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    Super Stuffed Meatloaf

    The goal: make an all-in-one meatloaf meal. The key components: ground chuck from the actual butcher shop, a wheel of brie cheese, an onion, duck fat, herbs, and the tiniest potatoes ever. I mean, look at those things. Started off by cooking the potatoes and onion in some duck fat with some rub on the grill at 350. Basic idea was to infuse them with smoke so that the flavor would be more uniform throughout. Let them cool when done. The meat was formed into a shell using the ceramic cast iron pot. The cheese was chilled, sliced, and placed in rind side down (hoping to prevent an oozing mess. This was then layered with half the potatoes and onions, then the other half of the cheese and the remainder of the potatoes. This was all capped with a layer of meat. The grill was still set to 350. Temp was a tricky thing: the center technically didn't need cooking, but some beef juices that did would certainly drip in there. I went for about 55 minutes, with the center probing at 147. Checking the outside showed a way too high 180, so this beef was done done. The pot kept all the juices in, so it was surprisingly more moist than expected. For the final shot, this slice was leftovers. Letting it chill overnight helps to show that the layers did in fact stay intact. It was equally tasty with a side of grilled asparagus as it was with these plantains, and the peach cobbler dessert, sadly not pictured, bumps up every meal. Thanks for reading!
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    Since my Husker Game was finally on in the evening we had a watch party at our house. I wanted something we could eat while watching the game, so I decided on Runzas (AKA Bierocks) and corn on the cob. (Both of which are Nebraska staples) I followed Cowgirl’s recipe with a few changes this time. This time I subbed out a 1 lb. chub of Jimmy Deans regular sausage for one 1 lb. of hamburger. I also tripled the amount of garlic. Both tweaks really added to the flavor and I’ll be doing so on all future batches. Here’s a link to a thread of my first attempt making these where the original recipe can be found. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/23518-dutch-oven-bierocks-or-runzas-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-them/ Started out making up the dough. Prepped all the ingredients and took them all out to my gas side burner. Sweated the onion and added the hamburger. After the hamburger was mostly browned I added the salt, pepper and cabbage and cooked until it wilted. The dough had risen nicely so rolled it out into a log and cut it into 8 roughly equal pieces and formed each piece into a ball. I then rolled each piece into an approximate 7” round and placed 2 giant spoonful’s in the center. I folded up the edges and pitched them together and placed each into my Dutch Oven that I had already smeared with butter. I repeated this process until it was full. I prepped my kamado for the Dutch Oven and preheated it to 325. I then closed the lid and let this bake for approximately 35 minutes. And here is the result. I carefully cut around each one and plated one up with a ear of corn and wash this down with a Pizza Port Brewing Swami’s I.P.A. (IPA not shown) Yum! Everyone thought they were delicious and the game results were good as well. Thanks for looking.
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    Posting this info because I’m blown away with results and someone else might find it useful. i have zero masonry experience but wanted a 3’x6’ countertop for my pizza oven and natural stone was cost prohibitive. total cost so far is about $110 and I plan to finish wet sanding today, seal tomorrow then just have to build my base.
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    Bought some fresh halibut fillet at Cost Co. Really nice fish and probably an inch thick. Used a camp chef griddle and grape seed oil to cook it. Slathered the fish with olive oil and MCcormicks Roasted Garlic and Herb. Got the griddle hot and sprayed it with grape seed oil. Made a piccata sauce with this recipe. 4 tbs butter 3 tspns flour 1/2 cup dry white wine 1/3 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice 1/3 cup good chicken broth 3 to 4 tspns capers 1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley to finish Salt and pepper to this I added some jarred sun dried tomatoes in olive oil. For the sauce heat the liquid, to boiling and then reduce the heat to simmer add the butter, and whisk in the flour slowly to avoid lumps. Add the capers and sun dried tomatoes. Easy peasy, my friend. Saut'e the fish on your griddle at moderate heat until you get a nice golden brown. You want the center of the fillet at 120 to 130 degs. Make some angel hair pasta and put it in a pasta bowl, place the Halibut ontop of the pasta. Pour the sauce over both. Add a glass or two of nice dry white wine ( for hydration). Honestly ,probably one of the best dishes I ever cooked. I was tryin to duplicate a similar dish at one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Asked my wife how it was, she got up, leaned over and gave me a kiss. It was amazing. Both the Halibut and the kiss.
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    Kamado Tom

    So, this happened yesterday...

