    Having been stationed in Ft. Polk La had gator a few times very good meat and all white meat, yours looked great and thinking outside the box on this cook!! Scott
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    Alligator Kbobs

    Very unique challenge cook. Looks tasty.
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    Support shelf fire on wooden grill cart

    I'm calling BS on that. (not calling you BS but what you read). My guess is they had their grill sitting directly on wood. They just didn't want to admit it. Over time that wood slowly charred until it's flash point was sufficiently lowered that the wood eventually caught fire. No way is concrete going to transfer enough heat. I have 2 kamados sitting on pavers above wood and never gave it another thought. Without the pavers between the wood and kamado I'd be slightly worried.
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    Tired of pork and chicken

    So I guess Guinea Pig is next for him.
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    Tired of pork and chicken

    Salmon is one of the favorites in this household. Shrimp and lobster are delicious as well. I also highly recommend tri tip, as they are super common and popular (and cheap!) around where I live. Pretty much every home BBQ you go to, odds are, you'll be eating tri tip. I'm also a huge fan of kamado pizza. Smoked Mac n cheese....... Lots of possibilities.
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    New Vision Owner

    IMO the first thing to get is a heat deflector so you can cook indirect. Vision sells their lava stone for $50. There are other options that will work fine, but I was happy to drop the $50 to get the stone and the rack that holds it.
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    Yeah, the spot is just behind town on a walking path by the river, you can walk for quite a ways in both directions. I saw a kid fly fishing and catching and releasing a couple of pretty but small brown trout just around the corner from here. We were at "Cut of the Rock" brewery where I had a nice hoppy IPA while watching the kid fish from the brewery deck. Beautiful place to be sure. The next day we drove down to Buena Vista which was also spectacular. This beautiful picture was taken from a bridge over the river. You can see a woman throwing a stick in to the river for her black lab to retrieve. We watched them for about 1/2 an hour, the dog never got tired of running, diving, and swimming to fetch the stick. Really nice memory. You can just see the black lab out in the river in this one.
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    Tired of pork and chicken

    Almost any Italian. Just no smoke wood if it has a lot of cheese. Almost anything Mexican. Heck almost anything. You really need to look at the Akorn as more than just a smoker and grill. Think oven.
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    My Classic II arrived with a badly bent latch, which promptly broke off when I tried to tweak it back into shape. Thanks for the idea as I wait for replacement part...
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    Happy Grillmore

    Akorn upgrade sale

    I got my Large Akorn at Wal Mart at the end of July for $100. I found one in another store using the app about 1.5 hours away in the middle of nowhere that had them marked down for that price. I was ready to make the drive, but stopped in my local Wal Mart and the kid was there marking them down to $238 when I walked in. I asked if they would price match the other store's price, so the kid marking them down grabs the manager and she comes over and marks it down to $100 no questions asked after I showed them the price in the app. The best part was there's about 10 people in line already and she goes and takes over the register, rings me up like I'm VIP, and I go on my merry way. Best customer service experience I've ever had at Wal Mart in my life. This was in Central PA.
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    Brave Sir Robin

    Surf and Turf and Surf

    Poor Mr. KK, having to eat shrimp and scallops (and steak). How does he put up with such treatment?
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    Some questions regarding EGGfest

    My only advice is participate any any games they have to win tickets for a prize drawing if they are doing that sort of thing. We stumbled into an Eggfest shopping for a new gasser. Kept the kid busy playing the equivalent of beer pong.... without beer. Ended up winning a mini BGE that I had no interest in whatsoever.... played with it one day after it set collecting dust in the garage for months and here I am now! Also, the food we tried was for the most part not good. Too many people with not a clue as to what they were doing manning the eggs. I chalk that up to it being rural Wyoming.... surely in larger areas they can find skilled people to help out. We had pizza with a super thick black crust. Deep dish. No deflector. Sheesh.
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