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    I decided to roll some dice this week and gamble $350 on one of these cheap Chinese chamber vacuum sealers. The specs on this sealer are very close to the same as the VacMaster VP210 that is priced anywhere between $850 and $1150 depending on where you look and who has it available. I have been vacuum sealing for a long time and this tool is the most used accessory item in my kitchen. I use it for packaging and freezing leftovers as well as portioning larger quantities of various items I buy for future use. These things make a far better vacuum and seal than any of the FoodSaver style devices. They are also a lot cheaper to use in terms of bags as well. I buy generic FoodSaver bags on Amazon and pay $20 for 100' of 11' wide rolls and $16 for 100' of 8" wide rolls. That works out to $0.20 and $0.16 per 12" bag. I can get 8x10, 8x12, and 10x13 bags for the chamber sealer for $0.08 each or less depending on the quantity. I'm not gonna get rich saving money on bags but they are just a lot cheaper. I'm gonna make a video demo/review of this sometime in the next week or so. There are no detailed demo/review videos in english on this unit on YouTube that I can find. It's model number is dz-260 c and you can find some video content on YouTube but nothing as detailed as we would like to see when trying to make a purchase decision on something like this. The only thing I won't be able to do with this is seal large cuts of meat like full racks of ribs or brisket flats and butts... I can't do full racks of pork spares or whole brisket flats anyway and boston butts are usually too large when whole to put in a foodsaver bag. I'll have more info on this soon... Do any of you have chamber sealers? If so, which models do you have and how do you like them?
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    who uses staples on butcher paper???? I also love the misdirection from the simple question regarding aluminum to red herrings (other concerns that were not the focus of @pmillen's original topic.)
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    Steel Head Trout in Grandma Pan

    SteelHead is farmed here off the south coast. I prefer it to Atlantic salmon farmed salmon. I often do mine over apple or alder wood smoke. Sometimes I just brine it and smoke it. Your pesto idea would be a great addition to my cook. Thanks for the idea CK.
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    I have prepped my dough, and I am currently heating my kamado up to 575 with pizza set up for naan baking. I used poolish style pre-ferment. I instead of have left over pre-ferment,I scaled up final dough recipe based on total weight of pre-ferment. For dough I used Greek whole milk yogurt. To pre-ferment add the Oil, yogurt, yeast and salt, mixed and rested to all active dry yeast to hydrate in mixture, then after resting I added fresh ground whole wheat flour one cup at a time until I add my calculate weight needed. Dough currently proofing, later I will be putting into 100 g balls and I will used my tortilla press to save some time. I will add more pictures once I have baked some. i just added the baked ones, taste is kind on nutty which I think is from the hard red spring gain that I milled for fresh whole wheat flour, Will have to try making more the naan shape, but I am happy with taste for first try,
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    40oz Dry-Aged Porterhouse

    Folks. This was good. Salted and sous vide in the Anova for 4 hours at 129F. Hot and fast sear in a bubbling butter bath, and lets marvel at that medium rare magic .
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    Joe Jr has landed!

    Sounds like a good plan. Also 700* at the dome is probably around 1200* down in the firebox. Those high dome temperatures are really hard on fireboxes. Dennis owner of Komodo Kamado posted infrared temperature pictures and it's pretty incredible how hot a firebox gets for a reasonably hot dome temperature.
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    Scott Roberts

    Joe Jr has landed!

    I plan to fellow the advise of a fellow guru and only shut down bottom vent and when temp drops below 350* then shut down top vent if cooking above 400*! Scott
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    Joe Jr has landed!

    You're making me a little jealous. They don't make a kickashbasket for the Primo Oval Jr and that bums me out a bit. I keep looking in all the BBQ isles for a Oval SS basket that will work. I've even bought and tried one. It was close but no cigar. Can't wait to see your pork butt cook. I've fed a group of 8 in the past by cooking a Boston butt on an Akorn Jr down at my sister's house on vacation. Go easy with the Jr and you shouldn't have issues with the fire box.
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    I am just the opposite. I simply refuse to follow a recipe. I am always 'seeing' ways to improve it even as I try to follow it. I know if a recipe has the flavor profile I am looking for. Anyway, the good thing about this soup is that it would be good sans meat or by sustituting the chicken for beef, turkey legs and wings, etc. I am going to start forcing myself to document the quantities I am using in the future. But, here are a few hints- of the listed spices (fennel, basil, thyme, celery seed, salt, fresh ground black pepper, ginger, coriander, peri peri), most prominent are the black pepper and sea salt. The ginger and peri, peri are the least prominent- just dashes. In the case of the peri, peri because my uncle does not like spicey food. Two weeks ago, I replicated the soup and after sending him half, I increased the amount of the peri, peri to give me a decent kick. In using celery seed a little goes a long way also. And, I may have overlooked it but, Bay leaf goes into any soup, chili, stew that i make.
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    Second Cook - Pizza

