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    5 Ingredient Lasagna

    This is my Challenge Cook I have Cook Lasagna on the grill.. Don't think I ever did one for a Challenge, so here goes. 5 Ingredients Hamburger Crushed Tomatoes Ricotta Cheese Mozzarella Cheese Lasagna Noodles Seasoning- Cilantro,Garlic, Italian, Basil, Oregano and Salt & Pepper Wanted to get my Sauce done early, so as the Flavors can come together. Cooked Hamburger and put in Sauce. Got it all Layer in my Dish Ready for the Grill @380* for 45 minutes. Haven't eaten today so I am hungry. Wow! I don't know bout y'all, but Im ready to eat....lol... can't believe how good it looks. Usually it looks a mess when I make them...ok maybe I am learning. Finally..... My Plated Shot Thanks for Looking Skreef
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    Brick Pig

    Reverse Sear Porterhouse

    Recently I'm trying out some meats from a new-to-me local farm. I thought this was a pretty good-looking porterhouse (although I wish it had been just a smidge thicker), and I decided to do a reverse sear on it. I don't have a whole lot of reverse sear experience, and as a result I overshot my IT just a bit before the sear. Still, the flavor and tenderness were a wonder to behold. (It cooked up so tender, in fact, that the filet side fell apart at the end as I was taking it off the grill.) Anyway, here are a few pics: Just a good dusting of salt & pepper, and the tiniest little hit of cayenne Smoked over a couple of hickory chunks. Shooting for an IT of 130-135F, but missed and hit 138-140F
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    Matt Nudi

    New Kamado Joe Addict

    A couple of months ago I got a Kamado Joe classic i from Lowes and since then I have been LOVING the kamado joe more than any other grill I’ve owned. Recently decided to add a big joe II to the collection, and currently am working on my BBQ cart to hold them both inspired by Smoking Dad BBQ on youtube. Excited to check out all of the content on the forum and see what others are cooking on their kamado’s.
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    FWIW...and I don't claim to be an expert much less a heavy user like some here...I had a LBGE and an Akorn simultaneously. After several butts and multiple pizzas on both as well as a brisket or two and several racks of ribs, all of which turned out pretty well, I gifted my son-in-law the LBGE (I got it as a gift and put $500+ into it). I like my Akorn with all its flaws --it cooks well and shows no signs of rust after three (? this is the third summer) years. I'd buy another before I would pay $2k for something that can (and does) break, repeatedly...and often for no apparent reason. Just my opinion...YMMV
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    Here's a brisket point (yesterday) heavily dusted with Weber dry rub for 24 hours. Cooked hot and fast over a water/drip pan and wrapped in foil at 175, darn thing was taking too long! Put it on at 6:30 and pulled it (205 internal) at 5:00. VERY tender and juicy, one of my best.
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    Ham Steak Dinner - 5 Ingredients

    Ham steaks served with hassle back potatoes and corn. My 5 ingredients: Ham steaks Pineapple slices Potatoes Corn Sun dried tomato dressing. Corn and potatoes prepped and cooking. Ham steaks cooking. The sun was going down. The lighting sucked and it's a crappy picture. Time for dinner. Yea 5 ingredients was very generous for a challenge. I was going to setup the challenge as 3 ingredients but didn't want to scare anyone off.
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    Spinning Greek Hens

    Well, even though the monsoons have hit, we are still under fire restrictions, so I am still cooking on the gasser. I wanted to take part in the 3rd Covid challenge and had my dish all set ( Shrimp Scampi) and then the"thunder from down under" Lydia beat me to it with that amazing dish she put together. So I had to punt and come up with something else other than shrimp. I decided to do some spun Greek hens with grappa, cold pressed olive oil with Meyer lemon, and a risotto with dates, green onions, and olives. Now as I figured it up, there are five ingredients, 1. Hens, 2.risotto,3.olives, 4.green onions, 5. chopped dates. Now I may be creative but I am figuring the garlic, grappa, and lemon juice are all part of a wet rub baste so they don't count as an numbered ingredient .Whatcha think Ck and Kismet ? Any way legal or not, here is my cook. I accounting this as one for a wet rub / baste. Here is the olive, date, onion mix for the risotto.
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    New Kamado Joe Classic II owner!

    Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia, Canada! After a long wait, tons of reading and watching videos I finally got my hands on a new Kamado Joe Classic II. These are incredibly hard to find around here but finally This will be my first charcoal grill so consider me a complete newbie. Been a Weber gasser for the past 15 years (which I'll still use for quick cooks) but thought it was time to up my game and skill on the grill and what better way to do it than on a KJ! Looking forward to being a part of the community.
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    Ok Boys and Girls, consider this a public service announcement from Uncle Keeper. Free Stone Peache hit my local Fry's market today. Made grilled peaches with French Vanilla ice cream tonight. Not much to say other than, I wait for this time each year. If I ever become President, I'll make it a national holiday. Cut the peach in half, pop the pit out, slather it with olive oil and put it on a hot grill. Watch emwhile they are on the grill you want to mark them well, remember they are loaded with natural sugars so they can burn easily. When you get it marked nice, let it sit skin side down until you can see bubbles it the pit, sure sign it is done, soft, and moist. Add some good ice cream, a mint leaf, and a squeeze of balsamic glaze. These peaches are only here for a short season. They come and then sadly, they go. Get out there and get some folks. Best desert on the planet, if you ask me.
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    Lamb shank

    Hi Kamado Peeps, Over the weekend we did some work on the house and it started to rain, I had planned a cast iron pot lamb shank. I went ahead in the rain, I do have cover but decided to go with nature. The gods and stars aligned, my fire logs were somehow positioned under the pot and kept the pot upright and the pot shield the fire from the rain. The cook turned out fantastic. Lamb shanks, carrot, celery, thyme, salt , pepper , beef stock and some cabbage and chick peas. Yummy. About a 3 hour slow cook. Keep smoking
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    Hi from Ontario Canada

    Hey everyone. Call me Tracksoup. I'm an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing, its a great to know that I've played a part in putting food on the table. A few years ago I saw a BGE and became intrigued with the Kamado cooker. I could never bring myself to spend the $$$ to replace my propane BBQ with a kamado. But after months of saving my pennies to buy a motorcycle, my wife decided that she really didn't want me riding anymore, so I decided this was my opportunity to buy myself a Kamado grill. I did a lot of reading and research about the different kamado grills available (within a reasonable distance from where I live) and made the decision to buy myself a Vision Grills Pro S grill back in April 2020 & I couldn't be happier with my decision to go Kamado. Up until now, my only BBQ experience was a propane grill & although I've got a health appetite, the flavour of the food was 'ho-hum'. Since I got my Vision grill, I've grilled everything from venison steaks & burgers, pork sausages, chicken breasts and thighs, I've smoked pork spare ribs and even a low & slow moose roast, there is so much more flavour in the food now & I'm cooking on my kamado way more often than I ever did with the propane BBQ. This thing is awesome!!! While looking for info & tips to familiarize myself with this wonderful cooker, I found Kamadoguru.com about mid-June. There is so much info on this forum & I am enjoying reading through the pages
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    Spice Storage Questions

    I buy various spices from a bulk store. They come in small baggies. Inevitably, I don’t need everything when making my pork rub. I put the Unused spice bags into a single vacuum sealer bag, seal it and freeze them until I make the next batch. I put the rub mix in mason sealers and freeze it for about 30-60 days, max. I haven’t had any issues doing this.
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    New Kamado Joe Addict

    Welcome to the forum!
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    New Kamado Joe Addict

    Welcome to the Guru. Nice looking table I think your going to enjoy your setup when you get everything all setup.
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    New Kamado Joe Addict

    welcome to the forum nice Kamado stand. Noticed you let room for another Classic what kind of top
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    Smoked Chuck Roast

    I think it's best not to cook to an internal temp, but to cook until probe tender. Use your instant read thermometer or a bamboo skewer. It should feel the same as probing a jar of peanut butter. my .02
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    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    What the heck is a "skirt steak"? I guess I better YouTube. My neighbor just did these on his Big Joe last night. I did 1 1/2 inch ribeyes like John for 3 minutes a side at 600 over flame and then indirect to 130-140 internal.
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    Reverse Sear Porterhouse

    Looks good
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    Salmon, Chicken and sides.

