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    MEATER and Kamado Joe saved Christmas

    For those in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is a time of scorching temperatures. However we are still exposed to the familiar tunes and culinary desires of a Northern, cold Christmas. With temperatures at 40 degrees C (104 Fahrenheit) turning on the oven was not a favourable choice and so placing big bird in the Kamado was the sound choice. Only had a KJ for a couple of month now, and the first time I had ever cooked a turkey (regardless of cooking appliance). It was a success!! Some say I’ve now graduated to an adult now that the bird has been conquered, albeit 15 years later than planned. With my wife being pregnant I took the road less travelled for my family by not stuffing the bird with the risk of listeria etc and instead I lightly filled the cavity with the aromatics (onion, garlic, lemon, sage, oregano, rosemary) from the brine mixture. The quality of the KJ resulting in a more consitent temperature throughout the cook and the fact the bird wasn’t stuffed resulted in a much quicker cook than expected. Meater sounded the alarm to this news which allowed me to save Christmas. Meater has caused controversy in this forum, but so far I can’t fault it. Happy Cooking!
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    The Kamado Joe finally arrived!!!

    The Joe showed up around 2:00 pm!!! Offered the guy $50 bucks to hang around while I assembled the base and then help me move it to the backyard.....he was thrilled. Unfortunately my charcoal didnt show up with it,after a quick trip to academy and picking up some B&B oak charcoal I fired it up for a test burn. Holy Hell this thing is easy to maintain Temp!!! Brought it up to 325 and adjusted the vents and it slowly climbed to 400 and stayed there!!!! I'm at hour two and it hasn't budged!! I can honestly say I've never had any kind of natural fuel cooker hold temp like this especially on my first try!! It's more accurate than my friggin GE Profile oven fer ####s sake!!! Have a Snake River Farms Wagyu Black Brisket going on in the morning for the playoffs....and I dont even care if we lose.
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    The random pictures thread...

    I just got this!
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    Cheese Pizza

    Cooked on our pizza oven
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    DIY Kiln dried wood for fire pit?

    Getting an early start today on two pork butts. This thing will get going and hopefully I'll remember the night picture.
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    My GO-TO for Brisket Technique

    This was a wonderful way to cook brisket, it was incredibly delicious. I made glazed carrots and garlic bread in the KJ as well. Son happy!
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    Dumb question

    Well, did my prime rib the other day and filled the charcoal to the top (okay, about an inch from the top). Low and slow at 215-225 for about 4.5 hrs then pulled the roast and D&C assembly out to reconfigure it and opened the vents figuring it would take 10 minutes or so to get hot enough for the sear...wrong! In the few minutes needed to reconfigure the D&C I checked and the temps were shooting through 550. After getting the D&C back in I was near 700 so the extra charcoal really added some horsepower to bring the temps up for the sear. Really, really happy with the results! Thanks for the recommendations and happy new year!
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    BNIB Kamado Joe Classic I

    Hi All - Picked up an extra KJ Classic I through from the recent Lowes clearance. Didn't expect them to have 2, so offering this up here before I return it. Looking for exactly what I have into it which is 575, purchased through an authorized dealer and obviously has not yet been registered for warranty. Pickup only for obvious reasons in Thornton, PA which is in the Philly area.
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    Pastrami and a ham

    Total of 5 days on the pastrami and that was doing it the quick way. I whipped up a new rub for this one that included cardamom in it. Warmed the ham and smoked the pastrami with apple wood at 215f. I think I'll have pastrami for lunch! Rubbed down well, in the vacuum bag and off to the fridge (actually I am pretty sure this pic is after 3 days in the fridge but you get the idea) Out of the bag and ready for the smoker Looking good and about halfway there Chilled, sliced thin and ready I should've made rye!
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    New Year’s Eve Shrimp Scampi

    So I had a few guests over for New Years Eve and decided to break out the Matador and make one of my all time favorite dishes Shrimp Scampi. It’s a fast and easy cook and very delicious. Everyone enjoyed it and I got some good compliments that made my day!!! Take a Look
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    I have sold so many of these grills I should ask Bobby Brennan for a commission! My sister and BIL were over from Australia in June and had never heard of these grills. After a week with us and every evening meal coming off the KJ, they just sent me an email telling me about their new Kamado Joe Classic II. I hope they join in here once they get started.
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    UNICAT Expedition Vehicles

    That was pretty kewl.
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    The Kamado Joe finally arrived!!!

    Hadn't planned on cooking anything as it was just a test burn but threw on a couple of home ground beef burgers as an afterthought .... Very nice!!! It really brought home that charcoal flavor i'd been missing.
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    Newbie from London UK

    Welcome aboard! Sounds like @Golf Griller summed it up perfectly!
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    Glazed St Louis style ribs

    That looks impressive. I'm trying the St Louis for my next rib cook.
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    Glazed St Louis style ribs

    cool... and thanks... i like to typically buy ONE sauce, rub, etc and try to reverse engineer it... part of the fun of cooking i think... thanks again for the info!
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    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    Took the little guy camping with us and it didn’t disappoint!! Beef back ribs, wings, cheeks and veggies!
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    Pastrami and a ham

    Thanks, had some warmed on white bread with pickles, cheese and dijon (potato chips on the side) for lunch. Fantastic.
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    Living in Arizona, normally I can't, with any credibility, respond to "how does my ceramic kamado respond to cold" posts. AHHHHHH, but on New Years day it snowed and the temps here dropped as low at 13 degrees. I cooked braised lamb shanks in my Egg which reached and maintained an even 350 degrees for the 3 hour cook. No issues, what so ever, and the shanks were probably the best I have ever cooked. An added benefit, I might add, is that my beer(s) did not get warm once during the entire cook.
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    KJ might want to consider adding a blue cellophane wrap over the gaskets (similar to the wrap that protects Appliances from scratches in packaging) to prevent gasket damage in transport. That would prevent fiction damage like this in transport.
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    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    Hi mate, these were back ribs, 300f, water pan, just over 3 hours. Spritzed every 20 min after the 2 hour mark.
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    Lump Charcoal

    That's the sort of question which often leads to fistfights. I'm usually stocked with a few bags each of Royal Oak, Kamado Joe, and Rockwood. Lot's of brands out there and I haven't tried them all so I'm sure other folks will list some others as "the best".
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    Dumb question

    Not excessive at all. Once the cook is done you close the vents and shut it down. The lump stuffs itself out and the leftover lump is still there waiting for the next cook. For the next cook most people will stir the leftover lump (to get the ash to fall through the grate) then top it off with fresh lump to the totally full level. Fire it up and the process continues. Going like this eventually 5 or 10 cooks down the road you'll have to totally clean it out (including the ash below the grate). This process ensures you always have enough lump for whatever cook you want to do. I don't own a big Joe but I'm guessing with a full load of lump you can get 24 hours or more of cook time at the 250* low-n-slow range.
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    Dumb question

    Full is all the way up to the bottom of the deflector plates.
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    Charcoal not lasting.

    You didn't start with enough charcoal. Fill it up till its about to hit the deflector.
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