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    May 15. As we round the bend into the final straight, we have a few issues. Windows and garage door have been delayed by Covid closures. Fingers crossed for only two more weeks wait as we’ve been promised. The old driveway pavers have been made into a beautiful 500 square foot patio,, the new driveway pavers are almost halfway complete and a buyer has come forward to buy the remainder of the old pavers. That saves about 1 or 2 tonnes of paver going to landfill. He actually lives down the street and our contractor did his driveway about 15 years ago with the same stones. He uses a landscaper for maintenance and their use of road salt has destroyed a lot of his stones. These will allow a brick by brick replacement that almost perfectly matches existing. We have ordered a 16 foot triangular sail and will hang it over the new patio when it arrives. An 8 foot deep french drain sitting on a massive bag of five tonnes of crushed stone will help with our drainage issues and while very industrial looking will have to do. I can live with it and it has been suggested that we buy a straw or coco mat to cover it with during the summer season. We will see about that one. Here are a few progress photos for you.
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    Lamb Rib chops and Med Risotto
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    I got Irving Farms to cut for me two Berkshire side pork roasts to be in range of 1.39 to 1.58 kg. I let them know I was going to use it for making bacon so they removed skin for me and sold for same price I was quoted. I am following basic recipe with same tile in book Project Smoke. For sugar portion I used maple sugar and cure was FS1, and instead of using ziplock bags I vacuum sealed each pork side side after applying brine to each side and placed remaining brine into each bag and distributed it before sealing. Once curing done in 6 days, I will rinse well with water, pat dry and then air dry in refrigerator for 12 hours and then I will smoke for 4 hours. I meantime I and turning over at least twice every day.
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    Did my first pizza on the akorn last night. Went pretty well except the dough was a little overdone underneath. I upgraded my pizza stone I was using in my oven and got an 18 inch. Is that too big and possibly not letting enough heat get above? I also usually use cornmeal and flour to launch pizza onto stone. Is the cornmeal possibly burning? I had the grill at about 550 dome temp as seen on some other posts. Gonna try a lower temp next time. I make my own dough so maybe water content isn't high enough? Thanks for any input. VID-20200515-WA0007.mp4
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    Chicken my Fajitas

    With the wife and I on the Weight Watchers plan, I’ve been avoiding some of my favorite Mexican dishes. Now that I think about it, this really isn’t necessary if I’m carefully what I choose and how I prepare the dishes. Take fajitas for example. A protein, seasoning and some veggies. Made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts and not much oil the fajitas themselves are only 1 point per serving. I can live with a diet that includes chicken fajitas, can’t you? Well, that leads me to the sides. Made carefully many of the sides are 0 to only 2 points per serving. Follow along with me and I’ll show you how I prepared everything. The night before I mixed up some blue corn masa to make up some tortillas. (This is the one item I couldn’t cheat on to lower the point value. 3 tortillas = 5 points) I also got out the onion and bell peppers to cut up and mixed up the fajitas seasoning. Ingredients: 1/2 Tbsp. Chili Powder 1 tsp. ground cumin 1 tsp. smoked paprika 1 tsp. garlic powder 1/2 tsp. onion powder 1/2 tsp. granulated sugar 1/4 tsp. black pepper 1/2 tsp. kosher salt to taste 1/4 tsp. Chipotle pepper 1/4 tsp. Oregano The next day started out by making a batch of my Mexican rice. (1 Point per serving) Started out by sautéing the veggies. I measured out 2 cups of Brown rice, 1/2 tsp. of salt and 1 tbsp. of OO and put this in the rice maker. I now added 1 cup of Clamato Picante juice and 3 cups of chicken stock. Next, I added the veggies to the pot. I closed the lid and pressed start. Here are the results. Next up was the Guacamole. (2 points per serving) Cut up 1 medium Hass avocado. Now I added 1 tbsp. of light mayo, some granulated garlic, 5 heaping tbsp. of my Pico de Gallo, some fresh squeezed lime juice and mixed this up and covered. Next up were some frijoles. I sautéed some diced onion, 1/2 a jalapeno, some bell pepper and corn and then added two kinds of black beans. (0 points per serving) I now got out 3 boneless skinless breasts and coated them with the fajitas seasoning. I took them and the cut-up veggies out to my gas grill side burner. Now I needed to make the tortillas, so I rolled up 6 balls of masa about the size of a golf ball. I flatted them a little to make them easier to press out. I was some issues with the masa sticking to the press so had to experiment with dusting the bottom with some of the blue core masa. I heated them up on a C.I. griddle, very lightly sprayed with some OO. Next I sprayed my 12” Camp Chef C.I. skillet with some OO. After it was heated it up I put the 3 breast in and cooked them for 8 minutes per side. Once they were cooked I removed them to a cutting board and was left with the fond. I dumped in the onions and bell peppers and let them start to cook. While them were cooking I sliced up the chicken. Now I dumped in the chicken and stirred it in and continued to cook until the veggies had soften. Now I brought it all in and plated it up with a Modelo Negra. Here is a shot once I took it inside to eat. Gratuitous side shot close ups. OMG!!! This was so delicious! Thanks for looking.
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    Here is after 1 day after starting brining.
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    Ham, Ham, Bacon, and Ham

    Ham, Ham, Bacon, and Ham. No Spam. Big Joe will be busy today. Two brown sugar Maple syrup sweetheart hams, a black pepper molasses cottage bacon, and bourbon, chipotle, molasses picnic.
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    Papa Murphy's

