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    John Setzler

    Pan Seared Filets

    I had a chateaubriand in my freezer that was exactly 5" long so i cut it in half to get two nice thick filets... I seasoned them with a salt/pepper/garlic blend and wrapped them back up and put them in the fridge while I got the grill ready. When the grill got hot I put my pan on and let it warm up. Then I melted some ghee in the pan... I seared these steaks for a few minutes on each side until I was happy with what the crust looked like. I moved them to indirect heat to finish.... I went slightly past medium rare on these but they were awesome!
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    So it's family Christmas at my brothers this year which means interstate for two families. I asked my brother what we could bring to help contribute and i was told nothing. It's all sorted. But i just couldn't turn up empty handed. I think I'm taking the perfect thing.... home made bacon! Picked up a pork belly, wet brined for 4 days in a solution of salt pepper, molasses, sugar and water. Hot smoked on the KJ for approx 2hrs (150f internal temp). Should feed the whole family breakfast for the time we're there :-)
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    Exactly the case. Obviously the 1300 has a longer auger and shaft. Other than that everything is the same. I have both so use the 850 most often but for the price point, the 1300 is the better purchase at 300.00 more.
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    I am very glad Bosco talked me into getting the 1300 over the 850. This thing is a pellet miser and I don't really think there would be much difference in pellet usage between them. I love all the room in this grill, you can place things where you want them and not worry about crowding. Everything I have done on this grill has turned out great. I will be doing a pork loin tomorrow night and Turkey for Christmas dinner, I am really looking forward to see how they turn out.
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    John Setzler

    Smoke - What You Need to Know

    I decided to post this video as a sticky in this forum because the questions about SMOKE come up fairly frequently. I would also love to hear your feedback and discussion of anything I didn't include in this video or other topics that need to be discussed in regards to our application of SMOKE to our cooking....
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    Twin bone-in Ribeye going in the bag

    Just picked up these bone-in Ribeye at Publix with the Christmas sale at $6.99 lb which is as cheap it gets here in Florida. Was still in the vac packs so the bones are still fixed, will be nice have not had them like that for quite some time. 30-35 days seems to be the sweet spot, both are just over 20 lb's each.
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    John Setzler

    My GO-TO for Brisket Technique

    @Mark_from_Quebec This is my go-to technique for brisket: I don't use this ingredient set as shown here anymore but I use this technique religiously when cooking brisket at home. As for sauces, I have not spent a lot of time publishing sauce recipes. There are only about two sauce recipes that I have devised on my own and published. They are here: I have worked up several tomato based sauces that are pretty good but I have never made videos for any of those at this point. Maybe I will work on that in the near future.
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    BBQ Guru CyberQ Case

    I like to keep all of my stuff in good shape. I like taking care of my things! My in-laws ordered me a CyberQ a couple of years ago for Christmas and I really like it. I was storing it in the box it came in, but it was a PITA getting everything out and putting it all away at the end of a cook. A trip to Harbor Freight solved my problem, and inexpensively!
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    And it is! The taste test slice i took was amazing. I almost regret telling my brother iwas bringing this. Otherwise I'd have kept it all for myself!
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    I firmly believe there is no recorded history of any human, since time began, saying no to free bacon. Wise choice.
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    Had a bit of trouble uploading all the photos but finally got the last few up.
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    On the kj. Not sure why this photo is so big...
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    Pan Seared Filets

    @John Setzler If i'm ever in your neck of the woods (NC) im knocking on your door! that looks excellent!
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    Pizza tonight

    Third pizza cook tonight on the new Kamado Joe. Used Antimo Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour for the first time. Did a 50/50 with bread flour and followed 24 hour dough recipe. Total game changer on the crust. Also cooked hotter between 650 and 700 degrees.Cooked it about 7 minutes. Pizza was a mix of baby portobello and shiitake sauted with garlic , fresh rosemary and thyme. Base of the pizza of a combination of aged havarti and of fontina cheese , topped with mushroom mixture and finished with drizzle of white truffle oil. Turned out great and tasted awesome
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    Double wall is good. As I surmised, Traeger is a good unit. Not sure if the entire grill is double walled or just the lid. I have read in various places that some owners either buy an manufacturer specific insulating blanket (encompasses the whole unit) or use a welder's blanket on their smokers/grills . Especially in historic colder areas. I do not have the double wall feature but use a welders blanket for the cold days below the Mason Dixon Line. Theory is, that it saves on pellets especially during a long cook. M.
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    John Setzler

