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    First try Stir-Fry and Clay Pot rice

    So some new toys came in for Christmas and I gave them a try... a new Wok and some clay pots. The stir fry was 2 chicken breast, tenderized and sliced. Then I marinated the chicken in some home-made teriyaki and a few spices for about an hour. Next, I prepared some vegetables for the stir-fry. Then I gave the rice a shot...I just tried a recipe from online, but definitely need to adapt it to more of what I am looking for (such as the Vietnamese Clay Pot Rice & Chicken, or the restaurant Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Clay Pot fried rice)...and if you ever get a chance to eat at a Yakiniku Japanese BBQ restaurant, you will love it...kind of a Melting Pot style restaurant for the "Grill your own" and Gyu-Kaku in Orlando was delicious. So on to my rice recipe I used was taken from a Hong Kong style clay pot rice recipe...as stated I need to adjust, just not sure how yet... Ingredients: 1 cup long grain rice 1 cup water 1-2 links of sweet Chinese sausage 1 tablespoon regular soy sauce 1 tablespoon seasoned soy sauce (you can substitute this with a bit more regular soy sauce as well) ½ tablespoon dark soy sauce 1 tablespoon fish sauce A pinch of sugar A pinch of white pepper I started by rinsing and then soaking the rice in the clay pot for 30 minutes. Then placed the clay pot/rice on the small Vision with high-heat and lid closed until the rice was boiling - I think this was an area that I messed up by placing the clay pot lid on the rice when it should have been left off. After the rice was boiling, I placed the Chinese sausage on op of the rice and covered again. Closed the vents a little to bring the flame down on the grill and simmered for about 10 minutes. While that was simmering, I combined the soy sauce, fish sauce, and rest of the ingredients and poured over the rice. Lessons learned: Leave lid off while bringing rice to a boil. Don't slice the meat for the initial cook on top of the rice, slice it right before you pour the sauce over the rice. And the last lesson...pour a little oil around the inner edge of the bowl to help crisp up the rice at the bottom when you pour the sauce in. Thanks for reading and looking...again I highly suggest finding a Yakiniku style Japanese BBQ near you since we are all grilling buff's on here. You will see two of the pictures are at the Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ restaurant. And now for the pictures... The CEO grilling on her own: My CFO and me getting ready for some good grub: The set up for the cook: And for the cook:
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    DIY Kiln dried wood for fire pit?

    This may be really stupid, but it has been raining here so much and we recently had a fire pit built that I can't stand not using. I have a truck bed full of wet wood and can't seem to string together a good few days for it to dry out naturally. I think it's also relatively fresh, so there's that, too. Can I kiln dry some of this oak in my big joe? My thought is to dry some pieces and set them aside in the garage to use as the initial logs to get fires going quicker when I get the opportunities. The rest of the wood will be on the rack we got for Christmas that came with a cover. I also got a propane torch to help speed up the process Has anyone done this? Time and temp? I have split and whole, ranging anywhere from 14 inches to 3 feet. If it would somehow leave a residue or taint the joe, I don't want to do it. I figure oak would mainly just have moisture coming out of it, but I'm no tree surgeon. Here's the pit for those who like to see different ideas. The inside is about 4 feet in diameter and the back is probably 4.5-5 feet tall. Thanks for any help!
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    Glazed St Louis style ribs

    For a bit of bite I hit these with jalapeno salt and then some GPR #86. The glaze was ketchup blended with maple syrup and a bit of worchesire. *Needed something easy. Smoked over apple wood. Good stuff!
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    Pulled Pork - My First Kamado Cook

    This is a variation on a recipe I have cooked many times in the oven - but finally got to do it with real smoke! I brined a 10lb Boston Butt for almost 48 hours in water mixed with 50/50 salt and sugar, with some black peppercorns and bay leaves as well. Usually, when I do this in the oven, I rub the pork with olive oil and then a generous coating of my rub (2 Tablespoons of smoked paprika, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and almost a cup of brown sugar). Since I wanted the smoke to shine through, however, I decided to keep it much simpler this time and did a 50/50 salt and black pepper rub, with a touch of garlic powder and paprika for color. During the cook, I aimed at keeping my temp at 250-275, but made the classic beginner mistake of letting it get too hot towards the end so the pork finished a bit earlier than expected. I kept it in my range until the last hour, however, so it still came out juicy and tender. I smoked the pork over pecan and cherry wood and premium hardwood lump charcoal. I also spritzed the butt every hour and a half or so with a mix of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and hot sauce. Finally, I wrapped the butt in foil with some of the spritzing juice and some patts of butter once I got the color I wanted. I served the pork with a a home made coleslaw, kings Hawaiian sweet rolls, home made mac n cheese, and two sauces I made from scratch (a sweet and spicy red bbq sauce and a classic NC hot vinegar). It was a huge hit...juicy and tender as can be. Let me know what you think of the pictures, and I look forward to sharing future cooks with you all!
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    New Year’s Eve Shrimp Scampi

