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    John Setzler

    Porter Road Tri Tip

    I am diving in to the package of meat I got from Porter Road (https://porterroad.com/) recently. This is one of the sexiest Tri Tips I have ever seen. I am gonna use it to try a new technique that I hope will catch on around here. This roast is gonna get butter poached and then soapstone seared to finish. I am starting out by giving it a healthy seasoning with my Man Cave Meals AP Mojo seasoning blend. I wrapped it back up in plastic so it can let that seasoning go to work for about two hours before I move forward. After that I am gonna get my Kamado Joe going at around 200°F. I'll put this roast in a 9x13 dish and cover it with ghee and let it poach until I get the internal temp of the meat to around 125-130°F. I'll pull it out at that point and ramp the temp up in the grill to get the soapstone hot enough to sear finish the meat... I made a large batch of ghee yesterday... lol
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    John Setzler

    Porter Road Tri Tip

    Oh boy.... OFF. THE. HOOK.
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    Custom Cedar Table for Kamado Joe

    HI guys, I have recently moved to a new house so wanted to share my new setup. It's nice to have a covered porch for rainy days
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    Show your BBQ area

    This is my little area. Not a lot of space but gets the job done!
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    New Member from Rip Off Britain ;-)

    My 2p-worth (not that you asked for it!): that damage to the outside of the Aldi Kamado looks risky. Rain will get in and I’d be worried that with some weathering it would fail. Now the offer from Aldi does seem fairly low risk but I’d be worried that if it did fail, even a full refund might not put you back in the position you are now. What if it died in a couple of years and all the wild goose units are gone? What if the KJs are even more expensive? In the three years since I got my big joe it’s gone up in price over 50%... so even if you get all the cash back you might struggle to get yourself back into Kamado cooking without even more outlay. Read a great quote this morning on a pizza making forum I’ve started lurking on: buy the right quality first time, pay up front and cry once...
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    John Setzler

    Cinder Grill First Looks

    Yea.. it ain't cheap. "Worth it" or value in general on any accessory like this is up to the individual. I have taken a different approach to my 'reviews' on these products for that very reason. I am trying NOT to make recommendations. I am just trying to do a few things: 1. Show the product and it's abilities 2. Say whether or not I like it. When I get approached by people who have products that I don't think I'd like, I decline the offers. This is one reason you don't see me do unfavorable reviews very often, if at all. I am not gonna take a product for demo/review if I don't think it has potential before I get it.
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    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    I used 2 whole chickens cut into quarters. Grilled indirect at 350 degrees used my Thermoworks Smoke thermometer until I hit 165 degrees internal temperature. Turned out amazing. Marinade: 1 Yellow Onion 8 scallions 3 Jalapeño peppers (couldn’t find scotch bonnets) 2 limes juiced 2 Tbsp minced garlic 1/4 olive oil 1/4 apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup soy sauce 3 Tbsp brown sugar 2 Tbsp All Spice 2 Tbsp dry thyme 1 Tbsp salt 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ginger 1 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp black pepper. All the ingredients went went into the blender until it looked like a smoothie. Chicken and marinade went into the fridge for 24 hours.
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    Scott Roberts

    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    Amazon has 2 pounds of authentic pimento wood chips from Jamaica for 29.99 with Prime shipping! Scott
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    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    Wow, that looks incredible. Definitely going to try this out...I looove jerk chicken. One thing to try on your next cook is to add a kiss of smoke to the chicken with a mixture of Turkish Bay Leaves and allspice berries. Maybe a handful of leaves and a half cup of berries in a foil pack near the fire so they smolder a bit. Together they allegedly approximate the Pimiento wood (source of allspice berries) they cook the chicken on on the island. Really adds a little somehtin-somethin to the cx even though I cheap out and use bottled jerk marinade from Walkerswood (on Amazon). I also lay down some bay leaves on the grill and place the chicken directly on top of them - everything is better with bay leaves.
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    The lava stone is a different animal than a fine finished ceramic stone, due to it's grainy and pitted surface. It is kinda like getting a grease stain on your cement driveway, the oil penetrates into the large pores of the concrete, and when you try to clean it you wipe or scrub off the surface but still see the stain that penetrates. fine finished ceramic has smaller pores and comes pretty clean, as you can see. However at 650 degs, where I cook pizza, only the bottom stone side facing down comes out really white on the face and sides. Same thing happens to your fire box during a pizza cook. In this pic you can see the inside of my fire ring is pretty white and my fire box beneath the lump looks the same.
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    Scott Roberts

