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    Brandon Store

    Best ribs ive ever made

    Im not a pitmaster or competition bbq guy. But I made some ribs last night that were so good I had to share. What I did was based in Malcom Reed’s jack and coke ribs (howtobbqright on youtube if your interested) I loosely followed the recipe. I used a layer of killer hogs bbq rub and a layer of killer hogs hot bbq rub. No mustard binder i just let the rub soak into the meat for about 45 minutes while I setup the grill. I put the ribs on at 250 and an hour into it, I mopped em with a mixture of jack and coke. At the end of the second hour I wrapped em with a little bit of jack and coke. Probly 1/8 of a cup of liquid. At the end of hour 3, I unwrapped and let the bark firm up again for 30 minutes. Then I poured a mixture of jack and coke and killer hogs bbq sauce as a glaze, 15 minutes later I pulled em out. Normally when I make ribs they get too tender and the bone falls off as your pick it up. But this time it was perfect, walkin a fine line between tender and fall off the bone. You could pull the meat off and have a clean bone, and you could also take a bite out of it without taking the rest of the meat with your bite. Total cook was 3hrs and 45 minutes.
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    ok so the "what beef should I cook thread" had a link I had rib roast on my agenda. Lidl had them on sale $7.99 a pound. A Propitious moment. Cheaper than Costco. BTW in another thread, Brisket, Costco had full packers today, Prime. Lidl rib roast5.35 pounds, cut in half, cooked half, saved half. salt pepper, garlic powder, 6 hours in the fridge, then some wet rub. some of daninpd 's Sicilian tomatoes.
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    Best ribs ive ever made

    Why isn't the plate empty?
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    Reef's Lump Comparison

    @ckreef I would be very interested in how this compares. I have been using it lately. It burns very clean and is pretty dense. A 30 lbs bag is smaller in size than a 20 lbs bag of lump. I like it. Obviously with a product like this there is no unusable pieces/dust or waste. I get it at academy sports.
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    Best ribs ive ever made

    Dang, those are some fantastic looking ribs!
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    How long to Sous Vide a roast?

    Ya I have been reading and it does look like it needs to be above 130 to be safe.
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    First time use

    Hello everyone, Tomorrow my first kamado will arrive! Rejoice! I thought it would be a fun idea to ask my dad to help me set it up. This ofcourse means he gets to join me in the first cook. The guy loves steak. So i was planning on firing the kamado up to a high temperature. But is this wise for a first time cook? Should I take it slow or can I light that baby up? I know the ceramics can take a lot of heat, but still. I tried to look up some info, but I can't really find any other info then that you can use it right out of the box. But I don't know. It would be ashame if my new Kamado Joe would crack on its first run. Maybe you guys can help me out? Greetings from the Netherland! Love, Joey.
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    Whatcha’ Got Cooking

    It's not winter here in Canada unless you can smell wood smoke while it's minus 25 degrees C outside! And it's not just from people trying to their homes keep warm.
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    My Carne Asada Recipe!

    Here's my version of a Carne Asada Recipe: 2lbs steak meat (Skirt, Flank) etc. 4 Cloves garlic, Minced 1/2 cup Cilantro, Finely Chopped 1 Jalapeno, Finely Chopped 2 Limes, Juiced plus 1/2 tsp zest 1 large Orange Juiced plus 1/2 tsp zest 1/2 cup EVOO 1 tsp Cumin 1 tsp Black pepper 1 1/2 tsp Kosher salt 2 TBS white vinegar 1 cup good Mexican beer- Negra Modelo, Bohemia, Dos Equis Ambar Blend well, pour over steak and place in fidge between 2-6hrs, I do 4hrs take out of fidge and pat dry with paper towels and lightly season with salt and pepper Grill until med, serve with corn tortillas, chopped white onion and chopped cilantro, slice of lime (salsa if you want) Enjoy Garvin
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