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  2. Our local Independent Grocery had AAA Canadian Beef briskets on sale for $2.99/lb last week. As I can not let a deal like this slip thru my fingers, I picked one up. After some selective carving to remove some of the excess Fat. I mixed up a blend of salt, pepper and Barbarian steak spice, then generously coated entire Brisket. Onto Kamado set-up: XYLO Carbone lump charcoal 3 legged ceramic heat deflector with large SS pan Maverick ET73 Redi-chek thermometer Raised Temperature to 250F Installed Part-Q temperature controller 1pm Friday afternoon Placed brisket on grill (1st picture) Installed Maverick Grill probe beside brisket and directly above drip pan Inserted Meat probe into thickest part of brisket Attached Party-Q temperature probe to meat probe ensuring it wasn't touching meat Run at 250F for about half hour until all temps balanced out then set Party-Q at 225F 8:30am Saturday morning Took a peak and topped up charcoal (2nd picture) Internal Meat temperature 168F which turned out to be the stall point for the next couple hours. 2:00pm Saturday afternoon Internal meat temperature 195F Pulled Brisket off grill Double wrapped in tinfoil Wrapped in larger heavy beach towel 5pm Saturday afternoon unwrapped (3rd picture) Started carving the flat (4th picture) Gorged ourselves with smoked brisket on fresh onions buns and homemade "Au Jus" for dipping. very tasty Finished carving, showing leftovers (5th picture)
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  3. After several cooks on the 1300 I am very impressed with it. I like the Super Smoke mode. I did two pork butts last weekend for the Super Bowl and they both came out great with a good smoke flavor and were moist and juicy. I created a recipe that went Super Smoke for the first 3 hours at 200 degrees then had it bump up to 275 for the remainder of the cook. I estimate that I only used about 8.5 pounds of pellets for the 10.5 hour cook. I am really liking the 1300.
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  4. I start out with "nice". Then it escalate from there.
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  5. AJS390

    Lid Gap I Can't Get Rid Of

    Where did you get it? If it came that way new then I would contact the seller about taking care of it, or contact KJ directly
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  6. GrillnBrew

    New from NC

    Welcome from the Piedmont of NC! I had the same grill pedigree as you when I first bought my KJ Classic, but the Kettle and WSM have been "re-homed" as the KJ can do everything those two can, and do it better!
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  7. nomnom

    Posh Lamb Shanks

    Started off by getting some good colour on the shanks. Meanwhile caramelized some onions until sweat and sticky before adding raisins, Guinness, chicken stock, marmalade, Worcestershire sauce and ketchup. Added the shanks to the pot and let them cook low and slow for 4 hours. Removed the shanks from the pot, blitzed the sauce and thickened slightly. Serve with creamy mash and top with fresh mint leaves, mint oil and pickled spring onions (scallions). Slips down a treat :-)
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  8. WI/TN


    From BBQ Guru...wanted a simple controller. Had a buddy that had bought one, never used it, and had been gifted a fireboard2 Drive that he kept...so he sold me the DynaQ at a discount and I was fine with that. Played around with it last week as I had a free day to fool with things...so used it to get the KJ up to 250...held there for 2 hours...then I upped the temp in the app to 350 and let it hold there for a few hours before I settled in to cook some chicken that night. Worked well for the initial use. With that little bit of knowledge...I had it set up to do ribs yesterday for a couple friends for the Super Bowl. Thing held steady where I wanted (between 230-240). Only had a couple spots with opening the lid where it overshot after it came back up. Adjusting the top vent and then the damper on the fan will help that as I get used to where things need to be. Overall pretty happy with the device...for a simple Bluetooth/app based device it does its job and does it well. My only complaint would be the range of the bluetooth A few times in my family room and when I went to the front of the house away from the patio...I lost connection momentarily. So monitoring from certain spots in the house may be bad. That is where the wifi capabilities of other devices would be nice. But if you want simple and able to monitor and adjust within range...this is a solid option. Oh...and some obligatory pics... (prepared, rubbed and ready to hit the pit...the dry rubbed racks all sliced...and played (with a couple sauced ribs too, some cauliflower and homemade spicy mac...cauliflower got away from me on the gasser...my bad on that one, but was still tasty even if a bit charred).
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  9. Got the new hot rod installed and it works like a champ. I had to replace the entire unit from the control panel to the fire pot. Traeger did diagnostics connecting to my Timberline online and said everything was good. It was a $28 fix.
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