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    Prime Rib Gravy?

    I make an Au Jus gravy by cooking Prime rib on a rack over a pan of cut carrots, onions and Red Potatoes with some beef broth
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    Double smoked ham

    Doing a little practice for Christmas. Cooked at 275 over cherry.
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    Time for a Blackstone!?

    This looks like a good deal,with the cover and the new "Patent Pending Rear Grease Management System"!
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    Hey folks. I live in Tampa and have been a gas grill/electric smoker guy for years, and the GF got me an AKORN for X-mas. Its put together and ready to go, but I cant use it til next weekend. Grrrr. lol Planning on doing a ton of reading here and posting when I do some grilling!
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    This whiskey glass is lit

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    John, just bought one of these on ebay based on your positive experience, it looks different than yours( hopefully an updated version). I hope it works as well.
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    Relax my friend, you did not ruin anything. As said above, you can tie the bones back on if you have them and they are still intact and you like the look for presentation. Your PR will cook just fine as you have it. Breathe, have a beer, listen to some music, watch the birds, enjoy the rising smoke as it changes color, all is well. your cook will be fine and your family will enjoy the PR. 2 bits, says they won't let you ever cook anything but PR on every Christmas in the future. That's what happened to me, I have been cooking PR's on Christmas Eve for the better part of the last 30 years. Family just won't accept anything else.
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    Tomorrow is the big day

    Time to make the donuts
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