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    Grilled California Burrito

    I had a bunch of fries’ leftover from eating at a local burger place that I had saved so I decided to make a popular burrito here in San Diego. It is known as a California Burrito and typically has Carne Asada, French Fries, Frijoles, Cheese, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, and Mexican Creama. (A 7-layer burrito if you want) Any way I started out making everything and was taking plenty of pics with my phone camera but somewhere in the middle of my cook I somehow (and I have no idea how) set my phone back to “Default” mode. Anyway, I don’t have access to those pics as of now and may never have access to them as they may end up being erased. So, I whipped out my Canon 70S and took the following pics at the end of the cook. I had purchased some Carne Asada and flour tortillas from the Mercado. I made up a bowl of Pico, A bowl of guacamole and some Mexican Rice. (No Pics) I then grilled up the Carne Asada. Here it is on the grill. I brought this in and diced it up into small squares. I then started to assemble the burrito. Started out with a nice layer of Mexican Cheese. Then the Carne Asada, Fries and some Pinquito beans. Then some Pico de Gallo, guacamole and some Mexican Creama. I rolled it up and placed it on the grill. Here it is done and ready to cut. And here are the plated shots with some spicy carrots, Mexican rice and a Modelo Negra. And a close-up shot. This was delicious! Thanks for looking.
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    A fun Easter Sunday of cooking, some done inside, some done outside on the Goldens'. First, although definitely not bbq but it was an excellent and most photogenic lunch. I'm a huge Chef John fan and one of his recent videos was for a Spring Vegetable Tart. Looked great and easy to make. I was grilling later in the afternoon for Easter Dinner, so why not try something inside for a great looking lunch. As BBQ Pit Boys would say, the Vegomatics would love this. Puffed Pastry filled with an herbal Ricotta mixture as a base, baked in the oven. Shell is done first, then filled with the cheese mixture and baked again. I used Ricotta, other alternatives would be goat cheese, farmer's cheese, etc. Under all these nice looking greens are sauted Baby Bok Choy, Sugar Snap Peas, mushrooms, garlic, red peppers. The greens were piled on top. And like his video, it sure did look pretty - Plated with dressing - OK, enough of the veggie stuff. On to Easter dinner and an entry into a challenge on another forum - A 2 bone Rib Eye roast, aka Prime Rib, all by its lonesome on the cutting board, waiting for a rub to be applied. I used Worcestershire, black pepper and OakRidge BBQ Competition Beef & Pork rub. Out onto the Goldens', indirect with searing plate, grill temp was around 325-350. I pulled it off the grill when the meat temp reached about 127. On the cutting board, nothing but Rib Eye steaks, cooked just the way Mrs lunchman and I like 'em - to perfection. Have to get at least one plated shot into the mix - Thanks for checking out today's Easter Dinner! Regards, -lunchman
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    Reverse Sear Goodness

    As a long time skeptic of reverse searing on Sunday I gave it a try. I heated up the Akorn to 250 and cooked the steaks for 30 minutes to an internal temperature of around 125-130. The fire found some leftover hickory so the steaks were licked with a touch of smoke which added an additional layer of flavor. Took them off and while they rested, I fired up my gas grill on high for about 15 minutes until it was smoking hot. Seared the steaks, flipping every two minutes until they were 135 internal temp. Turned out great, and the herb butter really sends the beef into orbit.
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    Brisket dilemma

    Update: Brisket was a winner! Threw the meat on at 6:15 this morning. The thicker piece hit a pesky stall around 160 and sat there. In the interest of time I wrapped it in butcher paper and both pieces finished an hour before we left for my parents. Three hour rest and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The wrapped brisket didn’t get much of a bark but still had excellent flavor. The other flat though.. man oh man.. probably my best cook yet. Juicy, a nice bark, and tremendous flavor.
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    Cotto salami

    I had just finished doing a coarse grind on a chuckie for burgers when I started thinking about sausage. I decided right then to do a test run of a single 1 pound cotto salami round. I used what I had on hand. @Smokehowze was one of my sources of information. Smoked salt Tender quick Sugar Cracked black pepper Powdered milk Ground coriander Cardamon garlic powder Water I also inoculated it with a 7 strain germ. This is something I want to play more with. I didn't have any casings so I used a Mason jar. Once mixed and packed it sat in the fridge for a few days to mature and cure. I cooked it in the sous vide at 165 for about 3 hours to an internal temp of 155. Let it rest for a few hours, dried it off and vacuum sealed it, back in the fridge for almost a week to mellow. Fresh out of the water after the rest After 5 days to mellow A few pics, my first taste. I think I'll do a large batch for Christmas gifts. It's tasty!
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    Edward Cook

    Easter Ham

    Got a raw, brined ("pickled") ham at our excellent local meat market (https://www.hirschsmeats.com/). Seasoned with my homemade "keto" rub made with zero calorie monk fruit sweetener (in place of the sugar). Put on the Kamado Joe at 11:30 AM on Holy Saturday ... Checked at about 3 1/2 hours in ... Pulled and wrapped at about 7 PM ... After Church on Easter Sunday, got home and sliced and warmed it up to go with all the Easter dinner sides. We all thought it turned out great! Hallelujah ... He is risen!
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    First time doing ribs!

