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    The random pictures thread...

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    The random pictures thread...

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    Smoked Chili

    All done, just in time for the National Championship game. As a Vols fan, I’m hoping for a safe and injury free game that both teams end up getting banned from the sport!!!
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    Grillgate Griddle?

    What's up gurus anyone use/have advice for grill grate griddle? Been wanting another gasser & scored a nice one $50 marketplace. Replaces flavorizer bars, added the grill grates that I never use & bought the griddle $25 My Mrs is a frequent sous-vide cooker & think this will make for some easy searing. Thoughts?
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    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    I’m pretty picky about my pizza crust. It’s got to be light, not biscuit-y, flexible but also with enough structure to hold the toppings safely on their journey from the plate to their doom in my mouth. Having said all that, if I’m going to be making it, it’s got to be easy!! I’ve got a bread-machine recipe that I’ve tweaked until it’s just right for my tastes and exacting requirements: It also survives freezing and thawing nicely, so the spare ball (if I cook 2 pizzas) goes into the freezer for later use. The flour is super important – this 00 brand works well for me: I had to buy this special little scale off the interwebs to weigh the salt and the yeast. Probably got put on a DEA watch list, as it’s also used by “freelance pharmaceutical providers” . This thing is insanely sensitive – accurate to 1/100 of a gram. I’m not going to share how long it took me to get it to read .50 for the pic, but there was quite a bit of pinching and sprinkling involved… Chuck all the stuff into the bread bucket: Bucket into bread machine, press the go button, and walk away After it's done, I pull the dough out and divide it up into 3 equal balls. One into the freezer, and the other 2 rest under a towel for an hour or two to allow them to rise and become all they can be. While the bread is doing its bready thing, I head out to the KJ to prep for the impending feats of culinary excellence (hopefully). Oh look, that pizza stone is disgusting and covered in burned stuff from the last pizza session… All good – let’s flip it and let the self cleaning Kamado do its thing As with the easy-bake dough, I’ve got better things to do with my time than muck around scrubbing down stones… At the pizza cooking tempst, that dirty side will be as sparkly as new (sort of) when tonight’s cooking is done. Also, you may notice the chip at the top of the stone… I dropped it from head height onto a tile floor a while ago – chipped a bit off it, but that was about all the damage done. It’s a genuine Kamado stone, and is solid as a rock (well, as a stone). Load up the bowl with as much lump as it can hold, and we’re all done here until it’s time to light it up: For me, pizza cooking has to be smooth and by the numbers (yes, I know the LT was a douche at that point, but he did redeem himself later). When I was starting out cooking pizzas, I rigorously documented times & temps, and have arrived at the following, which works every time (NOTE - All temps in Celsius!!!): 1) Light lump in 5 places, lid up for 10 mins with rack & heat deflector in place. 