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    Special Thanks to John Setzler

    I think we all can give a salute and special thanks to John Setzler for his dedication to this craft. I've read and studied many of his posts and without them my cooks wouldn't have been as great. So here's a salute with spatula in hand to John Setzler.
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    Christmas Eve Dinner 2019

    Most of you who’ve been around a few years, know this is the time of year that I go full Griswold. Here’s a pic of my house from a few years ago. It gets a little bigger every year. This year I rented a boom to put lights up in our 50’ tall Italian Cypress you can see to the left of our garage. (Sorry no photo of it this year) Anyway, as is our family’s tradition, we host everyone on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents. In attendance were my two brothers that live here in California. They came down from the L.A. area along with my niece, my nephew and his fiancé. (in addition to my wife and I) We like to vary the meal menu each year. One year we will cook Tamales, (A So. Cal. Christmas staple) the next we’ll do Ham, then Turkey, then a nice Ribeye Roast. We hadn’t had Ham since 2016 so we settled on that. We were quite busy making all the dinner and fixing’s, so I didn’t have a lot of time to take a whole lot of photos but here are the few that I did get. Here’s the ham on the kamado for the first few hours at 275. Here’s a pic of the stove with the beans, carrots, potatoes and gravy on top. (Green Bean Casserole and biscuits in the oven) Here’s the ham after the 2 hours in foil with the pineapple and cherries added for another 10 minutes at 425. Here’s the ham on the table waiting for the rest of the fixings to join it. (It’s funny but I didn’t realize that this is almost the exact same photo from 2016) Here’s everyone waiting to dig in. Here the one photo I got of the food and table. (As you can see we broke out our finest plastic cups for this dinner ) Here’s what everyone looked like when I asked if they could wait for me to take more / better photos of the food. Everything was delicious and we had a great time that evening. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for looking.
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    The big event 4 days past, it was time to have the young kids wake us up early, the older kids and grandkids to swing by, open presents in our PJ's and work towards a nice dinner. Just the immediate family, that's the way I see today. Prime rib, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, greenbean casserole, buns and dessert. From scratch, the basics, nothing more. I just got pics of the prime rib but it was all great looking and tasty. Watching everyone open gifts, feeding them to the point of food coma and taking a nap. A perfect day. Served the beef by shaving the roast. The outside was a salty peppery crust with a hint of rosemary. 132°f overnight out of bath After the primo sear 700f direct Scarred for our life Merry Christmas everyone!
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    My Vision Journey

    I got a Vision B a couple of years ago and I went hard on that little booger for over a year. I have since bought other smokers so the Vision hasn't been used too much. However, I just got a Thermoworks Signals with Billows for Christmas. That set up will work best on the Vision and being able to check in or monitor a cook with my phone is really cool. Vision will be getting more work over here.
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    A Paymaster Original

    Thanks, man. It's been a long while, I'm afraid. My grilling has falling off to almost forgetting how to start the coals, lol. I did cook a batch of brats'n beer last night with my son, nephew, Dad & BIL.....used Dad's Weber gasser. They turned out great.....but man....it has been a long time.
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    Scott Roberts

    New take on a Old style grill

    The NEW 836 3-Top Hibachi Grill $1,485.00
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    John Setzler

