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    For the long weekend we started out being invited over to our neighbor’s house for hamburgers. I was tasked with grilling up some corn. Once these started getting some golden-brown char marks, I put them in a large rectangular pan and covered them with foil. We took this over with two each, 3 portion plates of fixings. One plate had a stick of butter, salt and black pepper for traditional American style corn of the cob. The other plate had some mayo, Tajin seasoning and come Cotija Cheese for Mexican style street corn. Didn’t feel like I should be taking pictures at their house so that’s all I can share from the 4th. Today I grilled up some hamburger patties on my Akorn Jr. for some cheese burgers. After they were done I removed them and toasted the buns while I added the cheese to the burgers. One more stop on the grill to melt the cheese. Here is mine plated up with some potato salad, some watermelon and a Stone Brewing Vanilla Bean Porter. There nothing quite like enjoying a good cheeseburger on the 4th of July weekend. Thanks for looking.
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    July 4 frakenGrill

    Part 2
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    Konro Night

    I am posting this early in case July gets away from me for the challenge. We hosted two other couples for a konro cook this evening. Kiddos had a popcorn-powered movie night in the house while we had a wonderful meal on the deck. Prep began in the garden, pulling the year's first shi####os. I no longer have to worry about supply here. I have five healthy plants that are clearly going to make summer and fall a wonderful time. The into the kitchen, for seemingly endless prep. I feel like I have finally figured out how to properly butterfly wing flats, and now it is both easier and faster. I am still learning how to skewer them. No griddle this evening, but the gear is perfect for soaking skewers. Then time to make tare, which I am starting to understand is the backbone of the chicken parts of this meal. Makes the entire house smell delicious. Moving onto the deck, I laid out firebricks (which you can see have other roles in grilling here) to keep from melting the table. I have dreams of custom building a farm style table with a hidden cutout for the konro, but in the mean time, for these dinners, the deck table is replaced with a rectangular Lifetime folder. First course, grilled avocado. This is delicious, but I treat it more or less like a tare delivery system. One of our guests intelligently pointed out tonight that if I skewered it in the future in a way where the skewers are never visible in the pit hole, the hole will not leak liquid. For next time! Then onto asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. This is a fantastically delicious combination and very easy. The smell as the ham gives up fat to the hot charcoal is unreal. Next was scallops. If I was smart, I would cook these on the grate, but I risked it tonight, and nothing fell in. Not having the delicate item stick on the grate was a wonderful change. These are so tasty and so easy. Now time for the KamadoGuru linked cook. We did John Setzler's modified Orange-Honey Glazed shrimp, true to his recipe. This is so fantastically good I think it created a small black hole in my back yard. We took the extra skewers in for the kids and after that they all started cruising the deck for other items: We then moved on to chicken. First round was thigh meat and garden shi####os. So rewarding! Next was tsukune. We use all dark meat ground chicken, the recipe from the book "Robata", parboil the meatballs, and then smash them on skewers before grilling. These are so wonderfully good, and as a bonus the children DEVOUR them. Easy recipe and cook, absurdly good result. The only improvement is when I am willing to drive down to Suzuki farm to get the real Japanese green onions. Yum Yum Yum. Finally, butterflied wing flats. This is my personal favorite. After watching David Chang et al. cut these and trying fairly often for a couple of years, I think I finally have the cuts down. However, I still have some learning to do about skewering after the cut. I wish there was a class! The cook is relatively easy, and the taste is out of this world. At this point, I cut down whole wings, and save the drumettes for kamado wing cooks. One of our guests joked about cooking s'mores on the marabu charcoal since it all seemed too easy. Joke no more. S'mores were had with good laughs and good friends. Finally, the kamado did play a role! The marabu charcoal can be used for a second cook with no sweat, however I found dousing in water led to mold. So, I use a plancha and a kamado to move and snuff the charcoal. The dome temp with all vents closed usually hits about 350F before backing down.
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    July 4 frakenGrill

    22 dome in garbage can grilling
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    4th of July Meal

    Had my first cook on my new Kamado Joe last night. It turned out amazing and I can't wait for the next one! Dinner: Spatchcock chicken w/ potatoes and onions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIvIYMsGR7s&t=55s) Dessert: Drunken Peaches w/ vanilla ice cream and cinnamon sugar Eggos (anyone else a Stranger Things fan??) Here are some pics! Patio setup: After: Plated: Peaches grilling: Great way to end a meal: Appreciate everyone's advice and this forum + YouTube really helped make my first cook a lot easier than I had originally anticipated. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
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    Duuuude. Pork butt

