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    So happy with how these turned out, had to share more photos than the one my Instagram feed now that I’ve got my method sorted, ready for the summer parties
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    Recently Upgraded

    Hello! My name is Shelly and I've wanted a Big Green Egg as long as I can remember, but couldn't justify $1000 for a 'grill'. Fast forward to a few years ago when I saw the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado in Home Depot. I went home to do a bunch of research and decided it was a good start to be sure I could even cook on a kamado and figured if I liked it, I'd eventually upgrade to a Big Green Egg. The Akorn was a lot of work, especially on windy days. I added the Big Green Egg gasket to the ash tray, which made a huge difference and found myself looking forward to planning cooks on the kamado. It never let me down! Recently decided I was ready for ceramic. After doing a bunch of research I fell in love with the Kamado Joe. It was so close to the Large Big Green Egg I thought I would own and had a great reputation. I went to Lowe's to play with it to be sure I could handle the weight of the lid on the classic model and it was delivered at the end of March. My first cook was chicken wings. It had to be something quick because it was cold the day after it was delivered in Rochester, NY. Yesterday, we had a nice sunny day with 30mph winds and gusts up to 45mph, so I wanted to see how my new baby held temps. It was amazing! I followed John Setzler's youtube video for short ribs. I dialed the salt back because I am salt sensitive, but was still too much, but loved the idea of using worcestershire sauce as a binder on the beef. My KJ held 250 perfectly and I can't wait to do ribs, pork shoulder and brisket.
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    Did my first Chicken.

    Delicious Juicy
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    It has arrived....

    This was the picture sent to me, while I was at work. i got got home and walked out back.... well, I had to check it out. Patience has never been one of my strong suits. thats all all I got to see. I grabbed the box that had the legs in it and brought it inside to put together tonight. Placed the box back on it and put her to bed. Tomorrow........so much more to come.
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    Ham Shank

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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    I now just use the Caulipower Cauliflower Pizza Crust that I can pick up at local grocery store . I have made a recipe before and it is just as labor intensive as making a real dough pizza . https://detoxinista.com/the-secret-to-perfect-cauliflower-pizza-crust/ I love to Cook and Love to eat so it's battle ..
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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    Howdy All! After reading all the great posts on pizza, I decided to make one of my own... My lovely is always open to things cooked on the grill and this was no exception... I started with a store (Publix) bought crust and a recipe for a white pizza (lovely's fave) as always, when doing a recipe for the first time, I follow the recipe couple things I would change is the amount of ricotta on the pizza... 2 cups is too much, I would cut it to 1.5c I would add more spices to the ricotta mix (base) as it was kinda bland... I would also add larger lumps to my KAB as it struggled to get to 510* without running the lid like a locomotive (no daisy wheel /controller) the crust was fair... but missing 'something'... just what I don't know I had to rotate the pie after 12 mins as one side was finishing faster, which I think may have been the lump and the difference in grates (one is for the XL300 and the other is for my model, XL400). There is a slight height difference and the surface area is smaller on the 300 extender... not enough to warrant replacing it with the 400 rack my set up was bottom up as follows: standard grate, extenders, diffusers, stone my stone is a regular run of the mill import and it worked fine... the absence of a peel (rectified after the cook) meant I had to cook on parchment, and make the transfer using 4 hands and a glass cutting board (thanks, love!) total cook time was about 18 mins
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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    @ckreef, thats a great read (slow at the office today)... i'm going to swipe some of the dough recipes and try one or two in the future... until then, I will use the Publix dough and maybe see if I can buy one from a local (chain) joint around the corner... i think I need to raise the diffuser to allow for more upflow around it to the dome and lower the temp... at least thats what I am telling myself... if it comes out like 'dog food', that's OK, i have 4 dogs that will love me even more thanks for the great info and links!
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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    Hydration, oil, sugar, and to a lesser degree the type of flour all contribute to the optimum temperature for a given dough. Unless you like experimenting with some failures along the way stick to published temperatures for a given dough/recipe. Best part about pizza experimenting is even most failures still taste reasonably good. If you're ever bored check out this thread of mine from a ways back. Total pizza experimenting thread. Mostly successful cooks but there are some failures along the way. First couple of pages is a little slow but then the pace picks up.
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    My goodness this recipe was delicious. Easy way to make a super tasty meal. Thanks!
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    I tried two more tests on Sunday. Lunch test was total disaster. We ate them but no way was I taking a picture. They were so ugly I was scared they would break the camera lense - LOL Shut the grill down and later in the day I reconfigured the setup. Gave it another try. Getting closer to perfection but not quite. I do have a few more tweaks I want to make and will try again next weekend at the latest.
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    Jose Andres Zapata

    Lighting Technique

    I like the RO Tumbleweeds. Super easy to start. If I am not in a hurry I use 2. If I need a faster start I use 4.
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    Hobbies OTHER than Cooking?

