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    Spicy beef back ribs

    Jalapeño beef back ribs basted with a chipotle mora and maple syrup sauce. the sauce was on point served with corn, Brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon and broccolini. .. cheers everyone!
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    Ben S

    Proteins carb and veggies!

    Salmon, corn, asparagus and beef mojo favored impossible burgers. The potato’s were roasted in the air frier. Not a bad meal.
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    Kamado Tom

    Hello all,

    Finally pushed through the analysis paralysis and picked up a Kamado Joe Classic I over the weekend. I'm pretty sure I'll end up with a bigger one down the road but just couldn't take a flyer on a $1000+ grill. Anyways I'm totally in LUV with this thing and couldn't be happier so far!!
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    Jalapeño pork ribs and a Kofta curry

    First time doing Jalapeño ribs and I’m HOOKED!!! Basted with maple syrup. these were awesome! Lamb Kofta was seared over an open flame and then smoked in the curry sauce for a couple of hours. Ribs were perfect bite off the bone!! juicy and tender! cheers everyone!
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    Thanks it was. Definitely a great time with the family. You really need to try it, it's delicious and will be done again here very soon. Thank you it was, everyone really enjoyed it. Posted above.
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    Sent the long weekend off in style with a Double Meat Double Cheese Burger. Fired up Jr. for the patties. Flipped and removed them when they were done so I could add the cheese. Toasted the buns. One more time of the grill to melt the cheese. Plated this up with some watermelon, potato salad and a Stone Brewing Xocoveza. (Yum!) After a few bites of this monster. So good! Thanks for looking.
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    Good to hear you are back on track, Mike 6 month update: 77.4 lbs down as of this AM. All is well. I have even been able to get back into some sausage making using chicken breast and additives to replace fat. I have also been making pork loin jerky almost weekly. Good stuff. Finally, I have 8 lbs of canadian bacon curing in the fridge. It is all about finding better alternatives and making better choices. Have a good weekend!
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Let’s see your cooks. This is for those that don’t want to start a new thread and just want to drop a quick post. I’ll start with last nights chickens. The bottom chicken was rubbed with olive oil and then some honey hog and honey hog hot, it was ok. The top chicken is rubbed with olive oil and coated with Plowboys Yardbird and that one was a big hit. This is the first time I used Yardbird and I’m sold on this rub.
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    Hi all! So, my first post on here as a proud owner of my first grill in general let alone Kamado since moving into my first home here in the south of England. I had an interest in a Kamado for a while and after seeing this one in Costco UK I decided to go for it. I spent time carefully reading through the pitboss review pinned as I assume this is the same grill? Hence why I’ve posted it in this section as there isn’t an LG section. My question is the mods suggested in that thread for the extra felt at the bottom and top, mine appears to have a vented sliding cover as well as the solid one, does the extra felt still need fitting and will the same pattern described there work? The top is also fastened with screws, I assume I just need to make holes in the felt for the screws? There were talks on there about moving the grill rack itself up as it sits below the rim of the ceramic/opening, did anyone find the solution for this? Can anyone from the UK help for places to source accessories? Will do my running in burn this weekend, or once those mods are made, very keen to get learning. I’ll attach some photos! Thanks in advance Toby!
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    2 zone 2 level plus sous vide

    A pretty easy cook with little effort for a Sunday night. Blue and red potatoes from our garden coated with olive oil and Montreal steak seasoning were put on the high/cool side to roast at around 350 while we prepared the corn and chops. Pork chops had been previously frozen with pork rub and dropped straight into the water bath from the freezer at 143f. Once the potatoes were close I grilled the corn on the low/direct side and pulled it all. On went the chops after bringing the temp up to 500f. Literally 2 minutes later we had dinner. Served on fine China of course! Chops cooking Potatoes ready to go on Chops out of the water bath delish!
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    Blackstone cooking

    I'll need to spend some time reading through this thread, lots of good info here. Although I wasn't planning on acquiring yet another grill, I went and did it anyway. 36" Blackstone Griddle. Just seasoned it this evening, I'll play around with it tomorrow and start getting used to cooking on it. Initial seasoning turned out pretty decent, if I can get it to look and act like my cast iron cookware I'll be all set. Regards, -lunchman
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    @SmoovD So awesome. I admire your tenacity. M.
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    Hello all,