    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    First off that Jerk Chicken looks great, but if you can't find Scotch Bonnets Habanero pepper works great just less sweet than a scotch bonnet! Scott
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    Easiest and tastiest solution is to just cook pizza after a low and slow or once a week, like I do. Rotate your dirtiest stone to the the bottom of your pizza setup with the dirtiest side facing down. Cook a couple of pies and your stone is pretty close to Snow White. This is my Pizza set up The Pizza stone was my dirtiest stone and on the bottom during my last pizza cook If you cook pizza regularly and rotate your stones in the manner I describe you will always have at least one clean stone, and become good at making dough and cooking pizza. Can't beat that deal in my book
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    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    looks amazing!
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    Chris Topher

    Show your BBQ area

    Who cares about the drill, just look at that grill hanging off the edge! That’s what makes me nervous!!
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    Very true, To accomplish tasks such as wrapping or anything else that takes more than just a couple of seconds, the best practice is to remove what your cooking, shut the lid, wrap it, and then open the lid for just a few seconds to replace it, and then immediately shut the lid.
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    Has anyone tried just wrapping it in tinfoil? Is there anything wrong with doing this?
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    Pellet Newbie

    Well...I've officially come over to the the dark side. I submitted an order for my first pellet grill yesterday, a RecTec Bull RT-700 (including large shelf, folding front shelf, GrillGrates, and cover). I have thoroughly enjoyed my Kamado Joe, but I found myself not grilling as much as I would have liked due to the time involved in dealing with the kamado especially on weeknights. Not that its too terribly labor intensive, but with a busy job and 2 young children, I'm trying to streamline things as much as possible these days. I also wanted something my wife would want use and she was just never interested in messing with the kamado. I'm pretty excited for it to arrive. It's supposed to ship out today or tomorrow. Shipping from Atlanta to Portsmouth, Virginia shouldn't take too long but I doubt it will be here before the weekend (bummer). I need to order some pellets so that I will be ready once it arrives. Any recommendations on a good pellet mix for beginners? I looked at the cookinpellets.com Perfect Mix that RecTec recommends on their site. That seems to be a good choice, but I really don't know. Any other things I need to know or buy in advance of its arrival? Also...my Kamado Joe classic will be up for sale once the Bull arrives. I thought about keeping it, but we just put in a really nice stone patio and I don't want to take up too much real estate with a grill that doesn't get much use. Thanks in advance for any advice that you all can provide! MEB
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    How to Cook a Boston Butt

    I will do that next time... and see if I can find a bag/brand with larger chunks thanks @TKOBBQ!
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    3 for 2 on Big K 15kg restaurant grade Coal @ Ocado Also have a Waitrose code you can use on Ocado VOU8227825 - min spend £100 £30 off So, 90kg for around £72 https://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Big-K-Restaurant-Grade-Barbecue-Charcoal/266898011
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    Rotisserie chicken?

    Looks delicious.
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    Maybe this year.

    Hi all! I'm from Norway and have been looking at Kamado-grills for some years now, but have not taken the step yet. Maybe this year. I have the Kamado Big Joe III in my sight. I have been lurking on the forums lately. Looks like a nice place to be.
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    Bob T

    Hola Gurus!

    I thought I was a member here, but I couldn't find any log on info! I guess I just read a bunch posts while shopping for my Kamado. I've had the Blaze Kamado for about year now. Purchased the sleeve/drawer combo to mount it in an island. Love everything about it, but still have a lot to learn/getting the feel for it. Also have a Firemagic grill, Evo Grill, Bev-Air kegerators and a Woodstone pizza oven. Built my own islands for all, if anyone has any questions. Looking forward to checking out some great cooking tips and recipes.
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    Roast Beef

    Nice looking roast beef!
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    The random pictures thread...

    saw this on amazon when looking for a K.A.B. someones going to be in a world of pain if they try to do the above
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    Securing Against Theft

    Well, my KJII was delivered last week, and I got it all set up. I used concrete wedge anchors to bolt a bike rack to the concrete behind our house, and I'm using a U-lock bike lock and a 15ft braided cable to secure the KJ to the bike rack. Then, the cover goes over everything. I also built a small wedge out of 2X4s and plywood so that it can sit on a level surface while it's lit. All seems to be working really well so far!
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    I didn't want to continue the LeCreuset conversation in the Borek cook, so have started this topic. One issue I ran into with using the LeCreuset Braiser when I made the Borek was how to cut it without damaging the enamel interior. I simply did not want to use a metal knife so I resorted to using a plastic pot scraper to cut it and a plastic spatula to serve it. Not ideal and there had to be a better way. I took a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond looking for a non-metal knife. Nothing. Sure, I could use a plastic knife that's used at picnics, but that's kinda tacky. The sales clerk at BB&B said a metal knife and spatula was all she used - that might be fine for her pans, but I'm not risking it in my new Braiser. A week or so ago my Google News feed had an article about a company in West Virginia that specializes in Cherry utensils and is featured on one of the Food Network shows. I visited their website and found exactly what I was looking for. A Cornbread knife and a Cake Server filled the need perfectly. I also ordered a set of long handle measuring spoons to go with the order. The company: http://www.alleghenytreenware.com Allegheny Treenware I'll take some pics of the utensils and post them later today, but I have to say the quality is superb! I don't normally post reviews of products I purchase, but I had to write the owners and let them know how impressed I was with the craftsmanship and heirloom quality of their products (especially as a woodworker myself). I received a heartfelt reply thanking me for my kind email. There might be a few bbq related pieces they sell, but most of their products are for kitchen use. Reasonably priced, excellent quality. I haven't made anything in the LeCreuset pan since receiving the knife and server, but they'll be put to good use very soon. Some pictures. Cornbread knife and pie server - Measuring spoons - Forgot I'd bought this. Spatula - Regards, -Dom
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    Kamado Joe Classic II Clearance question

