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    I'm baaaaack.

    It's been a while. Not really for kamado cooking, but for kamado posting. I've been particularly busy with my running. I ran a full marathon in November and another half two weeks ago. I've been doing a 12 mile run each weekend and usually 2 other 3 mile runs as well each week but now my 8 year old has been wanting to run with me so those runs have been short to accommodate him. We also went to NOLA over Christmas break to celebrate our 10 anniversary. I have been cooking the whole time, maybe not as many gatherings as I would like, and my kamado cooking has decreased but it is still in my regular rotation. Anyway, I made burgers tonight so I felt like posting them. I'm planning on doing kamado pizza tomorrow night as well. I got a pizza steel that I LOVE and has totally upped my pizza game, but I have only used it in the oven so far. That and the elements of pizza book. So so good. Anyway, I've missed you all
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    Product Testing

    My wife and I last year made the step from backyard poultry to include beef production as we continue to grow our hobby farm towards something more substantial. Today we picked our first 2 bulls up from the butcher so naturally after deliveries I had to do some QC and test the product. Needless to say I am impressed that we turned out such a high quality product on our first run with holstein bull calves from dairy production. Sirloin steak nearly fork tender seared 6 minutes a side on the mini egg. with any luck I'll be doing a brisket cook this weekend.
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    Some Jalapeño Poppers

    Hate to admit it, but I followed Diva-q’s recipe once and have developed somewhat of an addiction. never any leftovers
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    Made it to the Last Frontier!

    Greetings all! I’ve been absent for a bit as my family just completed a move to Fairbanks, AK. As you might imagine, one of the most valuable items that went into the shipping crate with our household goods was Ginger, our KJCII. The movers in South Carolina weren’t the greatest, but they did pick up on my anxiety and wrap Ginger up good and tight. Onto the crate she went. I was sure I’d be greeting a pile of red ceramic bits and pieces of sadness in Alaska... 45 days after we said goodbye to our stuff, we met it again 4500 miles away...and about 85 degrees colder! Much relief was on my face when the kamado rolled off the moving truck safe and sound. I was worried about the temp extremes and kamado cooking up here, but so far everyone has survived. After a few more days of unpacking, we finally found all the accessories (and ceramic components) in the various boxes we moved with. An unusually warm winter day (high around 7F) meant some smoking was in order. Pork butt it was. Note the position of the sun; this photo was taken at 11:45am. Next up was Super Bowl Sunday, another unusually warm day. Chili was demanded, chili was prepared, chili was enjoyed. That’s a 2lb pork+beef meatball smoking on pecan while suspended over a pot of chili. When the meat’s done, it gets crumbled and goes into the pot. So far Alaska has been doable with the cooking. The biggest shock when it comes to cooking outside has been the cost (and availability) of lump. There’s only a handful of places in town that carry it, and the only kamado dealer of any kind sells BGE lump for 36 a bag (I was paying 22 in SC). Thankfully the Lowe’s just got a random shipment of KJ Big Block and I snagged 4 bags for 26 apiece. Unsure if that price will stick. Wal Mart doesn’t have Royal Oak, so I’ve yet to find a budget option. I have noticed a significant temp diff between grate (measured w my ThermoWorks Smoke) and dome, as much as 120 degrees. I’m unsure why. I need to verify/calibrate both thermometers. If that’s not the culprit I suppose the extreme cold could be causing a variance, or perhaps some cold air sneaking in around the gasket seal where the temp probes are inserted. Ive also been fighting the fire a bit more than usual. This is either the outside temp or me being anxious. But she cooks, and cooks well! More to follow from the land of the midnight sun. -d6
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    Thanks everyone! Here is my setup. I will post details about the grill under the Saffire Grills thread.
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    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    Chicken thighs semi indirect and thick cut wedges fried on the Big Joe.
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    John Setzler

    The Kamado Joe Do-Joe

    Atlanta Grill Company is taking pre-orders for folks interested in this accessory: https://atlantagrillcompany.com/products/dojoe-preorder-1?fbclid=IwAR16JJjCWJZ1MMXAJBWuO1i5FJ3fsRVS1Zij_Ldan97FrBq3Uj5t2Q4kuQo
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    Old Standby Delivers Again!

