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    Nordic Ware Cactus Kabob

    I just picked this up today, as I walked through the BBQ aisle, like a trout and a new fly. Anyway, the idea is pretty simple and cool at the same time. Three stamped stainless steel skewers attached in one piece to a flat oval handle. The thing can be loaded with items to be grilled and then easily moved in one motion. The skewers are stamped stainless steel so they have rounded surface on one side and an indented one (from the stamp ) on the other. The skewers are basically flat and about 1/4' wide so small chunks of meat and veggies won't slide or roll during cooking. I haven't used this thing yet, but I can tell you it is going to be very convenient, easy to use, and work like a champ. I think it was less than 10 bucks at true Value.
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    Simple Oven Baked Chicken

    For this cook I used my Wood Fired Oven. Simple fresh ingredients. I did not use the bag but the seasoning that comes with it tastes really good. Cooked in my hand crafted ceramic dish from Portugal. Cut up the vegetables. Added a cup of water and the bag seasoning. Covered with foil and in the WFO to give the vegetables a head start. While that was going on I spatch cocked the bird and rubbed it with oil and Crazy Chic seasoning. After 20 minutes I pulled out the vegetables, added the Pioneer gravy and the bird skin side down. Into the WFO it went uncovered. Thirty minutes later the bottom had some nice color. I turned it over skin side up then back into the WFO. Another 30 minutes and top side had some nice crispy skin. Dinner is ready. A simple Oven roasted chicken that could easily be done on just about any grill or even your kitchen oven. (I forgot how to use my kitchen oven it's been so long - LOL). This is the second time I've done this cook in the WFO. Both me and Mrs skreef like this better than KK rotisserie chicken and that's saying a lot since KK rotisserie chicken is some of the best chicken I've ever cooked.
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    Costco's St Louis cut spares

    Swift Premium brand. Cherry wood for smoke, cooked around 275+/- for 2.75 hours, foiled with apple juice and brown sugar for about 1 hour, out and sauced for another 15 minutes. Had a spike to 310 after opening the hood to foil. Moist, tender and tasty ribs!
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    Vortex Wings

    Oddly enough, it wasn’t very windy today. I decided to do some vortex wings on the Weber Jumbo Joe. Prepped the wings. Most with Franks dry rub and a couple with zaatar that I just picked up today. We went to an end of season sale at the local Primo dealer (25% off everything) today. Picked up 100 pounds of pellets and a few rubs and some beer. They had a lot going on today. storage unit auction, auction auction, outdoor living sale and all you could drink mimosas or bloody mary’s for 10 bucks... Anyway... the zaatar was one of the rubs I grabbed today at the sale. Mr KK partook of the Bloody Mary deal.... I just had one beer - someone had to be the responsible adult. This was a black raspberry sour and was super tasty. Outdoor living store with grills and accessories and hot tubs and a liquor store and a bar. I think that would be my dream job to work there.... Ok.... I probably could have come home with a Primo Jr for 25% off since Mr KK was feeling no pain after numerous bloody mary’s (He wanted to get his moneys worth.... lol). But.... I was a good kid and was just happy to get him stocked up on pellets on the cheap. On to the cook.... Got some char broil center cut lump going in the chimney. I love this little guy.... Looking good.... not quite as crisp as I wanted. My lump didn’t last as long as I thought it would. My plate with 3 zaatar and tzatziki. Mr KK’s with buffalo and blue cheese.
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    Getting back into the kamado!