    Smoke - What You Need to Know

    I decided to post this video as a sticky in this forum because the questions about SMOKE come up fairly frequently. I would also love to hear your feedback and discussion of anything I didn't include in this video or other topics that need to be discussed in regards to our application of SMOKE to our cooking....
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    When one thinks of hors d’oeuvres they typically envision one bite portions so I tried to stay within that parameter. I wanted to also try to be as creative as I could and decided to ONLY use ingredients that I had in my house. People inherently love to eat things on a stick so I decided to go with my interpretation of chicken cordon bleu and top sirloin lollipops for my December 2019 Challenge - hors d'oeuvres platter entry. I started with a top sirloin that I cut fairly thin in 1-2” strips about 4-5” long. Then put everything in a olive oil based marinade that I threw together. Again using only what I had on the shelf, the ingredients for this is: 1 TBSP 50/50 salt & pepper 1/2 TSP dried cilantro leaves 1/2 TSP dill weed 1/2 TSP Italian seasoning 1/2 TSP veggie grille seasoning 1/2 TSP dried rosemary leaves 2 bay leaves 1/2 cup olive oil 1 TBSP Apple cider vinegar After I combined all those ingredients I poured the concoction into a large storage bag along with the sirloin strips that I had cut and into the refrigerator they went. I was originally planning on only a couple of hours but something happened Saturday so I never got back to it until Sunday afternoon. This actually was a blessing because I think it definitely needed the extra time in the seasoning. For the chicken cordon bleu lollipops I started with bleu cheese crumbles and pressing them into a small ball. Then using some deli sliced ham wrapped the bleu cheese balls and then wrapped those with either Swiss and havarti cheese. I wanted something that would get gooey when heated up to act as a glue to keep the morsel in a tight little ball as it the chicken cooked. Once I had the entire plate completed I gave it a sprinkling of honey hickory seasoning for some sweetness. I then used boneless chicken breasts slicing it long ways so that I had as thin a slice as possible to wrap the cordon bleu filling part of the recipe. Once the plate was done it received another coating of the honey hickory. Into the fridge it went for about an hour while I cranked up the Akorn. Once I steadied the temps into the 375 range creating a hot & cool side of my cooker. I put the chicken directly over the coals and put the sirloin as far over to the cook side as I could get them. These really didn’t take long, maybe 20 mins or so total, I think I only had the sirloin strips on for roughly 5 mins with constant turning, especially the chicken. The steak sauce that I used was some Rofus Teague sauce I had in the pantry that I have been waiting to try on something unique and the sauce I used on the chicken was very simple, honey and Dijon mustard that was in the cupboard. I didn’t really worry too much about portions of each I just kept adding and mixing until I thought it would be to everyone’s liking. What I ended with went over very well with my wife and both kids. What I particularly proud of is that I stayed true to my goal to be creative in using only what I had on hand. My lollipops are my official entry in this month’s challenge.
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    A few Christmas Grilling Gifts

    A certain knife dealer site had so good of prices on some nice knives in BD1N stainless that I couldn’t help myself. (It’s a sickness I tell ya!) Anyway, here’s some pics of my new tools. 9” hollow edge craving knife and fork set. 6” curved boning knife. I had a Big Poppa gift certificate I’d won in a throwdown that was burning a hole in my pocket so, I placed a couple of items I didn’t already have in my cart. Also added 2 rubs on sale that I thought I’d use a lot. I already used the carving knife for Christmas Eve dinner with my family and hope to use the other items real soon. Thanks for looking.
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    Just something to look at ! Scott The 824 Twin-Top Hibachi Grill w/ carbon steel Grill $850.00 Kotaigrill Modern Steel Hibachi grills, and other fine goods. Baltimore, Maryland
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    Sausage and Soup

    Here is my hors d'oeuvres platter entry. Sausage and Soup. Sausage balls served some cold tomato soup to wash it down. A few days ago I started by making some cold tomato soup which is sort of weird considering I cooked it for about 4 hours in the KK. Today I made the sausage balls. A really simple, 3 ingredient recipe but they tasted fantastic. There you have it, Sausage and Soup. I actually had a third idea but realized I didn't have any eggs - we'll save that idea for a future challenge.
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    Did an appy lunch / dinner today. Did some poppers and wings
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    Hello from SC

    Hi all! My fiancé recently gave me a Kamado Joe Classic for my birthday about a week ago and I'm loving it so far. Cooked on the Joe five times so far and nailed the 6lbs standing rib roast on Christmas Eve!See before and after shots!
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    Did you season it after you sous-vide the roast or before? If before did you add more seasoning? Looks great.
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    Great looking cook, sounds like you all had a great time.
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    Controller Plug

    Latest mod to my Akorn. I have a BBQube Tempmaster Pro controller, but every time I have to shut it down I have to take the fan adapter out. Talked to my dad the local ACE Hardware man $1.27 for a rubber cork and problem solved.
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    Chris Topher

    Christmas Eve Dinner 2019

    great looking house, Christmas Eve dinner, and family!
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    Christmas Eve Dinner 2019