2) T+10, drop the lid, vents wide open 3) T+55 – dome temp should be around 400C (at least). Stone goes on. Stone temp should be around 100C 4) T+70 – dome temp should be around 420C, stone temp MUST be at (or a bit above) 400C. If not, wait 5 and remeasure stone temp. 5) Pizza #1 goes on – slide off peel is easy, thanks to parchment paper 6) After 1 min, lift the pizza with the peel and slide the parchment paper out. This helps with crust browning and avoids accidentally leaving bits of parchment on the cooked pizza!! 7) Pizza #1 usually done after 3 mins or so – pull it off when crust looks done 8) Wait 5 mins or so for stone to come back up to 400C+ 9) Pizza #2 goes on, rinse & repeat above until done When I’ve lit the lump, and had a glass of mummy’s special grape juice , I do my topping prep. These are the main toppings for pizza #1. Not in the pic are the olives, fresh mozzarella, roasted red pepper strips (jar, not home roasted – if that’s an issue, then write your congressman) and anchovies. Here’s the stuff for pizza #2 (margarita): Grate the mozzarella ball: Chop up the fresh mozzarella (half for Pizza 1, half for P2): Time’s passing, and dome temp is tracking nicely as expected: Whip out my trusty laser thermometer (a super-important bit of kit for cooking at these temps), and yep, the stone is right about where it should be at the start. (btw it’s really tricky to take pics while trying to measure temp above a 400C Kamado ) Once the stone goes on, it’s all systems go in the kitchen. OK, there’s probably time for one more wine, but seriously, after this glass, we’re going to crack on with a vengeance!!!! Parchment paper, lightly floured, onto the peel: Dough stretched out on the peel On go the salami, pepperoni, red peppers: Then the anchovies and olives And last (but certainly not least), the prosciutto: OK, now we’re ready to rock n roll with pizza #1. Pizza #2 is basically pizza #1 without the toppings Once Pizza #2 is prepped on its peel, its time to grab the laser probe and check the stone temp: Oh yeah, baby; it’s go time!!!!!! Pizza #1 slides neatly off the peel, bless the heart of whoever invented parchment paper. That paper gets pulled out from under the pizza at the 1 min mark. As luck would have it, it starts to dump down with rain!!! No probs though, Kamado is hot enough to handle a bit of moisture. After 2 more mins, Pizza #1 comes off: Check the underneath, and I’m very happy: Now I check the stone temp and see how much heat’s been lost. This this was 400C+ when pizza #1 went on… Wow, amazing how much that temp drops!! No probs, KJ is flaming like the lead float in the San Fran Pride Parade, so it won’t be long until we’re good to go for P2. 3 mins later: Yeah, close enough… By the time I go back inside, grab P2 and come back out, stone should be nice n toasty. P2 goes on. Here’s a pic of the parchment removal process, just before I grab the paper. BTW, I invested in some welding gloves, which have made these sorts of high-temp hi-jinks a lot easier!!! Also, I was very careful not to let the wet bits on the peel touch the precious pizza!! P2 cooks for 3 mins, and comes off looking like this: Yeah, baby Let's dig into P1: Pretty happy with the P1 crust, holding up nicely and is still light and easy to eat. Good traction on the toppings, nothing sliding around. Dogs aren’t happy about this last bit, but hey, nothing’s stopping you canines from evolving opposable thumbs and cooking your own pizzas!!! OK, now let’s grab a slice of P2 and see how the traditional margarita turned out: Yeah, turned out OK!! Now time for me to scarf these down, and relax… I’ve learned heaps from all y’all here about various cooking techniques, so thanks to everyone here for their open sharing and great fun. Hope you enjoyed the read and for those who haven’t done pizza cooks on the Kamado – I hope this month’s challenge will inspire you to give it a shot.
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    Smoked Chili