    Wow, I have to say I killed it. This was my first shoulder I have cooked. Bought an 11 lb pork shoulder yesterday with the plans of having nachos for lunch. $1.99 a pound. Cut it open and seasoned with meat Church’s the holy gospel rub. Put it on at 9pm at 250 degrees. Had to get up a few times to make adjustments. Had my smoke controller next to my bed and kept checking the temp way too much. Grate temp was 250 for a few hours then crept up to 265, pinched her down and went to 230 a few hours later. And at 6am was 291. Did that crap 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night/morning. Couldn’t get a stable temp as it would just slowly creep up or down. It took a few hours but still bugged me . It was fun though. Not once did I peak in the grill. Just let it ride. Opened it up at 8 and looked good. Coolest part was 190 and most was at 196-198. All probing felt good too. Took it off at 10 and wrapped it up. Took the boy to soccer and came back and shredded at 1230. My oh my. Bone came out clean and the bark was amazing. What an awesome fun cook I had. Made nachos with the meat. Thanks for reading.
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    Today I finally got around to taking my Hibachi Pot for a spin. Simple spatchcock chicken was absolutely delicious. Having followed the advice of Kepperoftheflame to dry, rub and refrigerate for a couple hours before cooking I am now a skin eating convert..boy, that is so good! I started cooking at about 350F and then tried to increase as cooking time progressed however I had to keep both vents nearly 100% open all the time though I tried a few configurations most resulted in dropping temperatures. Not sure what is happening...it seems to have poor draft control and/or I underloaded the charcoal - I loaded it up to the air holes..the first time I used it I just did a dry run with Frontier brand lump and was successful at holding it at 400 for several hours, but I thought it had too many small pieces so I got Royal Oak all natural lump which does indeed have bigger pieces but maybe burns faster. Or maybe because it was so much hotter outside this time..could that effect the draft? Anyway it seems I ran out of fuel before the end when the breast was about 150F, the temperature kept dropping and I resorted to finishing in the oven since we were pretty hungry. It was extremely tasty nonetheless! This is a #4 kamado and the grate is only 16" so I couldn't fit the dome temp probe to the grill with 3 fire bricks under the chicken...do you like my work around? I used couple of turkey trussing lacers to hold the probe
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    just an update... everything turned out great on the butt... doing another tonight for a party tomorrow. woohooooo!!!
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    Tried pizza on the Kamado BJ

    Hello. This 4th of July had people over (they couldn't stop talking about the Kamado Joe), and we did some stakes, burgers (which they came awesome) but with the celebration going on forgot to take pictures. Also tried to make a lobster and another pepperoni pizza with home made sauce. Did a 480g of flour with 73% hydration and found out the dough was a little wet to work with, it came out good but hard to work with. Everyone did like the taste and the crust. However I was not too crazy about the crust. Had a little lobster and pepperoni leftovers and decided to try the pizza again yesterday, this time I used 70% hydration and it was much better to work with. The first pizza (lobster one) I left for cooking for 8 minutes and although it was incredible tasty and good, the crust was still not crispy enough for my taster, the pepperoni I decided to leave for 10 minutes and the crust came out perfectly, very happy with the results. Here are some pictures. LOBSTER PIZZA PEPPERONI PIZZA
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    4th of July Costco spare ribs. 5 hours and seasoned with bacon honey hog. Delish. Transported to a friends house. Probably the best ribs I’ve ever cooked. More to come lol
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    Duuuude. Pork butt

    Nice lookin' butt. Great color.
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    Good to hear you are back on track, Mike 6 month update: 77.4 lbs down as of this AM. All is well. I have even been able to get back into some sausage making using chicken breast and additives to replace fat. I have also been making pork loin jerky almost weekly. Good stuff. Finally, I have 8 lbs of canadian bacon curing in the fridge. It is all about finding better alternatives and making better choices. Have a good weekend!
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    Chris Topher

    Tried pizza on the Kamado BJ

    Looking good! My dough is 62-65% hydration, with great results
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    For chicken usually the lump itself will have enough smoke profile for me. For low-n-slow I go about it differently than most people. I like smaller wood chunks the size of a Bic lighter. I'll spread a small layer of lump in the bottom then a layer of wood chunks. A thin sporadic layer of the wood chunks. Finally fill it the rest of the way full of lump.
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    Great cook!
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    Chicken Bryan from Carrabba's