    Pan Seared Filets

    I intensely dislike the results of reverse searing.
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    I don't have the 1300 but my thoughts on that are the exact same as my thoughts on the XL kamados vs the 18" models. I would only buy the larger one if i needed it at least 50% of the time. That's just me though and I know the go big or go home philosophy seems to dominate these discussions. To me, it's like buying a Ford F-350 just in case I need to tow a heavy trailer or haul a load of gravel. Most day's I will just be running to the grocery store and back My Big Joe collects dust for the most part. I have fired it up about twice in the last six months. I'd rather cook on the classic. Hopefully before too much longer I'll have a second classic and my Big Joe will be obsolete.
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    Pan Seared Filets

    Curious as to why you did not reverse sear?
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    Giving serious thoughts to trying the Timberline 850 again. Seems like they have finally got the bugs worked out.
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    The Timberlines seem real nice and I read a lot of positive posts about them. I imagine there probably are accessories included in the price, depending on the seller. I had a few extra$ and went for a $600 USD price point-to not spend much so I could experience/try a pellet grill. pelletfan.com has many posts on the various manufacturers. Used that as an info gathering tool. I found one with WiFi and 2 temp probes: it has been great so far. I don't have the numbers handy but it probably is slightly smaller than an 850. I did spend $600USD. Still think of the pellet grill as a part of my arsenal of cooking options. I am partial to the KJ. M.
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    Everything about the two is the same except for the size.
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    John Setzler

    Recommend a wifi thermometer

    It's gonna cost you at least $200 for something worth having. I am a fan of the Thermoworks Signals.
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    John Setzler

    My GO-TO for Brisket Technique

    Young padawan... you must let go of the temperature readings and cook with the force You don't even need a meat thermometer for this cook
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    Recommend a wifi thermometer

    Thermoworks have a few different wifi options to choose from. Various price ranges. Anything from Thermoworks is a good product.
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    Big Cat 305

    42oz King for a (birth)Day

    Happy Birthday Nola! I would suggest making Churrasco which is one of my favorites. There are plenty of recipes but I usually marinade overnight with salt, pepper, garlic, onions, olive oil, and lime juice. Cook on high heat for a short period of time, get both sides charred. Shouldn't be more than 2-3 minutes per side. Let it rest for a few and make sure to slice against the grain. Serve with white rice, black beans, cuban bread, and of course don't forget the chimichuri.
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    Real grits are so easy. I order organic dent corn by the sack and crack them in a vitamix. I get a mix of some whole pieces to some dust and all in between. It really makes great grits and doesn’t give you that fake uniform manufactured fake feel. Cook them as follows: mix in a pot 1/2 cup grits 1 cup heavy cream 1 cup water 1 tsp sea salt or to taste 1-2 TBSP Irish butter or to taste. The butter is very important so use at least a TBSP. Bring to a boil, then cover simmer for 45 minutes. You will need to stir at least once or more. This depends on your stove. If you don’t want to grind your own grits, use corse ground grits of a good quality. You may need to follow their recommended ratio of grits to liquid but always use heavy cream for half the liquid and never only use just water. No Quaker crap. The grits are amazing reheated in bacon grease after refrigerated too. Remember that there is no proof that fats cause heart desease and there never was. The data was cherry pick to push a wheat based diet decades ago.
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    Lump charcoal

    Here is my lump and my retort. I use pecan and some willow oak. I try to use pecan and hickory when I can but settle for oak if needed. I find that the small pieces are only a problem if they block the air flow, otherwise they work really well. A basket would solve that. I have more problems if all the pieces are large. I mostly cook low and slow and the large pieces sometimes don’t catch the next piece on fire so I try to mix them. The pieces that don’t convert well go back in the retort or some are used as chucks of wood. I use the bark and all and I find that it doesn’t hurt the cook at all. The dust and really small pieces go into the garden or plant beds.
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    Twin bone-in Ribeye going in the bag

    Hope so, they look the best I have aged so far.
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    Best homemade pizza yet....

    Im in Australia. Was a hard choice between the red and black. I'm happy with the choice :-)
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