    Just did this for the first time today. I don't have a pizza stone big enough for the Papa Murphy’s large so I put the heat deflector on the middle section. Placed the grill grates on the top. Heated it up to 450 placed the pizza on the grate with the plastic tray it comes on for 6 minutes. Then slid it off and cooked it for another 8 minutes. IT WAS AMAZING, I don't like pizza and I ended up eating half of it. It realy gets crispy and that add’d flavor from the lump coal make it amazing.
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    Chicken and Shrimp Platter

    3rd ever cool on the KJ and this turned out awesome: Tandoori Chicken and Shrimp Achari Chicken Did chicken at 250F for 90 minutes indirect. Took off grill, cranked heat up to 500F, seared both sides and then Shrimp Skewers two minutes each side. Don’t think I would change anything other than to try with wood chunks next time.
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    Looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress.
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    This looks like a great project! Very excited to see how it turns out.
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    Unhappy With Charcoal Flavor

    Place the wood far enough from the starter so that the coals around the starter have reached full burn before the wood starts to burn. The higher the heat the cleaner the smoke will be.
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    Southern Ontario

    Just saw a posting on Kijiji for a “Broil King Barbeque” located in Ariss. In reality it’s a BK Keg worth about $900 when new. $100 takes it. Only a single photo but might be worth looking into further if you are searching for a deal. Kijiji.ca listings. Posted about an hour ago.
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    Unhappy With Charcoal Flavor

    I know back when I used starter cubes it took longer to get a clean fire than it does now using a torch but other people use cubes and tumble weeds with no issue so that’s probably not it. I think you could be closing the dome too soon and your starter hasn’t completely burned up yet. Also try leaving your vents wide open once you shut the dome. Start dampening down once you get within 50-75° of target temp and make final adjustments shortly there after. Last but not least smell your smoke before you put the protein on. Just hold your hand above the exhaust vent and then smell your hand. If it smells like a campfire your not burning clean yet regardless of what color smoke you are seeing. I had the same smoke problem when I first started cooking on a Kamado grill. I went with a more neutral lump than the RO I was using. I’ve been using Rockwood ever since. You’ll just have to keep trying different lumps and methods until you find what works for you. Good Luck.
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    Ham, Ham, Bacon, and Ham

    Bacon, Ham, and Ham. One more ham to go.
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    Golf Griller

    New to Kamado and Vision Pro S

    I just reuse the charcoal. The cheese will burn off as the grill is coming up to temp.
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    Additions to My Arsenal

    Excellent. I’ll check them out. I’m working on a plan to trade my KJs for a KK. I blame you!
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    Who knows what retirement brings . . .

    May 3. After a long week of what seemed to be slow progress and the contractors taking time off to assist a dying family member, I am happy to report that we are managing to get some of the armour stones into place, and about 90 percent of the board and baten installed. The final wood needs the garage door, man door and windows in place before installation. We have the man door, but the other vendors have been closed due to the provincial Covid response. It looks like Tuesday will be the floor pour date. My wife and I decided to begin the staining process so that when the aluminum soffit and fascia are installed they can do there job with finished wood already in place. Less mess overall. Here are a few photos.
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    Hi, Here is some pictures of my kamado joe pizzas. I try to learn more and more about pizzas all the time. I use high temperature 400-500c, usually almost 500c temperature. High temperatures works ok in winter (0c to -30c) also, dome temperature wont drop too much if you are fast and dont open lid without reason.
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    Lazy Pizza

    Many of you here are COOKS....I'm just a cook. So this time I went for convenience over art - the two biggest concessions are store bought dough and pizza sauce. I've also tried a few pies on the kamado (three before this one) and I sure wasn't happy. I'm not making dough so I did some research and heard that the stuff from Trader Joe's was the winner so we tried a few. The herb dough was tasty I'll admit but both were VERY hard to work and didn't really get to where I wanted them size and thickness wise. I tried stretching by hand, rolling, pushing but that dough was just SO hard to work. Courage and the urge for Pizza showed up again yesterday so in my lazy way off to the grocery store. - Classico pizza sauce (I've made my own but y'know this was GOOD) - Store bought dough - Fry's - Boar's head pepperoni. Again, I've done some 'work' sourcing pepperoni and entertained but am not motivated or equipped to make my own. This stuff, like the sauce is GOOD. If there is a criticism of it, it's thin. Though it was border to border pepperoni over the sauce the light slice left us wanting a bit more. Next time it'll be a double layer - Mushrooms - Onions - Black olives - Fresh Basil - Some of the basil got a bit wilted over the cook. Next time I'll add Basil either at the end or half way through cooking. The Temp I had was about 450 on the KJIII and the cookng on the crust was about perfect. Solid without being crunchy, soft without being doughey. (Doughey? You get what I mean). SWMBO and I both agree that it was the finest effort to date and we'll be on it again soon. Some thoughts and lessons for next time: - Continue with the bought dough but while stretching to fit the peel, add some parmesan or asiago to the crust and work it in a bit. This is a rip on Hungry Howies Asiago crust pizza, which, BTW, is excellent if you're in a hurry. - The pepperoni is also excellent but it's thin nature demands doubling up or at least overlapping some of those slices. - SWMBO likes golden brown so at that temp a little egg wash on the exposed crust would have done that for us. - Fresh basil is SO good but add it later to reduce wilting.
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    Nobody seems to be addressing the fact that a pork tenderloin tapers from about 2" to nothing. If I'm cooking one I cut it partway through, fold over and tie it with kitchen string to have a uniform meat cylinder. If cooking 2 swap ends and tie to achieve the same result. And whoever said to cook to 160, thanks, Mom, I know you did it that way for any kind of pork. Not me for tenderloin- 135 then off the heat. Direct heat, high temp, sear the heck out of it.
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