    It does look great. And when I read your posts, can't stop reading them without your VoiceOver in my head. And ALL the words you edit out........ usually.
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    Loose Top Vent

    Rather common issue with that type of top. I strategically inserted a split washer in the mix and tightened it up just enough to stop the movement. Eventually gunk will build up and you won't even be able to move it.
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    Regular Joe

    Hello from Georgia

    Hi from Georgia! I have a Goldens Cast Iron Cooker I bought back in the spring. My backup is a Portable Kitchen (PK) that belonged to my parents and is from 1968 or 1969. I need to learn how to cook on a Kamado style grill. Glad to be here! Joe
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    New Kamado Joe 2 years later

    got my classic II 2 years ago and have a few observations and thoughts. 1st ive been burning charcoal since the mid 60s ( my Dad before that) It did take a little piddling around to get used to my classic II . First thought is i should of bought one earlier. Except for a few minor hiccups this has been a great Grill. I think this type of grill can be effected by the charcoal more than my other grills. Case in point last year i had 2 bags of Royal oak that had only 50 cent and smaller pieces, and the grill was hard to control the fire temp, needless to say i quite using RO which i have been using for a long time. Next came RockWood, i think is cooked (?) more and is lighter. Lights easier and smokes less on start up does not impart a smoke flavor to foods. Next i tried B&B doesn't smoke much on start up but will spark once in a while not much smoke flavor in food. We did have a charcoal shortage and i went back to ro (all they had) and this bag had a good mix of big and little pieces. I found the flavor it puts out is great for 700 degree pizza but we don't care for it with chicken. this might be because i'm now grilling with the dome closed, on my other grills i kept the lid open.Last i splurged and got a bag of FOGO premium. After my 3 times a year cleaning i filled the fire bowl full lit with a starter did a 5 hr 225 degree rib smoke followed by upping to 400 for corn roast then back down to 250 using a controller it held 250 from 7pm till 11am next day. After putting out coals had enough colas left to relight and do a 3 hour 350 rotisserie chicken I was impressed. A word about the use of a controller it does not do away with you learning to control the grill manually. There always the chance of a power failure. I use mine for peace of mind.Before this gets too long final thoughts 1 this grill is easy to use 2 its frugal with charcoal 3 charcoal type does mater somewhat 4 takes some learning 5 is a lot of fun 6 needed to learn patience 7 good reason to be on this forum. Lastly i'm not trying to but in to reefs charcoal review i can;t even imagine the time money effort that was put in for his review. Thanks reef
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    Ham Steak Dinner - 5 Ingredients

    That was @ckreef provolone cook, but I did watch him cook it if that counts...lol..and yes he has been trying to take my Country card for years now..lol...but I'm stuck with this accent. Even Google can't understand me...
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    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    Strip on soapstone, when salted well several hours before cooking, needs nothing but knife and fork. Sirloin may taste better, but it's not as tender no matter how you slice it. Frank
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    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    Guga says: Picanha!!!! and +1 on the skirt steak.
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    Boston butt or pork picnic shoulder for pulled pork.
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    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    Skirt is my favourite for flavour. I'm not a fan of fillet as I find it bland. Rib eye or sirloin for the "traditional;" steak cuts.
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    Tacos al pastor

    This cook has been on the list for quite awhile but it was going to take some time and effort to make a trompo and gather the ingredients. I finally got my stuff together and the results were fabulous. I put my trompo together with a pizza pan and made the skewer out of 3/16 stainless rod - threading the rod was my least favourite part of the process. After putting the pastor marinade together I sliced a 5 pound pork shoulder on 1/4” slices and let it do it’s thing for all most 24 hours in the fridge. I stacked it with a slice of pineapple on the bottom, middle and top. Cooked indirect at 450° it took about 2 hours or so, and I pulled it out and sliced off the cooked and charred parts 3 times before it was cooked all the way through. I reheated it all back up in a frying pan at dinner and pressed out fresh tortillas. With a couple fresh mojitos this made the absolute best tacos al pastor I’ve had.
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    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    Strip Loin or T-Bone / Porter House for me.
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    Grill Temp. Or Dome Temp

    Kings Hawaiian rolls the way to go for pulled pork sandwiches .
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    Dobro Dane

    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    Yup...just grilled two bone-in ribeyes this evening. Slow-cooked at 225 indirect to 122 internal, then grilled on the cast iron grate at 500 to about 130 internal for a completely pink inside and beautiful crust. Served it with sauteed mushroom/onion/pepper and a side of caprese salad with burrata.
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    Scott Roberts

    Best Cut of Steak To Grill?