    So I had a few guests over for New Years Eve and decided to break out the Matador and make one of my all time favorite dishes Shrimp Scampi. It’s a fast and easy cook and very delicious. Everyone enjoyed it and I got some good compliments that made my day!!! Take a Look
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    brisket & burnt ends

    First time using the point for burnt ends, but won't be the last. After cooking I cubed the point, sprinkled some Bad Byron's, and mixed with 1/4 honey and 3/4 BBQ Sauce and put it back on the grill for about an hour at about 350. Meat candy!!!! They were awesome.
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    Saw this at NY https://imgur.com/a/51FW1au Try to price match if you can or see if you can purchase it online. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kamado-Joe-18-75-in-Blaze-Red-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000555419
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    Christmas Turkey

    I agree having all this grillestate is awesome!!!! Great looking bird!!!
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    New Year’s Day Beef Tenderloin

    Rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper, onion and garlic salt. Seared at 450 degrees all four sides a few minutes each over direct heat and then basted it with ghee and then moved to indirect for about 15 minutes.
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    I followed this system about two weeks ago and had to try it again to see if it was reproducible, and for the most part it is. Of course every cook is different and the thing about the Akorn I'm finding is it's much more finicky than ceramics about air and starting fire size. In this cook I made a mistake by letting my initial fire cover too many coals while burning off the white smoke from fresh lump, so it took an extra hour at the top to bring it from 325 down to around 280 when I finally put it on. 15.5 lb prime Costco packer, took about 2.5-3lbs off. About 10:3:1:1 pepper/salt/onion/garlic, pretty heavy rub. Full box of fresh lump and a little hickory, started about 10PM, finally wrestled it down to 280 by midnight. 18" Weber grate over the firebox, 14" foiled red clay plate on top of that, and 15" foiled pizza stone on top of that. I think this gives me the best heat diffusion without choking the fire or giving me a hot zone at the edges. No water pan. Put brisket on fat cap down 41 internal, only spritzed a couple times with water, slept through while temps went between 280 and 200 (I had to open up the vents by about a millimeter when I woke up). It stalled for a very long time around 148. Paper wrapped around 160 and let it go until probe tender and jiggly around 202. It's snowing out so I took it off and foiled it pretty quickly over the paper, towel-wrapped and put it in a cooler for 4 hours. I still can't explain why I got a smoke ring this time and not others. I've come to the conclusion that the best way to make sure I get a smoke ring is to not care. Also I know this isn't the normal way of cutting the point, but I tried it this way a couple cooks ago and just like it better: no screwing around with differing grains, easier slicing, and when you cook fat down the presentation side bark of everything is just fine.
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    Hi everyone! I have to say that I’ve been missing you all and have been wondering why it’s been so quiet. I’ve just found the post about the move to FB in January. I am definitely IN if Charcoal Addict is able to move this site to a new forum format. I am a member of a FB. Kamado group and no offence at all to them but it’s just soooo boring! The FB format doesn’t allow for the same level of engagement and just seems to be the same people posting photos of their beef shorties week after week, with an occasional photo of an interesting cook thrown in. This is forum format is a completely different kettle of fish which doesn’t compare on any level. I sincerely hope that we all can still remain friends on the other side ...on a forum such as this one! You are are all such wonderful people and I actually have a tear in my eye right now at the thought that this is going to end!
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    Harry Soo

    Yeah....I know his name sounds like the beginning of a bad joke....LOL. Found his brisket technic for a Kamado that gets it done in four hours rather than the low and slow I'm used to. The Kamado Joe is finally arriving tomorrow just in time for the start of the NFL playoffs in which I fully expect the Texans to lose to the Colts.... But hey,at least I'll have fun breaking in the Joe.
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    Ground it then Browned it!

    Dang it Freddy I’m trying not to buy more toys!!!! LOL!!!! Looks like you did a heck of a job!!!
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    Pellet Grill Questions

    The Rec Tec is smaller internally then the 1300, actually the 850 holds about the same amount as the Bull. The big difference is in the height of the barrel, this is where the Timberline shines. The Bull only has one rack and the extra one you can get is not that practical. The 1300 has 3 racks, that are fully usable under lots of conditions. I just cooked 11lbs of chicken wings for New Years and didn't, even use all of the second rack. The other big factor, for me, is the Bull is not insulated and the 1300 is fully insulated with 1304 SS and the lid has a great seal, so all the smoke tumbles through out the chamber and then exits at the rear where it's supposed too. If you are never going to cook in cold temps, the insulation is not that big a deal, although is works all year round giving you a more stable cook in windy conditions, regardless of outside temps The App on both are good and the Bull has another probe. I have wireless probes already so that is not a factor for me. The customer service for both company's is great, from what I read about RT, I have personal experience with the Traeger and they are great. I also like having a local dealer instead of everything being online. Overall I just think the Traeger is a superior product. Like I said, if I hadn't run into this deal I would probably have gotten the Bull.
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    DIY Kiln dried wood for fire pit?