    Hell, I'd be surprised if anybody remembered me. I've been ridiculously busy with various projects and work. I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and scored a FREE 1998 Ford Explorer Limited (with a 5.0 V8!). It was in pretty rough shape but ran very nice. I cleaned it up and it's now my BBQ hauling vehicle! Among the things I use it for is hauling my crap out to BBQ competitions. Speaking of which; we participated in a BBQ comp in August and took 3rd in Chicken and 3rd in Ribs! We need some work but we were thrilled with the results. And then to complicate life even more, my wife and I purchased a vacation property on a local lake! This place has consumed my weekends between fixing it up, going out kayaking, and grilling while watching college football games. Sadly, I only have a gas grill and a gas smoker out there. I'd love a kamado grill to keep at the lake but I don't believe the Ministry of Finance (the wife) will approve of that. I'm also VP of my car club, and that eats up a ton of time on the weekends too! But, it's the car club that actually got me to pull the kamado out of the garage and fired up for a low and slow. We have a Christmas party every year; the club provides the meats and club members bring covered dishes. We've had issues with turkey in recent history with some sources falling through or not being reliable with timing. I was asked if there was anything I could do to help with the turkey. Well why not! I figured I could fit a ton of turkey breast on my kamado and turn out some Franklin BBQ style product. It happened that this week turkey breast is on sale, so my wife picked up for me to experiment with. Yesterday, I set to try it out. There was some learning involved. I learned that what my wife purchased was basically a turkey without the thighs and legs. I had to figure out how to trim the breasts off (Usually as far as I go with poultry is spatch-cocking chicken). The breasts didn't look too awesome after my weak butchering attempt, but hell, I could work with it. I then seasoned the turkey breasts with a mixture of course ground pepper and seasoning salt in a rough ratio of 2:1, as recommended by Aaron Franklin in his book. I fired up the smoker and chased the temps a little bit but managed to keep it between 200 and 270 with my CyberQ. So Aaron Franklin recommends 3.5 to 4 hours at 260 degrees. In his book he says to pull the meat for wrapping with butter when it starts getting that golden brown color, and pull it to rest at 160 degrees. I have a feeling that he is typically working with larger breasts than I was. Mine seemed to be cooking quite a bit quicker and I pulled them at 145 degrees to wrap separately with a half stick of butter each. I then pulled them to rest at 163 degrees. I am thrilled with how they came out! Very moist and very flavorful. I am a little disappointed that there was no smoke flavor in the meat. I didn't add any smoking/flavor woods to my charcoal as I was hoping for a very mellow hint of smoke that my wife would enjoy. I ended up with zero smoke flavor. But it still tasted great! I poured off all of the juices to reserve for gravy. I think I'm going to see if I can get some large boneless/skinless turkey breasts from Restaurant Depot for our club's Christmas party. I hope I can source the breast this way to make the food prep much easier. Here is the cooking graph: And the results!
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    Saucy Jerk Pork Ribs

    I felt like trying something different than the normal prep for ribs. I marinated a rack of St. Louis cut pork ribs for a couple days in a mixture of Walker's Wood Jerk Paste, Orange and Pineapple juices, and a touch of oil. The grill got away from a little bit and these smoked between 250 and 300 F today. It was 2 hours open with a mix of cherry, apple, and beech wood. Followed by 45 minutes wrapped, and about the same open to finish. I reserved the marinade added some catsup, brown sugar, maple sugar, and a bit of dark rice wine vinegar. brought to a boil until slightly thickened then basted the ribs on my final step. Overall, they turned out better than expected, tasty and tender. The one got a little hot near the edge of the deflector, but it was minor. Thanks for looking.
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    Temperature Controller

    I don't have any experience with the top shelf brands of Kamado, perhaps vent settings alone work perfectly over an entire low and slow run, but on my PitBoss 24, the vents need to be tweaked as the fire "matures" and "ages" and I find an air blower (PartyQ in mine) keeps the temps spot-on for as long as I need to cook. The PartyQ is also the lowest price, which is nice for the more budget minded.
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    Temperature Controller

    Different strokes for different folks, I have two of them and basically use them all the time.
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    @Aussie Joe
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    Chicken Shawarma and Naan Bread