    Looks great. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Boston!
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    Those ones look a lot better than the original ones from the 70s.
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    My Vision Journey

    Ash Basket I got one of these for Christmas... My usual mix, KJ BB with a lit chimney of rubble.... Test Run Hickory chunks, woo ring with lava stone and drip pan..
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    Special Thanks to John Setzler

    That is a good reminder that there is a support KG link. For those who are able, and feel they get great info from this site this is a good way to help keep it going. I think you need a paypal acct to contribute, but signing up for one is real easy.
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    Just made a batch for the LSU/OU game. I made two adjustments. I started with the butter and flour and made a roux. Then I followed the rest of the steps. I used a whole roast chicken instead of breasts which you mentioned as an option. Can't wait for the first bowl at half time. Geaux Tigers!!! In a recent potential OU tragedy: An OU football player was almost killed in a tragic horseback riding accident. He fell beneath the horse and was nearly trampled. Luckily, the manager of the K-Mart came out and unplugged it just in time.
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    in addition to a salute and special thanks, I put my money where my mouth is and contribute financially to help John keep this site up and running.
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    Just another Ram truck like mine, but what caught my attention was that the entire outer surfaces of the truck including bumpers, steps, and the trim and badging logos, was painted with what looked like a black textured rubber or latex coating. It looked like the stuff they use when applying a bed liner. Very neat, and professional looking job every surface was evenly covered. It almost looked like the dipped the entire truck. Tough indestructible looking truck. Is this a thing? I have never seen it done before.
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    Christmas Eve Dinner 2019

    Looks like a wonderful holiday spread! I have no clue how you manage to do all that. I would still be decorating at the point the Christmas dinner needed to be made. Not going to show my family this photo.... they don’t need to know a ham can look pretty or they might expect me to try to pull that off.
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    Gordon Ramsay does spam :)

    We like spam in the philpom house.
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    Masterbuilt Gravity Series

    Just got done with the initial burn-in, 250 for an hour and 400 for a half hour. Been shut down now for 15 minutes and it seems to shut down and kill the fire pretty fast, which was one of my main concerns in terms of wasting briquettes. My first impression is that is has no hot spots, the cook grate temp is the same left to right. My second impression is that it changes temp VERY quickly and holds almost exactly the temp I selected. It was right at 250 and held 402 the whole time during burn in. I commanded 300 and in less than 10 seconds it showed 300. I commanded 350 and in less than 10 seconds it showed 350. There was no variation from the set temp, if I set it at 300 it went to 300, not 310 or 295. I think the internal temp sensor must be fairly high quality (I'm hoping that means it will last a long time) as it responds to temp change inputs very quickly, much faster than my Maverick probe rig. The exterior does not get super hot, even on the burn chamber so it's not a hazard to humans or structures (the instructions call for a lot of space between the cooker and any structure but I'm sure they have to say that). I have mine in a screen porch and have fans rigged to suck the smoke out of the porch and with it no more than a foot away from the porch wall and screen the temps got nowhere near dangerous. I know, proceed at your own risk gents... Tomorrow or Sunday I'll push some babybacks through it and then later a cheap brisket before trying an American Wagyu. Anyway, so far so good, it looks like a winner!
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    First cook wasnt really a cook, it was a just a sear. I cooked a couple of 1 inch thick boneless ribeyes sous vide to 120 IT, then seared them on the akorn just above RIPPING hot coals on a weber grate that sits on the stone tabs. I then topped the steaks with a pat of black truffle butter, and went with sauteed morel mushrooms, asparagus, and baked potato for sides. Turned out amazing. I wish I would have taken a pic of the steaks fresh off the grill after searing but the gf plated them up while I was shutting down the grill (the morels are hiding some beautiful char). Anyway, heres a little peek:
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    Prime Rib Adventure

    It came out AWESOME!!!
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    My wife is from buffalo and we live just across the border in Canada. Cheering for anyone else would get me murdered lol
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    Pizza ovens Gas vs wood fired

    Here is a link to where I bought it. https://authenticpizzaovens.com/products/authentic-stone-pizzaioli-oven
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