    Yeah, you're right. Just thought it might be another use for the kamado! Would that go for the Akorn too? Thanks! I'll probably get one this weekend if I remember! Saturday and Sunday are both clear. Haha that would be awesome. Now that it's had a few fires in it the back wall is turning a really cool golden brown. I don't have a daylight picture of that yet.
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    DIY Kiln dried wood for fire pit?

    Super nice. I would be tempted to put a liner in it and make that a water fall with some water lilies.
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    KJ Classic II for $600 at Lowes

    Packing up to head home with a Classic II. Edit: And in the garage. Thanks so much, ImYoungxD!
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    Hibachi pot

    I just picked this up from a second hand store. Can anyone tell me more about it and how much it might be worth. I paid $120. I haven't had much luck googling it.
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    Harry Soo

    Soo makes some great videos.
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    KJ Classic II for $600 at Lowes

    I have a receipt for the Classic II model number. I will get there tonight and see. To be updated...
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    Question for Kamado/Stick burner users.

    While a stick burner is more work you can alleviate the issue by installing a gas burner so you can take a break and still hold temp. I have this unit in an older model.
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    I am totally satisfied with the smoke profile of my BJ also. But, it was after much trial and error to get to a level of smoke I was watisfied with. I've never had much success with trying to open my bottom vent all the way and maintaing any reasonable temp. I guess it all boils down to how the fire is being lit. Jambo's are like the BMW's. As much as I want a Yoder, I think I'm still going to wind up with a Shirley... p.s.- after renting a Traeger for a catering job, I also found the s.p. on the pellet grill to be too light
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    Dumb question

    Well, did my prime rib the other day and filled the charcoal to the top (okay, about an inch from the top). Low and slow at 215-225 for about 4.5 hrs then pulled the roast and D&C assembly out to reconfigure it and opened the vents figuring it would take 10 minutes or so to get hot enough for the sear...wrong! In the few minutes needed to reconfigure the D&C I checked and the temps were shooting through 550. After getting the D&C back in I was near 700 so the extra charcoal really added some horsepower to bring the temps up for the sear. Really, really happy with the results! Thanks for the recommendations and happy new year!
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    BBQ Accessories Rib Ring

    Has anyone bought or used one of these yet. Looks like a great way to cook 5 or 6 racks of ribs along with a whole chicken. All at the same time. https://bbqguru.com/storenav?CategoryId=9&ProductId=386&utm_source=social_media&utm_medium=facebook_ad&utm_campaign=rib-ring&utm_term=remark-2&utm_content=snb-2&fbclid=IwAR1D1x1VhrogSwkJi4avIo8ELjUC22R0RNLTvVAH14bmpEQOA2N-A5f50ao
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    Pulled Pork - My First Kamado Cook

    Thanks @freddyjbbq - I certainly will! I loved my first kamado cook. I feel like I learned a ton in my first cook and had a great time through out. Can't wait to do beef ribs or maybe some smoked oxtails next.
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    I opened this thread hoping to see pictures of stick burners.... No dice, so I had to go on the Jambo Facebook group. As much as I'd love a fine stick burner, I just don't want to do the work. I would have to be making commercial proportions of meat to even justify the labor and capacity of a stick burner worthy of such a task. That said, I find the smoke profile of my Big Joe to be just fine and everyone who eats my bbq agrees. I use a moderate amount of quality smoke wood in a hot fire. I keep the bottom vent fully open and the top vent is where the magic happens.
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    No bag needed for the leaf blower. Just sayin'
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    Pastrami and a ham

    Thanks, had some warmed on white bread with pickles, cheese and dijon (potato chips on the side) for lunch. Fantastic.
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    Discada on the Rectec Matador

    Looks Great! Looks like the perfect set up for a Paella. Pretty versatile cooker.
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    Discada on the Rectec Matador

    Definitely some good eats your putting off that Matador.
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    Dumb question

    Not excessive at all. Once the cook is done you close the vents and shut it down. The lump stuffs itself out and the leftover lump is still there waiting for the next cook. For the next cook most people will stir the leftover lump (to get the ash to fall through the grate) then top it off with fresh lump to the totally full level. Fire it up and the process continues. Going like this eventually 5 or 10 cooks down the road you'll have to totally clean it out (including the ash below the grate). This process ensures you always have enough lump for whatever cook you want to do. I don't own a big Joe but I'm guessing with a full load of lump you can get 24 hours or more of cook time at the 250* low-n-slow range.
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    Dumb question

    Full is all the way up to the bottom of the deflector plates.
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    No worries. John decided to keep the forum going.
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    Finally upgraded to a Large BGE

    Got the John Setzler recipe smoked salmon on the BGE right now.
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