    Ribeye for the win, but hold the tongs a perfectly seasoned skirt steak takes just minutes and you don't have to sous vide it! Now don't get me wrong I love a good ribeye but just grilling skirt steak all day! Scott
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    EZ smoke

    Pitboss 24" Spares/Parts UK

    I'm not sure about the whole UK angle but I do know that my Vision Classic B has the same size chimney as my K24 so you might be able to cross-reference. I actually purchased this unit to replace the crappy stainless unit on my Vision... it's pretty much identical to the vent on my K24. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0732YHTP7
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    Spinning Greek Hens

    If the judges approve of my ingredients, this is the money shot. IMG_1427.mov
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    Spinning Greek Hens

    Here are the hens, they look pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. IMG_1427.mov
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    Welcome to the forum Dave and congratulations on your new KJC2. Enjoy the first cook!
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    Anova Precision and Grill Grates

    I had my first cook using my Anova Precision and Grillgrates to cook Costco ribeyes on my Vision Kamado. I have to say they were the best Ribeyes I have ever had. They were not kidding how even the cook was through the entire ribeye and the grill marks were outstanding. Can't wait for my next cook.
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    Hi all, just want to make a quick announcement on my 2nd controller project, the TempMaster Portable has now arrived in our Atlanta warehouse and ready for shipping. On this 2nd round of making a controller, we focused on portability. It carried over all the goodies from 1st gen but in a much more compact form. It'll keep a smoker steady for 20+ hours if powered by a 12v battery pack. We also designed a carry-all case so everything can be easily transported. I started making my own smoker controller 6 years ago as a hobby, it's now making a footprint in the smoking business and winning awards at industry tradeshows. Thanks for all the supports from this forum, i learned a lot. You can find more info on this controller at BBQube.us Happy Smoking!
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    Hello from Georgia

    So you bought your great grandchildren a Kamado:) Congrats and welcome!
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    iKamand v2

    tht's what I did. I made a controller that behaves the way I wanted it to work - one algorithm for one type of grill, big or small, ceramic or sheet metal. The older controllers are "one size fits all" so it's not, like you said, optimized for smaller grills. But you can define different control methods for different grills and store them onboard so you have one size to fit one type of grill. It's not that hard to do with current technology. It's the status quo that everyone settles for. A lot times it takes an "outsider" to push things through in a well-established industry like BBQ. I have had grill makers I talked to at HPBExpo that don't even wanna bother with a controller. I respect that, just like I stick to carbureted Harley's. But I also got blazing fast Ducati's so I know what's out there. I'm working on a new control app where you can select a recipe and the app will send all settings to the controller, the way that high end traeger grills work. Charcoal guys must stand up to the pellets guys
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    Covered Patio Question

    In my opinion, your nice white ceiling and brick on your house will become a greasy, gunky mess. I always try to use my grill as far away from the house as possible. I built this grill house for storage, then wheel my Joe onto my patio which is 10x15 feet. I realize this isn't feasible for everyone, but I don't want to leave my grill outside either--so, this works for me. I use the grill on the corner of my patio to keep the greasy smoke away from the house. You'll be amazed at the grease buildup on the outside of the grill which needs to be cleaned periodically. Can't imagine that gunk on your ceiling/brick.
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    Covered Patio Question

    Phish - I try not to have an operating kamado under or near any flammable surface. I've seen one house burned to the foundation by a kamado that was forgotten after a cook. The guy was doing a high temp burn and the family went out for icecream only to come home to every fire truck in 20 square miles and no home! I'd never put a kamado under anything flammable or next to any flammable surface. Never put your kamado under the soffits of your home or under an enclosed porch overhang. Sooner or later you'll get a big scare at the very least. It only takes one time and you're in trouble! I keep my Primo under a gazebo that I keep anchored on the patio. There are simply too many options to ever make me want to have a kamado under a flammable ceiling near my home. This is especially true when I'm throwing a party and I can get easily get distracted from tending my cook.
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    Covered Patio Question

    I have mine under an enclosed porch as well. I am considering moving it down off the porch to an open area. I would think if I keep it under the porch I will have to wash the brick and siding once a year to remove smoke build up. I just don't feel comfortable leaving it out in the open. Decisions ???
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