    Alright guys, I got my wish today and got to smoke me some ribs. I came home home last night and pulled the membrane off and added kosher salt, and then I wrapped it all up in plastic wrap for the day. Then I made the run.... this is morning I opened up the ribs and added the rub. it it started raining so the mrs had this idea. I noticed quite a difference in my grill temp and my thermometer so so after a hour i began spritzing my ribs every 15 mins for two hours. At the three hour hour mark I pulled them off, added them to a aluminum pan and added 1 cup of apple juice. another hour on the smoker covered; taken out and added the homemade bbq sauce..... and back into the smoker for 30; brought it in to rest for 10 minutes. just look ..... mmmmmmmm, nothing happened here officer :-). What evidence??? Thank you for lookin.
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    Healthy offering for Resurrection Sunday. 20 pounds of good quality salmon from Costco. Overnight brined, rinsed and ready to dry. Preparing (7) very large salmon halves ranging from 2.5# to 3.89# in weight. quickly starting to get concerned that I am going to run out of room on the Big Joe. Never happened before... At the end of (2) hours, raised the temps as I was pulling the other salmon off. Going to cook the remaining salmon at about 250° in order to get it off quicker. Last batch of salmon pulled off and set aside as these were spiced piri, piri for a little additional kick and wake up the flavors even more. perhaps, 6 or seven different people said it was the best salmon they'd ever tasted. Maybe it was that good. Maybe, they just don't get around much... Anyway, I need to start making plans on a third rack for the Joe, for when i need extra, extra space. Also, I really think i preferred the salmon cooked at the higher temp- juicier, had a better color and a little more... snap.. in the bite if that makes sense. Both were pretty fantastic...
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    Ham Shank

    Cooked a 13lbs Ham Shank at 275-300 degrees this weekend . Injected with apple juice a day before cooking it . Turn out Great.
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    It has arrived....

    Congrats! In my situation I got my grill home from Sam's club and the two guys scheduled to help me unload it bailed and a storm was rolling in. I ended up driving down the road to a house that was being constructed and offering a steak dinner for if two guys would give me a hand. They beat me back to the vehicle.
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    Temperature differences

    oh... duh... pay no attention to that man behind the curtain who is CLEARLY not completely reading posts!
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    I still see a lot of newer kamado owners struggling to get HOT in an hurry. This video shows you how to light up and get hot as fast as possible in a typical ceramic kamado grill. I don't believe there is a faster way to do this that I would actually recommend. You should be able to speed it up a little by possibly using 4 or maybe even 5 fire starters.
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    Beer Brats

    Throw a stick of butter in that " Brat Hot Tub " , and it will take it to another level. Love me some bratwurst.
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    fantastico... looks amazing
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    Grilled California Burrito

    Nice! I used to make grilled burritos back in the day. Try a bit of your favorite salsa brushed on the outside of the burrito just before you grill them.
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    Grilled California Burrito

    Wow amazing...……… what's in the Mexican Cream?
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    Grilled California Burrito

    You truly make all your cooks look amazing. And this is no different.
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    Sorry for the resurrection of an old thread but I have finally fitted the rotisserie to my Pitt Boss 24. As I'm not using the side shelves I have been able to use one of the mounts for the rotisserie motor. As the post above a new bar was made for me by a friend with a lathe. Here is it all in place P. S. The last photo is of the rotisserie on one of the other shelf brackets but I does show how well the seal copes with the 4mm bar through the gaskets.
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    There is no purpose in that other than to have enough charcoal in the firebox to get a hot fire going quickly. This technique is just a basic technique. There are other ways to do it if you want to get on the extreme side of things. @BEER-N-BBQ by Larry mentions using a leaf blower. The more airflow you can get going through your grill the faster it will get hot. I personally prefer to not use forced air because it causes lump charcoal to spark and crackle more than it would on its own. I get concerned about blowing sparks out of the top side of the grill. In MY case, I typically don't need a fire that big for my cooking. I like to use the charcoal divider in the kamado joe and just get a hot fire going on one side of the grill. I will most often use my charcoal chimney to start up the coals for that. That takes about 15 to 20 minutes also but it's getting a raging fire going on a lot smaller quantity of coals.
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    Prime Rib/Rib Eye on the Goldens'

