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    BBQ Chicken on a can

    Made a little stop at the local butcher shop yesterday and picked up a 2kg chicken. Rub: salt - pepper - turmeric - chilli - origano You might notice the 'boobs' on the chicken breasts, these are actually lime parts that I filled with butter. They are placed between the meat and the skin and the butter mixes with the limejuice and enters the breasts to give them a nice full taste with a little acid kick. Also, I kept the can empty, so no Coke Zero was involved. Sides where simple: grilled carrots and sweet potatoes that I cut in Julienne with red onion. Homemade bbqsause to finish
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    A Paymaster Original

    Nope not a BBQ rub. An original @Paymaster fly box! What a great job with the flies and picture. It's going to look fantastic on the wall in the game room. Thank you again David
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    Bone in Pork Roast

    I saw this bone in Pork Roast at Bj's the other day for $20.00. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. So I picked it up and brought it home. I marinated it in fresh Sage,Rosemary, thyme, garlic,Salt and Pepper in extra virgin olive oil for about 3 hours. Cook it in directly on the Big Joe at about 375°f for two and a half hours. Until the internal temperature hit 140° f. It was worth every bit of that $20 and then some.
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    John Setzler

    Prime Rib

    I have learned a few things over the years about cooking Prime Rib. I have watched a lot of prime rib roasts get damaged severely by over thinking, over working, and over cooking. There are a lot of approaches to cooking these things and, after trying a lot of them, I have found myself reverting back to the simplest of plans. Bone in or boneless? Bone in can be sexy for presentation. Boneless cooks more evenly. I prefer boneless. Seasoning? I like to start out with a very basic Salt/Pepper/Garlic blend. This Himalayan Sherpa blend from Atlanta Grill Company is absolutely PERFECT. I season the meat liberally with that and then wrap it up in plastic and toss it back in the fridge for at least 12 hours and as many as 24 hours. Consider it a dry brine. When I take it out to cook it, I prepare a very simple wet rub that consists of some olive oil, paprika, and some chopped dried herbs. Cooking? 250°F with a light wisp of a mild smoke (cherry works well) until you hit about 128°F in the thickest part of the roast. NO SEAR. BEFORE or AFTER. The meat will develop a nice outer crust during the slow cook that won't be charred. Resting? When it's done cooking, let it rest unwrapped for 10 minutes or so and then wrap it in foil and let it rest another 30 minutes. Slice. Marvel at your magic. Serve. Enjoy.
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    Baby backs and jalapeño poppers

    Cruizy weekend with a laid back cook. Love this combo!
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    John Setzler

    Prime Rib

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    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    They are upgrading the server this week. New network activations are disabled until they change it over. They told a friend about a week. But the grill will work perfectly fine until then. They had to move to a larger server. Congrats!!!! I hope that you love it
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    Artisan Belly Bacon

    Artisan Belly Bacon using a 'Sweet Cure' For this bacon, I wanted to push up the sugar percentage in the equilibrium immersion cure more toward what some might refer to as a ‘Sweet Cure’ bacon at 6% sugars in the curing brine. Just to give us a taste comparison to belly bacon using lower sugar concentrations in prior bacon batches. I also slightly increased my typical salt percentage up to 2.5%. The bacon flavor after the final fridge rest has become quite uniform and well balanced throughout the meat. Quite good to eat freshly sliced (since it is fully "cooked") , but outstanding when carefully fried off at low to medium heat due to the higher sugar. It cooks and crisps nicely with the outer edges developing a nice caramelization. It has a much sweeter finish on the palate when eating a slice. Quite rich. Quite filling. Great for breakfast, outstanding on BLTs. This started out at just under 10 lbs. I utilized an equilibrium immersion cure approach at the higher sugar level. Cure #1, salt, brown/white sugar, and some fine ground black pepper in the brine. Smoked in my converted electric kitchen oven smoker using a graduated time/temperature profile starting at 130 and not exceeding 170 degrees heat. After immersion , a solid day in the fridge uncovered to dry. Dusted lightly with fine ground black pepper before hitting the smoker. A total cook time of 11.5 hours with 10.5 hours on the hickory smoke using pellets in my smoking maze. Internal meat temps were between 147 and 150. Yield after smoking was about 80% by weight from the initial meat weigh-in. A 3 day fridge rest wrapped in peach butcher paper equalized the bacon and it firmed up nicely. Chilled for a bit in the freezer and sliced on the Berkel 827A at a thickness of 1/8 inch. Finally the bacon was chamber vacuum sealed in a mix of 1/2 and 1 pound packages. Ready for future good eats. The family says this recipe is a keeper.
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    First cook on my Timberline 1300!