    Welp, it’s a hot one out there (it’s freezing, actually well below freezing), so why not make some chili. I’m starting with a nice 7 bone roast that I will take to 205 and pull it to use as the meat for my chili. Have a great day all!!!
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    Can we say BBQ Rubs!

    Well today can we say BBQ rubs!!! Well today were back to the basic stuff. So I decided to share some good BBQ rub recipes that I collected from friends over the years. If you have a special rub recipe you want to share email it to me and I will post it here! I hope you enjoy these nice little rub recipe. It wouldn't be BBQing without rubs and not everyone can afford store purshased rub! Making them are self is more fun and we can custom them to our own taste! Kansas City Rib Rub Ingredients: 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup paprika 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon chili powder 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon onion powder 1 teaspoon cayenne Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Memphis Rub (Very good on Ribs and smoke meats) Ingredients: · 1/2 cup paprika · 1/4 cup garlic powder · 1/4 cup mild chili powder (use medium or hot to kick up the heat) · 3 tablespoons salt · 3 tablespoons black pepper · 2 tablespoons onion powder · 2 tablespoons celery seeds · 1 tablespoon brown sugar · 1 tablespoon dried oregano · 1 tablespoon dried thyme · 3 teaspoons cumin · 2 teaspoons dry mustard · 2 teaspoons ground coriander · 2 teaspoons ground allspice Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Memphis Style Rib Rub Ingredients: · 1/4 cup paprika · 2 tablespoons salt · 2 tablespoons onion powder · 2 tablespoons fresh ground black pepper · 1 tablespoon cayenne Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Traditional Pull Pork Rub Ingredients: · 1/4 cup brown sugar · 1/4 cup paprika · 3 tablespoons salt · 2 tablespoons black pepper · 1 tablespoon cayenne · 2 teaspoons dry mustard Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Traditional brisket rub Ingredients: · 1/2 cup paprika · 1/3 cup brown sugar · 3 tablespoons garlic powder · 3 tablespoons onion powder · 2 tablespoons oregano · 2 tablespoons salt Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Classic-style Carolina barbecue rub (good on any pork) Ingredients: · 2 tablespoons salt · 2 tablespoons sugar · 2 tablespoons brown sugar · 2 tablespoons ground cumin · 2 tablespoons chili powder · 2 tablespoons freshly ground black pepper · 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper · 1/4 cup paprika Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Texas traditional Rub Ingredients · 1 (16 ounce) bottle seasoning salt · 1/4 cup paprika · 2/3 cup chili powder · 1 teaspoon ground ginger · 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg · 2 teaspoons ground dry mustard · 1 teaspoon ground cloves · 1 teaspoon dry mesquite flavored seasoning mix · 2 tablespoons garlic salt · 1 tablespoon black pepper · 1 cup packed brown sugar Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Basic Fish Rub Ingredients: · 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar · 1/2 cup coarse salt · 1 tablespoon black pepper · 1 tablespoon dried dill · 1 tablespoon mustard powder Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Basic Chicken Rub Ingredients: · 1 tablespoon onion powder · 1 tablespoon garlic powder · 1 tablespoon salt · 2 teaspoons whole mustard seeds · 1 teaspoon sage · 1 teaspoon thyme · 1 teaspoon paprika · 1 teaspoon black pepper Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Dr. BBQ’s rub (combine) (this one was given to me by a friend over at the egghead forum) Ingredients: · 1/4 cup salt · 1/2 cup sugar · 2 tablespoons brown sugar · 1 1/2 teaspoons granulated garlic · 1 1/2 teaspoons granulated onion · 1 tablespoon paprika · 1 tablespoon chili powder · 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper · 1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper · 1 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme · 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin · 1 1/2 teaspoons ground nutmeg Now mix all the ingredients and store in air tight container. It can keep for up to six month! Memphis Dry Rub 1 cup Sea salt, medium fine (no table salt, please) 1/2 cup Unrefined evaporated cane sugar (no table sugar, please) 1/2 cup Brown sugar, golden/light 2 Tbs Sweet Hungarian paprika 2 Tbs Chili powder, medium heat 2 Tbs Granulated onion (not onion "powder") 2 Tbs Dry mustard 1 Tbs Granulated garlic (not garlic "powder") 2 tsp Dry thyme 2 tsp Dry oregano 2 tsp Black pepper, ground fresh 2 tsp Celery salt 2 tsp Ground ginger 1 tsp Ground coriander 1 tsp Ground cayenne (optional) Enjoy and Happy Grilling! HRMBBQ http://hrmcreativebbq.blogspot.com/2012/02/well-today-can-we-say-bbq-rubs.html
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    Never L8 4 chow

    Intro new member

    Congratulations on the new Joe, and welcome to the forum. It’s my go to consultation before most new Kamado cooks, a wealth of good information here.
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    $.99/lb Boston butts at Food Lion

    FYI, the Food Lion's in my area (Hickory, NC) are advertising Boston butts for $.99/lb this week beginning today, 1/9/2019. Cheers
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    Extreme Diet Trends

    Some pizza I made last week. White pizza with Broccoli, Rosemary and Garlic.....and a Sausage pizza with onion.
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    Self Grind Burgers

    Meh....Pellet smoking is kinda mundane unless you're talking about the merits of each unit. They all perform the same function,some better than others.
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    Smoked Chili

    Good looking bowl of chili.
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    Woka wok a whoop whoops
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    Mr Cue

    WFO Installation Thread

    Wow, just catching up on this, what a build! You, sir, know how to do it right! Congrats on being able to do this and enjoy yourself in your spare time.
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    Unboxing New WFO - crazy delivery story.