    Welcome to the Guru there are a lot of great people and information around here. Congrats on your new KJ.
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    Hello all,

    Welcome to kamado guru - kamado Tom! Nice new kamado, congrats.
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    Thank you Sir You can feel out the paperwork and I'll pass it on to my CFO (Wife). Thank you very much that means a lot coming from a seasoned Guru Master like you. Thanks Jack Thanks, @Golf Grillerand @ckreef have posted details above.
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    Hello all,

    Welcome Kamado Tom. Congratulations on the new KJ.
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    I use an IKEA outdoor cart as a side cart. It has a stainless steel top so you can put hot stuff on it, a stainless steel bottom shelf, and an accessory rail that runs all the way around just under the top shelf. I hang three carabiners on the back rail where I can hang my accessory rack, both grilling grates, and even the Divide and Conquer ring rack as needed. On the front rail, I have two carabiners for a golf towel and anything else I might want to hang. On the bottom shelf, I have a 5 gal stainless steel can for ashes, and room for a weather tight plastic tub for thermometers, foil, food gloves, pit cloves, starter cubes etc. I have a separate, small plastic tub with a lid and a hole drilled through the side for using my Smoke/probes/timers on rainy days. I use a 20 gal rubbermaid garage can for lump storage outside and keep an extra bag of lump in the garage. I recently acquired the DoJoe and a soapstone surface. The soapstone surface is heavy and looks like it could chip easily. I nailed a small piece of 2x4 up in my garage, rest the straight edge of the soapstone on that, then run a bungie across the soapstone to ensure it stays put. The DoJoe hangs in the garage and its pizza stone lives in the kitchen.
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    Here’s a few on the jr. Yes it’s not big enough to do larger pizzas but I’m easily able to crack three/four smaller ones out quickly. Takes a bit of skill taking one out and putting a new one in, making sure not to leave the dome open too long, but providing you keep it up around 550-600° it should be fine for a good run. Getting decent height into the dome is key, I use three long plumbing connectors (copper maybe?) giving a good inch and a half clearance above my deflector, which itself sits on top of the grill grate. Just need to get a bit more practice with a good dough recipe! Good luck
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    Thanks y'all, it was very tasty. Combining sous vide with this cook made it super easy and fool proof.
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    Top vent gasket already going

    I learned to kamado cook on a Vision Pro C, the stock black felt gaskets that came with it did not last very long at all. I replaced them inside 6 months with the newer (at that time) Vision white high heat nomex gaskets. To Visions credit, and indicative of their quality customer service, when I called and told them about my gaskets and sent them a pic, they immediately sent me the new high heat nomex gaskets free of charge. That was probably 8 to 9 years ago, I cook on a large BGE now, but I gave my Vision to the young guy from True Value who set up my BGE, and he is still cooking on the same high heat gaskets I put on at least 2-3 times a week.
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    Smokin’ Joe

    Where has this been all my life

    What up cookers! Just bought my Big Joe 2 at the Lexington, KY Costco roadshow at the end of May (what a great deal!). This thing is awesome. I think I’ve watched nearly every video Mr. Setzler has put out about the KJ. All wonderful. Given me lots of ideas. So far I’ve done smoked burgers, pork belly burnt ends, smoked wings, stuffed peppers, homemade bacon, and a couple of boneless Boston butts last weekend for a bunch a friends that were received with fairly good reviews. The brisket will be next. I’ve always love to cook and especially love cooking outdoors. This thing takes it to an incredible new level.
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    Chicken Galantine

    Good win with this cook, @Lydia, that was well done.
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    Golf Griller


    Here is the post where @ckreef makes the fried provolone.
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    Tried pizza on the Kamado BJ

    Hi Jab, I did steam the lobster the day before, didn't want to grill it or bake it so it wouldn't be too dry. I did followed the rules for steaming reference the lobster weight and they came out very juicy and soft. I cut it in very small size (really small but not shredded) and after putting some small amount of the sauce I put some of the lobster all over the pizza, then covered with fresh mozzarella and that's it. Some people do suggest to use a white sauce but I really don't like the texture and taste so I do prefer the fresh tomato pizza sauce. Hope this helps. Jayx
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    Ya good show my friend. Herman
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    Chicken Galantine