    I got my grill seasoned today and did a couple baby back rib racks for dinner. I am really impressed with this grill. It was 36° outside this morning when I fired up the grill, for the burn in. The grill went from dead cold to 500° in 35 minutes. I think that is outstanding. I did my ribs at 225° on SS for 3 hours and then turned it up to 250° and finished them off. They came out great, these are no wrap, no sauce ribs and they came out very moist and tender. I used Oakridge BBQ Competition rub for the first time and it is a great rub, good flavor with a little kick too it. These are some of the best ribs I have made, I am really loving this grill. Here is a shot of them when I peeked and then turned up to 250° When they were pulled off the grill. The first cut. I would have posted this in the cooking section but it's not a Kamado cook, so I think it goes here.
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    Belated Thanksgiving Post

    I ordered a local "heritage" turkey from a farm I love, I ordered size "small" expecting about 14 lbs, but when I went to pick up I received a 23lb monster. I loosely followed @daininpd 's turkey rotisserie advice, stuffing the bird with cut up lemons, limes, and oranges, and rubbed the outside with Cabela's Tequila Lime seasoning and then smoked with apple wood mostly "indirect" since I had a tray under virtually all of the bird. I am so thankful for all of the tips and advice on this forum. Turkey ended up looking and tasting fantastic!
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    Looks fantastic.
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    Scott Roberts

    Yakitori Dinner on Konro

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    John Setzler

    Prime Rib

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    John Setzler

    Prime Rib

    This one went on the grill about an hour ago...
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    Baby backs and jalapeño poppers

    Looks absolutely delectable! Perfection right there!!
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    Joined the Pellet Crowd!!

    It's finally here!! My 1300 arrived today. Here are the obligatory unboxing and final assembly pics. Just ignore the mess in the garage, when I shut the pool up this year everything just got thrown inside and I haven't ever cleaned up. I will get it fired up and seasoned tomorrow and then some Ribs for dinner. It arrived in good shape the only damage was to one of the leg supports. This was damage at the factory, there isn't any way possible for this the have been done during shipment. The only other glitch is I can't get the wifi to connect, I just get an unable to connect. CS is supposed to be researching this and will get back to me tomorrow. Anybody have this problem?
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    Prime Rib

    Totally agree with your approach, John. I stopped searing my PR's about 3 years ago, and prefer to cook them indirect as well. No sear is really needed, IMO, and edge to edge medium rare is more important to me. I pull mine at 125 pretty much the same as you. I also use a garlic, sea salt based rub but throw in some crushed juniper berries and some fresh Simon and Garfunkel herbs over a brown mustard slather. ( no noticeable mustard taste, it just acts like a glue for the seasoning and helps form a thick crust) I think I'll try your wrapped dry marinade technique this year. I still prefer bone-in but actually cut the bones off and tie them back on prior to the cook. (cut the strings after the cook and the slicing is easy) I don't really think there is a noticeable bone-in flavor profile, I just have family that fight over the bones and call them beef drumsticks, if there are no bones on the plater I get grief. I have done a PR every Christmas Eve or Day for as long as I can remember. Family won't tolerate any deviation from tradition.
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    Reverse sear 2" pork chops

    First attempt at a reverse sear was this past weekend with a 2 1/2 inch Porterhouse steak . It came out great , a perfect medium rare ( sorry no pics ). Second attempt Monday night with 2 inch thick bone in pork chops. Brined them for 6 hours in a molasses , garlic , and cinnamon brine and then coated with my own coffee rub. Cooked at 250 degrees for just a little over an hour indirect. Pulled at 140 degrees , wrapped for 10 minutes , brought up heat and seared 3 minutes a side. They finished at just under 150 degrees , perfect. Grilled asparagus and baked sweet potatoes on the side. Loving this new toy and so is my wife.
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    I got a sweet deal on a demo unit PK360 at the Atlanta Grill Company grand opening this weekend. I have been wanting one of these since I first saw them at a trade show in Chicago back in August 2016. I believe they were just being made available at that time...
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    A tough brisket is almost always undercooked. That could be because of too low a temp (and not enough time) or just not enough time at whatever temp. I like to cook them nearly 24 hours at as close to 200 as I can get my cooker to run. I've also cooked them at 350 for 8 hours. Wrapping in foil or butcher paper when internal temp its 160 helps as well. I also find that cooking as far away from the ceramic diffuser (as in higher up in the cooker) as possible to be a good idea. Remember, bad briskets is why we make chili..
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    pork ribs on akorn

    I need to use that gasket on my Akorn Jr. Thanks for posting what you used. Nice ribs! I know they tasted great.
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    This is a 12 pound bird on a Classic. I don't see where you fit the Prime Rib.
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    pork ribs on akorn

    Nice looking ribs.
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    pork ribs on akorn

    Awesome looking ribs
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    grill seeker

    pork ribs on akorn

    Look awesome! I think I may try to talk my wife into an Akorn this year to keep at the campground (seasonal campers).
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    pork ribs on akorn

    They sure look amazing.
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    Golf Griller

    pork ribs on akorn

    Great looking ribs.
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