    Never thought I had enough space. After careful measuring and placing it just right in the room turns out an 8' table really did fit.
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    Money shot: Plated with my wife risotto and an heirloom tomato salad I am thinking a kamado does a pretty fine job with steak. Everything was delicious. The steak was pretty close to perfect.
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    My KJ Saga............

    Well this is my first Kamado style grill purchase on 3/22/2019 (KJ Classic I). It has been eventful. I purchased this grill from a big box store(I will protect the name of the innocent). I opted to have the BBS(big box store) to assemble and delivery the grill. On the first delivery attempt the grill was lowered off of the truck fully assembled and while the one delivery person was attempting to push the grill up my driveway one of the wheels on the grill hit a divot in my driveway the grill tipped over and fell(fyi... Kamado grills roll pretty good if you get a good running start...lol). Causing major damage to the grill. It took both delivery men to lift the grill back into the nest and load it back on the truck. The follow Saturday another grill was delivered to me by a different crew. Well this grill never made it off truck. I'm not sure what happen but the frame of the grill was twisted and bent and the bottom of the grill was chipped all along the bottom. Maybe the person who secured it inside the truck did not strap the grill correctly???? This grill was then loaded back on the truck and returned. Well I immediately went up to the BBS store to express my frustration on their incompetence. Well after a long discussion with the manager the BBS agreed to ship me a KJ Classic II for the price of the KJ Classic I. Since the KJ Classic II was a special order I have to wait another 2 weeks for delivery. I opted to assemble the grill myself. Hopefully the BBS can deliver just the skid the KJ Grill is shipped in. I've already cancelled 3 cooks with this grill. Sorry for the long post I just had to vent a little... lol
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    Nope, not Borax. Not Borat. Not Bokeh. B-O-R-E-K Borek. Pronounced Buh-rek (I think) Honestly, I'd never heard of it before this weekend when Chef John posted a foodwishes.com video for Lamb Borek. It looked interesting and certainly worth a try. It's Turkish, or at least Middle Eastern in origin. The meat filling contains many of the same spices as the Moussaka I prepared last weeked. Cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprika, allspice, etc. Chef John prepared his with lamb which the Mrs will not eat, so I made mine with a mix of ground beef and ground pork. Of course, I was planning on making this all out on one of the Kamados, but today's weather (thunderstorms and pouring rain) forced me to make part of this in the oven. The meat filling was prepared yesterday, the Bubba Keg got the call since I haven't used it in a while. The filling should be room temp or cool when placing in the Phyllo so prepping this yesterday was a good idea. It also gave the mixture a chance for the flavors to intensify a bit overnight in the fridge. All the ingredients outside, getting ready for the Keg. Onion, the spices, toasted pine nuts, garlic, EVOO, raisins, tomato paste and diced tomatoes (canned diced tomatoes were used in his recipe, I did my own thing as usual) - Onions sauteing in the Lodge skillet- After partially browning the pork and beef, toss in the spices and the garlic - Followed by the tomatoes and paste, allowing it to simmer for some time until the mixture becomes a bit dry, but retains some moisture - Fast forward to this afternoon, and an adventure in Phyllo. Two sheets spread out. then spread with an egg/Greek yogurt/water/melted butter wash which was a bit of a pain to brush on. Then two more sheets, each with its own layer of wash. Supposedly, the yogurt and melted butter help with pliability when rolling. I'll go with that, it wasn't as bad as I had imagined - I put a line of filling about two inches from the end and successfully rolled it - And this time remembered to add a line of Feta cheese - Three rolls into the pan. Not as easy as Chef John made it look, but I managed. Top brushed with the egg wash - Unfortunately, I didn't have any Sesame seeds to top it with, but it turned out fine. After 35-40 minutes in a 400 degree oven - Plated with some Yogurt based Tzatziki sauce and some greens - And that's it. Lunchman's take on Borek. It was quite good. The aromatic Middle Eastern spices in the meat mixture, wrapped in a crunchy Phyllo dough - excellent. Kinda fun to make, give this a try. There are all different variations on this recipe. I had thoughts of making another with just Spinach and Feta, but ran out of time. Thanks for checking out this post and tonites's dinner! Regards, -lunchman
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    Turkish Chicken Shish

    I have to post pics every time. IMG_2884.HEIC
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    UK Cooking continued....