    One of my good buddies is a huge Traeger fan and pellet grill nut in general and I'm, well...not, so naturally we go back and forth over what puts out better food as a matter of sport. Well, Wednesday afternoon he rolls up with a gently used Traeger Pro 22 grill in the back of his truck along with a slew of accessories and says here ya go!! Now I'm no stranger to pellet grills, in fact the company I work for is a dealer for GMG and Traeger, we use them when we have events and I had no intention of ever owning one but, here I am with a new toy to play with. What to do but start using it, so I went down to Lowe's and ponied up for a bag pellets, came home, put the chicken feed in the hopper, plugged the little guy in and cooked me some baby back ribs. Ribs turned out pretty good after 5hrs. @250F, tender, not as moist as on the kamado or smoke flavored as the kettle with the slow-n-sear but good. I think I'll use it for baking and grilling during the week when I'm short on time or don't feel messing with any of my 5 other cookers
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    And the heavy a$$ travertine caps are on..these buggers weighed 60 pounds each....72 hours to wait, then grout and seal. Still looking for something nice to place on the floor and walls in the middle. My blue tailed Kamado Company K7 restoration is going there. Ideas?
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    Picked up a Prime Tomahawk Ribeye yesterday . First did a 24 hour dry salt brine. Brought my new to me Komodo Kamado 23 Ultimate to 250 degrees , cooked for about an hour to 120 ( had a pan of zucchini ,sweet potatoes, onions garlic ,corn, jalapeños ,mushrooms , and tomatoes underneath ) .Brought coals up to 600 and seared to medium rare. Did a cutting board sauce under the steak to finish it off. It came out delicious . Here are some pics.
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    Do you like cool cars? Candy!

    Got out today and walked around and visited with folks at the Denton Annual Auto show on our square. Great time and plenty of eye candy. I slapped together a video to share. Which is your favorite? Notice anything unique in the group?
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    Peri Peri Chicken

    If you haven't tried this you need to. Nando's is a South African franchise that makes this. This was my first try. So good.
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    Simple Meatloaf and Sprouts

    Meatloaf and brussel sprouts on the Trager Jr today.
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    New Truck plus Special Teaser Picture

    Without the mrs we would run amuck
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    Way to go @freddyjbbq nice job and the instructions in video are spot on! Scott
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    Just chucked a beercan chicken on the monolith
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    It's a monolith classic Pro. The front hatch is for adding smoking Woods mid cook
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    I meant this... What is the brand and model?
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    Very nice Kamado, especially the grate. Very curious about the front inlet. What brand is this?
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    I got into a bbq with a WSM and loved it. After getting pretty good with ribs & other bbq, I started looking at BGE’s to consolade grillls & add pizza, etc & a friend in BBQ Brethren suggested I check out Kamado Guru. It was around the time that John got the Big Joe and began making videos. Started off with the Big Joe in Black, won a Classic & later added the Junior at a demo while on vacation. Great grills, fun to cook on.
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    Thank you! Came out awesome. I thought same but watch the video & you’re question will be answered
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    Nice buddy. Mine just gives me a hard time.
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    Problem solved, made the second sauce for today’s meal and will make the first sauce for the leftovers tomorrow!
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    This was my setup earlier. The ramekins are about 1 1/2" tall. Pizzas came out great cooked at about 600°F/325°C. Haven't got an IR thermometer, so no clue what the stone was. Just put it all in when the starter cubes had burnt out, got it to temp, let it sit for 15 mins. There is another level an inch or 2 higher. May try that next time...
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    New Introduction - LJS here

    Welcome! Half my family are Aussies. Presently sprinkled around Ballarat, Gordon and Ballan... with one wing of the bunch still out in WA just south of Perth in Mandurah. Actually, most of them in Vic right now are wishing they were back out west at the old homesteads... MUCH nicer weather there. Tom
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    Welcome aboard. Tom
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    Advice for an overnight brisket smoke