    Jose, That is a fine pie and a great first attempt. My first pizza did not come out anywhere close to the quality of your pie. Looking at your set up, I think I am seeing a second stone as a deflector beneath the grate. If not, in my experience using two stones really helps keep the bottom from burning before the toppings are where you want them. I use a set up that I learned from John Setzler. It looks like this. A bottom stone used as a deflector with some time of support for the second stone. I used to use the copper elbows you see in this pic, before I got the fancy kiln blocks also in the pic Just place the supports on the face of the deflector And then set the pizza stone on top of that. John says the ideal air gap between stones is about 1 & 3/4". You can just set the deflector on your main grate. I used two stones prior to learning this set up but I had a larger air gap between the two stones like it seems you may have. I like this set up the best of any I have tried. It gives you a decent amount of room for error and seems to easily turn out toasted but not burnt bottom crusts.
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    Polar Vortex, Schmolar Schmortex

    whoa...whoa..whoa.... stop the clock... what is and where did you get that "lower, slower, better" grill grate? I'm thinking I need that... well... want that...
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    Polar Vortex, Schmolar Schmortex

    I cut back to a single chipotle, and it was rather hot, but after it sat over night in the fridge, the left overs were amazing!
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    Beef Shorties

    This is one of my fave cooks too. I generally cook at around 225 lying them bone-down for 3 hours, then placing them in an aluminum pan meat-down with some water/salt/etc and cover that for another hour, then place them back on the grill bone-down for the last hour or when the meat reaches 202 degrees. Take them off, wrap them individually and place them in a paper bag for at least 30 minutes. These things are heavenly.
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    Golf Griller

    Quick question about jury duty

    What worked last time is the fact that I have a college buddy and my best man who was a deputy sheriff in Colorado. My wife's brother-in-law is a lawyer in Nebraska. I talk to them regularly.
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    Couple of things: #1 Tin Foil (as we call it here in Aus) must be rated as "Food Grade" in order to be sold in stores. In order to be sold for use with food it must be rated to not leach more than trace amounts (at most) into any food it comes into contact with #2 Aluminum that is found in the brains of Altziemers patients can come from a number of sources in day to day life including breathing it in city enviroments. Even if there was a link between Aluminum and Altziemers, the tin foil you use would only be a fraction of the source and even then you would need to consuming Foil wrapped BBQ multiple times a week, in which case, the Aluminum or Altzimers would be the least of your problems #3 If health is your main concern, i'd steer clear of BBQ all together as its been documented that protien rich diets as well as smoking and grilling have (allbeit, minor) links to cancer #4 I'd be more concerned with the staples your friend is using to seal up his butchers paper, as these are in no way rated for use in cooking and would contain trace amounts of chemicals from the manufacturing process #5 Again, if you're concerned about trace elements of aluminum leeching from food grade tin foil you should also be worried about the chemical byproducts associated with paper production, even food grade paper. In short, this doesnt concern me My excessive alcohol and tobacco consumption, chloresterol levels, risks of driving a car every day, the women i associate with, the industry i work in, my family history of cancer, arthirtis and gout, global warming, nuclear war, brake dust and high risk or depression concerns me more than tin foil
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    Quick question about jury duty

    Just walk in with a "Hang em all and let God sort em out" tee shirt and you won't have to worry about being called upon.
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    Cooked a couple pies

    Ahhhhhhhh, I see, but remember my friend, a proper Pizza is a necessary element for life as we know it
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    Maaa, Meatloaf

    Its amazing how bad some places can screw up something so simple!
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    Here is the rest of the dough done in more naan shape. Just finished . Used cast iron instead of pizza stone.
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    Injecting Turkey with Lard?

    When I first read your plan to inject with lard, I assumed it must be. Personally, I see zero need for injecting a bird in a Kamado– even more so after brining. I think the only way to produce a dry bird on a grill in general is via overcooking. And any turkey smoked or roasted on a grill is going to be infinitely better than an oven bird, imo. Of course, do what works for you and I am not saying this to persaude you to do otherwise. We're just chatting here. Glad your bird worked out for you
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    Steel Head Trout in Grandma Pan

    When I told Mrs skreef about my lemon pesto idea she snubbed her nose at me. HA! Came out just as I had envisioned and tasted great. Not all my ideas are good ones but this one was.
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    Current researcher, future kamado owner

    I think you will be happy with whatever you choose. The important thing is to take your time to learn your grill and vent settings. It will prevent a lot of frustration down the road. And I feel you on the being unable to believe how much people will spend on a ceramic. I was the same way, and less than a year after buying my Akorn I was buying a KK. That's how much I love it.
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    Grilled Mango Chicken

    no doubt the red or purple onion is sharper in taste!. Great looking food. I feel like it's defying gravity at points...
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    Top keeps popping open

    I have that problem too, but only on my beers... they just keep popping open while I am cooking. Keep us posted to see what they came up with as a solution for you.
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    Ready to pot...
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