    Last nights cook on KJ Jr - decided to do a whole chicken - spatchcocked. I used Angus & Oink shawarma rub with olive oil and fresh lemon juice to marinate for around 4 hours then into the KJ for around an hour and a half - internal temp 75 degrees C - Joe was running at around 190 degrees C (400F). Made some Baba Ganouch and Middle Eastern salad. All went down rather well!!!! video_704005ed4b564a04afe9ddec3b0da3b8.mp4
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    This may be my proudest moment on the Kamado. Tried something totally different. Fatty lamb ribs, slow cooked at 100c (210f) for a few hours, then upped the temp, then wrapped, rested and pulled. My first time making Bao buns and it was a massive success. Not to mention my wife’s GF wraps!! For those who follow me on YouTube, the video will be out in a few days. This was amazing!! These buns were off the charts!!
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    I think I’m ready.....

    Two expectations I would try to set with any new owner... - Expect some screw-ups, because that's how you learn. - Expect everything you cook will be edible, even if it's not exactly what you had in mind. It's hard to make food unpalatable. The only way I have ruined food is by putting it on too soon. The most important tools are your eyes and nose. Here's what to look for. Fires have 4 phases: lighting, growing, maturing and dying. Only the MATURE phase is suitable for cooking. While a fire is growing, the smoke will be bad and any food you cook will have a strong, somewhat metallic smoked flavor that no one likes. The grill will put off a thick white smoke that smells very acrid. This will go away when the fire matures. You don't need white coals, exactly, unless your cooking directly, just a thin blueish smoke. I try to add my smoking wood late for this reason. HAve fun, Frank
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    I think I’m ready.....

    Tomorrow, between 6am and 6pm my very first Kamado grill is going to be arriving. I’m very excited, I feel like a kid the night before Christmas. Hahaha. I think I’m all set..... I have a wooden scraper arriving Tuesday, and haven’t quite bit the bullet on the KAB, but very close. I checked the deep freeze and I have three slabs of ribs, a whole turkey, and three pork loins, 17lb of hamburger. Plenty of opportunities coming up.
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    I grilled a pork roast “raised direct” over a small hot fire at 375 degrees. I love this technique because it imparts a great grilled flavor, vs the smoked flavor of an indirect cook. Both are great, but different flavor profiles. I dry brined the pork loin for 24 hours and rubbed it with Dizzy Pig Mediterraneanish. Grilled 15 minutes per side for a total cook time of 30 minutes. I pulled it at 125 degrees internal and it rested up to 147! 22 degrees of carryover?!? It still turned out very juicy and was super flavorful. Get you some Dizzy Pig rubs.
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    2019 New Kamado Joe III being sold

    I know, me too...when I wrote Gary at AGC, I started it by saying "I know you're probably getting a lot of emails asking about this..." LOL
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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    @WoodyT... I would like to try a cauliflower crust one day as well... do you have a recipe i may borrow? while i LOVE bread, it's not very conducive to maintaining my Adonis like dad bod... i cut cals where i can and feel better for it... previous injuries make carrying extra weight somewhat painful for me
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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    My Set-up with the Califlower pizza crust is: Grates in top Position Deflectors on top of Grates 3 wooden blocks on top of the Deflectors to set my metal wired pizza pan on . I cooked them at 450 and have to spin them around to cook evenly . I have all the ingredients to make the high temp just not the time yet for all the proofing .
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    A5 Waygu Ribeye - wow

    I have had a few Waygu strip steaks and a couple of Tri tips before but never a ribeye. Posting some more than what I put on my Instagram feed so far so you all can enjoy them - https://www.instagram.com/smokingdadbbq/ Reverse seared and then finished in cast iron with a garlic butter bath
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    My KJ Saga............