    That looks really tasty.
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Cooked lechon asado yesterday and pulled it for Cuban sandwiches. Man I think I overdid it on those chicharrones but it was worth it. Then after dinner fired the LG back up and brought it back up to 375 and cooked a strawberry-rhubarb-apple-blueberry crumble for dessert.
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Looks great. What kind of fish is that?
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    4th of July Costco spare ribs. 5 hours and seasoned with bacon honey hog. Delish. Transported to a friends house. Probably the best ribs I’ve ever cooked. More to come lol
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    I'll be trying to create an authentic Neapolitan in the next couple of days at a high heat. To break in my new 10" stone, I just did a couple last night as a test run with John's same day (hour) dough recipe. I'm running the stone atop 1" ceramic spacers on top of the KJ deflector. This cook followed John's suggestions at 14 min. total cook time around 400 degrees F. Here's what it turned out: IMHO, I'm not crazy about this recipe, but it's fine if you're in a pinch. I'll do a new post when I churn out the Neapolitans in a couple of days.
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    Quick note/addition, I see ceramicgrillstore doesn’t ship to the UK in order to get the woo ring... I’ve emailed them asking but if anyone has help that would be great!
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    What did I do wrong....?

    Dry and tough....under cooked. Dry and crumbly....over cooked. Its done when it probes like butter. Not at a certain temp.
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    Kamado Grilled Chicken Wings

    Ever since owning the Kamado I have wanted to do wings, but my wife is not a fan of wings. So as you can imagine the opportunity for wings has been limited. This recent opportunity arose when she sent me a message “I’ve bought you a tray of wings”. I literally had to read the message a couple of times, but I was like SWEET. Now the mission was to convert her, I have done it before so I knew I was up to the challenge. Once upon a time she never liked fresh fish. That was until I converted her after cooking some amazing flathead. She now loves fresh flathead. Surely chicken wings will be easy – Mission accepted! Kamado Grilled Chicken Wings Ingredients: 1/4 cup Light Soy sauce 1/4 cup Dark Soy sauce Small splash White vinegar 1/4 cup Olive oil 2 tsp Garlic powder 2 tsp Salt 2 tsp Pepper 2 tsp Yard Bird Rub (PlowBoys BBQ) * season to taste, I was probably a little heavier with the Garlic and Dirty Bird rub. Kamado Setup: Set for direct grilling. No deflectors and grill racks in the upper position. Before most cooks, I like to remove all the charcoal and clean out the ash, not always necessary but certainly helps with temperature control. If there is too much ash build up it can impact on your airflow and adversely affect the temperature performance. Once “swept” out I put the charcoal back in, starting with the larger pieces and then the smaller ones over the top. If lighting with the hot air starter, I am less fussy with how I build the coal base. If lighting with fire starters I try and make a more conscious effort to “build” a fire or at least something that assists the fire to take hold quicker. Target dome temp 176C – 205C [350f – 400f] Method: I chose to separate the wings into drummies and winglets, the dog was happy as he got to eat the wing tips. Place all the chicken pieces into a bowl, add all the ingredients and mix well. Once well combined, refrigerate for as long as possible. I had 5 hours which seemed to be plenty of time. You could go overnight if you are well organised. Once the grill is up to a stable temperature 175C-205C [350f-400f] add the chicken pieces directly to a clean grill. Close the dome and let the Kamado do its thing. Allow about 15 minutes then turn each piece. At the 15 minute mark while turning the chicken pieces monitor the grill for the hotspots and make adjustment to the placement of the chicken. Place the larger pieces around the hotter spots on the grill. Once all pieces are flipped, close the dome for another 15 minutes. At this stage check the temperature of each piece (in the largest section of each piece) you are aiming to have min 81C [177f] For the pieces that are at temperature move to the coolest section of the grill if there is still some pieces that are not quite done, move them to the hotter area of the grill, close the dome and check again in approx. 10 mins. The cooked pieces (those at temp) they will develop a nice crispness to them during this last phase. Once all reached temp, remove and serve. Results AMAZING… For a non-wing person (my wife) she loved them. The flavour was there and they had a really nice crispness to the skin with that nice charcoal char. The winglets were still juicy, I was worried they may dry out but they were perfect. What I would do differently The next batch of wings I will ramp up the spice/chilli and offset that with a sauce of some sort, thinking a white sauce More photos etc over at the blog post. <here> Till next time Joe On…
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