    Tried this the other day and it was quite tasty. Ingredients * 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts * kosher salt, to taste * fresh ground pepper, to taste * olive oil * 12 tablespoons butter, divided, 2 and 10 * 8 ounces goat cheese * 1 1/2 cups sun-dried tomatoes, chopped * 1/4 cup fresh basil, chiffonade * 4 teaspoons onions (or shallots), minced * 4 teaspoons garlic, minced * 1⁄2 cup white wine * 4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice Directions * Pound chicken breasts to desired thickness. * Brush chicken on both sides with olive oil, season to taste with Kosher salt and cracked pepper. * Grill chicken until done (internal temp of 165F) - prepare sauce while chicken is grilling. Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce: * Sautee onion and garlic in 2 Tbs butter until soft and fragrant. * Add white wine and lemon juice, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer 10 minutes to reduce. * Add remaining butter, a little at a time, until mixture is emulsified. * Add chopped sun-dried tomatoes and basil, heat until hot (but do not overheat or sauce may break). * Move the chicken to an oven-proof pan and top with 2 oz each of the goat cheese. Return to oven until cheese warms and softens. * To serve, spoon sauce over chicken breasts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Awesome burger cook.
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    Welcome glad to have you with us. On fire control, the best thing to learn is that the size of your fire is determined by how much air you feed it through your vent settings, not how much fuel you put in the fire box. Fill your fire box completely full for each cook, and then start with only one small fire in the center of your lump and let the fire develop slowly from there for low and slow and moderate heat cooks up to 425 degrees. For high heat cook like pizza I use three fire starters as I want high heat quickly. An important Pizza tip is to measure your pizza stone temp and use that not your dome temp. Your stone temp will often be significantly less than your dome temp until your ceramics fully heat sinc. When it comes to wood smoke, I find often, less is more. It is quite easy to over smoke food. After learning this the hard way, I realized that a lot of my early BBQ cooks were way over smoked. It is especially easy to over smoke poultry and fish, and even large cuts of beef can bring on a sharp after taste from too much smoke. So for a couple of actual tips; 1. Do not think that when adding smoke during a cook your top vent should be putting out a constant stream of smoke during a multi hour cook, as this will often, IMO, lead to over smoking. 2. 20 minutes of smoke during a long cook is often plenty enough to deliver very pleasing flavor. 3. The best way I have found to consistently provide the correct level of smoke is to use only one fist size wood chunk. Wrap the chunk tightly in aluminum foil, being careful to push out all the air. When tightly wrapped, pierce the foil with a sharp temp probe, making only two small pin prick holes. When your coals are ready for food and you put meat on, add the foil wrapped chunk, to the middle of your lump pile onto of your fire. When the smoke is done, you have enough smoke for the large majority of cooks you will do. 4. trial and error will lead you to the right wood for a specific cook. A short primer of my taste would be, Poultry, just a good handful of fresh rosemary sprigs. Fish, alder. Pork, Apple. Beef, Pecan. Hope this helps get you started. Ps. I just put HiQue gold standard gaskets on my large Egg. Definitely the best gaskets I have ever found. Those guys seem to really know what they are doing. .
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    My Akorn seems to respond to being choked down a bit to get high Temps versus open. I was told it creates a venturi effect. It works. Kule Kamado!
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    I use blue fire gloves as well. In my experience they can handle screaming hot CI cookware, grates, stones, etc. Just don't ever get them wet and then use them on something hot. You can also get a stone lifter on Amazon. They look like this. If I remember right this device was called a plate setter lifter (plate setter is the name they gave to BGE's old style deflector stone).
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    Ranier Cherry stuff Brie

    My wife makes a very similar dish but she uses peach - habanero jelly which we make, bakes it in a pie shell and adds toasted almonds. Turns out great. She saw what you did, liked the idea of the Ranier cherries and thought we should try it. So, we picked up some brie the other day and our local Sprouts has Ranier cherries for sale. She will probably alter your recipe a bit by adding some Jim Beam Red Stag - a cherry flavored bourbon - to the mix. Should be yummy. Thanks for the idea and great looking cook you did.
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    Chris Topher

    Poor Man's Sous Vide

    For $70 you can get an anova circulator. At that price, I’m not sure it’s worth mucking around with a kettle and cooler, other than for your own proof of concept.
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    I'll be trying to create an authentic Neapolitan in the next couple of days at a high heat. To break in my new 10" stone, I just did a couple last night as a test run with John's same day (hour) dough recipe. I'm running the stone atop 1" ceramic spacers on top of the KJ deflector. This cook followed John's suggestions at 14 min. total cook time around 400 degrees F. Here's what it turned out: IMHO, I'm not crazy about this recipe, but it's fine if you're in a pinch. I'll do a new post when I churn out the Neapolitans in a couple of days.
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    I'm a new owner and love my Blaze Grill. As far as the heat plate, I had one cut at a local metal shop for 40 dollars. It is 304 grade stainless steel and I used a thicker plate than 3/16. I have used mine several times and no warping at all. It could be the thickness that makes it more resistant to warping.
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    Well, I failed. It reached 200° at 9:53 instead of 10:00. Jk, looks great and ready for it’s nap until 2.
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    As of today, my pain is gone. R.I.C.E. treatment, Google rehab exercises , some outside help, a solid supplement regime, walking, and a mostly Keto food diet all contributed-or I'd be in with a Doc this week. Took @10 days. I will bicycle ride on the flat [course] tomorrow-should be OK. Rode" on the flat" a week ago with no adverse affects. M.
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