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    Aussie Joe

    Rib roll

    Got some nice meaty ribs from my local butcher a bit short but nice. .Gave them some purple crack on the bottom.
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    De Buyer Mineral B Element Pans

    As an alternative and if you want to save a LOT of cash, check out the Thermalloy pans. Available unseasoned or pre-seasoned. This one was around $15 locally (Canadian). The "famous" brands here are 3-4x as much. Good balance of weight to heat very fast and also provide great sear as well. Built to last in a commercial environment.
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    Pulled the traeger !

    Welcome to the wonderful world of pellet cooking Freddy!
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    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

    Sunday dinner this week was yakitori for 8 people. We got the vegetables (shi####os, several types of onions and leeks, daikons, etc) from Suzuki Farms, a Japanese vegetable farm in Delmar, DE, and REALLY nice chicken. We were entertaining some family friends from Japan and figured we would go all out on enthusiasm. We had a fantastic time. Special thanks to ckreef for encouraging me to get on the Konro waiting list! This is I dinner I never would have had the desire or equipment to make without Kamado Guru. Prepped skewers: First was serrano wrapped asparagus: Tsukune (by the time I found the right butcher, things went from "no we do not have ground chicken" to "would you like light or dark ground chicken?"), a simple recipe and an instant favorite here, even the little ones liked it (next time I am going to parboil to try and stiffen them up before they go on the grill, you can see some skewer realignment): Thigh and shi####o peppers: Heart: Butterflied wing flats: And finally, thigh and scallion:
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    CÔTE de boeuf on the Joe jr

    32nd birthday today so my wife and I celebrated with a CÔTE de boeuf (I think in America it’s a bone in rib eye..? Essentially a tomahawk without the long rib). Reverse seared. Indirect at 225° on the joe jr until 10° short of medium rare, for about an hour. Vents fully open, removed the deflector plate and dropped the grate to just on top of the firebox for the sear at 650°. One min then turned 90° for another min, then flipped and repeated. Exceptional piece of meat from one of the best suppliers in the UK - Peter Hannan. Did some hasselbeck potatoes with Parmesan and garlic asparagus to go with. Testament to the the versatility of the joe jr, absolutely love this little hero! Slow to searing hot so quickly.
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    Hurricane Michael

    I Basically slept through the worst of it. When I woke up at 3 am with no poerr/air conditioner I checked the weather map. The eye of the storm was directly passing over the house. Figured we'd be out of power for a few days so decided to eat our way through the most expensive cuts in the freezer. With that in mind Fired up the KK at 4 am. Small brisket went on at 5 am. U-5 shrimp stuffed with bay scallops for lunch and the brisket for dinner. Power came back on while we were eating brisket by candle light later that evening. I guess we faired OK. Sorry to see your car.
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    The random pictures thread...

    OH DEAR the village idiot has started installing fire alarms
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    Hurricane Michael

    We are find. Didnt have power for a day but we managed. At work we didn't have internet or power so no work on pass Thursday.. Woke up this morning no power. A big oak tree fell,but they got power back on. Glad you and Family are OK. Thanks for asking
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    Homemade Burger Buns

    I've done that before making a wet sponge with normal yeast then make your bread the next day makes a wonderful yeasty bread...... Must get baking again now the colder months are on us
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    The random pictures thread...

    So you can have either a water heater or a dryer.
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    Spare Birthday

    Thanks, just two bones left that my son has called dibs on.
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    Steak Dinner

    Amazing looking!
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    Steak Dinner

    You nailed it that looks delicious.
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    Steak Dinner

    ditto on that steak. extra credit for the shrooms.
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    Hurricane Michael

    Glad you are physically okay! I know it is a huge pain, but cars can be replaced. I hope everyone else in the path is okay!
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    Nice looking yardbird.
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    Great first cook. It's pretty common to have that kind of variation in the Jr. thermometers. They are not known for their accuracy but they can serve as a guide. Also I should point out the two uncooked birds in the Kamado will have a cooling affect on air temperatures above them as opposed to below. It's just part of getting to know your Kamado and how it works.
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    New Hinge

    That seems a bit excessive. 2 or 3 hinges in a lifetime I could understand. In 3 years? Not questioning you, questioning KJ. If that's the best they could do I understand why they would need to go back to the drawing board.
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    Pulled the traeger !

    @Stile 88 if I can add some input here. I have both the 850 and 1300 and the pellet consumption is better but not significant enough to notice. The 850 heats faster and 850 sq inches of grilling space out sizes the yoder 640 for example. So so I do agree with John with respect to the bigger is better being an over rated term. I would suggest that a pellet and Kamado is the best mix. I would get a 1300 and keep a classic or get an 850 and keep a big joe. I use my traegers eclusivley for low and slow and never use my Kamado for smoking anymore. I use the Traeger for most grilling and weekday cooks. My kamado has become more of a high heat machine or pizza cooker or used on the days that I feel like a charcoal meal. Other than that I use my Traeger about 95% of the time. I will say for the 300.00 difference the 1300 seems like a no brainer. They are identical with the exception of the 1300 being exactly 12” linger in the cooking chamber. Best bang for the buck 1300 all day long. Pellet consupmtion isnt isn’t significant enough to exclude one from the other but like I said the 850 heats faster but we are talking minutes. Hope that helps
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    Stile 88

    Pulled the traeger !

    lol oh i already know bosco has very nice setups
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    Hurricane Michael

    We had a vacation already planed for this week. We decided to leave a day early to get out of town before the storm. We're still on vacation, but got some pictures from our neighbor. Our house looks undamaged but my car took a hit. Could have been much worse. There are about 5 or 6 trees down across our road, effectively blocking ingress or egress. @ckreef @skreef how did you guys fair? Anyone else in the path?
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    Redneck Joe

    The random pictures thread...

    The boy is buying his first home and I met with the inspector yesterday. Overall solid early sixties construction. and then....
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