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    Decided to try my hand at Kamado baking to enter my first challenge/make something nice for my wife for Valentine's Day. I worked from the New York Times Chocolate Cheesecake recipe. Because I'm much more of a cook than a baker, my basics were pretty much on-par with what's in the recipe. I set up in my Kamado classic at 250 on the grill extender with a water pan; it took about 2 hours rather than the 1 1/2 the recipe indicated. I finished this up on Monday night, and put the springform pan in my fridge. The thing I did that was actually creative was to make a smoked strawberry compote to finish the dish. I was making a reverse-seared ribeye for our main course, so I had the grill set up with some mesquite chunk and lump anyhow. I mixed about 3/4 cup of white sugar and 1/4 cup of light brown sugar, tossed about a cup of sliced strawberries in them, and then put them on the top rack indirect at 280 for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. To serve, I popped the cheesecake out of the springform and spooned the strawberries over the top. After slicing, I spooned a little bit more of the strawberry syrup on each slice. The subtle smokiness of the strawberries really paired well with the chocolate, and we both loved it! Give it a try!
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    John Setzler

    Bake Me Some Pie

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    For Valentines I decided to cook up Emeril Lagasse's crab crusted filets recipe along with prosciutto/cream cheese wrapped asparagus and some red skin mashed potatoes. The filets: The crab meat: Asparagus: Searing the filets: Crab meat crust added: Back on to the Kamado with the asparagus: The table: Finis:
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    I have a thing for pepper mills and have tried many over the years. So far the best I have found are made by Peugeot in France. The one I have is fully adjustable on numbered settings from 1 through 6. The grinding mechanism is case hardened steel. They are available in most quality kitchen stores but cost a bit more than the usual fare. The extra cost is worth it IMO. I have had mine for over 8 years and have had no issues with it's operation or the wood cracking or splitting. It did get some mixed reviews on Amazon, that surprised me. Maybe I was just lucky, but based on my experience I would buy another one. I have this onehttps://www.amazon.com/Peugeot-23317-USelect-9-Inch-Natural/dp/B000RAC7U4/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1550205454&sr=8-13&keywords=Peugeot+pepper+mill
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    John Setzler

    Some V-Day Grub

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    I'm stoked! Now to clean and season it....
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    Unfortunately when it comes to purchasing BBQ and kitchen items " those who live by the sword die by the sword". membership in this forum also indicates you are most likely infected with the acquisition disorder virus. The primary symptom: You buy what you think is the "end all, be all" piece of gear, and then see a post about something new and just out, and you just can't stop thinking about it, and down the big black rabbit hole you go
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    Polar Bear

    Pit Controller or DoJo?

    My pit controller has lived in its box for the last 12 months Once i figured out how to set the vents and maintain temp it seemed pretty redundant
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    Since moving to Alaska, I’ve noticed a significant temp difference between my grate and my dome as measured by a ThermoWorks Smoke and the built in dome thermometer, respectively. I was confused by this and couldn’t figure out if it was the thermometer hardware or if the cold air was changing the airflow dynamics inside the grill that much. Last night I did an indirect chicken cook and used only the dome thermometer. My 5 lb chicken had a target cook time of 120 minutes at 350 degrees. After 105 minutes the breast was reading at 208 degrees in the deepest part. Well....crap. That was the final motivating factor in taking things into the kitchen for calibration. Considering my elevation and barometric pressure, the internet advised me that the boiling point for water here last night was 211.53 degrees. The Smoke was spot on, with both probes. When the dome thermo went into the bath...well....I think I know why the chicken was dry! Morals: Maybe when you’re not confident in the accuracy of your thermometers don’t wait until 15 minutes before the end of the target cook time to check the chicken? Oh, and I’m very grateful these stock KJ dome thermos can be calibrated. A wrench and a small screwdriver and 15 minutes later the dome thermometer was reading exactly on point. The KJ has been through a lot to travel thousands of miles to get here. No telling what “bumped” the thermo that far out of whack. But we are good now.
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    Cheeseburger Bobby's Bucket List Burger

    I was trying to approximate the Bucket List Burger from Cheeseburger Bobby's. I used the smash-burger technique for the patties and substituted smoked gouda for the cheese. I was able to make a close approximation of the Cheeseburger Bobby's sauce too! It was sooooooooo damn good! The egg isn't burned by the way. The pan got a little hot when I was melting butter for the egg and it colored the egg.
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    Jose Andres Zapata