    Honestly, that's a very common result. You didn't make "mistakes," so much as you executed one of many "paths to brisket success." It may not have been exactly the path you planned... but the meat doesn't care!! Barbecue is a minor miracle. HAve fun, Frank
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    Wow, thank you for the detailed reply. This actually helped me a lot. I didn't see it until Friday evening, but it got me to put the meat on before I was planning. So to sum up the cook.... For a quick bit of background, we had out of town guests in that stayed with us Friday to Sunday. I bought a brisket and small pork shoulder as we were hosting a BBQ Saturday. I live in Chicago so I was out for the Bears game Thursday night and since it was such a dumpster fire, a lot of drinking was done. This led to a really tired and hung over me on Friday. So I was dragging all day and super tired. I saw Frank's response to my post probably around 7PM. At that point I decided I needed to get the brisket on before 11 as originally planned. The brisket was a prime full packer, 15.5 lbs. I trimmed it pretty aggressively and did a salt and pepper rub around 5PM. I put it back in the fridge until I was ready to smoke. I also trimmed the pork shoulder a bit and used one of the random seasonings I had. It was a small 4.5lbs. I lit my joe at 8:30. I was following John's advice from another post about prepping for an overnight, so I brought the grill to about 175 then started slowing it down. It rose very slowly to 225 and then went past it just slightly to around 230. It was 9:30 so I put the brisket on but then the temperature didn't want to rise past 195 so I opened it up just slightly and it got to 220 and started holding there. At this point it was about 11 and due to the Bears game hangover, I was struggling to stay away. I was in bed but at about 12:30 I got a high temp alarm at 240. If I was sure it was going to hold at 240, I'd probably have left it but I didn't want it to keep rising, so I went outside and made a small adjustment. At this point I fell asleep from 1-3:30AM but was awoken with a low temp alarm at 199. From 3:30 to about 4 I was having a tough time getting it above 200, I was afraid the coals might have gone out but that didn't make much sense to me (and they didn't) but I didn't want to over correct. I took a peak at 4AM for the first time because it had hit 160 so I was thinking about wrapping. To my disappointment the park didn't look good at all. Frankly there wasn't much there. I wasn't sure if it was because the temperature was too low or what. At this point I got a little more aggressive and raised the temperature to about 250. I checked it again at 6am (I think it was at that time, lack of sleep now has me very foggy). and the bark looked so much better, much more what I was expecting. I took the brisket off and wrapped it in butcher paper and put it back on. I removed the pork shoulder, wrapped in foil and put in a couple tablespoons of apple juice. I got them both back on the grill and raised the temp to about 275. The reasoning behind this was I was afraid I under estimated the cooking time and with people coming over as early as 2, I didn't want to chance it. At this point I was able to get about an hour of nap time in. My internal probe hit 205 around 9:30 AM. I was a little nervous just because it was earlier than I planned but when I probed, it was amazingly tender all over. Both the point and flat, same with the pork. So at this point I was cautiously optimistic that it was going to be OK. I wrapped them in a towel and put them in a cooler to rest. They sat there from 9:15AM to about 4PM. Since the Joe was still going, I made a jalapeno corn bread in a skillet as well as John's beer pretzels/beer cheese as an appetizer. When I finally took them both out, I was relieved. The bone slid right out of the pork and it just fell right apart. The bark on the brisket looked great. The point pulled away from the flat almost without the use of a knife. I just cut a bit of the leftover fat off and started slicing. I cut up some burnt ends as well. This was definitely a learning experience and I made a lot of mistakes but in the end, everyone loved the food. I've had a lot of trouble holding at a temperature, especially at 225. I really need to work on that. Between all the beer and BBQ, I was passed out by 10PM and I used yesterday as a recovery day. I can't wait until I'm more proficient managing the grill. Even when I had time to close my eyes I couldn't sleep because I was nervous it was going to spike or drop. Thanks for all the advice here!
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