    Chicken Shawarma and Homemade Naan Bread I love this recipe, it's a lot of fun to make, always has a great taste and can be treated like Tacos, served with pretty much any toppings you'd like. I usually make this on the Goldens' and the Bubba Keg, but since this will serve as my entry into the October Chicken challenge, this is the first time I'm using the Weber and the Bubba Keg. The marinade ingredients - which all ends up looking like this (I do thin it out a bit with the addition of a little water) - The chicken parts preferred for Shawarma are skinless, boneless thighs. The higher fat content of thighs keeps the chicken moist during the cook. Breasts could be used, but I think the chicken might wind up a bit drier than you'd like so thighs are highly recommended. You can marinate the chicken in a ZipLok bag or as I prefer in a glass dish. I brush the marinade onto the chicken, no sense wasting a plastic bag - I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to marinate. In the meantime I prepare the dough for the Naan bread. This is a Yogurt based dough, very sticky but it grills up nicely. After a few hours of proofing it looks like this, it's risen quite a bit from when it was mixed in the bowl - And makes eight pieces - Let's get to grilling. The Weber set up for indirect with the Slow N Sear, the chicken thighs are placed on the indirect side - The Naan dough balls have risen a bit after sitting on the mat under a tea towel - The chicken is looking quite good after about a half hour, total grilling time was around 45-50 minutes - The Naan bread is grilled on the Lodge cast iron pizza pan on the Bubba Keg. I add some butter to the pizza pan to get the bread to grill nicely - Thighs after a rest and cut into smaller pieces for serving - The recipe normally calls for a Yogurt based sauce with Cumin, Lemon, Minced Garlic, Salt and Pepper. Mrs lunchman prefers a Sour Cream based sauce so that's what I use instead of Yogurt. Getting ready to make a sandwich with the fixins (tomato, cukes, olives, sauce, shredded lettuce). The local Wachusett Green Monstah beer will hopefully help the Red Sox throughout the remainder of the playoffs! A Shawarma sandwich served on the Naan bread - This last pic will serve as the entry pic in this month's challenge. Thanks for checking out tonight's dinner! Regards, -lunchman
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    Hi all, I finally participated in my first ever BBQ contest recently after over 25 years of outdoor cooking. Although it wasn't an officially sanctioned event, it was good practice for the future in case I decide to entered a real one. Was a great time. I totally see why people do this sort of thing.
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    Beef back ribs

    It was the first time I've seen these in the supermarket so I bought them and froze them a few months ago. They have 2 membranes, a thick one and then another thin one, a bit like pork ribs. Smoked them up and fell asleep, so they are now in the fridge for tonight. They looked and smelled good......
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    Cool Vintage Cars

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    Cool Vintage Cars

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    Cool Vintage Cars

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    Cool Vintage Cars

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    Cool Vintage Cars

    Some of the sights from this weekend
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    The random pictures thread...

    A phone number you will not forget...
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    Simple Oven Baked Chicken

    Wow, that looks awesome. I love comfort food, and this would hit the spot. You mentioned forgetting how to use your oven, I was cooking dinner the other night and the boys said they wanted chicken nuggets. Instead of fighting them to eat something they didn’t want, I threw them in the KJ with our chicken kabobs. My wife asked me if I planned on starting the kids dinner anytime soon, and I told her it was almost done. I’m pretty sure there was a bit of annoyance in her chuckle when I brought them in off the grill.
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    Polar Bear

    Temperature Controller

    As many have mentioned, save your money I bought a pit controller a couple of months after buying my Kamado. It works great but despite that, its been living in a tupperware container for the last 3 months despite me low and slow cooking almost weekly Its a handy gadget but in hidsight i wish i'd put that money into a Joetissery.
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    Temperature Controller

    Yup, it's cool to watch the RC servo automatically open and close the damper varying degrees depending on the demand.
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    Family Traditions....

    When I was a kid, in my family it was a tradition that the first fire of the year was on Mother’s Day. My dad would grill on the Weber kettle for the first time of the season for my mom. Well, my dad only lived to see one week of my teenage years.... Guess seeing me a teenager was really that bad. Lol. Anyway, even though I am a year round griller these days, I still feel compelled to light a fire on Mother’s Day in his honor. We are doing inventory at work and I have put in a ridiculous amount of hours the past 3 days. Well more than a weeks worth... I’ll pay for it early tomorrow morning, but I left early enough to light my fire today. Fire lit. Been dying to use this chunk of a broken soapstone for the Big Joe for ages and today was the day. My husband thawed some scallops. I wanted to see what the soapstone could do with them. I don’t like seafood... so had no desire to try it. He did most of them on his gasser. I cooked two others after the trial. Put on my filet and the other two scallops. He got a whole tenderloin for a great deal and cut into steaks himself after I asked him to have some cut extra thick via text from work yesterday. Good choice on his part.... Put on some compound butter after flipping. Thanks again @Panchango for getting me to dive into that little endeavor. Meanwhile my husband had prepped mushrooms, green beans and potatoes... His other two scallops finished. Great color on these and good seafood cook practice for me. Plated and ready to go. And money shot... This was perfect for me. Everything else was done on the gasser by my husband... but I just had to light that fire and play today...
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    Smoke and Awe

    Family Traditions....

    Your story of honoring a tradition with so much meaning touches me. And I know about that smoke therapy...
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    Made my own ash basket

    Great looking basket you made. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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