    Beautiful looking Easter meal.
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    How to light soaked cotton balls

    Bacardi 151 is only 75.5 percent alcohol. So it won’t be much better than the 71 percent isopropyl. Maybe the sugar helps?
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    Edward Cook

    How to light soaked cotton balls

    There are better uses for Bacardi 151
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    John Setzler

    Brisket Disaster need help

    In my experience, I have had the absolute best results by clipping or attaching it to the probe on the dome thermometer. I don't know anything bout the Meater or how it works. I expect that the meater would give you the same sort of problems related to placement if it's also reading the ambient temperature inside the grill. If probes are too close to the meat, they will give you bad ambient temp readings. If they are too close to the outer edge of a kamado grill, they will give you bad readings.
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    @CentralTexBBQ thats simply beautiful! the color is great, but what is piri? i have never heard of such a thing
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    How to light soaked cotton balls

    That could get to be a rather expensive fire starter.
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    I did everything as I said and it came out great. The fat made the difference. I couldn't get it sliced fast enough, everyone loved it
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    Grilled California Burrito

    holy SMOKES! that looks like a Modelo/Mexican restaurant ad! you sir, have included ALL of my favorite foods into a SINGULAR food group! VERY nicely done!! how did the left over fries hold up? i know they do not keep/travel well as a rule... cold, mushy, crispLESS fries will NOT qualify as a food group...
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    @CentralTexBBQ good looking salmon, and Ceramic Grill Store has answer to your problem for the BJ! Scott
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    Wow that’s a lot of Salmon. I may have to try it on a smaller scale.
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    Prime Rib/Rib Eye on the Goldens'

    Looks perfect
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    Prime Rib/Rib Eye on the Goldens'

    Nice! I love how you took a huge chunk of rib cap. You have good taste, my friend.
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    Sometimes I look at fish at the store and think I should really get that and try to like it... And then I think better of it and carry on.... Didn’t realize you were trying to work your lower level with the upper in place. Guess going shorter isn’t really an option of that is the case. I’m sure you’ll figure something out.
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    Asian BBQ Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    I took one of the many pork belly burnt ends recipes and used some asian flavors....hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil etc. Might be the best thing I have ever cooked.
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    Prime Tri-tip

    Looks great wish it was on my plate.
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    Prime Tri-tip

    agreed, that's a good looking piece of meat.
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    Cast Iron Grate

    Completely agree. My akorn is nearly 6 years old and I've only had to completely re-season the grate twice since I've had it. The first time was the first time my wife ever used it, she lit it, got the fire going well enough to shut the lid then walked away for way to long. When I went to check on how her burgers were coming along I noticed they were still raw and in kitchen and she was upstairs. Went outside and my poor akorn was well over 700 degrees. The second time was my fault, I didn't use it as much this winter as usual and we had a relatively mild winter which allowed some mold to grow on grate. So I stripped it and re-seasoned.
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    Scott Roberts

    Prime Tri-tip

    @lunchman I usually asked the butcher to cut one from the bottom of the top sirloin, if they are a good butcher they should be able to do that for you! Scott
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    Prime Tri-tip

    That price is crazy good... but not quite as good as the cook!!! Cooked to perfection.
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    Prime Tri-tip

    An excellent meal and those tri tips are cooked to perfection. Like you say, finding tri tips here in the northeast is difficult to impossible for some reason.
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    Prime Tri-tip

    Looks delicious
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    New Owner, quick question.

    Sounds like you have an air leak in the top vent. Regardless of brand of kamado if you shut down the top vent nothing should be leaking out of there.
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    Finally pulled the trigger!

    Congratulations hope you enjoy the kamado. You had a great deal there.
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    Scott Roberts

    Prime Tri-tip

    That's beautiful piece of meat and the price is really good for NY! For a good Sandwich toast some thick garlic bread and top with steak and a little fresh salsa Yum!! Scott
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    Cooked St. Louis style rubs again, only this time I set up with the Slow n Sear. I got an even better smoke ring, better bark and more Smokey flavor as well.
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    Recently Upgraded