    That truly is a thing of beauty. Bellissima!
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    Jack and Coke Chicken Thighs

    Great looking thighs!
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    Jack and Coke Chicken Thighs

    Really Nice!!
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    Jack and Coke Chicken Thighs

    Nice looking thighs.
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    New member

    Welcome, glad to have you and your Joe with us. A big tip when figuring out what to cook on your Joe is that it is more like a charcoal fired convection than just a BBQ or Smoker. You can cook pretty much anything on your kamado that you can cook in a kitchen or commercial oven. Than opens a whole wide world of recipes. Anything cooked on a kamado, however, will have that wonderful woodsy charcoal flavor and be unique in it's taste. As far as Octopus and Clams go check out these recipes. IMO Greek seafood and seafood from the Med in general is a cut above. Happy Cooking and enjoy your new Joe and the forum conversation as well. https://www.kalofagas.ca/?s=Octopus https://www.kalofagas.ca/?s=Razor+clams https://www.kalofagas.ca/?s=Clams A hint with these recipes is that cooking on a kamado you can add smoke flavor to anything you cook. However seafood is quite a smoke sponge in that it picks up smoke flavor readily. When I smoke octopus, clams, and mussels. Sometimes I use just the flavor of my lump charcoal, when I actually use wood smoke, I use a very light wood in very small quantity. Something like alder or peach. Since the flavor of your seafood is delicate and unique you want it to shine through and be enhanced but not overpowered by any smoke flavor you add. Sometimes I will throw fresh herbs onto the fire, something like dill, rosemary, thyme, garlic, provides a nice light some flavor and contains aromatic oils. ( I used to do all kinds of seafood cooks quite a bit when I lived by the ocean in California, now living in the mountains of Arizona, a good 7 or 8 hours from the ocean, getting quality seafood is not very common)
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    dang, what a beauty! what a crazy story, lol!!
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    Smoked Chili

    Beef is shredded and in the chili pot, back on the KJ.
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    High n Fast Pizza Cook

    Sorry about the delay - haven't logged in for a while, life got in the way... I light a full load of lump in 5 places (N/S/E/W edges and 1 in the centre) - this makes a difference on my KJ Classic. Bottom & Top vents full open for about 45 mins (from memory) as it comes up to temp. When it's marginally cooler than the surface of the sun, bottom vent backed off to about half or 3/4 open, top stays full open for the duration. The flames are generally licking up around the sides of the stone, as a gauge of the fire level. I tried the whole "slow the airflow down to keep the hot air in the dome", but gave that the flick and went with the "Tim the toolman Taylor" MOOOAAARR POWER!!!! setting of raging fire. Generally, it takes <5 mins between pizzas for the stone and dome to come back up to temp. Hope this helps, and have fun with the pizzas!!!
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    My soapstone pizza stone has been a highly utilized cooking tool. Retains heat really well.....have done back-to-back-to-back pizza cooks with ease......can be washed with soap and water in the sink and also used for other types of cooking, too. For example.......
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    Just because my new firebox didn't come pre-painted to match the inside of my grill don't lump me in with this senseless post. I have too much respect for my grill to use cheap hacks when I could buy branded gear that solves the same non-existent problem for way more money! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Can we say BBQ Rubs!

    Coffee Cardamom Rub 1/2 cup coffee 1/2 cup coarse salt 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/4 cup hot paprika 2 tbls ground cardamom 2 tbls ground ginger 1/3 cup chopped fresh garlic This stuff is magic on brisket Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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