    Anchovy and Mushroom Pizzas

    Dough - Roberta's recipe from NYT website Sauce - Homemade Cheese - 4 Cheese Blend from Lucca's in San Francisco The grill - Preheated to 725deg. Opening only dropped slightly below 700deg and recovered quickly. 3-5 min cooking time. The cheese was boiling and started to brown.... that is when I took them out.
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    Salmon Pizza

    I had some pizza dough in the freezer that was nearing the deadline for it's use. I also had some grilled salmon left over from last evening. Match made in heaven. I lit the fire and brought the egg up to 650 and the stone to 600. I stretched out the dough and rubbed it with some garlic infused olive oil. I added a thin layer of mozzarella along with crumbled salmon, sliced green onion, a healthy amount of yellow mustard mixed with a little honey, cappers, dill, a sprinkle of roasted garlic and herb blend, a couple of thinly sliced cherry tomatoes, another light layer of Mozzarella and some crumbled goat cheese. Cant cook pizza with out an IP this is a new one by lagunitas 4% ABV, 95 cal. Delightful beer. On the stone Cut and ready to enjoy Wonderful flavors, really delicious pie.
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    Lump Charcoal

    I get a few bags at the Costco road show whenever it comes around. About $20 for a 30 lb bag. It works out to be a few cents cheaper per pound than full priced Royal Oak.
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    Scott Roberts

    Weber 1200 Gas Grill

    Got these so I can cook with some smoke on this grill. Scott
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    great looking grate, John. I am thinking your really going to like the carbon steel. I really like cooking on it, gets hot fast and makes excellent grill marks.
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    #KamadoJoe #CeramicGrillStore
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    Never tried this with a rotisserie but it's a novel idea. The sending unit is attached to the spit at / near the handle. Check video at ~ 0:35sec. Looks like you can keep track of cooking temp as well as meat temp.
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    I hear you...since we packed the grill up in very early December for our move, Thanksgiving was really when I stopped cooking on it. And I only had it for 5 months prior to that, so I don’t have much experience to lean on here....I thought 2 hours sounded right but I haven’t done a chicken cook in some time and my brain was rusty. I was planning on 20 min a pound, and then walking the line between my confidence and “if you’re lookin you ain’t cookin.” Poorly walking the line, I’ll admit. That said, my point here is that if I suspected the dome temp to be low, I should have checked earlier. Bc the thermo was in fact 50 plus degrees low, I was actually cooking that bird above 400, not 350. That’s what I meant by confidence in the thermo.
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    After a few failures, we bought the Peugeots. They are perfect. One caution...don't use the multi-colored peppercorn blends. Some of the corns are not truly peppercorns. They're softer seeds of some sort and can plug grinding mechanisms. Stick with black peppercorns. We prefer Black Lampong, they grind well and seem more flavorful.
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    I've been using the same Magnum Unicorn Plus pepper mill for more than 10 years now. Huge capacity, really high yield. About $45.00 on Amazon. 887 reviews--4.8 stars. Amazon's Choice item.
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    I am chuckling because I have done pretty much the same thing. We had one of those hidden burner glass cook tops in our previous home. I too turned on the wrong burner, (unfortunately it was the quick heat burner) which just so happened to be under a plate and a dish towel. When I smelled the smoke I turned around from chopping veggies, just as the towel burst into flame. Major mess, and made me feel like one of those videos about dogs caught doing something wrong. Your not alone my friend. Good luck with your search for a new grinder.
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    I try to be well behaved in that regard and only replace things when absolutely needed. That said, my heart leapt a little this weekend when my outdated but totally functional Maverick 732 blank screened. (Un)Fortunately, a battery replacement did the trick. On the case of the pepper grinder, I utterly destroyed it so I'm looking forward to an upgrade. Might as well tell the story. My house came with one of those glass topped electric ovens that are too easy to treat as an extended countertop. I put on a pot to boil this weekend then went outside to fiddle with my ribs on the grill. A few minutes later my wife popped her head out and, in quite the understatement, said I'd "almost" caused a disaster. I'd turned on the wrong burner and sitting on the hot one was my glass bottomed pepper grinder filled with red hot pepper coals and pumping spicy smoke into our house.
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    I second the Peugeot, had one for a while and the adjustment band cracked, took it back and they gave me a brand new on. Sign up for the Williams and Sonoma emails and you will eventually get a 20% off one item coupon.
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    This might help us all in the search: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-pepper-mill/
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    Hearty Beef Stew