    Hello! My name is Shelly and I've wanted a Big Green Egg as long as I can remember, but couldn't justify $1000 for a 'grill'. Fast forward to a few years ago when I saw the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado in Home Depot. I went home to do a bunch of research and decided it was a good start to be sure I could even cook on a kamado and figured if I liked it, I'd eventually upgrade to a Big Green Egg. The Akorn was a lot of work, especially on windy days. I added the Big Green Egg gasket to the ash tray, which made a huge difference and found myself looking forward to planning cooks on the kamado. It never let me down! Recently decided I was ready for ceramic. After doing a bunch of research I fell in love with the Kamado Joe. It was so close to the Large Big Green Egg I thought I would own and had a great reputation. I went to Lowe's to play with it to be sure I could handle the weight of the lid on the classic model and it was delivered at the end of March. My first cook was chicken wings. It had to be something quick because it was cold the day after it was delivered in Rochester, NY. Yesterday, we had a nice sunny day with 30mph winds and gusts up to 45mph, so I wanted to see how my new baby held temps. It was amazing! I followed John Setzler's youtube video for short ribs. I dialed the salt back because I am salt sensitive, but was still too much, but loved the idea of using worcestershire sauce as a binder on the beef. My KJ held 250 perfectly and I can't wait to do ribs, pork shoulder and brisket.
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    Ham Shank

    Made corn bread for the navy beans I cooked with the bone and ham scraps .
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    I sold my Classic Joe I today

    Well, I sold my Kamado Joe Classic I today. I recently bought a Kamado Joe Classic II for $600 cash. I paid $999 plus tax for the Classic I in 2015. I decided that I was not using both of the classics enough and that the older one needed to find a new home. I put it up on FB marketplace for $450 and had many people bite. The first was Barbara and we set up a time for 2pm this afternoon here in Northern NJ. Barbara showed up right on time. She got out of the car and handed me a card that said "I am deaf, all of our communication will require you to write your answers down in my book". So, it began. Barbara is a lovely lady. She was born before WW2 and was struggling to lift the lid of the Kamado Joe Classic I. I had to shadow her so that she did not drop it and break the grill dome. After about 300 written questions in her book and 300 written responses from me, she finally decided she'd like to buy my grill. My 17 year old son was standing by me the entire time. Barbara decided that she wanted to negotiate. She offered me $25 less than my asking price. I declined. I showed her 4 other people in my FB feed that were going hard after this grill. She realized that the Kamado Joe jackpot was realized. Barbara handed me $450.00 and wrote that I should strap the grill to her flimsy old trolley and to place the grill in the back of her CRV. She wrote that she'd slide the grill off the back of the car and then pull it up a dozen steps to its new home...... I wrote to Barbara and advised her that there is no way she could handle this grill on her own and asked if she had anyone that could help her. Her response was that she'd need to hire someone to assist. At this point I realized there is a need to demonstrate the ability to be a decent human being. My son was watching and reading all of our exchanges. I wrote to Barbara and told her that my son and I would drive to her house and install the grill. 1.5 hours later and nearly 50 miles away, we arrive at Barbara's estate. Her enormous house on a few acres of the most prime real estate was on display. Only a select few get to live in such luxury within 10 miles of New York City. Her driveway was a short commute up to the homestead. She gave my son and I multiple written options on how to get this grill to the site of her choosing. My son and I spent the next 45 minutes walking back and forth from the driveway to the new Kamado Joe grill site. Piece by piece this fantastic grill slowly made its way to be ready for assembly. The grill was installed. My son and I then read several pages of Barbara's sous vide cooking instructions and how she thought the new grill would help her reach a new level of cooking. My son and I promptly left. We thanked Barbara profusely for the pleasure to drive to her house and install her new grill. She told us that she could not afford this grill and that the money her late husband left in 1988 was running out. I think we did our good deed for the year?
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    T Yelta

    Smoke - What You Need to Know

    I like to use a cast iron dutch oven to "wrap" my wood chunks. I particularly like this mini dutch oven from Bed Bath and Beyond: https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/artisanal-kitchen-supply-reg-pre-seasoned-cast-iron-4-inch-mini-dutch-oven-in-black/1061633827?keyword=cast-iron-dutch-oven It's big enough for one or two chunks of wood depending on how big you cut them. I take the non-cast iron shiny metal handle out of the top which leaves a small hole for the smoke to exit the dutch oven. One or two of those and you are set for life. It's only 4 inches in diameter so it is small enough not to affect how you like to build your fire. You can place it anywhere in your firebox, top, bottom, wherever and it just makes clean smoke. The smoke profile is amazing and it really makes a difference. If you are burning your wood chunks then you aren't getting as clean smoke as with this method. You could add wood chips, pellets, chunks or whatever kind of smoking wood you want. As a bonus, it'll make beautiful charcoal out of wood chunks and you can re-use that to cook with. I personally don't have a problem with the aluminum but some do... either way this method works and saves you money on the foil in the long run.
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    Damaged my Akorn, need repair advice

    I can easily see myself doing that. Booby trap waiting to happen. What 5H4N3 is recommending should work. They use them in the air craft industry to make removable access panels in aluminum sheet metal. I got to use some in a project when I went to air craft mechanic school. I guess that is why CG says to always latch the top when ever moving the AKORN. By the way having a depression that holds water on the bottom shelf is not the best design. I did consider drilling a hole.
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