    Thanks, I defiantly will use pavers and feet. In fact my Kamado came in the mail today.
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    New at this - temperature not rising?

    Not sure which KJ you have but I have the Classic II. If you have the original iron bottom grate in the firebox above the ash catcher and below the charcoal make sure the holes aren't plugged with charcoal or ash. One of the first accessories I purchased was the Kick Ash basket to replace the iron grate and that definitely helped with airflow. I experience what BURGER MEISTER said - nuclear (700+ degrees) in about 30-40 minutes with a full load of lump and both vents wide open.
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    Show your BBQ area

    It’s awesome to have the counter space
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    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    Tasty looking chicken.
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    Rotisserie chicken?

    Big thank you to everyone who replied above did my first rotisserie chicken last night and it turned out great
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    Kamado Joe Beef and Chicken Kebabs

    Kamado Joe – Beef and Chicken Kebabs Super simple Saturday night meal. Chicken and beef kebabs on the kamado joe. Ingredients 2 diced chicken breasts 1 diced rump steak 1 onion quartered 1 red capsicum sliced into roughly equal size squares 1 yellow capsicum sliced into roughly equal size squares A handful of button mushrooms stem removed and halved. Pre-soaked bamboo skewers 4 tablespoons minced garlic 2 tablespoons light soy sauce Salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste) Lanes BBQ Garlic² rub (to taste) Stubbs Steak SPice Rub (to taste) Stubbs Bar-B-Q Spice Rub (to taste) Lanes Ancho Espresso rub (to taste) Method Add the diced chicken, 1/2 minced garlic, light soy sauce and Lanes Garlic BBQ Garlic² rub to a bowl and combine well cover and refrigerate for at least 1/2 hr, longer if possible. Add the diced beef, 1/2 minced garlic, splash light soy sauce and dash of the rubs to a bowl, combine well cover and refrigerate for at least 1/2 hr, longer if possible. Time to assemble the kebabs. Take a pre-soaked bamboo skewer and slide on your ingredients alternating veggie/meat/veggie/meat/veggie etc. until you have around 10 pieces loaded then repeat until all ingredients are used. There is no hard and fast rule, make it colourful and fun. Cooking While preparing your ingredients, light the Kamado and set it up for direct grilling with your grill rack in the upper position. For Kebabs aim to have a dome temperature around 250ºc. Don’t be too concerned if it is a little over or under as this we are using the direct method. I chose to cook the chicken kebabs on the cast iron plate as I didn’t want the chicken to stick to the grill and fall apart. Once they were 99% cooked I removed the cast iron plate and finished them direct on the grill. Once all the chicken kebabs were cooked it was time for the beef kebabs to meet the grill. I did the beef ones directly on the grill as I wasn’t worried about them falling apart or sticking and really wanted that nice char on them. The time to cook is going to depend on how large you make your pieces and what your final grill temperature is at. I relied on sampling the largest piece and checking for doneness. The Verdict Well, the chicken ones were gone before the beef ones came off the grill. That gotta be a good testament to how they tasted, even my 4 year old loved them. Will definitely be a regular menu item in this household. Enjoy Joe On !!! Jason
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    Show your BBQ area

    I just used Cedar fence material for this one. It's nice because I have space for keeping my coal dry and out of site, a drawer for a lot of my accessories, and that perfect mini fridge.
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    Four months in and down 60 lbs. Blood glucose levels are back in line. Back to Dr in a few months and I hope to reduce or, even better, eliminate some prescriptions.
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    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    That looks really good!
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    Jerk Chicken on Pit Boss K24

    Jerk chicken looks delicious.
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    Jose Andres Zapata

    Show your BBQ area

    Looking at the other setups, I am glad I did not leave room for more. I can see it turns into an addiction.
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    Fogo Charcoal 15% off

    Got home to a couple boxes from Fogo waiting for me. I’m so excited.
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    grill seeker


    I do high temp burn offs, especially after several low heat cooks, or a long smoke. But the deflector plates, I just flip over every time and let the fire burn off the crud.
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    Cinder Grill First Looks

    $429 is up there, but quality gear always comes with the price of that quality.
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    Here's the video I made to go along with this...
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