    No apologies needed. Easier to maintain (no seasoning required) and no issues with high acidic foods. Of course if you need to use it as a fry pan also then traditional CI would be a better choice.
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    I've had this grinder for several years. Got it at Penzeys and believe they no longer carry it . I like it and it can be adjusted 1-8 for different grind sizes. Ceramic mill. Wife says I use too much pepper but she's also the one that wants JUST a gram of salt on her food and nothing else. We have issues. .https://www.amazon.com/Zassenhaus/b/ref=bl_dp_s_web_7603171011?ie=UTF8&node=7603171011&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Zassenhaus
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    We've had good luck with William Bounds Salt and Pepper mills. Purchased a set a couple of years ago and still functioning fine. Both have three levels of adjustable grinds.
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    Hearty Beef Stew

    After thinking about my first response to this, I thought it sounded a little harsh, so I apologize if it came off that way. I do love my Lodge Dutch oven, but I am curious why you say to get the ceramic coated CI?
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    Bottom band loose after base replacement

    I measured both the diameter and circumference below the band (to avoid any discrepancies between the new felt and the old) new base: 22.0” diameter, 70” circumference old base: 22.25” diameter, 71” circumference any reason why there would be a difference? I would expect them to be the same.
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    Edward Cook

    Back to College Steak Dinner

    Not to overload y'all but I'm a few weeks late posting these ... finally got the pictures where I could upload them. My precious daughter (one of two precious daughters!) was home from college for Christmas. As she was about to head back to Houston (Rice U) after the holidays, it obviously became necessary to cook her some rib-eye (her favorite). Below is the photo essay .... Costco is awesome! Low with some Mesquite for a reverse sear ... Checking ... Pulled to rest while I fire up the Joe! Yep ... Back on for some sear! Pulled to rest ... Resting ... And a wedge salad ... And some Brussels sprouts ... And some flat bread ... And some baked spuds ... And some good vino ... and let's eat! The happy student! Juicy!
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    Top Vent - Akorn

    I do this too, aim for 250 and sometimes it's up to 275+ but doesn't stay there long. It takes a while for the Tip Top Temp to reign it in but I've learned to be patient and sure enough the TTT does the job. The other thing I do is start with an empty drip pan and if it gets too hot I pour some water into the drip pan to bring it back down. This usually happens at the end when I'm lifting the lid to wrap/unwrap/sauce etc which lets in a lot of fresh air and can cause a spike.
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    How Do I Make Fall Off the Bone Ribs?

    Wrapping will get you there. My husband likes them pretty close to fall off the bone, I like a bone that you can take a clean bite out of, so I usually wrap his for longer than mine. I'm such a good wife LOL
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    Same here, typically within half an hour I can open the dome and the coals are completely out and will not reignite. If I know it's going to rain within an hour or so of me finishing a cook I typically wait 30 minutes or so and check the coals, if they're out I leave the lid open for a few minutes to let it cool down quickly so that I can throw the cover on before the rain starts.
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    Just stand on your head while you cook.
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    It held about an hour then slowly dipped; pretty sure the fire choked out somewhere there, but I think once I dump out the firebox and get some better sized lump in there that should stop. Little steps.
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    MCA90 Guitar, so you actually sort your lump out to small, med, and large and arrange as such? Do you do this in the Akorn or in an other receptacle?
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    Brave Sir Robin


    The Weber 7441 charcoal grate (about $12) fits on the tabs for the smoking stone. You can use that to raise the coals right under the cooking grate for high heat direct cooking, or dual zone cooking. And a digital thermometer for monitoring temps at the grate if they want to smoke or bake.
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    Akorn Mods & Fixes

    I use the clips it came with mine. http://www.maverickhousewares.com/digital-remote-bbq-thermometers/#/et-733-wireless-food-thermometer-set/ I also find that temperature varies around the grill depending on how it's set up (direct/indirect), how hot you're running it, and just where you put the probe. Have fun, Frank
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    Akorn Mods & Fixes

    Actually I have two Akorns that have not been modded in any way and do not need to be. They came just fine out of the box and have been trouble free. I think a lot of folks are busy fixing a problem that does not exist because they have read OLD posts saying it does. Akorn fixed the problem several years ago.
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    Scott Roberts

    Otto Wilde Steak Grill

    Is it worth the price? IMHO NOoooooooo!!!! Scott
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