    I plan on doing this before the truck leaves.
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    Primo Cooked Pizza

    I will absolutely check it out, thanks @ckreef!
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    Golf Griller

    I think I’m ready.....

    You're ready. Looking forward to seeing your first cook.
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    Sent it out Friday, hasn’t arrived yet ?
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    Rick in Ontario

    Orange Crush Chicken Wings

    When do the orange vests get put on?
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    I think I’m ready.....

    Looks like you’re ready. Game on!
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    I first had those bao buns in Singapore afew years back and haven't thought of them till now. Were amazing. You have made them look amazing and sure they taste just as good!
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    Recently Upgraded

    Yea I thought the BGE was stupid money so I bought an Akorn. Now I don't like thinking about the money I have invested. 2 KK's, Primo Oval Jr, Akorn Jr., Wood Fired Oven, and LG Konro grill. All because I joined this forum - LOL - new members beware..............
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    Left over Steak And eggs With cherry tomatoes and green onions, coarse kosher salt, cracked pepper, and a bit of oregano.
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    Yes.. it will be made available as an add on
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    UK Cooking continued....

    That looks fantastic. I bet it was a very memorable meal.
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    Scott Roberts

    UK Cooking continued....

    Love the color on that chicken! Scott
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    @CentralTexBBQ it has 500f stated on it.. says not to exceed 500.
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    I would think that a moderator on this site would have the foresight to avoid using such a profane mushroom. However, it all looks awesome and I doubt anyone would refuse a plate of that.
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    Texas Meets Italy

    For my April entry, I created a spin-off of a recipe from a famous Italian dish- Steak Pizzaiola, with a spin-off of Texas barbeque beef ribs. I started with blowing the dust off my Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker, and smoked beef ribs with hickory chunks and seasoned the ribs with salt and pepper. The ribs were cooked for approximately four hours and fifteen minutes until they were tender. In the meantime, nearing the end of the cook, I started preparing the Pizzaiola sauce on my KJ Big Joe. I then began to grill the peppers and onions, and then warmed up the cast iron pan with EVOO. Once the oil was hot enough, I added the garlic mushrooms, onions, and peppers, and I seasoned them with dried oregano and salt. Once the peppers started to get a little soft, I then added a can of tomatoes to the pan, and cooked until thickened. I deboned the ribs and covered them with the Pizzaiola sauce. My family and I were very impressed with the results, the way the lightly smoked ribs and Pizzaiola sauce complimented each other to make a wonderful meal.
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    Hi from southern Ontario

    Thanks @BobE here’s a pic.
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    Actually Franklin discusses the reverse sear on page 165.Saying in the Pro column, "the reverse sear is the most foolproof and practical way to cook a thick steak perfectly and is especially popular in restaurant kitchens. When you cook the interior slowly and methodically, it ends up consistent". the Cons he lists are in difficulty of setting up your grill, maintaining low temps and the time needed to cook your steak, (not very substantial arguments IMO). I am thinking a two zone cooking environment with a half stone on a spider under the grate on one side and open coals on the other, would allow one to successfully deal with both issues, apparently he is not aware of that technique.
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    Consumer Reports on Kamado's

    So Kamado Joe takes the top spot. On the low end of the price range the Char-Broil Kamander gets honorable mention: https://6abc.com/shopping/consumer-reports-best-kamado-grills/5240125/
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    Consumer Reports on Kamado's

    I was just happy that kamados are popular enough to make consumer reports now!
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    Charles - did you hear that? That ripping sound? That was the seams on my khakis finally giving up the ghost. That pizza just ruined my diet and it's all your fault. KILLER cook! great money shot.
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    Second try at pizza tonight. 3 meat garlic and basil wood grilled pizza. We are loving the ability to do pizza on the grill!
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    ckreef's Sunday Night Pizza Thread

    I tweaked the recipe a little more. Simple pepperoni pizza. I'm good with this recipe. Very soft bread crust. It is just a little too much dough for the pan I am using. Will scale it down a little and if it's right next week will call this recipe done. Getting some practice with my macro closeup pictures also.
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    ckreef's Sunday Night Pizza Thread

    it still looks like something that I would hit buddy!! what is special about Sicilian?
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