    Nice warm weather called for my second cook of the week. Decided to do one of my favorite kamado cooks, an old standby that has never let me down: smoked meatloaf. If you're reading this and have never smoked a meatloaf then you need to try it, soon. Without a doubt one of the largest improvements vs. conventional cooking of just about anything I can think of. I pretty much followed John's recipe, except increased the soy sauce and added a TBS Worcestershire sauce.
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    Hello everyone! I am a new Kamado owner of a Saffire Grill Platinum version. I have been a casual griller and had never done a long cook before, but now I am hooked. Very happy I took the plunge and look forward to sharing cooks and experiences.
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    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    We have been wanting to try this for a while and since we didn’t have plans to leave the house Saturday Agua Chile it is. Very simple to make. This was just 1 pound of shrimp peeled and devained and cooked in freshly squeezed lime juice in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. After about ten minutes you can see the shrimp start to turn pink from the acid of the lime. in a blender I blended the following 1/2 cucumber A good handful of fresh cilantro 1 garlic clove 4 to 6 Serrano peppers 1/4 cup of lime juice salt n pepper to taste after the shrimp have been sitting in lime juice 30 min add about 1 chopped cucumber no seeds and about 1/2 of red onion thinly sliced then add your mix from the blender and salt n pepper to taste and let sit for another ten minutes in the fridge. When you serve it you can sprinkle some Tajin on it then enjoy with some tostadas or saltine crackers And a cold beer. I like spreading mayonnaise on the tostadas and put some Agua Chile on it. I know this dish is not for everyone but don’t knock it until you try it.
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    Scott Roberts

    Kamander first low & slow

    Started out fine temp stayed at 225 for about an 1 1/2hrs and the temp drop to 200 so what I thought was a small adjustment and watched the Kamander raise to about 235 to 240ish so I thought ok I can live with that. Went inside and was cleaning the kitchen and other things for about an hour, went to check and temp was 500 big ones and so I choked off and temp didn't drop below 350 for almost two hrs. With all that being said it was moist and had good bark and favor. So when I pulled it to finish in oven the internal temp was 187* only five and half hours total on grill and it was a 9lb picnic, going to try another one tomorrow and see if I can control it better any advise should I put water in drip pan, should I leave intake vents at my lowest setting and control from top or just the opposite? Scott
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    Bottom shelf Classic I

    I finished, too cold outside so I’ll wait until I put on. I’m overall happy with how it turned out, not perfect but it’s just a shelf.
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    Ribeye Cap Steak Cook

    Yes, much easier to cook unfurled. I had previously cooked one rolled up and it was trickier getting it cooked properly. The only thing I'll do next time is to make sure I slice it across the grain, this time I think I sliced it with the grain. However, not that big a deal, it was still extremely tender.
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    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    Looks great! What did you rim your beer glass with?
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    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    Looks very tasty!
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    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    These darn kamados continue to amaze me with their uncanny abilities to masquerade as other kitchen appliances... in fact, i have begun storing things in my oven since i dont use it much anymore what an awesome looking meal! well done! care to share a recipe? i am always looking for new stuff to make and this one hit the must do list!
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    Chicken and Chips on the Big Joe

    Well, that looks pretty spectacular! Jealous.
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    Kamander first low & slow

    Mighty fine looking cook! What were your thoughts on performance for the low and slow?
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    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    Man that looks amazing. I love ceviche but I've never had one quite like that.
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    Just make sure to bring a porcetta with you.... that should hold you on the way and provide a bargaining chip once you arrive.
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    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    I've never tried something like that but it does look good.
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    Agua Chile aka Ceviche

    that does look really good!!!
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    John Setzler

    Lump Charcoal

    The one that's in the bag beside your grill ready to go. All lump charcoals work fine. You will develop your preferences as you go probably but don't sweat the charcoal.
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    Kamado Apple Pie

    Excellent job. The dessert sub forum is way underutilized, but still one of my favorite sections. More things like this, everyone!
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    Kamado Apple Pie

    Wow that looks good, nice write-up on it.
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